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The allusions finally come to fruition, even with the questionable timing prior to Tactical Warfare.

Not too long ago, Jake Starr hinted at issues and reservations he was having regarding the continuation of the Social Misfits. He cited numerous reasons regarding his confusion, and ultimately said it was an issue he had to make himself.

Since that time, Bishop Steele, Thorn, and David Helms have sat in, almost, a state of flux. They sit around unsure of what's to come. They are forced to wonder if something they were proud of, has become something that is going to just abruptly end, before it was ever able to get started.

It's ultimately been a game of limbo none of them ever wished to take part in.

So... A couple of days ago, Jake summoned his Social Misfit brothers to his house, in Des Moines, Iowa, to finally sit them down and address the issue created by him, regarding the future of the Social Misfits.

He knew, with Tactical Warfare approaching, he needed to expedite the process of his decision making. He couldn't let this issue hover over the heads of himself, and his friends, with so much on the line this Sunday.

For a couple of the men, it was a chord they had been awaiting for some time. The nagging by press members, and the shear mysterious nature behind Jake's revelation, has caused a couple to really look forward to this meeting. They openly admit that they hope this meeting, this rendezvous, this "Come-to-Jesus" meeting, between them will give them the answers they've desired, and be able to put this matter to rest.

For the third... It's a bit of a different story. For Thorn, this whole issue couldn't have come at a more inopportune time. He's been focused and tunnel-visioned on the aspect of getting another crack, and a fair crack at that, at the World Championship, since his last match with Jake, at Retribution. He's wanted to limit the number of things that could possibly interfere with his train of thought, and his focus, going into Tactical Warfare.

But... He admits, he hopes this kills the issue, and eliminates another distraction from his list.

So the three men answered the beckoning of the World Champion, and have made their way to Des Moines.

Having rendezvoused together on their flight into Des Moines, the trio arrive together, and the nerves begin to set in. They know this moment could be one of a renewed sense of self, or one that sends them away even more battered than when this all broke.

They quickly grab a rental car for their brief stay, and quickly pile in. Steele hops in the driver's seat, Thorn next to him, and Helms in the back. They quickly speed out of the parking garage headed for Starr's house. Throughout the entire trip, Helms and Steele try and engage Thorn into more normal and typical conversation, but only receive an occasional, one-worded, reply, or an rare nod of acknowledgement. The rest of the time, Thorn keeps his gaze focused out the window.

As they near Jake's house, Steele begins to slow down, trying to remember the right street to turn on, Helms keeps an eye out as well, but seemingly thinks every street reminds him of the "right one," only to realize none of the houses look familiar.

Finally, they find the right street.

They turn in and slowly begin making their way down the narrow street, finally coming to rest outside the, now infamous home of Jake Starr.

The three all disembark the vehicle, and begin making their way up the driveway. The silence, and uncomfortable feeling shared by each, is painfully obvious.

As they reach the front porch, they all approach the front door. They all pause, anticipating one of the others will be the one to knock. When they realize nobody else will, they all simultaneously, and quite comically, reach to do it at once, only to quickly stop, and retract their hand. They then realize everyone else is doing the same, and return to try and knock, only to have the process repeat.

David Helms: Ok everyone stop! I'll knock!

Helms grins, and proceeds to knock on the door.

The sound of light footsteps approaching is clearly heard, and Roeper slowly opens the door.

She greets the three, and welcomes them all into their house. She escorts the three of them to the entertainment room, and tells them all to make themselves at home.

Each of the men find a spot to sit, while each being offered a drink by the hostess. Each agree to have a beverage, and Roeper quickly walks over to the bar area to oblige.

David Helms: So... Roeper... How's the pregnancy going?

Roeper Hart: Slowly!

Helms chuckles.

Roeper Hart: ... I've had a couple of cases of morning sickness, which I must say suck, but other than that, everything seems to be going well!

David Helms: Good to hear!

Roeper Hart: Yeah...

David Helms: When's the big day?

Roeper Hart: October! Actually somewhere near Jake's birthday!

David Helms: Ha ha... His birthday would become irrelevant then huh?

Roeper Hart: Pretty much! The in-laws basically would be giving the baby presents for his birthday, and I'm sure he'd love that!

David Helms: I'm sure he'd love getting a rattle!

Roeper Hart: Yeah... I'm sure!

Roeper finishes preparing the drinks for the three, and brings them over to their respective drinkers.

Roeper Hart: Here you guys go!

Each man thanks Roeper for her hospitality, and accepts the drink.

Roeper Hart: ... Now... Let me go tell Jake you guys are here!

The three thank Roeper again, and she departs to go alert Jake to the group's arrival. As Roeper as seen departing, the scene remains in the entertainment room, with the curious members of the Social Misfits.

David Helms: So... Any ideas on what we're about to hear?

Bishop Steele: You think it's the end of our little group?

Thorn: Hope not...

David Helms: Yeah... Me neither!

Thorn: It'd be stupid! It'd be really stupid! Why would you throw all of what we have out the window this close to Tactical Warfare? Seriously? Why would you do it?

Steele nods in agreement.

David Helms: Good point!

Thorn: ... I honestly just wish Jake would have just opened up to us earlier. I wish he would have just talked to us, and told us what was going on in his mind so we wouldn't have all of these extra issues surrounding us going into such a big event for us.

Steele continues to stare into his drink and nod.

David Helms: ... And what's this about a "final chapter?"

Bishop Steele: I honestly am afraid it may be a hint he's thinking about retiring...

Helms and Thorn both look up at each other with stunned looks on their face. Neither man had allowed their minds to drift to that extreme, and neither obviously like the idea. There is a moment of "uncomfortable pause" between the three, as they each reflect on the notion.

Bishop Steele: ... Don't get me wrong, I hope that isn't the case. But I'm also not dumb enough to sugar coat the facts, or look at things through rose-colored glasses. Every time I've heard people use a phrase similar to that, it's translated to "the end" of whatever it is.

Thorn and Helms both nod, knowing they've heard similar things in their days.

With that pause, the scene shifts to the hallway behind Roeper, walking towards her husband's office. She stops at the doorway, and over her shoulder Jake can be seen sitting at his desk with his head buried in his hands.

Roeper knocks on the moulding around the door, and Jake looks up from his hands. Roeper looks at him, and lifts one side of her mouth, giving her husband a nervous grin.

Roeper Hart: They're all here honey...

Jake sighs, and rises from his desk.

Roeper comes into Jake's office, and gives Jake a gentle hug.

Roeper Hart: It'll all be ok in the end, babe...

Jake Starr: I know... I know babe... I'm just unaware and unsure of what "the end" actually is.

Thorn: "The end" will be whatever it is it is supposed to be.

Jake smirks nervously, and nods at his wife's comment.

He finally takes a deep breath, and begins his trek towards the entertainment room. The camera trails him down the hallway, and the corridor, towards the room where his fellow Misfits are awaiting his arrival.

Jake comes upon the threshold to the entertainment room, and stops. He once again takes a moment to pause, due to the nerves racing through his body. He takes one more deep breath, and crosses the threshold, and is immediately seen by his peers.

Each man rises and greets Jake respectively, and friendly-like. He tells each of them men hello individually, and then takes a seat among them.

Jake Starr: How goes it guys?

David Helms: Good!

Bishop Steele: We're here!

Jake Starr: ... Get enough to drink?

Before anyone can respond to Jake's attempt at small-talk and idle chit-chat, Thorn immediately chimes in, and snaps at the SCW Champion.

Thorn: Jake... We don't have time for all of these "pleasantries." We don't have time to just act like there isn't an elephant in the room. You and I have Tactical Warfare on the horizon, and we need to get all of this settled and resolved as soon as possible.

The other three men are all stunned at Thorn snapping at Jake. They each are taken back by the quip, and Jake quickly looks down towards the ground and replies...

Jake Starr: Well... Ok...

Thorn realizes he came across rather harsh.

Thorn: Sorry man... I didn't mean to come across like that...

Jake begins nodding, and completely understands where his friend's head is.

Jake Starr: It's ok... I know where you're coming from...

Thorn: ... Listen... I just want a limited amount of, to no, distractions going into this match. It's not anything personal...

Jake continues to nod.

Jake Starr: I know man...

Jake takes yet another deep breath.

Jake Starr: Ok... Let's get all of this over with... I called you all to come here today because I wanted to do this in person, and not over the phone, or via text messages.

To begin with, I want to say that over the course of recent months, I have personally been honored to have the three of you watching my back, and more importantly, I've been honored to call you my friends. But lately... I've been doing a lot of contemplating about changing things up.

Helms cocks an eyebrow at Jake.

David Helms: Why?

Thorn: Yeah... It isn't necessary...

Jake Starr: Truthfully? Like I said, which ultimately stirred all of this up, the Social Misfits, as far as what they were born to be, are done. The time of needing to be a faction of guys who literally go out and make things go their way, is in the past.

Now, things are different. Now, that's not necessary. Now, it's actually about proving your worth, and being given opportunities you earn...

Jake looks over at Thorn.

Jake Starr: Tommy... You're a prime example!

All three bob their heads in agreement.

Jake Starr: ... And so, times have changed. But... Most importantly... I've changed!

See... We may be called the "Social Misfits," but we're not the true embodiment of them. Hell... I'm the last man standing from those who truly resembled and embodied that name and that mentality.

At least... I did.

Now... I really don't even embody that mentality anymore. In SCW, I thought I would need to be that way, but fortunately, I really haven't. Sure... Daddy D tried to step up and rain on my parade, but I was able to shoot him down, without having to go down the road of making everyone's lives hell, just to get my way.

Bishop Steele: So... Then what're you saying, man?

Jake inhales very big, and blows the air out of his mouth. He gently closes his eyes, and opens them just as gently, trying to relax himself to finally answer the big question.

Jake Starr: The book ends at Tactical Warfare...

Helms looks up completely confused.

David Helms: Book?

Jake Starr: Normally... You hear people say they're going end a "chapter" of their lives. Well... For the Social Misfits... The final chapter of the book will be written at Tactical Warfare. The book ends there...

Thorn seems shocked and aggravated. He looks over at Helms, who is seemingly just as shocked as he is, then looks back over at Starr.

Thorn: Ok... So I'll ask what Steele basically asked a minute ago... What does that exactly mean for us?

Jake Starr: Honestly... What happens after Tactical Warfare is a mystery. So... Honestly... I don't know what it means. After Tactical Warfare goes off the air, everything goes "up in the air," and your guess is as good as mine there.

For me, this is also the end of this chapter of my life, and it's time for me to begin another. With this new baby on the way, I've had to really sit down and evaluate what is the best course of action for me, my life, and my family's lives.

Steele looks over at Jake, and decides it is time to blatantly ask Jake to address the issue he has been speculating about since Jake uttered two specific words.

Bishop Steele: Jake... Are you retiring?

Jake pauses, and takes a big gulp of his saliva as he looks at his compatriot.

Jake Starr: Bishop... I'm not planning on it. But I'll be honest... I don't know what life brings post-Tactical Warfare. I don't know what the future holds, just like I don't know what the result will be at the night's end. All I know is that at Tactical Warfare, be it win, lose, or draw, this chapter, and this book, come to an end.

But let me reiterate this... What's "next," I don't know. What will happen Monday, I don't know. I just know that I want the Social Misfits to go out the same way the came in, on top! And more importantly, I want you all to be a part of it.

The three men all slump their heads, knowing that this wasn't the answers they were hoping to get. They know they're left with more questions, now, than answers.

And unfortunately... With a check of the time, they know they have to get back to the airport for their flights back.

The three men all stand up, having mentioned to Jake their need to catch their flight.

The SCW champion leads the trio to the door, and shows them out. The three all exit the house, but all look back at Jake standing on the other side of the door. Jake nods at the three, receiving a nod in reply from the three.

They retreat down the drive, towards their rental car, and Jake slowly shuts the door behind them. As the door latches closed, Roeper is seen walking up behind her husband, and lying her cheek on his shoulder, sensing that he feels down about everything.

The scene fades to black with Jake having one hand still on the door, and his head pointed down. Roeper gently kisses his shoulder, and he peeks back, simply grinning in acknowledgement of her show of affection.

Once the scene completely is black, Jake's voice is overheard one final time...

"They always said that all good things must eventually come to an end..."

Jake Starr: Well... Now with seemingly the "elephant in the room" somewhat addressed, and hopefully my colleagues worries suppressed somewhat, if not completely, I can, too, look ahead, once again, to Tactical Warfare.

As I expected, this match is shaping up to be something epic. It's shaping up to be something momentous. It's shaping up to be, well, special.

As the time has passed, and grown closer to the "event horizon," I've seen those whom I anticipated to "step up," do just that. Thorn's out there making his case; Hudson is making his case; Katie is still sounding like a long-winded, and down right RETARDED, lunatic; and Jason Zero still seemingly has this grand plan to reinvent himself next, simply being called "Maverick."

... On a sidenote he toiled with the names Joel "Lestat" Goodsen and Stefen "Woody" Djordjevic, but then realized they weren't really conducive to the wrestling industry...

... Yet I digress...

Those were the "expected," of this octuplet of superstars whom the world expected to hear make a plea for their chance, and their right, to win this encounter. But, there are a couple out there who I've been quite shocked to have seen take the low and quiet path to their eventual hopes of success.

Now granted... By the time this airs, they could have said something, but I can't see into the future, so, for all intents and purposes, and also as far as I'm concerned, they've done nothing, and taken a nice juicy dump inside their pairs of Depends.

But... To begin with, I expected a lot out of Christian Savior by now. I mean, usually by now, we've heard him talk on, and on, and on, and on. Usually by now, we've heard him talking about how wonderful he is, well that is if you actually paid attention to his promos long enough. Most people, I'll admit I'm one, hear him open his mouth and INSTANTLY begin snoring.

Thankfully I have friends with severe insomnia!

As much as I originally thought he would be the perfect cure for insomnia, apparently he seemingly just is capable of making people depressed, and potentially suicidal!

Anyway... These friends were actually able, at times, when they weren't contemplating creating a noose, grabbing a razor, or popping pills, to go through his previous promos, and calculate the amount of time he actually spends talking about this business versus the time he spends talking about other things that NOBODY cares about...

Would you believe it's a 14625374 to 1 ratio? And not in favor of the wrestling business.

Yes... Savior drones on and on and on. I talk about it all the time. I talk about how he makes up sh!t nobody on the planet cares about, or believes is remotely entertaining. I talk about how his smoke screen of babble has been lifted.


Because there are still those who still buy into his crap. They don't realize his junk has the entertainment value of back pimple being popped. Unless you have some OCD about popping zits, you just find it completely uninteresting! So I hope that, by mentioning his faults and his flaws, well enough I actually have the time or energy for, those few who love to suckle upon his bosom of boredom will finally just write him off like he deserves to be.

But if and when Savior ever does open his pie-hole, he'll deliver his cookie-cutter spiel about how he deserves to win, and should be champion already, and will win because he's the greatest, and how he's done nothing wrong. He'll conveniently forget about his two matches against me, and how he hasn't been a LEGIT contender for the SCW Championship since... Oh hell... Since damn-near a year ago! In fact... April 15th was the one-year anniversary of the day he LOST his ONLY claim to the SCW Championship.

Yeah... He'll definitely go down that path!

You see... Savior is a man living in a cloud of denial. He can't accept the fact he's ever lost... TO ANYBODY! In his eyes, it never happened! In his eyes, if he did lose, it was a fluke, and will never happen again.

At least he's said that about me!

Savior said I would never beat him. I did! Then, he said it was a fluke, and I'd never beat him again. I did! So what's he going to say now? Are we going to hear how that's a different Christian Savior than what will be seen at Tactical Warfare? Is he going to say that he's got some special plan?

If he does, I say bring it! I say bring whatever excuse he brings this week, and trust me, I'll point, and laugh, and mock it, just like every other one he delivers.

Jake raises a hand to his ear a-la an anchorman receiving breaking news from the production booth.

Jake Starr: Yes? ... He did? ... Really? ... What'd he say? ... Ah!

Jake lowers his hand, and looks back into the camera.

Jake Starr: I've just been informed Savior has said something. I've also been informed it isn't worth my time addressing... So that's enough about him...

The other disappointment is Hurse... Yeah... Who'd have thought that this "God" of this industry could ever be a disappointment?

Well, to begin with, let's begin with the fact he hasn't been seen since the end of 2009. Let's look at the fact he hasn't done anything since he lost to me. But, since he is the "phenom" of this industry, and the one who is the "standard" for others to model themselves after, he can just take these long and unnecessary breaks away from one organization to plainly focus on another.

It's fair I tell ya!

Hell, if he were to actually walk into Tactical Warfare, and win, would the title be defended once a quarter? Will the World Championship be a belt only seen whenever there's some "mega match" in SCW, and then POOF! There's your SCW Champion!

I'm not letting that sh!t happen on my watch! Period! See... I made it clear going into the 2 for 1 Special that I am ONE HUNDRED PERCENT in the corner of Supreme Championship Wrestling. I represent SCW because that is where my career was resurrected. It was within the halls of SCW that I was reborn, and it will be within the halls that I continue my growth.

So... With that being said, I'm not having Hurse coming into the house that I am REbuilding to NEW HEIGHTS, and try and rock the foundation. No matter how many times he gets GIFTED opportunities, and joins the ranks of Greg Cherry and Christian Savior by taking these freebies, I'll continue to knock him down. I don't appreciate "takers," when they're not man enough to step up and give some too.

Hurse better HOPE his team has "Lady Luck" on their side. Otherwise, he'll simply falter the same way he did the first time. He'll fall victim to a far better, far stronger, far superior, and far SUPREME superstar in this business.

Outside of these two disappointments, you have a legally insane bimbo, who seemingly never knows when to shut up.

Katie Steward seemingly followed true-to-form in talking a lot, saying very little, and claiming to have done everything. Hell... She still is bringing up the fact she THINKS she has actually won the SCW Championship from me before. She's trying her hardest to convince those who know of her complete lunacy that she actually is a "talented" individual. She wants to try and convince everyone that she is the "rightful" champion, but those with a brain know better.

I am one of those guys who holds out hope that one day maybe, just maybe, she'll get a clue. I hope that one day she really opens her eyes and sees the atrocity of an "intelligent" human being that she comes across as.

I mean seriously... "Steward as SCW Champion equals ratings?!" Really?! When has that broad EVER equaled LEGIT ratings? She HASN'T! If she had, don't you think she would have been given and granted more opportunities instead of swept under the rug, and thankfully forgotten about for the most part? Doesn't she realize she's just brought out in the open to fill slots?

The answer is simple... Katie Steward is NO CHAMPION!

She may have some wins under her belt that give her the illusion she can compete, but if she can, why hasn't she? Why has she only gotten a claim to winning an "Unofficial" and "Uncredited" SCW Championship?

Why isn't she ACCREDITED?!

It's simple... She's NEVER been able to take that next step. She will NEVER be able to, as long as I have a say. She's in my world, although if you ask her, the world of reality looks NOTHING like what she sees on a daily basis!

Plain and simple... Katie Steward is a boob!

Lastly you have Charlie Babbitt... I'm sorry I mean Cole Trickle... Dammit... Jason Zero! GAH! I can't keep up from week to week, hell day to day, who he calling himself and dressing like.

Regardless of the fact he's trying to be a walking chameleon, or a walking impersonator, whatever the case, I think the world realizes he has this strange desire and strange obsession with a certain Scientology "Celeb-u-tard," and can't stop dressing like him, and doing his makeup just like his, and completely wanting to encapsulate every aspect of that man's life.

Don't lie... Everyone knows it! It's almost scary! It's not normal to want the world to honestly believe that you are, in fact, the living doppleganger to Mr. Katie Holmes.

The guy is OBSESSED!

Don't you see the droves of photos he has around his house of the guy? It's like...

OH... MY... GOD!

I have solved the puzzle!



It's cute!!!

Am I the only one who sees how smitten he is with this man?

Oh well!

Anyway... The truth is, this effeminate man hopes to walk in and take my championship? Has he been able to do anything of the sorts? Has he ever been able to that up to this point?

The answer... NO!

See, Jason Zero hopes to walk in, backed by a team of lucky stiffs, and hopes to win. Yeah... Does he honestly think he would have ANY luck with that menagerie?

What everyone needs to know, and realize, Jake Starr is walking into this match on the BETTER TEAM, and with the MOST REASONS to do EVERYTHING possible to ensure a victory. I may not leave with the SCW Championship, but honestly, I am going to make sure that IN THE VERY LEAST, a member of my team walks away.



If this reign ends during Tactical Warfare, the next would likely begin at Taking Hold of the Flame. It would be four men. It wouldn't be two teams. It would be four men, one on one on one on one. Simple as that.

I'm not going to lie though... I expect to win this thing outright. I expect to make the ultimate statement by WINNING this epic battle, and WINNING the right to call myself, without a shadow of a doubt, the best. The opposition simply sucks. The opposition is the EPIC FAIL of those who have tried to outdo the man who is THE MAN of SCW.

One tried to steal my championship, and failed...

One has tried for BOTH championships I've held, and failed...

One tried for the Adrenaline Championship, and STOLE the IWC Championship, but in the end, and in the record book, STILL FAILED...

And the last lost his IWC Championship to me, and in turn, FAILED!

It's plain and simple... Four fails don't equal a winner.

This, my friends, is Jake Starr's time, AGAIN!


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