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It was almost five months ago that Jake Starr last walked out of an SCW arena carrying championship gold. It was a drought he desperately wanted to end, just as soon as it began. After a failed attempt at recapturing his SCW World Championship at the fatal four way at Taking Hold of the Flame, Jake's mental state began a downward spiral that put him near his absolute "bottom." It was a 142 day stint that seemed, to Jake at least, like an eternity.

But... It's come to an end...

142 days after he last exited an SCW arena as a "champion," Jake Starr has that title bestowed upon him once again. This time it isn't World Champion, nor is it Adrenaline Champion. It's a title that, even he would admit, wasn't one he thought he'd ever be. Jake Starr IS the Supreme Championship Wrestling Underground Champion.

Two men entered Apocalypse with the desire to risk everything, knowing the high-risk could warrant them high-reward. These two men, namely Starr and, now former Underground Champion, Lucas Knight, put their bodies on the line, pulled out all the stops, endured interference from Rachel Foxx and Dillusion, and sacrificed their lives, all for the right to emerge with the championship around their waist. It was a match that put Jake out of his element. It was a match where many believed he was, indeed, the underdog.

The situation mirrored that from his third match in Supreme Championship Wrestling. After defeating Eric Anderson in his debut on Breakdown, and subsequently winning, what was dubbed an "Opportunity Furious Five-Way," the world watched as Mr. Drachewych rewarded Jake with a chance at the Adrenaline Championship. Nobody, including his own fans, believed he'd walk in, having battled four other men earlier in the night, that and win. He was the clear-cut underdog for a championship in a division he was unfamiliar.

The parallel is undeniable.

In both matches, Jake fought a bitter battle against a champion who desired nothing more than to derail him. But, in both matches, when the dust settled, when the smoke cleared, when the lights broke through the carnage, he stood tall and victorious.

Now, as then, he commands a division for which is he unfamiliar. He commands a division that wants nothing more than to rid him of his throne, and show he was lucky for his success, while he plans to show the world he's not someone who can be pigeon-holed into one type of match, and is capable of running in any circle, on any day.

After he emerged victorious, however, the celebration was short-lived, as the group known as Infamous made their presence felt, and Jake's expense. With their attack, the battle lines were clearly drawn, and an imminent war in the horizon...

... And it'll begin at Breakdown!

Jake is being paired with another victim of an Infamous attack in Holly Adams to square off against Lucas Knight and Christy Matthews. Both Jake and Holly know that their opponents are more than willing to cut any and all corners to win, and are expecting that. They also know that if they're going to stand a true chance against them, they can't go in as battered and bruised as they are right now.

Jake especially...

As the scene fades in, Jake sits behind his desk, obviously uncomfortable, and in pain. The battle he faced against Lucas, and the extreme nature of it, definitely took its toll on the new Underground Champion. It's a pain he knows he must learn to endure time after time. As the camera looks on, Jake keeps fidgeting in his chair, trying to find a position that is somewhat comfortable to him. As he finally achieves a level of pseudo-comfort, he looks up into the camera lens.

Jake Starr: The Apocalypse... It's a day in ones life that leads to some kind of "resolution." It's a term used to describe many things. It's a word that, as it stands in today's society, strikes fear and horror into the hearts and minds of some who hear it, when others embrace it. It has great symbolism with it, and with that symbolism has made it grow into a buzzword used by many, for many reasons.

To begin with, the Apocalypse often refers to Armageddon, the ultimate end-game for the Abrahamic religions of the world. Regardless of the religion nomenclature, all have a similar story, the good versus the evil, culminating in the true triumph of light over darkness.

You look at Christianity and Judaism, arguably those who utilize it more so than others, and realize it truly is something to fear and revere at the same time. It will begin with the rise of the Antichrist to try and convince the followers of his divinity. He'd claim he was out carrying out the word of the Lord, when in fact, merely seeking notoriety himself. Jesus would be sent down from Heaven to battle Satan, and ultimately cast him into an abyss for 1000 years. Once released from his 1000 year sentence, Satan would rally the Gog and Magog to surround the Holy Land, and do their best to destroy it. As they battled the followers of the faith, God would strike down Satan and his followers with fire from the heavens. Satan, and those not found in the Book of Life, would then be cast into Hell for eternity, forced to suffer in the lake of fire and brimstone.

In the Islamic faith, the Apocalypse follows a similar path to that of Christianity, yet has some striking characteristics of its own. It would begin with the Antichrist coming to Earth, just like Christianity. The true believers in Islam would reject his notion of being the holiest of the holy, and ultimately rise up to do battle with the false prophet. Their attempts to defeat this pushback against their faith would ultimately fail without Divine Intervention. Again, as in Christianity, Jesus would be sent down by the Lord to battle the Antichrist. Soon after this battle of good and evil, three earthquakes would follow, ultimately leading to the rise of the Gog and Magog, to kill the crops, animals, water, and anything else that stands in its path. The believers of the faith would flee to the mountains where Allah will smite the two groups. Finally, leading toward the Day of Judgment, smoke will spread across the land, forcing non-believers of Islam into a painful illness, and upon their death, they would cast into Jahanam. The believers would merely catch a cold and be rewarded for their honor to the faith.

But, an Apocalypse doesn't have to be the End of Days. It doesn't have to be fire and brimstone, the dead rising, or the Second Coming of Christ. An Apocalypse can be someone disclosing some information, or someone having a revelation. It could be someone having this mind-blowing epiphany, and seeing things in a new light for the first time.

... And this past Sunday, it truly fell into the definitions of both. It is one of those rare instances where the word "Apocalypse" shows its dynamic ability to have variable meaning.

From the perspective of Lucas Knight, this past Sunday was an Apocalypse, in the sense, he was awakened from a dream that had him believing he was unstoppable. He was in a fog that forced him to believe he was the King of the World. He had aspirations of grandeur, already defining himself as the top contender for the World Championship. He walked into the arena guaranteeing he'd leave just as he came. Then, his awakening, his revelation, his Apocalypse, happened. He opened his eyes and saw reality for what it was. He had the mental awakening to the fact that, while he may have been one of the hottest rising stars in SCW, he still hasn't eclipsed those of us at the top quite yet.

From the perspective of battle, Lucas knows he went in with the goal of destroying my hopes, dreams, aspirations, and beliefs, that I could still be one of the "major players" in the world of Supreme Championship Wrestling. He had risen up from the depths, convinced many of his abilities, and walked toward the battle with, arguably, momentum and odds on his side. And yet, when he engaged in battle, he was ultimately triumphed over. He had many believing he'd win, and yet, when the dust settled, he didn't.

From my perspective, Apocalypse also mirrored both sides of the definition...

As I walked into the arena, I had doubts in my head. I'll admit it. I had doubts if I could hang with someone who was on such a roll. I had my doubts if maybe, just maybe, I had run my course, and I may need to reconsider professions once and for all. I had doubts if I could truly hang with the "wild children" of the Underground, but once the bell rung, I knew I had to give it my all, and see what happened. I had go with whatever felt like the thing to do. And after the match was over, and I was handed the Underground Championship, I realized something. I realized I was far from "done" in this industry. I had a revelation that told me, and showed me, I wasn't finished, nor was I incapable of hanging with the others. I realized I could hang with ANYONE, at ANY TIME, under ANY CONDITION!

But when I look at it from the theological side, I see parallels, and correlations, but not an exact match to the typical story. Yes, good and evil did battle. Lucas brought with him evil, hatred, and darkness. He brought his group of villainy with the hopes of defeating me, and most importantly, the hopes of the fans. We both put our bodies through grueling and unmatched hell with the hopes of proving who truly was superior...

... And as I said... Just like the views of Abrahamic religions, good triumphed.

Now, I'll admit, this is kind of where theologians and myself would part ways in the commonalities of the stories, because this past Sunday marked a "Second Coming," but of the deity variety. It marked a "Second Coming" that many within the hallowed halls of Supreme Championship Wrestling feared, simply because of the track record the "First Coming" had on SCW. This was the "Second Coming" of Jake Starr!

Since Tactical Warfare concluded, I have been without accolade. Sure, I have beaten opponents who were of the "upper echelon" of SCW, but wins are relatively meaningless when they're not followed by reception of accolade. People will smile and congratulate you, but it won't be something they remember. It won't stand out. Not even the retiring of Josh Hudson will be remembered as an "accolade." So, those seeds of doubt began to creep into my head, and push the "first coming" of Jake Starr to end. I was forced to rise up from my own ashes, and bring forth the next "coming" of myself. I had to emerge victorious and usher in the dawning of a new day. And unlike in the Canons mentioned earlier, this doesn't represent the beginning of Armageddon, or the End of Days, it represents the end of that battle, and the beginning of a new day...

Jake stands up and gingerly begins to pace around the room. His body obviously is still reeling from his epic battle with Lucas Knight.

Jake Starr: ... And that new day is today!

Jake winces as he apparently takes a step, tweaking a muscle wrong.

Jake Starr: Ow! Yeah... That still hurts...

Jake eases himself down onto the edge of his desk, hoping it'll give him a more comfortable feel than walking around did. As he finally gets himself comfortable, he looks back up to the camera.

Jake Starr: ... Now where was I... Oh yeah...

While this does mark the dawning of a new day, I didn't get to start it as I would have liked. I didn't get to savor the moment I was crowned champion, and now, LORD OF THE UNDERGROUND. Instead, I was forced to endure a beating at the hands of a group of "Infamous" cowards. After I ended the reign of their English poster-child, they felt necessary to try and use me for their own personal agenda. It's something that is not highly recommended when it comes to me.

See a lot of people have forgotten, oh, about a year ago, what was happening in Supreme Championship Wrestling. Mr. Drachewych and his band of boobs, the Infection, were trying their hand at using me to make an example of what happens to those who cross them. What happened then? One by one they fell. First the "Golden Princess," then the "Savior" of the Infection, and finally, whatever that last guy's name was. They all tried. They all fell. Greg Cherry tried getting involved, he fell too. Every last one of them thought they could bring me down, and end the streaking sensation, that is ME!

They failed.

Comprehend that?

They F-A-I-L-E-D, failed!

So now it's this group calling themselves Infamous. A group who, by definition, is simply out to have a reputation of the worst kind, or being disgraceful. Well, I think they have achieved those standards. You have two of these moronic fools who call themselves "champions," and proceed to act in such a manner that likens them to, well, the likes of Jason Zero and Christian Savior, complete disgraces to the championships they hold. They feel the need to try and make a bigger name for themselves by attacking me, Thorn, Helms, CHBK, and Cherry? I guarantee, down the road, they'll each receive their just desserts. Every... Single... One! Trust me... I've never allowed anyone to USE me like that, and I'm not starting with the likes of them.

Jake rubs on the back of his head, feeling the, still sore wound, left in his skull by Dillusion. He cringes in pain, and lets out a deep breath.

Jake Starr: ... Trust those words. I own up to each and every one of them. Whether it's by my hand, or one of the others they decided to attack, they'll each pay their penance for doing what they did.

For me personally, it begins with two of them at Breakdown.

How fitting that, just a week and some change after I ended his reign atop the Underground Division, Lucas Knight enters that same squared-circle on the opposing side once again. This time, he won't be bringing his friends without me knowing.

See, at Apocalypse, I gave him the credit to think he would be a gracious champion in victory or defeat. I anticipated a man who was hell bent on being recognized as a true contender for the World Championship, to show he was worthy of that accolade. Instead, he showed his cowardice. He showed how he's willing to abandon the principles of what makes a champion, and simply become a coward.

It's fine...

Honestly, it is...

It's good that he allowed the world to see his principles now, long before he ever received a chance at Thorn's championship. It's good that now management sees how big of a baby he truly is, and how low he's willing to sink in order to try and eliminate the challenges that stand in his way. He's willing to enlist the help of his little crew of cowards, with the hopes they'll beat whoever obstructed them into submission...


I don't succumb to people like Lucas, or any of his cronies for that matter. I don't give in to the pressure they try and put on people. Instead, I fight back, which at Breakdown, is what will happen.

But as I said, he wasn't going to surprise me with his shameful excess weights of humanity. Instead, one is coming very openly and proudly. Not because Lucas can't handle his own business, although now I'm beginning to believe he can't, but because she's involved in the match too!

Is it... Ravyn Taylor? Nope!

Oh oh... Syren, right? Think again!

Well, who else is there that, in any way, shape, or form, models that of someone worth giving a damn about?

Christy Matthews! Yes, the woman who I've dubbed the "Twitter Bitch to the Masses." Why? Oh Christ, you mean you haven't gotten the luxury of reading these gems she can tweet for days, but can't back up at night? Yes Christy is a proverbial "Twitter Whore." She spends all day meticulously scripting out her tweets and replies, so as to sound as if she's relevant, when in fact, as the world knows, she isn't. She's merely a coattail-riding groupie, who has delusions of grandeur that she is actually something worthy of criticizing me.

Jake shakes his head, realizing not everyone knows the story.

Jake Starr: ... Ok, here's the deal... When the whole clusterf_ck was going down about Christian Savior and Jason Zero getting World Title shots NOBODY believed they earned, I was pissed, and rightfully so. I judge my "rightfully so" part by the opinions of the masses, and the poll is definitely lop sided. Nevertheless, in shear mockery of their antics, I decided to start acting like them, demanding everything, blah blah blah, you all know how they are. Well apparently Ms. Matthews didn't learn about sarcasm when she was supposed to be attending school. She must have skipped that day to blow the gym teacher. Anyway... She starts calling me a hypocrite for doing exactly what I said I hated...

... And this was when I realized reasoning with her wasn't going to be anything I would be capable of doing. So she continued to tweet at me, try and get my attention, and talk her vomit-like excrement of the mouth, with, and I know this was the plan, the ultimate goal of getting me to acknowledge her, so maybe others would think she's actually someone important, and they should give her some attention. That's right! Christy Matthews merely ran her mouth at me, to hopefully get attention for herself.

And I took the bait... I'll admit it! I'll admit that I bought her scheme hook-line and sinker. But having said that, my retorts to her "Look at me!" tweets were ones she tried to dismiss. She played it off like she was "too cool" for those tweets. Unfortunately for her, her attempts fell on deaf ears!

See, regardless of the fact that I did reply to her via Twitter, she still has yet to prove anything worthy of calling me, a former World Champion, out. She needs to have some credibility built up. She's got none yet. I'm not saying down the road she might not earn her fair share, but right now, she hasn't earned SH!T! She hasn't earned the rights to just gallivant around calling people out.

But in her mind, that's a lie... What I just said then, was a farce. It was a blatant lie. See in her eyes she's earned the credibility. Hell, she tried to justify her "superiority" to me by saying she was standing over my body as Apocalypse went off of the air. Well, if she uses that as her credibility, then let me say I far outweigh that, and I've done it without having to blindside someone. I beat Greg Cherry, Christian Savior, and Jason Zero IN ONE MATCH! Not just in the same night, AT THE SAME TIME! I've beaten Josh Hudson, and single-handedly ended his career. I've beaten Christy's beloved English nerfherder, Lucas Knight. I took Lucas's championship, and made it my own.

I've made my credibility STICK...

I've made these fans have an enjoyable time, by beating those who mock them down, and mercilessly pointing and laughing as they run away with their tails tucked in embarrassment...

I've made my legacy a PROVEN one...

I've made myself a name synonymous with victory...

... And she's simply stood over me after I was attacked by a gang of cowards and frightened children? That's her credibility? I think not...

See, at Breakdown, it's not me versus this entire stable of swine. It's not just me battling with the hopes my teeth don't resemble that of someone who hear the word dentist, and are boggled at its meaning. No, I come with backup. I come with a woman with a score to settle with Christy. I have Holly Adams watching my back, and the GLORIOUS job of doing the same for her. She's not happy. She's not happy Christy tried to steal a victory from her by, how else, cowardice means. She's not happy at all.

But I want Lucas, Christy, Pete, Syren, Ravyn, their pet Fluffy, their imaginary friend Matilda, and their grandma's best friend Gertrude to listen closely to what I have to say. If they want gang warfare, then bring it on. I've engaged in battles like this before, and I'm not afraid to do it again. Not with Infamous, or anyone for that matter. They've made enough enemies, the sides are more than evened up. Hell, even Buster Hymen is ready to come join me against them. Trust me... The numbers are evening up, and if I have to rally the troops, and play General for one night only, I will. It's not something I fear, I embrace it.

Nevertheless I can't help but wonder what is going through the minds of Lucas and Christy right now. As they sit there, contemplating how they'll try and gain an edge, I know they have to wonder what I may have up my sleeve as well. Because I'll admit this... Infamous fooled me once. But as the saying goes, "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." I proved at Apocalypse, I'm not about to shame myself. So I suggest they worry. I suggest they worry a lot. I endured hell-incarnate at Apocalypse, and I'm ready to do it all over again...

... Pain isn't my weakness... It is my Apocalypse, and soon, it will be yours...

With those final words, Jake slowly makes his way out of the view of the camera, still showing obvious signs of pain from the battle he endured this past Sunday. With his ginger nature, how well will he hold up stepping back into the ring with two of the very people who put him mere moments from losing all ability to move under his own accord? How will his body recover from the beating he took, and be ready to fight yet another battle? Jake hopes his years of experience in this business will aide him in those issues, and ultimately lead him to being 100% prepared to fight Lucas and Christy come Breakdown.

Regardless, Jake knows he'll have to learn to endure the beatings if he wants to remain atop the Underground Division, and raise its level of prominence to the level he did the Adrenaline Division, when he was the king of that realm. He also knows that within the walls of the Underground Division lie many opponents ready, willing, and able to put him through a complete beat down, much like the one he went through with Knight. He knows the competition ranges from the demonic Dillusion, and his uncontrolled mental state, to the cunning, sly, and almost always vindictive Rachel Foxx, who's willing to take any measures necessary to get where she wants.

All of these factors lead to the world wondering how long Jake will want to stay in his current "Lord" position, or if he'd much rather move away from the extreme, and back to where he's comfortable. I think it's safe to say, regardless of how long he may WANT to stay within the radical confines of the Underground Division, he won't let anyone take his throne without earning it first.


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