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2009 has now officially come and gone in a blaze of glory. For Supreme Championship Wrestling, and Jake Starr 2009 was a year to remember.

When Jake entered SCW, he was on the fast track to success. He quickly shot up the rankings of the Adrenaline Division, and culminated with a title he has held since the end of March. From there, he became the man to beat among the SCW rankings. His stock continued to rise, leading towards his chance at the SCW World Championship, which he subsequently won. And now, he's nearing another feat that would further his legacy in SCW...

Longest... Reigning... Champion... Ever...

Going into the End of the Year Special, Jake, deep down, was a bit nervous. He knew everything that was riding on his SCW Championship matches, and he knew the ramifications should he not emerge victorious. He knew that should he lose to either Hurse or Davis, it would expose a chink in his "title defense armor." He knew that losing, with the odds against them as they were, was a definite possibility in the end.

But he overcame the odds!

Even with Greg Cherry's interference, Jake's streak of wins in title defenses continues on to Breakdown, where said interferer will get his chance to defend his "title."

This match has more than just a title and a record attached to it. It has definitive bragging rights as well. With an upset, Greg Cherry will be the first member of the Infection to emerge victorious against Starr, and also be the first to win against him with a belt on the line. A successful defense for Starr means he has another notch against the Infection under his belt, two titles to move forward with in this new year, and a record as the longest reigning champion in the history of Supreme Championship Wrestling.

The stakes are high!

For Jake, though, the momentum still seems to be on his side. He has rolled through the best of the best in SCW, only slipping a couple of times. He has sent several of his victims into hiding, and knows lately, Greg Cherry's luck hasn't been very good. The wins at the End of the Year Special, Jake hopes, will help drive him through this defense against Cherry, and on the road to immortality.

Before he can do that, though, he has business to tend to.

He has called in his newly found "sidekicks" for a meeting. He feels they accomplished their mission at the End of the Year Special, and wants to express his gratitude to the pair for their duties. As the scene comes in, Jake is talking to Numa Numa Guy about everything that transpired, while Star Wars Kid has begun to skip around encircling the pair.

Jake Starr: I honestly just wish I knew of a way to thank you both for everything. Getting wins over both of those boobs was a big deal for me, and hopefully shuts a lot of people up.

Numa Numa Guy: I would hope so!

As the two converse, Star Wars Kid begins to chant as he skips.


Jake follows Star Wars Kid around the room in complete disbelief. He shakes his and sighs.

Numa Numa Guy: I do believe we successfully did our jobs though!

Jake Starr: Yeah! I'm pretty sure Hurse and Rick weren't really "focused" on the match as much as they would have liked to have been.

Numa Numa Guy: Partially because of Greg Cherry!

Jake Starr: Yeah yeah!

Numa Numa Guy: Oh well!

Jake Starr: Yeah... And the fact everything went so well, and the fact that this has been a pretty wild ride, is going to make it difficult to say goodbye!

The sound of a record being scratched is heard, and the room goes dead silent. Star Wars Kid stops his skipping and just glares at Jake, while Numa Numa Guy cocks his head in confusion.

Numa Numa Guy: Goodbye?

Star Wars Kid: No say the bye bye!

Jake closes his eyes and shakes his head, knowing he's about to break the Kid's little heart.

Jake Starr: Guys... You two did your jobs! You don't have to stick around, and you can go home now! Hell... Star Wars Kid's visa is about to expire I think! So... This is, like, goodbye!

Star Wars Kid's eyes widen, and he yells...

Star Wars Kid: NO SAY THE BYE BYE!!!

Jake is completely startled by the immediately raised voice of Star Wars Kid.

Numa Numa Guy: So why you really sending us home?

Jake Starr: Seriously dude... You guys were brought in to counter Hurse and his numb-skull Rick Rohl. With them now a fleeting thought, and completely behind me, I figured you guys would just be more likely to head back home, and part ways.

Numa Numa Guy: I gotcha... Damn...

Jake Starr: What?

Numa Numa Guy: I was having fun with this!

Star Wars Kid begins to sob uncontrollably. He buries his head into the shoulder of Numa Numa Guy, who rolls his eyes, and shrugs at Jake. Jake pats Star Wars Kid on the back of the head, reassuring him that everything is going to be ok. With each word Jake utters, Star Wars Kid begins to cry and bawl louder and louder. Jake looks back up at Numa Numa Guy, who once again shrugs. Neither man knows how to quiet the Kid.

Jake Starr: We're still going to be friends buddy! We'll see each other every now and then!

Jake's attempts at quelling the tears have no luck in plugging the ducts.

Jake Starr: C'mon buddy... What's wrong?

After a couple of sniffles from Star Wars Kid, he peeks an eye out from Numa Numa Guy's shoulder.

Star Wars Kid: Darf Poo Poo haf no wheres to go!

Jake Starr: What do you mean? You have family!

Star Wars Kid: No... No mama or dada!

Jake opens his eyes wide, and looks up at Numa Numa Guy.

Numa Numa Guy: ... They kind of disowned him when the whole video thing hit YouTube!

Jake Starr: Oh sh!t!

Jake's head limps down. He now has no idea what he's going to do with his new "pet," since he can't really be sending him home without anyone to go back to. He takes a deep breath and looks back up at Numa Numa Guy.

Numa Numa Guy: ... You know... Maybe we can find him some kind of task to keep him busy. We could still hang around, but he'd be fairly occupied.

Jake likes the sound of this idea. If he could come up with a good "task" for Star Wars Kid to occupy his time with, he would kill two birds with one stone. He wouldn't have to baby-sit the Kid all of the time, and also allow the Kid to feel like he's still "part of the team."

He just can't quite figure out what would be a fitting mission to have the Kid set out on though.

Jake looks up at Numa Numa Guy, who shrugs again, also drawing a blank. He figured he came up with the concept to help Jake along, not to come up with the actual idea as well.

He begins to pace, obviously wracking his brain in search of something. Hearing the two talking about missions for Star Wars Kid, the Kid begins to mutter his thoughts, just barely audible to the two men.

Star Wars Kid: ... Hoth... Degobah... Save Han... Attack Star Dest-woy-ah... Help Ewoks...

Jake shakes his head realizing that Star Wars Kid doesn't realize Star Wars isn't real, and he really believes these are missions he could overtake.

Even as the Kid continues to make his suggestions, Jake uses his own thought process to try and come up with ideas.

Jake's head finally shoots up, he snaps, and he looks off into the distance. It's almost as if you could see the light bulb switch on in his head.

Jake Starr: I GOT IT!

Numa Numa Guy looks up at Jake curious as to the idea he has had. Also hearing Jake's exclamation, Star Wars Kid slowly turns his head out of Numa Numa Guy's shoulder wondering about the mission Jake could potentially be sending him on.

Jake takes a moment to fully gather his thoughts, takes a deep breath, and turns and bends down to the level of the Kid's head. He slowly gets into the Kid's field of vision, and smiles.

Jake Starr: Hey buddy!

Star Wars Kid: Hi fwend!

Jake Starr: Think you can do me a super duper favor that only a trained Jedi sleuth could do?

Star Wars Kid: What's a swoof?

Jake realizes the word "sleuth" is too big of a word for Star Wars Kid to comprehend.

Jake Starr: ... Can you do me a favor only a trained Jedi MASTER can do?

Star Wars Kid smiles and his head immediately perks back up.


Jake wonders if the Kid has a Jedi and Jar Jar Binks confused. But assumes it's just the extra chromosome talking.

Jake Starr: Ok... What I need is for the Star Wars Kid...

Star Wars Kid immediately interrupts to correct Jake.

Star Wars Kid: DARF POO POO!

Jake shakes his head.

Jake Starr: Whatever... I need Darth Poo Poo to go out and hunt a man down who has seemingly vanished off the face of the Earth. Do you understand that?

Star Wars Kid begins to nod rapidly, surprisingly not giving himself whiplash in the process.

Jake Starr: There's been a rumor that this man can actually be found, and it's YOUR job to find him! Can you do that for me?

Star Wars Kid continues to violently nod.

Jake Starr: Good! Your job is to find Jimmy Hoffa!

Numa Numa Guy looks up at Jake shocked at the task, and chuckles realizing it is most likely a never-ending one.

Numa Numa Guy: You realize nobody will say anything about Hoffa right?

Jake Starr: People talk to "special" kids. He'll find him!

Without hesitation, Star Wars Kid grabs his golf ball retriever that he continually mistakes for a lightsaber, and begins to frantically flail around the room. He almost takes off Numa Numa Guy's head, and then begins to sing his personal theme song.

As quickly as he got up, he is out of the room like the flash. Jake looks towards the exit the Kid zoomed out of, and yells after him.


The Kid's voice is faintly heard in the distance.

Star Wars Kid: I go find Hotha and Ewens!

Jake Starr: Eh... Close enough!

As the scene slowly fades out, Jake peeks out the door and grimaces, presumably at Star Wars Kid running into something rather violently. He motions for Numa Numa Guy, who looks out the door as well, throws his head back, rolls his eyes, and begins slinking in the direction the Kid ran off in. Jake knows tending to an ailing "special" kid is the last thing he needs on top of his preparation for Breakdown this week, but it looks like it'll become a priority as well. Jake finally begins to walk off following the direction of his two predecessors, and the scene completely fades to black.

Jake Starr: For me, 2009 ended the way it began... On a high note!

Going into the End of the Year Special, I didn't really know what to expect. Hell, think about it, I figured I would be facing one guy for my World Championship, and calling it good. Next thing I find out, TWO GUYS, presumably at one time. Then, wouldn't you know, another curve ball to thwart my beliefs, I get to fight them one at a time. But... Curve balls and I seemingly get along swimmingly because no matter how much Hurse and his brood of ass-kissing retards were hoping he'd end up topping me, and becoming the new World Champion, he fell just like the rest...

Well... Sort of...

See, I kind of had a little outside involvement in that match, which I am completely unclear about. See, I can understand Buster Hymen, or Greg Cherry, whatever you prefer, decided to come involve himself in a match he had no business being in. Had it been an ADRENALINE Championship match, I could understand. He wants to be the one to protect his prestigious record. The problem is, it wasn't about that. So his involvement made no sense to me.

Now, from what I know about this overweight, overused, and most importantly, overrated patsy is that, he'll have some bonehead excuse for his actions. He has an excuse for everything! So, since I haven't heard which he'll use... Let me just get them all out there, so we know what to expect...

... Ahem...

Excuse one... "I did it so I can be the one to beat him for the World Championship, after I beat him for the Adrenaline Championship!"

Excuse two... "I did it to protect the investment of the Infection, and Stacy's chance at redemption against Jake Starr!"

Excuse three... "I did it to make sure Jake is healthy when we fight, so when I take him out, take his championship, and keep my record, everyone will know it wasn't because of him being 'beaten' by someone else."

Excuse four... "I'm a fat-ass, attention whore, who believes everything in SCW revolves around me, and if it remotely involves someone else, dammit I'll make sure that changes!"

My personal bet is on number four!

Regardless of his reasoning, he involved himself in something that didn't relate to him, and will make Hurse's little buddies clamor, and say he only lost to me because of Greg Cherry.

Oh well... A loss, is a loss, is a loss!


He got involved where he wasn't needed, or desired, and whatever the reason is he comes up with, it will ultimately not matter. I will emerge victorious in the end.

Cherry is hoping that being a member of the Infection helps to solidify his chances against me at Breakdown, and will put an even bigger stranglehold on his record. He is hoping that with Daddy D and his "Southern Shemale," by his side, he'll become the new Adrenaline Champion, and keep the ONLY thing anyone still recognizes him for.

But... Let's take a walk down memory lane... Starting with the Infection!

Let us begin with Stacy Kissinger.

Rewind your mind back to the end of April, and basically throughout the month of May. Stacy was sent, secretly by Daddy D might I add, to take out the surging sensation, that was, well, me! She was tasked with ending my momentum, and teaching me that messing with the Infection is a "bad thing." Unfortunately for her, three attempts at teaching me said lesson failed. THREE ATTEMPTS!

Next let us go to Christian Savior... Remember him?

While I was handedly-dealing with Kissinger, Daddy D realized she wasn't going to get him anywhere. He realized he was going to need to throw another crony my way, and hope it did the damage that Stacy wasn't succeeding in doing herself. He sends Savior! Savior and I had several run-ins, culminating at Rise to Greatness with, you guessed it, Jake Starr emerging victorious.

So Cherry thinks that the Infection is going to succeed NOW?! I whole-heartedly think not! I don't think that history is going to INSTANTLY change because Daddy D has found another kiss-ass to come and do the dirty work two of his previous ones were EPIC failures at. Especially since that "other kiss-ass" is Greg Cherry.

Don't get me wrong... I'm not one of those delusional half-wits who believes his reign will last until the Rapture. I know some day, someone will come along who is truly the next rising star in the business, and it'll be time for me to accept that it is my time to pass the torch along.

It just won't be a torch I'll be passing along to Greg Cherry! Cherry falls into the category of Blake Mason, James Exeter, Asher Hayes, Brayden Walker, Christian Savior, Donovan Kayl, Ace Marshall, Justin Davis, and Hurse. Every last one of them were the ones who would be stopping a title reign of Jake Starr in some way, shape, or form, and guess what, weren't up to the task.

After I say all this, I know the next thing I'll hear come vomiting out of his mouth will be something along the lines of, "... But none of those guys had as much on the line as I will!"

To answer that simply... BULLSH!T!

There are a couple of those men I mentioned who had as much to lose as Buster does. Exeter lost his World Championship to me in his quest to take my Adrenaline Championship. Asher Hayes was in danger of losing the, then his, United States Championship. Hurse was out making the feeble attempt to prove IWC's dominance over SCW. Each of these men had something of value on the line against me, and suffered a defeat while trying to upstage me.

But, I guess I need to face the facts, Greg Cherry having the longest running title reign is apparently of the utmost importance to the success of SCW in the future!

... Because it was so focused on in the past!

But the closer and closer we get to Breakdown, the more and more I begin to actually think about the fact I am going to be the one to take away Cherry's one claim to fame in SCW. That, in turn, makes me seemingly care more and more about it. Like I said before, it was a goal of mine that became a fleeting thought because of the fact I was just focused on rolling through the competition, and cementing my place in SCW history. Then, Cherry reminds me of the goal I set for myself, and it slowly began to creep back into my mind.

So now, I care! Now I want that record. Now I want ANOTHER credit to my resume! I want to be the one to take the ONE THING Cherry has left to brag about away. I want his career to mimic that of every other AVERAGE and OVERRATED person to have come through SCW over time. I want to know I made his inner child cry and sob because it FAILED to keep the one thing he was able to hold over everyone else. I want to be the BEST of the BEST!

Trust me... It will happen!

So... With this new year, this new decade, and this new worry about the world ending next year, or the year after, the results in SCW will be the same. Jake Starr WILL remain the most dominant superstar on the roster. No matter who got the votes of his friends, everyone KNOWS who the true Superstar of 2009 was... And his name was NOT James Exeter.


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