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Supreme Championship Wrestling enters is entering a period of time it enters every year where everyone looks to see who'll be the one who literally "takes hold of the flame."

Roughly twelve months ago, it was James Exeter who lead SCW, and began to emerge as the new "face" of the organization. He battled through anything that came his way, culminating in the battle royal at Taking Hold of the Flame, securing his chance to fight for Supreme Championship Wrestling's top prize, which he ultimately claimed.

So 2010 is here, and the SCW world begins to look around and try and pick out who'll be the one who becomes the "face."

For now, it's a man who ran James Exeter out of SCW, and took his SCW Championship.

For now, it's Jake Starr.

But Jake knows he's in the role that was occupied by Shawn Winters just one year ago, and he knows how his luck ended.

But... There are several things standing between Jake and his chance to make sure he's the one who bears the torch into the next evolution of SCW. First, Breakdown, and second, Tactical Warfare.

At Breakdown, Jake gets to walk into the arena, and have a chance to make a statement, along with his fellow Social Misfit, Thorn, that they're the front runners and favorites going into the crazy pay-per view. They go in opposing one man they'll team with in the aforementioned match, Justin Davis, and SCW long-timer, Glacier.

It's a match Jake knows he and Thorn need to win.

Even with the constant turmoil of his wife's pregnancy, and the apparent eventual breakdown of the "Social Misfits" group, Jake knows he needs to put it on the proverbial "back burner" and leave it for when is more appropriate. He knows he can't let it cloud his vision, and his quest to remain SCW Champion.

But... He does have one positive he can use to help motivate him to continue to move forward.

At the last edition of Breakdown, Jake walked in staring down the last standing-proud member of the Infection. Drew Weilacher was the last man who stood between Jake and his quest to rid SCW of the Infection, and all it has come to stand for.

And he did all that he set out to do that night.

Weilacher came in hoping to prove to SCW, its fans, and the world, that the Infection still stood strong. Instead, he went to the locker room, head slumped, and realizing the the days of the Infection had passed. He was forced to face the truth, and realize it was his job to now move on, and try and seek success on his own.

With all of that now official, Jake knows it's time to make sure the world understands that the Infection is gone, and is done in SCW. He has recently been seen leaving a physicians office, with an official document in his hand.

And he feels it's time to reveal the contents of said document.

As the camera fades in, Jake sits behind his desk, flipping the envelope around in his hands. He keeps looking at it and grinning, hoping to read what he believes its contents hold.

Seeing the camera looking directly at him, he knows it's time to open it, and read it.

Jake opens the envelope and reads over it, and begins to smile seeing the words on the paper. The camera begins to zoom in on Jake, and he begins to openly discuss the paper, and reveal to the world the contents, that have brought such a big smile to his face.

Jake Starr: I hold in my hand a document that will forever change the world of professional wrestling. It's a document that was notarized, legitimized, and finalized at the previous edition of Breakdown, and is one many will hail the reception of.

Before I get into what it is, I know that when I reveal it, many will question its authenticity. Many will make the accusations that I, or someone I know, forged this document, and made it up, but thankfully, it has be signed by several people, making it an authentic, and legal, document.

So... Without any further adieux, the document itself!

Jake unfolds the document, and puts on a pair of "ye olde tyme" reading glasses to read the document.

Jake Starr: Ahem... It says...

"This document proclaims, on this, the 31st day of May, in the year Two Thousand and Ten, those bestowed by our Lord with the moniker of "The Infection," left God's earth, to be with their Lord and Savior.

The official time of death, as proclaimed by Dr. Lou Briccant, PhD, and Dr. Emma Rhoids, PhD, was in the 21st hour, 14th minute, and 54th second.

The official cause of death, as determined by the aforementioned, attending, physicians, was due to intoxicating levels of the neurotransmitter and cannabinoid, anandamide, resulting in overinflated egos, ultimately resulting in suicide.

Signed, Dr. Lou Briccant, Dr. Emma Rhoids, Willie B. Hardigan and Mike Hock, Notaries.

Jake folds the note back up, and removes his glasses.

Jake Starr: ... There you have it! It's official. The Infection, arguably the most prominent group in the history of Supreme Championship Wrestling, has been declared DEAD by two reputable, and very real physicians.

I spoke with these two doctors personally, and they had mentioned that the Infection had been on Hospice care for quite some time. They explained that, although there was an apparent "resurgence" in their health and livelihood, the truth of the matter is, they were on their final breaths.

The doctors explained to me that ultimately, the final coup-de-grace occurred at Breakdown. The final shot to the head, the fatal injection, the final demise, was when Drew Weilacher was face up, looking at the lights dimming, and listening to the referee count the three final seconds in the history of their precious faction.

It's a sad, yet historic day, in the history of SCW.

Jake pretends to wipe a tear from under his right eye.

Jake Starr: After, what, roughly 6 or 7 years of history, and many of those plagued with the various formations of the Infection, the time has come where they have been officially declared dead. After 6 or 7 years of people HOPING to be the one to rid SCW of it's itchy pestilence, it took someone from the outside, someone who wasn't from SCW's history books, it took Jake Starr.

It began with Kissinger. She joined, hoping to use Daddy D's pull to get herself into the limelight, and look where she is now... She's a figment of the imagination. She's a nobody. She's a fond, GOLDEN, memory, of SCW history. She never amounted to ANYTHING with, or without for that matter, the help of the Infection.

Then came Christian Savior, for the first time. He was Drachewych's "proud" henchman. His job was to rid SCW of me. Instead... He vanished. He was REMOVED from SCW. He realized his pointless talking, and incessant and inane babbling wasn't going to cut it any longer.

Then comes Greg Cherry. A man who hopes to try and take out Drachewych... Again... Yeah, see after Cherry realized he was LUCKY in his ONE victory over me, he tried, he begged, he pleaded, he jiggled balls, he did everything to try and buy another. He realized it wasn't going to happen, so he decided he was going to simply go after someone as frail as he could find. He wanted to find someone his bulbous keister could flatten with as little effort as possible. So now... He fights Drachewych.

And finally, the aforementioned coup-de-grace, Drew Weilacher. Drew walked into Breakdown with the hopes and dreams of, well, himself, on his shoulders. His goal was to be the man who defeated Jake Starr, and embarrassed him. He swore up and he swore down that he was going to shock the world. Instead, he failed. He tripped. He fell. And it was all over.

And such begins a chapter in SCW history without the likes of people who believe they are ENTITLED to opportunities because they have the widest, gaping, asshole, and can prolapse their colon further than any porn star currently out there...

Jake's eyes go towards the heavens, and he takes a deep breath. His eyes close gently, and as he exhales, he slowly lowers his head back down.

Jake Starr: ... And this chapter begins with something called, simply, Tactical Warfare.

Tactical Warfare is something that gives me the opportunity to solidify myself as the single GREATEST World Champion in the history of Supreme Championship Wrestling.

See, looking at Tactical Warfare, as a whole, it puts the world against me. It gives every single superstar in the match a reason to keep me from winning.

Granted it does go both ways...

But the odds definitely don't favor me retaining. But... In SCW history, when have the odds really EVER favored me?


See, I know what a victory in Tactical Warfare would do for me. It's eclipse the title reigns of has-beens like Christian Savior and Jason "Insert My Last Name Here." It'd put my reign ahead of the man who, a certain Matt Hodges once said was, the "greatest of all time," James Exeter.

So, I want everyone to take notice, NOW, that Tactical Warfare is just the next step in the LEGACY of Jake Starr, in Supreme Championship Wrestling.

Jake grins, and pauses. After a brief pause, his face changes back to a serious gaze.

Jake Starr: But... Before Tactical Warfare, there is one final task I must engage in. It's a task that, even though I am in the middle of some personal issues regarding the "Social Misfits" as a group, I am proud to engage in.

As a setup for Tactical Warfare, sort of, I'll be teaming with one of my teammates, who also doubles as my friend, Thorn, against another teammate who'll share a side with me during that match, Justin Davis. Davis will be coming into Breakdown with someone who I've heard of, but know little about, other than he's a cold martial artist...

A cameraman whispers to Jake, although overheard by the microphones, "Not the same Glacier."

Jake Starr: ... Really?!

The camera nods.

Jake Starr: ... You're sh!tting me!

The camera waves back and forth in denial.

Jake Starr: ... Then... Who is he?

The cameraman apparently shrugs behind the lens.

Jake Starr: Well... Sh!t!

Jake looks off to the side bewildered. He cocks an eyebrow and begins to think out loud.

Jake Starr: ... So... It's Justin Davis, and some guy named Glacier who ISN'T a blue martial artist with a lazy eye? Doesn't really add up to me. Why throw someone irrelevant in there with Davis? Are they like friendly with one another? Was it the bookers trying to think up someone random to fit in? Did I miss something?

Jake looks back up at the camera man confused.

Jake Starr: Was I hit in the head and forgot something?

Jake continues to look completely confused. He finally takes a deep breath and shrugs.

Jake Starr: ... Oh well!

Going into Tactical Warfare, if he and Glacier could shock the world and beat Thorn and myself, Davis will have that mental advantage. In a match like Tactical Warfare, the mental aspect is just as important as the physical aspect. If Davis goes in having me knowing he's already beaten me, whether it's one on one, or in a tag team competition, I'll have to mentally realize it can happen again.

The same thing goes both ways.

If I beat Davis, again, even though we're on the same team in Tactical Warfare, we're still responsible to make sure WE'RE the ones who get the pinfall, and nobody else.

So there's a lot that this tag team match could offer to the bigger picture.

As for my partner, Thorn, I've spoken with him. I know where his mind is at. Thorn's also riding a bit of a losing streak. He's not happy mentally.

Part of him still seethes when he thinks about how Drachewych decided to involve his, then, fat-crony, who couldn't even fit another wafer-thin mint in his belly, in our World Championship Match. It was Thorn's time to go one on one for the World Title, and he feels gypped.

Then falling to Hudson didn't help either.

So Thorn's ready to get back on the winning track. And I plan on helping him do so!

See, at Breakdown, Thorn and I walk in with no ulterior motives. We don't walk in with any other reason to worry about who pins who. We don't walk in thinking we have to keep an eye on one another. We walk in knowing we get to take pride in our friendship. We get to be partners, and be proud of it. When we win, we get to share in the victory proudly.

And we will do so!

Like I said, I know NOTHING of this Glacier character. Yeah, I've gotten wind that he's been around here and there for a while. But so have people like Jay Gold, Speed, and hell, Dillusion for that matter. These are all people who have a reputation, yet, nothing to really show for it in today's world.

Now, all of that being said, that doesn't mean that I'll completely write him off. I'll just write off about 80 percent of him ha ha!

Jake grins.

Jake Starr: Then, on the other side of that "stellar" team we have someone who, unlike Glacier, I know very well.

My history with Justin Davis is very well known among those who have been around SCW for a while. He and I first met when I was really making a name for myself as the Adrenaline Champion, and as a major competitor in this organization. He was desperately trying to do everything in his power to defeat me, and failed miserably.

He wanted to do what many have strived to do, and very few have succeeded at. And as I said... He failed!

He has tried, subsequently, to do the same thing again. He has wanted to beat me, and he's had several opportunities. He was FORTUNATE enough to have the BUDDIES behind the scenes to give him a chance to fight for my SCW Championship, the same night as the overhyped "superstar," and soon to be receiving a gift of being involved in Tactical Warfare, Hurse.

Seeing Davis across the ring from me, again, and knowing the stakes at hand going into Tactical Warfare, makes it that much more detrimental to myself and Thorn to emerge victorious. I also know that beating Davis AGAIN, will reiterate the fact that he is not in the same league as people like Thorn and myself.

He's had his chances. He hasn't been able to cash in.

Jake takes one final deep breath.

Jake Starr: But... Unlike most matches, I'm not going into this match with the goal of completely beating down my opposition. Usually I want to go in and physically destroy whomever I'm against. I have to look out for myself here too. Davis IS on my team for Tactical Warfare. Davis does present someone who, in a sense, helps me protect my championship.

Think about it...

The winner of Tactical Warfare is the SCW Champion. The winning team gets an SCW Championship shot at Taking Hold of the Flame. So, if I don't score the pinfall, I need to make sure nobody outside of my team does either. That means I need Davis at one-hundred percent. I need Davis, Thorn, and Hudson ready to win.

So Davis doesn't have to worry about me trying to impose my will on him. All I want to do is make sure Thorn and I emerge victorious!

With those final words, Jake looks deep into the camera, and grins. He knows it is with these words, he hopes to make his point and his position clear going into Breakdown, and he hopes he springboards into momentum into Tactical Warfare.

He and Thorn both know what is at stake, and both know what it could mean should either one of them emerge victorious at the pay-per view.

What will happen at Breakdown leading up to one of the most vicious pay-per views in this business? What will the other five men involved in the Tactical Warfare main event have to say knowing each one of them has an equal chance of emerging victorious with the SCW Championship?

Regardless, Jake, Thorn, and Davis all have chances to make a statement by making a solid showing, and hopefully showing why they should be the favorite going into the pay-per view


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