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The line between "personal vendetta" and "professional rivalry" continues to blur for the former World and Adrenaline Champion. With every passing moment, and every second ticking by, Jake continues to realize this match with Josh Hudson has implications on all sides of his life.

To begin with, the professional rivalry has continued to grow since Tactical Warfare. Hudson's professional mission was to spearhead a campaign to face Jake one on one, and ultimately cement his name as the greatest wrestler, and most feared superstar, on the roster of Supreme Championship Wrestling. He's also continued to twist and turn his reasoning, and his motives with every passing minute. At one point, it was to prove he was a worthy World Champion. Another time, it was to prove his win over Jake was legitimate, and not one that was by pure luck. Now, it's simply to prove Jake isn't the star he has grown to be. Josh wants to show the world that Jake's rise to the top was simply luck, and not because of talent.

On the personal side of things, it all seemingly falls on the side of Jake Starr.

As time has progressed, Jake has realized that this match, and its hype and lead-up, have done something to him on a much greater level than just a professional one. It has seemingly done something to him much deeper, and much more damaging than he ever thought, or has ever faced before. But it is something he must face regardless.

When Jake woke up this morning, he seemingly had some insight to the damage done by Hudson, and it almost was like the stereotypical light bulb in his head went off. It was a moment of clarity, at least he believes, he needed. When it happened, he quickly woke his wife, and began discussing it with her. Since his resuming of counseling for the nightmares, Roeper has noticed a mighty change in Jake. One she believes is for the best, and believes that this showing of internal intuition could be a sign of things to come.

But intuition can only get a person so far... It's the actions that follow that are the key! It's a fact Jake is well aware of.

With this new insight, Jake's preparations for this match have begun a new direction. One he hopes will succeed in carrying him to victory.

As the scene opens, Jake is standing by the sliding glass door looking out the window as the rain slowly comes down. His breath is visible on the glass, and his reflection shows a much more "clear" look to his face; one of, almost, happiness, one that hasn't been seen in some time. As he gazes out into the distance, the camera slowly zooms in on him, and as has become his forte, he begins to speak, knowing the presence.

Jake Starr: Unconsciousness... Sub-consciousness... These are words used in today's society to describe many things. They're used to defend ones actions; they're used to explain mental states; they're used as ways to understand what the characteristics of a person are.

But truthfully, why? How? What is it about these relatively unknown facets of our mind, which makes them able to inform others of so many various things?

If you are a fan of the works of Sigmund Freud, he saw the unconscious as the primary target of his study. He looked at the unconscious from a perspective that they were divided into three separate entities; the id, the ego, the super-ego. In his eyes, the id was the unconscious mind's primary advocate of pleasure. It's main goal is to steer the mind clear of danger, pain, or anything it deems not pleasurable to the body. The ego, on the other hand, is there to live in reality. It's the subconscious's ability to see what's really there, and react accordingly. The super-ego is the facet of the unconscious/subconscious mind that tries to aim for perfection. It looks at reality, and it looks at the most pleasurable sensations, and strives to achieve the balance it needs, in order to achieve an, in a sense, utopian state.

Then there's Carl Jung.

Jung was a man who had much respect for Freud, yet saw the unconscious mind a bit differently. He often referred to Freud's mentality as the "personal unconscious," and one that is a relative, "no man's land." So he strived to show himself as someone who had defined the "collective unconscious." To him, it was in this "collective unconscious" that gathered, organized, and stored all of the personal experiences in similar ways, all based on the species.

Jake begins to pace back and forth in front of the camera.

Jake Starr: So again, why? Why would I mention these two principles of the psychoanalysis of the unconscious mind?

Truthfully, before today, I would have asked the same thing. I would have heard these words, and asked, "why are you telling me this?" But today, today is different... Today, I'm beginning to understand why. Today, I'm seeing things from a different perspective, and honestly, it was something I almost discovered on my own.

Now, I'll admit, the dreams, the nightmares, the inability to sleep, that is something I still struggle to understand. I'll admit that, while I may have found a solution to one problem, others still remain. But, as far as this goes, it's all beginning to make sense.

See, up until a few days ago, I had been seeing things a lot differently than I had been when 2010 first rolled around. When 2010 first began, I was SCW World Champion. I had two people on the hunt to bring Brandon Evans back to SCW, and help me get his mind straight. My wife and I were beginning our "tries" at conceiving a child. Everything was pretty much going ok. Everything was fine when I went to bed on April 9th, and woke up April 10th.

But in going to bed April 10th, everything changed. April 11th brought a new outlook to my life, and one I, truthfully, wasn't all that comfortable with. See... When I woke up that next morning, I knew I was no longer the SCW World Champion, and it was something I, truthfully, was ok with. Championships come and go, and in this business, yes it's a means of pride, but at the same time, it's well known they don't last forever.

Yet... Something wasn't quite right... Something about when I looked into the mirror that next morning just wasn't normal. The person I saw in that mirror wasn't the same person I saw the day before, and in fact, I simply was missing something.

... And that's been the case ever since. Every morning I've woken up, and looked at myself in the mirror knowing something's wrong, and had no idea as to what.

Jake stops, looks up at the camera, and his expression begins to show signs of clarity.

Jake Starr: Until today, I didn't know. Until today, I was clueless. All I knew is I wasn't myself.

So what was wrong with me?

Well... What IS wrong with me? You see, it's still an issue. Just because I've uncovered the root cause, doesn't mean I have solved it.

Anyway... After going to counseling, and beginning to talk everything out with Dr. Collier, I was given some "tools" to utilize at home to help me with many of my issues, and since then, I've begun to use them, and practice them. And one lead me to this discovery.

See, after Tactical Warfare, I was left without a championship, as I said, which was fine. But what I was also left WITH was something that has truly shut me down mentally.

It's simply called a moral defeat...

Jake begins using his hands, as many people do, to help emphasize his statements and his points.

Jake Starr: Now, moral wins and moral losses aren't the same as legitimate wins and losses. They can be, but aren't necessarily the same thing.

It's true... Really...

Here's one example... At the 2010 Winter Olympiad, up in Vancouver, the biggest night of the event was the Men's Hockey Gold Medal Game. It featured the United States, hockey's proverbial underdog, against the host and founding nation of the sport, Canada. It was a match up that truly had no favorite. The United States had shocked the world by going unbeaten, and Canada was expected to make it to this point all along. And while, the final score favored the Canadians, the world stood and cheered, as they saw the Americans as the "moral victors." Nobody would argue that the resilient Americans were victorious in their own right, even if the scoreboard didn't favor them.

Another example was on day TWO of the World Cup, as the much anticipated meeting of the United States, and then, potential World Cup favorite England took to the pitch. Four minutes in, the Brits had scored on the lack-luster American defense, and the world thought they were in for the makings of a blowout. Then, the Americans tied it up, and it lead to a 1-1 final score.

On paper, 1-1 sounds even, right? No winners or losers, right?


For the Americans, it was a victory. A moral victory. The Brits were also not looking at this from the perspective of a "tie." They weren't looking at this as a moral victory for God and Country. They were supposed to dominate the Americans for 90 minutes, and send them scrambling to try and make the knockout stage. They saw it, simply, as a moral defeat. The English fans didn't take any solace in the fact they escaped with a point, like the American fans did. It was pure defeat. It was something that rang out in the newspapers across the world. The reaction wasn't mixed, it was defined.

America, wins. England, loses.

But you see, statistically, there was no true winner or loser, was there?

Jake shrugs, obviously knowing the world is beginning to see where this may be leading.

Jake Starr: ... No there wasn't. And believe me, I can relate!

It dates back to April 10th, as I said. It's a date that has truthfully sent my life into a whirlwind that I was unprepared for. See, mentally I had always prepared to lose a championship. As I said, it comes with the territory. Championships ebb and flow much like every accolade in any situation, it comes, it goes. So this wasn't about an accolade, it was about something bigger... Something FAR bigger...

When I looked up, and I saw how the match was going to end, and I saw Josh Hudson's body lying atop Hurse, I was disappointed, yes. I was no longer going to be the World Champion. But the next morning I began to feel differently inside. I felt as if Hudson had stolen something from me, that I simply had no say in. With the World Championship, I, in a sense, had a say, I had the opportunities to win. I had the chances to pull off the miracle come back. But with what Hudson stole from me, in the bigger picture, was far more damaging.

Jake returns to pacing back and forth.

Jake Starr: To me... When I realized I was outsmarted, outwitted, out-whatever-ed, I was beaten on a level that I had not experienced before. At least... Not to me recollection. Because technically, I wasn't a loser. Technically, I got another win under my belt in Supreme Championship Wrestling.

But... On a deeper level, I was a serious loser.

I had allowed someone who, by all accounts, was a worthy victor, and yet, someone who shouldn't have won, to win. I didn't feel I had any ability to stop it, and I just... Well... I just watched it happen.

After that, everything began to go haywire...

Hudson decided there was this personal quest he was mandated to go on. He was challenged to seek out me, and vilify himself. He wanted to prove that his "moral victory" over Jake Starr was more than just that. He wanted to prove he didn't outsmart me, he beat me, and at first, I simply looked at it through rose colored glasses.

Seriously... I did...

I looked at his personal agenda as simply him knowing he wasn't a valid champion in the eyes of the world. I saw his little mission as him trying to convince himself he was a "real" champion. I didn't believe it was because he wanted to show it wasn't just a moral victory, it was a legitimate victory. And it was all because I didn't accept the moral defeat I had suffered.

Now, however, I look at this match much differently. I look at this match and realize, he was right. This match is a necessity. This match is something that must happen.

More so for me, than him.

You see, for him, this is his last hoorah. Win or lose, he's leaving. He's gone after this. He's flying the coupe. He's handing in his pink slip. There is no tomorrow. Phrase it however you want, it all means the same thing. It's Hudson's final match. Regardless of if he wins or loses, he'll have left a legacy behind that, most likely, will remain in the minds of the masses for many days to come. Many will remember the gritty, hard-nosed, two-time World Champion. For him, this match is merely one where, if he wins, he validates his victory at Tactical Warfare, if he loses, he can claim he took the World Championship from Jake Starr, and sent him into an even deeper emotional roller coaster for several months.

For me, it's of greater meaning because it isn't my "curtain call" in SCW. I know I may have said otherwise, but you know, when you realize something like this, things change. Mentalities change. Ideas change. See, having thought about this, talked it over with others, et cetera, I realize that if I were to lose, if I were to fail in beating Hudson, it would haunt me. It's haunted me that I allowed him to eek out the win, and to know I couldn't avenge it, and right the ship that has severely veered off course would cause me to enter into a world I'm not comfortable in.

Jake pauses again, and faces the camera.

Jake Starr: But there are those who have posed questions about this issue, and valid ones at that. One question thrown my way was:

"... But Jake, didn't you have a chance to overcome this defeat at Rise to Greatness? You could have gotten the World Championship back there!"

Which is true... I'm definitely not going to dispute that I could have gotten the SCW Championship back at Rise to Greatness. But like I said, it wasn't about the title. Sure, Rise to Greatness was my chance to get back to the top of the mountain. Sure I would have lead the pack again. The thing is, however, it wouldn't have changed anything. I would have still felt that spiraling feeling that was forced within me. It's not like a championship would have lifted it.

It's the outright defeat, and embarrassing of Josh Hudson that'll achieve that. Only that will rid me of this inner turmoil.

And then I hear the words of Hudson himself. I hear him try and get even deeper into my psyche, and force me to question the fans, question my friends, and even question myself even further.

I assure him, it won't work.

To begin with, the fans may be cheering on Thorn, but that, by no means, means they have abandoned me. See, Hudson views the fans as someone who abandoned him long ago. They moved on to greener pastures, and for that, he projects the assumption that it is a recurring theme for them. In his eyes, fans are only capable of liking one person at any given time, and if it's not you, or someone else begins to get the attention, your sh!t out of luck. It's as if fans are incapable of having more than one thought at a time. It's as if he sees them as, well, goldfish. It's as if he believes that they're that simple, and that fickle.

Well, in speaking from experience, they're not.

See, when he mentioned that I'd only be as good as the fans decided, he spoke from his own personal quarrels with the fans. He spoke of the fact that, he went through gimmicks, undies, and past wrestling impersonations, all with the hopes the fans would FINALLY LIKE HIM. He tried to "walk the walk" that he BELIEVED the fans wanted him to walk. And when they didn't bite, he got angry.

So of course that means they're fickle, right?


Jake walks toward the camera.

Jake Starr: ... No... It doesn't mean they're fickle. It means they see through the facade. They see through the falseness of the persona. They don't support someone they can look at, and know IMMEDIATELY is a phony. Why would they? Why would they want to support someone who is willing to lie to their face, with the hopes of becoming liked?

Trust me when I say that. I've been there.

I've been the guy who's changed gimmicks over, and over, and over again. I've tried to come up with the next "cool" persona in wrestling. But in the end, they showed me they were NOT about to support something like that. They weren't going to support me if I wasn't going to BE ME. So, if he wants to remain misguided, and ultimately lost on the matter, let him. Seriously... Let him... If he wants to believe that the fans will dictate how good I am, let him. In the end, it'll be what destroys him. It'll be what causes him to lose.

See, the only person who dictates how I do is me. The only person who can control me is ME!

Jake balls up his fist and bangs it against his chest, resulting in a thud that echoes throughout the room. His face becomes more and more angered, and his breathing more and more rapid.

Jake Starr: I control me... I subconsciously allowed myself to be morally defeated by Josh Hudson. It wasn't Hudson's doing. It wasn't Josh Hudson showing his superiority to me. It was me beating me. And now, it's going to be different.

In Hudson's eyes, I'm already breaking down. I'm falling to pieces. I'm crumbling. And in a sense, now that I've had a sense of clarity to the whole situation since Tactical Warfare, he's right. Everything I've known over the past 16 months has crashed around me, and left me in a very unfamiliar place. He wants to be the one to strike the proverbial "death blow" to Jake Starr, and simply ride out into the sunset knowing he's done so. But as I look at it, as I see it, as I perceive the situation, wasn't I in that same position when I joined SCW? Wasn't I in unfamiliar territory? Wasn't I a "nobody" on the SCW scene?

The answer is simply, yes!

It doesn't derail me from knowing what needs to be done though. It doesn't deter my mind and make me think I am invincible. No! It doesn't do any of that. In fact, what it DOES do, is tells me I'm not screwed. It tells me I'm not someone to be counted out, or presumed to be prepared to lose. Yeah, I have some mending to do in my life, but who doesn't? Who doesn't face trials and tribulations in life? Hell, Hudson has. He's faced the facts that he's incapable of being what the fans want, which is himself, and in turn, has taken on the persona of being a two-faced prick.

Let's face it... Hudson is someone who's going to lie incessantly to try and get his point across. He's even going as far as to claim he had no qualms about losing the World Championship, and now his only goal is to beat me up. He doesn't get that NOBODY buys that story. Everyone can see the blatant lies he's telling with the hopes of SOMEONE out there buying his story. He's BEGGING people to believe he didn't care about winning. Literally BEGGING!

"Oh please believe I had no intention of retaining the SCW Championship! Oh please oh please oh please!"


Accepting that maybe, just maybe, a time will come when you lose a championship is one thing. Accepting that the reality is, you'll never be a champion forever is one thing. But to flat out say you weren't worried about it because it means nothing is out-right ludicrous. That's like saying I want to go to work, but I don't care how much money I make.



I came into SCW a nobody. I came in knowing I was a nobody. I came in with the goal of BECOMING a somebody, and dammit, I've achieved that faster than anyone, INCLUDING Josh Hudson. It took associating with others to put his name on the map. I did it ALONE. I did it WITHOUT sucking the penises of others. I did it without having to pretend to be a friend of someone, beg someone, bribe someone, or circle jerk someone, in order to get ahead. So as I see it... I've already surpassed Hudson in LEGACY. I did it without lying, without having to bribe, and without having to lower myself to the level of a homeless gentleman seeking any kind of nourishment.

Hudson, on the other hand, openly did.

Why do you think I went out on Breakdown, in umpteen layers of clothing? You think it was my health? No! It was to illustrate a point, which I don't know why it surprises me, Hudson kind of decided not to get. He's come across as this pure, this perfect, this, oh I know, this STERILE person. He tries to pull off this "No Gimmicks Needed" persona, and does one of the worst Chris Candido impersonations I've ever seen!

God rest his soul...

... Anyway...

But instead of being the next evolution of what Chris Candido stood for, he just comes off as a douche who nobody can stand. It's his, well, his gimmick! It's corny, it's poorly done, and it's about as contrived an idea as anything. So I figured why not dress up in all of the traditional "rehashed" ideas, and show him how it looks. More so, how HE looks...

He's not someone who anyone looks at as a "pure" soul. So instead, he must be trying to tell us all, and prove to us all, by "pure," he means sterile. He's hoping to get some sympathy from everyone, knowing he truly can no longer conceive children. It's a shame!

Jake looks down, showing signs of sympathy. Then his facial expression immediately changes back to the angered one that had left just mere second ago. He decides it's time to address Hudson directly, rather than in the third person.

Jake Starr: Is that what you were in search of Josh? Is that what you yearn for? Is it the sympathy you want? Is it just the attention you want? You're not getting it here. Not from me. You took something from me that I am out to, not only reclaim, but mend. I'm out to end this disgusting obsession you have, and send you packing. You're walking into a fight that you couldn't even imagine on your most creative day, and with a brain twice as smart as yours.

So I'd suggest watching your words, and choosing them wisely. If you don't, there's a damn good chance you don't walk out of Rise to Greatness under your own power. Face it asshole... You've brought out a side of me nobody else has, and you're going to be the one suffering the consequences of it...

... Because Rise to Greatness will become the "Rise of the Fallen."

With those final words, Jake casts one final glare into the camera, before exhaling a last deep and audible breath. His head slowly turns back toward the sliding glass door, and he resumes his position next to it, arms folded, and eyes fixated on the rain-soaked horizon. His temples pulsate with the emotion riding through his body, and the camera slowly begins to back away from him.

As the scene fades to black, Jake remains fixed in that very pose, and only he knows what continues to fly through his mind. Will this bevy of emotions come out against Hudson? Is Hudson in for more of a fight, and less of a "wrestling match?" Would Hudson be able to truly stand with Jake in a fight, rather than a wrestling match? These are questions and concerns that have to be running through the mind of Jake's opponent, knowing a fight definitely favors Jake more so than Josh.

With Rise to Greatness looming, and one episode of Breakdown ahead, what side of Jake will we see, and will it be one that shows the world there's more to the "Czar of the Shooting Five Star," and "Social Misfit," than ever thought before?


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