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Jake Starr
"The Social Misfit"
"The Czar of the Shooting Five Star"
San Angelo, TX
6' 4"
"Sandstorm" by Darude
"The Falling Starr" (Shooting Five Star Frog Splash)
Triple H, Bobby Denton, ~Grand Admiral~ Thrawn, Adam Driggs, Justin Halesz, Dravyn Sith
The Social Misfits (stable), OWF (Fed)

Coming from a wrestling family, Jake knew at an early age he wanted to grow up and join in the "family business." Watching his dad perform in the southern independent federations began to light a fire within him that would span the majority of his life.

Jake's first introduction into the world of professional wrestling was with a small promotion known simply as WOW. He accomplished many feats within WOW, the most notable, being the first champion ever crowned.

From WOW, Jake was recruited and signed to his long-time home, the OWF. While the OWF has always been a place of success, one thing nobody can take away from him is the fact, just like in WOW, he was the very first champion ever crowned.

The one thing Jake wanted to do was set himself apart from his family. He didn't want to instantly be "just another Starr" in the business. Throughout his career he has graced many rosters, and worn many belts. He has also done it under several alter egos. Deep down, he was never happy as any of them. What finally made him happy was being who he was born to be. Since his acceptance of being himself, he has known his place in the business, and made a name for himself, regardless of his family's legacy.