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Fresh off, what he hopes, will result in his most productive visit with Dr. Collier, Jake has been given tasks to achieve, with the hopes of correcting and mending his mental wounds.

Jake has taken these tasks seriously. He's devoted time to journaling his emotional state, his feelings, and his brushes with anger in a notebook. Anytime he's encountered a negative feeling, he's taken the time to write it down, write what he was thinking, what time it was, and what he was doing. Even with all of that, in his eyes, he hasn't seen a pattern emerge yet. He does feel it has helped him to understand things about himself he may have not yet understood, and feels maybe that was the true intention of the exercise. Regardless of the results, Jake feels that this has been a productive challenge, thus far.

On the other side, as the world last saw Jake, he had taken the time to contact someone about traveling to a locale he was unfamiliar with, with the hopes it'd help open his mind, and open his emotions up to things other than wrestling.

It's a vacation Jake has been looking forward to tremendously. He honestly thinks getting away from his "normal routine," and his "normal locales," will give him a mental break that he truly needs. He agreed with the doctor when he said it would help him overall.

When he informed Roeper of this getaway he was planning, she wasn't too thrilled. She felt Jake was trying to have whatever fun he could, while he could, before he became a father and was forced to be responsible for his share of the parenting duties. It was when she was informed that this was a recommendation from the doctor that she became OK with it, and decided not to continue to be cranky with her husband. She also openly told him that she hopes this succeeds in giving him a nice "breath of fresh air."

... And Jake has a gut feeling it'll do just that!

As the scene begins to fade in, a parking garage is seen...

Two cars, in succession, enter the garage, and begin making their way up the various floors, looking for two relatively close-together spaces. As the two vehicles come to a fairly empty level of the garage, they pull in to two spaces, park their cars, and turn off the ignition. As the door to each car swings open, Thorn and David Helms emerge, and grab suitcases from the trunks of their respective vehicles. As each closes the trunk of their car, they begin walking a path slowly closing the gap between the two of them.

They meet up near the stairwell down to the exit of the garage. Thorn begins walking down the stairs first, followed closely by David. As they make it down the stairwell, floor by floor, they both look as if they're unsure as to what is going on, or why they've been summoned to this place.

As they reach the ground floor, they emerge from the parking garage standing in front of a smaller, municipal-like airport terminal. Both men look the building up and down, obviously confused. Thorn looks over at Helms, hoping for answers...

Thorn: ... And you don't have any clue as to why we're here?

David Helms: Nope... I thought you did! Hell, I just got this ticket in the mail, told me to be here...

Helms looks down as his watch.

David Helms: ... Oh, right about now, and then right after I read it, you called me to see if I got one, and if I wanted to follow you here. So I kind of figured you had a clue...

Thorn: No... No clue here... Mine said the same thing!

Helms looks at Thorn confused, and slightly worried about the whole scenario.

David Helms: So... Should we go through with this?

Thorn: Hell, we might as well, we've come this far...

David shows definite signs of uneasiness regarding this mysteriously arriving ticket. As they approach the entrance, Helms stops, and looks at his ticket again, checking to see if he missed something. The camera catches a glimpse of the ticket, which in Helms's case, simply says his name, the date, and the airport location. No identifying destinations are on the ticket.

They both brave the confusion and uncertainty, and enter the airport. After taking several steps in, a man can be seen over Thorn's left shoulder, sitting on a bench. The man looks up, and is easily identified as Jake Starr. Jake stares at the pair, grinning from ear to ear.

Now having noticed the pair, Jake motions to someone in the distance, behind the camera.

Out of nowhere, the public address system has an announcement to make.

If I may have your attention please... Would passengers Valentine and Helms please proceed to the white courtesy phones for a message? I repeat, would passengers Thomas Valentine and David Helms please proceed to a white courtesy phone for a message? Thank you.

Both Helms and Thorn look at one another in shock.

Having nothing to lose, both men proceed over to the bank of white courtesy phones near the ticketing counter. Thorn lifts the handset, and actually takes a deep breath showing signs of concern as to what the message might be. He slowly brings the handset to his ear, and listens...

Turn around slowly!

Obviously stunned by the message, a shocked look comes over Thorn's face.

David Helms: What'd it say?

Thorn: It... It told us to turn around slowly...

David Helms: Uh oh...

The two wince, and slowly turn, thinking they could be in bad trouble. As they complete their 180 degree turn, all they're shocked to see is Jake Starr standing there grinning at both of them.

Jake Starr: Hey boys! Glad you could make it!

Jake sees the ticket in both of their hands.

Jake Starr: Oh good, you got the tickets!

The signs of concern leave the faces of Helms and Thorn, and immediately turn to curiosity.

David Helms: Why are we here? And why the cryptic ticket and message?

Jake Starr: Well, we're here because I was told by Dr. Collier that I needed to get away. He said I should take a short vacation somewhere where I could be a tourist, and I found the perfect spot for all of us to go!

Helms's eyes open wide immediately.

David Helms: Oh no I'm not!

Jake is stunned.

Jake Starr: How come?

Helms immediately gets a really annoyed look on his face.

David Helms: Remember the damn clown and circus incident? Remember the Avatar look-a-like contest you made me a contestant in?

Jake Starr: Well I don't remember that part but I...

David Helms: You know what I mean! I'm STILL finding blue paint in places God NEVER intended people to have blue body paint!

Jake shoots a glance at Helms, and begins causally looking for places that Helms could still have body paint.

Thorn: You know... I'm not even going to ask...

David Helms: Trust me... Don't! But nevertheless, after that incident, I'm not taking any "special vacations" for a while.

Jake looks frustrated and annoyed.

Jake Starr: C'mon man! We have to do this as a team! We have to show the world that we're a united front on things. Besides, it'll be fun! We'll get to learn about another culture, and we'll get to do some sightseeing as well. It'll be worth it, I promise!

David Helms: NO! I know someone is going to try and force me into some stupid situation again. I had nightmares because of that damn stunt...

Jake Starr: Hey! It was funny and you know it! But that's beside the point... I promise, on this trip there won't be any silly costumes, get-ups, or antics like that time, ok?

David Helms: Like I believe that... I know Jake Starr...

Thorn: Well, maybe we should believe him. I mean, the doc prescribed this to him, and he trusts us to kind of "oversee" that he's doing it right, and trying to follow that directive. Besides, it'll probably be a nice, quick, fun, getaway that'll help us each clear our minds and go into Apocalypse fresh...

David Helms: Do you know how homoerotic that sounds?

Jake Starr: I promise strippers! Lots of strippers!

Both Helms and Thorn chuckle at Jake's retort, but Helms still isn't swayed.

David Helms: I... I still can't man!

Jake Starr: But you see, Tommy gets it!

David Helms: Uggggh!

Jake Starr: Listen, try this time, and if it goes to hell, then I'll never try and bring you along again! Deal?

Realizing Jake is going to relentlessly plead with him until he agrees, the pressure finally gets to David.

David Helms: Fine... But listen, if at ANY TIME I am asked or forced into some ridiculous costume, I'm hopping a plane and flying my ass home!

Jake Starr: That's fine with me!

Jake begins to get excited, realizing Helms will join the fun on the trip.

Thorn: ... And I promise I'll make sure everything goes smooth too!

David Helms: You damn well better!

Thorn chuckles, and Helms rolls his eyes. Out of frustration Helms darts off toward the security checkpoint leading to the gates. Jake notices his friend gaining distance from them, and Jake quickly calls out to him.

Jake Starr: Dave! This way!

Jake points in the opposite direction. Helms freezes in his tracks, looks back at Thorn and Jake standing there, and looks bewildered.

David Helms: But I thought we had to go through security?

Jake Starr: We do! Just through a different checkpoint!

Now Thorn begins to look a bit confused. Jake notices the confusion, as Helms begins to make his way back to the group.

Jake Starr: I called in a favor. Agent oo6, the guy I told you about who owns the Nugget in Vegas, yeah he always said if I needed to fly anywhere, and wanted a little extra luxury to give him a call. So, I figured we could ride in style there and back in the Nugget's private jet.

Thorn: Wow!

Thorn shows a sign of shock, but ultimately is pleased with the revelation.

Jake Starr: Yeah... He said he didn't have any "whales" coming in for a few days and said we could use it.

Thorn: I like this guy!

Jake Starr: C'mon, this way!

Jake leads the trio down a side corridor to a door with a sign saying "NOT AN EXIT." Jake knocks on it, and it's immediately answered by an armed security guard. The man asks why they're there, and Jake hands him a slip of paper, and his ID. The guard asks for the IDs of the other two men, who promptly present it to the man. After verifying their IDs, they are let into the room, which is seen to be a small security checkpoint. The guard shuts the door behind them, and the trio all run their bags through the scanner, and are wand down for NTSB and TSA liability purposes.

After the three men have completed their security screening, the armed guard escorts them out a side door, and onto a small secluded piece of tarmac, away from the main terminal. They are lead to the aircraft they'll be departing on, where the pilot is still outside the craft, performing his preflight checks. He notices his approaching passengers, and immediately extends his hand to greet them.

Pilot: Gentlemen! I welcome you to the Golden Nugget's jet numbered oo6. We've codenamed it, "License to Thrill!"

Helms and Thorn chuckle, and proceed to climb aboard the aircraft. Jake looks at the pilot, also chuckling from the codename.

Jake Starr: Only Eric would name it that!

Pilot: Sir, if I might ask you a question?

Jake Starr: Sure go ahead!

Pilot: Why take such a brief excursion to England?

Hearing the question, the corner of Jake's mouth lifts with a sly, and very calculated grin.

Jake Starr: Let's just call it, "cultural enlightenment."

The pilot nods, and Jake quickly climbs aboard with his colleagues. The scene fades out as their luggage is loaded in the cargo hold of the plane, and the pilot resuming his final checks before entering the cockpit with his copilot. The three make themselves at home, and relax knowing they have a lengthy flight ahead, not much time to enjoy the sights of England, and a lot of stuff on Jake's "agenda" to cover.

The question is, why did Jake choose England as his spot of choice to "relax?" He's been there with various wrestling organizations, and is widely popular amongst the wrestling fans of the United Kingdom, so it begs to truly ask, why? It's inevitable that very question will be answered soon, along with the question of, "will this truly help Jake relax, and begin to clear his mind?" The answers should come quickly, and could give everyone a strong sense of how Jake will be, mentally, going into Apocalypse.

Jake Starr: In life, you have wants, and you have needs...

A need is something you must have to survive. It's something that you, literally cannot live without. Food, air, water, shelter, and things of that nature are true needs.

A want is, simply, something that is desired. It's something you don't have to have in order to survive, but it is something that, you feel would make your life more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, there are people who can't cipher their wants from their needs. They believe something is a "need," when in reality, it's just a want. It's a common issue humanity suffers from. I am as guilty as anyone in that respect, and I admit it. I admit there was a time in my life that I believe I needed things to be happy. I believed that there was truly no way I could live without things, that now looking back, in hindsight, was just a strong desire, and nothing that truly would have changed whether I lived or not...

... And sadly I found myself slumping into that same cycle again.

Looking back, I begin to realize that, without consciously doing so, I allowed myself to begin to feel the continual need for something that I should have simply viewed as a desire. I allowed myself to believe that I couldn't survive without possessions, and not necessities. The lines blurred, and I began to see things in the wrong light.

It really began around the time James Exeter and I were battling for supremacy of SCW. He was the World Champion, and I was the one trying to dethrone him. Our first battle lead to me feeling as if I was screwed, and needed a second chance to prove I was superior. I was granted my wish, only to have it end in a no-contest. I then felt I needed a third and final chance to prove myself.

I didn't want it, I needed it, or so I thought.

After winning, I felt complete. I felt whole. I felt like life was perfect because I won. It wasn't because I was going to become a father. It wasn't because I was in a job I loved, that allowed me to feed my family, and allowed me to entertain others. I was simply happy because I won a championship, a possession, a status symbol, ultimately, just a symbol. I allowed a symbol to give me a sense of completion that a family, friends, and happiness alone couldn't. I allowed something that, outside of the wrestling industry, means nothing, to mean everything to me. And in doing so, I allowed myself to sink deeper and deeper into that chasm that blurs the lines of want and need.

By no means have I fully emerged. By no means is this a revelation due to an epiphany I have had. It's merely fact. It's a statement to what I allowed myself to become lately, and the inner downfall I feel I have suffered because of it. It's me opening up about the truths I have begun to see, and the disheartening feeling it has evoked within me. It's a testament to the fact I've begun to accept some ugly truths about me, but I'm not willing to surrender to the fact I've allowed myself to sink to such a point. It's me simply going along with the old adage that, "the first step in correcting a problem, is admitting you have one."

But as I said, I haven't "risen" from the depths yet. That line is still blurred for me, although I do see the difference. I still feel the NEED to win, followed by the sadness of knowing I shouldn't feel that way. It's gone from black and white, to a defined grey area to which I currently reside. It's with that area of grayness that I walk into Apocalypse, knowing my match severely resides within its spectrum.

In taking Lucas Knight up on his challenge, I did something bold. I stepped out of my comfort zone to reclaim my place atop the world. Lucas had been begging for a true challenge to walk onto his doorstep, and the truth is, there were only a handful of people who could have successfully given him that chance, but one he ultimately had his sights set on, and that was Thorn...

... And as that realization began to set in, my "need" began to rear its ugly head...

As I sat in the locker room listening, I knew what I had to do. I knew I needed to accept his challenge, stand in his path, and protect my opportunity for a shot at Thorn down the road. My "need" to make sure I was next in line, after he EASILY dispatches of Savior began to dictate my actions. And when I went out there, and dubiously shoved Dillusion, the "I'm going to act crazy one minute, funny the next, then actually make sense on Twitter" guy, out of the way, my "want" decided to kick in as well. I openly called him out for his championship, and unlike another champion, who I'll be nice and not name, but I will say he's notorious for "deserving" things, and was also a chicken sh!t to defend against me in my last match, Lucas opened his mouth and accepted.

From there, as I had assumed he would, he tried to backpedal. He tried to say that he was merely agreeing to a match, and not the title defense. And I'll be honest, I can't say as I blame him. Hell, most don't WANT to get into the ring with me, especially if they've amassed quite a quite a roll for themselves. I seemingly have a reputation of ending streaks like that. Ask Hurse, The Unbeatable! Ask Zero, The Zero! Ask Savior, The Long-Winded Boob! They all fought me at their "prime." They walked in at the pinnacle of their existences, and each fell in their quest to derail Jake Starr. Lucas realized he had put his precious possession on the line, and knew the odds weren't in his favor to emerge still holding it.

Thankfully, Sasha decided to step in, and make things official. Granted, I'm not quite sure if I would have ever coupled the phrase "walk in the park" with my name, for any reason, but that's beside the point. Sasha stepped in, and showed exactly what ramifications can come out of opening your mouth without thinking.

But now, it's set in stone. Jake Starr has a chance to take command of a division he's never competed in. The Underground Division. The division of "extreme" and "violent" tendencies. The division that ultimately produced the first singles championship for my friend and brother, David Helms. See, he is a direct key for me to understanding this match and being as prepared as possible to emerge victorious. He's been to the top of the division, he's claimed it's prize, and he's held it for a decent amount of time.

So I'll be honest, I've turned to him for advice and direction. He knows the "major players" in this division, granted I know Dillusion and Rachel quite well, but he knows how the "game" is "played." I've asked him to guide me through what I should expect, and what are keys to emerging victorious over Lucas Knight.

I've listened...

I've taken notes...

I feel I understand where this "Underground" group of people like to take things when they get into the ring...

So I feel confidence in what the end result will be. But like I said, part of me feels that there's a need to win this. Not just a desire to show who the best STILL IS, in SCW, but a need. And honestly, I don't think any amount of counseling, therapy, or practice in thinking differently could alter that belief. The reason is, I do need this win. I legitimately need it. Throughout my career in SCW, and my career in general, I've prided myself on being on top. I have dominated, and become one of the most revered competitors in Supreme Championship Wrestling's storied history. And lately, as I've talked about a lot, I feel as if I've fallen off of that point. I feel as if I have become just another person on the roster. I feel as if I have become a failure...

And I need that feeling to leave me, in order to be truly happy. Nobody is ever happy when they sit with a sense of failure in their gut. Everyone with that feeling is forced to fake happiness, and live with the sick inner feeling that you are a bust...

So... I NEED to win this... I NEED to go in there, and be brutal. I NEED to step up, once again, and show the masses why I am, arguably, the most storied superstar in the history of SCW.

... And honestly, I WANT that Underground Championship in the process. I want the likes of Rachel Foxx and Dillusion to be chasing me, only to catch up and have their hopes of achieving some form of success in SCW demolished. I want to have that reason, and that desire, to take Dillusion, and his delusions of grandeur, and prove to him once and for all that he's NOTHING here. He'll NEVER be anything.

So I hope Lucas realizes what this grey area means for him. I hope he sees he is entering into a war with a man who is willing to break his spirit, and break his desire to believe he can go forward. I want, and I need, in this match. It's a deadly combination. And if anyone thinks it's a combination I'm not willing to sacrifice my blood, sweat, and tears for in order to emerge victorious, they're simply delusional. I'm willing to do anything, and everything, to rise from the ashes that I have seemingly scattered into.

If there was ever a time when a "Phoenix" would rise from its ashes in SCW, it's now. It's not some forced persona or gimmick, it's a mentality. It's a scenario. It's an opportunity. It's my chance to take the next step in my SCW career, and continue down the path of greatness that I have continued to forge since day one...

I want it...

I need it...

It will happen...

At Apocalypse, Jake Starr rises again!


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