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The stage is set.

What began as speculation, has dialed down to weeks, then to days, and now, to hours. Jake Starr and Greg Cherry WILL meet for the SCW Championship at Body, Heart and Soul.

Those who have witnessed the mentality of the two stars realize that the stakes are as high as they can be for the both of them. For Jake, a loss would mark the first time he has ever faced back-to-back losses in Supreme Championship Wrestling, and it would also mark the loss of both of his championship belts. For Greg Cherry, this moment is why he came back from retirement. He came back to protect his streak, and topple the new "giant" of SCW, Jake Starr. He may have succeeded at the first, but failure at the second could mark the downfall of his wrestling career, and personal life as well.

Jake has been vocal about his reaction to a second consecutive loss. He's been open and adamant about the potential of re-evaluating his thought to continue on in this business. He's been open about questioning the political powerhouses in the locker room. He's been open about wondering if, after all the smoke clears, SCW is the place for him. He would like to think it is, but recent events have made him severely question it.

Regardless, he knows he cannot allow those worries to come into play at Body, Heart and Soul. He knows he has to go in there with a separate mentality from the one he did back at Breakdown, where he was defeated by Cherry for the Adrenaline Championship. He knows he cannot just "assume" victory is in his future anymore, he has to PROVE that it is. He wants to prove to everyone that losing to Greg Cherry wasn't the result of being outmatched, but simply, out thought.

He knows to do that he must continue to fight the constant battle against his own personal emotions.

These emotions have blatantly plagued him since his loss. It hasn't been pretty.

Over the past couple of days, however, things may be beginning to right themselves. He is finally becoming capable of controlling the rage-portion of his mental state, knowing he can simply unleash it when he sees Cherry standing across the ring from him. He knows that is when it can come out, and he won't damage his own property.

The only unfortunate thing is that now, he's had more emotions added onto the top of his, already full, plate.

At Breakdown, an unlikely assist from Damian Angel has Jake completely flabbergasted. He has been unable, to this point, to completely piece together why Angel would come down and save him from the attack he was sustaining at the hands of the Infection.

Jake Starr: Why?! Why would he do that?! It's not adding up!

This phrase keeps being uttered over and over again by the World Champion.

He's run through various scenarios in his head, trying to figure out which one makes the most sense. Unfortunately, every scenario he can conjure up, ends with Angel, still, attacking him, and not aiding him. He sees it as a modern-day "Twilight Zone" moment, which has no logical ending.

As he continues to sit and contemplate the reasoning, he hears the television switched on in his entertainment room. He looks up towards the sound, and cracks one of the first pseudo-smiles he has legitimately cracked in some time.

To many, the sound of a television doesn't mean much. To Jake, it says a lot.

Since losing the Adrenaline Championship, and going into this state of, basically, complete isolation, Roeper has been working day-in and day-out simply trying to make sure Jake is as comfortable as he can be. She knows how rough of a time it is, and wants to do her little part in helping his emotions "right" their course. Throughout this entire period of solitude, Roeper hasn't done anything for herself. She's cooked, cleaned, cooked more, and slept. Hearing this television switch on tells Jake she's finally to a point where she can, once again, think about herself, instead of just him.

The two of them each have a DVR setup to record their personal shows, and Roeper, it seems, has finally gotten to sit down and begin to catch up on ones she has missed.

This thought helps Jake relax some as well. Even though he never acknowledges it, when Roeper becomes stressed, it impacts him as well. So her stress, due to his stress, added more stress to him. It became a vicious cycle!

With the faint noise of the television in the background, Jake returns to contemplating all of the events of the last edition of Breakdown.

As he sits, one eyebrow cocks. A thought has crept into his head regarding Angel's actions, and it is one that he believes could have some legitimate merit to it.

Jake Starr: Could it be he... Is he preparing me for... Is this a sign that... No!

Whatever the thought process Jake is having, it seemingly has peaked Jake's interest. And by the look on his face, this could be both a positive and negative for him.

Nevertheless, Jake also knows that he cannot bog his mind down too much with Damian Angel and his ulterior motives. Greg Cherry still comes first, no matter who may be coming (back) over the horizon. This contest between he and Cherry will mark a turning point for one of the two of them, and Jake, obviously, hopes it will be for him.

While still mentally enthralled in the whole Cherry/Angel/World Championship debacle, his head tilts back towards the entertainment room as he hears the television being switched off. This seems odd to him, knowing Roeper had a lot more than one show recorded on her DVR.

From the same direction, he begins to hear the sound of someone sniffling, and whimpering.

He immediately realizes the whimpering and sniffling are from Roeper crying, and he quickly jumps up and rushes to the entertainment room. As he rounds the corner into the room, he sees Roeper on their couch in tears. He rushes down next to her and holds her and begins to try and figure out what has caused her to burst into a sobbing mess.

Roeper Hart: Fred... Angie... Not together... WAAAAAAHHHH!

Jake immediately embraces his wife and tries holding her to calm her down.

Jake Starr: Shh... It's ok babe! What's wrong? What happened?

She continues to sniffle into his shoulder. She also continues talking, but Jake can't understand because her words are muffled by her talking directly into his shirt.

He continues to "shh" her, trying to calm her down. As she finally begins to settle, Jake slowly leans her back off of his shoulder, hoping to find out, finally, what caused the outburst.

Jake Starr: Alright... Now tell me what happened!

Roeper takes one more sniffle, and then begins.

Roeper Hart: They... They... They can't be together! WAAAAAAAAAH!

The tears begin to flow again. Jake cracks a smile from the slight humor the situation has brought to him, and once again begins to console his wife. He keeps asking her what's wrong, and she continues to repeat the only phrase she's uttered, that he fully understood.

Jake Starr: Who honey? Who can't be?

She finally sniffles one more time, and takes a deep breath, hoping to be able to fully explain without bursting back into tears again.

Roeper Hart: Ok... I think I'm ok now!

Jake Starr: Ok... Now can you explain?

Roeper Hart: I think so!

She takes another deep breath.

Roeper Hart: So Fred and Angie can't be together it seems!

Jake Starr: Who?

Roeper Hart: Fred and Angie!

Jake Starr: Have I met them?

Roeper Hart: Probably not... They're characters on my soap opera!

Jake Starr: AH!

Roeper seemingly becomes dejected.

Roeper Hart: Now you don't care!

Jake chuckles.

Jake Starr: Now you know better than that! Now tell me what happened!

Roeper gets a little more pep to herself, knowing her husband wants to humor her and let her tell him about what happened.

Roeper Hart: Ok see here's what happened! Fred Peach beat out Jack Farr for this promotion at work. Then he couldn't wait to get home the next day to tell his wife. See Fred stays in the city, and on late nights he stays in a hotel, but that's beside the point. Anyway, he comes home, and comes barging in to tell Angie the news. But Angie is mad at him because they've been fighting and stuff. Well come to find out, Fred's friends, or who he thought were his friends, had basically staged an intervention to save Angie from him, and they took her away...

Jake begins to hear some odd similarities in her soap opera to a story he has heard once before.

Roeper Hart: ... See Fred has made a bunch of mistakes lately in his life, and Angie isn't about to let him live them down until he owns up to them!

Jake cocks an eyebrow.

Jake Starr: Ok I honestly think I may have heard this story before!

Roeper Hart: Did you watch my soap?!

Jake Starr: No! When did this thing air?

Roeper Hart: Sometime late last week, I don't know. They've been on a strange schedule lately with preemptions and such.

Jake is beginning to sense he may know where he has seen and heard this story before.

Jake Starr: Was one of the issues Angie had with Fred that he was beginning to care more for his job than her?

Roeper Hart: Well... Yeah... How did you know?

Roeper is completely stunned that her husband actually knew part of the plot she hadn't yet mentioned. Jake quickly asks Roeper if they have the latest edition of the TV Guide. She confirms it, and quickly grabs it from next to the couch. She hands it over to Jake, who quickly begins to thumb through until he finds the preview for the next episode of "Fruits." He reads through it and smirks.

Roeper Hart: How did you know?

Jake Starr: It all makes sense! I knew he wasn't smart enough!

Roeper Hart: What do you mean?

Jake leans over and begins to whisper into Roeper's ear. Her eyes bulge. He then points at the article in the paper giving a synopsis/teaser of the next episode.

She is in complete shock.

Whatever Jake told her completely caught her off guard, and she is beside herself. She looks up at her husband, who continues to grin from this discovery, and mouths the words "I can't believe it," to him. He begins to rapidly nod, and replies back with "I know right!" Roeper simply nods back slowly, still in shock.

Jake looks up from his wife, and turns his head towards the camera. As he continues to grin, he speaks...

Jake Starr: Well I suppose that you can say that the stage is officially set. It's a stage that is being billed as a, oh what was it called, oh yeah, "rubber match," between Buster Hymen, and myself. It's drawing the eyes of many upon it, and making everyone curious exactly who will emerge victorious.

Unfortunately, the stage wouldn't be as grandiose had it not been for the apparent plagiarism of my opponent.

Although I can't say this is a shock!

See... I knew his apparent ability to give off this "epic" and "heart-wrenching" scenario of love, power, greed, and vomit-inducing dialog, couldn't be something he actually conjured up himself. I knew, FOR A FACT, he was absolutely being helped along in some way, shape, or form.

How did I know? It's simple! He's just not that smart! He's not smart or coherent enough to actually formulate a competent thought, on his own, long enough to sustain the attention of others.

It was when my wife, here, began to tell me of this storyline in her little daytime soap opera, that it all began to click.

See apparently when Buster is out spending free time with, well, himself, since he has no friends, he resembles most of those obese folk, besides just in outward appearance. He apparently sits at home, has his gigantic tub of rocky road ice cream in his lap, tissue box by one side, and pen and paper by the other, and subsequently writes down exactly what happens in these soaps, hoping to find one he can actually substitute his name, and the names of the actors he hires to act as his cohorts, into best.

In my case, it was this one that Roeper watches called...

Jake lifts the latest TV Guide up to his face.

... Ah yes... "Fruits." I will say, the name does seem to sum up Buster quite well!

Anyway... So when I put two and two together, and realized that Gregory wasn't really playing fair with his "passionate" promos, I figured I would do a little reading, so I would know if his next would might actually interest me at all. THANKFULLY, the new TV Guide has a synopsis of this. I'll go ahead and substitute Buster and Ass-ley's name in for the ones they respectively personify...


When we last saw Greg and Ashley, his long-time friends had come and removed her from his presence, putting a further dampening on their relationship. Greg now knows he must strive harder to mend his relationship, while continuing to pursue further job promotions. It is these promotions, and the work of the mysterious island, that they have remained connected to that continues to plague...

Roeper smacks Jake in the arm.

... What? OH! Sorry!

See, I have this tendency when I begin to read (or watch) something, and it is completely devoid of anything entertaining, funny, intriguing or captivating in the least, my eyes begin to wonder to find something of a more exciting value. So, I kind of left that crappy synopsis and ended up starting to read the synopsis of "Lost." So I apologize for that!

Anyway... Where was I? OH! Here it is!

... It is these promotions, and his thirst for success that will continue to put the strain on his, already fragile, relationship. He hopes that with the company party around the corner, and his dreams of being named the successor to the "throne" of the company, Ashley will see that it has all been for not. But what about his friends? What will they think? Will they allow him to keep this mentality up? Will Ashley finally have enough and leave him? Tune in this weekend to find out on the all-new episode of "Fruits!"

Jake puts the TV Guide back down.

Well folks, now you know what to expect. I love breaking those kinds of stories before the lame-asses themselves do. You know it really chaps their asses!


So with Buster, inevitably, coming out with another canned, and stolen mind you, promo, what else is there to think about as far as this, oh what did they call it, oh yeah, "rubber match" is concerned?

It's quite simple...

To begin with, I did notice that NOBODY in the SCW Management even acknowledged my DEMAND for the Adrenaline Championship to be included in our little altercation on Sunday. It seemingly says a lot about how they feel about me, which I can't say is any different than any other organization I've been involved with in the past.

I figured that management would just overlook, or blatantly ignore my demand. It's what they do. They pander to those who kiss their ass, and ultimately screw over those who DESERVE what they ask for. Hell... I've asked for, oh I don't know, NOTHING, since coming to SCW. I haven't done anything of the sorts. And yet, do I get my request? Apparently not... Yet!

Let me state it again... I DEMAND my rematch be included at Body, Heart and Soul, with the Adrenaline Championship on the line AS WELL! Period! NO QUESTIONS ASKED! If this is a "rubber match," then it means it's the DECIDING match. So MAKE IT the deciding match!

If not... We'll see how everyone likes the consequences!

Or... I could do what I am assuming is going to be happening in the near future.

For those of you who missed Breakdown, apparently Damian Angel decided I was worth "protecting," for some strange reason. I think I know the reason, and let me say, it's a doozy!

Let's flash back to when I won the World Championship. I beat a man who EVERYONE swore was the best of SCW. I beat a man who, at the time, had gone under the wing of a riled-up SCW veteran named... You guessed it! Damian Angel! Well after beating said champion, he needed some time off, a staple of those who lose to me apparently. He hasn't been heard from since. BUT... Let us not forget what he did say at one point during our little game of cat and mouse, HE GETS A REMATCH!

Yes folks... Damian Angel wasn't out there for any reason but to protect me for the triumphant return of James Exeter. So, when I win, and SOMEHOW James involves himself, everyone will already have expected it, and have known it was coming.

That whole scenario should really annoy Buster, too. I mean, think about it. He's worked "so hard" and "so long" to get a chance to ONCE AGAIN be the World Champion, only to, likely, have James Exeter become involved so HE can try and have the satisfaction of taking out Jake Starr for the World Championship. Hell... If I were "Lil' Buster," I'd be throwing a temper tantrum right about now...

And I would assume in his promo he will!

But come Body, Heart and Soul, his tantrums, his whining, his pointless, soap opera-like life outside of wrestling, his inane drivel, and his lack of mental capacity to add numbers greater than one, will climax with him being defeated at my hands.

See, no matter how much he may have gotten to me emotionally, he never got into my head. He never ONCE got into my psyche and caused me to have doubts that I could actually BEAT him. That is one of those delusions of grandeur that will ultimately come back to haunt him. I KNOW that I am MORE than capable of beating ANYONE, at ANY TIME! It's a matter of whether or not I took them seriously enough to allow the openings to beat me.

For Adam Allocco, my ego allowed me to think I was untouchable.

For James Exeter, it took the help of Damian Angel.

For Greg Cherry, it was me believing he didn't stand a chance.

Sometimes it takes a reality check to realize you're not Superman. While I may not be Superman, and have suffered a loss here and there, I am STILL the most sought-after commodity this industry has. I am STILL the guy everyone wants to have a win over. I am the guy that gives people bragging rights. Cherry HAD his moment to brag. Now it's time for it to all end, and to him to trot back off into the world of the irrelevant.

Buster may have "earned" this shot, as some people put it, but he hasn't "earned" a damn thing in my eyes. He hasn't faced me when my back is against a wall. He hasn't faced me when, what I see as, my career is on the line. He hasn't faced me when it truly MATTERED. So... I do hope he comes prepared. I hope he has his, proverbial, "game face" on. I hope he comes in with every ounce of gratuitous fat in his body jiggling at it's highest point. Hell, I hope he comes out in "Bastion Booger" attire, as a tribute to the overweight king of food and wrestling.

It will prove he's bringing all he has, only to be fed a tiny, wafer-thin mint, and explode everywhere in epic failure!

With those final words, Jake and Roeper once again begin to express their shock in the discovery that Cherry plagiarized much of his scenarios. Jake knows that exploiting this flaw in Cherry's game is liable to fire him up for their match, and make him more likely to go to any extreme to prove Jake wrong, or simply embarrass him. Regardless, Jake knows he has to be ready. He knows that this match could be his "all or nothing" moment in his career.

A victory would recapture the mystique of being Jake Starr, and beating all who come against him, and a loss could send him to the realm of those just seen as someone who started hot, and began to sputter out over time. He wants the ability to know his legacy will be one of longevity, and not one of just another somebody. At Body, Heart and Soul he can reclaim his spot as the "top dog," and once again be sought after by everyone. Or, he could fail. He could walk away a former champion all together. He hopes, and firmly believes, he'll reclaim his glory, and show the world why he is the best... Thing... Going... TODAY!


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