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In Supreme Championship Wrestling, one thing has been becoming more and more evident as weeks progress, and that is Jake Starr does not stand down, back down, or is scared off, for anyone or by anyone.

Christian Savior included!

Since Jake was last heard from, Savior quickly came out firing back at Jake hoping to strike fear and intimidation into the heart of the SCW World Champion. He pulled no punches, and held nothing back when lashing out at Jake, and it is something Jake was anticipating.

Since their last meeting, in the 2 for 1 Special, the two have been engaged in a war, both claiming ownership of the World Championship of the Independent Wrestling Cartel. The referee declared Jake the victor, raised his hand, and as far as the record books go, Jake is the IWC World Champion. But in the eyes of Jake's opponent at Breakdown, he is the IWC World Champion because he was able to leave the arena with it.

It's a war that carried over from SCW, to IWC, at their most recent edition of Riot.

Jake crashed the IWC party, with the hopes of reclaiming his IWC Championship. Unfortunately for the current SCW World Champion, several others had alternative ideas. First, as Jake was able to get his championship from Douglas, Porno Lad, a man who, seemingly has a strange affinity for his own genitalia, came to Christian Savior's rescue. From there, the little Lad decided to step up and take out his partner in crime, Savior. Then, not to be outdone, FORMER IWC World Champion, Jason Zero ended the party by taking out Lad, and exiting with the World Championship belt.

So the question is still there... When will Jake emerge with the belt that the REFEREE, the "decider" if you will, declared him the victor, and the new owner of said championship.

With all of these added "distractions," regarding the IWC Championship, Jake and Savior could, potentially, settle the score at Breakdown. If Jake emerges victorious, he can legitimately claim that Savior is not worthy of the designation of "champion." If Savior were to emerge with the win, he could consider it proof of his claim to the title.

Either way, the match has added much more weight.

With the added weight, Jake knows it is up to him to make sure his opposition knows what his intentions and beliefs are.

As the scene fades in, Jake is seen sitting alone in a dark room. One single, dimly lit, flickering light shines brightly above his head. His head is slumped down, and eyes are closed. As he realizes the camera has come on, his eyes can been seen opening. He slowly begins to look up. When he finally gets to the point he is looking directly into the lens of the camera, he licks his lips, and obviously is contemplating something.

As he speaks his first words, the source of his contemplation becomes apparent.

Jake Starr: Some day I hope that I can comprehend the "out of the box" thinking of those I seemingly get surrounded by, or encounter for that matter. Lately... That very concept has been one I have really decided to work on because of just the shear number of people that have this uncanny ability!

Now... Don't get me wrong, thinking outside of the box isn't necessarily a bad thing. Hell, it's help spawn many of the greatest ideas of the world.

Jake clears his throat.

Jake Starr:Take Bill Gates and Steve Jobs for example...

Bill Gates had this vision to bring the IDEA of computing to a much more personal level. He wanted to really show the world, and humanity, how much simpler their lives could be should they automate many of the tasks and processes of the day to day activities that surround us.

So he built a company called "Microsoft." You may have heard of it...

At the time, people thought computing was only for major corporations, the government, and people of similar ilk, and Gates hoped to change it, and take over the market he knew was ripe for the picking.

So through a series of partnerships, he successfully cornered the market, and made Microsoft the computing magnate it is today.

Then you have Steve Jobs...

Granted, around the same time as Gates, he also wanted to do his part to make computing "personal," but that wasn't his "out of the box" thought I was going to mention.

A mere decade ago, at the turn of the century, when the world was in fear of Y2K, people still had COLLECTIONS and CATALOGS of compact discs...

And for those of you underage ones who are unaware, those are CDs...

Jobs had this vision to make CDs obsolete. He wanted to do what the BetaMax and Laser Disc had failed to achieve when it went head to head with VHS, and yet DVD achieved. He simply wanted to make music "personal" and "portable" again.

Common theme, you see?

So, with the many engineers and technicians surrounding him, he ventured into a world that had never been tested. It was a market where music would be DOWNLOADED from the inter-webs, and simply delivered electronically via a small media player.

And after many attempts, and many prototypes, the iPod was born.

Jake shamelessly pulls his iPod out, and holds it up for the camera, as if posing for an ad. After a pause, he sets it down, and continues on.

Jake Starr: Both men thought "beyond" the means of normal thought for their time. Both of those men decided that their idea was ready to be delivered to the masses, and both were right.

Lately, Jobs has won that battle with Gates in the "innovation" market, but their ability to come up with the "next big idea" has spurn many others to try and join this frenzy.

Think about it... How many movies are out there where you have a chauvinistic male lead, instantly become encountered by a woman who'll tell him off, and by the end they're in love? How many directors are out trying to find the next superhero movie that will hit big in theaters, after watching the massive successes of series such as X-Men, Batman, and Spider Man? Also in terms of movies, how many movies will now be filmed and released in 3D, after seeing how much money Avatar was able to bring in?

In terms of the industry I'm a part of... It's like TNA trying to use old storylines and ideas from the days of WCW, in hopes their popularity and stock rises at the same speed.

... And in terms of Supreme Championship Wrestling... It's Christian Savior's continuous plea to the world to understand his "saga" of life that he portrays to the masses.

It's either a "saga" or complete and utter bullsh!t about a talking bowl of Cheerios, I haven't quite decided yet!

Savior is a man who believes he is so much of a "higher authority" on life, than everyone else, that people should just listen to what he says, and become enamored and enthralled with his diction. He believes that these "deep" insights he has should make everyone realize how much more "stellar" and "superior" he is to the masses. He doesn't realize everyone goes behind his back and mocks him for his inane babble that makes no sense to anyone but him.


They love the ability of FAST FORWARD when it comes to his little speeches.

I finally went and asked someone, who actually ONCE listened to his crap from beginning to end, exactly what he was talking about, and they said it had something to do with a God? Where does a talking bowl of Cheerios have any basis for a system of theological ideology? And if he's seriously out "worshiping," these deities, why does he then go into the LORD's Prayer?

Jake's head meets his palm in disgust. He then looks towards the heavens, extends both arms, and exclaims...


Does he not understand that, in order to be looked upon by the Lord, whose prayer he decided to rattle off, you can't be believing in another being of "higher authority?" It's one of the Ten Commandments! It's not like it's hidden in the Bible, in some rudimentary chapter, where the main points ultimately have no bearing on the greater message of the Book. No where in Christianity are there these cities that he makes up, or people he makes up.


If he's going to bastardize the idea of religion, then let him bastardize it with his made up, fake, false, pretend, non-existent, phony, lies that he forces down people's throats. Don't, then, try and mix in Christianity in hopes that people somehow believe it's all part of the same thing. He's bastardizing a religion that has been around for THOUSANDS of years, with one he's making up as he begins to outline what he's going to say.

And then having someone named "Rosetta?" Does he not know that "Rosetta" wasn't a real person? It's a damn piece of rock that translates Egyptian hieroglyphics!

Wait... I think I have it!

He's secretly a computer nerd! Trust me here! See he makes up these names and words that nobody in their right mind would ever contemplate learning or caring about. So he's coming up with this fictitious world and language to present to Fairfield Language Technologies, who happen to be the founders of ROSETTA STONE SOFTWARE! You know, the computer-based, language-learning, software, that floods the television with commercials every 30 seconds?

Yeah, them!

He's hoping they'll actually believe this language is one they should market, and help him become relevant again!

Damn I should have seen that coming a mile away!

Now, having solved that, I found another bastardization that he is very, very, very guilty of.

Does anyone remember when I first came on the scene? Does anyone remember how I liked to DEFINE the general theme behind my feelings and emotions? Didn't Savior do the same thing? You know, using my name as the "third definition" of mediocrity?

... Which by the way I scanned every dictionary I own, and even went to the library, and I wasn't mentioned ONCE with that definition. Damn I was hoping I was in something that widely published...

Anyways... I digress...

How can he fathom using that vernacular when referencing me? Seriously?! Has he forgotten what I've done, that he was SO HOPING wouldn't happen at the 2 for 1 Special? Yeah... He knows how he whined and cried about the POTENTIAL CHANCE I could walk away with both championships, because, like Greg "Fatboy 'Never-Gonna-Be' Slim" Cherry, he was COMPLETELY upset knowing his ONE claim to fame was in jeopardy.

And guess what... Unlike Cherry... He didn't protect his precious achievement!

So, if doing, what he reflects on as so "amazing" and "monumental," is mediocre, then I take it he, as well, is mediocre.

See, he seemingly has a skewed view of mediocrity. He seemingly believes that being an outcast who nobody respects, a FORMER champion who never could hold onto MAJOR championships, and being someone who everyone has written off as "past his prime," is not mediocre. He believes that since he has done something in the past, no matter how short of a span it may have been, or how easily everyone forgot about it, is not mediocre. But, someone who has been dominating opponents, including Savior, Zero, Cherry, Dillusion, and Kissinger, is mediocre?

I guess I'm missing something here because I just don't see it.

OH I KNOW WHY! It's because I'm entering the... "Twilight Zone?" Seriously? Did Christian Savior just drop a line from a 1982 song? Next thing you know, he's not going to need "no phone at all," because he's "got a thing that's called radar love!" Yes, he's "got a wave in the air, radar love!"

THIS GUY WAS A CHAMPION?! HE'S QUOTING GOLDEN EARRING LYRICS! I'm beginning to lose faith in people who judge talent...

Jake begins to hum "Twilight Zone," by Golden Earring. He then catches himself, realizing what he's supposed to be doing, and then returns to it.

Jake Starr: Next thing you know, he's going to be acting like Jim Ross is calling his match, and we're going to hear him saying "GORE! GORE! GORE!"

AH CRAP! He has done that too...

Jake face-palms a second time.

Jake Starr: Jesus Christ he's amateur!

Jake shakes his head again in disbelief.

Jake Starr: Oh well...

Savior seemingly lives on this planet where nobody else resides. It's the ONLY place where he would honestly believe this much in himself, and so little in the rest of the world. I mean, at least I admit he was ONCE talented. He was ONCE worthy of being seen as a serious contender to everything he approached.

Unlike now, where he is simply grasping at straws.

He wants everyone to believe he is still the same person, hell he had me once believing that he still had his "old self" buried somewhere deep inside, but when he turned from this professional wrestler, to this prophetic wannabe, I began to realize that he isn't someone worthy of being viewed as legit anymore.

It's truly unfortunate.

SCW, and IWC for that matter, has legitimately lost one of its "legends." He has flown the coup. He has ceased to be. He has become an ex-wrestler.

Yes Savior... That was a Monty Python reference, but I'm not so self-diluted to not admit when I use a reference from someone else!

Eventually Christian will learn that his incessant babbling is worthless. He'll learn that trying to break down my promo line by line, a trick I used back in the day, but have since learned to practice coming up with my own stuff, doesn't work. He'll learn that you can take my words, try and spin them around to benefit his cause, but in the end, it won't work.

Sorry kid!

Jake lifts both arms and shrugs.

Jake Starr: But thankfully he does provide us with great fodder to just sit and think about. He wants me to talk about what he's done as a kid? Ok... How about continuously being jealous of his brother? It began as a kid. Savior can't stand that his brother is FAR MORE SKILLED than he'll ever be, both in wrestling and in their personal lives. He cannot stand that everyone looks at Zero and sees a "success," and then looks back at him and just shrugs.

So what does he do to try and make that a moot point? He steals the IWC Championship and makes up a reason why he is the champion...

Jake cocks an eyebrow, and begins to contemplate how that makes sense. After several moments he still is unsure of the correlation.

Jake Starr: Umm... Yeah...

His hypocrisy is quite interesting to watch, if you ask me. He made a BIG stink about me giving more of his history, which he seemingly doesn't care about, but then does when he needs a point to argue, but then goes on about how he is the rightful owner of the aforementioned Championship Belt. He makes all sorts of accusations, but the fact is, no matter how you want to slant it, no matter how you want to spin it, Jason Zero WAS the IWC Champion, and lost said championship to ME!


He, once again, is completely disgusted at the fact that Savior lives off in his own world, and doesn't accept reality for the TRUTH as it is.

Jake Starr: See, for Savior, reality is a world that, as I've said, he likes to avoid...

Wow... And yet he says I'm guilty of that exact same thing! Oh the irony!

... He tries not to dwell on losses, yet, again, he gave the world the entire timeline about why he should still be the IWC Champion? Jesus this guy needs to remember his own words! Next thing we'll hear will be:

"I'm gay, but I only like women!"

It'll be more crap that completely defeats his initial purposes of whatever it was he initially began his yawn-fest about...

But one thing that really, in a sense, almost got me fired up was when he decided to try and say I'm not a "wrestler." He says this, and yet all of the pointless crap he force-fed us before about God's, Twilight Zones, and talking bowls of children's cereal, makes him more of a wrestler? You know, the last time I checked, all of that stuff he mentioned had no bearing on professional wrestling.

See, many ask why I "dwell" on my loss to Allocco, and in a sense, yes I do. I openly admit it. How does Savior like that?! He's now going to run around and celebrate himself because he said something I admitted to...


I reflect on that match often because of the meaning it has to me. When I returned to this business, you know the wrestling business I've been in much longer than he has had pubic hair, I hit a hot streak. I began to think I was unstoppable. I lost. I reflect on it to remind myself, no matter how much I may be seemingly unbeatable, all it takes is three seconds. So, I use that match as continual motivation to make sure I don't flop again. I use it to push me further. I used it to beat Savior when he TRIED, and failed mind you, to take the Adrenaline Championship. I used it when I walked into my match at the 2 for 1 Special, and guess what, I won the IWC Championship. So yeah... I "dwell" on it. It's a bummer that "dwelling" has been so successful.

Jake has an epiphany!

Jake Starr: HEY! Maybe Savior should "dwell" more and he'd win more matches, instead of saying one thing, then thinking about how to contradict himself seconds later.

Jake smirks.

Jake Starr: But as I continue to read these excerpts from his little CHILDISH and ROOKIE attempt to tear me down verbally, I just always hear him go back to how much "smarter" he is than me. I mean he doesn't "dwell," he took the belt he never won, which in turn makes him somehow smart, and then he has a distinct inability to give people credit where it's due...

... Isn't that considering "burying?" I'm just saying...

How he continues to try and rationalize his little move of stealing the championship as a "smart" move, boggles my mind. What is smart about it? Doesn't he realize stealing is a crime? I mean, I could have him arrested since he does admit to it. He's "stolen" wins, and yet tried to criticize me for something along those lines as it pertained to Cherry, which I didn't understand, and am not surprised in such since he makes sense to NOBODY but himself.

Hell his own brother hears his crap and just goes "Huh?"

Jake shrugs and nods.

Jake Starr: But I guess he's right. He is a "Supreme Champion," whatever that necessarily means. He has been around for several YEARS longer than me. He has lost championships, and been forced to go wrestle for ones he could actually contend with, rather than belts he seemingly is incapable of matching up for.

He is different than me. He HAS gone from the "elite" of Supreme Championship Wrestling to just another guy hoping to some day get a victory that MAY catapult him into the MAIN EVENT status again. He is a guy who, now that he has a championship, believes he is the cream of the crop again, yet, I have been a champion for all but TWO MATCHES of my existence in SCW. How many did it take him? How many times did he have to climb and RECLIMB the ladder just to try and get back into the mix?

Jake pauses, and opens his eyes widely. He continues to stare into the camera, and finally begins to nod, as if everyone realized his point.

Jake Starr:EXACTLY!

See, I'm tired of guys like him thinking they are coy and funny and "talented." They're not. They're FORMERLY such. No longer such. Christian sits back and "dwells" on his past hoping it intimidates me, and yet, I sit here and can honestly say it does nothing of the sorts. It just reminds me how pathetic he is in trying to make others believe he can still be his old self.

Come Breakdown... Christian Savior and his hopes to be his personal SAVIOR to his career will, well, "break down." He'll begin to realize the flaws of his ways, and his life. He'll also begin to realize he's simply out of his element now. He's going to see that, no matter how much he tries, everyone sees the truth! Everyone sees the failure that has become THIS BROTHER.

Hmm... Sucks for him!

With those final words, Jake shrugs again. He looks into the camera, winks, and waves goodbye to his opponent coming up at Breakdown. As the scene begins to fade to black, he begins to laugh and continues to glare into the lens.

With these last words, how will Savior be able to respond to this verbal war that the two have waged on one another? How will these words truly effect the SCW United States Champion? With Breakdown looming on the horizon, these two definitely do not have any love-loss for one another, and that, almost always, translates into a solid performance in the ring.

What would another victory over Savior do for Jake's credibility? How will Savior handle another loss to the new face of Supreme Championship Wrestling, and will he finally begin to accept that his time at the top is over?

All of these will be answered this Wednesday at Breakdown, when Christian Savior and Jake Starr meet once again in the SCW squared circle.


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