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As has become a buzz-phrase in today's society... Mission Accomplished! For Jake Starr, Body, Heart and Soul was just that. He walked in and beat the man who had taken his Adrenaline Championship, which subsequently means he successfully defended his SCW Championship.

Unfortunately, he did not get his demand.

He had openly demanded Greg Cherry to give him his guaranteed rematch in the same match, but was stymied by Mr. Drachewych and CHBK. Mr. Drachewych claimed that the contract Jake had been given to fight for the Adrenaline Championship didn't include the guaranteed rematch clause, which Jake still disputes. CHBK stepped up and laid down the final decision about the match not happening, and said, ultimately, he'd deal with the matter at a later time.

For Jake, that wasn't an answer he was wanting.

Now, seemingly, Jake will be receiving a chance to reclaim his Adrenaline Championship at the SCW/IWC "Super Show," scheduled in March.

That still isn't sitting well with the former champion.

Nevertheless, with his recent victory over Cherry, and subsequent impersonation of a member of a demolition derby at Breakdown, he seemingly has begun to take his aggressions out in his own way... Much to the chagrin of the Infection.

On top of that, he now looks ahead to the next addition of Breakdown when he'll face Dillusion, a cagy SCW veteran. Along side that, he'll learn who his potential opponent will be at Retribution, in March, as the winner of the #1 Contenders Tournament for the World Championship concludes.

As he sits and basks in his personal triumphs over the Infection, both at Body, Heart and Soul, and at Breakdown, he also begins to let his mind wonder. It's something he hasn't been able to do in some time. He hasn't been able to just sit back, and think. As he enjoys a celebratory beer, he begins to verbalize his inner thoughts. He wants the world to know just how his mind is going. He wants the world to know how he feels. He wants the world to know Jake Starr.

Jake Starr: Has anyone else ever gotten to that point in their lives where things almost turn "routine?" You know, like when I was a kid, the alarm would go off, and every morning followed the same formula; wake up, take the dog out to pee, pee, get dressed, brush my teeth, take my meds, and out the door in 15 minutes. Everyday just became, well, the same day after day!

My life in Supreme Championship Wrestling is slowly taking a similar path, I think.

When I first came into the organization, I was a nobody. My goal was to become a somebody. Everyday was a new day. Everyday was the question of, "who would I have to prove myself against next?" It was almost like Christmas every, single, day!

Then... Daddy D decided to try and involve me in his tireless charade of a "hostile takeover" that has been doomed to fail every single time. That is when my SCW life became, what seems to be, "routine."

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not unhappy, but the tireless barrage and inundation by the Infection is kind of, well, played out, isn't it? How many EPIC failures will it take Daddy D and his brood to realize it just isn't happening? Don't they understand the phrase, "history repeats itself?" It doesn't change! Historically, the Infection has had brief spurts of success, only to end up taking a dump in the middle of the ring, and hoping everyone idolizes it.

It just isn't happening!

So, when I left Body, Heart and Soul, I knew that the paths of Jake Starr and that one guy, you know, the one who seriously should consider getting a colonic to cleanse the spackle from his intestines, would cross again. I just knew we would. But I also had the hopes that maybe, just maybe, the whole "Infection thing" would finally begin to go away, or at least go in some new direction.

Unfortunately... I was wrong!

Leading up to Breakdown, I got wind of this tournament to see who would be vying for my SCW Championship, and the participants that would be involved in it.

I noticed that the names were, on the whole, quite familiar to me. Hell, out of the eight of them that were initially entered, I have wins over five of them, two are buddies of mine, and then you have Ruppy. One name, however, was missing, and I knew that would cause a bit of a stir, and BOY was I right.

Hell, at Breakdown, live on television, where anyone could watch, in front of the public, how could anyone have missed the group of babies fighting over who stole their rattle? It was quite, well, saddening, because I knew it would be more of the same from those guys. I knew, right from the beginning, the world would be blessed with a bitch-fest from the collective grouping of them, the pleading for a rematch, and the complete neglect of acknowledging of their own actions.

Fairly easy to script I must say!

Daddy D lead the charge, trying to bait the fans into his own agenda, and since they all are smarter than the collective brain of the Infection, they didn't bite. What could they possibly do next? Ah yes, bitch to the boss, until he inevitably caves, which I must say, was sad to see. CHBK could have easily said no, and told the little bitchy women to go about their business. Instead, he caved. Like the woman he is.

... And I hope he realizes his little stipulation about Cherry putting his belt on the line at the little "super show" will not suffice for my rematch clause. If Daddy D can go legal... Jake Starr can go legal! He wants to think he can throw money around like that, Bishop Steele is more than willing to do the same on our end. And since I know he has no like for the Infection, he'll never hesitate once!

Jake takes a swig from his beer bottle sitting on the table in front of him.

Jake Starr: Now... Going back to that little tournament I mentioned earlier. Quite an ingenious concept, don't you think? Maybe it's the fact nobody has stepped up to the World Title picture, and they have to just punt to find a contender? Maybe it's the fact that they don't know who'll be able to actually stand up to the challenge of Jake Starr? Or maybe... And this is a BIG maybe... Maybe Daughter D finally realized there are others who could maybe stand a chance to get some time in the sun, outside of the overrated washouts, that have been getting said chances as of late?

I doubt it's that one!

Nevertheless, the field of eight has been narrowed down to four. One of those four I WILL be facing to defend MY championship. Of the four, now I can say I hold victories over two, one is a compatriot of mine, and still, we have Ruppy.

If I had to say who is most deserving... It's easy... And it's something I'm proud to admit. Thorn is the ONE of that bunch who has deserved a chance since his emergence in SCW.

Now... Much like James "I'm Infallible" Exeter believed, everyone will think that this championship will be something to drive a wedge between members of the Social Misfits. That's not the case. Like I said about Brandon, Misfits become family when they join together. Material possessions cannot drive a wedge between family members. If it ever did, they weren't family to begin with. So, I happily admit, I want to see Thorn win. I want to see my brother standing across the ring from me, getting his chance to shine. Trust me... It's his opportunity for the taking!

Jake picks up his beer bottle, and takes another drink. He slumps back in his chair, looks up into space, and continues.

Jake Starr: ... Speaking of opportunities... As far as the subject goes, in relation to me, they seem to have dwindled to very few, to outright none.


When I came out of my "retirement," I really had a set list of goals. I knew everything I wanted to accomplish, and, well, I did it!

Think about it...

Burst onto the scene... Check!

Quickly establish myself as a contender or champion... Check (twice actually)!

Defeat those who get in my way, hoping to derail my momentum, and ultimately send me packing... Check (more than twice)!

Establish myself as THE GUY to beat in SCW... Check!

Hold victories over "legends" in SCW, such as Exeter, Cherry, Hurse (although his "legendary" status is one that comes with serious question), Savior, Kayl, hell I could keep going, but instead... Check!

The point is, things have come to a point where I've really begun to ask myself, "is there anything left to do," and honestly, it has gotten to a point I've really had to do some serious thinking on the answer. Most of the time, I can't come up with a single thing that is out there, and left for me to do.

Some people may suggest that this "super show," that is coming up, is something left for me to prove myself at. Honestly... Why would some "inter-promotional" pay-per view be something I should feel "honored" to prove myself at? For one, I don't give a DAMN about that other place. For two, what good would it honestly do me in the long run? It would make the people over there, calling themselves the "Insanely Wacky Characters," fear me. Truthfully, they already should! Their prodigal son faced me, and I bitch-slapped him back to where he belongs.

Remember... It was he who hoped his "crossover" would prove the "superiority" of the "I Wrestle Children" promotion. It didn't turn out well!

Jake goes into an imitation of a female voice, with a lisp, throwing a reason at him for the importance of the event.

"But Jake... This will match the four top superstars from their respective promotions, and the winner will bring home brand supremacy for their respective organization."

Jake squints, then cocks and eyebrow in annoyance.

Jake Starr: Seriously? People think that crap? No it doesn't prove that. The level of talent in the organization should prove that. This isn't some "major" ordeal to me. Ultimately, what it is, is a time where the holier-than-thou people can all play tummy sticks together, and have a nice circle jerk. Fact of the matter is... I'll go into it, I'll emerge victorious, and I won't sit around hoping everyone shakes my hand because I won, or likes me because I represented SCW properly.

Sorry... Just not playing your little political game of, "be nice to me or I'll not like you and block you!"

One thing I can say is that if little Buster makes it to that point with MY Adrenaline Championship, THEN I might consider it something "left to do."

Jake smirks.

Jake Starr: Speaking of Buster... Is it just me, or did we see the inevitable meltdown of Buster Hymen a couple of days before Breakdown? Or was it just a bad imitation of the one I had posted after he defeated me for the Adrenaline Championship?

Seriously which is it? I'll wait... Here, pause me, and watch his last little diatribe before Breakdown... Aaaaaand... GO!

Jake strikes a smiling pose, both thumbs up, and holds it. He continues to pretend to be "paused" for several seconds.

Jake Starr: ... Ok we good? Good!

When his bulbous ass graced my television, for one, I felt like I needed to call PETA to come save a beached whale, but for two, I felt like I had basically said the same thing he was saying. Didn't I talk about how there was some backstage conspiracy against me? Didn't I talk about how I was screwed, and the rationale I was getting was a bucket of crap? Didn't I refer to him as someone who wasn't worthy of being the Adrenaline Champion?

The answer is... Yes!

See, it's another demonstration of the complete LACK of inspirational dictation that Buster spews each and every time he opens his fat mouth... Well also when there's not food stuffed in each crevasse either.

All he knows to do is throw out cookie-cutter drivel, or blatantly plagiarize someone who is more entertaining, verbally cunning, coherent, and talented.

He's a fairly easy sap to read if you ask me.

But... I could be wrong. Maybe he did like he normally does, and ignored what I said, ignored the warnings, assumed otherwise, and just completely had a meltdown live on television for the world to see. If THAT is the case... WOW! I may have given Gregory more kudos than he EVER deserved, even though he did beat me ONCE. See, if that was the pinnacle of his meltdown, it wasn't the best I have ever seen. It more or less resembled that of a toddler, whose mother just informed him that he wouldn't be getting the G. I. Joe with the extra accessories, but instead he would just get the action figure...

It really was quite childish!

I was expecting him to begin jumping around, fists balled up, then falling on the floor, kicking himself in a circle, and simply making a scene. Instead he just made the scene without the obvious tantrum faux pas you normally see.

So, seeing this whole conniption, I began to realize why he truly isn't cut out for the "big boy" world like myself. Think about how I handled the loss. Yeah, I was steamed. Yeah I vented my emotions. But NEVER ONCE did I resemble the likes of a spoiled brat like him. Instead, I vented my frustrations, realized my mistakes, and moved on to proving why I'm superior.

What does he do? Hell... Everyone saw it!

But, I must say, one thing he talked about really seemed a bit... Oh how can I put this... Out there! See, during his feeble attempt at sounding like the "victim" he neglected to mention several, I would say VASTLY, important facts. He focused on Damian Angel, saying he was the SOLE REASON he didn't emerge victorious. Now... I know I've been hit in the head A LOT lately, especially by one group in SCW, but I could have SWORN that towards the end of that match, his fellow irrelevant beings came out to, as the cliche goes, "stack the odds." Wasn't I attacked by the Infection? Didn't Matt Bishop throw Buster the belt, and I get clobbered with it?

The answer to all of those questions... Another RESOUNDING yes!

See, Cherry tried to use his little cronies to aide him against me, and by overcoming those odds, I showed why I am superior to him. Damian Angel merely evened the odds, and gave Buster a little taste of his own medicine. It's a sh!tty feeling, isn't it? It's not something you hope to go through much, is it? Now he knows what kind of crap I've been dealing with since coming here. I've had the Infection trying to mouth-f_ck me into submission since the day I arrived, and I haven't given up yet. If he wants to be in a class of being with me, then he needs to suck it up, stop his bitching, moaning, whining, and crying, and step it up. Otherwise, what will happen is he'll end up losing his Adrenaline Championship back to me, and in the end, be another FOOTNOTE to my career.

See how everything seems to be almost routine now?

Jake leans forward to grab his beer. Once he again he takes a little drink. He kind of looks at the bottle before setting it down and touches his fingertips together.

Jake Starr: But, before I can make Cherry into another footnote in SCW history, and in my career, I have to first focus on getting to that match unscathed, and it won't be easy.

It never truly is.

Before I become overwhelmed with pay-per view matches, I first get to stare down the gaze of another SCW "legend." It is a man I, admittedly, know very little about, but a man who seemingly has made a reputation for himself as someone to be reckoned with.

His name... Dillusion...

Depending on who you talk to, he's either a stellar competitor who hasn't gotten many breaks in SCW, or someone who is a stellar mid-level talent who occasionally gets lucky breaks and get his name thrown in with other champions in history.

Which one is the more "accurate" one, I'm unsure of.

From the little I know about this man, I know he's held four separate championships in SCW. Not something to really scoff at. I know he's amassed a fairly decent, winning record here. But other than that, I don't know much.

Jake shrugs.

Jake Starr: Apparently the fans like him. So I don't know...

What I do know is, he hasn't done much to really step his game up lately. Sure... He's riding a winning streak, of sorts. Two victories over Bishop Steele isn't something to be overlooked. One thing I would ESPECIALLY not overlook, are who his major losses are against. He lost the World Championship, the belt I basically defended against the Infection at Body, Heart and Soul, SUCCESSFULLY mind you, to the guy I beat.

Everyone clear on who that is? Fat guy? Beached whale? Black tar spackle in the colon?

Yeah that guy!

Another loss of his, for the Adrenaline Championship this time, was to a man who I sent packing for a while, Christian Savior.

These two losses give me a little insight into this man. No matter how successful he's been here in SCW, no matter how many championships he may have won, no matter how many accolades he may have received, he has an issue with "major" matches.

Sure, he beat Cherry to initially win the Championship. He couldn't hold onto it. When Cherry is the champion, he's worthless, everyone knows that. When he hunts, he'll actually get the slightest bit of motivation. Dillusion didn't have the drive to hold him off. I did!

See, that's why, going into this match with Dillusion, I may not know much about him, but I know enough to know I won't be surprised.

Another thing I know... Dillusion knows the magnitude of this match. He knows what could happen should he emerge victorious. He yearns for the chance to return to the limelight. The limelight is like crack... Once you've had a sampling, you never want the taste to leave your lips. He knows that beating the SCW Champion will get him a lot of respect from the masses.

Unfortunately, it's something I cannot allow!

Like I said before, I'm looking ahead, knowing what I am going to be face to face with next month. Whether I like it or not, I know it's coming. I can't allow myself to trip up before then. It would derail the momentum I already have going for me.

So I, too, know the value of this match.

Going into Breakdown, I know I'll have to be on my "A-game." Not just because I'm fighting someone I'm relatively unfamiliar with, but because I know I'll be looking over my shoulder most of the night. I don't fear Daddy D and his little group of mid-level talent, but I do know what they're willing to do to get their way. Unfortunately for them, the numbers game just got evened out for the first time. Also... It's unfortunate for them I don't require them for a victory. So while I'm fighting Dillusion, and winning, they can watch my back.

But the question is there... What about Dillusion? What will he do to take out Jake Starr? What will Daddy D offer him as an incentive to knocking me out of the way of Buster, and his DREAM of being considered "great?"

Truthfully... If Dillusion is DUMB enough to involve himself with that bunch, even for one night, he'll face a similar fate to that which the rest of them did at Body, Heart and Soul. He'll face defeat. He'll face becoming irrelevant like Stacy and Greg are slowly becoming. He'll face a man who, no matter the numbers, simply doesn't back down. Ultimately, though, it IS his decision to make. He can be smart; he can be dumb. There is a right choice; there is a wrong choice. It's as simple, and cut-and-dry as that.

If he's smart... He won't let Daddy D's "delusions" of grandeur fool him... Otherwise... It will not be a good night for the man known as Dillusion...

With those final, parting, words, Jake begins his trek to Breakdown, and his clash with Dillusion. He knows, and fully anticipates, a tough battle awaits him. He also knows, like he said, the odds of the Infection somehow becoming involved grow exponentially with each incident the two parties exchange. He hopes to continue to gain momentum heading into next month, when he'll be asked to represent Supreme Championship Wrestling against its rival organization. Regardless, Jake is out to continue making himself known as the top superstar to ever grace the halls of SCW, regardless of if some people are too "buddy-buddy" to admit it.


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