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Manipulate - ma·nip·u·late

Definition... (1) To influence or manage shrewdly or deviously. (2) To tamper with or falsify for personal gain.

Manipulation is something inherent in everyone.

It's a matter of if one gives in to the urge to use someone or something to better themselves.

When it comes business, manipulation happens almost daily.

CEOs and managers will manipulate members of their staff in order to boost production or influence attitudes.

Then you also have those who will manipulate others in order to simply get whatever it is they want, regardless of the feelings, attitudes, emotions, etc.

Is manipulation right? Is it OK?

It depends on the morals a person was raised with... How were you raised?

Another Breakdown, another victim for Jake Starr. That's what Leon Logan was on the last edition of Breakdown. With the way Breakdown occurred, and with the apparent manipulation of Jake Starr by Mr. Drachewych, the next edition of Breakdown promises to hold many answers to many questions. Since Drachewych's comments towards Starr, both the SCW Adrenaline Champion, and his good friend Shawn Wright, have been in a state of confusion about what those cryptic comments meant. Aside from the drama surrounding the boss of SCW, Jake assumes he'll, once again, be in action. Against who still is a mystery to the superstar, but he believes that a match at Breakdown is inevitable.

As the scene fades in from black, Jake Starr and Shawn Wright are both seen conversing about the events at last week's Breakdown event. Both men are confused about the nature about Drachewych's statements towards Starr, and neither man totally understands the motives behind them. As the camera slowly gets closer and closer to the pair, the roar in the background slowly dulls to the sound of their voices. The conversation picks up right where it is expected, talking about Breakdown, and Drachewych's comments towards the SCW Adrenaline Champion.

Shawn Wright: Dude what was that about?

Jake Starr: I wish I knew...

Shawn Wright: What? You don't know what you "owe" this guy?

Jake Starr: I don't owe anybody s#it...

Shawn Wright: So from what I gather, since he had some beef with Alex Jr., and you capitalized on it, you now owe him?

Jake Starr: Apparently... I wonder what this guy has up his sleeve?

Shawn Wright: Besides his arm?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Besides his arm...

Shawn Wright: I don't know man...

Jake Starr: This really doesn't sit right with me. I'm nobody's damn puppet!

Shawn Wright: In this guy's mind everyone is his puppet!

Jake Starr: Yeah... And if you defy his little whims, you become a f_cking target on his radar... I don't play that game!

Shawn Wright: Dude!

As Shawn exclaims he quickly begins to frantically look around at the general area. He apparently is paranoid about Drachewych "listening" to their conversation.

Jake Starr: What?

Shawn Wright: I wouldn't be saying that too loud!

Jake Starr: I could care less... He can play Godfather all day long...

Shawn is befuddled by the reference to Drachewych being a Godfather...

Shawn Wright: Godfather?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Godfather... He can sit around, barking orders, saying everyone owes him for the "favors" he has granted, for all I care. Just because he is the "boss" doesn't grant him the rights to become some form of fascist, totalitarian, dictator. Supreme Championship Wrestling is not the rise of the "Fourth Reich."

Shawn Wright: Interesting way to put it...

Jake Starr: I am serious man... He's not the second-coming of Hitler or Hirohito. We don't live in that kind of world...

Shawn Wright: I think you may need to pass that message along to him because I can guarantee he has no clue about that...

Jake Starr: If need be, I will!

Shawn Wright: You really would step up against the whole Infection crew?

Jake Starr: The Infection is merely that... An INFECTION! Infections are curable, mark my words...

Shawn seems taken back by the strong words uttered by his long-time friend.

Shawn Wright: I would definitely say those are some bold words my friend...

Jake Starr: Listen... I made it clear the SCW is in for a revolution. Those who are the "top dogs" of the pack here are a disgrace to the business. They're one of the main reasons I knew it was my time to return. SCW has been a long-time staple in the wrestling business, and it is people like those in Infection that are destroying its very foundation...

Shawn Wright: Even with Drachewych with them?

Jake Starr: ESPECIALLY with Drachewych with them. He wants everyone to be his personal puppets. He wants a crew of marionettes to carry out whatever actions he so chooses, and thinks it is what is best for the business. He has two little ass-kissers by his side, and gosh-golly-gee, they're the "top" superstars in SCW... Why do you think I marked the SCW World Championship as my goal from day one?

Shawn Wright: Makes sense...

Jake Starr: Whether Drachewych ultimately likes it or not, I am not just another commodity for him to own and do with as he so chooses...

Shawn Wright: I doubt that will be something he likes... He seems to not be a fan of people who oppose him.

Jake Starr: Oh well...

Shawn decides to play "Devil's Advocate" with this notion of Jake "owing" Drachewych for giving him a title shot back at Retribution.

Shawn Wright: What if the favor ultimately benefitted you in the long run?

Jake Starr: What do you mean?

Shawn Wright: Well what if by repaying him, he continues to throw you into matches that make you even bigger?

Jake Starr: I don't think I could do it, man...

Shawn Wright: Seriously?

Jake Starr: Seriously...

Shawn Wright: Why?

Jake Starr: I can't imagine lowering myself to being part of his little "plan."

Shawn Wright: Wow... At one point in your life you would have...

Jake Starr: Yeah... At one point I would have! Those were times when all I wanted was to get to the top by any means necessary. I didn't care how I did it, who I hurt, who I pissed off, nothing. Now, I'm smarter, and better than that...

Shawn Wright: I gotcha...

Jake Starr: I plan on doing my bidding my way. I still could care less who may get pissed, but I'm not going to screw people over in order to just better myself...

As the two converse, the background noise begins to increase in volume. Throughout the entire conversation, there has been a slight murmur of a radio in the background. Through the phenomenon of the "Cocktail Party Effect," Jake overhears the radio talking about Supreme Championship Wrestling.

Jake Starr: ... Wait wait... What's the radio talking about?

Shawn Wright: What?

Jake Starr: The radio... It's saying something about SCW...

Jake walks over to the radio and increases the volume so it is clearly audible to both men and those looking in on their conversation.

... Along with those great matches, Breakdown will be presenting an Adrenaline Division Showcase pitting SCW newcomer Soopaman Luva, fresh off of his first victory since joining, against, arguably, the hottest star in Supreme Championship Wrestling, and current SCW Adrenaline Champion, Jake Starr. The two met back at Adrenaline, each as a participant in the Fatal-Five Way match...

After hearing the part of the commercial regarding his match with Soopaman Luva, a sly smirk graces his face. He lowers the volume on the radio and resumes the conversation with Shawn.

Jake Starr: Well well well...

Shawn Wright: Looks like someone was listening!

Jake Starr: To...?

Shawn Wright: Your wishes!

Jake Starr: Huh?

Shawn Wright: You said that you had wished it would have been Soopaman Luva instead of Logan last week.

Jake Starr: Oh yeah! I forgot that I mentioned that!

Shawn Wright: Happy though?

Jake Starr: Oh most certainly! This joke is someone I was hoping to get to face sometime soon... I don't know why, but he honestly makes me f_cking angry just listening to him!

Shawn Wright: I'm pretty sure the world is aware of that one...

Jake Starr: Oh beating him is going to make my life even nicer!

Shawn Wright: He did just get a win under his belt finally...

Jake Starr: Against Donovan right?

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: That was only because Donovan got distracted long enough to be rolled-up... It's not like Stupidman actually won anything convincing...

Shawn Wright: I guess it is more convincing than Anderson or Logan...

Jake Starr: Well Logan did have a win too...

Shawn Wright: But he got it several weeks before he faced you one-on-one. It wasn't like this, where it is the week before...

Jake Starr: True...

Shawn Wright: Do you think this guy will actually speak up before your match?

Jake Starr: Well he was the first one to do so since I came into SCW. He actually came forward and opened his mouth about the Fatal Five-Way. Too bad he was too blitzed to actually wrestle that night, but he did open his yap...

Shawn Wright: And was occasionally coherent!

Jake Starr: Very true!

Jake looks over at the camera that has been filming them, and says his first words towards his opponent at Breakdown.

Jake Starr: I finally get what I have wanted since Retribution. I get to go one on one, mano y mano, with a man who, since his introduction to Supreme Championship Wrestling, has continually bothered me. Soopaman Luva, at Retribution, you came into the Fatal Five-Way riding a loss to Robert Mercury. You went into the match acting all big and bad, acting like you were going to be the bigger, and now better, man because of it. Instead, you followed that loss up with, yep you guessed it, another loss. This one wasn't one that was positive to lose. Instead it was a match that would have given you a STRAIGHT LINE directly at the Adrenaline Championship, which I now hold. Now, you're riding a victory. Is that something to be impressed with? I can guarantee you're proud of yourself. I can guarantee you're prancing around your "crib," skipping and hopping, smoking up your "bud," thinking you're on your path to greatness. Well guess what dummy, you won thanks to someone else helping you. You didn't EARN anything. You didn't score some major victory over someone... You scored a simple roll-up because some other guy has a bone to pick with AJ Donovan. Had the match not had that guy join in, and help your useless ass out, you would have, most likely, been beaten.

Shawn begins to inquire about the type of match the two will be squaring off in.

Shawn Wright: And what is an "Adrenaline Division Showcase?"

Jake Starr: Hell if I know...

Shawn Wright: Well you should have a better clue than me!

Jake Starr: I should... But I don't!

Shawn Wright: Not helpful!

Jake Starr: Oh well! The "Showcase" part doesn't bother me, it is this idea of an "Adrenaline Division" that bothers me!

Shawn Wright: Do what?

Jake Starr: If they expect me to be in some lower division while I am in SCW, they're in for a rude awakening. Jake Starr is here for a reason, and it isn't to help build a strong "supporting" cast of characters.

Shawn Wright: Ok...

Jake Starr: I am not here to be a strong force in an undercard. I am here for one simple reason, to be THE main event.

Shawn Wright: Ok...

Jake Starr: So this whole idea of calling those surrounding the Adrenaline Championship a "special division" all its own, is utter bull s#it if you ask me..

Shawn Wright: Well I'm sure it's just a way to hype the match up...

Jake Starr: I can understand that. Any match involving Stupidman needs a LOT of hype. Nobody wants to see him compete!

Shawn Wright: The fans seemed to enjoy the guy against Donovan...

Jake Starr: I'm sure they would have enjoyed watching a slideshow of "," "Tub Girl," and "Lemon Party" against AJ Donovan...

With the completely tasteless references, Shawn gags and is disgusted at the references to the "shock" images from the internet.

Shawn Wright: Ew!

Jake Starr: Exactly!

Shawn Wright: Why do you always insist on making references to those grotesque images on the net?

Jake Starr: Mainly to get that reaction out of you... And I know people who don't know what that is will eventually hear about them and run and check them out!

Shawn Wright: Dear God please let that happen to some unsuspecting soul!

Jake Starr: And you claim to be grossed out!

Shawn Wright: I am asshole! I just figure if I have to suffer, I want others to as well!

Jake Starr: Maybe Stupidman will be... Well... Stupid, and go look it all up!

Shawn Wright: If he's smoking his "doobs," he might find it exciting and invigorating!

Jake Starr: Now that would be scary!

Shawn Wright: No kidding! Some guy who gets all fruity when he gets high is a frightening idea!

Jake takes the conversation back to a more serious direction by once again lashing out at his next opponent in Supreme Championship Wrestling.

Jake Starr: Now I have an honest question for you... The last two times I have heard you say anything about SCW, they have started out with the EXACT SAME WORDS! So, I am pretty sure it'll most likely begin the same way. It'll begin with you saying you're not going to make any excuses because you're not "fake." Apparently this is a canned message that prefaces everything. It is almost like a political commercial. I expect to hear, "I am Soopaman Luva, and I approve this message." Let's face it... Your nerves ALWAYS get the better of you in Supreme Championship Wrestling. This past match against Donovan was luck, and I have repeated that over and over, and I will continue to do so. I don't want anyone to have the misconception that you might actually have some inkling of talent in your body. And yet, regardless of the fact you are a talentless wonder, you still are trying to pass the buck about the Fatal Five-Way. You claim you don't make excuses about your losses, and yet I distinctly heard you say that you only took ANOTHER loss because, and I quote, "I wasnít pinned but some other dude was which cost me the match." I don't claim to be a genius, by any means, but I can definitely say you made a f_cking excuse there. You're a contradictory douche! You think I only won because someone slipped and was pinned? No... I got the win because I was the FAR superior wrestler to anyone else in the match. Yes, that does include you too.

Shawn Wright: I never noticed he contradicted himself!

Jake Starr: Most of these new guys do. They do their best to "talk the talk," and midway through forget what they said.

Shawn Wright: In his case, I don't think it was nerves...

Jake Starr: Yeah, in his case, it was his lack of brain cells... Anyway, I can honestly say it'll be nice to beat some sense into this buffoon.

Shawn Wright: Do you really want to fight that long?

Jake Starr: Oh trust me... Even though it may look like it'd take a long time to get through to someone as dense as him, I'll make sure my message is conveyed extremely quickly.

Shawn Wright: Good!

Jake Starr: Oh trust me, he doesn't deserve a long beating. He isn't worth the extra energy...

Jake, again, takes time to direct comments squarely at his opponent at Breakdown...

Jake Starr: Man-Lover... When you look at your brief wrestling career here in SCW, what exactly do you see? If you see anything but utter failure, you're smoking some good s#it my friend. I can guarantee EVERYONE agrees with me on that. You may think the crowd believes you're not a failure as well, but you're mistaken there too. They see you as a mere sideshow attraction. They enjoy a little comedic relief from time to time, and that relief comes by having you do your little routine and schtick. They don't take you seriously, just like I don't. When they look at someone like me, they see talent. They see a CHAMPION. I will commend your little desire. I know what it's like to want to be in this business. I know what it is like to want to be the big fish, and in all reality be krill. It is sad though, that even with your desire, you have this delusion of grandeur that has clouded your ability to be rational and realistic. It is due to that delusion that you must be put in your place.

Shawn Wright: Do you honestly think he knows where "his place" is?

Jake Starr: Probably not. He probably wakes up from a smoky haze in a different place every day.

Shawn Wright: And sometimes with a different guy!

Jake Starr: Ouch!

Shawn Wright: I couldn't resist!

Jake Starr: I don't blame you. He's an easy target!

Shawn Wright: He's a REAL target... No fake dude!

Jake Starr: Yeah we have to make sure we treat him like he's REAL!

Shawn Wright: A real piece of s#it!

Jake Starr: That is an understatement!

Jake elects to conclude his promo with one final shoot at Soopaman Luva.

Jake Starr: Luva... I really want you to listen up to what I am about to say, because ultimately it'll benefit you in the long run. Trying to compete in SCW against guys like myself is one of the dumbest mistakes you could make so early in a career. You see, guys like you have to develop into something before they can just go around acting like everyone else is "fake" and yet, you're 100% "real." You have not even come close to having the credibility to make that assertion. Whoever you think dictated that Stupid-Man-Lover is actually allowed to claim to be a "force" in a business he is knew in, didn't. That person doesn't exist. Nobody who has been around these locker rooms, and that ring, would say something that inane and ludacris to someone as irrelavent as you. It just wouldn't happen. When I came to SCW, I had a history. I had a past. I had something to base my claims on. What do you honestly have that you think qualifies you to judge anyone? You have trouble judging if your pants are on straight, let alone the abilities and talents of someone else. So it's plain and it's simple. You've won your first match in SCW, and kudos to you for finally doing something other than habitually losing... But you're still a loser. You're a piece of garbage who is too "baked" half of the time to know which way is up. So enjoy your weed, because you won't be enjoying Breakdown.

As Starr finishes his closing remarks towards his opponent at this week's Breakdown, the two men exit the frame. The radio can be heard in the background, as two sports-talk radio personalities address the newly released card for Breakdown. As has become regular in discussions regarding Supreme Championship Wrestling, Jake Starr's role in the "master plan" of Mr. Drachewych is a hot topic, as well as his next match against Soopaman Luva. Many people already see the rising star as a future contender for SCWs most elite of championships. For now, his name is synonymous with the SCW Adrenaline Championship.

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