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Over the past several months, Jake Starr has been battling internal demons that most don't have to acknowledge in such a public forum. His trials, his tribulations, his brushes with insanity, everything, has played out for the masses to see, and to witness his ultimate emergence from the darkness. It's a darkness that, albeit to the point of "controllable," it still borders on a level that could potentially crack his will, and envelop his existence.

It's a scenario that, while likely, Jake hopes to continue to avoid.

Lately, he's battled depression, he's battled insomnia, he's battled nightmares, he's battled fear. He's done it all for a purpose, a personal and professional purpose. He wants to succeed and provide for his family, and ultimately achieve complete success in the ring. He knows these feelings of negativity plague him, and have forced him to be quite distant, overall, from his friends. He also knows it's something that is a polar opposite to the person he truly is and wants to be.

So, by his own decision, he's set out to try and "recapture" himself. He's decided to return to the ways that garnered him the fame he amassed so rapidly, while also returning to the mindset that he deemed more enjoyable, and more fun. He doesn't know if it'll be something he can sustain, long-term, through the turmoil he must continue to evade, but regardless, he hopes it gives him a shining spot in his life, that recently has definitely lacked illumination.

On a whim, he called up his "running buddies," Thorn and David Helms to accompany him on a mission. The two have been completely in the dark about the nature of it, and knowing Jake's recent stream of consciousness, they worry of what it may entail. Jake, however, knows it to be one that is of the utmost importance, and the utmost need.

It still hasn't sat right with his fellow fraternal brothers.

Nevertheless, Tommy and David decided it would be best to humor Jake, in the hopes it provides him with the long-term happiness he needs in life. They arrived at Jake's house, only to be quickly scurried into Jake's car, which has been outside idling, awaiting their arrival.

Jake hops into the driver's seat, Thorn behind him, and Helms in the passenger seat, and Jake quickly tears off, out of his driveway, and speeds off down the street.

The scene shifts inside the car, seeing the three, with the respective members of the Next Level looking quite terrified at Jake's driving. Jake, on the other hand, has quite the smirk on his face as he blazes through traffic.

David Helms: Umm... Can I ask where we're going?

Jake Starr: It's a surprise!

Thorn: That's kind of unsettling...

Jake continues weaving in and out of traffic, grinning from ear to ear. Helms looks back toward Tommy in the back seat of the car.

David Helms: I'm beginning to fear he may be driving us to the woods, and going to murder us!

Jake cocks an eyebrow, and looks over at Helms. David grins back at Jake, while Thorn reaches up from the back seat, and pats Helms on the shoulder.

Thorn: Dave... I think you're beginning to lose your mind. Besides... I've already taken Jake out... I could do it again!

Jake, in shock over the comment, looks up in his rear view mirror to see Thorn grinning. Thorn winks at Jake, who becomes a bit annoyed!

Jake Starr: You're an asshole!

Helms begins to chuckle at the "back and forth."

Thorn: So seriously... Where are we going?

Jake Starr: You'll know soon enough! I'm on a mission, and I need assistance in accomplishing it!

David Helms: Told you he's going to kill us... Helms lightly shakes his head in concern.

David Helms: That is still a scary thought. I know your past history of going on these "missions."

Jake Starr: Listen... You guys are just going to have to trust me on this one!

Thorn: We do... It may be against our better judgment, but we do!

Jake slowly turns his head back to facing the road, and simply begins to grin. Once again, Helms begins to shake his head again showing his concern.

As the car moves along, Thorn slowly begins to move his head from behind Jake's driver's seat, and looks out the window with a horrified look on his face. Seeing Thorn's look, Helms too begins to turn and look out the windshield. The camera slowly begins to pan around, and in the near horizon stands a giant circus tent.

Thorn: Oh no...

Helms's look of shock slowly turns from the windshield, and the tent, to over at Jake, who still grinning from ear to ear, eyes are sparkling, and he seems extremely giddy.

Thorn: Umm... Jake... What are we doing here?

Jake parks the car in one of the few remaining spots. Once he puts the car in "Park," he looks at both men.

Jake Starr: Well... How about we all get out of the car, and I'll show you!

Thorn and Helms both look at each other confused, and slightly disturbed. Jake's overly chipper attitude, knowing the issues he's been plagued with lately, is quite the opposite of what they had expected to see. As the three exit the car, Jake runs around to the trunk, and pops it open.

David Helms: That's where he's going to stuff us after we're dead!

Thorn smacks Helms in the arm.

Jake reaches into the trunk and pulls out two HD Flip Cameras. He tosses one to both Thorn and Helms, who subsequently catch them, confused as to their purpose.

Jake Starr: Ok... So here's the deal... I've decided to take it upon myself to get back to the times when I'm happy, chipper, and more enjoyable to be around. I figured we could do something that I enjoy, with the hopes it helps put me in a more consistently happy mood.

Both men still stand in complete confusion.

Thorn: Why does the circus make you happy? I mean, you are an adult right?

David Helms: Have you seen the sh!t he's done in the past?

Thorn: Ok... You have a point...

Jake chuckles.

Jake Starr: No no no! See, after doing some investigating, I discovered that Shilo Valiant is a clown! So... I figured we could sneak in here, and get some video of him moonlighting here at the circus, and expose him for the fake he is! If we're lucky, maybe we could interview him too!

Jake nods quickly, obviously excited about the possibility of finding Shilo the Clown. Helms and Thorn look at one another completely befuddled at Jake's idea.

Jake Starr: And then... Oh this is the best part... We can meet Shilo's main squeeze, Smurfette! See, as a kid I LOVED the Smurfs, then I caught a gander at, oh whatever her name is...

Thorn: Marina...

Jake Starr: ... Sure whatever... Anyway, I was a big fan, saw her, figured she'd simply changed her name to try and hide her identity, and decided I had to meet her!

Helms face-palms himself in disbelief.

From out of the blue, Jake takes off toward the circus tent, obviously on a mission.

Thorn: Crap... Let's catch up to him. I don't want him attacking random clowns who're trying to entertain children.

Thorn and Helms take off in pursuit of Jake, and catch up as he begins to walk in under the "Big Top." They allow him to be a few feet in front of them, in order to be able to film him. The camera shifts between cameras, looking high and low for signs of Shilo the Clown.

Out of nowhere, Jake stops. Helms and Thorn keep the pad between them and Jake, and Jake immediately points off to the side.

Jake Starr: THERE HE IS!

Jake sprints after the clown.

Thorn: Oh sh!t!

Thorn finds a break in the sea of children and makes a b-line for Jake. Helms, unfortunately gets pinned behind vendors, carneys, and circus performers taking pictures.

As Jake speeds up to the clown, who is terrified by the grown man running directly at him. Jake comes to a stop right next to the entertainer. He quickly turns around, and sees Thorn just steps behind him. Jake immediately puts his arm around the performer and smiles toward Thorn.

Jake Starr: Roll tape!

Thorn immediately realizes the clown isn't Shilo.

Thorn: Jake I...

Jake Starr: Roll tape!!

Thorn: That's not...

Jake Starr: AND... MARK!

Thorn, realizing Jake is potentially in the middle of a nervous breakdown, decides it is probably best to simply humor his friend. Thorn reluctantly pulls the camera up, clicks record, and points to Jake, signaling he is filming.

Jake Starr: Ladies and gentlemen, hi, Jake Starr here with none other than "Mr. Necrophilia," Shilo Valiant...

The clown, smiling paint and all, shows obvious signs of confusion as to Jake's line of questioning.

Jake Starr: ... Now... Mr. Shilo, or shall I call you Mr. Clown? Mr. Valiant? Mr. Necrophilia?

As the poor clown goes to answer, Jake immediately interrupts again.

Jake Starr: ... It doesn't matter. Anyway, why have you resorted to moonlighting at b-rate circuses? Is it because SCW doesn't pay enough? It surely can't be because you don't get enough exposure... We all know you and Masquerade flood every SCW show with your likeness... Comment?

As the clown goes to try and explain the truth to Jake, Helms, who has finally cleared through the mass of humanity, speeds up to Jake and Thorn, seriously out of breath.

David Helms: Jake... That's... Not... Shilo...

Jake looks at Helms confused.

Jake Starr: What?!

Thorn: Clown... Not... Shilo...

Jake looks at the clown, and scans him up and down in complete confusion.

Jake Starr: You're not Shilo?!

The clown shakes his head, much to the chagrin of the former World Champion of SCW. Jake then begins to scan the room again, this time hoping to locate the illusive Shilo the Clown. Another clown catches his eye.

Jake Starr: THERE!

Jake, seeing yet another clown entertaining children, speeds away from Thorn and Helms, and virtually hurdles over children in the process. Thorn, again realizing he needs to keep close tabs on Jake, quickly follows suit again. Helms, this time, isn't held back by children, but a feeling of responsibility to apologize and explain to the first clown for what happens. David explains that Jake is trying to get back to his "roots" and is potentially going through a mental breakdown in the process. The clown, always knowing how to jump back into character, makes a balloon animal for Helms to give to Jake, expressing no hard feelings. Once Helms has the peace offering, he makes his way after his two friends.

As Jake approaches the second clown, he signals to Thorn to start rolling film, who again, slightly unwillingly, obliges.

Jake Starr: 3... 2... 1... I'm here with Shilo the Necrophiliac Clown, hoping to get a few words with him before our BIG and GLORIOUS encounter at Breakdown. Granted, I know he's talked emphatically, and at GREAT LENGTH, which I didn't even bother to listen to once my DVR showed me it lasted longer than an episode of Doctor Who, so I'm hoping to get some SHORT, SWEET, and CONCISE answers from you! Sound good?

Jake holds an imaginary microphone in front of the clown, who looks over at Thorn confused. Thorn shrugs at the clown. Jake then pulls the pretend mic back, as if the clown had answered.

Jake Starr: Good! Now, my biggest question to you, and my goal is for you to answer this in ONE BREATH, so as to not bore people three hundred words in. Where's Smurfette?

Clown: Who?

Jake Starr: Smurfette! You know, you're girl, dipped in a vat of Chevy Blue paint... Ripping off my Thrawn gimmick from the mid-90s. Her! I was hoping to meet the whore!

Clown: I... I don't know who or what you're talking about...

Jake Starr: Well... Smurfette was the blue Smurf, only female in Smurfville, and thus obviously was a hooch. I mean, c'mon, you don't expect anyone to believe she wasn't helping "relieve" the Smurfs after long battles with Gargamel.

The clown looks back at Thorn, and gestures to Jake, visually saying, "what's with this guy," merely through his body language. Thorn, just closes his eyes and shakes his head.

Jake Starr: ... Ok maybe an easier question... Why are you constantly blowing up phallic balloons and handing them to children? Are you a kid toucher?

Thorn, completely unaware a question like that would surface, audibly begins to laugh. Jake looks over at him, grins, and nods quickly, showing he knows it was a humorous question.

Finally, Helms comes running, and catching up to the pair, as Jake continues to grill the clown with pointless questions. Helms begins flailing his arms, trying to get Jake's attention, and after several attempts at trying to ignore Helms's "Dance of the Child Who Has to Pee," he finally questions him...

Jake Starr: Dude! What's the deal? I'm trying to interview Shilo the Humorous Funny Kid-Touching Clown here!

David Helms: Jake... That clown is a girl!

Jake Starr: A what?!

David Helms: It's a female! A chick! A lady!

Jake Starr: Nuh uh!

Jake's eyes quickly turn toward the clown in utter disbelief. He begins "scanning" the clown up and down with his eyes, hoping to notice why Helms believes it my be a she. The clown taps Jake on the shoulder, shields herself from the crowd, and pulls out the top of her costume and forces Jake to look down. He immediately sees the woman's curves, his eyes bug, and he turns around, once again annoyed.

He decides to try and scan the room one more time, with the hopes of finding Shilo, and proving to the world he secretly moonlights as a clown, simply because he feels he's not already seen enough by people. Suddenly, a line of clowns walks by, and Jake immediately begins to shift from confused, annoyed, and dumbfounded, to inspired!

Jake Starr: I have an idea!

Thorn: Oh hell...

Jake Starr: Helms, you're with me! Thorn, you stay here... And hopefully make sure I didn't accidentally do anything I'd get arrested for!

There is a lapse in time, and Thorn still remains where he was. He's look around, trying not to be noticed, when his eyes immediately begin to bug out of his head. The camera slowly begins to spin around to reveal Jake standing there giddy as can be in full clown makeup, and Helms in a suit of blue body paint, and looking more annoyed than ever. Thorn simply stands speechless at the sight.

Jake Starr: Isn't this a great idea?!

Thorn's mouth moves, but no sounds eminate.

Jake Starr: See... Shilo will think we're super fans, and he'll come find us. It'll save me from attacking all of these dopplegangers, although they all seemingly look like him...

Thorn remains completely shocked at the visual he's getting.

David Helms: Jake... I think you've officially lost your mind!

Thorn: You two look... Absolutely ridiculous!

David Helms: You should be dressed like this... Then you'll know just HOW ridiculous I feel!

All of a sudden, the camera zooms in on Jake's jovial, cheery, and clown-ish grin, which begins to change to his typical coy, sly, grin. His eyes go from resembling a true clown, to his confident stare that eminates from his body every time he addresses the SCW public. As the camera continues to close in on him, he licks his lips, and begins to speak, knowing Helms still remains visible over his shoulder.

Jake Starr: I've always heard the phrase, "looks can be deceiving," and thought, how? How is that truly possible? How is it possible for the look of something not to represent what it truly is?

Some would argue that something may look harmless, and yet, pack a deadly punch. Something may seem weak, and yet be extremely powerful. Both of which, are true. I will admit that. I will admit there are berries in the forest that, if consumed by a human being, would cause severe pain, nausea, issues with body faculties, or worse, paralysis or death. I will admit that, when I look at a raccoon, I just want to cuddle it up like a kitty, and love on it, and the whole time it could be rabid, bite/attack me, and I be dead.

So why question it? Why even wonder how it's possible when, I just explained how. It's simple... There's another phrase I have heard many times throughout my days, and it's what makes me question how looks could truly deceive my eye. That phrase, "if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck!"

So which is it? Are looks deceiving? Or are they exactly as they appear to be?

Right now... I have to say, it's the latter.

Jake, clown makeup and all, begins to pace back and forth, as Helms looks on annoyed he's being asked to stand there dressed as a Smurf.

Jake Starr: As I have thumbed through the recent history books of Supreme Championship Wrestling, I've learned a lot about my opponent, the "Necrophiliac," the "Court Jester," and the "Resident Funny Man," who I'll be meeting at Breakdown next week. I've learned about things he's said. I've learned about things he's done. None of those demonstrations, on his behalf, has lead me to believe he's anything but a clown... PERIOD! He's got to be! There is no other alternative to the situation.

Over the past few months, especially in the lead up to Rise to Greatness, he's done nothing but show the world he's a pure clown, buffoon, bumpkin, clodhopper, oaf, rube, yokel, and jokester. He's had to resort to, in a sense, playing politics in order to make people believe his points. He hasn't done anything to truly back them up. He's hoped his spin on a situation would simply make onlookers go, "he's right," instead of, "that's not what really happened."

It's a sad fact... It's like me going out and saying that I never beat Jason Zero at the 2 for 1 Special, I merely was helping him keep warm because I felt he was getting a bit of a chill...

From the background, Helms shows a look of disgust toward the thought of Jake "sharing" his body heat with Zero.

Jake Starr: ... Or, you know, if I said I've never been pinned when I was feeling my best, therefore those losses don't count.

Examples? SURE! I have some!

One that I found the most intriguing were some of his excuses about the losses he's accumulated along the way. Now, don't get me wrong, he wasn't actually saying these excuses to me, these are ones he's given in the past, and we all know he'll somehow spin them, to give the same argument AGAIN! You see, for a while, these losses he began to accumulate, he had to spin them as being "tainted," and not "valid." He claimed that he was never pinned, therefore, he didn't truly lose. On the record books yes, in reality no!

... Kind of reminds me of the 2 for 1 Special, when Christian Savior ran away with MY championship... It was like he was saying he should be champion because he was merely involved in the match, and SOMEONE had one, and therefore he's the champion...

Makes a lot of sense huh?

Jake pauses, allowing the viewer to take a moment to reflect.

Jake Starr: He views these losses as mere "formalities," and doesn't accept them upon himself. He believes them to be, well, jokes. Apparently funny ones at that!

Another thing the "Necrophiliac" does, is try and shift the blame to others for things. Again... No responsibility for himself, or others surrounding him. Lose the Tag Titles, blame Masquerade. He and Smurfette get beaten by two legitimately talented women, in Syren and Ravyn, and he blames Syren...

... Wait a minute... He blamed Syren for beating him and the whore-Smurf? You mean, he realized why he lost, in a sense? I wish him congratulations on the FIRST TIME he's been RIGHT about a loss. He was beaten by someone who actually cares about winning, and not gallivanting around, trying to be the "dark funny man, with the airless lady friend?" Wow...

... And speaking of Smurfette, doesn't he realize she's merely a rip off? I did the whole, let's look at movies, television or books, and dress up and act like them. He picks a Smurf?

Helms walks up behind Jake and taps him on the shoulder. Jake leans down, and whispers something in Jake's ear.

Jake Starr: AVATAR?! REALLY?! You mean he didn't go for the whore-Smurf? Wow... So he's going for a created CGI person. Even more "clown-ish" if you ask me...

Anyway... Back to what I was saying...

Keeping with the theme of "things Shilo has done to prove he's merely a clown, and nothing more," there's the several incidents where "things didn't happen," and immediately did. It's a classic setup/punch line type scenario. Syren never beat him, then POOF, she did. He wasn't pinned in the tag matches, POOF, Syren handled that as well. I'm sensing a pattern with this character. He'll say something, then do another.

Which means...


It's inevitable... Shilo will come out and say how he's lost a couple of matches in a row, and will use me as his chance to get back on the winning side, show Karnivale's prowess over the elite, and subsequently regain their Tag Championships, and if he has the manhood, retain his United States Championship over me... Although I seriously doubt he'll accept that part of my challenge, and thus prove how FEARFUL he is. Shilo will repeatedly try and demean me, as he's done others. He'll call me names, he'll try and insult me, but truth be told, it'll all continue to prove my point...

He's scared.

Shilo fears what's ahead of him because he and his cohort have been able to pull the wool over everyone eyes in their quest to become "the best." I'll admit... People I've spoken with thought they were the real deal for a while. But as they exposed themselves as liars and clowns, the masses begun to turn away from their abilities. People began to notice they demanded more than everyone else, and yet never would man-up to opportunities they were asked to provide. People began to see that they were not as "dominating" as, say, oh I don't know, as Jake Starr has been since he came to SCW.

Jake walks toward the camera being held by Thorn.

Jake Starr: To me, Shilo marks another opportunity to show why I still am THE MAN to beat. Shilo Valiant initially convinced many he was the future of this organization, only to have exposed himself for the fallacy that he and Masquerade truly are. They're clowns... They're charlatans... They're those who resort to dressing women in blue paint to fulfill their internal fantasies of actually being successful actors in high-budget movies. Or they're dressing them in blue because they have some form of sexual attraction to Smurfs, and wish to play the role of Gargamel. It's one of the two...

So... While I am forced to sit back and watch guys like Christian Savior and Jason "Today My Name Is" Zero actually receive opportunities they are not, IN THE LEAST BIT QUALIFIED FOR, I'll utilize Shilo as a chance to show SCW Management, Sasha Baron Drachewych, and Daddy D why they all made a HUGE mistake passing me over.

The fact of the matter is, for Shilo, Breakdown marks another day to which his farce, his joke, and his charade as a clown becomes exposed for the TRUTH that it is. It's a joke... It's clownish... It's childish... And I might add, the necrophilia portion is down right gross and illegal in some states!

So... With all of that said... For Shilo... He walks like a duck... He quacks like a duck... He looks like a duck. He is what he is. For me... I guess, since I'm dressed like this, and everyone knows how fake this whole get-up is... I guess looks really can be deceiving!

Jake walks out of frame, and the scene shifts back to where all three men can be seen. Thorn puts his arm around his friend, hoping that this experience has brought a little more happiness into his life, knowing the darkness he's been shrouded in for such a long time now.

Thorn: Did that make you feel better? Happier?

Jake Starr: Nah... Not really...

Thorn: Well... Worth a shot I suppose!

Helms, smacks Jake in the arm, and gives him a death stare that would make anyone tremble, all over the blue body paint. He storms off, ahead of Thorn and Jake, who both are fighting their laughter seeing Helms in such a twit. The scene fades to black as the camera stops, and watches Thorn and Jake trailing further and further behind their blue comerade, and the sun setting in front of them.

With this return to his comical and more upbeat ways, Thorn and Helms both, regardless of how pissed he may be for being suckered into being dressed as an outcast from the Blue Man Group, hope that Jake going back to the ways he always seemed to be happier, begin to help turn him around, and help cure the mental sorrow and anguish he's been fighting through. They both hope that they can help show Jake the positives that he's always had surrounding him. Both, though, wonder if and when this could all catch up to him. They both hope he continue to battle through the adversity as he has thus far, and hope his progression back to a level of normalcy continues to progress in the manner it has.

What will Breakdown bring for Jake? Will he be able to overcome yet another obstacle on his quest back to the top? Will Shilo Valiant accept Jake's challenge to put the title on the line, like a true champion? All these, and more, will be answered as Breakdown comes closer and closer.


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