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With Breakdown on the horizon, and the SCW/IWC super show looming thereafter, Jake Starr's plate is becoming more and more full with hurdles he'll have to climb, should he wish to remain the top superstar in this industry.

Most recently, Jake elected to take matters into his own hands as he made a surprise appearance on the most recent episode of IWC's television program, Riot. IWC World Champion, Jason Zero, called Jake out and wanted to try to settle the score between the rival organizations right then and there. Jake, not wanting to back down from one of the men he'll meet at the upcoming super show, showed up, and the two tried to settle the score, but were interrupted by other members of the IWC roster.

Nevertheless, Jake made it clear he would not be running scared from the torch-bearer of the IWC.

The uncharacteristic part of his journey to the world of the IWC was the lack of presence of his Social Misfit comrades.

Whether it was by Jake's instruction, or their choice not to be there, is unknown for now. What is known, is that Jake cannot let his encounter at Riot deter him from his first mission, making an example of Dillusion at Breakdown.

With the whereabouts of the Misfits at Riot a mystery, the three absent members seemingly have gone on a mission of their own.

Bishop Steele, David Helms, and Thorn stand near the baggage claim of an airport, with obvious confused and annoyed looks on their face. Steele keeps looking down at a piece of paper, presumably an itinerary of some type, and then around the area, obviously in search of something, or someone.

As the three try to remain inconspicuous, Thorn walks over to Steele, and begins to inquire...

Thorn: Where the hell is he?

Steele, once again, glances down at the itinerary and finds the answer to Thorn's question.

Bishop Steele: According to this, he should have been here by now... His plane was supposed to land about 5 minutes ago.

Helms walks over to the "Arrivals" monitor, and begins to look for the flight number in question. As he sees it on the screen he looks over to see the status of the flight.

Thorn: You find the flight?

David Helms: Yeah!

Thorn: What does it say?

David Helms: According to this, it says it has landed...

Bishop Steele: It's about damn time....

The escalator that the trio have been standing near, begins to have several people begin to come down. Thorn tries to be nonchalant, and walks over towards it. He begins to look up at the people coming down, and doesn't see the person they have been in search of.

Bishop Steele: See him

Thorn: I don't see him anywhere!

Steele lets out an audible sigh.

Bishop Steele: Dammit where is he...?

Steele, still very frustrated, begins to look around the baggage claim area. He spots the baggage claim carousel labeled as the flight number they are looking for. He begins to look at the people awaiting their luggage.

As he begins to "inspect" those patrons waiting to pick up their bags, and spots one who seemingly stands out among the rest.

Steele walks over to Thorn and Helms, and taps them both on the shoulder. Without mentioning a word he points out the man standing away from the others, and motions that they should walk up behind him. Thorn and Helms both nod, and they begin taking a "scenic" route towards the oddly dressed man.

As they walk, the baggage carousel begins to start up, and everyone begins to crowd around, hoping to grab their bag the minute it comes off.

During the commotion, the "odd" man inadvertently gives his back to the trio of Misfits.

The camera view shifts to the front of the suspect, and sees a man dressed completely in black. He wears a hooded jacket, baseball cap, horribly fake mustache, and large, black, fat, sunglasses to help shield his identity.

From behind him, the three Misfits appear, flanking both shoulders, and Steel behind him.

Steele places a firm hand on the man's shoulder and leans in to whisper in his ear.

Bishop Steele: I really hope you're not trying to hide from us...

The disguised man sulks his head, knowing he's been found. He looks over both shoulders, seeing the Next Level staring at him. He then slowly turns around seeing Bishop Steele staring him directly in the face. The man lowers his sunglasses enough to reveal his eyes, and reveal his identity as, indeed, Jake Starr to his fellow Misfits.

Jake Starr: Now... Whatever would give you guys that idea?

Thorn leans in to whisper in the same ear as Steele.

Thorn: Maybe it was your recent, little, "invasion" of IWC...

Jake visibly smirks. He raises up his hand, and index finger.

Jake Starr: Hold that thought...

Jake glances at the baggage rotisserie, and notices his bag slowly wondering by his current place. He walks over and grabs it from the carousel, and walks back over to his cohorts.

Jake Starr: Ok... Where're we parked?

David Helms: Ahem...

Helms points at his own lip.

Jake Starr: What?

Jake reaches up, and realizes his mustache has come unstuck from one side of his face, and is pointing straight out.

Jake Starr: Oh! Sh!t! That'd look kind of ridiculous!

Bishop Steele: And that get-up doesn't?

Jake Starr: You're fitting in quite fast I must say!

Helms, Thorn, and Steele begin to lead the way towards the vehicle. None of the four men utter a word as they proceed to the vehicle.

As they reach the vehicle Steele pops the trunk and hops into the driver seat. Helms quickly jumps into the passenger seat, and Thorn in the seat behind him. Jake looks around, and as he sees the coast is clear, he removes his disguise. He throws his suitcase and backpack into the trunk of the car, and slides into the seat behind Steele.

Once he settles in, and buckles up, he looks back over at Thorn.

Jake Starr: Ok... So what gives you this idea about me ducking you? Did Miller convince you all of that too?

Thorn: No... It's the whole going to IWC this past weekend without letting any of us know...

Jake grins once again.

Jake Starr: Listen... Truth is, I had a gut feeling that Zero was going to call me out on HIS TURF, so I wasn't going to disappoint.

Helms quickly turns around from his front seat.

David Helms: Man... Why didn't you tell us?

Jake Starr: It was a last minute decision on my part.

David Helms: So!

Jake Starr: So...?

Steele's eyes shoot up into the rear view mirror and fix on Jake.

Bishop Steele: So... What would have happened if you were jumped, or beaten down to within an inch of your life?

Jake Starr: Aww! Guys I didn't know you cared so much!

Steele's eyes get serious.Bishop Steele: It could have been a REALLY bad decision to go alone...

Jake Starr: It COULD have... But I knew what I was getting into when I went over there.

Thorn sighs and shakes his head.

Jake Starr: Listen... I know I should have brought you guys along. But when I got wind about Zero's plans, I literally called up the airlines, booked the flight, and flew out to Riot. When I got there, I saw some familiar faces, and I knew this wasn't going to be anything to seriously worry about. I wanted to make a statement for SCW, and more so, I wanted to make a statement for myself. I have done everything I can to make people respect me, and I have gotten crap in return minus you select few.

If I stepped up and walked into this world where some of the locker room goes "both ways" between IWC and SCW, and flat out showed they didn't scare me, nor did I think they were worthy of being thought of as "superior," it'd open some eyes.

I plan on shutting people up. I plan on making a statement with this damn super show.

Steele looks back again.

Bishop Steele: That's one of the reasons we wanted to be there. We don't want any of THEM screwing you over with this upcoming super show.

Jake Starr: I appreciate it man... This was just not going to be a risky or "sticky" situation.

Helms once again spins around in his seat.

David Helms: Man, when the Next Level joined up with the Social Misfits, it was to be part of the team and the collective unit. We're 100% committed to being part of it.

Jake Starr: Trust me... I know that's the case. You all know how committed I've been in recruiting you all. What we need to do is all look towards Breakdown and this super show that's coming up. We all MUST focus on being victorious in BOTH events. We need to get Thorn his chance for the World Championship, and make sure I emerge victorious and stay the World Champion. If we focus on winning these next two events, we'll not only guarantee the SCW World Championship will remain with the Social Misfits, we'll also not only reign supreme over SCW, we'll reign supreme over that other place as well. It'll give us all more opportunities, and allow us to show how superior we are to everyone else.

With those final words, the rest of the Misfits seemingly begin to understand Jake's reasoning for his "invasion" of IWC this past weekend, and know their focus needs to be on the two upcoming events. If the Misfits do, in fact, emerge victorious at Breakdown, and then at the super show, they will cement their names as the new "rulers" of the wrestling industry. They would have the top titles in the two top organizations, and have shown that no matter who questions their abilities, they'll emerge victorious regardless. These two events could begin to turn the tide of the perception of the group, and allow them to show why they're the best in this business.

Jake Starr: Isn't it wonderful to know that, whenever you come up with a theory or a hunch, whenever you're proven wrong, or shown otherwise, you're allowed to revise it?

I know I sure am!

When my match with the Dilly fellow was announced, from the little I knew about him, he struck me as this dark and demented soul, who thrived on the notion of inflicting pain on his opposition. I had gathered that he was one who, dare I say, got off to beating people up. How could I not think that? Look at him! He wears his bondage gear, he likes blood, he LOOKS like someone who would be dark and deceptive.

But then... He opened his mouth.

So, it was at that point my views began to change.

Like I said before, his little rant was rather "disconnected" from any logical train of thought. I also said he seemed to have a lack of caring about the shear magnitude of our upcoming encounter, and I made it clear I thought that mentality was a major mistake on his part. I also questioned his, seemingly, random train of thought. Usually you expect someone, who thinks of themselves as a serious contender for ANYTHING within a wrestling organization, to have some flow of their mindset, rather than just throwing out any inane babble they can think of, and make sure to use special buzz words to obtain the inkling of relevancy.

He seemingly missed that memo!

But... Being the kind of person I am, and believing that nobody could seriously have excreted those words, in that manner, and in that order, without reasoning, gave him the benefit of the doubt. I assumed that there was a meaning for it. I assumed he had a motive to come out and make a horses ass of himself. I assumed there would be the all-powerful "tie in" when he next cut some form of promo...

... And again... My assumptions and beliefs were wrong.

See, he didn't come out and give this extremely poignant speech, or give some verbal reasoning for his bastardization of the English language... Instead... We heard the EXACT SAME THING AGAIN! That's right... Two times in a row he said the same inane babble, but mixed in other words, and showed the world different, and irrelevant, pieces of clip art...

Which still serves no purpose, except to prove he needs visual aides to help express himself, because he knows, deep down, his words don't paint the picture for the audience. He may need to work on that factor!

Now... My gut feeling is that by the time this is all heard, he will have said more himself, or it'll happen shortly after. Point is... I'm just going to ignore it! After two of his little diatribes, I've realized it's a waste of my time to even give it the time of day.

With all that being said... I have come to two, very different, conclusions on the matter. After hearing both sets of worthless nonsense, my mind started to wonder on why anyone would actually act that way. There had to be a viable reason for it, and like I said, I've narrowed it down to one of two reasons...

Reason number one... He is purposely trying to be wacky, different, and funny.

This reason I came up with while continuing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

See, for me, it's hard to wrap my head around the fact that he would NOT be doing this solely for attention. The things he says, the way he acts, the fact he is trying to do everything under the sun to catch someone's eye, just leads me to the possibility that he does, in fact, know he's looking completely stupid.

His contradictions alone are laughable. Like the whole wanting to "inflict pain" and then be this frat-boy outcast at the same time. Those two personas would NEVER go together. He's trying to be like the "muscle" guy from "Revenge of the Nerds." He wants to be seen as a brute, who can still be wacky and party!

And then, his affinity for clip art and "visual aids," leads me to believe he's trying to have the whole "funny-factor" of, say, a Jim Norton, from Leno's "Uninvited Guest" segment. You tell a story, and the punch line is the picture that appears when he hits the "climax" of the joke. Unfortunately for him, if he is really going for this whole gimmick, his ability to be "funny" equals that of stories from the Holocaust. They just don't work.

Now reason number two, which is the one I believe to, most likely, be the more accurate of my two guesses, is that he is, well, in fact, clinically retarded.

Why? Simple...

Let's start, once again, with his complete inability to make a coherent thought.

When he speaks, it's like listening to the mind of a child with an extra chromosome describing a photo he's just drawn, and expecting you to see the same "magic" he does. Nothing this guy says makes sense. Like I've said, one minute he's this "mysterious" and "dark" character who loves inflicting pain, then 25 seconds later, he's making up his own vernacular and talking to figments of his own imagination.

Now, I'm not one to judge, but do adults have these pretend friends, and on top of all that, make up their own words?

I think the whole "clinically retarded" idea is also personified by his overuse of the aforementioned clip art, or as he sees it, his "pieces of flare!"

When he's sitting around, wishing he was able to read the magazine his caretaker handed him, to keep him quiet, he sees these photos in them, and then magically transforms into this "wrestler" that then uses them as, somehow, relevant references to the situation.

Unfortunately, the world continues to look at him, wonder exactly what he's thinking, or for that matter, WHY he's thinking it, and brushes him off as the irrelevant boob that he is.

Nobody... And I mean NOBODY... Would ever voluntarily portray themselves in such a cluster-f_cked manner. So... Retardation has to be the answer!

So now the question becomes, how does this change our match at Breakdown? Inevitably, none at all. While, yes at one point he did amass a semi-successful career in Supreme Championship Wrestling, he's obviously deteriorated into a man with soup sloshing around in his head.

It was a mistake of mine to actually give him ANY type of credit going into this match. I was blinded by his past, and not accepting the despicable mutant that will actually be skipping down the ramp at Breakdown.

I have said it before, and I'll say it again, this is a business for ADULTS... And MATURE ones at that. Dillusion, at one point, may have fallen into that category. Now... He just does a poor imitation of a FORMER star in SCW, worst part is, he fails at that too.

If this TNA knockoff ever wants to be something people see as LEGIT, he might want to consider being, oh I don't know, ORIGINAL! This bastardization of gimmick's-past has really BOMBED for this piece of shite. And the fact it has me as ANNOYED as I am, just makes me want to BURY and BRUTALLY DESTROY him more.

Yes, to that one certain individual who likes to think of himself as "talented" and "relevant," I did say BURY!

Come Breakdown... I will prove why people like Dillusion belong on an under card, or merely left in the minors. If Daddy D hopes he'll be the one to "teach me a lesson," he picked the WRONG patsy, yet again.

Now... With all of that now out in the open, I have a DEMAND of SCW management. Yes... A DEMAND!

Since I'm going into this match with someone who mistakes a light socket for a convenient place to slide his penis, I want full assurance IN WRITING that there will be no ramifications or lawsuits when I actually begin beating him up. I'm not about to go and beat the crap out of a "trainable," and then have him and those who were unfortunate enough to breed him, sue me.

I don't appreciate this industry mocked, or ruined like people like Dillusion are doing. The fans don't either. If they wanted something like that, there are several other channels they could see it on. Instead, they come to SCW to see TALENT. Whether anyone likes me or not, I don't care. The fact of the matter is this... I have been one of the ONLY ones who has truly BROUGHT IT on a CONSISTENT basis in SCW. I will CONTINUE to do it no matter what... And the best part is... Those against me will continue to get more and more pissed that they can't run me off...

Suck on that f_ckos!


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