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I hope you're not expecting witty banter between myself, and any of the other characters from previous promos because that's not this one. This one is a straight shoot. No comical scene, no cordial humor, no continuation of the Star Wars Kid & Numa Numa Guy saga, none of that. This is, what it is. It's me. It's full of anger. It's full of rage. And if you can't see the fact it's full of passion, f_ck off!

It has been quite some time since Jake Starr felt the influx of varying emotions filling his mind and body. In fact, it's been years since the amount of anger and rage have reached the levels they are right now. It's not over a loss, it's over an accusation that has sent him into a anger-filled frenzy that no breathing technique, no relaxation method, and no release of semen could quell.

Is Jake Starr not passionate?

That's the accusation that has sent him into this downward spiral of madness. An accusation that it was Greg Cherry's impassioned demeanor that lead him to victory, and to take the Adrenaline Championship from Jake Starr's grip, after holding it for over three-quarters of a year.

So is it true? Is that the reasoning? Has Jake allowed himself to become content with things, thus neglecting the inherent passion a person needs to be completely and continually successful in this business? Or was Jake merely succumbing to a part of the business that everyone faces once in a while, a loss at the hands of someone else?

Whatever the actual reasoning is, the accusation has sent the World Champion into a fit of rage. Nobody has been willing to come near him since the event, nor have they really had much contact. Jake's wife even has had minimal contact with him since. When he first returned from Breakdown, he was depressed. Then came the accusation, and the sadness turned into anger, and then into rage.

She wasn't fearful of her safety, she just knew it was best to give him the space he desired.

Since going into a state of isolation, Jake's emotions have continued along the roller coaster of anger, rage, sadness, and repeat. The room he has sequestered himself in has become riddled with holes, and his knuckles have been skinned down to the point of bleeding several times over.

In multiple instances, he has tried to organize his thoughts, he has wanted to make a statement, yet, it hasn't come to fruition. Every time he thinks he's almost to the point of things being coherent, he realizes how his mindset remains scattered.

The frustration continues to mount more and more.

As he sits staring at the sheet of paper he, once again, began to use to jot down his thoughts, he begins to mumble to himself, hoping it may clear the path for a more organized train of thought.

Jake Starr: Heh... I lost... Wow... Greg Cherry got his little wish after all.

But why? What caused this sick feeling inside of me? One thing I was told was that it came down to one factor, passion.



Wow... Suddenly I feel like Allen Iverson talking about "PRACTICE!"


Someone is saying I lost because there was someone else who had more passion than me?! Are you serious?! Does anyone know who the f_ck I am? Who in the HELL thinks they have a right to say someone else is more passionate about this industry than me? Do people think they have a RIGHT to question my passion? My passion for this business runs far deeper than ANYONE could even have a clue to begin to imagine.

Jake looks up towards the camera.

Let me explain what passion is.

Passion is fighting for years to be the best. Going from organization to organization trying to find where you fit the best. Using whatever moniker they ask you to because they feel it would be the best way to promote you, and in the end, completely feeling like someone you're not. But you still do it. You hope that by agreeing to these requests, you end up getting the chance to finally be yourself, and show who the "real you" really is. Passion is doing ALL of that simply because you want to be the best of the best.

Passion is being willing to step away when you realize the market is saturated with people who have the same desire, and have crowded and cluttered the market so badly, that you know the chances of ANYONE being noticed are slim, and it's time to move away.

Passion is feeling that burning desire that there is something left to prove out there. There is something unfinished, and needing to be accomplished before you know your time is up, and it's truly time to hang up the boots.

Passion is NOT retiring, and coming back simply because one of your few accolades is in jeopardy. That's not passion at all!

So don't ANYONE be thinking they can call passion into the question...

Jake grinds his teeth as the rage begins to build up again. He tries to relax himself by cracking his neck to each side.

So why? Why was Jake Starr's passion called into question, and ultimately being blamed as the main cause of the loss? The answer is a simple one.

I just completely looked past Greg, as difficult as it may be due to his sheer obesity, I did. I simply had written him off before he even stepped into the ring. I admit my guilt. Now, do I give him credit knowing we have to go toe to toe again? F_CK NO! That piece of sh!t doesn't deserve to have credit fed to him, slathered in grease, and tasty as can be. He deserves NOTHING! He deserves to have an enema of AIDS delivered to him in ONLY the way enemas can. He didn't beat me because of passion, superiority, better-ed-ness (or something), more qualified, or any other positive adjectives that can be thought up.

He simply won because I wrote him off!

So... Since I've contradicted myself, admitting my guilt, and admitting I'll most likely be repeating the process of preparation, what do I do now? Hell, I'll admit, I've almost penciled his name in as the NEW World Champion of SCW myself...

Seriously... I have...

See... What happened leading up to the match being made, before the match, during the match, and now after the match, has really given me some moments of clarity that I hadn't had in quite some time. See, when I was first told about SCW, by a good, good, friend of mine, I was told it was "different" than all of the others. I was told that it neglected the political "behind the scenes" crap that, ultimately, fuels fires, and leads to disastrous ends. It isn't...

I've alluded to it in the past. The cliques try their best to run the show. Do they succeed? My opinion probably differs in many ways regarding it, but I think at times they do. I think that, in the end, the patients in this asylum have more say than people would like to believe.

Hell, Cherry is one of those patients...

See about halfway into my tenure here, he decided it was time for the fat f_ck to go and get a gastrointestinal band, and try the "Al Roker Special Diet." After realizing you actually have to STOP EATING for it to work, he realized it was all for not, and also subsequently realized that Jake Starr was closing in on his record. So what does he do? Starts planting the seeds over, and over, and over, and over again for him to get a chance at my title. Hell the f_cker even lobbied to try and get a chance at the End of the Year Special. He knew I'd be focusing primarily on Hurse and Davis to the point he might have a shot. Next thing I know, he's wanting to "kick off" his new year right, and WHAT DO YOU KNOW? The sh!thead got his wish!

He takes a deep breath.

So that brings us to today, and you know, I am feeling wishful as well! Since the "suits" are, seemingly, all about granting wishes, I'm throwing my wish out there! In fact, I'm DEMANDING my wish be granted.

And I'm not usually a demanding person!

Hell, now that I think about it... I don't think I've ever actually asked for anything while I've been here! So I'm more than due!

I know you're asking yourself, "I wonder what Jake's wish could be?! Could he want a raise? Could he want a bigger fruit basket left in his locker room? Is he wanting better hotel accommodations? Does he want a bidet installed to help him feel cleaner?" The answer to all of those questions is no. Although a bidet could prove beneficial in the end... So add that to the end of my "demanding wish list."

Now, to answer the initial question of "what," it's simple. I'm owed a rematch for the Adrenaline Championship. It's a fact. There's no skirting the issue. Greg Cherry owes it to me, and I'm calling for it to be cashed in at Body, Heart and Soul. That's right. I didn't mistakenly say something I didn't mean to. If my title is on the line, HIS title is on the line. I'm owed it. I get it. I don't care what those people in the back think, or when they think would be better for me to cash in, I don't care. It's happening at Body, Heart and Soul, or, well, I'll pull one of those moves like the Infection would. You know what I'm talking about... Count out, disqualification, et cetera.

How does that sound for you people? Would you feel screwed? Cheated? Upset? I don't f_cking give a sh!t!

To put it in simple terms, I'm not playing games.

Jake wipes the corners of his mouth with one hand, and begins to ball it into a fist.

If anyone wants to say he is more passionate about this business than I am, have him prove it by stepping up AS a champion, to BE a champion. If he has this, so called, "passion," then it won't be an issue. He got to "have his personal reasons" for issuing a challenge to me, and he got it. I'm not going to grovel for months just to get it. I'm not going to beg; I'm not going to plead.

I'm making my intentions clear.

In order to wrap up the little rivalry I had with James Exeter, it was decided this EXACT scenario, albeit reversed roles, would be the BEST way to climactically have it come to an end. Unfortunately, Exeter decided to, pretty much, phone it in, and I won. As happy as I was to have finally achieved the goal of becoming the World Champion, the method to it was rather unfulfilling.

So I want the same scenario with someone who everyone is claiming has this storied passion. I want to show the world that when everything is on the line, Jake Starr is SUPREME to any and EVERY one out there. The fact that someone actually had the audacity to question me about my passion has me wanting to prove the world wrong, so I say BRING it!

Hell... His "passion" should make it a guarantee, and no longer a wish.

As the days have progressed, I realized I didn't like having one shoulder bare, and without a championship. I'm a greedy bastard who wants multiple championships. I earned multiple championships, and I DESERVE my rematch when I want it.

And while we're on the subject, how about the suits get me title shots for every other belt, too! I want to be the only one, I think, to hold EVERY championship in SCw at once. Like I said... I'm greedy!

For the first time since the last edition of Breakdown, Jake smirks. The display shows that even behind this raw emotion, the man people have grown to know still lingers. Ultimately, he knows he needs to be able to channel this emotion into a positive manner, and get back to being who he knows he needs to be. Until then, this emotion could send him into doing more rash things.


How's all this for passion people? Are you starting to see the utter and horrid FLAW in your logic? Is it starting to break through your overly thick skulls?

See, if passion is emitted by formulaic promos, unfunny and pointless banter between the actual superstar and someone you never see unless they're needed for "filler," and rather WEAK expressions of interest about the match in question, yeah he probably will win that.

That's not what I'm about.

I'm not about trying to have these subplots that, in the end, will be forgotten by EVERYONE within a few weeks, unless I continually rehash it. I'm not about having this internal feeling of needing to "draw the people in." If people are interested, great. If they aren't, fine! If those thinking it defines passion are disappointed, they can go f_ck themselves from here to next Tuesday. I'm not someone who parades around and gallivants about the world trying to come up with scripts and situations to appeal to everyone. I'm not someone who feels this internal desire to script something that Martin Scorsese is going to turn into a great short film to show at Cannes.

Jake points to himself and leans out towards the camera.

I am, who I am!

I go out there, I talk my sh!t, and I run my mouth. I like to embarrass the people I step into the ring with because most of the time, THEY DESERVE IT. It's how I am. If people don't like it, DIE! If it hurts your feelings, go cry to your mommy! If your ego is hurt, and you have to go and complain to people about it, grow a set of balls, man up, and tell me. Don't go running to someone else hoping they'll come spank "Mean Mister Starr" for taking it too far. If it bores you, learn what entertainment is! This is WRESTLING you cock suckers. This isn't the "Impress James Cameron Hour."

I AM someone who knows passion better than anyone!

So... With that being said... Cherry won. Cherry's the champion. Cherry kept his record in tact. It happened. It's in the past. I lost. All of that is purely black and white. And truthfully, I don't like any of it.

I hate thinking that I lost another match. Losing sucks ass, and I don't know anyone who actually enjoys it.

Thankfully, my track record leads me to believe the outcome of this match will be different.

Everyone slips up here and there, but it's how they bounce back that makes a legacy linger. When Adam Allocco beat me, I needed it. I needed it to let me know I wasn't a wrestling-incarnate of Vince Papale. From there I went on another tear through the rankings, until I slipped up again, against Exeter. Again, I went on a tear after that loss. Having now slipped a third time, I foresee this going down one of two ways. Option number one... Greg Cherry will contact Richard Simmons for help with his morbid obesity, go on the "Sweatin' to the Oldies" diet, and leave SCW, forfeiting the match to me. Option number two is that I will simply overwhelm him, and show the world how much of a FLUKE it was that he emerged victorious against me.

Personally... As much as number one would probably be the HEALTHIEST choice for the "rotund one," but number two sounds more enjoyable for myself.

Needless to say, I don't take losing kindly. I seek revenge. I seek retribution. I get what I seek. Whether Cherry wants to admit it or not, he knows he faces an inevitable truth. He knows that, ultimately, he will be dropping the Adrenaline Championship back to me, and he'll go back to being irrelevant. He knows to enjoy this short stint while he can. He knows his days are numbered.

There's a reason people have dubbed me the "guy to beat" and the "marked man" of SCW. It isn't because of any championships I hold. It isn't because of anything other than the fact I have steamrolled the BEST that SCW has to offer. The best part about that, 9 times out of 10, everyone figured I would be losing! Hell, the cliques decided that I was the SCW "Dream Match" participant against the glorious Hurse. Everyone counted me out on that one too. Everyone expected Hurse to win. He didn't.

Cherry gave those people who count me out time and time again fodder to continue to do so, while in turn giving me more and more momentum to shut those retarded f_cks up.

Face it... I've beaten Hurse; I've beaten Christian Savior; I've beaten James Exeter, you know, the "Superstar of the Year," ugh gag me, and look at how I continually am looked at. I'm continually seen as the underdog, yet supposedly the "guy to beat?"

He throws both arms in the air and shrugs.

It makes no sense.

For Cherry, he had his selfish reason for wanting to beat me. He knows nobody gives a damn about his accomplishments here anymore. He knows nobody cares whether his kidneys are failing or he has golden turds. He knows the whole "longest champion" moniker is all he has that people MIGHT sometimes care about.

But what do the others have? What is it that drives people to come at me like flies on Greg's asshole? Why is it I am the one running a Blitzkrieg like attack over everyone in SCW, and Exeter is the one who is seen as the "Best of 2009?" Oh I know... It's because people hate me behind the scenes, and want me gone. People want to hopefully knock me down a few pegs, and hope that my bruised ego will be hurt enough to just step away from SCW, and they can have their little clique running around in charge again.

Well you may get your wish...

As I said earlier, part of me has already begun to write his name on the line of "SCW Champion." It's not because I think he's better. I made it clear, he's a fatso who got lucky, thanks to me. I'm almost willing to pencil him in because I just see the writing on the wall. I see the people in the back willing to put their personal feelings to the side to ensure Starr isn't the World Champion any longer. Hell... Week after week I see people hoping to eliminate me from the rankings, and to be honest, it's getting a bit old.

Being the "hunted" is fine. Being hunted merely for personal reasons, isn't! If people want a piece of me for petty reasons, and petty excuses, and they get them, it shows where the balance of power is, and if it stays, I won't be around to watch it. I'm done with the political bickering. I'm done with the junior high "Oh boo hoo Jake Starr hurt my feelings because he says things I don't want people to hear!" Grow up! If someone has a problem, step up and say it. Don't hide behind a facade, or try and act like I don't know the truth.

Honestly... After saying all of this, I have some "hopes" that end up happening because of what I have to say...

I hope Cherry has the balls to step up and fight like a CHAMPION should. I hope the suits in the back, the players behind the scenes, and his little clique of overrated assholes who WISH THEY WERE ME, allow him to, and encourage him to. If he doesn't, it'll put that championship, and this organization to utter shame. It'll prove he isn't a champion, he isn't worth the time of putting stock into, and he isn't deserving of the claim to be a true CHAMPION.

I also hope Cherry decides to actually pay attention. See, when someone is "passionate," and knows they're pretty predictable overall, they'll tend to try and listen a little closer to make sure that, should something be predicted that would be smart to shy away from. He kind of neglected to do that, and blatantly stated his reasoning for interfering at the End of the Year Special as one of the ones I had stated he'd more than likely use. That still boggles my mind on how THAT VERY FACT demonstrates "passion," but oh well...

Lastly, I hope he comes prepared for an EPIC fight like he has never experienced before. He needs to completely understand that ONE time won't guarantee EVERY time. His one day of glory has come, and it has gone. It's now time for SCW to return to the norm and the standard that was set during 2009. It wasn't a year of Greg Cherry. It wasn't a year for the Infection. It wasn't a year for anyone but Jake f_cking Starr.

Learn it... Like it... Because you're going to soon LIVE IT!

With those final words, Jake punches the table in front of him and stares deep into the camera. His lip begins to twitch and his teeth, once again, begin to grind. The camera begins to fade to black as it zooms in closer and closer to Jake's angry stare. Can Jake relax this flood of emotions, and ultimately get back to his normal mentality before Body, Heart and Soul? Or will he hold this rage in, with the intention of unleashing it all on the man who caused this to boil up? Regardless of the answer, he cannot allow it to be his entire focus going into this match, or Greg Cherry could end up pulling another surprise upset, and escape with both of Jake's championships that he strived so hard to attain?


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