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Coming out of Breakdown there was an overwhelming sense of concern mounting around the health and well-being of former SCW World Champion, and current SCW Underground Champion, Jake Starr. After suffering yet ANOTHER unprovoked beating from members of Infamous, this time putting his very life in jeopardy, it was revealed Jake was ok, but was still suffering bouts of neck and back pain.

After Jake was taken to the hospital following the assault, doctors ran several tests to ensure Jake was even physically capable of returning to professional wrestling. Some of the specialists, having seen the vicious impact his neck and head sustained at the hands of Christy Matthews and Lucas Knight, were convinced Jake's days in the ring were over. They assumed they were going to be forced to surgically operate on his spine, and potentially deliver news that he could never compete again, or possibly even walk.

Thankfully, that didn't have to happen.

After running the tests, the specialists came to a consensus that Jake would be in some serious pain, but would be able to continue competing in Supreme Championship Wrestlings.

Back at home, the story revolved around Jake's wife, who witnessed her husband's beat down, and immediately fearing for how it could potentially impact their future, and their unborn child.

After the doctor's had examined Jake, and verified he would be ok, they did agree that Jake wouldn't be able to transport himself home. They contacted Jake's wife, not knowing about her pregnancy, and her inability to travel, to come and take him home to recuperate. When Roeper got the call, she asked Jake's mom, who has been helping her through the pregnancy, to go and get Jake, and instead of doing so, she called up Jake's father, so as not to abandon her post at Roeper's side.

Jake's father, Jeff, was quick to get a flight to go pick up his son, and get him home safely.

As Jeff arrives at the hospital, he informs the receptionist who he is, and is given directions to his son's room. As he makes his way toward Jake's hospital room, the receptionist alerts the nurses to prepare Jake for full discharge from the hospital.

As Jake lies in his bed, still in his hospital gown, and neck brace, looks over at the door as he sees a nurse walk into his room. The stoic look on his face shows his discontent with the happenings of Breakdown, and his subsequent situation he's been put in.

Nurse: Mr. Starr?

Since he's unable to turn his head in the brace, all Jake can do is shift his eyes in the direction of the nurse.

Jake Starr: Yes?

Nurse: I've been told your father has arrived to take you home, and you're being fully discharged.

Jake takes a deep breath, showing some signs of relief knowing he's getting out of the hospital, but also signs of stress.

Jake Starr: Can't believe they sent him...

Nurse: Is there a problem?

Jake Starr: Nah... No problem... Just curious as to why my father was sent to retrieve me rather than my mom.

Nurse: I wish I had that answer, sir, but I don't.

The nurse asks Jake if she can help him get ready to leave the facility. She helps Jake get dressed back into his street clothes, which were brought to the hospital with him. She also helps him pack up the few things he has, and also helps him slowly lower himself into the wheelchair he'll be taken out in.

He grimaces in pain as he slowly begins to sit down into the wheelchair. As he's turned toward the door, he sees his father coming down the hallway. His father sees him, and Jake lets the nurse know that's his "ticket out of there."

As she wheels Jake toward his father, she asks Jake if Jeff has permission to sign his discharge papers, and Jake agrees since he can't look down to sign his name. Jeff subsequently signs the papers, and walks along side his silent son as they make their way toward the parking lot.

As they reach Jeff's rental car, Jake slowly lifts himself out of the chair, and into the car. He asks the nurse if he can leave the brace behind, and Jeff immediately says Jake has to wear it at least until he gets back home, or his wife would have a fit. The killing of his hopes really bursts his bubble, and sense a definite sense of annoyance through his ailing body. The nurse confirms that he can't be without the brace for a little while longer.

As the nurse makes her way back toward the hospital, Jeff makes his way around the car, and hops into the drivers seat. He looks over at his son, knowing he's going to be ok, but well aware of his son's embarrassment, and sense of annoyance regarding the entire situation.

Jeff Starr: So... How do you feel?

Jake Starr: Oh, you know... Ready to go to a metal concert and head bang with the rest of the wild ones.

Jeff smirks, happy to hear his son's sense of humor hasn't vanished, even considering the circumstances.

Jake Starr: ... So why did they send you? I mean, don't take that wrong, but I figured it'd be Mom...

Jeff Starr: She wasn't going to leave Roeper.

Jake Starr: Well... That actually makes me feel better...

Jeff Starr: Yeah, she immediately called me when Roeper asked her to come. So, here I am...

Jeff begins to drive the pair toward the airport, so Jake can head home to recuperate before Ammo.

Jeff Starr: ... That is ok, isn't it?

Jake Starr: Yeah, like I said, it wasn't meant in any kind of hateful way...

Jeff Starr: Ok...

Jeff sighs, knowing his "fatherly instincts" are about to come out.

Jeff Starr: ... You took a hell of a beating out there kid...

Jake Starr: Oh, believe me, I'm well aware... Well at least aware due to my current situation...

Jeff Starr: I was worried... I won't lie...

Jake annoyance level begins to rise, knowing his father's worrying is beginning to kick in.

Jake Starr: Dad... You've been in this situation before...

Jeff Starr: Yeah... But...

Jake Starr: You've faced this same situation, and you were once laid-up in a hospital too...

Jeff Starr: Jake... You're my son. Yes, I've been in your shoes. Yes, I was laid-up in a hospital due to some punk-ass beat down by some scared bullies... But you know, you're my son. So, like it or not, I'm going to look out for you and your safety because that's what a father does.

Jake Starr: I know... But...

Jeff Starr: No buts kid... You haven't faced this situation yet in life, and so you don't quite understand what it's like to see your son wheeled out on a gurney on live television, worried his very life is in danger.

Jake Starr: Dad...

Jeff Starr: You weren't moving Jake...

Jake sighs.

Jake Starr: Yes, I'm aware... Kind of...

Jeff Starr: Trust me, you'll fully understand my position, and your mom's position, beginning in mere months.

Jake Starr: I know... I'm just saying, I'm a big boy, and an adult. I know what this business is like, and what the risks are getting into it. YOU taught me that. YOU prepared me for times like this.

Jeff Starr: Son...

Jake Starr: Dad... You taught me about the ups and downs of wrestling. You taught me everything before you would EVER support me going into this business on my own. You knew I didn't want to just be "Jeff's son," so you prepared me to be my own man. Now you have to let me do that, and understand I'm not just a kid anymore.

Jeff begins to realize that Jake is praising his teachings to his son, and listened to everything he tried to convey to his young son all of those years ago. It begins to sink in that his son truly has grown up to be the man he had hoped, and a sense of pride begins to overcome Jeff, and the worry of Jake's safety begins to slowly exit.

Jeff Starr: ... I can't believe you actually listened...

Jake Starr: Dad, I didn't want to just be "your son." I didn't NOT want to take in whatever tutelage you had to offer.

Jeff smiles.

Jeff Starr: ... Well then off that subject, can I ask another "fatherly" question?

Jake Starr: We have several hours together on the way home, so I figure if I said no, ultimately it would be pointless.

Jeff Starr: Well ok then...

Jake looks his eyes his dad's way, and lets out a slight smirk, and an audible chuckle. Hearing that, again, makes Jeff feel a little more at ease.

Jeff Starr: I'm just curious, are you ready?

Jake cocks an eyebrow, wondering if his dad is about to go completely cliche with wrestling references.

Jake Starr: Umm... For?

Jeff Starr: Now... If this is none of my business, feel free to tell me. But your mother and I were kind of curious, and I figured I could ask... Are you ready for parenthood? Honestly?

Jake mentally feels relief, glad his father didn't have flashbacks to thinking making random wrestling references and throwing out catchphrases was the "cool" thing to do.

Jake Starr: I think... I got some good training from you and Mom, so I figure I'm as ready as I'm going to be.

Another sense of pride comes over Jake's father. He actually begins to smile, realizing his son is praising him and his mother's parental ways.

Jeff Starr: ... Well... I appreciate that son, but do you think, with everything that's gone on with the counselor, these attacks, the dreams, everything, you are ready to take a child on on top of it all?

Jake Starr: Truthfully, yeah. Everything has begun to smooth out around me. I'm getting sleep, I'm enjoying my career... Well check that... For the most part I'm enjoying my career. This whole chicken-sh!t attack thing isn't real enjoyable. But overall, I feel like I'm finally stabilizing.

Jeff Starr: Good... I know your mom will really like hearing that.

Jake Starr: Oh I know she will...

As Jeff begins to pull into the airport, where they're to fly out, he makes his way to the rental car facility to return the car. As they finish all of their pre-flight "duties" prior to departing, they make their way toward their aircraft. The lower ceiling in the aircraft forces Jake to duck, and wince in pain due to the strain on his neck and back. They board with Jake's few belongings, and take their seats, to make their way back home to Des Moines.

As they take off, the resiliency of Jake Starr will be tested at Ammo as he faces SCW rising star, Gable Winchester. It's a matchup that guarantees that Jake will be in for a rough ride, and a challenge that pushes him to his limits. If he plans on surviving a battle with Winchester, he'll need to ensure he's as close to 100% as possible, and hope he can use his veteran expertise to find the opening necessary to snatch a win away from the man looking to break out within the rankings of Supreme Championship Wrestling.

Jake Starr: The sands of time are shifting... The era of the "expected" is beginning to change to a significant era of the "unexpected." The roles in life are reversing, yet those adapting the alternate personas seemingly live in a world of denial. They refuse to accept that they have begun to encompass the roles they are trying to displace onto others.

I speak of Christy Matthews, more so than Lucas Knight, although he does show his moments of brilliance, and fit the role as well.

But before I explain their actions, let me explain something that they have continued to push, as the "actions" of Jake Starr. For weeks now, Christy and Lucas have tried to say that I have fallen into the roles of Jason Zero, Christian Savior, and their various nomenclatures of the day, in demanding things. They have said things like, "I'm demanding," "I'm believing than I'm deserving, when I'm not," "My tweets are as long, if not longer than theirs," and you can't forget the parts about..

A black screen immediately pops up on the screen with the following message.


As the black overlay leaves the screen, Jake's face has gone to an expression of concern.

Jake Starr: Wow... That last one... Wow... Talk about brutal. I almost cried when I heard it.

Jake pretends to regroup himself, and even acts as if he's wiping tears from his eyes.

Jake Starr: Ok... I'm ok...

Jake takes a deep breath.

Jake Starr: But all of these things they've said, had merit at one point in my life. Hell, they had merit in one point in my career too. In my life, they were relevant points, outside of the Twitter one, when I was in my early to mid-teens. When I was being raised, my father was a legend in this business. I was the only one of the kids who looked to follow in the "family business," so I was spoiled a little more than my siblings. I began to think that, whenever I wanted something, I'd get it, and if I didn't, I bitched until I did. It drove my siblings mad. It drove my friends mad. They hated I got everything I wanted, and refused to try and earn anything myself.

And they had a definite right to feel that way. I was a brat. I was spoiled. I was entitled. Overall, I was like Tiger Woods with his harem of mistresses, believing I deserved everything without having to do anything to get it.

Then, I entered the professional world, and initially thought because my father was who he was, I'd get similar treatment to home. But, as time progressed, I realized I didn't want that kind of treatment. I didn't want to be my father's child. I didn't want to be a "second generation" superstar like most do. I wanted to forge my own path.

So I did...

Then, about 5 years ago, well more like 6, I began to feel that sense of entitlement again. I had dominated organization after organization. I had accomplished championship after championship. I believed I was deserving of a "top tier" shot wherever I went. When I didn't get what I wanted, I made sure the brat inside me reared its head, and made life hell for everyone.

I left the business because I didn't get my way.

So now, I'm not that brat. No matter what they think. When it came to a shot at the World Championship, I made my case, and it was viable. I never was pinned to lose it. I never got my guaranteed rematch, which I know Lucas will start clamoring to cash in when Thorn beats him at Under Attack. And on top of those two, I RETIRED the man who took the championship from me, in a match I technically WON. Then you had guys like Zero and Savior who do NOTHING but go behind the scenes, beg, plead, and have no just-cause behind their arguments.

So with that cleared up, you have Christy Matthews embodying everything she has been accusing me of. She's complaining how she wasn't given enough attention or respect when she was being "good" and "nice," so she decided to be evil to try and get the same respect. She was willing to be a phony and do whatever it took to DEMAND the respect of others that she felt she was ENTITLED, and decided to go this route. It's sad, and it's lame.

Then you have Lucas, who, after losing his Underground Championship, which he never felt he had a chance at losing to ME, immediately said he was deserving of a shot at the World Championship. Which, to me, falls into the category of "demanding" with "no just-cause." It's this Infamous group, "Infamously" doing everything they accuse others of. Hell, Lucas, on Twitter, since that's become something people love to reference in these promos, posted a tweet that bypassed the character limit set forth by Twitter, I called him on his use of blogging on Twitter, then he tried to say I did the same thing. So, I guess character counting is also in metric "across the pond," and 140 must be converted?


For Infamous, it's a case of the pot calling the kettle black. It's the psychological trend known as projection, and it's the ones in Infamous who're ultimately guilty of it. Instead of owning up to their own flaws, they just project them onto others. It's typical of people who are insecure in their own skin, and ultimately will fall hard when all the chips are on the table.

Jake rubs his neck, and shows definite signs of back pains.

Jake Starr: But one thing is for sure, with this bunch... They are scared. They're EXTREMELY scared.

How, you ask?


See, they've talked about their "Infamy" and "superiority" to everyone, but as they've shown, now three separate times, they're completely incapable of doing things like adults. They're incapable of allowing things to be equal. They attack me at Apocalypse, completely unprovoked, they CHEAT to beat Holly and I, then they attack me again, this time trying to end my f_cking career.

Yeah... Real f_cking mature... Real f_cking "big" of them...

It shows how fearful of me and my friends they are. Sure they'll just attribute it to them wanting to "prove how superior" they are, but in reality, they couldn't look me in the eye at 100%. Ask Lucas Knight what happened when you walk in against Jake Starr, when he's 100%. He knows the results, and his little f_ck buddy, and "Queen of the Strapon," thinks she'll just join in, again, hoping someone pays attention to her.

It's literally that easy...

So, what now? Well, when I recover, I know a nice group of individuals who're more than willing to help return the favor. I know a nice group of people who've been effected, and will be more than happy to show them the same hospitality. So I hope they realize that while they may have a slight numbers advantage right now... Look what I can call on at anytime...

David Helms...
Greg Cherry...
Stacy Kissinger...

Hell, I could probably coerce Rachel Foxx and dumbass Dillusion to join up for the common cause.

Yeah... They've burned plenty of bridges... They've made a bunch of enemies. In the end... They'll be the ones who get their asses handed to them!

Jake looks off to the side, finally feeling a sense of relief, having gotten all of that off of his chest.

Jake Starr: ... So now, I have an encounter I have looked forward to for some time. I have a match I have, damn, almost wished for. I face a man who's done quite a bit for himself, achieved a lot, and gone from a nobody, to a guaranteed somebody. I face Gable Winchester.

... Oh add his name to the aforementioned list of people...

Now, Winchester is a man who, like I said, has done a lot in a relatively short time. He's won the United States Championship, his debut was over in a blink of an eye, Doink the SCW Clown damn near craps his pants anytime Gable walks into the same room as him, and ultimately, he's proven he's worthy of the respect he's earned.

Recently, though, I kind of question his decision partnering up with Stacy Kissinger. I mean, she's turned the corner, and yes I defended her on Twitter, but as far as being able to trust her in the long run, I wouldn't. But that's his life... That's his choice.

At Ammo, however, it becomes my choice. It becomes my choice on how Ammo turns out. In my last match, I was forced to rely on someone else in order to achieve success, and we all know how that turned out. It wasn't pretty. I've taken time to fully accept what happened, and I've moved on from it. I have a future I'm happy with. But one thing I feel I need to prove is that it was Holly Adams who forced the loss on my record. It was the fact I had to fully rely on someone I had never really interacted with in a personal level until that day.

I feel Gable is my chance to reinforce the fact I am still as dominant as I've ever been.

Walking into Ammo, I know Gable will walk in prepared. I know he'll be ready for anything and everything I can bring. But I also know I can bring more than he can handle. I know I can bring enough to simply swamp him.

And I plan on doing just that!

With everything ahead of me, Gable marks something meaningful to me. With a chance to capture the SCW Tag Team Championships at Under Attack, and the next chance to face the SCW World Champion AFTER Under Attack, I can't slack off on anyone. With the chances guaranteed to me, I can't just sit back and half-ass anything. I can't just ho-hum Gable Winchester, and not care whether I win or lose. Now is the time to take everything seriously. Now is my chance to truly go on a streak that makes the world recognize why I am who I am, and why I am the best on SCWs roster.

Jake tilts his head back, and looks up toward the ceiling. He takes a deep breath, and then returns his gaze toward the camera lens.

Jake Starr: I've been through a lot lately. I've battled ups, downs, side to sides, everything. It's effected me personally, and professionally. It lead me to not giving the focus I needed to all aspects of my life. But... That's in the past. People can question whether or not "I'm back" all they want. People can question whether I can handle the pressures of this business, and truly reclaim the ora I had surrounding myself.

I say bring the doubt... Bring the disbelief... Bring the questions...


At Ammo, I begin proving my points. At Ammo, I show Gable Winchester that, while he's done a lot in SCW, my caliber is something he's never experienced, nor will want to experience again. At Ammo, people will begin to see Jake Starr isn't a shell of his former self. Those who have thought that my personal life, even though unlike some I'm open and honest about it, and don't hide it from the world, has effected me long-term, will begin to realize that it may have for a point, but that point is over. At Ammo, I show nothing is going to be seen as "insignificant" in my life and everything will hold merit. Everything will be worth something. Everything will prove a point.

At the end of this battle, and the end of this quest, I will be rewarded. I'll hold a TRIO of Championships. I'll have done something nobody thought possible. I'll run the gamut of SCW. I'll master the "Underground," I'll master the world of the tag team with someone I have a better sense of what to expect, and I'll ultimately reclaim my mastery of SCW as a whole.

Jake winces again, still suffering the effects of Infamous's attack at Breakdown.

Jake Starr: I may walk into this war battered, bruised, and damn near paralyzed. I may walk into this knowing my life is in jeopardy with one wrong move. But I will still walk into Ammo, and accomplish my goal. I'm not going to let the threat of two CHILDREN who FEAR me, threaten to attack me, and have it scare me. I'm going to simply do my job. I'm simply going to overlook them as the attention-hungry, and wastes of space that they are, and focus only on Gable. He'd give me that same respect, and I'm going to give it to him. I'm going to battle to achieve total victory, and achieve my long-term goal...

... But it all begins at point A... It all begins at Ammo. It begins with Gable Winchester. It begins again. The end will result the same way my first rise to superiority ended. Jake Starr... World Heavyweight Champion...


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