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As has become obviously apparent, the past week hasn't been chalk-full of highs for Jake Starr. He's won and lost one World Championship, and failed to recapture another.

Both of which were not truly part of his ideal plan.

But all is not lost, and he knows that. Regardless of not winning the SCW Championship, he successfully had a definite role in bringing it back to his band of brothers. And he's ultimately fine with that, but he's also well aware of the tasks at hand, and the path he must take should he hope to reign supreme again.

Since leaving the arena at Taking Hold of the Flame, he's truly had time to sit and ponder everything going on around him. He realizes that, while maybe being knocked down a few notches on the proverbial "Mount SCW," he hasn't been thrown off, and knows that, like he said, all he can do is start climbing back up.

So he's made sure to simply "stay the course." He hasn't lost sight of what all is going on around him. He knows his ultimate goal is still out there, and still very much attainable. He knows he can recapture the title of "The Guy to Beat," if recent events have thrown him off that pole. He knows he's got duties at home to tend to, and ultimately use as strong motivation to push through these "troubling" times.

... And that is what he's doing!

Once Taking Hold of the Flame came to an end, Jake went back to his hotel room, and took a day to recouperate somewhat, and ultimately heal up enough to be motivated to fly home. The fatal four-way match did a number on the former World Champion.

Every match is like that. Every match leaves a wrestler banged up, and looking for just a couple days to let the immediate pains heal, and then go into "rehab mode," before ultimately getting prepared for the next go-round of competition. It's a "work hazard" that comes with the territory, and it's one Jake doesn't mind dealing with.

He also was very aware that he didn't want to go home completely flustered with how the past seven days have gone for him... Not with Roeper battling the effects of pregnancy!

So he waited...

Until now...

... And as the scene fades in, a private jet is slowly pulling up to a vehicle parked on the tarmac of the Des Moines International Airport. Once the ground workers have cleared the aircraft, they tap on the door, which immediately opens, and the stairs are lowered.

From inside, Jake gathers his things, and makes his way to the door, finally becoming visible.

As he makes his way down the stairs, the effects of the match are still very noticeable. He's walking extremely gingerly. He turns back to thank the pilot for his duties, and as he turns, he strains an apparently bruised rib, and immediately winces.

The pilot shakes Jake's hand as he turns back to walk towards the parked vehicle.

One of the ground workers for the Des Moines International FBOs (Fixed Base Operators), hands Jake the keys to the vehicle, and is immediately tipped by the superstar. The worker thanks Jake for his gratuity, and quickly opens the drivers-side door.

Due to the soreness from Taking Hold of the Flame, Jake eases his way into the car, doing everything he can to not aggravate his injuries.

As the door shuts, the view shifts to inside the cab, where Jake sits in the driver's seat. He pulls his phone out from his pocket and turns it on. He waits for a signal, so he can let his friends and family know he's landed, and he'll be home soon. But as soon as a signal is acquired, his phone immediately begins to chirp saying he's received numerous text messages, and several voicemails.

Jake is taken back in shock. It's unusual for people, who know he's en route, to bombard his phone like that.

He first goes to the text messages, and sees one of them is from his wife. He opens it up first, and it reads...

"Tripped over coffee table - fell on stomach - Mom taking me to the hospital."

Jake immediately begins to panic, and immediately checks the other text messages. They're from Roxie and Shawn, and both say similar, eerie, and troublesome things.

"Roeper fell, we're rushing her to the hospital now."

"When you land come straight to the hospital, Roeper is going to the ER!"

The messages send a haunting chill down Jake's spine.

He quickly goes to his voice mail, hoping to find out more information on whatever it is that's going on. The only voice message he has is from his mom. He quickly touches the screen, and lifts the receiver to his ear to listen.

Voice of Denise Starr: Jake, it's mom... Roeper fell this morning over the coffee table, and she landed right on her stomach pretty hard. At first she thought she felt fine, but then had some pretty rough cramping, so we're heading to the hospital now. Come straight here when you land."

The panic in Jake's body begins to set in even harder. He quickly turns the engine of his vehicle on, peels out from beside the plane, and leaves the airfield bound directly for the hospital.

As he begins his trek toward the emergency room, he keeps pushing his speed dial buttons frantically. He has tried calling the phones of each of those who he expects to be at the hospital, without any luck on any of them. Shawn, Roxie, Roeper, and his mom apparently all have their phones off, or are not getting a good signal. As each call fails, he goes down the list to the next, hoping one will go through.

With each failure, worry and panic continue to grow.

Jake Starr: C'mon!! PICK UP! SOMEONE!

With no communication from the group, he finally throws his phone in the passenger seat in frustration, and begins to accelerate towards the medical facility.

After getting just a couple of miles away from the hospital, traffic begins to pick up, and comes to a rare and unusual stand still. Jake begins to try and figure out a way around the congestion, especially since he can begin to see bits and pieces of the hospital in the distance.

Realizing a direct route isn't possible, he quickly makes the decision to cut through some of the residential communities surrounding the facility. He hopes that, while speed may be lower, the shear drop in traffic will cut his travel time tremendously.

He speeds through the residential zone, encountering a few yields, stops, and children playing, forcing him to be somewhat cautious in the area.

After finally making it through the, seemingly endless amount of stop signs, red lights, bumper to bumper traffic, and the occasional pedestrian, he finally crosses the threshold of the hospital parking lot.

He tears through the parking lot, and immediately snags the first available spot he can find.

Having seemingly no worries about the pain from his match, he jumps out of the car, slams the door, and makes a "b-line" for the emergency room entrance.

As he runs in, he immediately begins looking around for signs of his wife. As he sees no sign of her in the waiting room area, he sprints up to the front receptionist's desk, hoping they'll be able to direct him toward his ailing wife.

Jake Starr: Where is she?!

Receptionist: I'm sorry sir?

Jake is virtually out of breath from the frantic run from the car.

Jake Starr: ... My wife... Where is she?

Receptionist: I'm... I'm sorry sir, but...


The receptionists are startled by the outburst.

Receptionist: Sir... Please... Calm down...

Jake takes a couple deep breaths, trying to calm himself down.

Jake Starr: Sorry... But my wife...

The receptionists continue to try and calm Jake down.

Receptionist: Sir... Please... Take a breath...

Jake takes another gasping breath.

Receptionist: ... Now, first off, what's your name, and the patient's name?

Jake continues to pant and fight for air as he tries to talk.

Jake Starr: I'm... I'm Jake Starr... My wife... Roeper Hart...

The receptionist begin to type the information into their system, hoping they'll be able to provide Jake with an answer. If there's not something expressing that they can release the information Jake, by law they couldn't tell him even if she was a patient there.

As they continue to type, a voice exclaims from down the hall, and out of frame...

Voice: JAKE!

He turns quickly to see Roxie running in his direction. Apparently she was tasked with watching out for his arrival.

Roxie Wright: THIS WAY!

Jake immediately runs toward her, and she begins to lead them down the many twists and turns of the hospital hallways. The continue to speed through the hallways, sidestepping orderlies, almost falling over folded up wheelchairs, and finally come around the final corner.

Shawn is immediately seen leaning his back against a wall, and his head is sulked down. He hears the approaching sound of what seems to be a stampede, and looks up to see his wife running toward him, with Jake close in tow.

As Jake steams toward him, and slowly comes to a stop directly opposite him, Jake sees the worry, and the sadness in his eyes.

Jake Starr: Where is she?

Without saying a word, Shawn makes a motion with his head toward the room across the hall.

Jake turns around, and slowly approaches the door. As he's about to grab the handle, the door slowly, and quietly, opens, and his mom emerges.

Jake Starr: Is she ok?

His mom is noticeably distraught, and noticeably crying.

Denise Starr: I... I think you need to go in and see her...

From the tone of his mother's voice, and the obvious sadness on her face, Jake's worry and panic gets even greater.

He finally takes one more deep breath, and slowly reaches for the door handle. He gently opens the door, and sees his wife, lying in her hospital bed, and facing toward the outside window.

As he approaches her, he sees the tears falling down her face. He gently puts his hand over hers, and lets her know he has arrived.

Jake Starr: Babe...?

The tears begin to flow harder, and the crying more intense.

Roeper Hart: It's gone!

Jake finally realizes the severity of the situation, and begins to grasp the reality that the fall had caused her to miscarry the baby. As it continues to sink in, Jake begins to bite on his bottom lip, trying to fight the urge to cry himself.

As he takes a deep breath, the need to cry becomes more and more apparent. His breath is choppy; his eyes are flooding.

The emotion continues to grow inside him. All of the rage, the sadness, the heartbreak, it all begins to happen concurrently. He knows he can't allow Roeper to see him like that, simply because in his mind, it's his job, it's his responsibility, to stay strong.

He excuses himself to the bathroom to splash water on his face and regroup.

Once he gets into the bathroom, he looks into the mirror, and sees hatred for himself. In his mind, he should have been there to prevent this from happening. He begins to take responsibility.

Finally, the emotion gets the better of him, and he snaps. He rears back, and punches the mirror...

As his fist meets the glass and the shattering begins, the scene goes black...


... Jake immediately sits up in his virtually out of breath, and sweating profusely, as if just completing a marathon. He looks around at the dark room, then quickly inspects his hand. He sees no cuts, no blood, no sign of trauma from the mirror.

He continues to scan the room, and tries to comprehend why he's not at the hospital anymore.

From the other side of the bed, Jake hears the rustling of sheets, and the slow waking of his wife. Roeper, still groggy from being awaken by the commotion, mumbles to her husband.

Roeper Hart: ... Baby, what's wrong?

Jake quickly swings his feet over the edge of the bed, and stiffens both arms to his side on the bed. He takes one deep breath, and reluctantly reaches back, and touches his wife's stomach. He feels the bulge of a pregnant stomach, and finally realizes what happened.

Jake Starr: Nothing... Nothing's wrong at all... It's just... The nightmares... They're back...

With those final words, Jake begins to wipe his face in his hands, and tries to settle himself down to try and go back to sleep. Jake fights his heavy breathing, and fights to calm himself down, and finally lies back down next to his wife. He wraps his arm around his wife, and the scene fades out, on his eyes worriedly closing, and Jake attempting to go back to sleep. Are these nightmares a sign of things to come, or is it a sign of things in the past creeping up to him?

Jake Starr: Well... Today is a day I look at with pure bittersweet eyes.

I look at the facts that state my good friend, Thorn, has done what he set out to do, and what I always knew he was capable of, and that was becoming the SCW World Heavyweight Champion. He walked through hell to get there. He endured beatings most human beings would not dare imagine. He looked adversity in the eye, poked it, and did what NOBODY had thought he was capable of doing.

But then... I look at the fact that my good friend, Thorn, also accomplished this by beating Hudson, Davis, and most notably, myself, to accomplish it.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am very happy for Thorn, and I know he'll definitely prove he's a worthy champion, but nobody likes to lose. Nobody likes to look defeat in the mouth, and accept the fact that it truly happened the way it did. It's not something that easy to swallow.

But it is, however, reality.

In a sense, I look at the outcome of Taking Hold of the Flame as a rousing success. Thorn and I both had an integral part in making sure we brought the World Heavyweight Championship home. I know, in time, Thorn will grant me the same opportunity he was given, but first, he must look toward his first opponent, and a man who did something equally as unthinkable as Thorn's victory, the new victor of the Battle Royal, Greg Cherry.

How fitting!

How fitting that a man who sucked enough corporate penis to get into every major championship match to begin 2010, was the man who endured a hellacious battle royal to get the same opportunity.

But how even more fitting would it be, to have Jake Starr inserted into their championship match at Rise to Greatness, as Cherry was inserted into the match with Thorn and I?

I'm just saying... I'm just saying!

I mean, I'll admit, I am a firm believer in fair play here. I believe all's fair in love and war. I don't believe anyone should have an unfair advantage.

So, I guess we'll see huh?

... And speaking of the little battle royal, oh what a surprise it had in store for SCW, huh?

... No besides the fact Cherry won...

... Yeah there were others...

... Well... ONE other...

James Exeter made his gallant return to the ring!


How fitting that a man, who lost his World Championship back in NOVEMBER, made his triumphant return in a match where, just one year ago, he earned the right to fight for said World Championship.

Isn't it just what fairy tales are made of?

Jake sticks his index finger in his mouth, acting like most anorexics, and about to purge the food from his system.

Jake Starr: Yes folks, the infamous "Extraordinary One" has graced us all with his presence once again.

Again I say... How fitting!

By my calculations, the time draws near for the true rubber match between he and I, much like I fully expect my likely encounter with Hudson looms as well. Seriously! My honest-to-God, gut, feeling is that once Exeter is done playing touchy-feely time with Damian, he'll seek me out. He'll want to try and vault himself into the limelight quickly, so he'll seek me out as a justifiable means of doing so.

All I'll say is... If he crosses my path, BRING IT ASSHOLE!

Since I beat him, I've had to listen to guys like Jason Zero, in his inFINITE wisDUMB call that whole situation up, and do his best to use it against me. Honestly, I'm annoyed, and I'm tired of it. So if Exeter wants me, he knows where to find me. I beat him for his championship, I'll beat him for his dignity now.

... And if that's not something people are used to hearing from me, sorry! Others should try facing critics who try and denounce your success by comparing it to the likes of Exeter. Trust me... It begins to rub you the wrong way!

But regardless of that fact, there is another staring me in the face, and it's one I've seemingly looked at before. It's a misspelled face with misspelled tendencies. It's a mindless dolt, trying to pander to those who might share in his lack of brain matter. It's a delusional personality, in a not-so delusional state of mind.

Yes... It's Dilly himself!

Coming out of a hellacious battle, I'm thrown into a match with someone who's mere vocabulary presses me to commit suicide.

Yes, he's that bad!

The first time we met up in the ring, Dillusion was hoping to try and begin his rise to the top of the SCW rankings, and was hoping to do so at the expense of me. He tried to be funny, coy, candid, and any other adjectives some might like to attribute to him, but he failed. Now this time we meet, he's fresh off trying the same approach to emerge victorious in Taking Hold of the Flame.

And again... Failure...

In his eyes, I take it, even though apparently he's someone who still has imaginary friends, believes Barney the Dinosaur is real, thinks a trip on the Reading Rainbow would be exciting, and also thinks that Vanilla Ice's rap career was unlawfully lambasted by critics, he still believes he's a success story in the making. To Dillusion, I guarantee, he sees his losses, his failures, his trip-ups, his stumbles, and his inane babbling as part of a master plan to take over and dominate the superstars of SCW.

Honestly, if you ask me, he sounds like someone trying to emulate Jason Zero, while on acid.

But that's just me!

Nevertheless, he comes into this match, much like me, having fallen short of his goals, and his desires at Taking Hold of the Flame. He hoped to emerge victorious, and follow in the footsteps of a certain other LUCKY soul on the flip side, by using the Battle Royal as his springboard to the World Heavyweight Championship. I had hoped to use this edition of Breakdown as a celebratory period for myself and my fraternal brethren, and in a sense we will, just not how I had envisioned.

See... I look at Dillusion in the same facet I looked at him before. When we faced the first time, I was fresh out of Body, Heart and Soul. I had just shut everyone who thought Greg Cherry was superior to me up. I had accomplished my mission, and I was ready to look toward the future. Today, I am coming out of Taking Hold of the Flame, and sent Josh Hudson's dream of a lengthy reign as champion down the tubes.

But like before, I can't look at that and bask in that simple victory. I have to look forward. I have to realize that, while Hudson's dream and goal of an imperialistic-status in this business has been tossed aside, I still have to look forward.

And like I said... As was then, is now, and Dillusion looks back at me.

So because of that, I have to begin anew. I have to begin my quest and my climb to the top of the SCW rankings. I made it ABUNDANTLY clear that I wanted to be the one leading the pack, and I do not plan on giving up because I haven't achieved it. It simply showed me I need to mend a few holes, and attack again.

Trust me when I say those holes will be patched!

I fully intend on attacking the lead dog, whoever it may be, down the road, when my opportunity arises. Until then, I'll merely attack those who decide that my path is something they believe they have a right to interfere with, and it begins at Breakdown.

It begins with Dillusion, and dammit I plan on making a statement.

I'm not going to let the frustration with not winning effect me negatively. Losing only means I have to improve, and get better. It doesn't mean anything more.

And if I were in Dillusion's shoes, I'd honestly be worried.

Granted, I will say he probably isn't. He probably is somehow celebrating his "victory" at Taking Hold of the Flame, making up rules that, in the end, nobody gives a damn about, and playing with himself while imagining a ghost from Disney's Haunted Mansion sitting beside him. So he probably doesn't realize the hurt he is in store to suffer. He doesn't realize that he has a man who now has a new mission, and a new goal, and a new path to walk down, and that man is hungrier than ever to succeed.

No... He probably doesn't realize any of it! In fact, I bet if we all listen real closely, he'll prove me right too!

But until then, he had better hire someone to actually listen to what I'm saying, and then translate it into his retard-language that he loves to speak. Hell... Go call that Lad character up... He seemingly likes to screw around with things, I'm sure he'd love to help!

The future, the path, the route, the road, the whatever you want to call it may not be clear for me as far as when I'll be getting my chance to prove myself in the "big picture," but for now, as far as I'm concerned, it's crystal clear. I have to DECIMATE those around who stand in my path. I have to show I am still THAT GUY. I have to earn my way up there...


... When I get my rematch, which as far as I know I am still guaranteed from Tactical Warfare, I'll capitalize on the chance.

But I will also say this... Thorn is the World Heavyweight Champion. Thorn is my brother. Thorn is my friend. And I watch his back proudly.


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