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Breakdown looms. A Breakdown with implications that could drastically impact the shape of SCW now, and down the road. On one hand, you have the Underground Championship, a hotly contested championship throughout the history of SCW, being defended by Lucas Knight, against formidable opponent Brayden Walker. You then have Greg Cherry, fresh off his loss to Thorn for the SCW Championship, looking to rebound, and get back into the thick of the mix, against Aaron Rupp.

Then, there's the main event of the night.

The main event puts two of SCWs finest in a match together with implications that have far greater reach than many realize. One... Jake has issued a challenge to Shilo, demanding he put his United States Championship on the line in their contest, a demand Shilo has dodged at every intersection possible. Should it come to fruition, the title picture could change in a mere three seconds. Two... Both men are trying to position themselves as top contenders for the SCW Championship, and top superstars among the SCW elite. A win over the other would guarantee their perception, in the eyes of their peers that they were deserving of "reward" in SCW. Three... Shilo Valiant has come off multiple consecutive losses, and currently holds one of SCWs most prestigious singles championships. Another loss could begin to make him suffer the same negative perception as his counterpart, and Adrenaline Champion, Masquerade, who has become well known as a non-defending champion. Four... Jake has been clamoring incessantly for a "reward" or "bone" to be thrown his way for his recent successes, and rebound since losing the World Championship. A win over Valiant, US Championship on the line or not, would ultimately ensure one being thrown his way. If not, it could mark an even bitterer taste in the top draw's mouth.

With all of those implications widely known, it's no wonder the match has begun to polarize the roster. Grumblings backstage, and amongst the various groups within the hallowed halls of Supreme Championship Wrestling, have most hoping for a Jake Starr victory. Many have witnessed the quick rise of Shilo Valiant, only to feel he's incapable of sustaining the momentum, and truly helping the company in the long haul. On the other hand, you have a small niche, 2-6 people depending on how you look at it, who yearn for a "Valiant victory," by the "Clown Prince" of Supreme Championship Wrestling. Very few, if any, sit in the grey area, still deciding who to pull for.

Jake has been happy to know he's garnering support from his peers, finally. He's happy to realize that, while he was once the "outcast" and the one everyone doubted, many have begun to come around, and realize what he is capable of doing for the company long-term. It's a support system he's never had, and deep down, always wished for.

Now, it's there for the taking.

He just can't allow himself to slip up. Failure, now, against Shilo Valiant of all people, would put Jake in a position where the doubts would begin to creep in once again, and potentially allow the few supporters of the opposition to grow in numbers.

Ultimately, it boils down to Jake's desire to be "the guy," hands down, again. He's felt the pressure from all sides, wondering if he's slipped up one too many times. He's felt the pressure of those wondering why he hasn't been rewarded, and deep down knows he's one of those very people pressuring himself.

With the pressure from home and from work, Jake has begun the process of learning to cope with it. With help from his psychologist, Dr. Collier, and some intuition of his own, he's been working on making himself truly happy again, without simply masking the pain and depression. His wife has agreed to work with him at times he's honest about the anger creeping up on him. She's felt that if he's honest and not allowing it to fester and grow, he'll be less likely to explode, and she'll be more likely to talk him through it. He has sought comfort in the ways of his past, and the enjoyment of what he does best, and that's humor those around him.

It's a difficult dichotomy to pull off, but he hopes to pull it off... And he hopes to explain it, so the fans can join his "support group," and help make sure that the real Jake Starr comes back, and it isn't one who continues to face demons day-in and day-out.

Jake Starr: The world probably looks at me and wonders exactly what is going through my head. People probably are wondering if I'm losing my mind, or about to suffer some kind of mental breakdown. One minute I'm fighting some form of depression, I'm on the verge of wanting to just give up on trying to succeed, and then I turn right around, and seemingly am able to switch on the "Jake Starr" of old.

To some, it may make no sense whatsoever. And truthfully, I can understand that argument. I can understand looking at someone and saying, "how can they go from sad one minute, to happy the next?" It may seem, well, like I'm putting on a show. Maybe one or the other is Jake acting. Maybe I'm simply trying to make up some kind of charade for people to either feel bad for me, or feel happy that I'm getting past my personal difficulties.

Needless to say, they're fair questions. Why would I have my emotions bouncing around like a game of pong? It's not normal for people to just let it happen. But I will say this, it wasn't flip flopping. It wasn't me toying with people thinking they'd see me one way, then think I was miraculously cured. The truth is, I'm trying my best to become who I am inside. I've been fighting to find my true self, the self I had when I entered SCW, the self I had when I won the Adrenaline Championship, the self I had when I was happy.

It's my ultimate goal!

When you go through what I've been through, and had to fight, in a sense, yourself, you see a darkness most people only think of, or if they claim to have, odds are they're lying through their teeth. I can guarantee most people haven't been through what I've been through, nor do they want to.

So yeah... I am still battling depression. But you know what? I'm doing what I know made me happy in the past, I'm doing what I know I enjoy. I'm doing what I think might help me get back to being me.

Believe me or not, I could care less... It's the truth...

... And so begins the next evolution in Jake Starr...

Jake begins to pace back and forth.

Jake Starr: See, for the past few months, as I've trudged through darkness, evil, and hate, I've realized how sad and depressed I've truly become. I've begun to see the polar opposite of who I am, and who I always striven to be. Sure, I've won in wrestling, and sure I'm on the verge of one of the greatest moments in my personal life, but on the whole, it hasn't done much for me on the inside, and that's something I wasn't OK with.

Seriously... I thought about the fact I was going to be a father. I thought about how I, along with my wife, had literally gone about creating a brand new living being, and I didn't feel the joy I felt initially about it. It honestly just made me feel like, "ok, what's next?" It wasn't that feeling a father is supposed to have, knowing he's bringing an offspring into the world.

Then, you have my professional life. It's a life that, lately, I've been overlooked in, as far as "rewards" go, while others who haven't done much, if anything of substance, have reaped rewards from here to next Tuesday. I really started to realize how much it pained and plagued me after the entire soiree with Josh Hudson had passed. I had truthfully assumed that, since the two previous World Champions were battling it out, being billed as potentially the biggest match at the biggest PPV in SCW history, if I won I would be rewarded in some form or fashion. I figured at the next Breakdown, or even at Ammunition, since the World Title was randomly defended there, Jake Starr's reward would be dished out.

Instead, nothing of the sorts. Nothing was rewarded to a man who has outperformed almost every superstar in SCW history. Nothing was rewarded to the man who retired the legendary Josh Hudson, and proved to be the best of the best in the company.

So, I began to fall into deeper and deeper senses of rage, loss, anger, sadness, depression, you name it, I was there. In all honesty, I was at a point where I felt I could explode, and lash out at any moment, at anyone. Nobody was safe, and I couldn't allow that to be the case. I couldn't allow myself to put my friends and family at risk...

... And thankfully I got the reality check I needed to ensure that never happened.

Before Tommy, Dave, and I went to the circus, and did some investigative work, I sat down with my wife and explained to her a lot of things that I had talked about with my doctor during our last visit. I explained the inner turmoil I was facing. I explained to her that I was dealing with cases of anger and rage that couldn't be explained. I explained that the last thing I wanted was to lash any of it out at her.

She brought up our past, and reminded me this had happened the last time I ended up with Dr. Collier. She reminded me about how she almost left me, and ran for safety, thinking she would be someone who I'd actually hurt. Granted, she never was in any danger in my eyes, my actions gave her reason to worry, and therefore sent me to counseling the first time... Well that and the fact I was having nightmares, but honestly I think the fact my girl felt in danger from me was the main factor.

So she reminded me of that. She said telling her of this returning anger didn't make her feel quite well, and since she was carrying our child, I needed to fix it immediately, or she'd relocate elsewhere until I did.

Jake stops pacing, and turns facing the camera directly.

Jake Starr: That's when it clicked... That's when it sunk in... That's when I knew how dire the situation was that I was in. When my wife told me she'd literally leave me until I had removed this burden from our family, and forced me to think about potentially not getting to be there when my child is born, made me realize things had to change now. The THOUGHT of not being there triggered that feeling I had lost.

Everything began to become clearer than ever before, and my path to full clarity and removal of these demons was laid out right in front of me.

So, I decided it was time to simply go back to my roots, and go back to what made me infamous. I decided it was time to step back into a world where Jake Starr achieved success through winning, as well as getting under the skins of his opponents. So I decided we'd all go to the circus, and try and locate the man who sleeps with corpses, and his love-interest, the blue, female, fictional, computer generated character.

Sure, I probably offended some other performers. I probably insulted some of his fans who were there to see him. But that's part of the fun. If you're willing to paint your face in hideous face paint, and parade around like your some "dark" and "mysterious" clown, purely to show your worship of that guy, you deserve to be verbally beaten down a bit... AT THE LEAST!

When all was said and done, Tommy asked me if I felt better. He had hoped that I would be immediately cured. Unfortunately, it wasn't immediate. It was an enjoyable experience, but deep down, I could still feel the plague. It was a nice beginning, but it wasn't a cure-all. And as we drove back to my place, the two kept asking what I thought would be the final cure-all, and I couldn't answer. There is no "one answer" to solve the problems. It's something that's going to take time and effort on my part, but it's something I'm willing to put forth in order to achieve.

One thing I know will honestly help, is focusing on continuing my dominance in SCW. Whether or not SOME PEOPLE acknowledge what I've done, the truth of the matter is, I've done more than virtually anyone, and will continue to do so. I'll continue to persevere over all of the challenges put forth against me, and ultimately prove time and time again I am the best of the best, whether they want to "reward" me or not. It's what I've done since stepping foot inside SCW. I've been doubted by EVERYONE at some point. I've been pegged to fail at some point BY EVERYONE. And what have I done in the face of the doubt? I've emerged the victor.

I've emerged the VICTOR!

Look at everyone else around SCW. Look at the lack of doubt some people have had in others, yet, everyone seems to doubt me. I love it. I look at it as a challenge, which I've said many times. I look at the doubt as something I can do to ultimately prove why they're wrong. With every moment that passes, and every doubter shown how out of touch they are in doubting me, Each one of those times I cement myself as the most deserving of the "spoils" of SCW, knowing that one day, when people wise up, and open their eyes to the deceit being spread around by SOME people, I'll get my reward.

Jake resumes pacing back and forth in front of the camera, occasionally looking into the lens as he speaks, while staring ahead, and down, in the other moments.

Jake Starr: ... Which leads me to Breakdown, and my illustrious encounter with a man who, I've heard, has made attempts at insulting me in his "far-from-epic" promo, which surprisingly some people actually sat through...

I, however, was not one of them.

Usually I'll skim around, fast forward, play, listen for my name, and then repeat, until I think I've caught the general consensus of what the person had to say. Like I said, when Doctor Who seemed shorter on my DVR, than Shilo Valiant's diatribe, I elected to simply ignore it. For all I know he could have said some of the most profound statements in the world. For all I know, he's accepted my United States Title challenge, and I'm sounding like a buffoon by bringing up the fact he hasn't. Hell, he could have had a speech about me that would rival anything ever given by Margaret Thatcher in her 11 years as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

I highly doubt he did.. But it's always possible!

Instead, I would bet on what seems to be his modus operandi. It would most likely be him trying to sound tough, big, bad, and demeaning toward me in any and all ways possible. That's the shtick from his ilk and his kind, and it's honestly what the world would always anticipate. His bark is fierce, his words are loud, but his actions seemingly are incapable of backing them up when it counts. It's the vicious cycle that is guys like Shilo, Masquerade, Jason Zero, Christian Savior, et cetera. Talk big, fall quickly.

Jake's phone beeps at him, and he stops pacing to check the alert. His head cocks to one side, seemingly shocked to see whatever it is his phone has displayed.

Jake Starr: Ladies and gentlemen... If we could please have a moment to tangent the polar opposite direction real quick... Thanks...

One thing I will address is something I received a tweet from a fan about. See, I have fans, and having fans makes me somewhat of a star here, and they like to interact with me via various forms of communication. Apparently, according to this fan, Shilo decided to insult my tweets about my feelings regarding the SCW "Dynamic Duo of Freebies" chances at Thorn. I guess for some reason he does feel compelled to defend those guys, or at the least, try and make himself sound more "above" me. I don't know... I know what I was told, and that's about it.

Shilo probably wants to try and convince the world he's superior because he doesn't have gripes, doesn't allow people to openly see his emotions, hides behind face paint, fornicates with the dead, and dances around with fictional characters. That's not me... I want the world to know how I feel. I want the world to know my opinions. I want the world to see who and what Jake Starr really is. I'm not a chicken sh!t and hide myself in every way possible, I'm an open f_cking book!

Now... Tangent over... Thanks to the fans for bringing this up... Shilo is now officially a stalker too! Now... Back to what I was saying...

Jake resumes pacing.

Jake Starr: Truthfully, my guess is Shilo spun my challenge for his championship in some way to make him sound superior to me. He probably spun my challenge in a manner forcing others to think I am not deserving of it. That's fine... I merely issued the challenge to prove that:

A) He wouldn't man-up, accept the challenge against someone he KNOWS he won't be able to beat, and defend the championship like a HONORABLE champion.

And B) The suits wouldn't allow it if he did, knowing what they'd have to listen to, and deal with afterward.

I'll be honest... I know that if the belt is put on the line, and Shilo is forced to defend it, unlike his counterpart who has single-handedly ruined the championship I helped put back on the map of SCW, he'd lose it, and immediately demand a rematch. Hell, that's what he's done with the Tag Championships. See, to guys like the aforementioned ones, these championships aren't a culmination of a quest. They don't look at winning a championship as a goal, they see it as an entitlement to themselves. They feel they are so "above" the rest, they should simply be handed shots, and people just accept their the best.

That's why they'll never be respected as TRUE CHAMPIONS.

See, to me, a championship is something that must be earned by beating those in front of you. You have to run the gamut of those who've already established themselves as worthy contenders to earn your right to claim you're one of them. I've done that. I've beaten those believed to be the top contenders time and time again. Hell... If memory serves me right, I beat Savior not too long ago too!

But to those guys, they just assume they're entitled because of who they are. I'm not that way, and I'm never going to be that way. I'm going to call people out, and make challenges that I only feel I deserve. And in this case, I guarantee I deserve a chance against Valiant. He won't agree, but I wouldn't expect that of him.

Jake, once again, pauses. He can't get it out of his head that people have begun to feel a sense of entitlement in SCW regarding championships, rather than feeling they've earned their chances. He knows he once walked down that path, and burned many bridges in doing so. So the sight of it, and the thought of it sends him back to the days when he was the same way. The thought of it puts the same negative feelings in the pit of his stomach. He takes a deep breath, and tries to expel the negativity from his body.

Jake Starr: ... That's a feeling I don't want to feel anymore...

At Breakdown, I will stare down the face of a man who reminds me of myself circa 5 years ago. I'll look into a mirror to my past, and finally get a chance to defeat it. As I said, I'm taking the steps I need to take to remedy my past, and remedy my mind. I'll look at Shilo, and whether the title is on the line or not, I'll see him as another example. I've been about making examples since I arrived, and I plan on continuing that trend.

SCW has proven to be a home to me, and a place I want to continue to thrive. Another man stands in my path, and whether or not he wants to admit it, he knows he's going to fall. I won't deny his wrestling abilities, even though I'll trash him personally from one day to the next. But when you look at the big picture, when you look at the truth that stands before you, Jake Starr is what is "now," and what is "right."

Shilo may give me a run for my money, but when the dust settles, just like against Hudson, I'll be standing tall. If I didn't stumble against the likes of Josh Hudson, I won't even come close to stumbling against the likes of Shilo Valiant, especially since I know he is convinced he can beat me. But I look around, and I look back, and I know everyone in the past has been convinced. Everyone in the past has claimed to have the key to winning. So Shilo marks just another SCW-ite to think they can do the job.

Only FOUR have.

Shilo can believe he's different all he wants. He can dream the dream of every competitor I've faced. He can talk the talk that Christian Savior and Jason Zero talked time and time again. In the end, they fell. They didn't believe it to be possible, but they fell. Shilo, regardless of what he may have done singles wise, won't be any different. My quest... My goal... My desire... Is to once again be standing upon the SCW rankings. It's a place Shilo will never be. It's a place that will forever be foreign to him. SCW is dominated by three men, and those three men will soon hold the top three championships... Well two will... The third will if his opponent grows a set of nuts, and management allows him to do so.

The third, one way or another, will be ME! Shilo better heed my words... He's not bouncing back from his streak of failure against me. He's not getting a win that could catapult him into contention for anything greater. It's just NOT going to happen, PERIOD.

Like it or not... The clown-flunky fails again!

Now stalk that, asshole...

Jake pulls is jacket back, that he's had on this entire time, to reveal a shirt that says, "Shilo Stalks Me!" and is complete with a grinning photo of his opponent. He knows, whether he's heard, seen, read, been told about, or simply inferred what Shilo may have, or may not have said about him, that he's gotten under his opponent's skin. No matter how much Shilo may try and defend himself against the notion, everyone knows. Everyone knows how beating Jake has become a priority for Valiant, and not one simply to further his SCW career. Jake knows he made it personal when he went to the circus, and also when he called Valiant out about his championship belt. Jake wanted this personal, and he got what he wanted.

At Breakdown, the verbal assaults cease, and the physical assaults commence. Shilo Valiant yearns to beat Jake, to simply say he has, and to not have the same monkey on his back that the likes of the former and current "#1 Contenders" do, having never bested the BEST of the BEST. Jake knows the desires, the wishes, and the hopes of Shilo Valiant. He knows they begin and end with him. Sadly for them, he also knows he's not a genie, nor does he plan to grant the wishes.

Simply put... At Breakdown, the "Starr" will continue to rise, while the clown continues to enjoy his role as the "Resident Balloon Animal Maker" of professional wrestling.


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