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As the "Ye Olde Tyme" adage goes, "what goes around, comes around." At least, when it comes to Jake Starr, his fraternal brethren, their newly formed allies, and their war against Infamous.

At Ammo, Jake fired the retaliatory shot toward Infamous, by doing his best recreation of the attack from Apocalypse, that ruined his ability to celebrate his newly earned Underground Championship. Instead of Infamous holding his friends back from rescuing him from the attack, it was his friends and allies holding Infamous back, and forcing them to witness Jake showing his violent, and in a sense, "Underground" side of his personality, as Ravyn Taylor became the victim of yet another adage from times of yore, "guilt by association."

Since the attack, Infamous has voiced their disgust with the attack toward Jake via Twitter, continually lambasting him, and targeting him, trying to demean his worth, discredit him in the eyes of the fans, and feverishly attempt to justify their actions, and claim Jake's wasn't in identical context.

Jake has not been phased...

As he initially saw the barrage of tweets from the likes of Lucas Knight, Syren, and Christy Matthews, commenting on his attack, Jake's persona began to show signs of return since his victory against Gable. Prior to the match, Jake was relatively silent on Twitter. His recovery from the assault he encountered was one he wanted to focus solely on. It lead to his fans, and critics, to begin to wonder if the assault actually had a deeper impact on the former World Champion than he was letting on. But now, with Jake's response to the tweets from Infamous, his fans realize, as he continues to heal, he'll continue to return to his normal self. And that's the message he hoped to send!

So now what? What is Jake's next step? He left his comfort zone when he entered the "World of the Underground." He's stepped out of his comfort zone, and resorted to the level of his opposition by firing back in the war between his brothers, his friends, and Infamous.

Where could he possibly go next?

In his eyes, it leads to the final battle; it leads to the final encounter; it leads to the epic conclusion of this war; it leads to Under Attack.

At Under Attack, Jake walks into a match with an unlikely ally, Greg Cherry, and they walk in with a chance to fire a crippling blow to the world of Infamous. The two have the chance to end the reign of the Dark Fantasy as the SCW Tag Team Champions.

Dark Fantasy, including the victim of Jake's uncharacteristic assault at Ammo, have had a relatively brief run as the Tag Team Champions of Supreme Championship Wrestling, yet they're considered and argued to be one of the greatest tag team pairings in the history of SCW. They've run rough shod on both individual and team basis. They defeated the former champions of Karnivale, and also the surging new tag team New Noise, and know they're capable of being victorious over Jake and Greg as well. The question is... Will they be successful? Knowing you're capable, and pulling it off are two separate entities, and are both not easily achievable...

... Which is where Jake and Greg hope to capitalize.

But for now, Jake has decided to take a slightly different approach to his opposition.

Knowing he's struck Syren right where it hurt the most, Jake has gathered his fraternal brothers together to try and make amends before they go into Under Attack with massive targets on their back. In a sense, he's found a way to make a peace offering to Infamous as a whole, and hopes they accept it, or at least see the meaning behind it. He also hopes this gives the fans a new sense of who Infamous is.

As the scene fades in, Jake is seen in a studio flanked by Thorn and David Helms. Jake holds a disc of some kind in one hand, and production staff mull about, apparently trying to get everything setup.

Jake hands the disc over to one of the production assistants, and informs them that it's the first track. The production assistant confirms Jake's instructions, and leaves the trio. The camera slowly zooms in on the three CHAMPIONS of SCW, and their conversation slowly becomes audible.

Jake Starr: ... Like I said, this is just the first cut. Once we do the intro for it and such, we can make any adjustments we want, and make the right edits before we go to air.

Thorn: Sounds good...

David Helms: ... Yeah for once, I'm not annoyed I had to dress up.

Jake grins.

Jake Starr: Well it was for a cause. And a cause is much more OK, right?

David Helms: It depends on the cause...

Jake Starr: Well, I'm sure, even when you look back on this, you'll realize the good cause this is.

David Helms: I hope... I hope I'm not looking back on this going, "why did I agree o that?!"

Jake Starr: Trust me... That won't be the case!

The production assistant returns, telling Jake they're ready to film the opening. They ask if he has a script they can put into the teleprompter, and Jake says he plans on winging it. Thorn and Helms both let out an "uh oh," knowing that when Jake "wings it," it can be something they end up committing repetitive "facepalms" over. Nevertheless, Jake has been known for having flashes of brilliance when "winging it," and they hope this is one of those times.

The production assistant relays the information of "no teleprompter needed" to the booth, and the camera men begin to take their positions. The "clapper" goes in front of the main camera, set directly in front of the three men, and as the scene shifts to be viewed from its perspective, the clapper is seen.

"The Brotherhood Tribute - Scene One - Take One"


Jake Starr: Dearest SCW... I... Wait... That doesn't sound right...

Thorn: Yeah... Too "Stacy Kissinger-y..."

Jake Starr: Ok... Let's try again...

With a beep, the clapper comes into view again.

"The Brotherhood Tribute - Scene One - Take Two"


Jake Starr: ODELAY SCW!!!

David Helms: You're white...

Jake Starr: Crap...


"The Brotherhood Tribute - Scene One - Take Three"


Jake Starr: Whatcha gonna do SCW brothers?!


"The Brotherhood Tribute - Scene One - Take Four"


Jake Starr: Do you smell what The Brotherhood is cookin?!


"The Brotherhood Tribute - Scene One - Take Five"


Jake Starr: You... Uhh... Ever seen a grown man naked?


"The Brotherhood Tribute - Scene One - Take Six"


Jake rips a fart, and Helms's head immediately sulks down.


"The Brotherhood Tribute - Scene One - Take Seven"


Jake Starr: Hi...

Thorn finally decides to interject, to hopefully get Jake more set on what to open with.

Thorn: OK... Hang on a sec everyone. Jake, buddy, if we don't get this done, we're going to be here all day. So, just be yourself. Be caddy... Be Jake...

Jake Starr: Ok... I think I can do that...

David Helms: I hope you can be yourself...

Jake Starr: Good point... OK everyone, let's try this again...


"The Brotherhood Tribute - Scene One - Take Eight"


Jake Starr: Supreme Championship Wrestling... If you aren't already well informed as to who we are, my name is Jake Starr, your Underground Champion...

Jake points over his right shoulder.

Jake Starr: ... This is your Adrenaline Champion, David Helms...

Jake then switches, and points over his left shoulder.

Jake Starr: ... And this is your World Champion, Thorn. Collectively, we've slowly been becoming known by a moniker we, well, never really agreed on, or selected ourselves, but nevertheless, has become the one that has become synonymous with us, The Brotherhood.

Lately, we have been at odds with another "faction" among the roster of Supreme Championship Wrestling, a group of individuals with several names, it seems, Infamous, Dark Fantasy, Pete Ebdon's Collection of Retards, I think you've probably heard of one of those names. See, they attacked me at Apocalypse, as many of you probably saw, and subsequently did so again, almost ending my career, and life. At Ammo, I decided it was time to "play ball," and I admit, I probably got a little out of hand with it. I mean, I probably shouldn't have picked on Ravyn as much as I did, but I think it was primarily due to the fact none of the others seemingly wanted to enter the ring with me...

Fear I suppose...

But nevertheless, looking back on that entire stream of events, I am realizing that I lost track of what the primary goal of this was. It's my own fault, and hopefully, this whole demonstration begins to clear that up for everyone.

At Under Attack, Thorn has a date with one member of that clan... Oh and I mean date as in match, not literally. Sorry I don't want Lucas getting a little too eager there...

Thorn pats Jake on the shoulder, and nods toward his friend as a symbol of "thanks" for his friend's thoughtful nature of correcting what he meant.

Jake Starr: ... And on the same night, the dynamic duo of Ravyn Taylor and Syren have to put their Tag Team Championships on the line against myself, and my...

Jake makes air quotes.

Jake Starr: ... "larger than life" tag partner, Gregorio Cherry-o!

Helms kind of cringes, and taps Jake on the shoulder.

David Helms: ... Umm... Jake?

Jake Starr: Yeah?

David Helms: It's probably not the best idea to insult Greg since you're both actually on the same side for once.

Jake looks confused, and glances back at Helms.

Jake Starr: ... Insult?

David Helms: Umm... Yeah...

Jake Starr: What did I say?

David Helms: The whole "larger than life" comment...

Jake Starr: OH! Sorry... It's a process of breaking a habit I suppose...

Helms pats Jake on the shoulder, and mouths the words "it's OK," as Jake turns back toward the camera to continue.

Jake Starr: ... Anyway! As you can tell, Greg isn't here. If he were, we'd really have to zoom out to fit him in, and...

Thorn nudges his shoulder forward, clipping Jake's shoulder and nudging him. Jake looks back, confused again, and as Thorn begins to try and get Jake to catch his error again, he seemingly just looks to be fidgeting profusely. Finally, Jake catches his blunder.

Jake Starr: OOHH!! OK, let me fix this...

Jake runs off camera, and comes back with a cardboard standup of Greg Cherry. Helms shifts to the side, so he's not hidden behind the cutout of Jake's tag team partner. Jake puts his arm around the cutout, and throws up a cheesy grin toward the camera.

Jake Starr: ... Maybe this will inspire me?

So Greg and I will be walking in against Ravyn and Syren, with the ultimate goal of taking their Tag Team Championships, and bringing to the side of "good," rather than evil.

But as I sat around and really began to mull this match, I realized that it would probably be in the best taste to offer some kind of "peace offering" to Infamous, to kind of bridge the gap that we've really forced between our rivaling entities. See, these attacks aren't necessary, and personally, I think we should probably stop them. I really do think it'd be for the best for everyone, as a whole. Then, as I began to think about what would be a really good and positive "gift" to these guys and gals, I realized something... Outside of wrestling, I know NOTHING about them.

Seriously... NOTHING!

So I began to think about why I didn't know anything, and I realized it's because they basically don't exist outside of wrestling. They really don't! It's like they're a figment of the imagination. Really! Unless they're out in the ring, in a match, backstage cutting a promo, or cutting a promo prior to the match, they're NEVER seen by another member of humanity, or by any camera of any kind. It truly is like they don't exist! It makes life so confusing! How do you exist on some plane of existence, and be seen by NOBODY outside of wrestling?

Are they aliens?

Are they able to go into different dimensions?

Are they vampires, and if they're seen in a non-wrestling setting, it'd inevitably kill them? Or maybe it'd prove you can't see their reflections?

Now you all see my conundrum. How do I make peace with people who give you NO INSIGHT to their lives? So I decided I would improvise. I decided that the best way to offer "peace" to Infamous, and show a sign of solidarity from one faction to another, I'd give what, I believe, is insight into the real lives of Infamous. I decided that we, collectively, would film a recreation of one of their "days off." We decided we would truly give the world that inner view into their world, where no cameras have ever ventured. We decided this way, the world would know who these "bad guys" are they boo continuously, and maybe, just maybe, they'll understand why they have such a negative attitude. And then, who knows, maybe they'd begin to get some compassion from the crowd.

Jake shrugs.

Jake Starr: Hey... It's a thought...

Nevertheless, we felt it was imperative to give the world some insight into our opposition. Well, everyone but Stacy... She really doesn't apply here. Anyway, so I hope everyone sits back, grabs their popcorn, and watches closely. This is a rare treat for the world to go where NO CAMERAS HAVE GONE BEFORE! It's a secret world about to be exposed...

... It's the world of the unknown...

... It's the world of the mysterious...

... It's the world of the INFAMOUS...

The camera slowly zooms in on Jake, and begins to blur. As it becomes completely blurred out, a black title-card appears on the screen.

"A Live of Infamy Exposed"

A Social Misfit Brotherhood Production

The scene begins to open on the three members of The Brotherhood respectively dressed as members of the group Infamous. Jake stands, apparently dressed in drag, and the garb picks him out to be one of his adversaries at Under Attack, namely Syren. Jake is also apparently smuggling two melons under his shirt, giving an added appearance of breasts. The only issue is one seemingly has drooped about 8 inches below the other.

Thorn stands next to him, dressed in a bomber jacket, unzipped, revealing a giant Union Jack shirt, and apparently chewing gum. He also has donned a "skull cap," to give the appearance he's bald. Thorn bounces around, simply not sitting still. He cocks his lip, a-la Billy Idol, even mimicking some of Idol's dance moves.

To the other side of Jake stands David Helms, fully dressed in drag as well, but definitely not as Ravyn Taylor, but as Christy Matthews. He repeatedly begins flipping his hair from side to side, and begins to saunter in front of "Lucas," even bending over to pick something up, hoping it catches his eye.

The camera slowly begins to zoom in on the trio, and the "insightful look" into the never-before seen lives of Infamous.

"Lucas Knight": OY BRUV!

As Jake begins to speak, he uses a very masculine and deep voice to voice "Syren."

"Syren": Yeah?

"Lucas Knight": OY, you're not a bruv, bruv!

As Helms begins his role, he uses a very snooty, high-pitched, bitchy, and feminine voice for "Christy."

"Christy Matthews": Then what am I, chopped liver!? Humph!

"Christy" begins to pout, feeling left out of the group.

"Lucas Knight": OY, you're no bruv either, bruv!

"Christy" begins to get really excited.

"Christy Matthews": You really think so Lucas? Oh you're so dreamy!

"Syren": HEY! He's my dreamy man! OH... I MUST TWEET THIS!

"Syren" pulls out "her" phone and frantically begins to tweet the exchange that just happened between "Christy" and "Lucas."

"Syren": Oh man! All 37 of my followers will so get a kick out of this!

"Lucas Knight": OY!

"Syren": Oh quit OY-ing me!

"Syren" begins to tweet again.

"Syren": See... I just tweeted you were OY-ing me!

"Christy Matthews": Be nice to my big British boy-toy!

"Syren": No! He's mine! Although... I could toss a caber further than him...

"Christy Matthews": Well I don't care about winning, who's better than who, and championships, so HUMPH!

As "Christy" pouts, yet again, Thorn breaks character briefly, and whispers over to Jake.

Thorn: Cabers are Scottish. Lucas is British...

Jake cocks an eyebrow, and whispers back to Thorn.

Jake Starr: Really?

Thorn: Yeah!

Jake Starr: Sh!t... OK...

Both slip back into character.

"Syren": ... Like I said, I can out bowl him on the pitch!

"Lucas Knight": OY!

"Christy Matthews": I like bowling!

All of a sudden, a skeleton is wheeled in, with a mechanically operated jaw. The skeleton is dressed in, what appears to be, scantily clad, female, attire. The skeleton also wears a sign around its neck saying "Hello, My Name is Ravyn Taylor." As the jaw moves, a high-pitched, child-like, voiceover, delivers the lines for "Ravyn."

"Ravyn Taylor": ... Well bowling balls are too heavy for my delicate structure!

"Syren" gets excited seeing "Ravyn" enter the scene.

"Syren": OH MY GOD HONEY!!!

"Syren" runs over and hugs the skeleton. "Syren" begins kissing the cheekbones, and rubbing "her" hands up and down the bone structure.

"Syren": Oh my sweetie-love, I've missed you so much, and was sooooooo worried! Have you been working out?

"Ravyn Taylor": Shut up! You know I'm too fragile to lift weights!

"Syren": He he! You said fragile! That's like fra-gee-lay... Here, pose for a pic with me!

"Syren" puts "her" arm around "Ravyn" and snaps a photo with "her" cell phone. After the photo is snapped, "she" spins the display around, to look at the photo.

"Syren": OH MY GOD IT'S SO CUTE! I need to tweet this...

Again, "Syren" begins to tweet.

"Syren": Did I mention I have 37 followers? They're all going to go crazy over this pic!

"Lucas Knight": OY! The three of you bruvs together would make me go crazy, bruv!

"Ravyn Taylor": If we did anything, I could be hurt... I'm delicate, fragile, and very tender!

"Syren": This is true... I almost broke her with my guns!

"Syren" flexes.

"Lucas Knight": OY!

"Christy Matthews": Oh yeah? Well I don't care about who can break who! All I care about is... Is...

David Helms breaks his character, and whispers over to his fellow "actors."

David Helms: What does Christy actually care about?

Jake Starr: I don't know...

Thorn: Me neither...

Jake Starr: Unicorns?

Thorn: Lucas?

Jake Starr: Masculine women with large clits?

Thorn squints his eyes and begins laughing. Helms just looks away, and begins to take breaths, hoping to contain his laughter as well. Instead of continuing the "broken character conversation," he snaps back into character.

"Christy Matthews": I heart Lucas, and his manly British ways!

"Lucas Knight": OY!

"Christy Matthews": ... Oh and that Pete guy who randomly appears when I need someone to talk to, but really serves no purpose.

"Lucas Knight": OY!

"Syren": Pete is a punk! I could beat him up!

"Christy Matthews": No you couldn't!

"Ravyn Taylor": He could beat me up!

"Syren": No he couldn't honey! I'd protect you! In fact, i'll poll my Twitter followers! All 37 of them, if I haven't told you how many I have!

All of a sudden, a voice echos from off-camera.

Voice: Hey guys!

All three men quickly shift out of character, and look over to notice Greg Cherry walk into frame. The three men all seem to be in shock that he's there.

Jake Starr: Umm... Hi Greg...

Greg Cherry: What's going on boys?

Jake Starr: Umm... What brought you here?

Greg Cherry: I got wind you guys were doing some special "vignette" for our little enemies, so I figured I'd come join in! I figure we're all in this together, right?

Jake looks over at Thorn, who simply shakes his head, signifying he doesn't know why Cherry's there. He then looks over at Helms who simply shrugs.

Jake Starr: Well... Umm... Greg... We didn't know you were going to be here, so we didn't really write you a part.

Greg Cherry: C'mon guys... There's got to be something I can do...

Jake begins to think, and in no time at all, he is struck with inspiration. It literally is like the lightbulb went off in his head.

Jake Starr: Alright Greg... I got the perfect idea! Just turn toward the camera there, smile, hold the pose, and hold up both thumbs, a-la "The Fonz," and I'll edit in a title card for you. We'll make it a funny one. Sound good?

Greg Cherry: Yeah... That works...

Jake Starr: I'll count to three, then turn and strike your pose.

Greg Cherry: Sounds good...

Jake Starr: 1... 2... 3... GO!

Greg quickly turns and strikes a pose, as Jake said, similar to that of Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, and immediately a graphic flies in, 60s Batman style, and the screen freezes.


The DVD is paused, and the scene shifts back to the trio. Jake stands grinning from ear to ear, while Thorn and Helms stand with their eyes extremely wide open, shocked as to what they just saw. Jake begins to lightly nod, and addresses the last part seen of the DVD.

Jake Starr: ... Like I said, this is the first cut of it. I kind of forgot to cut out the part where we broke character, but by the time this airs, it'll be fixed, don't worry!

Helms and Thorn both look at one another in a state of confusion. Thorn lets out a huge breath of air, and tries to convey the issue that he and Helms seem to have with the little vignette.

Thorn: Umm... Jake...?

Jake turns around and looks at his compatriot.

Jake Starr: Yes?

Thorn: There's a bit of an issue with that...

Jake Starr: Oh I know... Like I said, I'll edit that part out.

Thorn looks over at Helms, realizing Jake doesn't catch the point. Helms simply looks back at Thorn and shrugs.

Thorn: That's... That's really not it.

Jake Starr: What do you mean?

Helms finally tries to do his part to help convey the issue.

David Helms: ... Jake... You see, there's kind of a fundamental issue with saying "Hey Look, it's GABLE WINCHESTER!"

Jake Starr: Why? He'd think it was funny to have Greg randomly portraying him.

David Helms: That's not it...

Jake Starr: Then what's the deal? I mean I didn't know Greg was going to show up, so I figured I'd have him be someone random, and completely irrelevant to the scene.

Thorn puts his hand on Jake's shoulder, and decides to quit skirting around the issue.

Thorn: ... OK, it has nothing to do with the fact you wanted someone random, it's the fact you attributed Gable to Greg.

Jake Starr: What's the big damn deal?

Thorn: Jake... Gable's black!

Jake's eyes go completely wide, and he stumbles back in a legitimate showing of shock.

Jake Starr: WHAT?! Since when?!

That comment completely blindsides David into snapping back at his friend.

David Helms: Since when?! Since when?! Jake he's been black since he was born!

Jake still looks at his friends in disbelief.

Jake Starr: You guys are sh!tting me!

David Helms: No! We're not! Gable is a black man, and one who I'm assuming doesn't want to be "Blacksploited" by having his likeness attributed to a pasty white guy.

Jake Starr: HEY! Don't insult my tag team partner!

David gets annoyed at Jake's inability to be serious, and as has become somewhat of a regular occurrence around his friend throws his hands to the side in disbelief.

Thorn: Jake... I think we're just afraid Gable might find it a bit insulting. Especially in the times we live right now, where race is kind of a big issue.

Jake shrugs.

Thorn: Just think about it...

Jake Starr: OK... But one question...

Thorn: What?

Jake Starr: Just so I'm clear on this, he didn't have some Jamaican accent one day, and then randomly drop it for no real explained reason, did he?

Thorn: Nah... That was a bit on some television show, not real life.

Jake Starr: Oh! Phew! I was worried I had completely missed a lot!

David Helms: Well the fact you didn't know he's black is a pretty big miss!

Jake Starr: Maybe I'm color blind?

David Helms: Oh sweet Jesus!

Thorn lets out a chuckle at Jake's comment, and Jake grins. Jake slowly begins to turn around to look back toward the camera. As he completes his 180 degree revolution back to his original position, his chin slightly lowers, and a devious gaze comes over his face. The camera slowly zooms in on the Underground Champion, as he repositions the cardboard stand-up of Cherry, and his two confidants position themselves appropriately as well.

Jake Starr: Now the world knows. Now the world is aware of the simplicity of the "private" lives of the Infamous ones. It's that uneventful. It's that pointless. It's that boring.

See, they prided themselves on keeping their private lives secret, hoping that it wouldn't contribute to the fodder that is spewed about them, but unfortunately, that is simply wishful thinking. Whether or not they live their "second lives" in front of a camera, or not, the world knows what they do. The world knows how FAKE they all are. They try to hide, they try to limit their exposure, and the fail. They fail horribly. They try and sound high and mighty, they try and sound "above" the world, and everyone sees through the facade...

... And at Under Attack, the facade comes crumbling down to expose them, as a whole, for who they are.

When Greg and I walk into Under Attack, we walk in with little in common. We walk in with a past filled with conflict, and we walk in as completely unlikely adversaries. But none of that matters. For one night, and the reign we'll have after the fact, we walk in as tag team partners. I don't have to like him all that much, I simply need to respect him. After the trio of battles we've had, he's earned my respect as a partner. He's proven that, even when the odds are against him, and the outlook is bleak, he'll still walk in and fight his ass off. He's not going to back down from a fight, and he'll stand by the side of whoever agrees to stand by him... And even more so when gold is on the line...

So as far as a partner goes, I am set. As far as someone I think will watch my back, and treat me with respect, I believe I'm set. I believe that Greg Cherry realizes that this is a special chance for him, as it is for me, and won't take it lightly.

But there's still a lot of questions about how exactly this came to be. Why are Jake Starr and Greg Cherry, of all people, teaming together? Why would I agree to team with a guy who, overall, I've done nothing but insult and think rather lowly of?


See, respect is earned. Respect is something that I never give out freely. I have fought Cherry in three matches, twice of which I've emerged victorious. Each time, however, he's made me a better competitor, and a better superstar. He's brought out the best in me every match we've had. Over time he's shown that he's willing to ignore what I've said about him, and stand by my fraternal brothers and I, even after everything we've said about him. He's shown he's a stand-up kind of guy. So, when I was approached with the proposition to stand by him in a challenge against the Tag Team Champions, I agreed. I agreed because I wanted to see, once and for all, if Greg would stand by my side, and stand up for our alliance that has been forged in recent months. I agreed because I believe, in the end, it'll be for the best...

... So that's why!

Ahead of us stand the tandem known as Dark Fantasy. A team that, for all intents and purposes, is believed to be stellar, and outright amazing. But they're also a team who has a part in the war that has been waged by Infamous, against myself, and my allies. They're a team who have a role in the battle of good versus evil. And they're a team who'll be the next "casualty" of the battle.

At Ammo, Rayvn Taylor was sent a message. She was sent back to her Dark Fantasy counterpart, to explain what happens when Jake Starr fights back. But some question why she was selected. Why was Ravyn Taylor, arguably the least physically capable of fighting back, targeted? The answer is simple... She was the one who was most easily accessible, so therefore, she was picked. Had it been Lucas, it would have been Lucas. Had it been Syren, it would have been Syren. But it wasn't. It was Ravyn. She was the "chosen one."

When I was "selected" by Infamous to be the scapegoat for their declaration of war, and I was targeted for multiple attacks, a fire was lit within my gut that raged. It was a fire that allowed me to channel an inner rage, and retaliate in a proper manner. Whether it was smiled upon, frowned upon, or understood by anyone other than myself, I truly am not concerned. What Infamous put me through, and what Infamous did to my family, should not go unpunished. Syren was effected on an emotional level, like my wife. She may not realize it, but all I did was simply GET EVEN. I wanted to share the pain that I saw in my wife's eyes. And thanks to the incessant tweets of the head twat of Dark Fantasy, I know it was a success.

And now comes phase two. Now begins the second round of pain. Now begins the final days of the reign of Dark Fantasy.

I admit, my luck against the likes of anyone in Infamous isn't stellar. I'm technically 1-1 against them, but if you factor in the cowardly attacks, my record is much worse. So the outlook, and the betting odds, probably aren't in the favor of the SCW veteran, and the fastest rising star in SCW history. Instead, they most likely lie with the champions. That's a fact, that doesn't bother me in the least. I'm not worried about "who's favored" or "who's picked to win." The battle is much more deep than simple odds. It's about proving that sustaining these beatings like I have, and sustaining the damage I sustained, was worth it, because in the end I'll continue to hit them where it counts.

I'm ready to prove that the Dark Fantasy, and the walls of Infamous, have truly begun to crumble. It began with the dethroning of Lucas Knight. It'll continue with Dark Fantasy. Two unlikely allies will walk into Under Attack, and claim their first taste of Tag Team Championship gold. Two unlikely allies will exit Under Attack, having continued to win the battle against those who simply want to destroy the very fabric of this industry, and make names of themselves by any means necessary. Two former foes will walk in as teammates, and exit, in no other way, but as CHAMPIONS!

With those final words Jake throws his arm up and around the cutout of Greg Cherry, and gives his own thumbs up toward the camera. Helms and Thorn both shift their stances, cross their arms, and glare deep into the lens as well, showing a well-defined front of solidarity amongst The Brotherhood.

The trio of champions that make up The Brotherhood have an opportunity to make Under Attack THEIR pay-per view. They have a chance to show everyone that regardless of who wins the cheap shot battle, when the cards are dealt on the table, it's the World Champion, the Adrenaline Champion, and the Underground Champion who reign SUPREME, in the land of the SUPREME. With victories, they'll capture more gold, and cement themselves into the history books with the likes of the Infection, Greaternity, and others, as dominant factions within the walls of Supreme Championship Wrestling, and at the same time, make a defining case that nobody is better than them. It'll truly be a namesake night as The Brotherhood, Infamous, and SCW, all go truly "Under Attack."


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