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Four men entered... Four men waged war upon one another... Four men battled for the title of "Champion..." And when the dust settled, there was only one man still standing...

Jake Starr!

It was a night of surprises for the SCW and IWC worlds, as Jake Starr emerged victorious in the battle of, arguably, the four biggest names of the two promotions, and a newcomer captured gold in his debut in front of both promotions.

The night was truly magical!

For Jake, the time for excitement and enjoyment over his (potentially) two championship belts, as he is forced to look ahead to Sunday, where a date with his fellow Social Misfit, Thorn, looms.

Thorn, who earned his chance through a tournament to determine the new number one contender, will get his first chance to battle for Supreme Championship Wrestling's top prize.

It's a feeling Jake remembers quite well.

He remembers going into the match with James Exeter, battered and bruised, much like Thorn will at Retribution, and doing everything he could to try and pull out a victory. He remembers that, even before Angel attacked him, the butterflies were in his stomach, and the nerves were beginning to work their "magic."

So he knows what Thorn is feeling.

He also knows what he'll be thinking.

The two must put their friendship on hold and contend for the highest honor in the industry. And being able to emerge friends even after they give it their all makes the match an even more daunting task.

It is a task, as well as a risk, they're both willing to take.

But before Jake can fully focus on Retribution on Sunday, he does have one issue he must tend to first...

The possibility of becoming a father!

Before he left for the 2 for 1 Special, Roeper had come to the possible conclusion that she could be "with child," but didn't want to rely on a store-bought test to confirm her suspicions. She based her suspicions on the fact she's been having considerably different emotions and hormonal shifts as of late, and thought maybe, just maybe, that was the reasoning behind it.

She asked Jake to make an appointment with a specific OB/GYN, who just moved to the area, to confirm or refute her suspicions. When Jake called to make the appointment, the receptionist told the doctor who was scheduling, which immediately sent the receptionist into an excited frame of mind, which to Jake, was odd.

Nevertheless, the appointment was made.

As the scene fades in, outside the couple's house, Jake and Roeper exit the front door and descend down the steps. They make their way over to the driveway, where Jake quickly runs to his wife's side and opens the door to let her in. Roeper smirks and says something inaudible to her husband, and gets into the passenger seat. Jake walks around to the driver's side, and gets in himself.

The camera zooms in on their car as it slowly begins to back out of their driveway.

As the car begins to drive off, the camera continues zooming in towards the back of the car, ultimately shifting from behind the vehicle to a view from the backseat. The two are mid-conversation as the camera audio begins to pick up...

Roeper Hart: ... You do realize you didn't have to do that?

Jake Starr: Consider it "practice!"

Roeper begins to laugh.

Roeper Hart: You realize we don't even know anything for sure yet, right?

Jake Starr: Call it a hunch! Or call it me "having a feeling!"

She smirks again.

Roeper Hart: Don't worry... I have it too! But mine is mainly pure nervousness...

Jake Starr: Why are you nervous babe?

Roeper Hart: It'd be a big change for us!

Jake Starr: Well I'm well aware of that one!

As the two converse, Roeper's cell phone rings. She looks at the screen, clicks answer, and lifts the phone to her ear.

Roeper Hart: Hello? ... This is she. ... Oh hi! ... Yeah! ... Oh, well we're actually on our way! ... Yeah! ... Ha ha! ... Ok, see you in a bit! ... Bye!

Roeper taps the screen of her phone to end the call. She looks over at Jake, who is cocking an eyebrow at her as he drives.

Roeper Hart: OH! That was just the doctor's office. They were just confirming that we knew our appointment was in 30 minutes.

Jake's eyes widen.

Jake Starr: I'm impressed!

Roeper Hart: It's probably because they have a full schedule today, and they just want to make sure everyone shows up on time or early.

Jake Starr: They must be like "NEXT! Ok you're twat's fine... NEXT! Ok you're pregnant... NEXT!"

Roeper laughs.

Roeper Hart: Let's hope it's a little more formal than that!

As the two converse, Jake comes to the entrance to the parking lot. When the opposite side of traffic is clear, he slowly turns into the parking lot, and VERY SLOWLY eases over a speed bump. Roeper looks around confused, then back at her husband.

Roeper Hart: Jesus Jake... Could you have gone any slower? If you had, you'd be going backwards!

Jake looks over, and visibly cocks an eyebrow behind his sunglasses. Roeper smirks and begins to chuckle.

After much circling of the lot, Jake finally finds a vacated slot he can park in.

The two get out of the vehicle, and walk towards the building. As they reach the door, the camera sees the sign reading "Dr. Madeleine Wright, OB/GYN & Dr. Hannah Caine, OB/GYN." The two enter, and walk right up to the front receptionist desk.

Roeper tells the receptionist who she is, and the receptionist says she was the one who just called. The two exchange menial banter while Jake stands to the side.

The receptionist hands Roeper the paperwork she'll need to fill out prior to being seen. While the receptionist explains it all to her, Jake looks to find the two a pair of seats to sit in while they are in the lobby.

Over in a corner he spots a pair near the window, and around the only other person in the lobby. He walks over to them and sits down.

As he sits there, he begins to fidget a lot, and his nerves begin to show very openly. He lets out a deep breath, and the man sitting near him leans over.

Man: First-time father?

Jake chuckles and smirks, but still continues to fidget. He takes one more deep breath then replies.

Jake Starr: That's what we're here to find out! How could you tell?

The man chuckles.

Man: The fidgeting is a sure first-sign indicator. Also... Treating that speed bump like it was made of fine crystal was a fairly dead giveaway as well.

Jake drops his head and chuckles. He is slightly embarrassed someone saw him "exercising extreme caution" while he was driving. The man reaches over and pats Jake on the knee.

Man: Good luck sir!

Jake looks up, smiles, and nods.

Jake Starr: Thanks! I appreciate it!

Man: Congratulations too!

Jake Starr: Thanks again!

As Jake thanks the man, Roeper returns with the clipboard-full of paperwork. The nurse for the other physician also emerges and calls back the other man to the exam room, where his wife has presumably been this entire time.

Roeper Hart: Ok... I have to do this quickly so they can setup the file!

Jake Starr: Why do they need a file? The doctor is Shawn's mother!

Roeper Hart: It's something to do with protocol and legality reasons!

Jake Starr: Ah! So... That guy that just got called back apparently saw me entering the parking lot...

Roeper Hart: Like an animal on a frozen lake?

Jake glares at his wife.

Roeper Hart: It's true!

Jake Starr: Anyway... He said he could tell I was a potential first-time father...

Roeper Hart: It's all that twitchiness you have going on there!

Jake glares, again, at his wife.

Roeper Hart: Hey! It's true! You look like you have Parkinson's. RELAX!

She pats her husband on the knee, and continues to speed through the paperwork. Once she finishes, she rushes it back up to the receptionist. The receptionist immediately hands the file, which she's been making while Roeper fills out the extraneous paperwork, to the nurse, who in-turn, immediately walks out to the lobby to call them both back.

Roeper immediately rises and begins walking. She looks back at Jake, who is unsure if he's supposed to go. Roeper then looks over at the nurse, who explains to Jake that it's ultimately his decision on whether he waits out here or not, but also says most "to-be" fathers do want to be there with the news is heard.

Roeper Hart: C'mon baby! I want us both to find out together.

Jake takes a deep breath, stands up, and grabs his wife's hand as they walk back together.

The nurse escorts them to the exam room, where Jake immediately takes a seat in the corner. Roeper hops up on the exam table, and the nurse begins to check all of her normal vitals. She also pricks Roeper's finger to get a small sample of blood, and then hands the potential "mom-to-be" a cup.

She tells Roeper that the doctor is going to be using a new test, and in case it doesn't work right, she wants the old "fail safe" backup.

Roeper laughs, and leaves for the bathroom.

After Roeper has finished the necessary "deed," she hands it off to the nurse, who then asks Roeper to return to the examination room.

As she enters, she finds Jake still twitching and fidgety.

Roeper Hart: Would you relax?!

Jake Starr: I feel like we're paying for a test we could have bought at the store for $19.95...

As Jake says those words, the exam door opens, and in walks Dr. Madeleine Wright.

Dr. Madeleine Wright: It's not QUITE the same test Jake!

Jake chuckles and stands up. He walks over to Dr. Wright and gives her a big hug. Dr. Wright then looks over at Roeper and gives her a big hug as well.

Jake Starr: How's it going Mom?

Dr. Madeleine Wright: Not bad! How are you guys other than the... Uhh... Well yeah?

Jake Starr: Ha ha... I'd say well!

Roeper Hart: Yeah we're good!

Dr. Madeleine Wright: ... And I'm glad to see Shawn didn't forget to tell you I moved up here!

Jake Starr: Yeah... Although it did take him a couple days of, "I've been meaning to tell you something, and I've forgot," to finally get the message.

Roeper Hart: And apparently we got it at the right time!

Dr. Wright goes giddy knowing she may be giving her "other children" the good news.

Dr. Madeleine Wright: I was so excited when I heard you guys made an appointment!

Jake Starr: Yeah I figured with the "reminder call" you've been pretty swamped huh?

Dr. Madeleine Wright: ACTUALLY... That was just for you guys!

Roeper Hart: Really?

Dr. Madeleine Wright: Yep! I cleared off my entire schedule today when I heard Roeper was coming in!

Roeper Hart: AWW! You shouldn't have!

The two women quickly embrace again.

Dr. Madeleine Wright: So... Time to shift into "doctor" and "patient" roles here! What made you two think you were pregnant?

Jake Starr: Her chronic moodiness!

Seeing Jake as her other son, Dr. Wright instinctively backhands Jake in the arm. Jake chuckles.

Roeper Hart: No... That's pretty much accurate!

Dr. Wright looks over at Jake.

Dr. Madeleine Wright: You still deserved that! For something at least!

Jake Starr: Damn have I missed having a second mother around ha ha!

Roeper Hart: And one who'll abuse you, and won't lose custody!

Dr. Madeleine Wright: I love that role!

As the three continue to converse, and Jake and Roeper continue to tell Dr. Wright about some of the reasons they began to suspect she may be pregnant, the nurse walks in with the results of the new type of test Dr. Wright was running.

Dr. Madeleine Wright: Roeper... When it comes to you being pregnant...

Jake looks up at Dr. Wright.

Jake Starr: Is this the Maury Povich show now? Are you going to tell us by saying "Jake... You ARE THE FATHER?"

Everyone, including Dr. Wright get a nice laugh out of Jake's comment. Dr. Wright continues to read through the results. Roeper and Jake both stare at her as she reads, looking like children during story time.

Dr. Wright pauses while reading, and just stares at the paper. Jake and Roeper feel their hearts creeping up into their throat, wondering what she's going to say.

Finally, after the dramatic pause-moment had run its course, Dr. Wright smiles, looks up at Roeper and gives a sharp nod.

Dr. Madeleine Wright: Congratulations Roeper!

Roeper Hart: OH MY GOD!!!

Roeper immediately busts into tears, Jake smiles, and quickly embraces his wife, and now mother of his child. Dr. Wright quickly stands and embraces her "adopted" children as they celebrate. The nurse, who everyone would expect to be used to this moment, even begins to cry.

Jake Starr: Don't tell Shawn and Roxie yet! We want to surprise them with the news!

Dr. Wright smiles.

Dr. Madeleine Wright: Jake... That's privileged information. By law I can't divulge that to anyone.

She winks at Jake, who hugs his "other mother" again. Dr. Wright, again, hugs Roeper and congratulates her on their new news. The scene slowly begins to fade out as the celebration continues among the "extended" family. With this news, how will it effect Jake as he continues his quest forward in, both, SCW and IWC? How will Roeper handle Jake being on the road as much, now having to care for herself and another person at once?

If this distracts Jake in any way, it could prove costly going into Retribution against a foe such as Thorn. If he uses it as motivation to continue his success, it could prove to be something that brings his talent and game to an entirely new level knowing he has to be someone his child looks up to, and is proud of.

Regardless... This new bit of news for their family is a bright and positive one however it effects him professionally. But it doesn't change the fact Thorn looms on his horizon this Sunday, as Jake celebrates one year in SCW, at Retribution.

Jake Starr: Was there ever a doubt? Or should I say, should there have ever even BEEN a doubt?

The answer is simple... NO!

Going into the 2 for 1 Special, I made it clear what my intentions were, to emerge victorious, retain my SCW Championship, and emerge with the IWC Championship around my waist as well. And dammit... My intentions were accomplished!

... Well... Sort of!

See, apparently there is a little controversy brewing regarding the validity of my IWC Championship victory. SOME have claimed it never happened. SOME have claimed that they're the only ones who should even be thought of as being the IWC Champion. Hell... SOME have employed the "Steward Approach" and just taken the belt, and expected to, therefore, be crowned champion because they have it in their possession.

Unfortunately for those "SOME," their beliefs are, much like their books I read from, based mostly in a fictitious world, which most of us don't concurrently reside.

I've looked at the video. I have studied the match. The fact of the matter is, when the referee counted to three, he proclaimed me victor, and as the saying goes, "to the victor, go the spoils."

With that said... I would like to welcome everyone to an era of this rivalry that hasn't been duplicated, no matter what the books may say. It IS an era where Supreme Championship Wrestling does just as its name suggests... It reigns SUPREME!

When I walked into that Special, I knew the odds were stacked against me. I knew that the possibility was there that I would not become victorious. But, much like newcomer Fred Debonair, I didn't let it deter me from beating out the odds, and doing what I set out to do. I went into that match with every intention of showing the world why a renamed file, is still the same file it was when it was created. I went into that match to show the world why, just because you may have started to turn over a new leaf, you didn't deserve to instantly be considered "back," and thusly, a contender. I also went into that match to help a certain forty-chinned fellow realize there is a thing called self-restraint.

All of those odds, I overcame. All of those goals, I achieved.

I do hope it is something everyone took very good notes on!

But... Alas... In this business one's job never has any downtime, nor do I get the chance to fully bask in the glory of my victory. Instead, I look to Retribution. I look to a night where, just one year ago, I turned heads, and never looked back. I look towards a card where, for the first time, in many, many, many years, two members of the Social Misfits will enter a match, and simply stand opposite one another.

And to be honest... This is a match I have looked forward to more than any other in my tenure in SCW.

Thorn is a man I know quite well. Yes, he's a fellow Social Misfit. Yes, he's a friend. But... He's someone who, unlike most members of the Social Misfits, wasn't just tapped, and accepted to join. He was a man who had to be, in a sense, vetted. He had to continuously be pressed to join.

Finally, he did.

The process, though long and drawn out, was one that allowed Thorn and I to really get to know one another.

Thorn is a man who, since his debut in SCW, I knew would be a star. I knew he'd have a chance, some day, to really showcase his talents on a grand stage. He's also a many who, I also knew one day, I'd have a chance to share the stage with him to really put our talents against one another. I knew that, when that day came, we'd get to thrill the masses by facing off against each other.

That time... Is finally here...

Some may ask, "But Jake... You two have fought against one another before! You two were in the Chamber Match together!" That, is a fact. That, is true. But, unfortunately, it wasn't a chance where Thorn and I could really stand alone, and fight one on one. We had other people we had to contend with. So... I don't particularly count that as the opportunity I, along with Thorn, was hoping to have.

Instead... I count Retribution.

Thorn battled his way through the rankings, doing whatever he could to help move his name up the contender's list. He suffered some heartbreaks here and there. He made some big moves in places too. He finally ended up in that tournament, where he'd have to defeat those who've had their chances, and Ruppy, to make it to the "big stage," and he did just that. I'm proud to say he finally gets his chance to vie for the World Championship of Supreme Championship Wrestling.

Now, with all of that being said... I also cannot overlook the fact that it is I who has the difficult task of defending my SCW Championship against Thorn.

See, while I praise his grit and determination to get to this point in his career and tenure in SCW, I know that I have to be the one to step up, and shoot his hopes and dreams down this time. I know, being the SCW Champion, I can't let my friendship and alliance with someone cloud the fact that, being the SCW Champion, warrants a responsibility to go out and defend it every chance I get, and do everything I can to hold onto it.

Which is what I intend to do!

After the 2 for 1 Special, I have an even greater desire of seeing exactly what I can accomplish here. After emerging victorious, against a sea of competitors like Cherry, Zero, and Savior, I can only wonder what I can do next, and I intend on finding out. I intend on walking into Retribution as a founding member of the Social Misfits. I then intend on walking down to the ring as the man who's moniker reflects his allegiance. I intend on standing in that ring, looking at Thorn, and just eyeing him as another opponent. I intend on leaving that ring as SCW Champion. Then... I intend to return to the world of the Social Misfits, and proceeding forward as a unified group.

It's as simple as that.

I don't plan on going into this match and giving my friend any preferential treatment, as I would hope he wouldn't do for me. I'm not, however, going out to make an example of him in any way, shape, or form. There will come a time when Thorn stands atop Supreme Championship Wrestling, and issues in his era. Unfortunately... It's just not quite yet.

He and I will, however, get to do what we always chatted about doing when this time came. We WILL steal the show. Thorn and I will beat each other up one side of the ring, down the other, and over each inch of that mat. We'll have the fans "ooh-ing" and "ahh-ing" from the opening bell. We'll give it all in the ring, and then we'll leave it all in the ring.

There is one "good" thing though... Thanks to the 2 for 1 Special, Thorn and I are both beaten up. In a sense, the odds are somewhat evened out. He's hurt, I'm hurt, we're both hurt. Not many other ways of saying it. Neither of us come in with an advantage. We both fought hard. We both gave it our all. We both paid the price. So at Retribution, there won't be any question about who deserves to win.

Granted... That winner will still be me. I will still stand tall. I'll still walk away with my belt around my waist. It's not because I'm "superior" to Thorn. It's not because I'm "better." It's simply because it's my time right now. I have spent the last year in SCW doing nothing but making a case for why I am someone worthy of being viewed as "The Guy." Every time I walk out of that curtain, I know I can't slip up. I know my legacy depends on it.

People tried to write me off after Allocco. People tried to write me off after Exeter. Most recently... They did the same with Cherry. After each loss, everyone thinks the steamroller, that is Jake Starr, has been stopped. Then... It begins again. Every time it restarts, the uphill battle begins. And until I reach the apex of my career, and the peak of the "uphill battle" I face every, single, time I walk into that ring, my "time" as "the guy" won't be over.

So for Thorn... My friend... My ally... My opponent... "Your time" will come. It's just not now...


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