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Assumptions were made, bets were placed, and in the end, everyone seemingly came up a loser.

Jake Starr and his fellow "former Misfits," debuted their refocused and reunited front at Breakdown, surprising everyone who had assumed that the quadruple threat was all but over. They stormed the ring, and made quick work of SCW Champion, Josh Hudson, and Justin Davis. They then announced that the "end" Jake spoke of many times, merely was the end of the Social Misfits, and the beginning of their new (yet to be named) brotherhood.

For the fans, it was a sight they were elated to see.

Many times, fans who had approached Jake for photos, autographs, meet-and-greets, and even Q&A sessions, constantly were worried this was the last time they'd see the superstar in the ring. They would continually question him on the subject, only to receive the same answer he gave his brethren, a dodgy one. He avoided the straight-on answer because he knew what it could potentially reveal, and he stuck to his guns.

But there was no doubt in the fans minds in what they heard at Breakdown. Jake was adamant about this being their new unified alliance. They knew he was back, they knew the group was back, and they could see it was better than ever.

So now many question what's next? Where does this alliance go from here?

The answer, in a nutshell, is simple. First Breakdown, second Taking Hold of the Flame.

First, Jake steps back into the SCW ring for his first official SCW match since Tactical Warfare. He steps in knowing he had a chance to set the stage for Taking Hold of the Flame at the last edition of Breakdown, against Justin Davis, but was interrupted by Josh Hudson. He steps into the ring against the man who, backstage, has already begun to blame Jake for his loss at that same Breakdown, Sketch Retro.

For Retro, this match is about getting even with the faction that made a fool of him. It's about proving he's worthy of standing in the ring with the superstars like Jake, and win or lose, proving he deserves consideration as one of the best SCW has to offer.

For Jake, it's a chance to give himself even more momentum going into Taking Hold of the Flame. If he could emerge victorious, he would definitely have shown he's "rust free" during his brief hiatus. It'd also send a clear message to Justin Davis, Josh Hudson, and his personal friend, Thorn, that he was ready to take his title back.

As the camera fades in, Jake is seen sitting back on the lip of his desk, in his office. Both hands are outstretched onto the desk, with his elbows completely locked. The look on his face is obvious... He's proud of what he accomplished. He's proud of what happened at Breakdown, and over the past month or so. But it also shows he's not taking anything too lightly, or thinking everything is "in the bag." He knows what lies ahead, and the work he has to put into it, in order to have the outcomes he wants.

The camera slowly begins to tighten the shot on the former SCW Champion, as he cracks his neck, and begins.

Jake Starr: I guess you could say, that today marks a new day...

... This is the beginning of a new era...

... A new chapter has begun...

... Today is the start of a new phase...

... It marks the second coming...

... It's time to start anew...

... But however you say it, it all means the same thing, and it all relates to the same topic!

Jake smirks.

Jake Starr: Let me tear down that proverbial "fourth wall" for everyone here. See, most people in this business don't like when someone "breaks protocol," or is honest about things, so I'll probably make SOME people mad about telling the world how this all went down, but oh well... Those people can continue creating LONG and BLAND and BORING things NOBODY ever listens to all the way through...


Jake looks down towards his feet, pretends to step down, and points to where he supposedly stepped down from.

Jake Starr: See... Soapbox... Me... Off of it now...

You see, over, roughly, the past month or so, there has been a lot of questions and concerns surrounding yours truly, his brethren, and the apparent demise of the Social Misfits. People have speculated everything from it being related to my wife's pregnancy, the four of us merely feeling it was time to go our separate ways, or even the possibility that there was a lot of jealousy from the other three towards me.

Truthfully, it was kind of funny to watch, and know I was a part of.

Everyone felt they had the "inside track" to the reasoning, and the future, of our fraternal order. Everyone became the "expert." But sadly for them, nobody was an expert, and nobody was even close to knowing the truth... Which isn't to say everything we said/did was a lie or a ruse.

... But in the end, that was the plan. We basically saw ourselves as politicians, and using "selective truths" to make sure everyone was believing what we needed to believe.

Everything began well before Tactical Warfare. Helms, Thorn, Steele, and myself all had a bit of a "covert" meeting to discuss what we wanted to do next. I came to the three of them with the legitimate plan to "end" the reign of the Social Misfits. I honestly felt they had run their course, done their job, set their legacy, and now it was more or less guys keeping the name around for nostalgia's sake.

I just felt this was the right time, and the right place.

So, between the four of us, we began to come up with a plan.

It took some real tweaking to figure out how it was all going to happen. Tommy and I had both agreed that we needed to ensure we at least made it out of Tactical Warfare with the win. Whether we had the championship still, or not, wasn't completely relevant to our little scheme...

... Now don't get me wrong, we both wanted it, but we, at the LEAST, needed to ensure a victory for our team.

We decided that leading up to the event, we'd begin to throw these seeds of doubt to our future. I would never clarify the extend of the uncertainty, but it would be enough for people to read into, and cast doubts into the strength of our brotherhood.

From there, and after Tactical Warfare, we'd keep playing it up. I would keep a very "distant" mentality from them, and they would be trying to dissuade me from making any careless, rash, or hasty decisions.

Then Hudson decided to really help goad the situation along with some of his statements and assumptions. He was adamant about wanting to face me one on one. He was adamant about being the one to officially run me off. He didn't want this fatal four way, he wanted Jake Starr alone. He was a firm believer that I was retiring, and he wanted to have his chance to silence the critics who have bombarded him with comments like, "You know, you didn't beat Jake for that championship."

That thought, alone, is driving him mad.

We had the crowd believing us. We had the locker room believing us. Hell, SCW Management had even put their official retirement package together for me, should I wish to sign it and file it. Honestly, duping the fans wasn't something I enjoy doing, but for this to work, they had to be fully convinced as well.

All in all, it was the perfect scenario.

So, that all being said, we knew the time was drawing near for us to finally strike again. We decided to leave that part of the equation as an "open-ended" ending, mainly because we didn't want to force the "big surprise." But ultimately, the "right time" just happened upon us when Davis decided to bum-rush the ring, and attack Hudson. We saw that in the locker room, and just all had the gut feeling that it was time.

Jake extends both arms out to the side, and faces his palms up.

Jake Starr: ... And here we are today!

See, nobody caught onto the fact I would never commit to saying I was going to "retire," and if they did, they weren't smart enough to actually call me out on it. Reading into something I say is like reading into a Picasso painting, you're not going to get anything out of it but what HE intended on you getting.

So for those who thought you knew... You had no idea at all!

One thing is for sure, though, this whole event has brought the four of us closer together, and more united than ever.

When we finally joined forces, none of us knew if this was going to be a short-term or long-term thing.

We didn't know if Helms and Thorn would see me as another Brian Kinney, and flake out on them.

We just didn't know. It was a gamble for us, and as time has gone on, we realize we're definitely to the point we're ahead, and gambling on the house's money.

It's a feeling that I'll openly admit, is good.

As time now continues from here on out, everyone should realize this is something major. This isn't just a group of random guys hoping to give themselves a numbers advantage. This isn't about that at all. This is about a band of brothers, a fraternal order, a team, a unit, a society, unified in their quest to be great, and be successful.

Trust me on that... Because if someone doesn't, boy will they be in for a serious surprise.

Jake grins again, and begins pacing back and forth.

Jake Starr: So what's next? What's on the horizon for me?

Here in SCW, it's simple. All I'm worrying about are Breakdown and Taking Hold of the Flame. That's all I can worry about here right now. There's nothing set in stone after that.

At Taking Hold of the Flame, I'll walk into a pay-per view where I need to shine. I NEED to be the star of the show. Last year, I decided I was going to do whatever it took to make myself stand out, and even without Daddy D's blessing, I entered myself into the match... Multiple times!

I'll be honest... It was quite fun!

This year, "the flame" is within my grasp, and I'll take it when it's time. But first and foremost, I have Breakdown to deal with... And I guarantee it's going to be a handful in itself.

My match is merely a PIECE of what is to be expected going into Breakdown. Hell... We'll be mere DAYS out from Taking Hold of the Flame. Why should I expect that everything is going to be completely hunky-dory anyway?

... Has it ever been?

... Hell, has Hudson actually minded his own business since being crowned the SCW World Champion?

NO! Those answers are both NO!

I fully expect Hudson, Davis, and hell, even Thorn to try and garner an edge going into this historical pay-per view. From what I know about my opponents down the road, is Davis and Hudson are out for blood. Both have track records in jumping people, cheating, stealing, raping, maiming, bestiality, you name it, they've done it! And they won't hesitate to do it again!

I fully expect to be a target. I fully expect to be the primary target for Davis and Hudson. I'm the one perceived as the greatest threat to them all, so why shouldn't I feel I need to watch my back some?

Besides... Nobody wants to be the clear-cut underdog. At least I know I don't!

I can say this, without a shadow of a doubt, if I'm attacked, whoever did it better be ready for retribution on behalf of me and my brothers.

Jake's pacing stops. He begins to nod slowly, and slowly turns his head back towards the camera, with a very mischievous look on his face.

Jake Starr: But you know, I could be totally wrong. Everyone may leave me alone, and let me have my match, and then call it a day.

You never know!

Jake smirks, and shrugs. He turns back to fully facing the camera.

Jake Starr: ... And speaking of my match, it seemingly comes against someone who is trying to do his part to become more noticed, and more recognized as the future of SCW. My opponent has had several challenges in his stay here in SCW, and at Breakdown, he faces his toughest yet, ME!

Etch-a-Sketch Retro, and his partner in crime, Kilroy, are still reletive newcomers here. They're wanting to make a name for themselves, like anyone would. They just aren't going about it, in what I would call, the "right way." At the last edition of Breakdown, he went toe to toe with my brother, Bishop Steele. They battled from one corner to the next, up one side, and down the other.

Apparently, somewhere in the middle of this match Etch-a-Sketch has his brain blue screen, and he has this state of confusion kick in. He immediately decides he's no longer fighting Steele, but somehow he's against me. He turns his attention my way and POOF! He's being pinned, and loses.

Now... Knowing this business and this industry like I do, he'll attribute the loss to me, blame me for being at ringside, say I was a distraction, say I interfered, you know, the basics. He won't mention he carries Mr. Miyagi to the ring with him every time he wrestles, and practices his crane kick.

I'm pretty sure he'll go by the book on his complaining...

But his complaints won't get him very far in the ring with me. See, I came out to the ring with Steele for a couple of reasons. One... I've always been a fan of Mr. Miyagi, even back to the days of him being Arnold on Happy Days...

Jake becomes distracted by the camera man, who apparently is holding something up. Jake squints trying to see it, but can't make it out. He walks towards the camera and is handed the piece of paper from the camera operator, and goes back to his original position, while reading the note. His eyes widen as he reads it.

Jake Starr: NO! Really?! Mr. Miyagi is dead?! He died in 2005?! Jesus... Where was I?!

Jake stands there in shock, as well as completely puzzled. He wads the paper up, and tosses it into the trash can near him.

Jake Starr: Damn... I could have sworn that Kilroy was actually Mr. Miyagi!

Jake shakes his head in disbelief. Then, he immediately springs his head up. It's like the light bulb went off in his head.

Jake Starr: IT'S MR. FUJI! But where's Toru Tanaka and Mr. Saito? He should have all three of them then!

The camera man mumbles something to Jake again.

Jake Starr: C'mon! It's not Mr. Fuji either?! Don't tell me he died and I didn't know it...

The camera man's reply is also mumbled.

Jake Starr: Oh phew! Thank God!

Jake sighs, as he swears he recognizes the manager from somewhere, but can't pinpoint it. He finally shrugs it off, and tries to get back on topic.

Jake Starr: Ok... Where was I...

I covered the duping of everyone...

I covered being attacked on Breakdown...

Covered Tactical Warfare...

OH YEAH! The reasons I was at ringside!

Having remembered where he got sidetracked, Jake resumes where he left off.

Jake Starr: See, I wanted to be at ringside to make sure Kilroy didn't stick his nose into the match. The second reason I was down there was to show support for Steele, and reaffirm the fact that we were stronger and more united than ever. Thorn and Helms wanted to hang back a little to make sure nobody else decided it was their responsibility to get involved either.

It's called being a team, and we are. We're willing to fight for one another if necessary, but we won't do it unless the situation dictates it.

So Etch-a-Sketch needs to understand they're going to be there. Not to distract him, not to be involved, but to be supportive of a fellow friend.

He also needs to make sure he understands the magnitude of the match he has been blessed with. He's been HANDED a match with the man who, basically, has become the STANDARD in SCW.

Over the past year, I have taken this organization and turned it upside down. For YEARS it was dominated by a handful who did everything they could to prevent others from succeeding. This handful of people were seen as the standard, and remained that way until I burst onto the scene. From then since, it's been something many of them haven't liked. Hell... In some cases they've vanished off of the face of the Earth after not being able to beat me. Just think about those I've beaten, who were once seen as the "best..."

Christian Savior... Now just a long-winded, tiresome, and BORING wrestler, who will NEVER be on top again.

James Exeter... He tried to beat me by hiring a hitman, and now where's he again?

Greg Cherry... How's has Mr. Irrelevant fared since I beat him?

Jason Zero... I pinned his ass at the 2 for 1 Special, and now he's run off to IWC because he thinks less people will know he can't compete with me.

So you see... For him this match is of EPIC proportions. Could you imagine if he defeated me right before I went into Taking Hold of the Flame? Could you imagine what that would do for his career? It would launch him into orbit IMMEDIATELY! There wouldn't be any question that he would be a major player now.

Unfortunately that's not how Breakdown will go!

Much like his match with Steele, Etch-a-Sketch will fall short of beating one of the big boys. It doesn't mean he'll forever be banished to the mid-card, but for now, he's facing someone who is on a mission to climb back to the top of the ladder in SCW, where he was unfairly dethroned.

He's facing the man who has become synonymous with success.

He's facing the epitome of excellence, and the one true Social Misfit.

He's facing me, Jake Starr.

With those final words Jake walks back around to the back of his desk, and sits back down in his chair. He opens his laptop up, and begins browsing the net while the scene begins to fade to black. As the scene is almost completely black, Jake is heard uttering the words "Damn... Still not up yet." Nobody is quite sure what it means, if anything, but it seems to have Jake a bit annoyed.

Jake's mentality is definitely that of focused, and rejuvenated, with how everything has gone down as of late. He hopes that the positive and rejuvenated feeling continues on through Breakdown, and carries on through Taking Hold of the Flame. If it does, there's little doubt in his mind he could successfully emerge victorious, and claim his second reign as SCW World Champion.


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