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With Under Attack now being behind the superstars of Supreme Championship Wrestling, and the world of SCW now being flipped on its head, the fans and stars begin to look to what lies ahead...

... And with how Under Attack went, what's ahead may be as topsy-turvy as it was.

Many unexpected things happened at Under Attack. The two biggest shockers were the changing of hands of the Tag Team and World Championships, as the unlikely duo of Greg Cherry and Jake Starr dethroned the Dark Fantasy, and Infamous's own Lucas Knight became the new World Champion of SCW.

Whether viewed as "unlikely" or simply just impressive, the other "shocker" of the night was when Dillusion, arguably the most demonic, psychotic, and ruthless man in Supreme Championship Wrestling, bested the rest of his competitors to win the horrific match simply known as the Death Chamber. This match marked the return of The Real Speed, and saw gruesome acts that many wouldn't dare try and reflect on, let alone ever picture themselves involved in.

It ultimately showed why Dillusion was truly the number one contender for the SCW Underground Championship.

It leads everyone to the present time, and looking ahead to Breakdown, where yet again, Jake Starr and Dillusion will butt heads, with the hopes of SCW supremacy. This time, however, the added bonus is that Jake's Underground Championship is on the line, and Dillusion is seething to unseat the champion.

There is no question that the Underground Division is one that Jake hasn't been as experienced and well-versed in as Dillusion. It's something he's thought long and hard about. He's thought about the consequences of getting into the ring with someone with no regard for his own safety, let along his opponent's. He knows the dangers of even being involved in a match in the Underground Division. He knows that simply walking into a match where the rulebook is, effectively, thrown out the window, his very well-being is in danger. He knows that he could suffer a beating, and suffer injuries, that make the fact he was dropped on his head by Infamous seem like a paper cut.

But he doesn't care!

He and Dillusion have faced off in matches on several occasions, with each ending the same way. Each ended with Jake Starr having his hand raised in victory, and his quest to become the best of the best. But he knows that in this setting, you can effectively throw the past out the window. With a match in the World of the Underground, with a man who thrives on pain, blood, and torture, the past victories could effectively mean about as much as having a steering wheel with no car. But it's what he signed up for when he was given a chance to become the Underground Champion, and it's one he's not going to let someone like Dillusion run him from that challenge.

For now, though, Jake has returned home.

He's returned home to a wife who is happy he succeeded in winning, and also a wife who's happy he succeeded in coming home without any added injury. She worried that he could, possibly, be sent home battered, bruised, and potentially crippled, seeing as how it would be the first time Syren would have gotten a chance to seek revenge for Jake's actions on Ravyn Taylor. But nevertheless, that fear and that worry have gone from her body.

Now, her worry shifts to Breakdown, as well. She watched the Death Chamber at their house, along side Jake's parents, and upon the victory by Dillusion, quickly knew her husband would be facing the same man at Breakdown. This time, however, she's opted to try and fight the worry. After the Death Chamber, Jake's father, Jeff, began to try and talk Roeper into believing in her husband more, saying it would ultimately make him stronger within the business. He explained that when she worries, he worries, and if he's worried, he's more susceptible to having something more dramatic happen, in a negative way.

So, Roeper is going to try! She's going to do everything she can to be supportive, and be strong for her husband. So with Jake home, she has done her best not to let on her uneasiness of his upcoming encounter with Dillusion, and instead opted to simply do her best to be "normal." Knowing his wife as well as he does, Jake knows she's concerned, but is pleased that it hasn't become some major issue between the two of them.

As Jake sits, finally relaxing for once in front of his own television, he hears a knocking at his front door. Knowing everyone has decided that that moment was a good time to lie down for a nap, he knows it's his job to actually go answer the door.

He slowly gets up, still a bit achy from Under Attack, and makes his way to his front door. A silhouette stands on the other side, and Jake seems to recognize it, yet also be confused as to who it is. As he approaches the door, the silhouette knocks again. Jake verbally acknowledges that he is on his way. As he reaches the door, he extends his hand, and opens it up. Jake's face goes from curious to shocked and bewildered. In front of him stands one of the last people he expected to see on his stoop anytime soon, but someone very familiar to the world of SCW...

... There stands Brandon Evans...

The last time Jake saw Brandon, he was forced to break the news that the Social Misfits had run their course, and Jake was moving on to the "new chapter" in his life. It was a night that was difficult on Evans to fully embrace. It was something he forced himself to accept, but was still something hard for him to fully embrace, as he had fully lived as a Social Misfit for nearly the past 10 years.

Nevertheless, here he stands.

After standing there for a moment in shear shock, Jake invites Brandon in.

The two walk into the entertainment room, and Jake resumes his spot, and Brandon sits down across from him. The silence, as it was last time, is thick, and deafening. Jake doesn't know what to say, and Brandon seems leery to talk first, but finally, the silence is broken...

Jake Starr: I can honestly say I wasn't expecting to see you at the door...

Brandon lets out a small smirk.

Brandon Evans: Yeah... I kind of figured you wouldn't expect to see me around much anymore... But... Here I am...

Jake Starr: I can see that! Unless I'm dreaming again, you're definitely here...

Both me feel the awkwardness of the conversation between them both.

Jake Starr: ... So...

Brandon Evans: So...

Jake Starr: What brought you my way?

Brandon Evans: ... An airplane!

The both chuckle. Brandon's literal response was the necessary "icebreaker" to make things a little less tense between the two.

Brandon Evans: Nah... Last time I was here, it was, oh how can I say it? Difficult? It was a "reality check" that I don't think I was truly mentally prepared for, but I think I needed it...

Jake leans back into his couch, and gives his long-time friend a nod of understanding.

Brandon Evans: ... And truthfully, it sent me on my way to really begin to think about things as a whole. I mean, you told me you were ready to move on from the Misfits, and move onto the next chapter, and I guess... Well... It was something that was hard for me to truly grasp. It was almost like you were telling me our friendship was over.

Jake Starr: It wasn't meant to come across that way...

Brandon Evans: I know... But what it did was it finally sent me to think about myself, what I wanted to do, what I needed to do, why I was the way I was, everything. It really just kind of sent me into a mentality that forced me to try and understand why I continued to do what I did to you and Jude.

Again, Jake nods. Jake feels this is Brandon's time to "open up," and doesn't want to try and stop him from doing so.

Brandon Evans: ... And truthfully, I think the bulk of it was, in a sense, jealousy.

Jake is caught off guard.

Jake Starr: Jealousy? Of what?

Brandon Evans: The only thing I could really figure out was jealousy of you...

Jake Starr: Me?! Why?!

Brandon Evans: Jake... You've been, arguably, my best and more reliable friend for the past decade. You've taught me a lot, and all I've seen from you is success. You've done nothing but succeed, and that's what I've wanted. So when I'd join you, I'd get some success, but when I'd realize I wouldn't be able to do what you do, be like you, and stuff like that, I really just felt like going and doing what I know I do best...

Jake Starr: Smoke weed and pick up girls?

Brandon pauses.

Brandon Evans: Pretty much... Yeah...

Jake lets out another chuckle.

Brandon Evans: ... See when we were ever in the business together, I always felt I needed to emulate you. I always felt like I should do what you do, or try and one-up you. So it would get to that point when I would realize I couldn't, and wasn't going to succeed in that, and I'd just run.

Jake Starr: I don't think you were emulating me...

Brandon Evans: I don't know... I think I was...

Jake Starr: I've known you long enough to know your personality. I've known you long enough to know you were being Brandon Evans. Sure, you may have had some spots of my personality mixed in when you'd do some of your stuff, but hell, I learned from you too. You helped me discover me too, and honestly you always were, well, you. We helped one another.

Brandon shrugs.

Jake Starr: Trust me... That's how it always seemed to work. We'd play off one another, and ultimately take on bits and pieces of the other's personality. It's what happens when you hang around someone a lot...

Brandon Evans: I guess... But ultimately, it was kind of a moment of clarity for me when I realized all of that. It opened my eyes, and helped me realize that, you know, wrestling just wasn't my thing anymore. I wanted it to be, but deep down, it wasn't. It also made me realize that, while it's not my thing, it doesn't mean I can't support my friend. I don't have to be "in it" in order to be around, and hang with the people who I care about.

Jake begins to show signs of legitimate happiness.

Brandon Evans: ... And so I kind of started keeping track of how things were going for you, and how you were fairing. Hell, I even was in the crowd Sunday!

Jake is completely shocked by the revelation that Brandon was in the arena at Under Attack.

Jake Starr: Wait! You were there?!

Brandon Evans: Yeah... I was...

Jake Starr: What... The... F_ck?!

Brandon laughs. The response from Jake gives him happy memories of the fun times they had together, where that phrase was a common retort toward something insane that he usually would conjure up.

Jake Starr: Why didn't you come backstage?

Brandon Evans: It wasn't my place, man... You didn't need to know I was there, and wonder what my motives were. You had bigger things on your mind, and ultimately, didn't need something else trying to wedge its way in. So, like everyone else there, I bought a ticket, enjoyed the show, and figured I'd come see you once you had gotten home, and had gotten a couple days to recover.

Jake smiles again. The epiphany of his friend shows him that, while they may never interact in the ring together, or wrestle along side one another again, he's gotten one of his most trusted confidants back in his life, and not a moment too soon.

Jake Starr: Well... I'm glad you were there man...

Brandon Evans: Me too...

From around the corner, the voice of Jake's wife Roeper is heard coming toward the room.

Roeper Hart: Honey... Who was at the...

As Roeper rounds the corner, she sees Brandon sitting there across from her husband.

Roeper Hart: BRANDON!

She makes her way toward him as fast as she can. Granted the speed isn't blistering, due to the baby. Brandon stands up to greet Roeper. She quickly embraces the man she always viewed as her "other-brother-in-law," and as she releases, is still in shock that he's here.

Roeper Hart: What're you doing here?!

Brandon Evans: Truthfully... Just came to see you two, and say hi!

Roeper smiles again, realizing that him being here under his own power shows a definite mending of the friendship between he and her husband.

Roeper Hart: Well... You know you're always welcome!

Jake Starr: Exactly bro!

Jake stands up and pats his friend on the shoulder, and definitely feels a sense that, as the cliche goes, the "band is back together."

Jake Starr: ... And more importantly, if you're willing to show up on your own, I won't worry about having to try and hunt you down!

Brandon smirks.

Brandon Evans: Speaking of... Are the dynamic duo of viral video nerds still hunting me?

With Brandon's final line, Jake facepalms himself, knowing he's forgotten to call off the manhunt for Brandon. He writes himself a reminder to call up Numa Numa Guy and Star Wars Kid, and effectively end their quest to seek the Holy Grail, that was Brandon Evans.

As the trio go into the kitchen to reminisce, they all begin to catch up on what's been happening in their respective worlds. Brandon jokingly asks if Roeper had convinced Jake to name the baby after him yet, to which she replied that Jake wasn't fond of the name "Dumbass." The friendly ribbing really begins to give each one of them a sense that quite possibly they could be embarking on a new endeavor as friends, hopefully leading to a much stronger bond between them.

Jake hopes that with his friend back, and hopefully in a much more reliable sense of mind, he'll be able to involve Brandon in his professional life to some degree. Jake does accept that the notion of Brandon returning full-time to wrestling, then bolting again, could be detrimental to the progress he's made with his nightmares and anxiety issues, he feels if Brandon is involved externally, it could help keep him on track, and keep him focused through the troubling times that could be ahead.

Jake Starr: On a day that should be filled, for me, with celebration, happiness, and bliss, I stand here with a sense of concern. I stand here with a sense of uneasiness. Most importantly, I stand here with a sense of worry. It has nothing to do with any match ahead of me, or my health, thankfully, but more so, the status of my "family."

When I was nearing Under Attack, the fans didn't approach me with questions riddled in curiosity regarding my tag team match. Their questions had nothing to do with who I'd rather face at Gang Rulz for the SCW Championship. Hell, they weren't even questions regarding my health, well-being, or if I felt 100%. Instead, they were all questions surrounding David Helms.

Apparently, prior to Under Attack, Helms organized a meeting with Syren, trying to offer up a, as I see it, true peace offering. From the little I know about the situation, he basically wanted to try and apologize for my actions regarding Syren's precious underling, Ravyn Taylor. These were actions he hasn't been real quiet about voicing his concerns about, but they were actions I take full responsibility for. See, when I attacked Ravyn, it was because something HAD to be done. There HAD to be retaliation! Whether he understands it or not, it was necessary. When I had suffered beat down after beat down, and felt a damn-near near death experience with the last one, I wasn't about to see it go unpunished.

But like I said, apparently, I'm in the wrong for it. Apparently there was some "peaceful" way to resolve the whole situation.

The fact of the matter is, Helms wasn't in my shoes, and he wasn't enduring what I was enduring first-hand. To him, the situation was by the "outsider looking in" viewpoint. If he had simply been in my shoes, he would have understood it better. If he were in my shoes, he wouldn't be questioning my actions, nor would he be saying we can be peaceful about every situation that crosses our paths. Instead, he'd be acting the same way I did, and he wouldn't think negatively of it...

... But I will say this, and I mean it, I'd much rather him have the viewpoint of an outsider, rather than experiencing it first hand. I don't wish it on anyone. I don't wish having to look into your significant other's eyes and seeing the fear and pain I saw. So, honestly, I hope he stays an outsider...

Jake lets out an audible exhale of breath.

Jake Starr: Some people may think this is going to ultimately cause issues without our fraternal alliance. Some people may think this could be the crack that sends us our separate ways. Hell, some may say this is why the "Next Level" should have never agreed to join forces with Jake Starr in the first place. But the fact is, we're a family, and families go through rough times like everyone. Nobody leads a pure and perfect life, and that includes us. So for those who worry or doubt, don't... We're a strong group of individuals who may have some differences, but in the end, we realize we're a family, and ultimately will rise up stronger than ever...

... I promise you that...

Jake tries to regain his composure, and move away from the internal struggles and issues of The Brotherhood, to the more upbeat and positive aspects of Under Attack. Jake knows that it has always been the negativity and worry that, when surrounded and engulfed by it, forces him into the state of anxiety, depression, and sleepless nights.

Jake Starr: ... And that is that...

Now... Walking into Under Attack, I was confident; I was nervous; I was prepared; but ultimately, I was unsure of what truly would be the outcome.

It's the downside of tag team competition...

Like my time against Lucas Knight and Christy Matthews, and being tasked with relying on myself, and the capabilities of Holly Adams, I wasn't 100% in control of the "goings-on" and the outcome. I was forced to rely on the talent and abilities of another. I was asked to believe that I could fully trust someone else to give it their all, and hope that we could pull out, what some believed would be a "miracle win." But unlike my match where I had Holly in my corner, this time, the outcome was much different!

As Greg Cherry and I walked into Under Attack, the world looked on and wondered whether or not we could coexist on the same team, let alone win the Tag Team Championships. Our past lead the world to believe that our teaming up would end in disaster. The way we both spoke of one another, and the disgust I once had for him, really didn't give the appearance that we would coexist, and end up emerging victorious.

But... WE DID!

See, when Greg approached me, we talked a LOT about all of the doubt that would reign over our little "combining of forces." Greg looked me in the eye, and he said it was the past. He looked me in the eye, and flat out told me he didn't care what came out of my mouth. All he wanted was someone he could legitimately trust to team with him, and someone he felt could help him achieve a goal of his, which was to become a "Grand Slam Champion." It was something that caught me off guard. It was something that took a lot of guts from him. That told me a lot about his personality. Whether it's just his personality "now," or it's his personality "in general," I don't know. But before I agreed, I made him promise we wouldn't let our past impact us. I made him promise that if he was serious about doing this, this would be for real, and wouldn't be some half-ass attempt at becoming champion.

He promised that this was for real, and he promised our past was, in fact, in the past, and I shook his hand, and accepted the offer.

At Under Attack, he delivered on his end of the bargain, and I feel I did too, and look now, Greg Cherry and Jake Starr DETHRONED the UNTOUCHABLE Dark Fantasy. Jake Starr and Greg Cherry, the "Unlikely Alliance," walked into a major SCW pay-per view, and cohesively beat a team that had been easily regarded as one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history. Greg Cherry and Jake Starr MADE HISTORY!

For Greg, he achieved his goal. He became a "Grand Slam Champion." He's now held the SCW World Championship, United States Championship, dethroned me for the Adrenaline Championship, and now, is one-half of the SCW Tag Team Champions. I'll admit, I haven't done a lot of research on the subject, but I don't think many people have the right to say they're a "Grand Slammer." So it's an accomplishment, no matter what anyone says.

For myself, it marks the second consecutive year I have won two new championships in one year, and, wow, makes me a GRAND SLAM CHAMPION AS WELL! Holy crap, I just realized that! Yes, yours truly, has won four championships in the span of two years. After an Adrenaline, World, Underground, and now, Tag Championship here in Supreme Championship Wrestling, I'd say I've done quite a bit in UNDER two years, that most look to do in an entire CAREER. And guess what? 2010 isn't over for me yet!

See, another thing I have to look forward to, which I alluded to earlier, and is still some time away, is Gang Rulz. It's something I'm definitely looking forward to, but not yet looking to fully focus on. The match I have been yearning for, striving to earn, and hoping would surface sooner than later, happens. I get my next chance at the SCW World Championship. I get a chance to have history repeat itself. I get a chance to take a championship from Lucas Knight.

But that's not here, nor there... YET!

Jake looks over to his right side, and sees his Underground Championship lying next to him. He picks it up, and stares at it.

Jake Starr: ... For now, my focus is on this. For now, my focus turns to a world where pain and suffering are simply a way of life, and a part of the game. For now, I turn my attention from the Tag Team Championships, and the World Championship, to this, MY Underground Championship.

When I first entered myself in the "Underground Arena," many questioned me... Hell, many still do! They wondered if the aerial assault of Jake Starr could transition into a world where fire, cheese graters, kitchen sinks, and the occasional Fleshlight were utilized as "fair game." Hell, when the English "K-nig-it" and I fought, many felt he would completely overpower me, and make it damn-near impossible for me to win, solely based on the fact he was far more experienced in the "hardcore" and "extreme" genre of wrestling.

But as become a normal scenario with me since arriving in Supreme Championship Wrestling, I showed the world, the doubters, and the fans, that I wasn't a one-trick pony. I showed them I was versatile in my abilities, and I wasn't going to be pigeon-holed into one type of match. I fought tooth and nail with Lucas, and I won this championship when very few thought I would. In my first defense, I faced someone who, I'll admit, was a fairly simply cake walk, if you look at the big picture. I'm not insulting Chris Lawler, but face it, he's no where near the same league I'm in. Many viewed that match as a "warm up" for the impending doom I would most likely be facing soon after Under Attack.

Sure enough, that's what it turned out to be.

Lawler was an opponent who gave me a good ego boost going into Under Attack, and also in the Underground Division. He gave me a momentum boost for the Tag Team Titles match, and a successful title defense, all at the same time.

He allowed me to make sure I was comfortable in the Underground Division, so that now, I can focus on what I must endure next... I must endure something that honestly brings pain to me every single time I think about it. I must endure a pain that most people would crack, and run scared sh!tless from, without even thinking. I must endure a pain that, some would argue, would violate the Geneva Convention rules against torture...

I must endure listening to Dillusion talk, AGAIN! This time, thankfully will be a bit different. See in the past, when Dillusion has crossed my path, which has been NUMEROUS times, it's been out of the blue. It's been the "Wheel of Fortune" of opponents where you don't know who it'll be next. But as I said, that isn't this time. This time, Dillusion has a reason for coming into the ring with me, and one that I know he has delusions of winning.

This time, he earned his chance...

At Under Attack, it wasn't just about The Brotherhood and Infamous continuing their war, no it was about a match considered one of the most heinous and vile matches ever contrived in the wrestling industry, the Death Chamber. This match put six human beings into a structure, and let them do ANYTHING they chose to one another, all with the goal of earning a chance to fight me. It was a match that, I'll admit, I wouldn't have survived. I wouldn't have been able to endure some of the things those people forced others to endure. I would have succumbed just as 5 others did, and watched as Dillusion emerged victorious.

Thankfully, I didn't have to endure that massacre!

Dillusion did endure it, and as I said, he showed why he's considered one of the sickest human beings on Planet Earth. He showed that he has no qualms about sacrificing himself, or the well-being of others in order to win. To survive that hellacious battle is something one should be commended for. Surviving the Death Chamber, and being able to walk is something everyone should look at and applaud.

But now he must try and recuperate fast enough to come into the ring with me, again, and try and capture the gold he desires so much. He must culminate his victory over the likes of Rachel Foxx, the returning Speed, Anthony Wallace, Bastion Scythe, and Brayden Walker, by now facing me, and winning for the first time in his "illustrious" career. See, if he walks into Breakdown, and he can't win the Underground Championship over me, think about what that'll say to the world. Think about what that'll do to his, already deranged, psyche. He'll have suffered that war zone for nothing. He'll have won the Death Chamber for NOTHING. He will have risked his life FOR NOTHING!

And that sets the stage for Breakdown...

The stage is set for yet another encounter between Jake Starr and Dillusion. This time, I'll admit, it's an encounter that definitely doesn't give me the "guaranteed edge," like in the past. In the past, it was a wrestling match. In this match, it's Underground rules. In this match, I reenter the zone where my level of comfort isn't as definite as others. Nevertheless, I enter it with pride, and knowing I am the Underground Champion for a reason.

The one thing I can say, though, that may help shift things in my favor is the fact that Dillusion WAS involved in the Death Chamber. He suffered through a massive beating, and whether he's a psychopath or not, he's feeling it. His body aches, his wounds are sore, and he's not seeing straight. He'll enter another Underground Match well below 100%, with the hopes of his experience to lead him to victory. Me, however, I'm OK. Sure, I was bruised a bit by Dark Fantasy. But you know what, my wounds will heal at a much speedier rate than his. My wounds will be gone, and I'll be able to walk into a world where, yes, I'm currently still green and uncomfortable. But I'll walk in knowing he's not going to be at his most demonic. Regardless of what he may come out, flap his gums, run his mouth, pretend that you can't see because cameras aren't around, whatever, the truth is, he won't be at his most "able" to inflict the same kind of pain he did at Under Attack. Instead, it'll be a mere microcosm of what he did there. It'll just be a simple SHRED of what he showed he's capable of. And it'll be the fact I exploit in order to do what I have to do to win!

Jake tosses the belt over his shoulder, and looks right into the camera lens.

Jake Starr: See... This championship isn't one I'll simply let go lightly. If someone wants it, they have to truly BEAT it out of my hands. The Underground Division isn't one for the weak of heart, and when I challenged for it, I knew what I was getting into. I knew what I would have to be able to withstand in order to stay atop its rankings. I knew what psychotic individuals would cross my path. I still accepted the challenge.

So if Dillusion hopes, or even DREAMS of defeating me for this belt, he needs to continue to sleep. As far as I'm concerned, this title reign isn't even at its earliest stages. I am not going to allow it to end at this juncture in my career. I still want to PROVE I can run in the Underground Division, and be one of its all-time most fierce competitors. And at Breakdown, I'll show why I shall NOT be forced into only one kind of competition by retaining my championship, and showing everyone why I am to be feared, revered, and RESPECTED as the SCW Underground Champion!


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