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Let the countdown to, arguably, the biggest event in SCW history commence as Tactical Warfare officially looms on the horizon.

Eight SCW superstars will enter the demonic match, hoping to be the one who scores the winning pinfall, and emerge victorious as the SCW Champion. And if the individual award aspect isn't good enough, there's more. For the team that emerges victorious, the four members will enter into a match at Taking Hold of the Flame, in a fatal four-way, all with an opportunity to win the SCW Championship.

But... Greed could play a factor!

Nobody actually expects this match to be one where the teams work as cohesive units. It's be ludicrous for anyone to expect that. When the most prestigious prize in the wrestling industry is on the line, everyone wants it. Everyone wants to be the one who comes out on top. Everyone wants that moment of glory.

But there, ultimately, can be only one SCW Champion.

Currently, Jake Starr holds that moniker as the SCW Champion, and going into Tactical Warfare, he knows the outlook is bleak that he'll walk out with the same accolade.

But he is not deterred.

This isn't the first time Jake has walked into a match where the odds have been heavily against him. His track record in SCW is filled with instances of "against the odds" moments.

When he first emerged on the scene, the odds were against him to even be able to truly bust onto the scene, and make an impact. After he won the Adrenaline Championship, and made a quick enemy out of, then boss, Mr. Drachewych, the Infection waged a personal war against the "Social Misfit." From there... Everyone anticipated he'd flounder time after time in his attempts to defeat James Exeter. Then... The 2 for 1 Special occurred, and he was picked to fall short of representing SCW successfully.

All were instances he was able to overcome. He didn't fall short. He overcame the odds.

So ultimately, Tactical Warfare is another chance for him to do the same thing. He can walk in the statistical underdog, and emerge the clear-cut winner.

It's his ultimate goal, and his ultimate desire.

As the camera fades in, Jake sits, staring at an analog clock upon his desk. His eyes watch each second tick by one by one. Each tick goes by, and Jake breaths audibly deeply. The camera slowly zooms in on his face, which remains firmly glued to the clock's second hand.

Sensing the cameras presence, Jake inhales deeply, swallows the residual saliva in his mouth, and begins to talk, continuing to watch each second tick by.

Jake Starr: Tick... Tick... Tick... Tick...

Well the time is upon us. The time has come for me to walk into a match where, even I understand the likelihood that these are my final days as SCW Champion.

Now, a lot of people will flat out ask why I would even suggest that. They would probably attribute it to a lack of confidence. They'd probably say that Jake Starr realizes that he can't handle the pressure, and he's just trying to protect his legacy by admitting defeat early. Hell... Some may say that me saying this is just my way of "giving up," and "moving on." They'd say that, instead of just walking away on top, my ego may keep me in as long as I'm champion, and hold the title, I'll keep going. Then when I lose, I'll just go away, mainly because that's become the trend in SCW.

Think about it... Where are the previous two champions? Where's James Exeter? Where's Shawn Winters? They're both no where to be found. They lost the title, then POOF... They decided to disappear off the face of the Earth.

Jake finally takes his eyes off of the ticking clock, and looks directly into the camera lens.

Jake Starr: So... Without question, Jake Starr will follow the same pattern, right? And all of the above beliefs are also true, right?


See, those other guys were ashamed about going into a situation where the odds were stacked against them. They were ashamed knowing they were going into a battle where, in the end, they'd most likely walk out defeated. They weren't able to go forward with the idea of not being champion, and being forced to chase after those who toppled them.

I'm not that way!

Think about it... Think about my track record... What happened when I lost against Allocco, and my undefeated streak was ended? What happened when Fat-Tits McGilicutty beat me for the Adrenaline Championship? Did I run away and disappear off of the face of God's green Earth? Did I take a hiatus in the hopes that people forgot about what happened?


I didn't!

I didn't let it bring me down. I didn't let it ruin my career. I didn't let it ruin my legacy. Instead, I made sure the world knew that I wasn't going to play it down. I wasn't going to pretend it never happened, and I was going to make it plain and clear that it did occur, and it was going to turn into my motivation to become better. It became the driving force in me becoming what I am today...



So... The question is, why do I acknowledge the likelihood that this will probably be my last title defense of this reign?

Because I'm realistic!

Look at the odds. Eight SCW superstars, and only ONE can win. EIGHT superstars... Count them... EIGHT... Not seven... Not six... Not three... Not two... EIGHT! It's a gamut of talent all vying to make sure the other seven don't win. The minute one goes for the win, there will be seven other guys, whether on the same team or opposite, trying to stop it.

So... How could I honestly go in thinking there's a logical chance of me winning?

It's ludicrous!

But... That doesn't mean I can't win, or won't win. It simply means the odds aren't really in favor of me doing so.

Jake looks up at the camera man.

Jake Starr: So... Two teams... And eight superstars! Isn't that what I said?

The camera nods.

Jake Starr: So... I'm pitted with a team of three who, when you compare to the other foursome, is actually superior in talent.

It begins with the man who I share a deep friendship with, in Thorn.

Thorn walks into Tactical Warfare with a chip on his shoulder. He and I were scheduled to have an epic confrontation for my World Championship. He and I were scheduled to finally showcase why we are two of the best SCW superstars the organization has ever employed.

Unfortunately, as many know, that never happened.

So, Tactical Warfare presents a "second chance" opportunity for my friend. He has a chance to, at the least secure another legit chance to vie for the SCW World Championship, by making sure he stands along side the winning team. That is, pending he doesn't get the opportunity to seize the victory himself. And, if that opportunity presents itself to him, I know he'll capitalize on it. He won't hesitate.

That doesn't bother me. I've talked with him, in private, about this match, and we both know what's at stake. We both know what we can gain by winning this match. For Thorn, a victory will validate his rise through the rankings of SCW. Emerging victorious with the SCW Championship, having won in Tactical Warfare, will show everyone who has questioned him, he deserves to be labeled a "champion" in this organization.

Thorn knows this is a career changing match for him.

Also siding with me is a man who Thorn and I both know all too well, Justin Davis.

Davis and I have a long history, which I have talked a lot about going into Breakdown, but this chapter could be one that makes the rivalry one of the most historic in SCW history.

Think about it... Seriously...

I have had Davis's number, and lately he has been trying, extremely hard mind you, to get into the World Title picture. Well... Let me rephrase that... He has been desperate to get into the World Title picture WITHOUT the help of a Democratic voting process...

... Meaning he wants to earn it, for those clueless about what that comment meant!

Davis has been handed a lot as of late, and he knows it. He knows he is someone who has the POTENTIAL to be something great, but yet, knows he hasn't earned anything lately. In the back of his mind, he knows this chance at Tactical Warfare is another hand out. He knows he is FORTUNATE to be in it, and even more fortunate to be on the team with the likes of me.

But, if he were to win, he'd finally have vengeance. In his mind, he's one of the best of the best in SCW. He is someone who believes in himself more than others. He has never been seen as a "prime time" guy, and knows if he emerged with the SCW Championship, he'd shut the world up. He could then say he wasn't just "handed" opportunities, he really earned them.

Unfortunately, the world knows better.

Lastly... We come to the one whom I have the least experience in the ring with, and someone who I can honestly say, is one of only a few people in this match who I can say are deserving of a chance at my championship, Josh Hudson.

Hudson is a guy who, honestly, Thorn has more experience as of late with than myself. Well... Other than being attacked randomly. Thorn and Hudson battled a few weeks ago, and I must say, both men gave it their all. Both men showed their desire to be seen as "the guy" who challenged me for the World Championship.

So... What do I know about this guy, Hudson?

Honestly... Not much...

He's a guy who's been due for a shot for quite some time. In fact... I'd almost say he's overdo. But... Here's his chance to shine. Hudson comes into this match having to trust that his recent attacks on me won't effect how I look at him in the ring.

See, I'm not someone who forgets things easily. I know, very well, what he's done to me recently at episodes of Breakdown. I know he's felt it was his job to try and attack me, to lure me into a match with him. So... He needs to hope I don't just let people beat his ass down, while I stand back and watch.

Who knows? I just may do that!

Hell... Now that I think about it, if they beat him down, it'd leave one less person to stop me from retaining my SCW Championship.

Jake's eyes once again gaze off, and he begins to think. After a brief pause, his eyes return to the camera.

Jake Starr: Now... While on the subject of the other team, or as I call them, "Team Lucky-There's-Only-A-Few-People-Worthy-Of-Being-In-This-Match," or sometimes I call them "Team Overrated POS's..." Oh and I can't forget "Team We've-Each-Already-Lost-To-Jake-And-We-Hope-This-Time-We-Don't-Look-Sh!tty!" Anyway... Let's have a look at this collective group of fortunate souls...

... And by fortunate I mean, they haven't earned this, and remind me of those voted in against me to end the year...

Damn I hate explaining myself...

Jake's eyes widen.

Jake Starr: OH WAIT!

They both are in this match, and one hasn't been seen since I put him out to pasture, and makes his superb return in another opportunity for a championship he doesn't deserve...

And with that, I begin with Hurse!

Hurse has been AWOL from SCW since being written off as just another schmuck trying to topple me. At that time, he had been AWOL for God-knows how long, and the world of voters felt that he was deserving if a World Title shot. When he walked into the ring against me, the world banked on Hurse finally becoming SCW World Champion for the first time. The world banked on Hurse proving the supremacy of IWC over SCW, by toppling the sensation that is, Jake Starr. Instead, his name was added to the list of those who failed to achieve his goal.

And now... He's back!

Yes folks... Hurse has returned!

By some miracle, or by jiggling the proper set of testicles, Hurse is back in a match giving him an opportunity to become the World Heavyweight Champion of Supreme Championship Wrestling. Hurse is in a match where he hopes to prove IWCs supremacy, even after those days were proven to be OVER!

Remember that?

2 for 1 Special?


Champion versus Champion versus two other guys who didn't deserve the time of day?

Does that ring a bell to anyone?

It should!

See, the world was, again, anticipating what they felt was obvious. They felt that IWC would reign supreme over the true land of SUPREME talent.

History repeated itself!

Hurse came in with that goal, and left disheveled. And when Tactical Warfare commences, it'll happen again. I LOATHE the thought of people continuing to believe Hurse is superior to SCW's level of talent. But I guarantee that many will feel that way. Many will feel that he provides that team with an added advantage.

In a short period of time, at Tactical Warfare to be exact, the world will once again see that Hurse, and IWC, don't rank superior to SCW.

Now... Who's next?

Jake sits, thinking, but can't remember who he planned on addressing next. He then pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket, and puts his "Ye Olde Tyme" glasses on once again, and begins to read. He squints trying to read, then his eyes widen. He shakes his head, and finally looks over his glasses to see. He's finally able to read the next name.

Jake Starr: OH! Her? Steward? Really? Why? What has she done?

The camera visually shrugs.

Jake Starr: I would ask her personally, but God... I remember when she and I faced off, she started yammering on about, well, I wish I knew. She kind of has this knack of talking and talking, and then the goal is to try and cipher out what logical sense she may be making, only to realize you've lost hours of time in your life trying to cipher complete lunacy.

Or... Sometimes if you're lucky, she'll cavort around with a plastic title belt, and honestly have the belief in her head she's the champion. Which I must say, is quite entertaining. Mainly because it's like watching what would happen if the Special Olympics would sanction professional wrestling as an event.

You would literally have Katie Steward as the odds-on, gold medal favorite every year!

But instead... We have her as a "legit" participant in Tactical Warfare. She walks in as a member of the team full of those who continue to swim in my wake. And I guarantee she feels she belongs more than anyone. I guarantee, before all is said and done, Katie will be all over the media professing her undoubted entitlement to the SCW Championship. She'll come out talking about how she was, somehow, screwed out of the SCW Championship, and then she'll make up reasons why she is actually the rightful champion.

She's a broken record! You can guess exactly what she'll say before she says it. Her schtick is about as old as vinyl records too! I almost expect her to put out .45s with her promos on them, in the hopes it'll "sell."

Which it won't, but she's as delusional as they come!

In a nutshell... That bitch is bat-sh!t crazy!

Jake cracks his neck to both sides.

Jake Starr: Which brings me to, arguably, the most opportunistic, and undeserving member of this team's roster. His name... Christian Savior!

Yes... Everyone out there heard me correctly! Christian Savior is, indeed, in a match for a World Championship, AGAIN, when he's been constantly "successful."

Look at his track record... At the 2 for 1 Special, he ONLY left with a championship belt because he had to steal it after the match had completed. In fact... He had to steal a championship he had just recently LOST to his brother, whom I'll get to in a bit. He couldn't even handle losing like a CHAMPION would.

He lost like a complete PUSSY!

Go figure!

Savior has proven to the world that he is nothing short of a cry-baby. Granted, no where near the likes of Cherry, still a whining piece of sh!t. I mean, everyone hears it. Everyone hears about it. Everyone gets to hear how he will go on and on and on about how he should have won because of how "epic" and "deep" he is. He never will realize that his "epic" ways are completely ignored...


I take that back!

He finally did realize it. It only took me calling him out, and completely being straight forward with him, and letting him know that nobody will EVER... AND I MEAN EVER... Care about his made up deities, care about his dreams, care about anything "deep" he has to say. He finally decided to be more, oh how can I put this, normal?

Yeah... Savior realized he wasn't this super hero, this religion-creating guru, this anything "special" besides a pro wrestler. That's all he is.

Now... With that being said, I don't expect anything different. He came to his senses once. He actually spoke words that didn't put me to sleep within the first three sentences. But... I know how hard it was for him. I know how hard it was for him to not try and come up with some "chapter" in his story that nobody listens to, reads, watches, anything. He had some "epic" storyline of where the talking bowl of cereal would go next, in its unparalleled trip through the spans of time. He had another "two-slot" filling story about how "Ker-poopie, God of Fecal Discharge" was going to unleash "Montezuma's Revenge" on the heathens that were committing blasphemy of his name.

Trust me... He probably did!

But instead, he gave the world ONE GLIMPSE of something interesting. And that's all he's good for.

If he ever accomplishes a goal of winning, he turns around and loses the next time around. He never has tasted the enjoyment of a LASTING and LONG-STANDING reign as champion.

And if he has... I really question what kind of "contenders" were put in his path.

He's merely someone who's going to Tactical Warfare as a "odds-evener." He's not being put in because he's "deserving" of a shot at the World Championship. He fought me on Breakdown, not one month ago, and we all saw the resulting outcome. He lost... He lost to the WORLD CHAMPION! Now, he gets rewarded?

Yeah... I think not!

If I were to get my way, I'd select Savior as the man I'd like to pin for a THIRD time. If I could have my way, I'd want Tactical Warfare to end with me standing over a lifeless, Christian Savior, and looking down on him with my SCW Championship in my hand.

But... I rarely get my way!

Jake shrugs.

Jake Starr: It's true!

Jake tilts his head to the side, widens his eyes, and nods, emphasizing his point of it being "true."

Jake Starr: But... With six competitors out of the way, that only leaves two. Myself... And the man who has yearned for another chance to cross my path, Jason Zero.

Here's the fourth man, in my opinion, who really fits in this match. He's the fourth man who, in my opinion, has done the necessary "leg work" to get this opportunity. He's the fourth man who, in my opinion, deserves a chance to vie for the SCW World Championship.

Jason Zero and I have built a true rivalry up from nothing. We each traveled down our own path, knowing someday we'd intersect. Personally... I felt when our paths crossed, we'd have a match, maybe more than one, but nothing long-standing. I don't know if he felt the same, but you never go into a match with a big name expecting it to be something long-term, yet, this is what we have in front of us.

Going into the 2 for 1 Special, I went in with the mindset of proving to the world that the "old guard," of which everyone in this match outside of Thorn and myself are a member of, are yesterday's news. They're day in the sun is over. I wanted to show that the land of the SUPREME was truly, SUPREME!

And I did...

Or so I thought...

I did succeed in proving the supremacy of SCW, but at the same time, I encountered someone who has made it a goal and a desire of his to get a chance to make an epic encounter of a date with Jake Starr.

Now... I know I have said a lot about Zero. I know I've called him many names. Well... Many names he actually didn't beat me to calling himself first. But the truth be told... Along with Thorn, Zero is someone I've wanted to face one on one, and not have to worry about Cherry's dingleberry-riddled ass, or Savior's entitled, over-inflated, ego, interjecting itself. This night may not be that night... But I know that, even when I win, Zero and I will cross paths one on one soon.

For now... There's simply Tactical Warfare...

Zero sits on a team filled with inferior talent. Zero sits on a team that seriously inhibits his chances of ever seeing this championship in the near future. See... As much as this is an "individual accomplishment," at Tactical Warfare, it almost becomes a "team accomplishment." And looking at Zero's team... It gives him, pretty much, "Zero chance" at winning.

But... Nevertheless, Jason Zero and I will eventually cross paths, one on one. Eventually Jason Zero will get a chance to face me for the SCW Championship. And... I will happily give him a chance down the road. But, when Tactical Warfare rolls around, he'll just be another spectator watching me retain my championship at Tactical Warfare... And then when I officially, for the first time, do the one thing I've yet to do in my SCW career...

He'll watch as I TAKE... HOLD... OF... THE... FLAME!

With those final words, Jake's eyes glare deeply into the camera one final time. He cliches his jaw, as the camera slowly begins it's panning out from the promo.

When the camera reaches its original distance, from when the promo opened, Jake's eyes once again look over towards the clock on his desk.

As the camera begins to slowly fade to black, Jake takes another audibly deep breath, and leans in closely to the clock. His eyes go to within inches of timepiece, and Jake watches intently, seeing seconds go by one at a time.

Once the scene reaches completely black, the world begins to wonder what Jake will have in store next. The world also still continues to wonder about the nature of the Social Misfits, and their future in SCW. Tactical Warfare promises to be a match of epic proportions, and a match that could make a career a legacy, or make a upcoming career prominent. Regardless... The implications the match has are undoubted, and will definitely hold answers to many questions, in mere days.


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