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Depending on who you ask, a career in professional wrestling can be summed up in several ways.

One argument is that you can only sum up success in a career by wins and losses. It's that black and white. Those people say if you win a lot, lose a little, you're successful. You're worthy of being praised by the masses, and respected by everyone.

Another group would argue that, while wins and losses can define a great "regular season," it's the championships that define success. Those are the people who say that if you can't win the "big game," your quest may truly not have been as successful as you would have hoped. They look at the 2008 New England Patriots, and simply argue that they may have been the only team since the 1972 Dolphins to have an undefeated regular season, but they will be forever remembered as losing the game that mattered the most, and thus not being viewed as successful.

Then, there's a third group. A group who, in a sense, hybridizes the two aforementioned scenarios, and makes a case that success is simply defined by legacy. Success is defined by the positives remembered by the masses, and the stamp that you will have forever put on an organization. This can be any combinations of wins, championships, matches, accolades, etcetera.

The problem appears when you feel it's this hybrid philosophy that is correct, and yet, you also feel like you're being personally withheld from your grasp, and thus a feeling that success isn't in your future begins to churn inside your body.

It's a common feeling. It's something many wrestlers must undertake at some point in their career. They must watch as others are given chances they feel they're equally, if not more qualified for. They must watch as they are forced to regress, while others are given free reign to make attempts at progress... And such is the case now.

Jake Starr, having triumphed in, arguably, one of the greatest matches in SCW history, is at a point where he feels he could be a serious candidate to, once again, be in contention. He feels that having stood strong in the challenge against Josh Hudson, and ultimately ended Hudson's career, he's worthy of something. Yet, he feels nobody else notices.

After Breakdown aired, Jake's raw emotion came through on Twitter, where his opinion of the decisions being made were unleashed in a raw, unedited, pure, expulsion of anger and annoyance. It was raw enough to garner the attention of many within the SCW hierarchy, and ultimately cause Jake to receive calls and requests to tone the emotion down...

... And surprisingly enough... He obliged...

When Jake joined Twitter, he wanted it to be so fans could really get his "up to the minute" thoughts, regardless of if he's "booked" or not, and really allow the world into his personal life. Apparently, he let people in too far.

His anger has truly been on the rise lately, and it's been something he's been deeply fighting to restrain. It was his downfall before in his career, and he ultimately feels it could happen again. He also feels this could be some kind of off-shoot from the sleep issues, and he truly wants to quell it.

He hopes this visit to Dr. Collier's office will help shed some light on why it's gone from sleep deprivation to anger, and what he can do to keep it from exposing itself to his wife and family.

As the scene fades in, Jake is seen walking down the hallway, and approaching the doctor's office. As Jake reaches the doorway, he knocks lightly, and the doctor's head looks up from his paperwork.

Dr. Collier: Ah! Jake! Excellent! I'm glad you're here, please come in!

Jake walks in and takes his place across from the doctor's desk, on the couch. He makes sure to get comfortable, knowing the talk, most likely, will be uncomfortable. Jake leans his head back on the couch, and looks up toward the ceiling, and lets out a "blowing" breath of air.

Dr. Collier: So how's everything been with you?

Jake Starr: Well, it's been... Well... There...

Dr. Collier: That good huh?

A faint smirk can be seen from the corner of his mouth.

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Dr. Collier: Did you get a chance to talk with Brandon, like we discussed?

Jake Starr: Oh yeah...

Dr. Collier: And how did that go?

Jake Starr: Honestly... It was about what I expected...

Dr. Collier: I'd say that's probably a good thing, since you at least got what you had mentally prepared for. Now, would you say that confronting him, getting him on the same page, and opening up to him, has helped you mentally any?

Jake's head comes back down, looking forward. He simply looks at the doctor, and shrugs.

Dr. Collier: ... And that means?

Jake Starr: Honestly, I've noticed some changes. I can't lie about that. I can't say it didn't right some wrongs. But truthfully, I feel as if my mind still has its own agenda.

The doctor looks confused.

Dr. Collier: Please explain...

Jake Starr: Well, the dreams have really begun to subside. Hell, when I actually get to sleep, I sleep. But getting there is seemingly an issue. And honestly, I know why...

Dr. Collier: Ok, tell me...

Jake Starr: ... Honestly my temper, and my anger, have been building up. I've had to fight harder than ever to keep it under wraps, and not let it get out.

The doctor removes his glasses, and places one earpiece in his mouth, showing obvious concern for his patient.

Dr. Collier: Ok... Continue...

Jake Starr: Lately, I've found myself getting annoyed, and getting mad at EVERYTHING around me. And some of the things I'm getting flustered with aren't even worth it, in the big picture, but for some reason it happens. I get worked up, and I just feel the urge to explode, yell, scream, cry, you name it.

Dr. Collier nods, and puts his glasses back on. He quickly jots some notes down. He then looks back up at Jake.

Dr. Collier: So... Do you have any ideas as to what may be the root cause of all of this anger?

Jake Starr: Honestly... No... That's why I'm here, and hoping you may be able to tell me.

Dr. Collier realizes he phrased the question wrong, and opts to rephrase it.

Dr. Collier: Let me try asking it this way... The last time this emotion, and this feeling, was triggered, what exactly were you thinking about?

Jake Starr: A number of things...

Dr. Collier: Ok... Tell me...

Jake Starr: Man, it spanned the gamut. I thought about the fight with Josh Hudson, the feeling that I'm being passed over and overlooked in SCW, the fact I'm about to be a father, and quite frankly I don't know if I'll be a good one, things like that...

Hearing Jake's reasoning the doctor's facial expression begins to change. The look begins to give across a feeling of positivity, and more upbeat feelings than what Jake had been expressing. As Jake is talking, he notices this, and stops talking himself. The doctor begins fiddling through his notes, finds what he was looking for, and begins to nod his head.

Jake Starr: So... Is this where you're going to tell me I've gone mental?

The doctor chuckles.

Dr. Collier: No no no my friend. Not in the least. And not unless you consider the fear of parenthood a facet of losing your mind.

Jake's expression becomes one of complete bewilderment.

Dr. Collier: As you said that last little bit, about worrying about being a good father, I remembered a previous session when you had expressed those same concerns, and we looks at it as simply a secondary "side effect" to whatever the true cause of all of these issues. Now I'm beginning to think we've been pushing the root cause to the side all along...

Jake is completely taken aback by the statement.

Dr. Collier: ... As I look back to, even the first time we spoke, back four or so years ago, you told me you had been thinking of talking to Roeper about starting a family, because you thought you were ready to be a father. This time around, with the dreams, you said that worrying about Roeper and the pregnancy has been looming in your mind constantly, which is understandable. I'm thinking that a lot of these dreams of "loss" have been based around your fear of losing your child due to not being a good father or role model, rather than this being something based on your profession, your group of friends, and things like that. It's come up too many times to not be something that is part of the problem.

Jake looks confused and concerned all at once.

Jake Starr: But... I just don't think I'm scared of fatherhood.

Dr. Collier: Most first-time fathers don't THINK they're scared, but trust me when I said it is quite common.

Jake leans forward, and shows obvious signs of concern.

Jake Starr: Well... Hearing that now makes me wonder if, as we get closer to the due date, this anger will get worse. It's actually kind of unsettling...

The doctor stands up and walks around his desk. He sits on the front of it, and looks down at Jake.

Dr. Collier: Jake... I'll do everything I can to help you, help Roeper, and help the two of you prepare for parenthood, from the mental aspect if you’d like. As I said, this type of behavior, this type of mentality and this type of worry is very common. You're not alone in this world with this kind of problem.

Jake Starr: Ok... So what do I do?

Dr. Collier: Well, we need to get you to begin to channel your aggression.

Jake Starr: How?

Dr. Collier: Honestly, why not unleash it in SCW? Or come in here, vent to me, I'll work with you on preparing mentally for fatherhood, and maybe, when all is said and done, you can be as good as new at the end of this whole process.

Jake's face shows he's beginning to see the point, and understand this could be the best course of action for him.

Jake Starr: I'm just honestly worried that I may accidentally let out the anger when I shouldn't...

Dr. Collier: If you honestly feel it's going to happen, or if it does happen, call me immediately. Seriously... If it happens, we can figure out what we need to do to remedy it.

Jake simply nods.

Dr. Collier: I also think it would be a good thing to talk to Roeper directly, and tell her about these anger issues. I think if she knows about these things up front, and you were to let them out, she'd be more understanding and less caught off guard.

Jake takes a deep breath, and sighs. As much as he may not enjoy the thought of opening up to his wife regarding this, he does realize the rationale behind it.

As Jake displays his sense of nerves, Dr. Collier begins to reassure Jake things will get better.

Dr. Collier: I promise you Jake, all will be fine in the long run. You just have to trust me.

Jake Starr: I do...

As Jake says those final words to Dr. Collier, the scene slowly begins to fade to black with Jake, still leaning forward, and head slumped down, with his chin on his chest.

His desire to rid himself of his demons, and get back to the enjoyable life he lead prior to their arrival, has become a goal he yearns to reach. But much like times were with Greg Cherry and Josh Hudson staring him down, he knows his requirement to the wrestling industry, and its fanbase, must also be focused upon as well. This time, it's the eyes of Shilo Valiant. This time, it's a champion. Unfortunately, this time the champion isn't man enough to put his championship on the line, and it's something Jake has, very much, taken notice of since the match was announced.

Jake Starr: It's become a real trend for me lately to feel bittersweet after matches, knowing that, while victory is sweet, the aftermath can really pack a punch nobody anticipates the long term effects for.

Again... I face that same conundrum...

At Rise to Greatness, two men walked into the arena with one goal in mind, victory. For Josh Hudson, he walked in knowing it was his "final battle," and his last chance to have a "last hoorah" in his career. For me, it was a chance to retire a man who had stolen so much from me, and show that I truly am the best of the best in this business...

... And I won...

So, why shouldn't I be rejoicing in this moment? Why am I not lavishing in the fact I ended the career of Josh Hudson on a note he'll forever remember as sour and unpleasant? Truthfully, it's all because of the "finality" of the whole situation.

See, since I returned to professional wrestling, I never really connected with anyone, in the sense I did with Hudson. I never felt I had the "antagonist" to my story. I never felt I had that true "rival." Hudson brought that. Hudson gave me that rivalry that, while I may loathe and despise some who I feel are pieces of sh!t, I can't find in others. And now, it's over. As fast as it began, it ended. It's something unfortunate, but real.

Hudson and I had built a rivalry that forced everyone to pay attention, and pay attention with great anticipation. It's something very few people can accomplish. Everyone dreams of being in that storied match, where you know whether you're the headline, or the supporting cast, you're the one everyone is most anticipating. It's easy to be the headliner, and deliver; it's harder to build the anticipation around an earlier match, and garner the same anticipation, hence the desire.

Josh and I did that very thing!

Everyone wanted to see if the veteran could quell the momentum of Jake Starr. Everyone wanted to see if the shear magnitude of the accomplishments I had been able to achieve was something that could send Josh Hudson packing with his head slunk down.

Simply put... Everyone wanted to know the answer...

... And now they do. The answers have been given. The monumental encounter has come and gone. Instead of the world looking ahead at a potential "round two," they simply must accept that Jake Starr emerged victorious. The world must accept the fact that Hudson has moved on with his life, and now, it's Jake Starr's turn.

Jake takes a deep breath, and ultimately sighs.

Jake Starr: ... My turn...

Jake smirks and shrugs quickly.

Jake Starr: My turn... Heh... Talk about something quite, oh how can I say it, obscure maybe? It's a concept that, truthfully, boggles my mind right now. I don't know what it's "my turn" for. I don't know what's next for me. I don't know what to answer the fans who approached me after Rise to Greatness, and most recently Breakdown, to ask me if my win would propel me back into the hunt for the World Heavyweight Championship. I don't know what to think when they ask me what could be the "next step" for Jake Starr.

I really just... Don't know...

When I walked into Rise to Greatness, I knew the implications of my match. I knew the magnitude. It was the two previous World Champions, one who ultimately caused the other his championship, ending their feud, and one side emerging victorious. Both sides desired the knowledge that they were "in the right" about believing they were truly the most deserving of praise and accolade. And yet, nothing. There has been no praise, no reward, no good job, no nothing...

... One of the greatest matches, greatest wars, and greatest rivalries, regardless of how short, in SCW history garnered very little in the way of "reward." Retiring one of the greatest competitors in SCW isn't a reward...

... It's not...

But what has been rewarded is something that, truly, is boggling to the mind. What has been rewarded is complaints, bitching, and ultimately, mediocrity. Not talent, not performance, not ratings, not who is DESERVING, but mediocrity.

First, you have Jason Zero, a man who's ability to self-promote himself as something far greater than he'll EVER be, is staggering. A man who has done NOTHING to truly put himself in a position to even say he's EARNED a chance at my brother, Thorn. He's beaten Lucas Knight, yay! He beat Josh Hud... Oh wait NO HE DIDN'T! He didn't beat the man I beat. He didn't beat Hudson at all. He... LOST! But, wait... I found the crowning achievement that put him over the top...

... Wait for it...

... Wait for it...


Jake immediately strikes a cheesy, thumbs up, and fake smile pose. Then, as it sets in what he just said, his facial expression begins to change. The cheesy smile begins to vanish from his mouth. The eyes, initially showing the same facade of excitement, begins to shift to a state of confusion, and concern. He looks down to the ground, still trying to process that last statement.

Jake Starr: ... He beat Rachel Foxx... The same Rachel Foxx I beat the night Josh Hudson beat him, and he's next in line for a chance at the SCW World Championship?


That is staggering. It's staggering to comprehend why someone who lost to the man many regarded as the most "supreme" and "superior" wrestler in the industry, could be handed a chance to win the World Championship under yet another name, that nobody gives a damn about.

I guess if you complain enough, you'll eventually get your way, huh?

Jake shakes his head, still boggled by the notion of Jason Zero, a man he's beaten at EVERY chance, has been given ANY opportunity over him. In Jake's mind, this isn't about the World Championship, it's beyond that. In Jake's mind, this is simply someone getting opportunities before him, that have proven to be unable to stand toe to toe with him, while he simply stands aside and watches.

After trying to regain his composure, taking several deep breaths, gritting his teeth multiple times, and simply doing everything he can to ease his nerves, Jake continues...

Jake Starr: And then, even more "deserving" is the man who won a number one contender's match at Rise to Greatness, over Katie "PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME" Steward... Might I add that's another task I've accomplished at every interchange... But that's beside the point.

The next contestant on "Let's-Throw-Random-Ass-People-At-Thorn-Because-We-Don't-Want-Him-As-Champion" show, Christian Savior! You all remember him right? The guy who lost to Gable Winchester, dropping his United States Championship? The man who lost to James Exeter to begin the month of July?


Ladies and gentlemen, you're other World Heavyweight Championship contender!

Need I say more?

These two half-wits have whined and cried their way to getting what they want, and you know, it's simply disgusting. These two have jumped the likes of me, Gable Winchester, Xander Valentine, Lucas Knight, and Syren, for the top spots on the totem poll of contenders. How? Why? Why reward people who openly complain about not getting what they "deserve," instead of making them EARN it, while at the same time, punishing those of us who have?

Jake's face becomes one of disappointment, and he lightly shakes his head from side to side.

Jake Starr: It's honestly a shame... But it's a shame that is reality, and one I know Thorn will emerge victorious from. It's a reality that, hopefully, will open Sasha, Daddy D, CHBK, the plumber, Fred the Ring Bell Guy, the bondage guy I always see going into Karnivale's locker room, or whoever does the booking, will realize was a MISTAKE, and a complete JOKE. Hopefully this marks the end of Jason Zero and Christian Savior being those who simply get handed shots they don't deserve, and those of us who do, can finally step into the roles we've worked so long and hard to obtain...

Jake takes another deep breath.

Jake Starr: ... But until then, my attention must do as I've always done, and focus on what's in front of me. And ironically, it's one of those men who enjoys being a submissive, and one of the "champions" of this organization, Shilo Valiant.

I face a man, I admit, I've paid NO attention to in SCW, minus the leather-clad, transgender, individual who frequents their locker room, I don't know much about him.

Well... Didn't...

As with any and all of my opponents, I do some research, pull tapes, and simply try and figure out who they are, and I must say, Shilo is simply, odd. And let me say, when I say odd, I mean it in the most ODD WAY POSSIBLE!

He's a man who has done a lot in SCW, in his brief period of time here. He's definitely on the books as saying A LOT, when it comes to any match he's in. The guy sure loves to talk, drone, meander, babble, and torture the world with his, well, stuff. He's also very vocal about what he's done, and you can't discredit him for it.

Four championships in 24 matches isn't something to be scoffed at. It really isn't!

Jake opens his eyes widely, and shakes his head, signally he really isn't trying to demean the four title reigns of Valiant.

Jake Starr: Shilo has captured singles gold twice, and tag gold twice, and currently holds one of those afore mentioned 4 championships he's won. It would have been two, but as has become something, I would gather, regular with him, he loses belts fairly quickly after he gets them. Seriously, think about it... 23 matches, as I said. Four championships, again, as I said. So... With those numbers, four of those 23 matches were when he captured the respective title. Ok, that drops us to 19 matches, and also accounts for 26 percent of his wins, and 17 percent of his matches. Three of those 19 remaining matches happened to be matches where he's LOST championships... 37 percent of his losses, and 13 percent of his matches overall. Examining these numbers doesn't tell me much other than the fact he does lose championships an inordinate percentage of matches.

Now, having said that, if you really want to get down to it, out of my losses, one loss has been for a title, which does account for 25 percent of my losses. I admit, not a pretty number. But... BUT... That one loss, which was for the Adrenaline Championship by the way, only accounts for TWO percent of my career in SCW. That's right... SINGLE DIGITS! Shilo, while he may have more overall title reigns than I do, also has more title losses than I do. It speaks a lot to his ability to be a champion.

But... BUT... Maybe I'm wrong... Maybe this "Necrophiliac" is someone who's just faced some of the best up-and-comers in SCW, and suffered unfortunate defeats. It could very well be... Gable Winchester isn't a slouch when it comes to competitors. Hell, like I said, he is more worthy than those two daisy-chained brothers are. So... I'd like to test Shilo's true ability as a champion. I want to see if he is someone who really can live up to the capabilities a CHAMPION must have.

... So SCW Management, Shilo Valiant, fans, everyone, listen up... At Breakdown, I want Shilo Valiant, the United States Champion, to man-up, and put his United States Championship ON THE LINE, and show the world he's not someone who'll back down from a challenge. If he does, it'll go against the same things Karnivale has stood for, and done. Hell... When Shilo's bondage friend Masquerade was challenged for his Adrenaline Championship, a belt I must say he has severely devalued since I held it, his response was clear. He'd only defend his, if the vagina of Karnivale got a shot as well.

So... Let's see if they can accept what they've done in the past. Let's see if they can step up to the challenge of a worthy contender. Let's see if the SCW suits have the balls to give Jake Starr a shot at someone who seemingly can't get his paws on enough title belts. Because the fact of the matter is this... I have every right to challenge for ANY championship. After what I've done, and what I've accomplished, and especially if Jason Zero can simply be gift-wrapped a World Title shot, Jake Starr can be gift-wrapped a shot at the United States Championship.

I'll simply say, if SCW management isn't willing to do this, I guess, in a nutshell, it'll show who is paying who under the table. If Karnivale can say they want to hold 3 different singles belts, including their yearning for the Women's Championship too, AND the Tag Championships, Helms, Thorn, and I can have similar aspirations, and receive equal treatment.


Rise to Greatness showed you...

Helms wins... He'll soon be the Adrenaline Champion...

Zero wins... He is gifted a World Title opportunity...

Savior wins... Another World Title gift...

Karnivale loses... REMATCH!!

Starr wins.............

Thorn wins... Is STILL, and will REMAIN, World Heavyweight Champion

If Rise to Greatness is the basis for title shots, and rewards are handed out because of it, I see one simple thing being left out from those results... Anyone else noticing it too? There's only one solution... Jake Starr, Shilo Valiant, United States Championship, at Breakdown... Period!


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