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Fans of Supreme Championship Wrestling have begun to realize that the stacked card, that is Rise to Greatness, is literally coming up over the horizon. They realize the time to get answers to many questions begins to get closer and closer, almost to the point they can "taste" it. They realize the implications almost every match on the card has, as far as the long-term outlook of SCW is concerned.

You have Christian Savior and Katie Steward... The two of them are looking to secure, what is only known as, a "title shot" in the future. The belt it will be for is still anybody's guess.

For James Exeter and Damian Angel, the two come to a head after the roller coaster relationship ended in a massive fireball last year, and the winner looking to push themselves firmly back into the main event picture.

Then there's the main event. The World Title is on the line between Thorn and Greg Cherry. Two men who endured hell to get there. For Thorn, it's a chance to prove he's no fluke of a champion. Successfully defending his championship against one of the all-time SCW legends would cement him as a true champion. For Cherry, it's a chance to prove he is still one of the ultimate power players in SCW, and truly capable of being the "top dog" again.

Finally, you have the match that has been shaping up for months. A match that began as early as the days leading up to Tactical Warfare. You have Jake Starr and Josh Hudson!

These two men have been on a collision course since Hudson came up with the victory at Tactical Warfare, and ended the World Title run of Jake Starr. From there, he made it clear he wanted to face nobody BUT Jake Starr to validate his reign. He attacked friends of Jake, foes of Jake, opponents of Jake, and anyone else who would help him get his message across to Starr, with the hopes it'd give him what he wanted...

... And now he has it!

For Jake, he sees this match having many implications on the future of SCW, and more importantly, his future at the top of the pile of a growing mass of SCW talent, all looking to work their way in. On one hand, he knows Hudson is professing this is his final match in SCW, and Jake knows he wants to make a prime example out of him. Jake also knows that, should he emerge victorious, he'd have proven he is still very much worthy of being in the hunt for the most elite prize in SCW.

It's a goal he isn't willing to part ways with just yet.

Jake understands full and well that there will come a time when he is simply outclassed by the competition, and he'll need to accept it, and move on. But he knows that time isn't yet. He knows that, in the minds of many, he stands atop the ladder with the other "big boys," and wants to do nothing to jeopardize that. Which is why at Rise to Greatness, he plans on doing everything in his power to ensure a victory against Hudson.

But as many know, Jake isn't fighting one battle, he's fighting multiple. Some may not be in the ring, but they're very well known among those "in the know."

Since having agreed to seek professional help for his vivid nightmares, Jake has been nervously awaiting the day when he'd have to walk back into Dr. William Collier, and say he's apparently mentally regressed back to the days when these types of dreams ruled his life.

In his eyes... It's the feeling of failure.

Jake also knows that if he doesn't accept what IS happening to him now, it'll creep on him professionally, as it did in the past. It was an incident that almost cost him everything he cherishes.

So he knows he must suck it up, and accept it.

With today being "D-Day," in his eyes, he takes a deep breath, and exits his vehicle, having been parked in front of Dr. Collier's office for nearly 15 minutes. In his mind, he's been battling himself, trying to convince himself he can do this himself, and he doesn't need the assistance. But better judgment wins out, and convinces him otherwise.

As Jake approaches the door, complete with large nameplate decreeing that this is the office of Dr. William Collier, he continues to mentally fight both sides of the coin, but finally enters.

Jake approaches the receptionist, and takes a deep breath. The receptionist, having been looking down, is startled when she looks up to see Jake standing there.

Receptionist: OH! Hello sir! May I help you?

Jake Starr: Umm... My name is Jake Starr, and I'm here to see Doctor...

Receptionist: COLLIER! YES! He told me to be watching for you to arrive. Was that you sitting in your car out there?

Jake Starr: Uh.. Yeah... Was on the phone...

The receptionist obviously doesn't buy the story, but humors Jake.

Receptionist: Oh... Ok sir! Let me buzz him back in his office...

The receptionist dials Dr. Collier's extension. He apparently picks up on the other end.

Receptionist: Dr. Collier... Yes Mr. Starr is here for you... Ok... Uh huh... I'll tell him!

The receptionist hangs her phone up, and looks back up at Jake.

Receptionist: He said he's just wrapping up the notes entry, in his log, from his previous client. He'll be with you here shortly!

Jake Starr: Thanks!

Jake walks over to the chair in the lobby, and has a seat. He reaches onto the table and picks up a magazine to thumb through. He quickly begins to plow through it, seeing no articles that remotely interest him. He picks up another, again having no luck easing his nerves.

He tosses the magazine back onto the table, and begins to fidget. He can't sit still, feeling awkward about being in this situation for a second time.

Jake looks down at his phone, and begins to feel even more anxious knowing at any moment it could be his time.

Finally, the phone at the receptionist's desk rings again. Jake looks over at her as she hangs up. She peers over the desk at him to acknowledge him.

Receptionist: Mr. Starr... He's ready for you!

Jake lets out a slight grin and nods to her.

Receptionist: ... Do you know your way back there?

Jake Starr: Is it the same office still?

Receptionist: Yep! Same one!

Jake Starr: Then yeah... I remember!

Receptionist: Ok sir!

Jake thanks her once again, and begins making his way back to the doctor's office. He passes several doorways, and finally sees the office he's heading toward, with the door ajar. He peers in, and sees the doctor sitting at his desk, head down, and reading from a file. Jake lightly knocks on the door, and the doctor immediately looks up and smiles, seeing Jake there.

Dr. Collier: JAKE! Excellent! Glad to see you made it ok! C'mon in!

Jake grins, and walks into Dr. Collier's office.

The doctor rises from his chair, and walks around his desk to greet Jake.

Dr. Collier: How's it going?

Jake Starr: Not too bad, all things considered, and you?

Dr. Collier: Couldn't be better! I was shocked to hear you scheduled an appointment.

Jake Starr: Yeah... Well... I just couldn't stay away too long. I guess I missed you!

The doctor chuckles.

Dr. Collier: Ha ha... Have a seat Jake...

Jake walks over to the couch, and has a seat. He adjusts so he's comfortable. He also begins looking around the doctor's office, and notices a lot that has changed since the last time he was there.

Jake Starr: You've done some redecorating!

Dr. Collier: Yeah! I have!

Jake Starr: Looks good!

Dr. Collier: The way I look at it, if I hadn't done any redecorating, and you came in four years later, you'd think I was crazy having NOT changed anything.

Jake smirks.

Jake Starr: Yeah... You're probably right there!

The doctor finally decides it's time to get down to the business at hand.

Dr. Collier: So Jake... What brings you into my office today?

As Jake is about to answer, the doctor then realizes the door to his office is still open.

Dr. Collier: OH! Hold that thought...

Dr. Collier quickly jumps up and goes to shut the door.

Dr. Collier: I could get in some major trouble if I counseled you with the door wide open... Anyway... You were about to tell me the reason you came today.

Jake takes a deep breath, and begins.

Jake Starr: Well... To be perfectly honest, it's the same reason I was here the last time.

As Jake says that, Dr. Collier nods slightly, and opens Jake's file up. He begins to look over the notes he had written during their previous sessions.

Dr. Collier: So the nightmares have returned?

Jake Starr: In full force...

Dr. Collier: Hm... That's unfortunate!

Jake Starr: That's an understatement...

Dr. Collier looks puzzled, and troubled by the fact these dreams have resurfaced.

Dr. Collier: I thought we kicked these dreams to the curb the last time?

Jake Starr: I did too...

Dr. Collier: And from what I've seen and heard about you recently, there's a lot of "good" surrounding you, it isn't like the last time.

Jake Starr: Oh? You've been keeping an eye on me huh?

Dr. Collier: Not purposely... I had another patient, a child and avid wrestling fan, in talking to me, and he mentioned you were his favorite wrestler...

The thought makes Jake smile.

Dr. Collier: ... He mentioned that he saw you wrestle a few weeks before that session we had, and I was shocked to hear you had gotten back into the business. So I figured I'd have a look in, and see if you looked better than the last time.

Jake Starr: Ah!

Dr. Collier: And from what I saw, everything looked pretty good.

Jake Starr: Honestly... There's really not much that is NOT going good, which is why this is so troubling.

Dr. Collier: I understand... There has to be some commonality of the previous episode of these dreams, and the ones now, and we'll just have to find the trigger.

Jake Starr: Yeah... Although I've been wracking my brain trying to figure it out, and I've come up completely empty-handed.

The doctor nods.

Dr. Collier: Well... Sometimes it takes a third party whose really heard all of the story to truly help figure out what the trigger is.

Jake Starr: I hope you're right...

Dr. Collier: Well let's begin with this... I want you to think back to the first time, during this string of nightmares, to the earliest one you can remember. Then, I want you to tell me, briefly, what was happening around you during that period.

Jake looks toward the ground, wracking his brain again, this time in the hopes of remembering what the earliest dream he can actually remember is. He leans back, and leans his head back onto the couch cushon, and closes his eyes, again trying to recall.

After several moments of thinking, he opens his eyes, and leans forward. He looks up at the doctor.

Jake Starr: ... As far as I can remember, it involved Brandon dying, then me waking up to find him in my extra shower.

Dr. Collier: Ok... And what was happening in your life, besides the dreams?

Jake Starr: Honestly, Roeper and I were trying to have a child, and I was wrestling again.

Dr. Collier: ... And you said Brandon was around? He's...

Dr. Collier looks back in his notes.

Dr. Collier: Kold... Killa?

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Dr. Collier: And Jude is?

Jake Starr: Bane...

Dr. Collier: But he isn't around?

Jake Starr: No...

Dr. Collier: But Brandon is?

Jake Starr: Was...

Dr. Collier: Hm... Interesting...

Jake Starr: ... And during this period, I guess all I remember, is that Brandon was starting to act like he did before we all kind of went on hiatus with the Social Misfits.

The doctor nods as he makes notes to himself. Knowing he's listening, Jake continues.

Jake Starr: ... I mean, before we left for those years, Brandon had started to kind of flake out on us. He really left us high and dry. It really began to notice it happening again.

Dr. Collier: Interesting... I think this may be a good sign of finding the trigger.

Jake Starr: How so?

Dr. Collier: Well, in my notes from back then, and now, I see a pattern emerging. The Social Misfits, as you called yourself, really began to fall apart last time when you and I sat down and talked. You, last time, mentioned that Brandon and Bane had kind of started to go behind your back to do their own thing, and you started to feel alienated, and felt you were alone.

Jake Starr: I did?

Dr. Collier: According to this... So I'm beginning to think this may be part of the issue.

Jake Starr: You really think the Misfits have that much control over me?

Dr. Collier: Not necessarily like that. What I'm saying is, maybe when you feel things are beginning to crumble, or you're beginning to feel alienated, these dreams seemingly have a way of showing up.

Jake takes another deep breath.

Jake Starr: But I really haven't been "alienated" this time. I have a group of guys who I've banded together with.

Dr. Collier: Maybe it's just triggered by the alienation from the side of Brandon and/or Jude. It really is possible. From what you told me before, you saw your friendship with those two extremely strong. You saw them as family, and so it's possible that, due to the fact you saw them as family, and so close, when they alienated you, or you felt they did, it triggered this reaction.

Jake shrugs.

Dr. Collier: It's quite possible that you need to mentally escape the "Social Misfits" as a group.

Jake Starr: That's the thing though... The Social Misfits chapter of my life is over.

Dr. Collier: Have you accepted that?

Jake Starr: I'm the one who put it to an end...

Dr. Collier: ... But have you accepted it? It's like when a family member passes away, and you know they're gone, but you've never really come to terms with it.

Jake Starr: I think I have...

Dr. Collier: From what I'm hearing thus far, I get the feeling that there's a part of you still holding onto that memory, and that chapter of your life. Almost like part of you wishes it could be that way again.

Jake Starr: I... I just wish we had been able to do as we always wanted. And it never happened. We always started to achieve success, then I was left alone to do it.

Dr. Collier continues to jot notes down.

Dr. Collier: Jake... I think the thought of being alone really troubles you deep down.

Jake Starr: Maybe...

Dr. Collier: ... And you said you and your wife were trying to get pregnant?

Jake Starr: ... Are now...

Dr. Collier: It could also be you fear the alienation of your wife, since she'll be tending to the baby's needs 24/7. It could all be coming at you at once, and beginning to send you into that world of fear.

Again, Jake simply shrugs.

Dr. Collier: ... So, with all that being said, I'm going to give you some homework.

What I want you to do for the next two weeks, or however long it is until you come in again, is first, talk to your wife. Talk to her about things you both can do together with and for the newborn, once it arrives. Let her know you want to be part of the whole process. Let her know you don't want to feel "left out." Then, from there, find Brandon. Find Jude. Talk to them and explain your issues with how things progressed, went down, et cetera. Explain to them how you had wished everything had transpired.

Once you've done all of that, see if you don't get a better night of rest. If it doesn't help, then we'll explore it even deeper. Maybe even try some hypnotherapy. We're going to get these straightened out once and for all. Especially with a new child on the way, you're going to be sleep deprived enough as it is.

Jake smirks.

The scene slowly begins to fade to black as the doctor begins to ask some final, follow-up, questions to ensure he and Jake are both on the same page with the direction the therapy is to take. Jake knows that the doctor could be onto something with his thoughts on the "trigger" of Jake's dreams. The reasoning fits, and the evidence is there to support it.

Regardless, Jake has to try and locate Brandon and Jude in order to fulfill his end of the therapy, and hopefully bring some true closure to his life as a "Social Misfit." While he knows he'll forever be known as THE Social Misfit of wrestling, the idea of not being joined by fellow "Misfits" still seemingly hasn't fully sunk in. He hopes that by having these talks, and finding this potential closure, it'll bring his nightmares to an end, again, and this time permanently.

He also knows that his mind must also begin preparing for the battle ahead against Josh Hudson. Yet another item on his "to do" list, and one he cannot simply throw onto the back burner for later. He must manage this all at once. If not... Disaster will loom...

Jake Starr: The time looks to finally be here. It's the time many have been anxiously awaiting for various reasons, and it's a time where I will finally get to shut the door on a cancer that has been plaguing me for the better part of 2010...

Rise to Greatness marks a night where the implications of many matches keep everyone intrigued. The possibilities are endless. Some are vying for an unnamed title shot, while I am fighting Hudson to quite possibly become the true number one contender for the World Title, or at the very least, set myself up for a fair argument.

Nevertheless, it's finally the date Josh Hudson has been clamoring for, since after Tactical Warfare. It was then he declared he wanted to face me one on one to validate his emergence with the SCW World Championship. He wanted to make sure that the world knew that he won because he was the best, and not the luckiest. He then talked one of the biggest games I've ever seen in professional wrestling, and did everything he could to eliminate the opposition to get his wish.

None if it happened... Instead, he was unsuccessful in his attempt to face me one on one at Taking Hold of the Flame. And what happened after that? He was no longer the World Champion...

So instead of accepting reality, and moving on, he has decided to go on a "farewell tour" of SCW, and still yearns to face me. He's decided that should he get his way, he'd leave. He'd go away. He'd fly the coupe. He'd leave proving he was as superior as they come...

But for some reason he forgot to mention that to me.

See, this plan of his was never run by me for my approval. I never signed off on being anyone's "farewell" match. I never agreed to be the "curtain call" for someone wanting to "leave on top..." And there's a damn good reason for it too.


Josh Hudson became obsessed with me, with the ultimate goal of beating me in his final match. It was, apparently, his plan all along...

"Prove I'm better than Starr, and then leave immediately after!"

... And there's a reason for it! Seriously... There is! It's the same M. O. as everyone else whose beaten me. They win, they run away! It's quite the vicious cycle if you ask me!

And as much as someone may say it's me being cocky, look at the facts...

Allocco beat me, and ran for the hills.

Exeter beat me, was forced to stay around because he was champion, and when he lost to me, he ran for the hills.

Hell... Cherry, after he beat me, he pretty much vanished off of the face of the Earth, with the exception of Daddy D deciding he was relevant to include into EVERYTHING.

The only difference between them, and Hudson... Hudson is admitting that he's leaving before he's actually won. And I don't blame any of these guys for running for the hills after facing me. I really don't! I would say out of those I just mentioned, Allocco was the smartest of the trio. Why? Well he's the one who literally beat me, and skipped town. He never stayed around long enough for me to actually get another match with him.

It was almost like...

"HA! I beat Jake Starr"

"Want a rematch with him?"

"F_ck that! I'm out of here"

Genius mentality, if I dare say so myself. Why even stick around for the possibility of facing me again? Exeter tried that, mainly because he was contractually obligated, and look, he was gone within days! He couldn't handle the pressure that comes with actually beating me. When someone beats me, I gun for them. I gun for them hard. I make it a point to seek them out, and face them, and get even. It's not because I'm bitter about losing... I just know who I can beat. I know who I can take out. And if they strike first blood, I make sure I strike next.

... And believe me... When I strike, I strike for the kill!

But as I said, Hudson doesn't get that. Instead, he gets delusional, and believes that he's already won. He's already counting the three count, putting the loss in my "L" column, and riding off into the sunset with his head held high.

So... Let me make it clear... His fantasy world, isn't my reality!

Since he wanted this so bad, he doesn't get to play in his world of a false reality. He doesn't get to sit back and dictate how things are, and mandate that I abide by them. Oh no! Instead what he DOES get the privilege to do is simply come into MY reality, and play MY game. Not his... Not Fred or Barney's... Not Merv Griffin's... Mine!

So... Why? Why mine?

It's simple...

See, in Hudson's world, he is out to achieve a goal that many have viewed as that quest that is almost unattainable. He wants so badly to beat Jake Starr, and know it was what he did in his final moments, that he'd announce it as if everyone gave a damn. Sad thing is, nobody really does.

Hudson has become such an avant-garde bull sh!tter that nobody can really stand him anymore. Everyone has kind of written him off as another person to come and go. It isn't because he's not talented enough... It's because he's a prick. Easy enough!

But ultimately, this means everything to him, and in the end, not all that much to me. Face it... Unlike Hudson, I really don't have all that much to lose if he wins. Sure, I'll have to hear him ramble and brag about how he beat me, but in the end, I can simply start over, and climb my way back up. He has everything to lose. He's hyped this match up so much that, if he does not win, he will have single-handedly shown the world that everything he's said is complete crap, and he can't own up to it. He will have shown that all of his self-made hype was just... Talk...

Simply put... He would have shown he can't back up his own words, and I don't think those who "matter" will really approve of such failures.

So I hope he realizes what he's done to himself. I hope he realizes what ramifications will come long after he's gone should he not win. If he doesn't realize them now, he'll learn soon enough. I'm not going to be his personal "lash hoorah." I'm not going to be his "proof." Instead, he'll be mine. He'll join the laundry list of others who've attempted this permanent overthrow of Jake Starr. He'll simple fade away into obscurity.

Face it... The truth hurts...


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