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With Breakdown a mere memory, the attention of the wrestling world shifts from it to Rise to Greatness, and the spectacle that it promises to be. More specifically, the attention continues to shift more and more away from the main event, to the match that could be widely considered the co-main event, the hyped encounter between Jake Starr and Josh Hudson. With the hype it has continued to receive, and the building and building of tension between the two since, basically as far back as Tactical Warfare, the fans have begun to talk more and more about this being the match they can't wait to see...

... And with how Breakdown concluded, the chatter has grown even more...

Josh Hudson's attack, as Breakdown came to a close, brings this match into a whole new light. Hudson now walks into Rise to Greatness with a definite advantage knowing Jake walks in at under 100%. It's also caused fans of Jake, and others behind the scenes, to begin to believe there's a good chance he could be stymied in his quest to send Hudson off on a sour note.

It's one of those things where, if Jake truly wants to accomplish his goal, and avenge his "moral defeat," he's going to have to somehow remove the pain, the aches, the bruises, and the mental anguish to achieve it. He'll have to overcome the odds of being already beaten down, and he'll have to rely on his veteran instincts to carry him to the "promised land."

Still, before Jake can even face Hudson at Rise to Greatness, he has one promise he must fulfill, and one demon he must finally confront.

Before leaving for Breakdown, Jake made the phone call he had been dreading since being initially suggested by his psychologist. He called Brandon Evans, only to receive his voice mail, and be forced to leave a message, and once again, feel a sense of uncertainty. Thankfully, however, during the voice message, he left an open invitation to his long-time friend to simply let him know when he'd be arriving, and Jake would be ready.

While Jake was in the ring at Breakdown, along side his friend, and new fraternal brother, Thorn, the callback came. In the essence of the unofficial game of "phone tag," Brandon left a message for Jake. He informed Jake he could sense the urgency in his voice, and would meet him today, after Jake got back home from performing at Breakdown. When Jake heard those words, he knew the time had come, whether he truly felt ready or not.

Since Jake has returned home, he hasn't mentioned to Roeper that he's communicated with Brandon, or that he's expected at any moment.

As Jake finishes unpacking all of his belongings, that he took with him to perform at Breakdown, his phone vibrates in his pocket. He pulls it out to find a text message from Brandon saying...

"Just got my luggage from the airport... Getting a car... Will be there soon..."

Jake decides it's best he finally inform his wife about their pending visitor, so he walks over into the bedroom, where Roeper is lying in bed, relaxing, and watching the television. She sees him in the doorway, complete with knot on his head from Hudson's Go 2 Sleep from the night before, grins at him, knowing he's about to address her.

Jake Starr: Hey honey...

Roeper Hart: Hey babe!

Jake Starr: He's on his way...

Roeper Hart: Who is?

Roeper tilts her head to the side, showing a sense of confusion, unaware she is to be expecting any visitors. Jake simply stands there, continuing to stare at here, knowing she'll catch on momentarily.

Finally, Roeper's head goes back upright, and a sense of shock begins to come over her.

Roeper Hart: Brandon?!

Jake simply nods.

Roeper's eyes widen, and she also lets out a smile.

Roeper Hart: I'm glad he's coming over finally...

Jake takes a deep breath, showing signs of obvious nerves.

Jake Starr: I definitely don't think this is going to be easy... Or fun for that matter...

Roeper stands up from the bed, and makes her way over to her husband. Once she is right in front of Jake, she slowly begins to embrace him. She lies her head down on his chest, with her face still pointed toward the camera. Jake, being much taller than his wife, embraces her back, and sets his chin on top of her head.

Roeper Hart: It's going to be fine babe...

She feels her husband take another deep breath.

Jake Starr: I... I guess I just don't know what I'm going to say...

Roeper Hart: I know you well enough to know you have a way with words. You think of the right ones to say.

Jake Starr: I hope so...

Roeper pulls back, and looks up at Jake. Her eyes are calming, and she shows a slight grin.

Roeper Hart: I know so!

Jake slowly begins to nod toward his wife, and gives her the best grin he can muster. He slowly turns around and makes his way to the kitchen table, so he can mentally prepare for Brandon's arrival. As he reaches the table, he slowly pulls the chair back, and lowers himself into it. He folds his hands together, and lightly stretches them out onto the table.

His eyes remain fixed on his hands, and yet still tell the tale that his mind is racing.

As Jake remains seated in the kitchen, in a level of silence best described as that of a funeral, there is a knocking at the door. His head immediately springs up and stares directly ahead. He hears the footsteps of his wife approaching the door, and slowly opening it. Jake turns his head back toward the door, and listens as the voices of his wife and friend talking in the doorway.

Roeper Hart: OH MY GOD! Brandon! Come in come in!

Brandon Evans: Thanks Roeper... How are you?

Roeper Hart: Oh... Fat...

Brandon Evans: Ha ha! You can blame it on him... Or her... You are pregnant right?

Roeper Hart: Very much so! We don't know the sex yet, though! Wow... Oh my god it's so good to see you! Where have you been?

Brandon Evans: You know me... Around... Here... There... Jake left me a message sounding pretty urgent, is everything ok?

Roeper Hart: Yeah... Although you two do need to talk... Here, he's in here!

Roeper escorts Brandon from the entry way of the house to the kitchen. Hearing them approaching Jake takes one more deep breath, closes his eyes to mentally regroup, and then stands up. He turns around quickly, and makes eye contact with a man he hasn't seen in nearly 9 months.

Both men show obvious signs of extreme nerves, neither knowing what the other is thinking or expecting from this rendezvous.

Knowing someone has to be the one to break the ice, and Jake extends his hand to his long-time friend. Brandon looks down, shakes Jake's hand, and the two quickly show signs of their long-standing friendship, and embrace one another briefly. In seeing this, Roeper smiles.

Roeper Hart: I'll leave you two to talk...

Roeper slowly bows out of the scene, and the two sit down across from one another. The sense of awkwardness is obvious to both men, and both simply sit, looking at one another, then away, neither knowing how to begin the meeting.

Brandon Evans: So...

Jake Starr: So...

Both men gently begin to nod, still feeling quite awkward about the whole situation.

Jake Starr: I'm glad I was finally able to track you down.

Brandon Evans: Could have called...

Jake Starr: I did at first...

Brandon Evans: Sorry... I got sidetracked with some things...

Jake Starr: I kind of figured...

Brandon Evans: Then, and I know you won't believe this, but I'll tell you anyway, I started getting chased by two guys, one who I think had Down's Syndrome across the entire country...

Jake begins to chuckle.

Brandon Evans: ... So I tried going over to Europe briefly, and they followed me there.

Jake continues to chuckle, and Brandon begins to show a slight sign of annoyance.

Brandon Evans: I'm glad YOU find it humorous... It really happened though...

Jake Starr: I believe you...

Brandon rolls his eyes at Jake, believing Jake is merely patronizing him.

Brandon Evans: Yeah... Sure...

Jake Starr: No really, I do. I sent them...

Brandon's reaction goes from a sight of annoyance to a look of complete and utter shock.

Brandon Evans: You did?! Why the hell would you do that?

Jake Starr: You vanished dude... You wouldn't call any of us back, including Jude, and we all kind of got worried. Usually you at least let us know you're alive when you do this. So, I figured I'd find a guy with superhero-esque senses, and another guy to be his "keeper," and have them track you do. It was honestly quite the simple process... I called up Star Wars Kid, gave him the basic and simple command of "Find Brandon," let him sniff your dirty underwear that was still in the hamper, and sent him off.

Brandon is clearly annoyed that he's been running from two people sent by his own friend.

Brandon Evans: You just should have kept trying to call

Jake begins to get a bit worked up, and the emotions that have been bubbling inside him all along slowly begin to surface.

Jake Starr: Dude... I did... Shawn did... Roxie did... Jude did... Roeper did... Hell Thorn and Helms did... When you didn't answer ANY of us, we all were worried.

Brandon leans back in his chair and takes a deep breath, and still shows signs of annoyance toward Jake.

Brandon Evans: Well... You found me! You got me here. I figured with the voice mail you left me it was time for me to step back up, and help get the Social Misfits back on track as a whole...

Jake's demeanor begins to shift to a sense of focus rather than raw emotion.

Jake Starr: Well... That's kind of why I called you here...

Jake takes a deep breath. He knows it's time to explain the situation to Brandon.

Jake Starr: ... I'm assuming you haven't been keeping tabs on anything, have you?

Brandon shakes his head, eyes still glued on those of Jake.

Jake Starr: Well... Things have... Well... Begun to change around me. In fact, things have changed a lot around. I'm about to be a father, my wrestling career is actually successful, and I am with a group of guys who have shown me the same kind of loyalty you and Jude did. The thing is, we're not the Social Misfits anymore.

Brandon is very obviously confused.

Jake Starr: ... See, when you vanished, and Tommy and David stepped up, I realized it was time to start anew in my life. So... I kind of put an end to the "Social Misfits" as a whole...

As Jake utters those last words, Brandon's emotions begin to become more and more visible.

Brandon Evans: Dude... I seriously think I'm back to the point I can be around full time again...

Jake gently closes his eyes, shakes his head, and reopens his eyes.

Jake Starr: I know better, man... I've been around you for damn near 10 years. I know how your mind works, I know your tendencies, I know you. Just like you know me...

Brandon begins to seem desperate.

Brandon Evans: Please man... Don't say all this... Things can be different this time around, I promise!

Jake is shocked at the statement, and almost lets out a chuckle.

Jake Starr: I'm not breaking up with you...

Brandon realizes how the statement came across, and sits back into his chair.

Jake Starr: ... It was just time for me to move on to the next chapter in my life. The "Social Misfits" chapter had run its course, and it was time to move on.

Brandon sits forward again, hoping to convince Jake otherwise.

Brandon Evans: The Misfits aren't something that can just end. It was a mentality, a lifestyle, it was US! You can't just kill us off...

Jake Starr: I'm not...

Brandon Evans: That's what you're saying... You're saying you've killed us off!

Jake Starr: Brandon... Listen... The Misfits have "ended," as you say once before. The reasons why were pretty damn similar. It started with you going off to do your own thing, each of us trying to do the same, then I began to start having these nightmares and the world was falling in around me, and ultimately it lead to all of us, basically, leaving the business. And when the nightmares came back I...

Brandon is stunned to hear they're back.

Brandon Evans: The dreams are back?!

Jake Starr: Yeah... And the doctor believes it could all be correlated to one another.

Brandon Evans: How so?

Jake Starr: ... Like I said, back when they first happened, you had flaked out, no one would hire us, I was such an egotistical ass I was losing friends, my relationship was going down the drain, and then the nightmares started. Now, I mean, I don't have the same feeling of entitlement, and Roeper and I are great, but I feel like a lot has begun to crumble around me lately. And honestly... It kind of traces back to when you began to flake this time...

Brandon is seriously bothered by the potential fact he could have been one of the main causes of Jake's nightmares all along.

Jake Starr: ... And honestly, I knew you weren't paying much attention to the wrestling world, and I needed to make sure you knew our run in that lifestyle has come to an end...

Brandon begins to shake his head back and forth rapidly.

Brandon Evans: The Misfits would NEVER accept that!

Jake takes another deep breath.

Jake Starr: Everyone has... All but you. Jude has moved on with his real estate business, Shawn is working a lot with me behind the scenes, and truly all that was left, was you. Tommy and Helms were completely understanding too, but they're the new breed. They're new to our world. They haven't ridden this roller coaster like we have, and I just am ready to ride a new one...

Brandon Evans: Dude... You've forgotten who we were, what we were, what we stood for...

Jake Starr: No...

Brandon Evans: We were the most dominant force in this industry. We buried organizations that didn't accept it. If anyone got in our path, we made sure they didn't EVER forget us. We instilled fear into the hearts of anyone who opposed us man..

Jake Starr: ... And that time has come and gone. We have no real need for it now.

Brandon Evans: We were the f_cking most talented group of guys, and you're willing to just walk away...

Jake holds his hands up toward Brandon, trying to signal to him to settle down. Brandon realizes he's letting his emotions get away from him, and calms himself down.

Jake Starr: I haven't forgotten, nor am I walking away. The Misfits have run their course. We've made our statement. We've done our damage. We achieved our mission. We can't just sit back, and live on the mission and the goal we already achieved. It's time to move on to the next phases of all of our lives, mine and yours.

Brandon slumps his head down again, and swallows the saliva resting in his mouth.

Brandon Evans: So... I guess this is it, huh?

Jake reaches across the table and puts his hand on Brandon's shoulder.

Jake Starr: Dude... We're always going to be brothers. We're always going to be "Social Misfits" at heart. It's just now we don't have to be it 24/7. But I guarantee you this... If a day comes where the "Social Misfits" must rise again, they'll rise from the ashes like a Phoenix. But until that day comes, it's time to just live life as it is.

Brandon Evans: Sorry man... Sorry to have triggered all of this...

The scene begins to fade to black as Jake utters his final words...

Jake Starr: No need bro... No need...

As the scene goes completely to black the world can now begin to wonder if this truly was the step in the right direction for Jake. Now, having finally sat down, and explained everything to Brandon, and finally allowed the Social Misfits, as a group, to fully ride off into the sunset, will the nightmare subside? Will he be able to now give Josh Hudson, and every opponent more attention, and regroup from the stumbles he's faced recently? Or will it be too little, too late, for this match, and he'll have to continue to trudge through the mental grime he's allowed himself to become engulfed in? One way or another today marks a historic, and weight-lifting day for Jake Starr, and hopefully, the true beginning of the next chapter in his life.

Jake Starr: I am beginning to learn that the more I think I know, the more I realize I don't have a clue. Seriously... It's becoming more and more apparent to me!

There was a time, roughly a year ago, where I felt I was unstoppable, and had an ego the size of Manhattan. I felt I was the best of the best of the best, and if anyone questioned me, I would openly snap. I was demanding, and ultimately, felt entitled to everything. Then 2010 rolls around, and I subsequently lose both championships I left 2009 with. I realized I'm mortal. I realized that at any given moment, I could be surpassed. I realized this business is as tough as it has ever been.

Today, however, I'm a bit more of an unfamiliar area, especially since I realize now, what's been staring me in the face since the day I lost the SCW World Championship.

When Tactical Warfare ended, and I was without a championship for the first time since April of 2009, I had figured that there had to have been a reason for it. I figured I had been either beaten by someone truly superior, or simply wasn't ready to be the true, long-term, champion of Supreme Championship Wrestling.

... And honestly, I believed it was due to the fact I had been bested by someone superior to myself, and more apt at capitalizing on a situation than I was.

After last night, however, I realize I was wrong all along...

You see, last night, at Breakdown, I walked in anticipating a match against Greg Cherry. I anticipated a match where he and I would battle from pillar to post, and both try to leave with the momentum and less bruising, going into Rise to Greatness. I expected for two guys, both vying for the chance to be seen, again, as the "top dog" of SCW, to battle from one end of the arena to the other, putting on a show for the fans, getting them out of their seats, winding them from cheering, and ending with one of us capitalizing at the right time.

Again... Showed what I knew!

Instead, Sasha, in her OH SO KIND frame of mind, gives Chunk the night off. She then decides to throw Thorn into the mix, and force him to fight, and thus jeopardize his chances in his inaugural title defense.

Now, I'm not opposed, IN THE LEAST, with having to compete along side my brother, but what I do seemingly have an objection to is the fact that Josh Hudson AND Greg Cherry were given a nice, little, free pass to Rise to Greatness, while Thorn and I went out, and battled Christian "Oh Please Believe I'm Talented" Savior, and Katie "Oh Please Mention My Name With Someone Relevant So I Can Feel Important" Steward. It was a match that, for all intents and purposes, was stellar.

It was everything the fans had hoped for... Up until a certain point...

... See, instead of the crowd getting to witness two members of the most influential unified group in professional wrestling emerge victorious, and ride off toward Rise to Greatness, they saw something quite differently. They saw us win, yes. They saw us emerge victorious, yes. But what they also saw were the true colors of a man DESPERATE to end his career on a high.

Now, before I go into details, let me regress once again to set this up...

After Tactical Warfare, the world saw Josh Hudson shocking the world, and stepping up to claim right to the SCW World Championship. The world was in shock, and complete awe of his feet. It was unexpected, and pretty unbelievable. From there, Hudson paved this path to wanting to face ONLY Jake Starr, and prove his worth. He wanted to show the world how superior he was to everyone, and ultimately prove he was the BEST that Supreme Championship Wrestling had to offer. He began attacking people, beating them down, and trying to eliminate them from being able to compete, so he could ultimately prove to the world he was bigger and better than Jake Starr.

From there, he loses the World Championship, and claims it wasn't his primary concern. His primary concern was me. He has done nothing but hype up his abilities, and his talents. He's done nothing but claim how great he is. He's done nothing but say how his goal was to prove himself.

But in order to do that, wouldn't he need to face me, man to man, one on one, at the top of our games? Wouldn't Josh Hudson need Jake Starr to walk into Rise to Greatness at PEAK condition in order to walk away knowing he's proved his point? Think about it... If Josh Hudson had Jake Starr at 100%, and won, think about the long-term ramifications. Think about the effect it would have on the LEGACY he leaves behind. The world would be able to look at Josh Hudson, and truthfully say, "He beat Jake Starr, and proved who the better man was."

Jake rubs the knot on his forehead, and winces in a bit of pain.

Jake Starr: ... But instead, the world isn't going to have that, are they?

The answer is no!

See, last night, Josh Hudson showed his true colors. They're not the colors of a man who believes himself to be superior, or more talented. They don't show a man who is out to make sure people believe that the crap he's been spewing over the past few months is really what he believes deep down.

They don't!

His actions last night show a man who, honestly, is scared. They show a man who doesn't believe he can do what he's claimed he's wanted to do all along. He's claimed to have this burning desire to want to defeat Jake Starr to prove he is SCW's greatest wrestler, pure wrestler, champion, whatever descriptor he's using today, and then he subsequently feels the need to "soften me up?" It just doesn't seem to add up to me.

Why would a man, so full of himself, his abilities, and his goals have to resort to that?

Like I said, true colors are showing through...

... And also like I said, I'm beginning to see where what I thought is now being shown as not entirely the case.

The truth is, Josh Hudson knows he can't beat me on his best day, and my best day. He has come to the realization that Jake Starr IS everything he's been hyped as, and then some. But he won't admit it. He won't admit to anyone that he's over hyped himself, and he knows compared to me his skills rival the in-ring abilities of David Arquette. He knows this! He knows he's pinned himself into a corner he doesn't know how to fight out of. But... Truth is, I think last night, at Breakdown, was his first admission to himself that he can't do what he ultimately prophesized he would in the first place. Last night, when he attacked me, and he kneed me in my skull, he did it to make sure I wasn't at my best. He knew that was his only chance to walk out of Rise to Greatness victorious. He had to make sure I wasn't at my best!

You know what that tells me? It tells me that, all along, this quest of his has been because of fear. He fears Jake Starr because he knows I am capable of exploiting him for who he really is, and proving to the world his mouth was more talented than his actual ability to follow through. He truly fears the fact that he could walk into Rise to Greatness with his head held high, and when he leaves, be nothing more than a fleeting memory.

So he's taken precautions to, at the very least, give himself a glimmer of hope. He knew, going into Breakdown, that no matter what happened, he was going to get his shots in. He was going to attack me, beat me down, and make sure there was no way I was entering Rise to Greatness full throttle.

... To be quite honest, it's fine with me! I'm fine knowing he's truly fearful of what's to come. See, he's given me this "easing" sense of mind after Breakdown. I went from thinking that it was going to be a war of two of the best, both striving to maintain their legacies, to realizing he means my legacy no harm. See, before last night, the world focused on the notion that Jake Starr and Josh Hudson would give it their all. Both men would go into Rise to Greatness, and we'd see who was superior of the two at their prime.

Instead, he compromised it.

He compromised all he's set out to do.

A win now doesn't have the same meaning to anyone else but him, now. It won't hold the same water...

Jake smirks.

Jake Starr: But for me, however, it WILL mean a lot...

I walk into Rise to Greatness far away from at my "optimal" condition. I go in beaten up because of my opponent. I go in bruised, sore, and with head trauma. To the world looking in, I walk in like a gallant knight who's been banged up in battle, still willing to fight more. I'm willing to go into Rise to Greatness, knowing I'm not at 100%, because I know IN MY HEART, I can still win. I know, even beaten down, I'm still better than Hudson.

My back may be against the wall, but dammit, I'm ready!

Jake takes one more deep breath, and is slow to exhale.

Jake Starr: This match, means a lot to both of us, there's no doubt. It's all out there. Everyone knows it. Saying it again won't change it. Many don't believe I'll survive this match. Many have already given Hudson his moment of glory. It's a scenario I've faced many times, and know I'll face many times in the future.

With that being said, I've overcome the odds since I started in SCW, and I plan on continuing that trend. Mark my words... When the dust settles at Rise to Greatness, the crowd will be bidding a fond farewell to Josh Hudson, and watching him exit with his head sulked down. I will exorcise my demons, and emerge better than ever. His demons will haunt him forever. He'll leave knowing he failed in his mission, and his goal.

... Because Sunday WILL mark a special day for me. It'll mark my 300th career win, and the continued "rising" of one Starr, and the apocalyptic ending of another...


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