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As the light shines on another day in the lives of those involved with Supreme Championship Wrestling, people begin to realize that as the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Such is the case with Jake Starr.

When he came into SCW, he came in with his guns blazing. He went from a nobody, to a somebody, in an instant. He climbed his way up the ladder, cemented his place atop the "standings," and hasn't looked back since.

Several have tried to change that progression. Several have wanted to be the ones who "change" the flow of how the world revolves in the organization, but unfortunately for them, they continue to remain the same.

Christian Savior is the latest to, once again, feel the wrath of Jake Starr. He had entered the previous edition of Breakdown with the hopes of redeeming his previous encounters with the SCW Champion, and again fell short, thus sending SCW back to "the more they stay the same."

Now, as time inevitably does, SCW moves forward wondering what could lie ahead. Could the world be flipped upside down with the announcement of Tactical Warfare? Could the next Breakdown be the beginning of the end for Jake? All of these are legitimate questions.

One thing is for sure, Jake hopes the answer to both is no.

He knows his livelihood is attached to the SCW Championship.

Many need him to have continued success in order to keep them afloat... None more so than his wife.

Since the surprise that they are "parents-to-be," Jake has understood his responsibilities more and more. He knows that his responsibilities to his unborn child lie both in the ring, and at his home. In the ring, he's done nothing short of keeping up his end of that piece of the bargain. He defeated his friend, Thorn, and subsequently defeated Christian Savior, again.

At home, things are very similar. Roeper has been frantically doing everything she can to make sure they are both adequately prepared for the baby's arrival. She knows it's still months away, but she has wanted it done so they're not scrambling at the final moments before the "big day." She's had Jake putting baby furniture together, buying supplies, transforming one of their spare rooms into a nursery, installing "baby cams" from various angles to monitor their child, and all-in-all being very persistent about wanting things done right.

Jake has become accustomed to Roeper having a list of "honey-dos" ready for him upon his return from a wrestling event, and this one, he assumes, will be no different.

He also knows this time, his arrival won't likely be met with a wife who is cranky about something he suggested.

As he walks into his front door, he can see that Roeper is sitting in the entertainment room on the couch. He also hears the television in the background, and feels glad to see that his wife is finally beginning to enjoy some of her old "normal routine."

He walks into the entertainment room, and Roeper looks up and smiles at him. He walks over to her and leans down to give her a kiss. He notices she's writing a list, but definitely can tell it doesn't fall into the normal "honey-do" variety he has grown used to.

Before he can inquire about the list, Roeper quickly leads off, inquiring about their trip they have planned.

Roeper Hart: Hear from Eric at all?

Jake Starr: About?

Roeper tilts her head, and cocks an eyebrow, as if to say "Duh," with just her body language.

Jake Starr: ... OH! The trip!

Roeper Hart: Yes... The trip!

Jake Starr: I did talk to him, and he's been flying in several "Whales" for some special event he's holding, but once they're all finished, he's going to send the plane out for us.

Roeper Hart: Good! The more and more I think about it, I'm ready for a slight break from all of this planning!

Jake Starr: I can imagine!

Jake points down at the list she's been working on.

Jake Starr: ... And what's this list for? Or should I say, what laundry-list of tasks will I get next?

Roeper Hart: ACTUALLY... It's not a list for you!

Jake Starr: Oh? For you?

Roeper Hart: Nope!

Jake cocks an eyebrow in confusion.

Jake Starr: Umm... Then... For who?

Roeper Hart: You're mother!

Jake's eyes widen in shock.

Jake Starr: Umm... Why is my mother getting a list?

Roeper Hart: Because she's flying here today...?

Jake's eyes bug-out even further.

Jake Starr: WHAT?!

Roeper Hart: Yeah... She didn't tell you she was coming up here?

Jake Starr: Umm no she forgot to mention that one!

Roeper shrugs.

Roeper Hart: Guess she wanted to surprise you then!

Jake is still in complete shock.

Jake Starr: When was this decided?!

Roeper Hart: I guess shortly after you took off for Breakdown. She called me up, and said she was planning on coming up here. She told me to come up with a list of things I felt we needed around the house, and also for the baby, and she'd pick them up at the store and help me get situated.

Jake sighs, and shakes his head.

Jake Starr: I told her she had no reason to worry right now. We just barely found out!

Roeper Hart: I guess she feels differently!

Jake sighs again. He wipes his eyes in frustration and tries to wrap his head around the whole matter.

He is very fond of his mother, and very happy to see her, but he is just one of those people who likes having a more "advanced" notices of someone's pending visit than what he has gotten today.

Jake Starr: Well... Do I need to go to the airport and get her?

Roeper Hart: Nope!

Jake Starr: She's not taking a cab is she?

Roeper Hart: Nope!

Jake Starr: Ok... Well... How is she getting here then?

Roeper Hart: Jet pack! No... PONY!

Jake glares at his wife with a blatantly annoyed face.

Roeper Hart: ... She's renting a car! Geez! Relax!

Jake Starr: Why is she renting a car?

Roeper Hart: Because walking is overrated and sucks! Why do you think she's renting a car?!

Jake Starr: She could have driven one of ours!

Roeper Hart: Jake... Relax... Let your mother be... Well... Motherly! No... Grandmotherly!

Jake Starr: UGH!

Jake scratches his head, still visibly flustered at the sudden news on the arrival of his mother.

He takes a deep breath and tries to regroup, in order get back into a normal mindset.

Jake Starr: Ok... Well... Can I see the list then?

Roeper Hart: Sure!

Roeper hands the list up to Jake, and he begins to read it. As he browses down the list, he begins to smile, and eventually breaks into a chuckle. Roeper shares in the humor, knowing the randomness of the items she has listed.

Roeper Hart: ... Yeah the more and more I sit here and think about stuff I want, I realize how real the pregnancy is. I also realize how very pregnant I'm starting to feel!

Jake continues to read and chuckle at the items.

Jake Starr: Oh...?

Roeper Hart: Yeah... I have some things on there I absolutely loathe, but dammit, I can't stop craving them!

Jake Starr: Yeah I saw the pickles on here and figured those were for me! You hate those!

Roeper Hart: I KNOW! I just can't stop salivating over the thought of pickles and peanut butter!

Jake shakes his head and smirks.

Roeper Hart: I feel like Pavlov's Dog right now...

Jake Starr: I'm surprised there isn't any Cheetos and that marshmallow fluff stuff...

Roeper's eyes widen, and she snatches the list back from Jake. She writes the fluff on the list.

Roeper Hart: Pickles and fluff... Mmm!

Jake cringes.

Jake Starr: That just sounds nasty!

Roeper dawns a typical "whiny girl" face, and commences to whine at her husband.

Roeper Hart: But it sounds so good!

Jake simply shakes his head.

Jake Starr: If you say so dear!

Roeper Hart: I do!

Jake chuckles once more.

Jake Starr: ... Ok so when should I expect my mother to arrive?

As is the case in any solid "B-movie" (as some people like to call it), there is an immediate knocking at the door. Jake's head slumps down knowing exactly who it is.

Jake Starr: That's her isn't it?

Roeper Hart: Yep!

Jake takes a deep breath and spins around towards the front door. He begins walking towards the door, and extends his hand towards the handle.

As he grabs the handle, he lets out one more noticeable deep breath and quickly swings the door open, and immediately puts a cheery smile on his face.

His mother, standing on the porch, quickly exclaims as he opens the door. She rushes the two, embracing them both, and acting extremely jovial to be there.

Denise Starr: OOHH! I am SO HAPPY to be here for you two! I'm ready to start practicing my "Grandmotherly" duties!

Jake just smirks at his mom's extreme exuberance.

Denise Starr: ... And Roeper did you get that list done?

Roeper holds the list up to show, and has it quickly snatched out of her hand.

Denise Starr: Ah! Great!

She begins to read it over.

Denise Starr: Ah yes! All this is definitely doable! Also... Roeper if I catch you doing ANYTHING while I'm around, you're in trouble! You get to relax! I'm here to do the leg work for a while! You just eat and be pregnant!

Jake laughs, and Roeper is in shock at the comment. Denise continues on spouting instructions for Roeper to help her finally get some relaxation, and Jake slowly shuts the door behind them. The scene fades to black with Denise getting right to work trying to help things out, while Jake tries to calm her down enough to just settle since she just arrived, to no avail.

With the added help at home, maybe now Jake can devote a little more focus to wrestling, knowing Roeper is in good hands at home. He knows that going into Breakdown, he continues to be a marked man, and facing off against another member of the Infection could, as always, prove costly, should he neglect to take them seriously. But nevertheless, at Breakdown he meets a new face. He meets one of the rare breeds in SCW, those whom he has never fought before. He hopes to continue his winning ways, of late, and continue to be seen as "The Man" of SCW, and the man carrying its banner high and proud.

Jake Starr: There were several questions. How would Jake handle a match with the man who simply ran off with his IWC Championship? How would Savior handle being faced with the SCW World Champion, a man who sent him into the shadows for some time?

Then, there were several doubts. COULD Jake Starr beat Savior AGAIN?! Would he even be able to control his emotions? Could this be the beginning of the end for the SCW World Champion?

Finally... There were those who, flat out, said winning was impossible. Those who said, "He'll never win," "Savior is back, and going to reclaim his spot at the top," "Jake Starr will fall."

I guess, well, we know what happened.

Christian Savior came out before Breakdown and shocked the world. He didn't give us any talking bowls of Fruity Pebbles; he didn't crisscross religions in hopes to sound prophetic; he didn't even give us some made up, cockamamie, names of people who are about as relevant to a pile of MY feces as they are anything else around this business. Instead, he decided to try and dissect me bit by bit by bit. Hoping the world wouldn't see that, instead of his usual babble, he copied someone else... I'm sure...

Can't imagine who though...


No one I know of has done things like that...

Could be wrong though...


Christian Savior was hoping to be the one who exposed me for "dwelling" on my past, when in fact, he became another example of why I think about it so often, and the results of it.

As I said... It's motivation!

I ALWAYS want to know what can happen if I slip up. What else would drive a man to keeping on trying to become better. Yeah... I'm the best around right now, but if I accept it, and simply coast at that speed, what's to say it'll last? What's to say someone else won't realize what that "speed" is, and do everything they can to try and go bigger and faster?

So I have to play that game as well!

I look at the SCW roster, and I see many who I know I could beat 9 times out of 10. They know that. But they also know that there's that ONE TIME.

I know there's always the possibility of that ONE TIME.

So I have to use whatever tactics I can to make sure I don't fall into a trap of lacking the needs and desires of everyone else in this industry.


It's my only option.

Jake takes a deep breath, and his facial expression begins to go "south."

Jake Starr: At Breakdown, Tactical Warfare was announced... A menacing structure, and a menacing challenge, forcing me to not only rely on my team, whoever that may be, but to rely on myself to do everything I can to emerge STILL holding onto the SCW World Championship.

The odds are definitely not in my favor. How could they be? There are all of these men, inside ONE RING, vying to be the one who scores the ultimate pinfall, and emerges with the Championship over their shoulder.

Face it... The chances of me emerging victorious that night are slim. The chances that I'll be able to survive Tactical Warfare, and continue MY REIGN over SCW, is really odds I wouldn't take in Las Vegas, right now.

But I wouldn't take odds on anyone else either!

The one thing I have to bank on is the greed of EVERYONE in this match helping me out. As I said, everyone wants to be the one who, not only wins for his team, but wins the SCW Championship as well.

That's when things could start to work against everyone else, if it worked out right.

I know, for a fact, that no team would settle for allowing a specific member of their team the "right" to score the pinfall. These teams could have mixtures of the Misfits, the Infection, and Charles Manson's harem on one team, and you expect them to come to a consensus about who is going to score the pinfall?

I don't think so!

Sure, everyone would end up with a chance at the SCW Championship down the road, but who wants to wait to have "their chance," when they could simply take it then?


Greed could potentially become my ally...

But, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Jake shrugs his shoulders, and cracks his neck to each side.

Jake Starr: Before Tactical Warfare, though, comes another man to hopefully derail me, and send me off with my head hung down.

His name... Drew Weilacher!

Here we have a man hoping to really establish himself in SCW, along with the professional wrestling industry. He's been in SCW for, oh hell, less time than me, and has really had a stagnant start.

Probably not what he was hoping for!

Lately, he's seemingly been on the "wrong side" of the win column. I have yet to really come to the conclusion it's due to an overwhelming degree of mediocrity, or it's because of his associations.

See... Apparently, and I could be wrong on this one, but I doubt it, Weilacher is one of those people who has become brainwashed into believing that aligning himself with the likes of the Infection is a positive thing. He has seemingly seen the "shine" of the "Golden Princess" of the Infection, and believes it will help his career flourish.

Unfortunately it hasn't really worked out that way.

If my memory serves me right, and I know I've had my head kicked a few times, so that's debatable, Weilacher's last victory was when he had his little runt outside the ring aide him in defeating my Social Misfit brethren, Bishop Steele.

Not a good idea!

See, what that pip-squeak, and Weilacher don't understand is, the Social Misfits, as a whole, have OWNED the Infection. If the Infection starts something, we ULTIMATELY finish it. Getting lucky, and having a numbers advantage over my compatriot doesn't make him superior to us, it merely makes him, well, an opportunist.

I know he and his miscreant plan on using that same tactic at Breakdown. Or they'll hopefully be able to nurse enough of the Infection's wounds, and have them come down.

Either way, it won't work!

To begin with... It seems as if the Infection may have a little bit of a problem on its hands, seeing as how they're ONCE AGAIN in the process of self-destructing. Daddy D has tried and tried to make his precious Greggy-poo happy. He's given him title shots, "protect-your-streak" shots, and simply, shots at becoming relevant in a place that no longer even cares he exists. And since he has FAILED at his freebies, he is throwing a tantrum and beating people up.

Isn't it sweet?! Awww!

Kissinger is out, again. Tits McGee decided to beat her up, which I must say, from experience, I know is fun! So... Who's left in the Infection version 65735264e42?

It's Weilacher and Big Daddy Dolt?!

I don't see Daddy D coming down to save Weilacher. He'll be too busy scheming how he's going to somehow screw Cherry, then reward him all at the same time, just to be different!

But I digress...

His only other option is to, like I said, rely on some little guy outside the ring to try and distract me enough to get a win.

Not going to happen!

It's to the point where I know where my boys will be. I know they'll be watching Weilacher's little crony like a hawk. If he tries his crap again, he'll suffer this time.

Plain and simple!

This match is another I'm not going to shrug off, but I will say, I'm very confident going in.

Hell why shouldn't I be?

EVERY TIME the Infection steps into that ring, they end up the same way... Face up, and losing. Daddy D has sent them all after me. They all, ultimately, failed.

They had their chance to turn that trend around when Cherry WAS able to beat me ONCE. He had a second chance to do it again, and failed. Third time he had a chance was at the 2 for 1 Special, and he failed again. Hell, all three of the current and former Infection members failed. Then most recently, at Retribution, Cherry was a flunky again.

Weilacher is merely the next chapter in the saga of the Infection's quest to somehow emerge on top of the Misfits, and falling down hard. It's the old adage... History always repeats itself!

I know, down the road, my work is cut out for me if I hope to stay champion. I know that, if I want to continue to be seen as "The Man" in this business, I can't overlook anything, or coast for any reason. So at Breakdown, Drew Weilacher, and his pal Gilligan, will feel my wrath. They'll see first hand how I climbed to the top, and why I'm still there. He'll take a message back to Daddy D that his fruitless efforts, and continual band of paid-off talent, won't stop me, nor will it stop the Social Misfits.

THIS... IS... OUR... TURF... NOW!


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