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As the arena emptied from Breakdown, the world was in a bit of shock. The world walked in expecting a battle between two of SCWs brightest stars, and instead, watched one leave victorious, in shameful fashion.

Shilo Valiant, as far as records go, defeated Jake Starr. It's something Jake is not happy with, and ultimately has been honest with fans who've approached him, saying he's felt cheated and slighted in the matter. He's mentioned to fans that if he's going to lose, he's always wanted to be beaten legitimately, and not on circumstance.

Shilo won on circumstance.

Jake's night wasn't over, though. He made his attempt at retribution by challenging a man he's praised time and time again, and even gone as far as saying that this man is more deserving of a World Title opportunity, more so than the likes of Jason Zero or Christian Savior. Surprisingly enough, SCW Management made the match IMMEDIATELY. Lucas Knight and Jake Starr WILL meet at Apocalypse.

It was an ending that put Jake Starr back on top, and showing his desire to continually succeed.

Unfortunately, before Apocalypse comes Breakdown. Before Apocalypse comes a confrontation Jake has also openly stated he's not in favor of, and it's a confrontation he's had two previous times.

It's a confrontation that's lead him to begin to question what he's truly looking to accomplish.

Since arriving in SCW, Jake's goal has been simple. He's wanted to be the best, perceived as the best, and arguably the best of all time. He's wanted to eclipse long-standing records, and done so with the Adrenaline Championship. He's wanted to cement his name into the history books.

The question is, has he done enough?

In his eyes, he hasn't. In his eyes, it'll take more opportunities for him to guarantee his comeback in wrestling was a success, and not one of simply being in the right place at the right time. He's been very adamant about his desire for a chance at the World Championship, and it's seemingly fallen on deaf ears. He hopes eventually people will hear him, and give him what he believes he deserves.

If it doesn't happen, Jake knows it'll put his entire career into a perspective he isn't ready to face. He isn't ready to face it with his temperament in question, his life about to change, and his roles in life to add the job of "father" onto his list of responsibilities. But unfortunately, he knows if things continue down this path, it may be something he's forced to think about and consider.

For now, though, he looks to Breakdown and Apocalypse. He looks to those to be the days when he is back in the hunt. He looks to those days as the ones that reestablish Jake Starr as the "Heir Apparent" to the throne of Supreme Championship Wrestling.

Jake Starr: Well, I can honestly say I'm not surprised. Not in the least...

Going into Breakdown, part of me knew this was going to turn out in a manner that left quite a bitter taste in my mouth. Part of me, just, well, knew. And guess what, Shilo delivered! Shilo walked into the arena knowing he had a full-proof plan to "beat Jake Starr."

To begin with, he'd avoid the challenge of putting his championship on the line, like a true coward. He'd simply bypass the chance to prove he wasn't the scourge of the Earth, and a FIGHTING champion. Instead, much like his boyfriend, he opted for the "I don't have to defend if I don't want to," routine, mimicking that of a 13 year old, prepubescent, girl. He figured he didn't have to because then, his plan wouldn't make sense. His plan wouldn't be perceived the way he'd ideally like.

... Yet, it still wasn't!

So, when I realized he wasn't going to be a man, and was going to continue to be the walking vagina that he is, I started feeling real sick to my stomach. I knew he had some "scheme" to simply get his way, run away, and begin bragging up a storm.

So... What happened?

Instead of Shilo and Jake finishing the match, and Shilo getting his "challenge" that he's been clamoring for, he decides to pay off Darkside to assist him, by getting me disqualified.

Jake looks into the camera lens, with a stunned look on his face.

Jake Starr: Wait... You don't think they were in on the whole thing together? Are you insane? Are you just as delusional as Shilo, and his "talents" that he believes he possesses? It's the same shtick that Exeter pulled on me the first time he and I danced in the ring. He paid of Damian Angel to jump me, then made it look like Damian was just attacking us both, when in reality, it was a setup. It was a sham. It was a farce. It was, well, fraud.

And Shilo will deny it until the time is right, because he doesn't want Jake Starr to spoil his little "surprise."

The truth is, and it should be no shock to anyone, Darkside was paid off by Shilo to help him win. Darkside is one of those men who'll do anything for a quick buck, no matter who is paying him, and Shilo knows he had to do it.

So... What now? Well, I anticipate Shilo bragging about beating me. I anticipate Shilo walking around acting like he's proven he's "superior." It's only fitting. So for those of you out there who actually listen to his daunting drivel, that's what you'll hear, if you haven't already. He'll skip and jump and probably get the courtesy reach-around from his "Strange" friend finally, and ultimately everyone will forget about him, again.

Jake's mood begins to go sour. His head begins to slump down, and his eyes show definite signs of sadness.

Jake Starr: For me, however, it's a different story. Apparently, my time in the sun has begun to fade, and I just need to accept it. Sure, I can put on a show for the fans, and I'll do my thing when I'm called upon, but I'm beginning to realize that, it's just not in the cards for me to be where I was.

It's honestly something that's hard to stomach.

It's hard to think about the fact I made myself into a legend overnight, only to, seemingly be forgotten once I lost the championships I raised to a new level. Hell, it's like when the Adrenaline Championship still meant very little to people, and I was champion. The "powers that be" would just randomly throw people at me, with the hopes it might garner attention from someone, and not drive the fans to the concession stands when they heard that the Adrenaline Championship was on the line...

... You know, like they are now!

So, it's hard to believe. It sucks to believe. But it's true. It's the only "truth" that can be ciphered from recent events. I lost the Adrenaline Championship to Cherry, never got a rematch, subsequently lost my World Championship without ever being pinned, never got my rematch, and then minus the match with Hudson, have been thrown random opponents again. It's almost like I've become "that guy" in the organization you just don't know what to do with, so you spin the "Wheel of Random Opponents," and whoever it lands on, you throw him against. I mean, look at the list of who I've faced lately...


Rachel Foxx...

Justin Davis...

Greg Cherry...

Josh Hudson...

Shilo Valiant...

... It's the "Random Ghosts of Jake Starr Past Plus a Necrophilia-loving Clown and Josh Hudson" menagerie of opponents. I had no desire to face Dillusion a second time. I had nothing to gain from beating Rachel Foxx a second time... Although apparently it is grounds for a chance at a World Championship...

Jake shrugs.

Jake Starr: ... Well I'm just sayin...

... And while I understand prior to Rise to Greatness, SCW wanted to have it's "Special" have a match to truly headline the event, why would I want to fight Cherry again, honestly? He and I, while we split wins, had our rivalry, and it's just understood we don't think highly of one another. He thinks I'm a cocky ass, which I am, and I think he's the doppelganger for the grand villain of the 1984 box office sensation, Ghostbusters, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Greggy.

Then I fight Hudson in an epic battle, and think to myself "Wow, I proved myself."


So when Shilo was announced as my next opponent, I just began to realize I had fallen back into that "trap" of being "just another guy on the roster." There's no logical progression for me, no matter how hard I try, and it just makes me begin to think it may be time to just move on. Nothing cryptic, no "new chapters," minus my child, just literally move on to other pastures.

Then, there's the side of me that continues to try and be optimistic. There's that side that keeps telling me, "Jake, just hang tight, and you'll get your chance." It's literally reality, as it is, versus reality, as I'd like to think it is, and unfortunately I don't know which side is which. I don't know what to believe, which is honestly why I wonder if it's best to just move on, and not keep clinging to false hope... If that's what it truly is.

Jake closes his eyes and shakes his head. The uncertainty is clear in his voice.

Jake Starr: I see Apocalypse on the horizon, and I think it could be that springboard back to the top. I see Lucas Knight, a man who's done so much, so quickly, like I did, moving up the ladder. I see a man who, like me, looks at those atop the "big boy charts," and wants to chop them down one by one. I think maybe, just maybe, it's another chance for me to reclaim my place amongst the elite. That side of me keeps saying this could be my chance. But the other side of me looks at the situation and says, "if Hudson didn't do it, why would Knight?"

So, the question is, which side is the one I should listen to about this?

It's a quandary. Truthfully it's one that has me in a position where I have to consider if I want to truly pick a side, listen to it, and follow it, or simply just accept that I haven't a clue, and simply move forward and act as if nothing bothers me, and I'm fine with things?

Jake pauses to think about the question he just put forth. Albeit mostly rhetorical, Jake's mind truly ponders the notion. As he seemingly comes to a conclusion, he closes his eyes, takes a moment, and slowly opens them back up, fixated once again on the lens of the camera.

Jake Starr: The answer is NO! I'm not just going to sit around, and be "another face in the crowd." I don't play that way. I don't live my life that way. So to SCW Management... If you're notion is to simply have me out there to help boost a card here and there, but mostly leave me on the back burner unless something comes up you think I might be a good fit for, f_ck off!

I forged my path here, and I'll forge it again.

Drachewych went out of his way to try and deter me, and look what happened to him... Look where he ended up for several months. He ended up with a group of failures surrounding him, and ultimately a failure himself. He didn't succeed in making Jake Starr "another face," while boosting his own. Jake Starr sent him to the crowd, and made him someone who blended in with the rest.

I didn't come to SCW to be a "booster" to the roster every now and then. I came to be the best person on it. Period!

But nevertheless, I'm forced to look, also, at Breakdown. The "big card" before Apocalypse. The night when the hype is made, and the fans get one last shot to see who they believe will emerge victorious, champion, and on top. It was the event that spurred the "rubber match" for Jake Starr and Greg Cherry. So, you'd expect something similar this time around too, correct? The headline match is going to be one of grandiose stature, pitting two superstars in battle to showcase why they're the ones with the momentum, right?

Yes and no...

Look at Knight for example... Solid opponent in Stacy Kissinger. Tough challenge, but one he'll probably emerge victorious from. Hell, he may even do it without Syren's help! He's got a formidable opponent to showcase himself going into Apocalypse, and one who'll put his championship merits to the test.

Look at me, now... Former World and Adrenaline Champion, arguably the best record in the last 12 months, beaten all of the SCW "elitists" thrown my way, I should have a stellar opponent too, right?


Ok well... Maybe Jake Starr faces a newcomer to SCW, with the thought tha he can prove that he can successfully hang with the new guys who are starting to come up quickly through the rankings...?


How about... Jake's facing someone who's a mystery, and unknown to him or others...?




The fact is, I'm facing someone who I've destroyed twice, and ultimately can't stand to even see in the same building with me, let alone the ring. It's someone who, some, believe has talent, although those same people don't seem to have the ability to define where it lurks.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, for the third time in my career, and second time since Taking Hold of the Flame, I have Dillusion staring me in the face.

Jake cracks a sarcastic, non-amused, smile, and stares at the camera.

Jake Starr: ... Yes I'm entering into a match with a guy who, apparently, is one of those who feel like they deserve something in life, while accomplishing nothing. At Breakdown, he waltzed his way out to try and make some kind of statement to Knight that HE, of all people, deserved a chance to challenge for Lucas's Underground Championship, and try and make some form of claim that a win would catapult him into contention for the World Heavyweight Championship...

Jake immediately puts his hand to his ear a-la a reporter on television.

Jake Starr: ... Really? ...

... He didn't? ...

... You sure? ...

... Well sh!t! ...

Jake lowers his hand, and looks to have a more annoyed look on his face.

Jake Starr: Well apparently he never quite said it like that. Apparently he never said anything, because when he was trying to act all big, bad, and tough, I put that charade to rest, and put his childish dreams to rest. See, Dillusion is a delusional man with suicidal thoughts. He's a man who, truthfully, could be one of those guys you look at and realize they're "a problem." Not like a threat, but one of those guys who's just a problem. He's a problem I've dealt with twice, and never once did I think, "you know, for fun I'd like to face him again." Not once did that thought ever creep into my mind. It isn't because I fear him, it isn't because I think he's better than me, or he might somehow win. It's neither of those. It's merely the fact I have to put up with him, listen to him, and acknowledge his existence that bothers me.

He's literally that pesky child down the street who always wanted to come over, play with your toys, play with your games, break them, then run home and say you weren't allowed to come over. He's that kind of pest in life. And for some reason, I get to deal with that pest again.


I don't pretend to understand why sometimes people face certain people over others. I understand booking is a difficult process. I understand that, ON OCCASION, random matches may happen. But to suggest Dillusion and I have anything in common, minus the fact he happened to bolt out there on Breakdown before I could, is insane. The fans know it, I know it, hell, knowing his mentally inept mindset, he probably knows it.

But unfortunately, it's been made. The "hand of God" has placed the burden of this man upon me AGAIN. And, just like the previous two encounters, the outcome will be the same. See, Dillusion has the unfortunate task of being arbitrarily selected to fight me at the most inopportune times. He faced me after Taking Hold of the Flame. He faced me on a day I saw as one of my darkest. It was a day I remember all too well. He ran his little mouth, tried his best to make himself sound funny, entertaining, and somewhat relevant, while all he did was run into a man on a mission.

This time is no different!

I have just had Shilo Valiant pull a penis out of his ass in order to score a tainted win over me, which again let me reiterate he'll bring up constantly, but nevertheless, that tainted win has, again, put me on a missing to make a statement. Not a statement about anything other than to prove to WHOMEVER it is who has held me back, that I am not someone to trifle with in that manner.

See, regardless of which "side" of me I tend to believe, or which "side" of me I tend to think is correct in this matter, I want everyone to see the truth. Everyone already sees Shilo never won, regardless of what the record books may show; everyone sees that I am deserving of recognition, and something other than random competition; everyone already sees what I am capable of achieving. So whatever "side" I lean toward is irrelevant.

Both have merit, and both have substance, but regardless, I'm Jake f_cking Starr. I have done more with less help than anyone. I've proven what I can do, and I'll continue to do it until my will to deal with the lack of fairness is broken...

... And that is pretty damn close, but anyway...

... Dillusion is sent my way, probably because I interrupted him. That's probably the bland justification. It's probably with the hope that when I beat him for yet another time, the reasoning behind the match at Apocalypse will be in no doubt. People won't question their minds when they inked the match. People won't wonder why it wasn't Dillusion who was put against Lucas. But the fact is, Dillusion and Jake Starr is a past event in my eyes. It's a delusional belief that this match is relevant in any way.

But it's going to happen... And when Dillusion steps through those ropes, again, he'll have said things that only have meaning to three people, and two of those people are in Dillusion's head. He'll have raped a cat, f_cked a donkey, given birth, eaten potato wedges, taken a dump, flown to Spain, and "prepped a bull..."

... If you don't get that last reference, don't worry about it...

... He'll have done a lot that nobody really cares about. He'll think he's funny, he'll think he's witty, and he'll think he's done something important. He'll claim victory, he'll beg Drachewych to have pity on him, and probably ask the world to watch him eat a carrot.

It won't change the outcome.

It won't change the result.

Jake's mood begins to turn toward anger. It's something he knows he has to work to control, and he knows he can't allow it to consume him as it has in the past. His teeth begin to grit, and his voice slowly begins to echo louder and louder, while also sounding more "growly."

Jake Starr: ... After the embarrassment I've been put through over the last couple of months, I guarantee someone who embarrasses himself for his own amusement won't send me into Apocalypse on a losing streak. It's something yet to happen since I returned to this business, and it damn sure won't be beginning thanks to him. I'm not going to let the legacy and the career I've made for myself over the last 17 months begin to unwravel now.

Not because of Dillusion...

Not because of stupid bookers...

Not because of Shilo Valiant...

Not because of unworthy challengers...


If people want to pass me over, then in turn, I'll do what it is Jake Starr does best. I'll make their lives hell. I'll make myself amused. I'll do what the fans remember the true mother f_cking SOCIAL MISFIT did! If that's the game we're going to play, fine! I'll play it...

At Breakdown, Jake Starr will be on a warpath. Jake Starr will be out for vengeance. Jake Starr will be out to make a damn statement. It won't be one with the hopes of putting Lucas Knight on notice, or trying to show him I'm ready to fight him. No, nothing like that! I'll be out to make a statement to show the world that what I did against Hudson was proof of who I f_cking am. I'll be out to prove to the world that, any hopes of the World Championship have to go through me. The days of being handed and gifted opportunities are f_cking over...

... And if they're not, and the world still wants to operate like that, then the world will witness a rebirth of the Social Misfits. The world will see a coup like no other this business has ever experience. In a sense, it'll be a holy war against those who perceive themselves as "superior," and yet have no basis.

So take my word for it... Breakdown WILL begin a new day. Breakdown WILL begin my quest back to the top. Breakdown WILL show why I'm that f_cking good!

Jake begins to walk out of frame, but stops and looks back into the camera one final time.

Jake Starr: And Shilo... Nobody believes you beat me... Sit on THAT and spin...

Jake walks out of frame, and his audibly heard taking several deep breaths, and trying to recompose himself. He knows he's let his emotions begin to take control of him, and become his driving force, rather than his abilities, and his passion for the industry. As the scene begins to fade out Jake's phone can be heard "unlocking," and being dialed. Once the scene has gone completely to black, Jake's voice can be heard...

Jake Starr: Dr. Collier... It's beginning to consume me...

With those final words, the world wonders if this spiteful, angry, and non-Starr-like, Jake Starr is an indication of what the world is in store for in the future. Could he truly have begun to lost his grip on controlling his anger, and be on the verge of unleashing it on SCW, as a whole? Was he serious about a potential rebirth of the Social Misfits, in the way they grew to notoriety? Is he correct about being passed over and forgotten, and merely thrown into cards to boost the interest level?

A lot of questions linger as Jake heads for Breakdown, more emotionally unstable than ever. If this emotion follows him to Breakdown, Dillusion could be in for a fight from Jake like nobody has ever seen, nor knows how to prepare for. If that is the case, fans and coworkers alike will witness a Jake Starr whose love for the business, and expectations of "fairness" have consumed him to the point of becoming a much more violent human being. And it's obvious this isn't who Jake wants to be. He knows a potentially career-ending/changing decision could be looming, and it's one his heart may not be ready to make.


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