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Even though his sights are set at the End of the Year Special, Jake Starr knows that beyond that lies another challenge. Beyond the pay-per view, lies Breakdown, where his quest to make history will be fulfilled, or come to a screeching halt.

Greg Cherry holds a record that hasn't been TRULY flirted with since he set the bar. He held Supreme Championship Wrestling's United States Championship for an unprecedented 294 days, spanning from June of 2007 to April of 2008. It's a record he has made it clear he is proud to hold, and not let anyone come close to breaking...

Unfortunately for Cherry, the latter part of his plan has failed.

Jake Starr, counting today, is a mere 19 days away from breaking that record, and should he emerge victorious at Breakdown, the record will be his to set, and will knock Cherry's one bragging right that he does not share with another, out the window.

It is something Jake plans on achieving.

When Jake first grabbed hold of the SCW Adrenaline Championship, he said he wanted to make history, and become the longest reigning champion in the history of SCW, and cement his name in the record books. Who would have thought that history would be on his door step, about to knock on his front door?

This won't be the first encounter of Jake Starr and Greg Cherry. The two met as the final two in the Chamber Match back in October, and Jake emerged victorious. This match, however, holds more meaning for both men. For Cherry, this is a chance to protect his record, and break a run at history. In a sense, he is hoping to stop that infamous "undefeated season" in the National Football League. For Starr, he hopes to defy the odds, and be the first to topple the insurmountable feat. He wants to prove an undefeated season is, not only possible, but attainable for a newcomer to a league or organization.

History making versus history breaking... That's what is on the line!

Jake also knows that Greg Cherry will be bringing some familiar faces to the party as well, as he now belongs to a group Jake is all-too aware of, the Infection. Since the Infection has re-emerged into the world of Supreme Championship Wrestling, Jake has known that the paths would inevitably cross, and without the aide of Brandon Evans, he knows the battle can once again become an uphill one for him.

That is why he found his new sidekicks!

When last we heard from Jake, he had decided to go counter the "Rick Rohl-effect" by hiring two new sidekicks, Numa Numa Guy and Star Wars Kid. Since hiring the two, he has been busy trying to make sure everyone is on the same page going forward.

The only issue has been keeping Star Wars Kid focused on the matter at hand.

His initial plan was to simply talk out the whole game plan, and call it good. The only issue was Star Wars Kid trying to figure out how to fit his penis into the grounding prong of a typical AC outlet, and that idea was derailed quickly. He then tried flash cards, which quickly turned into confetti and snack food, and has finally settled on using a PowerPoint presentation to achieve the goal of getting his message across to his newly-found assistants.

As the scene opens up, Jake stands in front of the screen, talking out the bullet points of the "big picture." Numa Numa Guy is paying close attention to what Jake says, and occasionally writing down notes, like a normal person. Conversely, Star Wars Kid is picking his nose, inspecting his find, and then subsequently eating the goods. Jake "face-palms" himself when he notices the Kid mining for gold, and beginning to get a slight nose bleed.

Jake asks Numa Numa Guy if he could run and grab the Kid a tissue, and if he could help to control the nose bleed.

When Numa Numa Guy returns, he coddles and coerces the kid into letting him wipe the blood away from his nose. Once the nose bleed has been plugged, Jake begins to wrap up his presentation, still continually trying to get the attention of the Kid, and make him understand the message.

Jake finally wraps up his presentation, switches off the projector, and closes down his laptop. He takes a deep breath, smiles, and looks at his two pupils...

Jake Starr: ... So... Are we clear?

Numa Numa Guy: As mud!

Jake Starr: Well I tried to simplify it as much as I could...

Numa Numa Guy: Understood...

Jake Starr: You clear?

Jake begins to turn towards Star Wars Kid.

Star Wars Kid: NOM NOM NOM NOM!

As Jake fully faces Star Wars Kid, he notices the Kid has apparently found a penny, and is now trying to eat it. Jake and Numa Numa Guy both quickly begin to try and wrestle the penny away from the Kid. The Kid gets smart, and extends his arm out to the side, penny in hand. As Jake sees this, he quickly swats the Kid's hand hard, sending the penny flying.

Seeing his penny flying away, Star Wars Kid begins to tear up, and buries his head into the shoulder of Numa Numa Guy. The Kid begins sobbing and mumbling into Numa Numa Guy's shoulder, and is quickly consoled. Numa Numa Guy begins to pat the Kid on the back and on the head, hoping to calm him down.

Jake Starr: Dude... We need his full cooperation for this to all succeed!

Numa Numa Guy: I know! I know!

The Kid continues to mumble into Numa Numa Guy's shoulder, and sniffle as his nose begins to run. Numa Numa Guy rolls his eyes and lightly shrugs signaling he doesn't know what to do.

Jake Starr: ... Haven't you taught him to communicate yet? You know... In English?

Numa Numa Guy shakes his head. Apparently he has, also, been trying to find a level of communication for Star Wars Kid, so that they may be able to convey the needed messages to him. All attempts, thus far, have failed.

Jake Starr: Good God I wish I spoke "Star Wars Kid-ese!"

Star Wars Kid slowly lifs his head off of Numa Numa Guy's shoulder, revealing a sticky and wet mess on Numa Numa Guy's shirt sleeve. He looks Jake straight in the face, with a very stern look.


Jake looks at the Kid completely befuddled at what he just said. Jake quickly looks over at Numa Numa Guy.

Jake Starr: What did he say?!

Numa Numa Guy: I haven't a clue!

Star Wars Kid gets frustrated at their lack of understanding, begins to scream incoherent words, and starts flailing around trying to attack both men. Caught off guard the two quickly surround the Kid, hoping to be able to subdue him. Star Wars Kid begins making "Jedi-like" gestures towards the two men, and they swoop in thinking this is their big chance to hold him down. As they begin to try and restrain the Kid, he quickly begins to scream...


Obviously currently lacking in his Jedi skills, Numa Numa Guy finally gets a hold of the Kid, and Jake reaches out of frame and pulls out a stuffed animal. Star Wars Kid quickly stops his flailing and spazzing and holds his hands out hoping Jake will give it to him. Jake slowly moves the stuffed animal towards Star Wars Kid, and finally hands it to him. Star Wars Kid holds it tightly to his chest and begins rocking back and forth. Jake bends down and looks the Kid in the eye.

Jake Starr: Now you know the rules right?

Star Wars Kid: NO NAW KITTY!

Jake Starr: Umm.. Sure...

Jake stands back upright, and looks over at Numa Numa Guy.

Numa Numa Guy: That kid is f_cking strong!

Jake Starr: Yeah... It's that whole extra chromosome in the Trisomy-21 disease... Gives kids that infamous "retard strength!"

Still playing with his stuffed animal, Star Wars Kid begins to mumble again.

Star Wars Kid: I IZ NO WE-TALL-DID!

Both men tilt their head to the side in unison. Neither man is still quite sure what the Kid said, and seemingly brush it to the side.

Jake Starr: So you understand still, right?

Numa Numa Guy: Yeah... I'm good!

Now knowing Numa Numa Guy is fully aware of the plan, Jake shifts the attention back to the Kid.

Jake Starr: So... Now we have to figure out what to do with him!

Numa Numa Guy: I don't have a clue!

Jake Starr: Leashing him would be inhumane... Throwing him in a shed won't work... Thanks Mike Leach for that one!

Numa Numa Guy: Umm...

Jake Starr: We just need to keep him docile until it's time to unleash his wrath of Star Wars Kid on everyone...

Numa Numa Guy: Yeah I hear ya...

Again Star Wars Kid speaks up.

Star Wars Kid: I... IZ... NO... TAR WARTS KIT!

Both men finally understand what he said.

Numa Numa Guy: He said...

Jake Starr: Don't worry I got it! Although I am beginning to wonder if this is the real Star Wars Kid or just an uber fan of LOLcats...

Jake shrugs, and decides maybe a little baby talk will be able to get through to the Kid, and give them a form of communication.

Jake Starr: If the wittle Star Wars Kid isn't really a Star Wars Kid, then who is the wittle boy?

As if happy that they are finally communicating on his level, Star Wars Kid begins to grin from ear to ear. He begins to pet the stuffed animal more frantically, and also begins to bounce in his chair.

Star Wars Kid: I IZ DARF!

Numa Numa Guy is completely lost.

Numa Numa Guy: What in the hell is "Darf?"

Jake Starr: I think he meant to say "Darth."

Numa Numa Guy: Ah!

Jake looks back at Star Wars Kid, and resumes the baby talk.

Jake Starr: Well Darth who little boy?

The giddy child begins to bounce even more frantically, laughing, and being jovial.

Star Wars Kid: DAAAARF POO POO!!!!

Jake stands back upright, and looks over at Numa Numa Guy, who, once again, is completely confused.

Numa Numa Guy: I fancy myself a bit of a Star Wars nerd, but I don't think I've heard of Darth Poo Poo...

Jake Starr: I think he mixed up Count Dooku and his alias Darth Tyranus...

As Jake is explaining, what he believes to be, the thought process of Star Wars Kid, the Kid begins repeating the same words over and over again.


Jake ignores the repeated exclamations of "POO POO," and continues his explanation of the presumed thought process. As Jake speaks, Numa Numa Guy has a sudden realization.

Numa Numa Guy: OH NO!!!

Jake takes a step back and steps into something squishy on the floor. He realizes what happened, tightly shuts his eyes and grimaces. He lifts up his right shoe to look at the bottom, and confirms that he did, in fact, step in poo.

Seeing this spectacle, Star Wars Kid begins to laugh and clap like he had just seen a clown do a simple magic trick for the first time. Jake gingerly takes his shoe off, and finds a clear path to step away from the feces lying on the ground.

Jake Starr: Where in the hell did that come from?!

Star Wars Kid begins to laugh and clap even more, but also begins to exclaim knowledge of the excrement.

Star Wars Kid: ME! MINE! MINE POOP!

Jake "face palms" himself once more, and looks up at Numa Numa Guy.

Jake Starr: Dude... I thought you said he was potty trained?!

Numa Numa Guy simply shrugs as Jake begins to walk with one shoe on, towards a bathroom where he can clean up his shoe. As the scene fades out, Star Wars Kid is still happy about his defecation on the floor, and Jake stepping in it, to the point he isn't calming down. He flings his stuffed animal up in the air, and it lands, where else, in the doodie as well. Hoping to calm him down, Numa Numa Guy runs to a nearby CD player, and his play...

Vrei sa pleci dar nu ma, nu ma iei,
Nu ma, nu ma iei, nu ma, nu ma, nu ma iei.
Chipul tau si dragostea din tei,
Mi-amintesc de ochii tai.

Numa Numa Guy quickly busts into his notorious dance, and Star Wars Kid quickly joins along. As it finishes to black the silhouettes of the camera people can also be seen joining in the dancing, along with Star Wars Kid and Numa Numa Guy. As Jake returns, he is already in the midst of the dance with everyone as well, hoping that this dance will lead him into 2010 with two championships, and a record in his sights.

Jake Starr: Well it seems as if Buster Hymen finally got his wish. How long, now, has it been that he has been BEGGING and PLEADING with management, and me included, for a chance to fight me? It seems like it has been since he retired, and then elected to come back again... Oh wait... It has been that long!

See, the reason Buster came back, is simple. He knows his accomplishments in SCW are rather, well, few, and knew the one that people actually acknowledged as "respectable" was in jeopardy by yours truly. See, his whole career is defined by this ONE accomplishment. It isn't the fact he's won the SCW Championship thrice, it isn't because his face resembles a sack of testicles that haven't been shaved in months, it isn't because his whiteness is blatantly displayed when he throws up gang signs he knows nothing about, it's defined by the fact he's the longest reigning champion is the history of Supreme Championship Wrestling.

It's a record I stated I would break LONG ago...

When he did his best imitation of Brett Favre, and "retired," his little record wasn't even in my sights yet. I wasn't even focused on the fact that as each day passed, I came closer and closer to a goal I set for myself. Then, out of the blue, here comes Greg Cherry back to SCW, asking to fight me, for reasons I couldn't explain. He clamored to, then, "Boss," Daddy D, for a chance to fight Jake Starr.

I just... Didn't get it!

As time went on, I heard from several sources how Cherry was just BEGGING for the chance to fight me. I heard how "people" really wanted a shot at Jake Starr, how I became the "man to beat."

All along, it was just cry-baby Buster.

Up until the past week or so, nobody was quite sure of his motives behind this incessant nagging and bitching from him, until he finally came out and admitted it. He was scared his record would be shattered, and he wouldn't even get a chance to stop it.


This piece of sh!t thinks he deserves a chance to "protect" something that most of the SCW roster wasn't even around to witness? Hell, I didn't even remember WHO had the record, or how long the record was. I had to go look it up! No longer is "Greg Cherry, longest reigning champ in SCW" relevant! No longer does Buster Hymen matter to anyone.

So what, he was the longest United States Champion in SCW history, and conversely set a record for most days with one belt. That doesn't really say much! ALL of this queer's history in SCW is back before I had even HEARD of this place. None of the names surrounding his mean SH!T to me... Well aside from one GOLD one, that has a striking similarity to another GOLDen person here... But that's another point...

This guy thinks that, because he did something back when people actually cared about him, he DESERVES a chance to defend it? Well, if people can make up things to defend, I want a chance to defend my stall in the locker room toilets, because someone used 4 extra sheets of toilet paper! That's how much I think of Buster's belief he DESERVES this.

F_ck him! F_ck him in his f_ck-hole!

Greg Cherry is as moot of a point as there is in SCW. He's one of those last remaining members of the "old guard" who still lingers around, hoping the new crop of talent see him like some of the old crop mistakenly did, as talented.

It just isn't going to happen.

The shear number of negative comments about Buster that I've heard in the back is staggering. When I first came in, I thought he was one of the "guys to beat," but one of the others, who I subsequently beat, quickly came forward and made it clear that Cherry is a JOKE.

Then again, he seemingly said that about everyone...

Nevertheless... Watching and listening to the grovling that Cherry does to get his way is mind-boggling. Simply sucking up to the "powers that be," and kissing their asses as much as he does, would get a man arrested for rape in most places.

That is the ONLY way he gets what he wants, as often as he wants. It isn't because he earns these chances. How has he actually EARNED a chance to fight me for the Adrenaline Championship, and a chance to protect the only thing he knows he hasn't been upstaged for yet? Hell, the fans voted in Justin Davis for a WORLD Title shot over him, what does that tell you? It means he isn't deserving of SH!T! He's merely a patsy to the right people, who then give him what he wants. Isn't that f_cking sweet of them?

So... If Greg Cherry wants a piece of me so badly, he's obviously finally getting it. He's going to get his chance to defend his precious, little, accomplishment, that he was the ONLY one who remembered. Like I said, it has slipped my mind, because I simply was out to make sure I didn't lose. It was initially a goal, that went to the back burner, simply because I became focused on proving my worth. Now, it comes back to the front burner, so I can achieve it, and put a miserable piece of garbage in the dump with the rest of the "buddy-buddy" boys that I've knocked off.

This record was just something I put as a personal goal. It was a challenge to myself, to make a lasting impact on SCW. It wasn't something I felt I'd ever have to "defend." It's a goal that, when I set the new record, however long it is, I'll know that some day, it'll be broken. It'll be a record that falls like any record. But at the same time, I'll enjoy the fact that I set a mark that everyone wanted to achieve. I won't retire, unretire, retire, and unretire again just to defend it those times it may potentially be at risk.

But to each their own...

As I've said every, single, solitary, time I have defended this championship, I treat it with as much honor as I treat my SCW Championship. I don't look at it as any lesser of a belt. Now that doesn't mean I don't perceive the competition as lesser. Hell... Look at what I have now. I have a guy who hasn't been relevant in TWO years, who's still grasping at straws to, once again, become relevant. I have a guy who is willing to suck the penis-head of whoever it takes to get a chance at getting what he wants, or foolishly believes he deserves. I have a guy who hopes his past will get people to continue to view him as someone who doesn't just need to retire, or simply go away. I have a guy in front of me, who simply, sucks!

But don't ask him or his buddies... They'll tell you straight-up how wonderful, great, relevant, et cetera he is...


Christ, the more and more I look around, I see some of the biggest political scandals in wrestling history around here. It's one of the WORST "good ole boy" systems I've ever seen. People haven't been given their rightful chances and opportunities, over "my buddy" who I'll give it to first, i.e., Hurse, Buster, and Davis. Sometimes I really wish some people would stop letting their PERSONAL feelings cloud their OBJECTIVE opinions...

Guess I can wish in one hand, and have Star Wars Kid... Sorry "Darth Poo Poo..." Sh!t in the other, and see which one fills fastest.


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