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Everyone suffers emotional turmoil in life. Everyone faces adversity at one time or another. Everyone is forced into battles with themselves at times they may not like. But regardless, it's something everyone faces. It's something everyone knows the feeling of. It's something everyone can sympathize with.

Unfortunately, sympathy isn't what Jake Starr has desired. He's desired results.

When these emotional battles resurfaced, he tried what he had been taught in the past to do to try and alleviate them. He then sought the help of his counseling psychologist. They have tried several remedies to remove the pain from Jake, unfortunately with little success.

It's been yet another feeling of failure on top of the former World and Adrenaline Champion.

It's another feeling Jake feels it may be time to run from.

Before he succumbs to the feelings he has been having, he's elected to seek the help of Dr. Collier one more time, with the hopes that maybe he'll have some insight into why the previous attempts have failed to remedy the overall situation.

When his anger flared up again, in talking about Dillusion, he honored his promise to Dr. Collier to alert him to the event. When Dr. Collier got Jake's call, he knew he needed to see Jake again, and hopefully dig deeper to find the root cause of all of this. He's treated the individual issues one at a time, with no luck, and knows that means there's something he's missing.

As Jake arrived at Dr. Collier's office, the receptionist sent him straight back. The fact he's been unable to fully help Jake has begun to worry the doctor, and forced him to wonder if maybe he's been wrong about believing it's something other than an actual serious mental condition. He's hoping this conversation enlightens him, and proves his initial theory right, and doesn't force him to have to treat this is as something more severe.

As the scene fades in, Jake has just sat down, and has begun talking. Without hesitation, he jumps right into the story and the feelings that were coming over him, that prompted his quick call, and this abrupt meeting.

Jake Starr: ... And then I just felt it overcome me. The anger... The pain... The hurt... The frustration... Everything... It was just overwhelming...

Dr. Collier: I understand...

Jake Starr: ... And as much as I fought back against it, it still enveloped me. It consumed me. All I felt was unadulterated rage and anger. I wanted to lash out, and honestly be violent. That's why I called...

The doctor begins to jot some notes down, and slowly nod.

Dr. Collier: I had a feeling it would finally blow up. By the sound of it though, it wasn't directed at anyone in your physical presence, am I correct?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Nobody was physically there... Thankfully...

Dr. Collier: My guess is, had someone been there, you would have projected the anger onto them, and found some way to spin it into their fault...

Jake Starr: Probably...

Dr. Collier: Don't feel troubled by it, it's actually quite common. Projection, in that form, is quite common in human nature. You're blaming someone else for, in this case, your inability to control your emotions. If someone were there, in your mind, they would have been the root cause at the time.

Jake Starr: You're probably right...

The doctor, has obvious concern for Jake. Dr. Collier has prided himself on giving every patient he has undivided attention, and showing that every patient is equally cared about. He knows he has to quickly come to a legitimate and overall conclusion to the cause of Jake's mood swings, or face a serious issue of looking into the possibility Jake could suffer from some serious mental conditions.

Dr. Collier: How about this, why don't you explain to me EVERYTHING that was going through your thoughts, no matter how minute, when this all erupted for you. Maybe it'll paint a broad enough picture for me to understand where you're coming from, and hopefully see something that can aide us in pinpointing a cause. We've tried individual remedies for some situations, but maybe it's more broad, and that's why we haven't eliminated all of the issues together, and merely just alleviated a couple here and there.

Jake Starr: Ok... Well... It started when I was talking about what happened at Breakdown last time. I was in a match, and honestly it ended thanks to someone cheating their way to victory. Then subsequently I tried to make myself feel a little better by calling out a guy named Lucas Knight. I still felt the anger from what all had happened. Then, dog pile on another encounter with a guy, who I personally feel, is worth about as much as college degree in English. Honestly, it was just a dog pile. Then the thoughts of being a father crept in. Thoughts of just leaving SCW for good... I mean you name it, it went through my head.

The doctor begins to nod lightly again.

Dr. Collier: I see...

The frustration on Jake's face begins to get more and more noticeable. He slams his hands down on the couch, on both sides of himself in a visual display of the frustration.

Jake Starr: Dammit I just want to be myself again! I'm tired of this anger crap running and controlling my life.

Dr. Collier: I completely understand. Trust me, I do. If I didn't, I'd wonder why you were even here.

The flood of emotions continue to pour through Jake's body. Signs of anger, frustration, sadness, and doubt cycle through his head, forcing him to try and fight them all off at once, and try and keep his composure.

Dr. Collier, hearing these words from Jake, and seeing his subsequent reactions to the recollection of the events, is beginning to notice a trend, and possibly underlying issue, regarding all of the emotional turmoil Jake has been enduring.

Dr. Collier: ... And with that being said, and seeing you in this state now, I think I'm seeing the true scope of this issue, and realizing a lot more about the problem.

Jake Starr: You've said that before...

Dr. Collier: I know... Unfortunately sometimes the understanding of a psychological issue takes several sessions to truly understand what the issue is. Every session, when you've presented me with a single problem, I've treated it as such, and now, this time, I'm thinking I understand just how broad this issue is.

Jake Starr: How? And what's wrong with me?

The doctor shows a small smile, hoping his calmness will transfer into Jake, who he sees as becoming more and more concerned about what the doctor may say.

Dr. Collier: To begin with, I don't think anything is "wrong" with you. I don't think you're fighting an abnormal case of depression, because everybody has depressive moments, but it's the ones who can't come out of it that are the ones who are ill. I don't think you're battling abnormal cases of anxiety, nor do I think you're bipolar or schizophrenic.

Jake begins to show signs of confusion. He had presumed he was going to be told that he did, in fact, have some kind of underlying, psychological, disorder. He was so sure that was going to be the "news" he was given, he had almost worked himself up because of it.

Dr. Collier: Since you first came to me all of those years ago, we treated everything on a real individualized basis, like I said. The first time, we tried doing things one by one, and until you escaped everything all in one swoop. Then, you came back, lots of things began to happen around you all at once, and the same symptoms seemed to resurface. So, I figured it was the same triggers, and sadly I didn't realize just how broad of an issue it is...

Jake begins to calm himself down, and truly listen to what the doctor has to say.

Dr. Collier: Ultimately, I believe this ia compounded issue of everything putting its own stress on you, and ultimately just becoming a staggering amount of stress all trying to rear its individualized head at the same time. Honestly, I truly believe this is all just a severe case of stress all bombarding you at once.

The thought makes sense to Jake. He knows he's faced an inordinate amount of stress lately, and knows it probably has all has effected him at one time or another at once.

Dr. Collier: ... I honestly believe you immerse yourself into things so deeply that you allow it to consume you.

Jake Starr: I can see that...

Dr. Collier: And more importantly, I think it is something we can resolve and completely eliminate rather quickly. Well, pending that is the true issue, like I believe it is.

Jake shows signs of disbelief. He has issues believing that something that has spanned so much time could be cured so quickly. Dr. Collier sees the doubt in Jake's eyes as well.

Dr. Collier: ... It's true!

Jake Starr: Honestly if it were something so easy, why wouldn't we have figured it out and remedied it yet?

Dr. Collier: It's because we weren't fully aware of the cause. We treated it as "one trigger" setting off a chain of events, rather than the chain of events truly being the actual trigger.

Jake Starr: Then what was this trigger?

Dr. Collier: Like I said, it simply was stress... Lots of stress...

Jake Starr: It can't be that simple... Not with everything I've gone through...

Dr. Collier: Jake, everything you've gone through is what has ultimately caused it.

Jake Starr: Like what?

Dr. Collier: Dealing with Brandon, the dreams, going through a phase where everything HAD to be your way, feeling looked over, fearing fatherhood, all of this played a part.

Jake sighs.

Jake Starr: But I thought the dreams were a result of Brandon's actions?

Dr. Collier: That may have had a correlation to one another. It also could have been that you were becoming popular, infamous, whatever you want to call it, and it just was added pressure on you. Like I said, we tried treating it as the cause, and it seemingly didn't get you to where you ultimately wanted to be.

Jake still is frustrated, and Dr. Collier knows it. Dr. Collier knows how patients feel when they must go through attempt after attempt at resolving a troubling mental situation. He sees it frequently, and knows Jake is going through the same thing right now.

Jake Starr: So then... I guess what do we have to do to fix it then?

Dr. Collier: WE don't do anything. YOU do...

Jake Starr: Ok fine... Then what do I do?

The doctor smiles, realizing Jake is at least now opening up to the idea of trying this new approach to fixing his situation.

Dr. Collier: We need to find you a good "out."

Jake cocks an eyebrow in confusion.

Jake Starr: A what?

Dr. Collier: An out... A place or an activity you can do or go to in order to briefly escape the stress and regroup...

Jake Starr: So you want me to run from all of this?

Dr. Collier: Not at all... Simply use it as a way to get away, regroup, and then return to the situation to address it with a fresh frame of mind. It's a coping strategy. And I think this whole situation is about finding the right coping strategy for you.

It's almost like the "Freshman 15" that you hear about in college. Kids go off to college, and they realize how stressful of a life it is. They gorge themselves with food, thinking it's helping them, only to then realize their weight has increased substantially. They realize the overeating wasn't a solid strategy of coping with the stressors of college, and substantially find the right way to cope with the stress, and lose the weight. They find their "out" after they've tried the "easy way" first.

See what I'm saying?

Jake Starr: But... I "went away" from all of this once. I was "out" of the business and the stress for four years...

Dr. Collier: Exactly... You went the easy way away from the problems. You went to the "food" instead of facing it all head on, fighting back against it, and finding the right way to cope.

Jake's expression begins to show signs of concern, worrying that he may not find the "right" coping mechanism for his issues, and ultimately feel "running" is his best course of action again.

Dr. Collier: What we need to do is find you some way to "get away" from the stress when you feel it begin to consume you. We need to have you be able to clear your mind, and then approach it without the added emotional wear and tear on you.

Another thing we need to do is get you to begin to learn about yourself...

Jake lets out the first smirk he's let out since arriving at the doctor's office.

Jake Starr: Trust me Doc... I "learned about myself" at a very young age!

The doctor laughs and smiles.

Dr. Collier: I'm glad to see your humor still is able to show itself.

But in all honesty, one thing I think you should try is beginning to keep yourself a journal when you start to feel those moments of stress. I think it'd be especially good if you wrote in it when you felt these emotions truly begin to consume you.

Jake Starr: What good will that do me?

Dr. Collier: It'll allow you to start to watch what triggers your more serious cases of stress. It'll also let you begin to notice any patterns that may be there, and you'll start to realize more and more what triggers certain feelings. It gets back to the "learning about yourself" idea...

Jake begins to nod.

Dr. Collier: ... And I've also decided I want you to start realizing you're not in need of constant counseling. I honestly think this is something you can control on your own, and I'll help you some, but I want you to begin to fight it too.

Jake lets out a very audible sigh.

Dr. Collier: ... I think you honestly should just give this a go for a while, and see how it works. This is something to help you, and I truly believe it will. This isn't a journal you have to share if you don't want to. It's your personal and private thoughts and issues. Vent in it, curse in it, just try and let the paper be your canvas, and let it all just pour out.

Jake Starr: Alright...

Dr. Collier: I would also recommend getting away for a couple of days. Like just a mini-vacation...

Jake Starr: Anywhere in particular?

Dr. Collier: Somewhere new. Somewhere you haven't been tons of times, and haven't seen everything there is to offer. Go where you can literally be more of a tourist and do some sightseeing.

Jake Starr: You putting any restrictions on that?

Dr. Collier: Outside of doing anything illegal, no... I just think you should go be a "tourist" and get your mind off of things.

Jake begins to nod. There is a moment of silence as Jake reflects on everything the doctor has told him, and stares off to the side. Out of no where, his eyes widen, and he gets one of his notorious "sh!t-eating grins" on his face. Dr. Collier immediately notices the sudden change in mood.

Dr. Collier: What's up?

Jake Starr: I've got the perfect place in mind!

Jake whips out his phone, and quickly dials a number.

Jake Starr: I need to book a trip for three please...

With those final words, the scene begins to fade out, with Jake on the phone, apparently booking a trip somewhere for he and two others. Dr. Collier truly believes this could be the turning point in Jake's issues with his emotions, and could honestly be something that begins to turn him around overall. He also hopes Jake begins to fight these issues head-on, and doesn't always feel the need to come back to see him because of it. He feels Jake could be using him as someone who is there to "solve" his problems, rather than help him through them.

Jake seems positive, now knowing that there could finally be a breakthrough in this challenge of finding the underlying issue to his problem, and is very excited to be "prescribed" to take brief vacation, and apparently has decided on an ideal destination. Will this progression in his fight against his emotions finally be the step in the right direction? Could this put him back on his path to becoming the guy to beat in SCW? Regardless, the short-term goal is to have this "prescription" carry him through Apocalypse, and put him back on a keel he's happy to be on.

Jake Starr: You know... There's been a considerable amount of chatter lately, and a lot of it having to do with me. Many are curious as to what I'm seriously planning on doing, and curious to know if I was serious about considering potentially just moving on.

The answer is simple... Yes!

The consideration is there, but who knows how likely it is to happen. Lately, things haven't been very good for me. Lately, I haven't had the same success I had when I first arrived on the scene in Supreme Championship Wrestling. Some might say it's due to the fact I mowed through the "lower" talent early, and now have found out how hard it is to continually make it past the upper echelon of this business. Others may say it's because I just haven't done enough to get the same opportunities and chances I had early on.

Truthfully, it could be either way. See, both arguments have merit to them. Many of those I faced early on aren't what you would consider the best of the best. They were out to do their best to win here and there, but for the most part were simply collecting decent pay, and holding down a job. The other argument has SOME merit too. I mean, I got a lot early, and now that I've been beaten, I shouldn't necessarily be handed things one after another, and I agree with that... But at the same time, while both of these have a leg to stand on, I see things much differently.

When I came to SCW, I came here with a purpose. I came to SCW to show myself I could still make a run with the big boys in this business. When I left, it was because I was sick of what I saw around me, and the games you had to play to garner any success. I left when, in my heart, I wasn't ready.

So I came to SCW, with grand expectations and desires, and guess what, I made a splash fast.

One thing I did, which will honestly be something I treasure throughout all the rest of my life, was to take a championship nobody gave a damn about, and make it something special. I did that with the Adrenaline Championship. I did it with a title nobody seemed to want, or care about. Just a few months into my reign, people wanted it. People desired it. It was something special... And in my heart, it'll always be a special championship. It brought out the cream of the crop to try and dethrone me for it. James Exeter tried; Christian Savior tried; Justin Davis tried; Damian Angel tried; Stacy Kissinger tried; Katie Steward tried. All of these guys came out of the woodwork to try and capture it because it was something... So when people try and argue that I had a cushy climb to the top, I simply shake my head. There was some mediocrity mixed in, but there was also legends...

But unfortunately, I lost it. I was beaten by a man who literally is "larger than life." After that, the belt, again, became a nothingness belt in SCW, and I hate to see it. I hate to see it withering away, and I hope to GOD that David Helms brings that belt home.

But anyway... That's a whole other tirade...

Jake gets himself back on track.

Jake Starr: The argument that says I haven't done anything though, since losing those two championships, is full of holes. It has one leg to stand on, and yet, it's one that others seem to overlook when it benefits them. Since losing those championships, I've mowed people down many said I'd never beat. Nobody, outside of my close friends and family, believed I had a chance against Hudson. But instead of listening, I rose to the top, and came crashing down on his career.

That alone warrants something... And truthfully, it's what has made me begin to call things into question. It's made me wonder what's left for me to do or accomplish. Or for that matter, is there anything worth accomplishing that would tell me I should put up with a lot of the crap surrounding me right now.

At Apocalypse, I'll have my answer...

See, when Breakdown was going on last week, and Bozo the Clown was running through the hallways, screaming like a girl, and acting like he had just been crowned "Most Homoerotic," at the Clown Carnival, I began to think what there was for me to do. I knew I wouldn't hear the end of Shilo's bragging, granted it was tainted, and will always stand as a disqualification he constructed, and truthfully I began to think if I even wanted to tolerate it. I was in the back, packing my things, and getting ready to leave...

Then I heard Lucas Knight get on the microphone...

I heard him speak of challenges...

I heard him basically plea for someone to try and take him out...

Lucas Knight... A man who has become one of the "freshest" faces in SCW, a man whom I may not like, but can't help but respect, was begging for someone to face him...

It clicked... All right then and there, it clicked...

If I was going to do what I desired, and truly rise from the ashes of seemingly unmistaken defeat, I had to accept. As I left my locker room, Dillusion was in a mad sprint to try and get there before anyone else, and needless to say I wasn't going to stop him. He wants to be "first" he can be. I could care less. So I made my way out there, and I accepted Lucas's challenge...

I had to...

I had no choice...

Lucas Knight is the embodiment of what I must overcome in order to get back to where I belong. I knew Apocalypse was coming up, and I knew it was my chance to prove to the world, and most importantly myself, that I'm not done yet. In the eyes of many, who actually decide that it's OK to be unbiased, he's one of the top guys here. I see it, I know others do. He's made the Underground Championship a belt that many desire, and he knows his stock is rising. He's beginning to get the desire to want Thorn's World Championship. He's beginning to realize he can aim higher with his desire for a challenge...

So I'm stepping in to fulfill that desire...

I've been extremely clear about what I want, and what I feel I deserve a chance at getting. If Knight wants it too, like I said at Breakdown, he has to get through me. I've watched for the past month guys without right waltzing into the ring like they deserve what they've been gifted, and I'm tired of seeing it. I'm ready to see guys who've EARNED that chance GET IT...

So, no matter the stipulations or championships between Knight and myself, THIS is a de facto match to determine who the TRUE contender is for my friend's World Championship, and who he'll face next...

Jake pauses, looks into the camera, and stares very directly into the soul of one man.

Jake Starr: ... Because I GUARANTEE it won't be that piece of SH!T Christian Savior...

Jake contains himself again, through slow and steady breaths. He knows the thought of Savior in the main event at Apocalypse is a joke, and knows it makes his blood boil. But he also knows he must control those emotions.

Jake Starr: Now, speaking of championships and stipulations, there's been a lot of people ask me about my thoughts regarding the potential championship on the line at Apocalypse, between Lucas and myself. People have asked if it's something I'm interested in pursuing, or even holding. Truthfully, why not? I did something special with the Adrenaline Championship, and I'd love to do it again. The Underground Championship is a belt that has grown in popularity, and become one that has truly brought out some of the best and evenly-matched competition in SCW.

Why wouldn't I like to be a part of that?

The truth is... Whether it's on the line, or isn't, won't change my mindset going into this match. For me, there's a lot more riding on the line than a championship. There's a lot more for me to walk away with, should I win. That's not insulting the Underground Championship, or what Knight has proven as champion, it's merely stating that for me, this match has far larger implications for me. A win could give me a championship. A win could put me in line for the World Championship. A win would prove to me, and the world, I'm not just a warm body on the roster...

... But a loss...

Jake lets out an audible sigh.

Jake Starr: ... A loss puts things in a whole different frame of reference. It forces me to truly consider those options of moving on, and possibly realizing my time has truly come to step aside and move on. Sometimes in life, it's a decision you're faced with, and one you have to make the difficult decision on, like it or not.

I couldn't, in good conscience, look at things through rose colored glasses. I'd have to accept the reality that was truly in front of me, and act appropriately because of it. I can't allow myself to be put through that, nor could I allow my family to watch me go through that kind of ordeal, where I continued to believe that something was possible, when all signs pointed to the opposite. I couldn't allow myself to end my career knowing I went on too long. Instead, I vow to know when it's time to step away, and move on... And I vow it'll be at the right time, and not after I've embarrassed myself trying to hold onto a reality that doesn't exist.

I'm not going to lie... I don't want to make it. I don't want to have to think about moving on. This is a life I've enjoyed for so long, and honestly it's not one I plan on stepping away from. I still feel I have stuff to prove, and critics to silence. And I plan on doing it. I plan on continuing on, and reclaiming my place atop the world of wrestling...

Now, with that being said, I can say I know Lucas will "bring it." I know he's not going to come in, lie down, and let me win because he sees the passion in my eyes. He's going to enter that ring, and he's going to do everything he can, and give every ounce of effort he can muster. He's going to see me as his chance to springboard to that proverbial "next level." He sees me as his chance to main event a pay-per view. He sees me as his Wonka Golden Ticket...

So to Lucas I ask... How's that worked out for the countless others who saw me as their ticket to success? That's right... It didn't... I've been the one tapped as the "example" by every opponent I've set foot in that ring against, and to this day, I've YET to be made an "example," out of. I won't begin for him. It won't begin for ANYBODY.

Expect it now... Lucas will verbally attack me, he'll try and demean me, and he'll try and ruffle my feathers... But the fact of the matter is this, at Apocalypse, His Majesty will be worshiping at the throne of a different deity. This one won't be a figurehead. This one won't be one representing the archaic past of a former governmental way of life. No... This throne represents the royalty that will continue to thrive and rise through the ranks of Supreme Championship Wrestling. This throne will mark the return of the OFFICIAL Czar to his SCW Kingdom!


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