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Champion - cham·pi·on

Definition... (1) One that wins first place or first prize in a competition. (2) One that is clearly superior or has the attributes of a winner: a champion at teaching. (3) An ardent defender or supporter of a cause or another person: a champion of the homeless. (4) One who fights a warrior.

It is obvious that the term "champion" is one that has many meanings.

Even with all of those meanings, the underlying message behind them all is very similar.

One type of champion is the obvious one, the winner of a competition. Those champions are probably the most common type. Those who win ribbons, trophies, belts, whatever the accolade are always synonymous with the term.

Whichever definition is chosen for the term, the underlying meaning is the same. A champion is one who uses his/her abilities to be the best at whatever it is they do. Be it winning, teaching, supporting, or battling, a champion truly is something everyone desires to be.

The problem is, not everyone can be a champion. Champions are a chosen and special breed of person.

Everyone desires to be a champion. Everyone wants the recognition that comes along with being seen as a "champion."

People train, practice, research, etc., thinking it'll better their chances of being a champion, but unfortunately, in the end, there really can be only one.

Going into his second pay-per view since joining SCW, Jake Starr looks to successfully defend his SCW Adrenaline Championship against SCW veteran, Justin Davis. Jake, still dealing with the mental games of Mr. Drachewych, hopes to continue his winning ways, and keep the monicre of the "fastest rising star" in Supreme Championship Wrestling. Much to the delight of Jake's wife, Roeper Hart, the pair are on their way to spend an evening with Jake's parents. Roeper hopes the visit helps Jake understand that his success hasn't been thanks to the "favors" of Mr Drachewych, but rather due to his talent and abilities within the ranks of SCW. Jake's father has a history in this business, mimmicking that of his son. He has often been one of the few people who can legitimately talk sense into Jake when he has had difficult times. The pair are driving through the winding interstate of Austin, Texas, nearing the house of his parents.

Roeper Hart: I'm excited to see your mom and dad babe!

Jake Starr: Yeah! Me too...

Roeper Hart: I honestly can't say it enough... I am glad to have in-laws like yours!

Jake Starr: I'm just glad you like them!

Roeper Hart: Yeah... I had that fear of having the "dreaded" in-laws as a child.

Jake Starr: That makes two of us!

Roeper Hart: My parents aren't that bad, are they?

Jake Starr: Nah... They could be MUCH worse that's for sure.

Roeper Hart: Did your parents tell you what all they had planned for us?

Jake Starr: Who knows with them. I figure Mom is cooking dinner, and Dad is probably just relaxing until we get there... Then once we get there, they'll punt.

Roeper Hart: So, normal visit huh?

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Roeper Hart: You really need this little break babe...

Jake Starr: Why is that?

Roeper Hart: All the stress overall... Visiting your parents always calms you down.

Jake Starr: They have that effect on me!

Roeper Hart: Trust me I'm glad about that! The combination of you returning, winning the belt, and Drachewych approaching you with this "favor" talk has just made you insanely tense...

Jake Starr: Trust me... I know!

The two exit off of the interstate towards the residential district where Jake's family lives. The traffic begins to clog up on the exit ramp.

Jake Starr: Son of a...

Roeper Hart: What?

Roeper sees the traffic ahead.

Roeper Hart: OH!

Jake Starr: DRIVE F_CKERS!

Roeper Hart: Calm down babe!

Jake Starr: I swear... Any slower we'll be going backwards!

Roeper Hart: I wonder what's causing this?

Jake Starr: Either a stupid driver, which we all know don't deserve to drive, or an accident...

Roeper Hart: Probably...

Jake Starr: I'm hoping for the second, at least I'll have something to gawk at!

Roeper Hart: You're twisted sometimes...

Jake Starr: Hey don't lie... You gawk too!

Roeper Hart: Not the point!

Jake Starr: See! You're twisted too!

Roeper Hart: Nope! I am just a rubbernecker!

As the two approach the area that was bottle-necking traffic, they notice that there is construction on one lane.

Jake Starr: Good lord! This road is under construction every time we come here!

Roeper Hart: Sure as hell seems like it!

Jake Starr: Thank God we're almost to their street...

Roeper Hart: No kidding this is rediculous.

Jake Starr: Right...

The two finally make it to the street where Jake's parents live. The go down the curvy road and continue to chit-chat. Jake finally pulls over in front of the house that his parents live in, and the two step out of the car. The house can be seen clearly in the background, and a woman peeks out from behind the curtains to see the pair walking up the driveway. The curtain quickly whips back over the window.

Jake Starr: Well... Mom just saw us!

Roeper Hart: Really?

Jake Starr: Yeah she was peeking out the curtain..

Roeper Hart: How funny!

Jake Starr: That's my mother!

As the two are almost to the porch, the front door is whipped open and Jake's mother and father are behind it.

Denise Starr: YOU'RE HERE!

Jake's mother, Denise, barrels out the door and embraces the two. Jake's father, Jeff, follows closely behind his wife, but with much less "enthusiasm."

Jeff Starr: You guys have a safe trip?

Roeper Hart: Oh yeah!

Jake Starr: That road is still a damn disaster!

Denise Starr: Yeah... One day we expect them to finish it!

Jeff Starr: Not anytime soon though!

Jake Starr: I believe it!

Realizing it's useless for everyone to be standing outside, Jeff invites everyone back into the house. The camera switches to a view from inside the residence and captures the group entering.

Jeff Starr: C'mon in here Jake and have a seat!

Jake Starr: Alrighty!

Denise Starr: Roeper you're more than welcome to join them as well!

Roeper leans over to Denise and whispers in her ear.

Roeper Hart: Jeff needs time with Jake to try and even him out!

Denise quietly responds.

Denise Starr: Oh! Well come with me then!

Denise and Roeper retreat to the back room where Denise is working on some of the dinner for the meal tonight. The camera follows them briefly to pick up their conversation.

Denise Starr: So what's up with Jake? Is he ok?

Roeper Hart: Oh yeah... Just all of these things going on at once have him really stressed and questioning himself...

Denise Starr: Oh I see!

Roeper Hart: Yeah... And you know Jake... He doesn't listen to me when it comes to the wrestling business!

Denise Starr: That sounds like Jeff and I. He went through periods of ebbs and flows and it didn't matter what I did or said, it didn't help.

Roeper Hart: Yep! That's how Jake is too!

Denise Starr: Well I'm sure Jeff can get through to him!

Roeper Hart: Oh yeah! I had Thören come over when he came through town, which helped Jake out a lot. He went from complete solitude to at least being a person again!

Denise Starr: OH! How's Thören doing?

As the conversation trails off the scene shifts back to the common area where Jake and his father have taken up residence in Jeff's two recliners. The two have been having typical idle chit-chat between the two of them since it has been some time since they have seen one another. As the scene progresses, Jeff begins to catch on to Jake's mood variations.

Jeff Starr: So how are things?

Jake Starr: They're going well I'd say...

Jeff Starr: Uh huh... How are things really?

Jake Starr: What do you mean?

Jeff Starr: Something is on your mind. I can see it in your eyes... Things aren't like you'd necessarily want are they?

Jake Starr: Are they ever how someone SERIOUSLY wants?

Jeff Starr: This isn't a philosophical argument here... What's up?

Jake Starr: Honestly? I think it's just stress related overall.

Jeff Starr: Elaborate...

Jake Starr: Well returning to the business is stressful. You know that. And then Mr. Drachewych coming up to me with this whole "you owe me" bull s#it has me annoyed and stressed as well.

Jeff Starr: Yeah I heard about that one!

Jake Starr: Then I have my first defense of my Adrenaline Championship at Out of Control...

Jeff Starr: Yeah... That one shouldn't be a big worry! You've defended countless titles!

Jake Starr: That's another thing on my mind...

Jeff Starr: What? That you have defended a lot of titles?

Jake Starr: Well, kind of... More so that I feel like I have always gotten my chances through doing favors, and not because I earned them!

Jeff Starr: Why? Because Drachewych says you owe him something? Listen... I have seen you wrestle your entire career. I know what you have earned. You've earned everything. Just because you have wanted to change how you earned things, and some schmuck decides he's going to use you as some kind of pawn in his little game of power chess, doesn't mean you haven't earned your keep...

Jake Starr: But you know, just as well as I do, that "Jake Starr" hasn't ever received a chance at a World Championship... When I have gone under these pseudonyms that corporate offices have wanted in order to fill a demographic, then BOOM here are my chances.

Jeff Starr: But answer me this kid... Regardless of names or looks, who performed in that arena to win those belts? Who is the one that put other pieces of s#it on their backs for three counts? Ultimately, that was you! That wasn't "Justin Halesz," that wasn't "Thrawn," that was Jake Starr behind those wins.

Jake Starr: But when will Jake Starr get his moment to shine?

Jeff Starr: You're living it! When you began your career in wrestling, you started out fresh. You were part of a family, and ultimately you wanted to be yourself and not just be "another Starr" in wrestling. You climbed the ladder, and you won.

Jake Starr: Ok?

Jeff Starr: Now... You've returned somewhere, where you ultimately someone with no "background" and "fresh" once again. You're climbing the ladder, and you'll be, not just "another Starr" in wrestling, you'll be "THE Starr" of wrestling.

Jake sits in dead silence realizing the message his father just delivered. After a moment of staring straight at the ground, his head begins to bounce as if nodding. He looks over at his father with a new glimmer of hope in his eyes. He even has a slight smirk.

Jeff Starr: See what I mean?

Jake Starr: Yeah... I think I do...

Jeff Starr: Good... Now tell me about this Davis guy...

Jake Starr: He's an SCW veteran who is seemingly trying to get back into a title picture. Apparently I'm the lucky choice there!

Jeff Starr: Talented?

Jake Starr: Who? Davis?

Jeff Starr: Yeah...

Jake Starr: He's definitely a skilled kid from what I've seen. Only thing I have ever noticed is that he hasn't really proven himself as a champion.

Jeff Starr: How so?

Jake Starr: Let's just say... His singles title reigns last fewer days than you have fingers and toes.

Jeff Starr: Oh... Wow...

Jake Starr: Yeah... That's a big thing against him in my opinion. Although that could be a motivating factor for him.

Jeff Starr: Very true... Never underestimate anyone.

Jake Starr: I'm not, trust me!

Jeff Starr: Good! I taught you better than that!

Jake Starr: Oh I know!

Jeff Starr: You ready for him?

Jake Starr: I think so... He's probably going to be my toughest opponent so far...

Jeff Starr: Don't you have someone before him?

Jake Starr: Yeah I have Shyne, but I know I'm 100% ready for him.

Jeff Starr: Don't be overlooking anyone either!

Jake Starr: I'm not! I just have pretty much done everything I know to do to prepare for Shyne, so I'm just not wasting time preparing for Davis as well.

Jeff Starr: Just be smart!

Jake Starr: Oh I am... I look at it like having two class tests in one week, and just budgeting time to study for both.

Jeff Starr: That's a smart thing to do.

Jake and his dad have a break in their conversation. Jake takes the opportunity to personally speak out towards his opponent, and challenger of his SCW Adrenaline Championship, Justin Davis.

Jake Starr: Out of Control marks another milestone in my career here in Supreme Championship Wrestling. In nearly 5 years, Out of Control will be the first night I walk into a pay-per view event as a champion, and have my chance to successfully defend a championship belt. The road block in my way... You Justin Davis. Davis, you're what I would call a veteran here in SCW. You're someone who has a history here, and one that is definitely not one to be overlooked. You're a superstar here who has held two championships, one single and one tag team, and that is nothing to discredit. BUT... Having said that, I do have one thing I have to call into question here. When you became the SCW Underground Champion, how is it you only were able to hold the title for ELEVEN DAYS?! Christ alive son... That is one of the fastest title reigns I have ever heard of. Granted Yokozuna's was merely minutes, you have one of the fastest LEGITIMATE title reigns in history. I don't get how that works. Your little cohort, Asher Hayes, actually had a strong run with that championship. Five months isn't too bad when it comes to a decent run as champion. Eleven days on the other hand, that is down right laughable! So Mr. Eleven-Days is wanting to come after my Adrenaline Championship now? Why? So you can quickly turn around the next night and lose it? You're no champion Davis... You may be a talented wrestler, but as a champion, you're mediocre at best. And don't go talking about your little Tag Team Championship reign as a "successful." You had someone to carry you. You can't carry yourself as a champion my friend... And as Metallica would say, "It's Sad But True!"

Jeff Starr: You do realize he's going to use that Yokozuna defense about his short reign right?

Jake Starr: Oh I anticipate it. The thing is, it will sound as ludicrous as the Chewbacca defense from South Park!

Jeff Starr: HEY! Wookies on Endor makes no sense!

Jake Starr: Oh lord!

Jeff Starr: Well tell me... Does it?

Jake Starr: Dude... There were travelers all over the galaxy! Chewie could have simply been transported there when Han got him.

Jeff Starr: But.. Wait...

Jake Starr: Uh huh... See... It CAN be argued!

Jeff Starr: Dammit!

Jake's mother walks into the room and hands he and his father a beer. Jake takes a swig, and returns to commenting on his opponent at Our of Control.

Jake Starr: I have to say, it must have taken a lot of courage to call me out. I mean hell, if I had to pick someone to call out and challenge, I wouldn't pick the hottest superstar on the roster. No matter how confident I was, I would refrain from going after someone who, in all likelihood, would steamroll me due to their superior momentum. Instead, you poke your little chest out and say you're coming after my title. Oohh I'm scared! No really! Aww c'mon you don't buy it? Damn! I tried! Well in all seriousness, I'm not scared of you. I commend you on trying to be a big boy and call me out, but you have to understand something kid... I'm WAY more experienced in this business than you. I wish I could go back and count how many young kids like you I have knocked down a few rungs... But you can't. You're not the first little kid who has wanted to stop the official "Starr" of this business from continuing to rise. All I know is, I have left so many punks like you in my wake, I have simply lost count. That is a plain and simple fact. Deep down in your little gut I know it drives you nuts. You want to win so bad. You want to pull this out more than anything, and as we both know, it's not in the cards for you. You're what people would call a "Transitional Champion," if they'd even refer to you as a "champion" at all.

Jeff Starr: You have to love the fact that this business never has a shortage of "Transitional Champions."

Jake Starr: Yeah... I don't remember many places without one.

Jake continues...

Jake Starr: If you want to stand even a SLIGHT chance of being able to stand toe to toe with me, you'll need to, not only, bring your "A" game, you'll need to be praying to whatever deity you may pray to. The momentum I'll be bringing into Out of Control will not be stoppable by Justin Davis. You see, when you issued your little challenge to me, you made a statement that sealed your fate at Out of Control. You said that Asher Hayes and Rachel Foxx are off doing their own thing. That right there kills any chances you had. Why? You'd need their help to take me down kid... By yourself it's a lost cause. Hell even with them, the odds aren't in your favor. I beat four, count them FOUR, other guys at last month's pay-per view, and you and your little clique you call "Bad Company" only make three. So if you want to have some kind of chance against the SCW Adrenaline Champion, I suggest you call those two up, and BEG them to somehow get involved. Seriously... I'm flat out telling you to have them try and help you. It ultimately will do you no good. You want to "introduce me" to the big time huh Davis? Understand this, I AM the big time. I don't need you to waltz your pathetic ass into my world and try and give me some formal introduction. In fact, you should be asking me to introduce you to what the REAL "big time" is like. I've been to that mountain, scaled it, come back down, and am in the process of repeating that process again. You and "Bad Company" won't be doing anything to prevent it either. If you can get through to those two cohorts of yours, make sure they know what they're getting their dumb asses into as well.

As Jake concludes his final rant, his mother once again enters the room.

Denise Starr: Alright boys, lunch is ready!

Jeff Starr: Good I'm starving!

Jake Starr: Yeah the drive has me ready to chow down too! Where'd Roeper run off to?

Denise Starr: Oh she's been in here with me. We've just been talking while you boys relaxed.

The father and son rise from their chairs and follow Jake's mother towards the dining room to enjoy dinner. With Jake now feeling a little more at ease about his abilities, how will that effect his approach to his upcoming matches, and his first title defense at Breakdown? Will it help him focus better, and attack his opponents in a much more focused manner? Jake hopes his new focused mentality does him justice as he goes into his most difficult week to date within the walls of Supreme Championship Wrestling.

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