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There have been few SCW pay-per views that have received the external hype and anticipation like this year's Under Attack. There have also been very few pay-per views where two factions (including one faction plus their allies) have made up the major matches of the card.

Under Attack, however, does!

Out of the major matches involving these two warring rivals, only one doesn't have implications regarding the long-term momentum. Instead, that match simply puts the Adrenaline Championship on the line, and from actions lately, that seems just fine with David Helms.

The others however, are much more meaningful to the "war."

Christy Matthews and CHBK continue their rivalry, and both ultimately hope to end it with a win.

Thorn and Lucas Knight vie for Supreme Championship Wrestling's most valuable prize. The both of them know that the winner of this match has Jake Starr in their future, and both understand that whoever emerges with the SCW Championship will put their respective group in line to be considered the "leaders" of SCW.

Finally, the third encounter, and arguably the one that has caused quite a bit of a stir due to how everything has played out. That match involved the current, and defending, SCW Tag Team Champions, Dark Fantasy, defending against the unlikely tag team of Jake Starr and Greg Cherry. This match has become one many have set their eyes on, knowing the implications it has on the history of SCW. If new champions are crowned, it puts Greg Cherry in the elite group of "Grand Slam Champions," and Jake Starr with yet another championship within the hallowed halls of The Brotherhood. If the Dark Fantasy retains, it'll cement their dominance over The Brotherhood, seeing as how in tag team action, Infamous, as a whole, has yet to taste defeat at the hands of any team involving the likes of Starr, Thorn, or Helms.

Under Attack is going to be key in defining who truly holds the "advantage" going forward.

For now, though, Jake simply continues to rest his battle scars. Since suffering the beating he suffered, at the hands of Infamous, his willingness to "push" himself in preparing for a match has gone down a bit. He sees his long-term health as a crucial factor to having any success down the road.

It's also been something he's been doing to try and calm the nerves of his wife...

When Roeper witnessed the beating, she was devastated. It's been well chronicled. Jake saw the pain in her eyes, and knew that, being her husband first and foremost, he needed to begin to relax her, and show her he's taking his long-term recovery seriously.

Unfortunately this morning, he seems a bit under the weather.

As Jake wakes up, he groans, and rubs under his eyes. He slowly meanders down the hall, toward the kitchen, and sees his wife drinking a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper, at their kitchen table. She looks up at him, and notices the apparent allergy attack he's fighting this morning. As Jake flops down across the table from his wife, she reaches behind her to a bottle of Benadryl, and hands it to her husband, without saying a word. Jake merely nods, and pours several pills into his hand. He stands back up, and goes to get a drink of water to chase the pills down with. After taking the medicine, he flops back down across the table from his wife. She chuckles, and the silence is broken.

Roeper Hart: ... Wow, you look rough this morning!

Jake Starr: Yeah, I definitely feel it. Something must be blowing in!

Roeper Hart: You almost look as "colorful" as you did the night after David and Tommy brought you home...

Jake closes his eyes and shakes his head.

Jake Starr: ... Don't even remind me!

Roeper chuckles.

Roeper Hart: Oh c'mon babe! After everything you've done to them, you have to admit, it was kind of funny!

Jake Starr: A little... The hangover the next day sucked... Besides, you thought I had officially lost my mind!

Roeper Hart: Well... Yeah...

As the two continue to reminisce about the even, the scene begins to go blurry, and eventually to black. White text appears on the screen.


Date: September 29, 2010

Location: Home of Jake Starr

The scene fades back in on Jake's house, where Thorn, David Helms, and Roeper all sit around Jake's kitchen table. The trio are all giggling, and discussing the events of the night before.

Thorn: ... And you should have seen him when he got on the pole. He was working it better than some of the strippers that night!

Roeper Hart: I just can't believe he did that!

Thorn: Neither could I! The fact that the strippers were able to get him dressed up like they did was quite the "addition."

Roeper Hart: When you guys sent me the picture of him on stage, I legitimately thought he had lost his mind, and we were going to have to have him committed.

Thorn: We debated sending you a picture while it was going on, or whether we would show you when we brought him home, but once he started spinning on that pole, I couldn't resist.

David Helms: ... Yeah, and when Tommy sent me the picture, I HAD to forward it along to you!

Roeper laughs again.

Thorn: OH! I almost forgot...

Thorn reaches in a backpack next to him. He pulls out two giant handfuls of dollar bills, and tosses them on the table.

Thorn: I forgot to give you his "earnings" from last night!

Roeper's eyes widen. She can't believe what she sees.

Roeper Hart: People actually gave him dollars?!

Helms chuckles.

David Helms: Well, from what Tommy told me, it took a little convincing at first!

Thorn: Yeah, I kind of started the process, and others realized the humor and joined in.

David Helms: From what I was told... As long as the dollars were flowing, the DJ kept playing more and more songs

Thorn: ... And believe me, I think he ran the gamut of "typical stripper songs."

Roeper's head lands in her hands, both laughing, and trying to hide from embarrassment.

David Helms: Oh... My... God...

Thorn: What?!

Helms taps Roeper on the shoulder, and points up toward the entrance. Jake's back is seen entering the room, and the trio at the table stare at him with looks of horror. Jake groans, and walks over to the sink. He reaches in the cabinet to get out a glass, and fills it with water.

Jake Starr: Christ... My head hurts! Ugh!

Jake swigs down the water, and as the glass hits the counter, a ring of lipstick lingers on the lip. Jake wipes his eyes, and turns around. Apparently he hasn't looked in the mirror this morning, and is still graced with the makeup put on his face by the strippers last night. Jake sits down next to his wife, still completely unaware his face resembles that of a street hooker whose has turned her share of tricks the night before.

Jake Starr: Jesus... What the hell did we do last night?

With everyone fighting laughter, they do their best to not let on that Jake looks like Bozo the Clown.

Thorn: Umm... Well... What do you remember?

Jake rubs his forehead, still reeling from the effects of his hangover.

Jake Starr: Not much... Just getting to the club, and being fed a few drinks from Tommy, and encouraged to drink more...

David Helms: Well there you go! You remember!

Thorn snorts as he begins to laugh. Jake looks over completely confused why Thorn is laughing.

Jake Starr: Why is that funny?

Everyone breaks down in laughter, and due to his oblivious nature, Jake is getting more and more annoyed.

Jake Starr: What the f_ck guys?!

Roeper pats her husband on the shoulder, and pulls her phone out of her pocket. She goes to the picture message sent to her by Helms the night before, and shows it to her husband. This is the first time Jake has seen his actions from the night before. His eyes widen in complete shock.

Jake Starr: WHAT THE HELL?!

Helms and Thorn double-over in laughter.


Helms tries to speak through the laughter.

David Helms: Dude... You were working the pole my friend!

Jake Starr: Why!?

David Helms: Same reason I was selected to dress like an extra from Avatar! Because it was funny!

Jake's eyes widen, and he bolts over to a mirror on the wall, and for the first time since he awoke, sees the makeup still on his face, which receives yet another round of hysterical laughter.

Jake Starr: You guys suck!

Thorn: C'mon dude! You know as well as we do, if you were in our shoes, you would have done the same thing! Besides, look at the money you made!

Helms begins to pound the table from laughing so hard. Roeper has to throw in her commentary on the situation.

Roeper Hart: Look at the bright side honey, if wrestling goes south, you have found another possible career!

Thorn: HA!

Jake gives Roeper a very annoyed look.

Jake Starr: Thanks dear... I appreciate it!

Roeper Hart: I do my best!

Jake points at both Helms and Thorn, and issues a warning.

Jake Starr: Believe me... One day, I'm going to get you two back!

Thorn: Wouldn't we be about even now?

David Helms: Yeah... I definitely think this makes us even on the "dressing up" category!

Jake Starr: Nah... I think I still get to get even since you guys made me unable to remember doing this! So I get to get you two f_cks wasted, and have you do something!

David Helms: Note to self... No drinking around Jake period!

Jake Starr: I'll get Rohypnol!

Roeper Hart: HA! You going to rape poor David?

Helms cringes at the thought.

Jake Starr: If he didn't remember, would it have ever happened?

David Helms: You're sick!

Jake Starr: He he! I just make sure I get the last laugh!

Thorn: So, you'd butt-rape Helms as a way of getting even?

Jake Starr: NO! My wife asked if I would use it like that. I didn't suggest it! I'd just make sure you didn't remember what happened.

David Helms: That's a relief!

Jake Starr: Yeah... You can quick puckering your asshole now.

David Helms: Thanks... Dick!

Jake Starr: Anytime, mister!

For the first time since Jake emerged from his passed-out slumber, the entire group shares a chuckle together.

Jake Starr: So... What exactly happened last night?

Thorn takes a deep breath, and finally begins to explain how the night ended to the man who was the key player, and key participant in the activities.

Thorn: Alright... Well after I could tell you were pretty much gone, I decided to go throw a few bucks to the strippers. I told them to let you backstage, and just, well, "do you up" for a special cameo. It started with free food, and ultimately, I don't know how, but you let them play dress-up with you. From there, they dolled you up in some hooker-wear that, had it not been on you, would have been quite sexy, and then you were unleashed on stage as "Shooting" Jackie Starr.

Jake's head lands in his palms, embarrassed yet again.

Thorn: ... You danced, you worked the pole, you ground your junk all over the place, and truthfully it was more than I needed to see.

Jake smirks.

Jake Starr: Don't lie... It was impressive!

Thorn: I'm... Not even going there...

Jake Starr: HA!

Thorn: ... Anyway! So when you were "doing your thing," I decided to see if I could get some people to start tipping, considering most were quite shocked and appalled. Once I tipped, they began to realize that it was a big joke, and began tipping you as well. I guess you saw it as some kind of "sign" you were doing good, and so you wouldn't stop. You pretty much ran through all of the major songs, like was said, and well, you just kept going!

Jake Starr: Oh lord...

Thorn: Yeah... You made quite the scene... Especially when you passed out!

Jake cocks an eyebrow.

Jake Starr: I passed out?!

Thorn: Yeah... I carried your ass home! When Roeper saw you, she realized you hadn't lost your mind, and so I stayed the night too. Dave showed up this morning, and we've just been talking about it until you came fumbling and grumbling in here.

Jake Starr: Gee... Thanks...

The scene begins to go hazy again, and ultimately goes to black.


Date: Umm... Today!

Location: Home of Jake Starr

As the scene comes back into focus, Jake and Roeper are seen sitting at the same kitchen table, finishing the discussion regarding the infamous night.

Roeper Hart: ... That was still too funny...

Jake Starr: Yeah... Right!

Roeper Hart: You know it was... They schemed to get you back for putting them in "dubious" situations, and in the end, it's all in fun. Just like you try to explain to David, that's what they did to you!

Jake Starr: Yeah... I hear ya...

Roeper Hart: But you know... I think you look cute in makeup!

With those final words, Jake facepalms himself again, and begins to blush. Roeper lets out another chuckle, and begins to show signs of feeling more comfortable with her husband's decisions to remain in the wrestling industry. She openly admits that she questions his decisions, but has always been that way, and believes her husband will do what's best for himself.

As Under Attack looms, will Jake and his new partner-in-crime, Greg Cherry be able to steal the Tag Team Championships away from arguably the most dominant team in the history of SCW? Or will the adverse happen, and Jake and Greg become the next team on the list of those who've failed to conquer the Dark Fantasy? Regardless, Under Attack promises to be a true battle of good versus evil, and a battle that could bring the war of The Brotherhood and Infamous to an ultimate and epic conclusion.

Jake Starr: As the saying goes, "drastic times call for drastic measures."

Under Attack is one of those times...

The events leading up to this day have been adequately covered. Everything that has transpired has been hashed, rehashed, cussed, and discussed. Yet, they're the exact events that have lead to the inevitable encounter at Under Attack.

When I was initially attacked, I truly didn't know how I'd respond. I didn't know what would be the "right way" to truly "get back" and "get even" with those who had truly spoiled my moment. I contemplated trying to do something comparable, and find a moment they got to celebrate, and ruin it. The problem is, they really haven't had anything comparable. They haven't had that "special" moment that could be foiled.

While I was contemplating this "right way," the "Infamous" events of Breakdown happened, and I was put into a position where my life, career, and future were in jeopardy. That's when I began to realize I couldn't simply just "spoil a moment" for them, and feel like I had gotten the all-powerful "equalizer." Being wheeled out of that arena, with my head immobilized to a stretcher, fans gasping in shock, and the sounds of children crying as I was wheeled out, forced me to rethink things, granted the thoughts were pretty disjointed due to the battle to simply stay conscious. When I finally came to a more fully conscious state, I hurt. I was in pain. I was suffering effects of a beating like I HONESTLY can't remember ever suffering before, and believe me I've suffered before.

The details of the actual event were fuzzy. I remembered bits and pieces. I remembered being hit by someone, then lifted up, then nothing. I knew something traumatic had to have ultimately landed me where I was. I was in a hospital, and I was relatively immobile. So I asked the doctors if there was any way I could see what happened. I wanted to see what landed me where I was, in its entirety, and with a fully conscious mind. At first, the doctors were apprehensive about it. They didn't know what I remembered. For all they knew, they could be showing me an event that could trigger some post-traumatic event that lead to me incurring even more damage. Hell, they even had my phone where I couldn't get it or use it for a while. At the time, they were dead-set on taking no chances.

But I insisted...

Boy did I insist...

The nurses were getting quite annoyed by the constant barrage of requests I'd send them. I'd ask for ice chips, then promptly for a computer or some replay of my beating. I'd ask for some pain meds, then immediately jump into the same alternative motive. They began to believe me when I said I didn't remember anything. They had the resident psychologist come talk to me and subsequently call my doctor back home, to seek more information on my mental history. They finally jumped through the necessary hoops to allow me to see what happened, and why I was laid-up in a hospital. They finally agreed to let me witness, for myself, the destruction I was put through.

The only unfortunate part was that it was on the tiny screen of my phone, but that's neither here nor there...

So I laid there, and I witnessed a beating the likes of which you normally don't see. I witnessed a gang assault a man because he "disrespected" them, in their eyes. I witnessed what, at the time, I believed to be the ending of my professional wrestling career unfold...

Once the clip ended, and once I knew what put me where I was at the time, my mind began to race. It began to ponder if simply was about getting an "equalizer" for "a moment." My mind began to question whether or not it was that damn simple. Was I really going to be content with simply stifling a moment of glory for them, or would it require something far bigger? And I didn't get my true answers until, as I've said before, I looked into the eyes of my wife and saw the pain, the worry, and the hurt.

That's when, for me at least, I realized it truly was going to be one of those "drastic times" that truly did call for "drastic measures." See, when I saw that pain and suffering in the eyes of my wife, it lit a fire within my body that has truly NEVER been lit before. It lit a fire within my soul that told me there was no "one moment" that would extinguish that image. There was no "one thing" I could do to rid my mind of the thought my wife was harmed, as well as I. See, when someone hurts my wife, they hurt me. They hurt me on an emotional level. I can be hurt on a physical level, but whenever it's brought upon my family, the rulebook goes out the window, the shreds of normalcy cease to apply, and ultimately, ANYTHING becomes fair game.

So my mind began to frantically try and come up with the "right solution" to cure myself of the burden of seeing my family hurt. Could I possibly find something simple to remedy the situation? The answer is no. The answer that, ultimately, I came up with, involved me stepping across the boundaries of good and evil. The answer would involve me simply resorting to the level of the same people who stooped to such a low level to force me into that scenario. The answer would have to inflict the same types of damage they inflicted on me...

To give everyone a more "inside" look on what happened at Ammo, when Ravyn was given the beating she was given, listen closely. When I finally came upon my "solution," that I knew would give me the peace I sought, I knew I had to force Infamous to feel the same emotion toll I felt. I knew I would have to inflict the SAME amount of damage that was inflicted upon my family. I knew I had to pick someone out who would truly rock the foundation of Infamous on an emotional level. See, for Thorn and Helms, yeah they were worried about my safety, but in the end, they knew they would have to go on. It wasn't EMOTIONAL... If I attacked Lucas, it would have simply rocked them on a "wrestling" level. So what about Matthews? She was the one who helped attack me.... No. She's the new hussy of the group. She'd be replaced, and that would be that.

That was when I saw Ravyn in the ring. That's when I realized she was the prime target. She was the one who would strike Infamous on that same level my wife was hit. If Ravyn was the "casualty" of war, Syren would feel that which I felt. Syren would be crushed, and would seek vengeance. It would be the perfect "first strike" against Infamous.

From that point, I was challenged on my motives. I was challenged on my "heroic" nature, stating that the "good guy" would never do such things. Not face to face, not man to man/woman, but via Twitter. I was called out via Twitter. I was challenged on what the fans should think of my actions, and I was challenged on whether or not I should even be considered a good guy anymore.

/All I can say, those aren't my decisions to make...

I've never been an "eye for an eye," guy, until my family WAS involved. My family was threatened, and therefore, it's time to threaten the loved ones of others. I admit, I have stooped to their level. I have come down to the world of Infamous, simply because I wanted to show them I'm human. I'm not above doing what needs to be done in order to make sure things get "resolved" in the proper way.

See, things aren't black and white. They're no longer right or wrong. There is no cut and dry. Everything has devolved from such a simple matter to a very disturbing and complicated issue. The events forced me to quit trying to simply "fight for good," and forced me to fight for my family. I had to quit being the "good guy," and be the "family man." I had to avenge the hurt. I had to be, in a sense, as "evil" as my opposition.

With "phase one" done, I now look to "phase two." I look to what will ultimately force the group known as Infamous to crumble. It was another "drastic measure" I was forced to take in order to seek my own personal revenge...

Yes... I said it... Revenge...

Infamous, I knew, was a group solely centered around greed and selfishness. They pride themselves on their own accomplishments. In order to truly "finish the job" against them, I would have to take from them what they covet. So I decided to accept an offer from Greg Cherry. I decided to take the chance to team up with a guy who I've never seen eye to eye with. Whether or not he proposed this offer because it was simply to win one more championship, or he legitimately thinks I'd be a good partner, I don't know. What I know is, either scenario makes it where he'll do everything he can to win, and help me remove gold from around the waists of Infamous...

... That's when the walls of Infamous begin to completely crumble. That's when they'll realize the error they made, when they decided to wage war with me. By raining on my victory, and ruining my moment of celebration, ultimately will come back to haunt them. The celebration will happen, and it'll be over their lifeless bodies. It'll be with their Tag Team Championships in hand. It'll be a celebration that transcends celebrations. And it will be sweet...

After Under Attack, I hope to see the stresses of fear and worry leave the eyes of my wife. I hope to see my wife be able to finally relax as she comes to term with the rest of her pregnancy, and be able to not panic every time I enter an SCW arena...

... Ultimately I hope to go back to where I was before this all began...

Since this began, my life has been shrouded in pure darkness. My life has been a black and dismal shred of what it used to be, and it's not something I'm proud of. It's not something I think highly of. It's something, though, that was necessary.

I was forced to make decisions unlike those in my past history.

I was FORCED to venture into the depths of hell and evil, and fight their way, so I could ultimately emerge with a sense of calmness over my world.


Just like I'll be forced to make sure I do what's necessary at Under Attack.

Drastic times called for drastic measures... And as they say... When you back a dog into a corner, eventually it's going to bite...

At Under Attack, this dog bites again...


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