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In a night filled with action, the main event stole the show, surprising the world with the addition of Greg Cherry, and the involvement of Mr. Drachewych and Jason Zero.

But ultimately, the main event belonged to two men, Thorn and Jake Starr. Both men gave it their all. They pushed the envelope to their respective max. Ultimately, it was Jake Starr still emerging victorious.

With that victory, in a matter of speaking, Retribution was a date where Jake Starr formally received his personal "retribution." He was able to walk into the arena, knowing his good friend and partner was going to be standing opposite him inside the ring, and he was able to walk out victorious. He was able to have the monkey of his encounter with Bane, back in the mid-90s, lifted from his shoulders. He was able to close another chapter in his book of "fixes" in his life.

After the match, as many had hoped, Thorn and Jake embraced, signifying their continual allegiance to one another, regardless of the outcome of the match.

They both displayed, without a shadow of a doubt, why they both are true sensations in Supreme Championship Wrestling.

Today is simply another day. Both men have put Retribution in their rearview mirror, and know that as long as they both remain stellar, the odds of meeting up once again remain. But until then, they move forward.

For Jake, the direction of "forward" leads into Breakdown where he'll meet a man who he knows all too well. He's a man who Jake has been in the ring with on multiple occasions, as well as in a hallway as well, with each meeting ending up violent.

Breakdown promises to be another of equal violence.

Christian Savior, a man who has done his part to dominate the ranks of IWC and SCW will enter the ring again against Jake. Unlike last time, Savior won't have a belt to contend for, but almost more importantly, pride will be on the line. It is something both men covet dearly.

In their encounters, it has been Jake being the rich, and taking ALL of the spoils, but it was Savior exiting the arena with the IWC Championship at the 2 for 1 Special, a belt which Jake was declared the winner of, which is a fact Jake has not let slip his mind.

But before he can enter Breakdown, and defend his "pride" against that of Christian Savior, he'll first have to contend with an issue at home.

Since finding out she was "with child," Roeper has been doing much to inform everyone of their new news. At the same time, she has also been doing a lot of work trying to decide where would be the best fit for her and Jake to raise their child. They have spent most of their married life in Des Moines, but have never truly investigated it as a proper establishment for the raising of a child.

Always having been a fan of options, Roeper has taken several opportunities to visit local schools, and also find information on other areas they potentially could go to have the most positive experience raising their new addition.

Knowing this very thing, Jake elected to legitimately suggest the proposal given to him by longtime friend, Agent oo6, of moving to Las Vegas, and living atop the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino.

It was not a suggestion she was prepared for.

When she first heard, she assumed it was a joke. But then, after the consistent suggesting done by both oo6 and Jake, she realized the offer was for real. Instead of deciding immediately, she gave Jake the most dreaded words a man can hear from his spouse, "We'll talk about it when you get home!"

Jake knew that wasn't a good sign, but knew the offer was tempting, and he would get to the bottom of her displeasure sooner or later.

Now seemingly is that time.

As the scene fades in, Roeper is seen sitting on the couch of their living room, anticipating the return of her husband from his wrestling excursions, and his mini-getaway to Las Vegas. She hears Jake pull up into the driveway, but continues to ignore the front door, and focus solely on the television. She hears the front door creak open, but keeps her attention firmly glued elsewhere.

Jake Starr: Honey! I'm home!

She continues to remain silent.

Jake hears the television channel switching in the entertainment room, and knows that will be where he finds his wife. He slowly begins to slink in there, and stands in the doorway holding a bouquet of flowers, and a cheesy grin on his face.

Realizing Roeper's attention will not shift his way, he begins to slide towards her periphery, hoping to illicit a response.

After several "slinks" in the direction of her field of vision, he finally breaks down and tries to "break the ice."

Jake Starr: Hi honey!

Roeper's eyes continue to focus on the screen.

Roeper Hart: Hi...

Jake Starr: I... Umm... I... Hmm... I brought you flowers!

Roeper Hart: Thanks...

Jake Starr: You aren't even going to look at them?

Roeper finally glances over at them, then back at the television.

Roeper Hart: They're nice...

Jake Starr: Still cranky I take it?

Roeper Hart: Apparently!

Jake takes a deep sigh.

Jake Starr: Alright listen... I only thought the offer would be a good one because it would be something we could look at as a long-term investment, and a long-term plan. I didn't intend for it to upset you.

She finally looks over at him with a very upset mood on her face.

Roeper Hart: Why would you think that I would REALLY want to move to Las Vegas? Especially now?

Jake Starr: Umm... Like I said, we'd have a solid place to live, basically no rent, and we'd have a continuous flow of income if and when my time in the wrestling business ends!

Roeper Hart: You just want it so you'll always be able to be in Vegas and gamble!

Jake Starr: Jesus... I'm not addicted to gambling!

Roeper nods in agreement.

Roeper Hart: True... I didn't mean for it to sound that way. I meant to have it sound as if you have fun doing it, and if you could do it all the time and not risk anything, you would...

Jake Starr: Yeah that's more like it! But that isn't the reason I thought it might not be a bad idea...

Roeper Hart: Then what are your reasons? Explain...

Roeper spins around on the couch so she's looking Jake directly on with her entire body. She mutes the television so neither of them become distracted.

Jake Starr: Ok... Well for one, like I said, it'd give us a secondary source of income. Eric said we could pay him back in increments, and call it good. On top of that, it'd give you a place where you could be completely isolated from the world if you chose to be. You wouldn't have to worry about random people soliciting things at the door, you wouldn't have to worry about random people waking you up if your sleeping, and you would, pretty much, always have something to do if you wanted.

Roeper looks down, still nodding, acknowledging she is hearing her husband's comments.

Roeper Hart: I'm still not liking it!

Jake sets the flowers down on one of their end tables, and walks around to sit next to her. He sits down and begins to continue to explain some of his reasoning.

Jake Starr: How about this... We would be able to fly our family and friends out here, and always be able to give them a place to stay, and things to do. They could stay in some of the vacant rooms, and hell, if they gambled in the Golden Gate, we'd actually be the ones making a profit off of it anyway.

Roeper sighs.

Roeper Hart: Ok here's what I think... I think Vegas is a fun place to visit. I don't know what the schools are like, but I know, as well as you do, crime rates there aren't exactly the lowest in the world. Secondly, I know the kind of people who live and work there. They prey on the younger people, and it's hard for them to really "grow up" in that kind of environment safely and smoothly.

Jake Starr: I gotcha...

Roeper Hart: I mean... If I could ensure that our new child wouldn't fall victim to any of that, which nobody can ever ensure that, I wouldn't be adverse to it. But the fact is, I can't. I don't want our child to succumb to that lifestyle or anything of the sorts! Besides... We basically have lived our entire married life here. You love it, I love it, our families love it. Vegas would just be... Well.. Different...

Jake nods. He begins to think on what the best course of action would be for this whole situation. Roeper just sits and stares at her husband, knowing he's trying to come up with a good plan for them.

Jake lifts up, and takes a deep breath.

Jake Starr: I have a suggestion...

Roeper Hart: Ok...

Jake Starr: Ok how does this sound... You and I take a week or so to just go out there. Eric will give us the suite atop the Golden Gate, and allow us to "test it out."

Roeper isn't adverse to the idea.

Jake Starr: ... We can explore the town more in depth. We can go to the school districts, ask some of them what we'd be in for, ask some of the locals and such too! Then, we could enjoy the nightlife before you're unable to for a while! Except the drinking part... But hey you can drive me!

Roeper just glares at him for the last statement, and Jake gives off his cheesy grin again. She closes her eyes and shakes her head in amusement.

Roeper Hart: You know... I could use a bit of a mental vacation!

Jake Starr: And think! Plenty of food options!

Roeper laughs, and Jake realizes the ice has finally been broken.

The two finally embrace, and Jake begins to reiterate the fact he wasn't trying to upset her or force her into anything, and she understands. She understands he was simply excited for the opportunity, and hoped she'd share in the feelings.

As the scene begins to fade out, the two begin to try and formulate a real plan for their trip back to Sin City.

Jake calls up Eric (Agent oo6), and asks if they can book a room at the Golden Gate for a little "try out week." Eric quickly obliges and begins to make all of the necessary arrangements on his end, while the SCW World Champion and his wife do they same on theirs.

Jake knows that, even with this potential new investment they'd be making, he cannot take his eyes off of his wrestling career. He knows that he has a shot to put another dagger into the career of Christian Savior, and cannot allow himself to be distracted from that goal. He also knows Savior will come ready with his never-ending stories, and irrelevant dialog, and has been doing his best to, once again, prepare to try and sit through it.

Jake Starr: ... And so... The era of the Social Misfits continues!

At Retribution, I was put through test after test to keep the belt I have worked so hard to, well, keep. I knew Thorn was going to come out and give it his all. I knew he would put me through a more difficult challenge than I had ever faced before.

It was going to challenge me in ways I couldn't even fathom.

It was going to put me to the test.

Sure enough, he did all of that. He forced me to dig deep within my soul to muster the ability to keep him from escaping with my championship.

But unfortunately... The match didn't go as I would have ideally liked.

See, never did I imagine that the man who seemingly has his penis drilled into EVERYTHING in this organization, would try and slither himself into the match, and become a factor. Never did I figure that Big Daddy D would try to influence the match...


I knew going in that Daddy D would do something to try and insert his worthless bag of shite into the match. He can't allow a main event to happen WITHOUT the addition of his prized porcine into the mix. Hell, that's what has been happening since the Chamber Match took place.

When Daddy D saw his chance, he summoned his bulbous bovine to waddle to the ring, and immediately decided he was somehow relevant to the match between Thorn and I, inserted him into it as a "legal competitor," and subsequently ruined the match Thorn and I had, already, worked diligently to provide to the fans.

Greg Cherry and Mr. Drachewych had NO BUSINESS being involved in our match. Plain and simple! The match was supposed to highlight Thorn and I, and show why we are two of the ELITE in Supreme Championship Wrestling, but instead, we got to all see Daddy D and Fat-Ass McGillicutty...

I will say it was thanks to Jason Zero-Masked-Phantom, those two douche bags didn't emerge victorious.

You know... Come to think of it... It's becoming a trend with them! I mean, yeah, Buster will sit around and CONSTANTLY bring up the fact he pinned me ONCE. He'll harp on it, like it was the ONLY event that has ever happened between us two. He wouldn't bring up me pinning him in the Chamber Match, me pinning him to retain the World Championship, me pinning him AGAIN to retain the World Championship while also pinning Zero for the IWC Championship, or him subsequently losing again at Retribution.

Yeah, in his eyes, none of those count like his ONE WIN over me.

Apparently, his won win has catapulted him into the world of "Getting All He Ever Wanted." Which, for some, is fine, while others find him utterly disgusting to look at, and find him abysmal in the ring, talent wise. But... When all the smoke has cleared, he'll remain where he belongs. No matter how many times he gets these hand-outs and gifts from the man he calls, Daddy, he'll still remain an utter, and complete failure in the eyes of the world.

So I hope with those words, he knows he can sit on it, and spin!

Now... Speaking of failures... Christian Savior looms on my horizon... Again... Eventually, before all is said and done, I think I will have ended up pinning every person from the 2 for 1 Special individually. But who knows...


So Christian Savior will cross my path once again. Wow... Talk about something I didn't think I'd see again. I figured after I embarrassed him, and actually forced him into obscurity for some time, he wouldn't ever want to cross my path again.

I guess I was wrong!

I am assuming much of this intertwining of paths has to do with the aforementioned pay-per view when he, for some strange reason, actually believed he was the IWC Champion. To this day, I don't know WHAT match he was actually watching, or believing he was winning, but apparently it was something only he saw in his warped and fluffed sense of mind.

Nevertheless, he's scheduled to walk into the ring I have dominated over the past year, and try his luck again.

If history is any indication, his chances are slim. As I said, he has been a "hired gun" after me before. He tried to butter me up, weaken me, beat me down, anything he could to do to gain that advantage. He wanted to end the momentum of the man who, at the time, was surging up the ladder faster than any of his, then, Infection brethren. He wanted the Adrenaline Championship as well. He figured if he could be "champion," he would validate his existence in SCW.

All of his work was for nothing!

He stepped into the ring with a man with a plan, a man on a mission, a man with the burning desire to achieve greatness, and had the proverbial EPIC FAIL that most careers end up taking against me.

But now, as I'm sure he'll say:

"Times are different!"

"That was then, this is now."

"What happened in the past was a fluke."

"Jake Starr was lucky."

"I wasn't on my game that day, this time I will be!"

"He has never beaten the REAL Christian Savior."

We'll hear them all! We'll hear him use the fact he has the United States Championship here in SCW as a reason for this time not being like the last. We'll hear him say he's a champion, and when he's a champion, he's a whole other type of competitor.

All of this may be true. He may be different this time. He may put up more than a fight. He may not embarrass the Infection, or whoever he's glued to this week. But one thing he isn't taking into account is the fact he, too, is facing someone who is a different person from all those months ago. Back then, I was the Adrenaline Champion. I merely had VISIONS of being the World Champion, let alone a chance to actually vie for it. I was a man trying to be seen by the masses of SCW as one of the elite. I was still trying to prove to the world that a loss to Adam Allocco wasn't going to derail my ultimate momentum.

So yes... Times are different!

Now... It's not Jake Starr chasing those who're at the "top" of the world.

Now... It's not Jake Starr having to go out and try to avenge anything.

Now... It's not Jake Starr trying to prove he belongs.

Simply put... Now... It's MY WORLD!

Christian Savior is walking into a match where he may not be the "man to beat." He may not be seen as the guy who'll be able to stop my momentum. Instead, he's seen as a guy who's in the shoes I was in all of those months ago. They're shoes that he, at the time, took lightly. He underestimated me in that role.

I won't be doing the same for him!

As much as it pains me to believe he'd EVER have enough luck to actually beat me, I know I can't just overlook him. He's done a lot in SCW. Hell... He's won every singles championship this organization has to offer. Apparently, as I heard through someone, he, before me, was the ONLY person to hold the SCW and IWC Championships concurrently.

So he's no slouch. He's nobody to scoff COMPLETELY at. But I still know he has no chance of beating me... Unless it's in a contest of inane babble, and then he'd be MILES ahead of me, but, that's another story!

But one factor that, I feel, will help motivate me and help push me harder than ever is what happened at the end of the Special. What he did when he grabbed MY IWC Championship, and ran off with it, like a 15 year old girl battling for a boy, he took something away from me that I'll never get back.

Oh trust me... It's not the belt! That I WILL be getting back!

When he snatched my championship, he took my moment of glory when I'd get to hold both World Championships high, and bask in my glory. It's a moment that only one other person has gotten to enjoy, and he decided to be selfish and self-centered, and ruin my chance to know the feeling.

Stealing that moment from me ignited a fire inside me. It honestly made me wish things upon him I didn't think I could wish on another human. But he sent me to that level. He sent me to a level that made me want to see him missing out on something. I want to see him realizing that something was taken from him that he'll NEVER be able to get back.

So I began to think of what it would be, and not until the match was booked did everything just fall right into place. It immediately struck me. I knew what to do. See... Savior is one of those guys who, when he loses, he ALWAYS feels he shouldn't have. He ALWAYS is blaming it on someone else, or just ranting and raving about how he was screwed. He thinks he should be the de facto winner in every match because he can talk for more hours than anyone else would ever THINK to. So what better way to get him back for taking the IWC Championship from the Special, and taking my moment, than to make him lose and bitch again?

There simply isn't one!

The guy literally will dwell on a loss for days... Hell sometimes WEEKS! He does nothing but bitch about it to EVERYONE who will listen. It's quite disturbing! And I must say, nothing compares to watching a "grown" man, with an unhealthy love for those God-awful Twilight books, cry because he didn't get his way. Seriously, it's a scream to see!

So... When Breakdown rolls around, and Christian Savior returns to the ring against me, I definitely plan on returning the favor of disappointment and heartache. I want him to walk back to the locker room afterwards questioning whether or not he "has the passion" anymore. I want him to wonder if anyone really "appreciates" him. I want him to wonder why nobody "listens to the words, MAAAAAAAAAAN," but simply tunes him out 4 minutes in.

I simply want him to open his eyes... And face reality!


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