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Fresh off of a strong showing at Breakdown, the SCW Adrenaline Champion has his next couple of matches have been determined. Immediately next on his mind is Breakdown, where he'll meet a man who is no newcomer to SCW, and a former holder of one-half of the SCW Tag Team Championship Titles, Shyne. After Breakdown, it's on to Out of Control. At the April edition of SCW's pay-per view, Jake will meet another former champion in Justin Davis. Davis, former SCW Underground Champion, made a challenge to Starr at the April 15th edition of Breakdown for the SCW Adrenaline Championship, and Mr. Drachewych made it official. It will mark Starr's first defense of his championship since winning it at Retribution.

The scene comes into focus at a sushi restaurant in downtown Austin, Texas. Jake Starr and his wife Roeper Hart sit at a table preparing to order their meal. Before they can order, several young SCW fans run up to the table and snap pictures with the superstar, and also ask for autographs. Without hesitation, Jake obliges and poses with the fans. As the fans go back to their tables, Jake and Roeper begin to converse while the browse the sushi menu.

Roeper Hart: What're you getting?

Jake Starr: Good question! What about you?

Roeper Hart: Sushi!

Jake Starr: Ass!

Roeper Hart: You married me!

Jake Starr: Good point...

Roeper Hart: I always have good points!

Jake Starr: HA!

Roeper Hart: Now who's the ass?

Jake retorts with a smirk on his face...

Jake Starr: You married me!

The two share a brief chuckle at Jake turning around Roeper's sarcasm back at her. Roeper returns the conversation back to the sushi...

Roeper Hart: So are you are going to eat rolls or just nigiri?

Jake Starr: I'm thinking nigiri tonight... Seemingly comes quicker!

Roeper Hart: Are we in a hurry?

Jake Starr: No I'm just starving!

Roeper Hart: Makes sense!

Jake Starr: Yep! Oh thank God here comes the waitress!

As the waitress approaches the table, a grey haze covers the scene. The actions in the background can faintly be seen, but the sound has gone. Jake's voice begins to shoot a promo towards his opponent at Breakdown, Shyne, while the waitress takes the order of the couple.

Voice of Jake Starr: It was inevitable that the paths of two men, who have co-located themselves within an organization before, would cross. How could it not be inevitable? Shyne, you and I have an unofficial history together in this business... Although we may have never met one on one in a ring, we have passed in a locker room once before. When I was made aware that you were here in Supreme Championship Wrestling, I knew it was a matter of time before we crossed paths, and met up inside the ring. I must say, though, you are going to be a first for me in SCW. You're going to be the first man I meet inside the ring who actually is a strong and talented individual. And in all seriousness... I am thankful that you'll be my warm up for Davis at Out of Control. You will push me to a limit nobody has been able to push me to since I came here. Unfortunately for you, I'm prepared for that. I have been prepared for competition since I returned to the ring last month. I have been ready for someone of your caliber to actually give me a run for my money since day one.

As Jake's opening remarks conclude, the haze that had covered the scene lifts. Once again everything at the sushi bar can been seen crystal clear. The sound of a dull roar, from the restaurant, begins to be heard. The camera once again zooms in on the pair. Roeper picks the conversation up on a slightly new topic, this one geared more towards Supreme Championship Wrestling.

Roeper Hart: Do you know anything new about Mr. Drachewych's "favor?"

Jake Starr: Nothing new... I'm wondering if he's forgotten about it for now.

Roeper Hart: What do you mean?

Jake Starr: You see Breakdown?

Roeper Hart: Well yeah...

Jake Starr: I think his hands are full right now to worry about me...

Roeper Hart: You don't think maybe he'll try and use you to help save his ass?

Jake Starr: He may try... He very well could hope to utilize my "debt" to him to protect his precious "Infection" from being destroyed.

Roeper Hart: You think they're in danger?

Jake Starr: I think everyone is fed up with their antics, and Tactical Warfare could spell doom for their little power trip.

Roeper Hart: I really just hope you don't, somehow, get drug into it.

Jake Starr: That makes two of us. Trust me, if he tries to involve me in his little fuster-cluck, there will be hell to pay.

Roeper Hart: I'm just worried your "outspoken" nature on this matter could make him a bit mad...

Jake Starr: Honestly... I just don't see him wanting ANOTHER person to be gunning for him. He seemingly has his hands full with CHBK and Greg Cherry, just to name a couple...

Roeper Hart: Yeah..

Jake Starr: I'm just trying to not let it engulf me like it did before...

Roeper Hart: Please don't!

Jake Starr: I know I know... It was bad!

Roeper Hart: You can't imagine how rough it was for me. I've never seen you that alienated before.

Jake Starr: I do apologize...

Roeper Hart: I know! I didn't take it personally I just wish I was able to help.

Jake Starr: Truthfully, there were only a few people who could have gotten through to me. One was busy with his wife, one wasn't in the state, and the last you were able to get.

Roeper Hart: Shawn and your dad are the first two?

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Roeper Hart: Trust me if I could have gotten a hold of your dad I would have!

Jake Starr: Oh I'm sure he and I will talk. We're going to see him and all next week remember?

Roeper Hart: Yeah... I figure he'll have that "fatherly advice" for you.

Jake Starr: My guess is you're exactly right!

The waitress comes up over Jake's shoulder with the couple's miso soup and seaweed salad. As before, a grey haze goes over the scene, and the sound is slowly silenced. As the two eat their soup and salad, Jake's voice is once again heard doing a voiceover shoot at his opponent, Shyne.

Voice of Jake Starr: You're no pushover Shyne... Unlike my previous opponents, I can't call you out about being someone who doesn't deserve to be in this business. But consequently, you will end up just like every single person who has been thrown in my path thus far. You're going to end up on your back, counting the lights in the arena. Even though I think highly of you as a fellow wrestler, you won't be receiving any special treatment because of it. I take that back... I honestly do... You will be receiving special treatment from me. You're going to be receiving a LOT more respect for your abilities versus the guys I have met in the past. The guys I have met in the past have been jokes. They haven't had enough talent to spit-shine shoes in an airport, let alone wrestle. You are different, however. You're going to have to bring your "A" game at Breakdown my friend. You're going to have to bring everything you got in order to have a shot at taking me down. I'm not just another opponent for you. I am someone who captured the SCW Adrenaline Championship in, merely, my third match with the organization. That should tell you something there my friend...

The couple finish their respective appetizers, and the haze once again lifts from the scene. Again, the camera re-zooms in on the pair and the conversation resumes.

Jake Starr: That was good!

Roeper Hart: Definitely!

Jake Starr: Now... Where were we?

Roeper Hart: Talking about SCW?

Jake Starr: Ah yes!

Roeper Hart: Didn't you tell me you have two upcoming matches scheduled now?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Breakdown, then the pay-per view...

Roeper Hart: Against who?

Jake Starr: At Breakdown it's Shyne, and at Out of Control it's Justin Davis for my belt...

Roeper Hart: First defense huh?

Jake Starr: Yeah... First though I have to go through Shyne...

Roeper Hart: Why does that name sound familiar?

Jake Starr: He and I crossed paths back in the day in the OWF...

Roeper Hart: Did ya'll fight?

Jake Starr: No... Just knew him from the locker room. The guy has skill!

Roeper Hart: It's about time you encounter someone like that!

Jake Starr: No kidding! The rubes I have met thus far are amateurs!

Roeper now shifts to inquiring about Davis.

Roeper Hart: What about this Davis guy?

Jake Starr: He's a former champion himself...

Roeper Hart: Really?

Jake Starr: Yeah! Former SCW Underground Champion.

Roeper Hart: That doesn't sound like a positive title to have...

Jake Starr: What do you mean?

Roeper Hart: Whenever I hear something being "underground" I think of something illegal, or wrong. Not something to be praised for.

Jake Starr: Never thought about that!

Roeper Hart: Well then I guess it is time you did!

Jake Starr: Ha ha true... He's another guy who I can't really discredit like the guys I've mauled through thus far.

Roeper Hart: Good?

Jake Starr: Definitely no slouch that's for sure. He'll be a challenge, but in the end he won't leave a champion... That will still be me!

Roeper Hart: Good! Because if you weren't, I would not want to come home!

Jake Starr: Why?

Roeper Hart: You'd be a crank!

Jake Starr: Oh can it!

Roeper Hart: Am I wrong?

Jake Starr: Well... Probably not...

Roeper Hart: Exactly!

Jake and Roeper both catch the waitress and waiter bringing their sushi to the table. The two look up as they lower the plates in front of the respective patrons. The waitress tells the two which fish is which, and which roll is which. Both Roeper and Jake both dig into the wasabi and mix it up with soy sauce.

Jake Starr: Damn this looks good!

Roeper Hart: No kidding!

Jake Starr: Enjoy sweetie!

Roeper Hart: Oh I will!

As the two begin to dig into their plates, the pair slowly fade into the background. As they are seen eating, again, Jake's voice is heard over the silence speaking out at Shyne.

Voice of Jake Starr: You cannot assume that I am going to be overlooking you, and looking at Out of Control either. I know who I have in my path next, and it isn't Justin Davis. My next match doesn't put my championship on the line. It does, however, put something on the line. It puts my streak of wins on the line, my momentum on the line, and most importantly to me, my pride is on the line at Breakdown. My pride is something I cherish more than any belt, or any accomplishment I may have attained in the past. That may sound like I am insulting you by saying a loss to you would damage my pride, and it's not. It would damage my pride in the sense that I would be entering Out of Control with the SCW Adrenaline Championship, and in my own eyes, not deserving of it. In my eyes, when, or if for that matter, I lose, whoever beats me deserves claim to this championship. I don't want to be walking around carrying something that, deep down, I feel like I don't deserve. So, that's why I know my pride is on the line. And that is especially why I make sure I leave each match with my arm raised. I don't allow myself to face that kind of internal torment. It just is something that will not happen.

The two fade back in, and finish up their meals.

Jake Starr: How was it?

Roeper Hart: Delish!

Jake Starr: Same here!

Roeper Hart: So are we done here?

Jake Starr: We just have to get the check and pay...

Roeper Hart: That works!

Jake flags down the waitress and asks her to bring the check. The waitress returns with the check. Jake pulls out his credit card, and puts it in the folder with the check. The waitress retreats to run the card, and eventually brings back the ticket. Jake puts the tip on the check and signs it. The pair stand up and walk out of the restaurant. As they fade into the background one last time, Jake's voice is heard for one last comment towards his opponent at Breakdown.

Voice of Jake Starr: In five matches, I have five wins. At Breakdown, I make it six. Shyne, I have seen you in the ring before. I saw you back in the days when we were both members of the OWF, and I must say, you're skilled. You're someone who has all of the potential in the world to be as great as you want. It is, kind of, a shame that you're encountering me how and when you are. I am a man who is on a mission to become the best thing the SCW has ever seen. I am on a mission to rid SCW of the drivel that has been soiling the roster for God knows how long. And I am on a mission to put the name of Jake Starr back atop the list of the best of the best of the best in this business. It is a mission I plan on carrying out to the fullest. Failure isn't an option in my eyes. No matter who tries to manipulate me, no matter who tries to keep me from succeeding, I will overcome it. I am going to walk into Breakdown as a man on a streak, and I am going to leave unscathed. There won't be a blemish on my record when I leave Breakdown. There will only be another tally in the proverbial "wins column." And unfortunately for you, Shyne, you're the next mark in that column.

As the scene fully fades to black, all eyes are towards Breakdown, and subsequently Out of Control. Shyne will mark Starr's first real competition since stepping into an SCW ring, and could pose a serious threat to his perfect streak. As much as Jake may like, he cannot look past Shyne and look towards Justin Davis. The SCW Adrenaline Champion must give Shyne the attention he deserves, and step up to fight the best match in his SCW career thus far.

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