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It is a known fact that with pregnancy, comes hormonal changes and imbalances.

At least for the women!

For the men, it's supposedly just a roller coaster of emotions they have to deal with from the mother of their child. Rarely do they experience them as well.

Apparently, Jake Starr is that rarity...

With Roeper's pregnancy, Jake has been doing everything he can to keep her comfortable and stress free. With the addition of Jake's mom to the household for a bit, it's alleviated that responsibility from his shoulders as well. Unfortunately, with that responsibility lifted, he has begun to have bouts of emotional turmoil himself.

Unlike his wife, though, it doesn't have to deal with the impending child. It has to deal with his professional life.

When Jake first burst onto the SCW scene, he wasn't one of the accepted members of the roster. He had to work his way up from being a nobody, to a point when everyone looked and realized that he was someone to be taken seriously. Then, it ultimately came out of nowhere, and he was finally seen as one of the SCW elite.

It's a feeling he's always sought, but rarely achieved.

Having achieved this goal, he doesn't feel as if things are where they should be anymore. He doesn't feel things are right.

He has done everything he could to not let anyone else in on these emotions, fearing it may increase the levels of stress in his wife. He worries that, if she were to see him worrying about things, no matter what, she could potentially begin to share in his stress.

Sympathy pains, if you will.

He doesn't want that.

He's hoping that he can hash the issues out, and figure out the right path before the stress begins to show to others outside of just him. He knows that this issue does involve others, but doesn't want to pull them in until he has everything straight for himself.

Nevertheless... His emotions are running around in directions he doesn't know how to contend with. He knows that these issues could prove dangerous down the road, but he also knows ignoring them could be an even more fatal move.

As the camera fades in, Jake sits alone in a chair, in his office. His hands rest behind his head, and his eyes are pointed towards the ground. There's a definite lack of "excitement" in his face, and a definite lack of the usual "spunk" he normally possesses. As the camera slowly zooms in, Jake slowly begins to talk quietly, knowing the camera is hearing it all.

Jake Starr: I think... No I know... Yeah I know... I have come to a point in my life where, again, I need to re-evaluate things.

This time... In a sense... A little differently!

See, many years ago, the Social Misfit was born. He was born to fight back against the establishment, and fight those who were in control. He was an outcast. He wasn't one of "the boys." He was simply, well, there.

Everyone in the locker rooms just looked at him and scoffed. They saw a guy trying and pretending everyday to be someone he wasn't. He wanted to be liked. He wanted to be respected. He wanted to be seen of as legit.

Unfortunately, with the cliques, the politics, and the comradery that had already been established prior to his arrival, he became none of that. The result began with disappointment and eventually lead to anger and disgust with his fellow wrestlers, and management.

He decided to be the outcast. He decided that, well, he was, in fact, the "Social Misfit."

It was a moniker he first wore as a jab at those around him. He wore it as a badge to basically tell everyone "F_CK YOU," without actually saying it. He wore it because he had no other choice.

From there, he ended up leaving that organization in search of "greener pastures." And, much like his previous encounter with a newer organization, he hoped for greatness. He hoped to be perceived as the "main event," and the "flag bearer" of the federation.

But again, like before, it wasn't to be. This time, however, he wasn't going to go down without making his presence felt.

He called up two of his friends who, also, were seen as "pests" and "cancers" in organizations. They all had received the reputation of "killing" organizations, or simply taking over. Now, they were banded together to basically do as their reputation said, and take over.

The organization faced a war between the management, investors, employees, fellow wrestlers, ring crew, stage hands, pyrotechnics experts, you name it, they were on one side. On the other, three men who decided it was their duty to bring the organization to its knees, and show who was truly in charge.

And they did...

By this point, THE Social Misfit had allowed the moniker to be spread amongst the group, and as a whole, they became collectively known as the Social Misfits.

Now... After that, they bounced around from organization to organization, with owners believing they had what it took to tame these three "renegades," only to find out, they couldn't.

The three simply felt entitled, and reckless, and didn't care what they did in order to get their way.

Ultimately, after all of this reckless abandonment, there came a time when no organizations wanted the trio. Nobody wanted three men who literally would do all they could to get their way, or bring a federation crumbling down around them, and simply leave it in their wake. Nobody wanted to deal with egos that were so over-inflated that other wrestlers wouldn't sign contracts, knowing that they'd be, in a sense, homeless, in due time. Nobody wanted to have to devote the time and effort into pleasing three guys, while everyone else just sat around.

It just became too much to handle.

So, when that all went down, the three men who felt it was their right, and their duty, to impose their will on management to get their way, were beaten at their own game.

In their efforts to "stick it" to those who had shunned them and cast them out as outcasts, they had embodied what they had hoped to defeat. At first, everyone knew who they were. Everyone knew they came with baggage, but would draw viewers. But ultimately, they simply were... Misfits!

As this became accepted between the trio, they eventually found work elsewhere in other industries, spent time with their families, traveled, you name it. They went on to becoming "Joe Public," and left their "Misfit" moniker behind.

As time went on, and several years passed, they all began to keep in touch less and less. They knew that, should the time come, they'd all be there for one another, but they all felt the likelihood of that time coming was fairly slim. They had shared a brotherhood that would withstand the test of time, but their time as the "renegade Misfits" was most likely done.

But that's when the itch came...

For the original Social Misfit, the years passed slowly. The urge to get back into the business was grinding away inside, culminating in a return to the industry where he felt the most at home.

When he returned, he made phone calls to long-time friends, "adopted" members of the Social Misfits band of brothers, and finally, to the original "founding fathers" of the group as well. He made these calls for a reason. He didn't want to be alone. He didn't want to face the same challenges, climbing the ranks, as he had in the past. So he called in the "troops."

One responded...

Jake takes a deep breath, eyes still focused towards the ground, not looking into the camera lens.

Jake Starr: You know... When Brandon finally came to SCW to join up with me, I was psyched. The Social Misfits were going to ride again, but with a little less carelessness. I wanted us to dominate, and become the force of SCW, like I knew we could.

And we pretty much started to.

I was riding high, Brandon was riding high, we were on our game.

Then POOF! He vanishes. Literally vanishes. One minute, I have the band slowly being rebuilt, then the next, I'm alone.

It was a roller coaster of emotions.

Which brings me to the whole "re-evaluation" of things.

See, like I said the Social Misfits were founded on the basis that we weren't "part of the group." It was those who were seen as mere "outsiders" who the "insiders" didn't want horning in on their turf.

That's how it BEGAN in SCW.

When I first arrived, I was picked to be a nobody. I was picked to be another guy who signs up, bombs, and leaves down. NOBODY gave me the benefit of the doubt. Everyone anticipated I wouldn't amount to anything.

As things progressed, opinions changed. Times changed. Statuses changed. Everything changed. All of these changes has lead me to really start to think what the Social Misfits stood for, and what they are supposed to stand for now. And I see they don't match. I see that, what the Social Misfits were based on, is in the past. Not the present.

So I don't know what to think now.

Do the Misfits roll on, and try and live under the banner in which they don't necessarily fall any longer? Or is it time to maybe move on to a new phase of life? I just don't know.

I don't know whether it's time to move on from my past with the Social Misfits, and let them simply live in infamy, or if I should just continue to let them live on.

I'm torn...

I look at Steele, Helms and Thorn, and I realize that, these guys don't know what the Social Misfits meant. They don't know what made us grow to wear that name as a badge of honor. Hell... It's come to a point for me whether or not I even know why I wore it. Back then, it was a means of fighting back, and standing up for the fact we deserved to be respected.

Hell... I thought, for a while, it was something I needed to do in SCW as well, but the more and more I look around, I realize that people legitimately fear me, and my brothers.

So are we really Misfits anymore? People may bet against us, but we each know they worry. We each know that everyone who claims to doubt us has a legitimate fear of facing us one on one, or as a group. So, again, are we still Misfits?

I mean, think about it! These three aren't guys who are willing to just destroy everything surrounding them, just to get their way. Thorn is a prime example of that! He's done nothing but work and work and work to get himself to the top of the SCW ladder. He's bent over backwards, walked through fire, eaten a shoe, and crapped a diamond too. All with the desire to be better. Helms and Steele are the same way. They're willing to put their friendship and alliance on hold multiple times, to help raise their stock.

Do I lead the Misfits in a new direction? Do I leave them behind, and move forward with a new beginning? Brandon and Bane aren't here. This isn't the "Brotherhood" we all created, yet, it's part of who I am, and who I always want to be.

I... I just...

I don't know...

I'm... Like I said... Torn...

Jake leans back in his chair, and throws his head back into the headrest. He stares at the ceiling, obviously, as he said, perplexed.

Jake Starr: ... Nevertheless, it doesn't change the business at hand. It doesn't change what lies before me. It doesn't change that Wednesday night, I have the last member of the Infection to beat, and I will have run the gauntlet. It doesn't change that, once Weilacher is out of the way, all that will be left is Daddy D, should he choose to still try and toy with me, and actually survive being squashed by SCW's Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. It also doesn't change that after Breakdown, I can begin to turn my sights more and more towards Tactical Warfare, and my date with the biggest fight of my life.

But as I said, it begins at Breakdown.

Thankfully I'm fighting someone who, seemingly, is confident in himself, and his abilities. He seems like a man coming in with a plan, a goal, and a desire. He comes in hoping to achieve what elder members of the Infection have decisively failed at. He comes in wanting to best the SCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Which is a good thing!

See, lately, I have faced a lot of people who I'm very familiar with. I've faced people who have, basically, made things easy for me by remaining true to their typical selves. Savior didn't disappoint when he came out with the latest chapter of his sci-fi, drama, epic-FAIL, crap, that everyone is used to hearing from him. So, inevitably, it was easy to simply shrug him off. It was easy to just wave at him, as he remained true to his predictable self, and came up with something so extravagant, everyone was supposed to be impressed.

Another example of a person I'm quite familiar with, and very much less annoying and boring, was Thorn. Thorn and I have a history dating back to the day he walked in. I saw the potential in him that I rarely see in most people I am newly introduced to. I saw a man who was willing to do it all in order to be the best he could be. When we met for the SCW Championship, we both knew one another well enough to know what to expect. Even when Cherry was unimpressively introduced, we knew how to handle the situation.

Now, with Weilacher, I'm facing someone who I know little about. I do know his allegiance is to Daddy D and his mind-f_cking that he instills upon his minions. I know he's an up-and-comer with some potential. Hell, as much as I bash Drachewych, he doesn't usually surround himself with guys who other perceive as "sh!tty." Mediocre, well that's another story, but not out-right "sh!tty."

So being around Drachewych means, he can't be someone to overlook, right?

Well, being that I'm not COMPLETELY just shrugging him off, I think says a lot. I think it should make him feel honored that I'm not simply casting him aside with the likes of Soopaman Luva and Eric Anderson...

Yes I know most people will go, "Who?" for the second one, but trust me, he was here for a brief moment in time!

It should make him realize I do see he's nobody to just overlook. Hell, as much as I'd like to think it'd be a non-factor, he has his entire brood of Infection buddies to come to his rescue.

But if you ask him... That won't be necessary!

See, I can tell you what one of his primary flaws it, and all I've heard from him was about 10 peeps. This guy's Achilles' Heel is simple... He's hoping to make an "example" out of me for Buster.

See, one thing everyone should really try and avoid with me is the notion I can be made an "example" of. It's something NOBODY has ever succeeded at. See, in order to make an example of someone, you have to make sure it has long-lasting effects on that individual. I don't let anything do that to me. I learn my lessons, and make sure to never repeat a mistake twice.

Weilacher made it clear that he's out to show Cherry how to beat me up. He wants to prove he can best the man who has bested his boss. And he wants to call me a clown, and say I'm walking into my funeral? Does he not realize what HE, himself, is getting into? I mean, yeah I know he's a member of the Infection. I know I said Daddy D doesn't recruit crap, but at the same time, he may want to look at the history books, and see how Daddy D's cronies have done when they've all been on this mission.

It doesn't end in their favor!

But he did bring up an intriguing point. He's the last man to meet Brandon in the ring before he vanished. Interesting. That's a fact I wasn't quite aware of. He has bested a Social Misfit. He has bested a man who's career completely overshadows his. Impressive... It's just too bad I'm not Brandon. Relying on what you did to someone who isn't around anymore, in the hopes it intimidates the WORLD CHAMPION? Really? He's going to try that game with me? Seriously?


And above all else, he thinks the title should be on the line, so that he would have the glory of saying, "You know I wrestled for the SCW World Championship," when he went out to try and pick up a lady of the night, only to find out that "lady" had broad shoulders and an Adam's Apple. Is that when he'll also decide that it's technically not "gay," and it's more a matter of "economic purposes," that he doesn't ask the lady-boy to get out of his vehicle?

But, according to him, he's deserving of a title shot. He's deserving of a chance to be "The Man," because he's, well... Umm...

Jake cocks an eyebrow in confusion. He begins to take a moment to pause, in the hopes of coming up with a reason. After thinking, and tilting his head in several directions, overemphasizing the fact he is pondering a "tough" subject, he leans to the side, and yells at people off camera.


An audible "OK" is heard from off camera. Jake returns to his relaxed position, and takes another audible breath.

Jake Starr: Ok... Where was I?

Ah yes! He's deserving! Well ok, I'm glad he is confident enough in himself to believe he is deserving. I mean, he said it himself, his record speaks volumes about why he deserves a chance to vie for the most prestigious belt in the business. Look at the long list of matches he's had...

Jake looks off camera once again.

Jake Starr: ... That is why he's saying he should be champ right? Because he's simply been in matches? Anyone find out yet? Nothing? Damn!

Once again he returns to his comfortable position in his chair.

Jake Starr: Nevertheless, I agree. I think a guy who has had the "stellar" career like Weilacher has, deserves a title shot. The only problem is, the Lilly-Ass Title was in the OWF, and not here in SCW. He would be AMAZING with that championship around his waist.


Being, though, that he is "deserving," I hope he knows what that means for him come Breakdown. See, when my SCW Championship goes on the line, my mentality, and my actions change. Yeah, I like to be funny, and I like to entertain. But, the fact I have steamrolled guys in this business, and in this organization for that matter, that make Drew Weilacher look like the younger member of a relationship only allowed by supporters of NAMBLA.

I don't play games when it comes to this championship.

Jason Zero, the guy who most recently embarrassed Weilacher, Christian Savior, the guy I most recently embarrassed again, and Greg Cherry, a walking embarrassment, couldn't stop me from becoming the World Champion of BOTH SCW and IWC, why does he think he would be any different. Why does he argue that beating guys, seen by others as the "top of the heap," talent-wise, makes me not deserving?

Jake shoots forward in his chair, raises one finger in the air, and immediately gets a surprised look on his face.

Jake Starr: WAIT! I'VE GOT IT! The mystery is over! I have figured out why Weilacher is so stead-fast against me being the SCW Champion, and having this deep and burning desire to show the world why I'm just a "disgrace" to the coveted award.


See, usually when guys play the whole "he's acting like a clown," or "he's not deserving," it's because of a mix of utter jealousy, and the realization that he had been made fun of. All he can think to do is counter the name-calling and insulting by pointing and using one of those excuses.

Seriously... Why else would he try and I say I'm not worthy of the SCW Championship?

Look at my resume JUST in SCW. Look who I've put away. Look at those I've sent packing. Look at those I've beaten. If he's going to try and use his match with Brandon as "definitive proof" on his superiority to me, he's not looking at reality. He's purposely skewing it to fit his argument. He's trying to MAKE the facts fit his argument, rather than letting the facts do the arguing for him.

He's the Fox News of Supreme Championship Wrestling!

Wait... Maybe the Infection is the Fox News. Stacy is Greta Van Sustren, Cherry is OBVIOUSLY Glen Beck, with his outbursts, tears, and meltdowns. And so I guess that would make Daddy D Bill O'Reilly, and Weilacher would be Sean Hannity?

That's just cringe-inducing to think about!

Jake shudders at the thought.

Jake Starr: But what Weilacher needs to understand is that, the facts do speak for themselves, and the people are mindless idiots that need him, or anyone else, to explain them to them. And the facts are clear. Jake Starr has dominated those who have crossed him, and ascended to the top of the SCW rankings for a reason. I didn't do it by my wit and humor. I did it by taking guys like him, and proving I was the best. I didn't let my mouth do the hard work, I let my in-ring abilities do that.

So he should be prepared for the fight of his career. He may think Jason Zero gave him a rough go, but that won't be anything compared to what will happen when the smoke clears and the three-count is made. The Infection and I have gone around in circles, and I'm about ready to end it, once and for all. If Weilacher wants a fight, he came to the right place. If Weilacher wants to show Cherry "how it's done," he needs to wake the f_ck up...

And if he has any doubts about that... He won't after Breakdown!

With those final words, the camera slowly begins to zoom away from the SCW Champion, also slowly beginning its fade to black. With those words, the world now awaits the clash of the final "torch bearer" of the Infection, against the founding father of the Social Misfits, and SCW Champion, Jake Starr. Will Jake be able to ratify his words of being deserving of the championship? Will he be able to prove to the world that he is no fluke, and no clown? Or will the Infection finally break its streak of failures against the Social Misfit?

Regardless, both men have openly promised a fight.

Weilacher hopes the odds favor him, and he hopes to show Greg Cherry what the Infection is about. He hopes to show Cherry the penance he must pay for his actions against Drachewych. While on the other side of the coin, Jake hopes the odds CONTINUE to favor him. He hopes to continue his reign of dominance and supremacy, while also trying to decide the future of his storied team.

One way or another, Breakdown could turn SCW on its head as it gets closer and closer to the epic battle, known as Tactical Warfare.


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