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Welcome one and all to a page many years in the making.

When I first got a computer many years ago, I quickly became involved with an online game called "e-fedding" or "e-wrestling." It allowed those obsessed with the world of professional wrestling to create their own "superstar" and, for all intents and purposes, live out their dreams of becoming the best in wrestling online. Throughout my days of playing this game, I have created many different personas, trying to find the one that really was the one hidden deep inside me. When I say I have had many, trust me, I mean MANY!

It took years of trying variations of the same gimmick to finally nail down the one that truly was me. And truthfully, it didn't happen in the world of online gaming. I was fortunate enough to receive an opportunity to become an on-air personality for two, satellite-based, radio stations. When it came time to create the radio persona that I would hope to storm the airwaves, Jake Starr was born. It was thanks to the people who helped teach me the ways of being successful while on the air, that I was able to look within myself and let Jake Starr truly be born. So what did I do? I took him to the "fedding" world, and finally felt like I was who I was supposed to be.

So in a nutshell... That is what this site is intended to achieve. I thank everyone who visits, and appreciate the time everyone takes to look around.