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The stage is now officially set.

Representing Supreme Championship Wrestling, Greg Cherry, and World Champion, Jake Starr.

Representing the Independent Wrestling Cartel, Christian Savior, and World Champion, Jason Zero.

Four men enter a battle with the potential prize of ultimate supremacy staring them all in the face.

It's a prize they all want to, and believe they can already, taste.

For Jake Starr, this match has a lot of significance. On one hand, should he be pinned, he loses the SCW World Championship. On the other hand, should he be the one to score a pinfall over Jason Zero, he'll walk out with a World Championship over each shoulder, and a lot of eyes wondering how he did it.

The latter part of that, is something he is all too used to.

Since appearing on the SCW scene, he has grown accustomed to people second guessing his ability to emerge victorious in many of his matches, and also grown fond of watching them all scratch their head in utter confusion on how he does it. Regardless, he knows that going into this EPIC match pitting IWC against SCW, and also SCW against SCW, he will definitely not look like the favored superstar to come out on top.

Thankfully... When he fights with his back against the wall, he usually emerges triumphant.

Since the 2 for 1 Special was announced, Jake quickly made his presence felt when he "invaded" the IWC network program, Riot. In turn, IWC returned the favor at Breakdown, making their presence EQUALLY as felt. Of the four men entered into this match, two have emerged as the ones drawing the most "eyes" to them.

It's only fitting that they are also both the respective World Champions.

Jason Zero is a man both IWC and SCW are familiar with. Jake is familiar with him from afar, having never encountered Zero in a match since coming to SCW. He has always felt that facing Zero would eventually aide him in vilifying his stature among the SCW "elite," but still was always forced to merely think about the possibility.

Zero, on the other hand, knows that Starr is the phenom in SCW at the moment, and knows it's a spot he once occupied. He knows that many have tried to knock Jake off of his pedestal, and most have failed. He hopes to add his name to the short list of successes against Jake.

For now... Jake continues to prepare mentally, and physically for this match, knowing it will take every ounce of strength he has to come out victorious. He continues to study up on his opponents past, watch their matches, learn their tendencies, and try to find the crutch that every wrestler tends to have. If he finds it, and he hopes he will, he'll exploit it handedly. If he doesn't... He'll go in and battle like he always does, with a chip on his shoulder, odds against him, and sights ONLY set on winning.

Jake Starr: Four men... Two championships... One goal... TOTAL DOMINATION!

It's a simple as that!

My match at the "2 for 1 Special" can be summed up that easily... Total domination!

As I get closer and closer to this "super show," I'll admit, my level of excitement and anticipation begins to rise. As much as I do NOT care for those over in IWC, the thought of walking out holding their prestigious championship above my head is quite, well, enjoyable.

I honestly wonder if that's ever been done, you know? I wonder if one man has been able to conquer the halls of both Supreme Championship Wrestling and the world of ICanhasWrazzlin? If it has, ok, but regardless, when I am done, nobody will compare to when I successfully accomplished the task.

But in all honesty... The title belt isn't the driving force for most in this match.

For Savior and Zero (nee Wheeler), the two of them have had a long-standing, sometimes open, other times inner, rivalry with one another. It's a commonplace for siblings. No matter how "Kosher" things appear from the outside, deep down both have a strong desire to be the better and superior sibling. These two want to show the other, ultimately, they are the stronger of the two. It's a sibling rivalry, culminating in this chance for the both of them.

Then you have Greg "Man Boobs" Cherry. Here you have a man who's sole purpose is to show the world that his continuous whining, self-promoting, and pointless reasoning for being included in main events, was worth it. For the past, oh who knows how long, he's been constantly claiming some right to my SCW World Championship. Everyday, it's a new excuse. Everyday, it's a new reason. Everyday, it's one more time we have to listen to him hound the powers-that-be to give him what he wants, or he'll continue to piss and moan until he gets it.

So for him... It's all about proving himself right to everyone else. It's about proving he isn't someone who has passed his time in this business and finally needs to go away, but is still more than capable of competing.

For me... It's none of the aforementioned reasons.

I have no sibling rivalry that I feel I need to put to an end, once and for all. I have nothing to prove to anyone. I've said it before... Ultimately I've set out and achieved all of the goals I set for myself when I returned.

Yes, I have those who doubt my ability, but I don't care. My reason is much larger than any of those. My reason doesn't involve any quirky love stories, any hatred for my own blood, or anything the other three are out to achieve. No... Mine is far greater, yet much simpler to explain...


When I returned, I made a list of things I wanted to achieve. I did it. After that, it became bonuses for anything I did from then on out. But one goal that wasn't on the list, but more in my head, was to maintain a sense of pride in this business.

Pride isn't something you can just have and it's done. It's something you have to build over time. It's something you must work to achieve a full "tank" of. Then... The work becomes maintaining it. You have to go out there every time you're booked, and give it your all. You can't stoop to the level of others and become someone who is unreliable, and yet expects to be handed the world. You have to be proud of your performance, and know you gave it everything you could in order to be successful.

In the end... You have to look at yourself in the mirror and be happy with what you see.

That, my friends, is true PRIDE!

When I look around the locker room of SCW, I see very little pride. I see most people "ooh-ing" and "ahh-ing" over those in IWC, as if it is something special to be in. I see people desiring opportunities in IWC, while brushing off those in SCW. I simply see a "meh" attitude that I feel is unacceptable to somewhere with the history and notoriety of Supreme Championship Wrestling.

So I began to wonder... WHAT caused this completely lack of pride for the place that employs you? Why is IWC seen as the "WWE," while SCW is seen as the red-headed step child, "TNA?"

Apparently, the truth, is in the history...

After some digging, I found out this isn't the first rodeo for IWC and SCW on a joint platform.

That wasn't much of a surprise considering the close ties both organizations share with one another, but for those of you in the world unfamiliar, they've had several of these "encounters" before.

So, in these little "get togethers" that the IWC and SCW has put on in the past, IWC has seemingly had SCW's number. From what I gather, in the broad terms of who "won" and "lost" the events, SCW has only emerged victorious twice. IWC has at least doubled that number. Those figures, in turn, forced some of the SCW "old timers" to begin to lose their sense of self-pride. They began to truly feel that they were inferior to IWC. Those "oldies" began to believe it so much, they also were seen praising the likes of IWC.

Truthfully... It's quite sad...

Many of the true "elite" stars in SCW began to travel back and forth between the organizations, hoping to strike gold in IWC, to validate, to themselves, they were truly elite. No longer did they see accomplishments in SCW as worthy accomplishments to those of the world of IWC. They felt so STRONGLY about this mentality, they began to try and engrain the beliefs into the newcomers to SCW as well. They would tell them things like, "Sure, you're doing good here, but you wouldn't do so hot in IWC."

Then... You'd have someone like Hurse coming over to the "less greener pastures" to continue to facilitate that poor sense of self-worth among the SCW locker room. He came over to try and force those around Supreme Championship Wrestling to continue to feel inferior, and promote the "superiority" of IWC.

The worst part of all of this is, EVERYONE BOUGHT INTO IT! Well... ALMOST everyone...

See, I am one of those people who takes pride in the organization I wrestle for. I don't listen to hype about ANYONE or ANYTHING preceding my arrival. If I did, I would have never believed enough in myself to have beaten Hurse. I would have never believed I would have had what it took to come out on top. I would have succumbed to the hype, and Hurse would be in my place right now, and everyone would be groveling at his feet, hoping he'd be their friend.

Instead... I didn't!

I knew the talent that SCW possessed, and I knew if anyone was going to help lead this organization back into the limelight, and show EVERYONE in both organizations that the tide was shifting, it would be me.

It HAD to be me.

Who else would have taken on the challenge? Everyone from the SCW past has either decided to go to IWC and pursue a career there as well, and in turn agree that IWC is where the true "champions" belong, or was too scared to put SCW on their shoulders and run head-on against the "top dogs" of this industry.

They ALL lost their pride in themselves. They ALL allowed themselves to be beaten by hype.

So... As one of the final members of the SCW roster who still has that inner pride, and inner belief that SCW is truly superior, I walk into this "2 for 1 Special" with, as usual, the odds not in my favor. I walk into a match with three men, all with their own agenda, and all looking to grasp the glory for themselves. They all just want the accolades, and the ability to say, "Look who I beat!"

None of them care about what's more important... The fact they would have represented their organization and emerged victorious!


Oh... Wait... I know... Because representing the IWC, you, technically, have two members of the SCW roster. On the SCW side, you have the same thing, but they're actually only in SCW.

So, looking at all that, why wouldn't Cherry share the same sense in pride for SCW? Like I said... Everyone outside of me, is simply out for themselves...

It's the only logical explanation.

Why else would people want to play in both parks, if not to try and figure out which one they could be "King of the Jungle Gym?" Why would the other "out grow" the playground, only to return when he felt his territory was threatened?

It's the lack of pride, and the "me me me me me me me me me me me me" mentality.

So... With this type of mentality, that each one of them definitely has, what is there to gain should they win?

For Savior... A win would pull him out of the world of the irrelevant. He'd emerge from the depths of the under card, and return to greatness in both SCW and IWC.

For Zero (nee O'Grady)... A victory would cement himself as the true champion of champions. He would have eclipsed everything in his past to become one of the all-time greats, without anyone being able to question him.

For "Tig-Ole-Bitties" Buster... Getting that proverbial pin fall would give him the belief that his fantasies do come true, and that orgasm he craves every time he steps into a ring full of men.

I'm just saying... It would...

But thankfully I don't share those views... I look at each competitor knowing they each have their unique abilities they'll bring into the ring. Hell... Two of these guys, I have personally set foot in the ring with, and beaten.

Let's start with the person, whom I truly feel, is the LEAST qualified to be in this match, and the one I have the MOST history with of the three...

Buster walks into this match, being granted a rematch for something he never won in the first place. It's a ruling I don't quite understand. I guess it comes down to the fact he is just so incredibly annoying, whiny, bitchy, and feminine in appearance, that everyone just gives him what he wants to humor him.

Case in point... Leading up to his match with Masquerade, did ANYONE hear that "Breakfast Club-esque" whine-fest? Holy crap... He needs to seriously take one of those "chill pills" and RELAX! Wow... A supposed "grown adult" saying things about him having to defend constantly, yet because he beat me I don't? Hey... He beat me... Congrats! Now he expects special treatment because of it?

NEWS FLASH FOR THE DUMB ASS... I pinned him EVEN AFTER he had his boys hit me in the head with MY championship belt.

I look at him, and I see someone who doesn't appreciate what he has. He has a victory over me. It's something only two others have. It won't ever be taken away from him. It's not an NCAA victory that a special investigative panel is going to come back and review, and potentially take away from him at a later date, if they deem it to be tainted. Instead of these pissing and moaning rants he does, why can't he use that as a positive? Why can't he focus on knowing he can do something RARE, and aspire to do it again, rather than acting like a three year old who just had his favorite pacifier taken away?

Greg and I already have a storied past. It's one that some, somewhat including me, are pretty tired of seeing. I hope and pray this is our final encounter because, quite frankly, he's lame. But... Along those same lines... If this is our last rodeo, now that he is belt-less, I want it to be memorable. I don't want it to be a flop. Lord knows, it'd be a big belly flop if he decided to try it for real!

So... If he actually thinks he has a snowball's chance in this match, he can't come in as the whiny baby. It'll OBVIOUSLY get him NO WHERE! He'll walk in, throw a fit, get beaten up, and be a complete non-factor in the match.

Or... Option two is he'll actually put all of his titty-baby bull sh!t behind him, and try and resurrect the man who won three World Championships in SCW, once namely over Zero (nee Kevin Mask).

Regardless... He needs to man up, and step up... Or he'll quickly be SHUT UP!

Oh who'm I kidding? That guy will never shut up! He'll always feel entitled... But the thought of him shutting up is a pleasant one!

Moving on from that bag of sh!t, to another, almost equal bag of sh!t who I've also lit aflame, and put on a doorstep, Christian Savior.

Now here is one of the BIGGEST and BEST examples of someone who has continually played the "maybe I'd be better off there" card. Every week, it seems, he's leaving either IWC or SCW to go to the other. Hell right now, he's running in both. I'm assuming it's to break the repeated cycle of "one over the other."

See, Savior is one of those people who, at one point, was the "cock of the wok," around these federations. Hell, he's a former SCW and IWC World Champion. That says something about him. It says at ONE POINT, he was relevant to this title picture. At ONE POINT he was someone to be seen as the "top dog" in both organizations.

Unfortunately that ONE POINT in time is not THIS POINT in time.

Savior and I had our little "back and forth" last year, and ultimately, I emerged victorious. It immediately lead to an abrupt exit of Christian from SCW, and he ran back to IWC.

By the looks of things, he was able to gather himself, and start to rebound his career. Because, there is no question, after he ran into me, he began a downward spiral into complete obscurity. His name was still recognizable to those who had been around, but as far as being someone who was an "impact player," he definitely was not.

But... It seems like, since he is lucky enough to be in this match, things have changed for him. The question is, is it due to his re-emergence as a serious contender, or his complete obsession with being the "better brother?" Honestly... I don't know! I can say he seemingly has a bit more of an edge than he used to.

But still... My curiosity roams as to why, exactly, he was selected for this match to represent the IWC.

Was it truly because of his return to his former self?

Was it merely out of coincidence to Dan Dickless?

Whatever the reasoning, he's in for a wild ride... And on top of that... He's got a hell of a lot of stuff to deal with! He'll have to contain the desires he is filled with, as it pertains to Zero (nee SCW Champion). He'll have to try and erase the belief among those in SCW that he has become someone who is unreliable as a champion, and worth nothing. Most importantly... If he wants my belt, he'll have to prove to the world he can truly stand toe to toe with Jake Starr.

Nevertheless, the "Christian Savior of old" MIGHT be back... If that is true, and I'll encounter the man I was supposed to worry about last year, I'm looking forward to it. Why? I definitely have my reasons. One... It's yet more proof that Jake Starr is THE NEXT EVOLUTION in this industry. Also... Several people cited his little self-implosion as the reason I was able to emerge victorious, and part of me wants to really show the world that it was no fluke. It wasn't due to his downward spiral. I was the REASON he fell into the spiral, not someone who simply reaped the benefits of it.

So... Like I said... For Savior, and his hopes of becoming a "champion" again... It's going to be a trial he's never faced before, and a ride he'll eventually want to disembark, for a much smoother path. But... If he so chooses to try and go down the rocky path with me again, the result WILL be the same. He'll be sent packing elsewhere, and I'll be STILL... Reigning supreme.

Now lastly... Certainly not least, is the one who is drawing the most attention along with myself, Jason Zero, World Champion of I Wanna Colonic!

Unlike the previous two opponents, we've all heard what he had to say. Both SCW and IWC audiences have seen what he stands for and what he's capable of. I'm well aware of what he brings to the table in this match... Most notably, the IWC World Championship.

But... With all this that is known, there is one big thing that is unknown. Who really is Jason Zero. Is he Kevin Mask? Is he Jason O'Grady? Is he The Phantom? Is he Jason Wheeler? Is he Jason Zero? Is he a symbol that has no pronunciation that eventually will be simply said "The Wrestler Formerly Known As (Insert Previous Name Here)?" Now... Once you've solved this mystery, answer this one. What is the difference between all of these "characters?" Are they iterations of his personality? Are they ways for him to reinvent himself as "someone new?" Is his real name Brian Flanagan, and he's aspiring to ultimately be a Las Vegas bartender who does tricks?


I'll tell you what the truth is... The truth is, Mr. Flanagan is desperate to create some kind of persona that everyone looks at and is in awe of. Unfortunately, not many are. If you notice... People fear the "persona" for a while, and eventually realize he's not terribly worth the worry. When he realizes nobody is running scared anymore, he reinvents the same character, slightly altering something, becoming darker, becoming an indian, becoming now, a playboy bartender?

Has he ever played a sports agent or fighter pilot yet? Was that before my time? Anyone?

"But Jake, what about the respect and props he gave you?"

Listen... I respect the guy for his in-ring abilities. You can't deny he can hold his own inside the squared-circle. But... What I don't respect is constant flip-flopping of personas. It's not something anyone could respect. How can he expect to get the respect everyone knows he desires, when he can't even keep his own identity straight? I went through that phase in my career. I can tell you, FOR A FACT, nobody will ever begin to give him unquestionable respect unless he begins to act as he really is. That is... Unless he claims every version of himself is the "real" him.

See... Back in the day, I was looking for respect. I was looking to find my spot. I was looking to establish myself as an individual, and not be associated with the "Starr" name. Unfortunately, the names Adam Driggs, Justin Halesz, and Thrawn weren't "draws." Then... It hit me. I wasn't who I truly was. I wasn't ME! So what did I do? I sucked up my pride, and my desire to CREATE this fake persona to be remembered as, and accepted that Jake Starr is who I really am, so why not be me?

So I did!

Look where I am now? I'm the NAME of this organization. It is not the Wheeler, Savior, or Cherry world anymore. It's no longer a place where a few names dominate the card... Although I know some would disagree... But it is a place where JAKE STARR dominates the card. And I do it AS myself... Not as someone I made up to fit my current mood.

Oh well...

You know... I can say this... He is someone I had my sights set on facing when I first set foot in the world of Supreme Championship Wrestling. I was quick to realize he truly was one of the "legends" in SCW-lore, and I knew if I ever wanted to make a true impact, eventually the road would lead through him.

And now... Our paths are on a collision course!

As I said, it was inevitable they would cross eventually. I know, if he had his way, it wouldn't be under these circumstances. NOBODY, and I will reiterate NOBODY, wants to cross me when their championships are on the line. Exeter begged and pleaded and groveled to not have to give me another chance. He knew, deep down, his win was solely thanks to Damian Angel. Hell... Tits McGillicutty just purposely lost my Adrenaline Championship so he wouldn't have to suffer the embarrassment of losing it to me, knowing he couldn't pull off his UPSET twice.

Why would this "Zero" be any different? Why would he NOT fear walking in as a "defending champion" against me? The odds definitely don't favor him leaving with it, when it comes to me. Only ONCE have I been beaten by the champion, and not walked out with gold...

Ok and one draw for those of you out there who are nit-picking fools...

... So the odds definitely don't look good for him. How's his title defense record? Hell in SCW, his longest reign as World Champion was three months. 90 days he lasted at his PINNACLE of his reign.

For the record, and also for the nit-pickers, as World Champion, I've now beaten that number...

... What does that tell you? It says that, albeit a strong competitor, and a worthy adversary, Jason Phanom-Mask isn't sitting in a real "safe" spot in this show.

Like I said... I don't see this match in the eyes of others. I don't see it as the "dominant" IWC waltzing in to claim another victory. I don't see it as SCW ready to pony up their title to the IWC champion. Why? Besides the fact I haven't let the BS people throw around get to me, THEY'RE THE SAME PEOPLE IN BOTH PLACES! Back in the day, there was probably a little more mixture of talent on both sides. Now... It's striking how identical it is.

Mr. Flanagan walks into this "super show" with a belt that, should I win it, assist me in turning the world of wrestling upside down. He defeated a man who, by all intents and purposes, was someone who was as heralded as Hurse. He was someone I was told by several others was the quintessential champion. Someone who was just "that good." He was someone who literally made people kind of worry when they faced them. Hey kind of like me! This guy was supposedly "unstoppable," and yet, Mr. Wheel-O'Grad-Agan was able to win.

So what does that say?

Actually... It says quite a bit!

What it says is he is resilient. He is someone who won't go down without a fight. He'll go out there, he'll lay it all on the line, and he'll do whatever it takes to try and pull out a win. He's someone who I can't just look past.

And I won't!

Granted... How could I? I mean... I know I'm old school and all, but when did the overuse of visual aids become something necessary in wrestling? Is it so hard for me to have to listen to what he's saying, and paint my own picture, or let what I'm actually seeing tell me what I need to know. I'm not a stupid creature here who needs to have things spelled out for me.

Again, I feel like I'm severely dating myself here, but what is with all of the love triangles, multiple women, and such around these parts? Is it so difficult to find one woman, and be with them only? Don't get me wrong, I'm a guy, multiple girls is, well, fun to think about, and occasionally dabble in, but to have it completely manipulate your time? That could be one of those things that backfires in the long run! I mean, unlike Buster and his hired actress that he has pretend to be his "girl," you could somewhat believe Jason, oh, whatever he is today, to have a girl, but seriously, instantly wanting MULTIPLE women? I think... No I know... There is more to this story than meets the eye!

Generally speaking, and I'm not judging, so, I hope when the "chaotic one" with the rotating names hears this, he'll understand that it's not necessarily a bad thing, but when a man who would be seen as "pretty" surrounds himself with women, it's to give off a certain vibe. It's to oversell the fact he's a "ladies man." Take Ryan Seacrest for example. Does ANYONE, in their RIGHT MIND, actually believe he's straight? No matter the commercials with the ladies running up and loving on him, nobody buys it. Also... What about Tom Cruise? Does anyone actually think HE is the one who impregnated Katie Holmes? I severally doubt it.

I think this definitely applies to my opponent. He wants the world to think he's got a harem of women ready to jiggle his testicles, and hopefully distract everyone from seeing the penis entering and exiting his mouth.

In all seriousness though... That's part of this iteration of Mr. Flanagan. And apparently it has done well for him. So I guess I shouldn't fault him too much, should I?

Nah... Probably not... If I did he may randomly start praising people like Masquerade, talk about how wonderful he is again, and expect it to have some relevance to our match...


I hope everyone realizes how much I want this. Seriously... I may not be a fan of the IWC, or the mentality it has bred in the place I call home, but dammit I want the chance to rule over both of these organizations. Not for the aspect of power... But to do something I have a good idea that hasn't been done before. I want to set myself apart from the Greg Cherry's, the Christian Savior's, the Jason Zero's, the Hurse's, everyone.

I want everyone from SCW and IWC past AND present to watch this "newbie" to their world eclipse the achievements of those who they continue to believe hold the rights to say they were the "best." Everyone had better get their tub of popcorn and sit back, relax, and enjoy. At this "super show," Jake Starr steps up, beats the field, and walks out STILL the SCW World Champion, and the NEW World Champion of the Independent Wrestling Cartel.

Gah... Now I have to figure out why I honestly feel the sudden desire to go watch a marathon of nothing but movies staring prominent leaders in Scientology.

With those final words, Jake's eyes lock on the lens of the camera, and he stares as deeply into it as he could fathom. His words, albeit just that, words, he hopes will begin to derail the plans of his opposition, and derail their mentality into a frenzy they're not prepared for. If he succeeds, and can gain the early advantage on the "mind games" portion of the battle, he'll definitely begin with an edge. Should he not, and his opponents actually get to him first, then he could be in for a severely uphill climb.

Nevertheless... He's faced adversity before; he knows he'll face it again. Win, lose, or draw, Jake Starr will give this match every ounce of energy he has. If it's enough, he'll come away with a new championship. If it's not... He'll need to avoid being pinned, and salvage retaining his belt. He hope this match marks the next chapter in his phenomenal rise to greatness in SCW, and now, IWC.


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