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With the first decade of the 2000s in its eleventh hour, the End of the Year Special getting closer, and to helping Supreme Championship Wrestling wrap up its 2009, the anticipation continues to build as the world will finally get to see, arguably the greatest star of the year defend his championship against a man who has been doing his part to set IWC apart from the likes of SCW.

... Oh and Justin Davis too...

But this match has definitely become a match where two of the three combatants have drawn the bulk of the interest from everyone looking in. Sadly, Davis is turning into the "third wheel" of this match, with everyone ultimately realizing that by the end of the night, he'll be the one who everyone forgets.

Two of the three men have been on a mission to prove separate missions.

On one hand, there's Hurse. Hurse comes from the world of IWC, and set out on a journey to prove its superiority to that of Supreme Championship Wrestling. He has run rough-shot over the SCW elite up to this point, and many feel, could do again as 2009 draws to a close.

On the other hand, you have Jake Starr. You have a man who came back into the wrestling business, initially, to simply prove he could still handle the grind, and run with the "big boys." Since accomplishing that mission, he has altered his goals, and been on a mission to be seen as the man who reigns supreme over everyone else. He, like Hurse, has had his way with those believed to be the SCW "elite," culminating in two championships.

So the question remains... Who is favored?

Since this match was first announced, Jake Starr has been inundated by people glorifying his opponent, Hurse. He's constantly being told things like:

Hurse was the IWC champion.

Hurse has only lost one match since debuting in SCW.

Hurse is Exeter's brother.

These comments have become commonplace for Jake Starr lately. They have begun to fuel his fire, and send him into a frenzy to squash the thoughts that he is a subordinate to someone from another organization. It has always been his plan to not just be the best in whatever organization he is in, but be perceived as the best, period.

He now knows it'll take a victory over someone the likes of Hurse to begin to cement that mentality. Thankfully for him, he has that opportunity.

Until that day comes, he has to try and get the message across by other means.

He has taken the liberty of renting out a vacant store in a strip mall, and advertising a special event and announcement for all who come to hear. Outside of this strip mall, the outline of the sign from the old tenant of this store can still be seen on the wall overhanging the sidewalk.

Looking in from the back of the parking lot, fans are seen slowly walking in. Obviously the word has gotten out somewhat as it seems Jake will have a solid turnout. One fan trudges through the parking lot, proudly displaying his t-shirt in support of Hurse. Various fans of Jake heckle the fan as he makes a b-line towards the entrance.

As the camera slowly zooms towards the door people are entering, a banner that had been hung just beneath the spot where the old store sign hung slowly becomes legible. The banner is emblazoned with a cheesy photo of Jake with both thumbs up, and the words "OFFICIALLY UNOFFICIAL OFFICIAL SOCIAL MISFIT SIDEKICK PREMIERE."

As the camera reaches the door, the view shifts inside, facing those entering.

Everyone walking in quickly begins to grab seats in the few rows of chairs that have been sat out, filling the room up quickly. One of the hired coordinators of the event quickly runs to the back to grab another stack of chairs so that they can try and accomodate as many people as they can.

As they begin to add in another row of chairs, the camera begins to pan around the room. Fans are seen chatting, and speculating as to what, exactly, this is all about. One person who isn't mingling with the others, however, is the lone Hurse fan who sits with his eyes staring straight ahead. As it continues to pan, it stops on the front of the room where a podium is setup, with a Social Misfit "Revolution Fist," banner draped over the front. Behind the podium stand two voting booth-like stands, with their contents shielded from the public by curtains labeled 1 and 2.

The coordinator quickly realizes they're going to have more bodies than they have chairs, and begins to inform people that they can stand at the back. The few people left outside filter in, and establish their personal space in the back, where they wish to stand. At the same time a couple of local media affiliates step in with their cameras to capture the event for their news broadcasts.

Once everyone is inside this store, converted to conference room, one of the coordinators at the back dims the back lights, so the ones at the front offer are more attention-seeking. A man, hired to be the announcer/introducer for this event approaches the microphone atop the podium.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen... If we could please start to quiet down so we can get this under way?

Hearing this the people slowly begin to take their conversations into a murmur, and then silence. Once the room is completely silent, the announcer speaks again.

Announcer: ... Thank you everyone! As you all know Jake Starr of Supreme Championship Wrestling has orchestrated this entire event for a special reason. Due to some recent events, Jake has elected to make a major announcement regarding the future of the Social Misfits as it pertains to his upcoming match in said federation, and onwards after that. We ask that you guys try and keep the noise down so that everyone will be able to hear everything he has to say.

The announcer looks back over his shoulder for a cue from another one of the coordinators. The coordinator gives the announcer a thumbs up, and lets him know Jake is ready to come out.

Announcer: ... We're ready? Ok! Ladies and gentlemen... SCW World and Adrenaline Champion, as well as the founder of the Social Misfits, Jake Starr!

The crowd applauds as Jake emerges from stage right. He walks out to greet his fans, but does overhear the jeering and heckles coming from the one Hurse fan who showed up. He decides it is probably best to ignore the would-be heckler in the hopes of keeping him from garnering too much attention.

After greeting several of the fans up front, Jake takes his spot behind the podium.

He pats on the microphone testing if it's on.

Jake Starr: Umm.. Is this on?

The crowd reacts with a chorus of "affirmatives" for the champion. Jake smiles and nods in thanks, and pulls out a set of papers from his back pocket. He unfolds them and places them on the podium, presumably as this is the speech he's going to be reading.

Jake Starr: First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin, then shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of...

Jake quickly pauses realizing this was not the speech he intended on reading.

Jake Starr: Oh sorry guys... That was my Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch speech, for my one-man production of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, that I was rehearsing in the back earlier. My bad!

The crowd chuckles.

Jake Starr: Well, since I apparently left my written diatribe in the back, I'm going to have to wing it. Hopefully it sounds as astute as it did when I was trying my lucky at using a thesaurus... Did you know there are not any synonyms for the word "the?" Quite shocking I must say!


So... The last time anyone heard from me publicly, I had said a few things regarding my little "get-together" with Justin Davis and Hurse here in a few days, am I right?

Again, the crowd confirms his inquiry.

Jake Starr: Ok good! I haven't done any PWIs lately... You know "Promos While Intoxicated?"

Jake gives off a cheesy, and very sarcastic laugh.

Jake Starr: Ok I promise no more jokes that some of the voters that put those two in the match would actually laugh at, I promise!

So... Back to what I was saying... I really like to go out there and really get a feel for what fans and others think about what I have to say. Sure, some might refer to it as eavesdropping or spying, I call it... Creatively obtaining the audio of their conversation as it pertains to me. And you know what I've found out? To begin with, Justin Davis has no fans! Seriously! Nobody talks about the guy. I'm wondering if he hired the Basij to come rig this voting like they did in Iran because I can't find anyone out there who actually talks about this guy like he's relevant.

What else I found out, which I found remarkably intriguing, was that Hurse's fan base really didn't appreciate what I said much. In fact, they found it to be abhorrent. They found the fact that I didn't give him the credibility he deserved demeaning to them in some what, and I really wanted to bite their face.

But seriously...

You would not believe how many times I heard the following...

... Ahem...

"Jake Starr needs to realize Hurse has only lost once in SCW, and he's lost twice! So Hurse is better!"

... And...

"That piece of sh!t, Starr, knows that he was champion in IWC, and IWC is far better than SCW!"

... And I can't forget...

"He's Exeter's brother dammit! Exeter rules!"

... Now that one I didn't quite understand! See I thought Hurse was better, but now he's only good by association. So it really didn't add up!

As Jake is speaking, the lone Hurse fan cannot hold his tongue any longer.

Hurse Fan: You know for a fact that's why he's better!

Everyone turns and looks directly at the man who exclaimed the comments. Jake stops his speech, looks down towards the podium, and smirks to himself. The then lifts his head up and faces his heckler eye to eye.

Jake Starr: You know... You are the living embodiment of the type of fan that I hoped showed up to this. You're the living embodiment of the people who are walking around saying all of these things like they're legitimate fact, and yet, you haven't a clue what you're talking about do you?

Hurse Fan: I know for a fact Hurse is going to take you down, and prove IWCs significant prowess over SCW.

Jake Starr: Before you're lynched by a group of angry mobsters, I suggest you seriously consider shutting up right about now.

The heckler silences at the thought of being outnumbered, and his only method of escaping blocked by a exponentially greater amount of people than just he.

Jake Starr: See... This guy is what made me finally sit back and take time to think about what it really is people see in this guy. What is it about Hurse that has everyone pining for his love and admiration. For the life of me, I was drawing a blank, but then one night, in a dream, I had this, oh I don't know, epiphany of sorts...

Jake quickly takes a momentary tangent.

Jake Starr: ... Before I go any further, are there any Justin Davis fans who want to speak up, and say something? I'm all about equal heckling time here...

Dead silence.

Jake Starr: That's what I thought! Now back to my epiphany. See what is the key difference between Hurse and I?

Several fans glare over at the fan of Hurse's daring him to speak up. The rest of the crowd continues to stare at Jake with a blank stare, unable to come up with the answer to his, basically rhetorical, question.

Jake Starr: Nobody? A trusty sidekick with a clever name!!

A chorus of "oohs" and "ahhs" emit from the crowd.

Jake Starr: So... To bridge that gap I took it upon myself to go on a quest.

See... With Brandon currently AWOL, I knew that was the sole reason people actually favored him. So over the past few days, I set out to find myself someone who I knew would help bring the Social Misfits to an even... No... BETTER keel than that of Hurse. And let me tell you, I had several very strict guidelines these people had to conform to.

One... They had to be REAL!

Two... They had to intimidate!

Three... They had to have a "gimmicky name."

I wasn't going to succumb to the same cop-outs like the aforementioned did. I wanted to make sure I struck gold! The best part of it is... I did just that, not just with ONE sidekick, like Hurse does, but TWO! And these two aren't just ANY two people. They're two that could EACH, merely as individuals, kick Rick Rohl's "Rick Ass-ley" from here to next Tuesday!

The crowd snickers at Jake's "punny ways."

Jake Starr: So... Is it time to bring out the two that will help transform the Social Misfits even further?

The crowd cheers indicating they are ready for the introduction of said individuals. Jake begins to grin from ear to ear, and walks back to the back, slightly confusing those in attendance. As he emerges, once again, from stage-right, he struts in carrying a vintage, 80s style, boom box. He slams it up on a table near the podium, and tells the crowd he has brought background music to help with the "feel" of the two individuals.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out an old cassette tape, and says he wanted to go old school for this event. The comment gets a smattering of laughter from some of those audience members who lived through the cassette tape generation.

As he puts the tape in, he hits play, and looks at the crowd grinning. The tape begins to echo the lyrics of "Just a Friend" by Biz Markie out of the speakers, and Jake looks at the boom box shocked. He quickly pushes stop, and flips the tape around. He hits rewind, saying he was jamming to a little old school, and need he say "stellar," hip-hop in the back. Upon finishing its rewinding, Jake realizes he has the tape in the right way this time, and once again hits play.

A faint tune begins to play, to which Jake immediately cranks up the volume. Once the volume increase registers on the old machine, the sounds of the "Imperial Death March" begin to blast out of the speakers. Jake approaches the microphone again, to properly introduce his first new compatriot.

Jake Starr: Ladies and gentlemen, by the music you hear, you probably are thinking, "Did he really get Darth?!" Sadly no... Darth was a little preoccupied with conquering rogue Rebel planets to come, but I did get someone better. He brings with him the skills of Darth Maul, and the vision of Mr. Magoo... Ladies and gentlemen... STAR WARS KID!

The man behind the curtain begins flailing wildly trying to emerge from the box. Once he has conquered the curtain, Star Wars Kid emerges with his patented golf ball retriever.

Before beginning his demonstration on how he'll take out other sidekicks in SCW, he first runs off to the side to setup his personal camera. Once done, he methodically walks back towards the box, and starts swinging his golf ball retriever around completely oblivious to his surroundings.

During his routine, he almost hits Starr, and subsequently falls over hitting the boom box, and dropping it to the floor. Jake's eyes widen in horror. Thankfully, technology back then was a little sturdier than now, and it survived the fall.

Jake quickly realizes it's time to calm his frantic friend down before he pokes someone's eye out, or sees that there is actually a fan of Hurse's in attendance, and tries to use his retard strength to beat him into oblivion.

Jake Starr: Phew... That was a close one! I can't have him showing all of his skills before he gets to do his ass kicking on certain OTHERS!

After many failed attempts, Jake finally settles Star Wars Kid down enough to stand still while he introduces his second sidekick.

He never thought it would take a candy bar and a shiny penny to take the attention away from his stick, but it did. The unfortunate thing was that Jake now had to find someone to baby sit him, and keep him from trying to eat the penny, or shove the candy bar in his butt.

Jake Starr: ... So we're good there? Ok good!

With Star Wars Kid now entertained, Jake walks back over to the boom box, and sets it back up. He turns the volume down so he can cue his tape up without everyone hearing the music. Once he gets the tape set where it needs to be, he instructs another organizer of the event when to press play. He then returns to the microphone to hype up and introduce his second newly-hired sidekick.

Jake Starr: Now next up is a man who I personally sought out. I knew if I was going to effectively topple the bowl of hepatitis, that is Hurse, I would need a man of this caliber. I would need a man who could, by the simple sight of him, be seen as a menacing threat to anyone who dare challenge me, or the Social Misfits...

Jake nods to the man to cue the music...


Jake Starr: The man needs no introduction... But for those of you without the benefit of the interwebs... NUMA NUMA!

With "Dragostea Din Tei" by O Zone blaring, the Numa Numa guy comes storming out from behind the curtain with a vengeance, and goes directly into the dance he has earned a cult-following thanks to. Jake quickly joins in, followed soon after by everyone but one! The lone fan of Hurse quickly stands up and voices his opinion...

Hurse Fan: His name is GARY BROLSMA!

The tape stops with the immediate sound of a scratching record, and everyone's freezes, hands still in the air, and slowly begin to simultaneously look over in his direction. The silence is, once again, deafening. Jake, arms slowly being lowered from dancing, breaks the silence.

Jake Starr: Excuse me?

Hurse Fan: I said... His name is Gary Brolsma... NOT Numa Numa!

Jake is stunned by the comment.

Jake Starr: You seriously just say that?

Hurse Fan: Yeah... I did!

Jake Starr: This coming from a guy who cheers on someone named for the prank, instead of the person or the song... Sit down kid. You, like your asshat hero, are way out of your element here!

The crowd reacts in unison...


... To which Jake simply smirks!

Jake Starr: Like I said earlier... It's fans like you that I hope hear this, and simply begin to think. See, I'm not here to convert you to a fan of me. I'm not here to try and convince you to be my fan too. I'm not here to make you like me. I'm here to hopefully make you think for yourself for once.

Since I got in SCW, I've been told who is the "best," and who I am supposed to respect and admire. I have been told who I should emulate, who I should talk like, who I should be friends with, everything. To me, if people have to be TOLD these things around here, it's not true. Why do you think I have YET to receive any respect from anyone but the fans? Every time I step out there, the rubes in the back are betting on whether or not it'll be the last time any of them have to deal with me. They're all hoping that when I come back through the curtain, I'm a beaten man. Why? Because I haven't ONCE conformed to what they have TOLD me I am supposed to conform to. If I'm going to believe someone is this God-like individual, they have to PROVE it to me. I'm not going to merely go on someone's meaningless word.

This organization was built around people who proved their worth. It wasn't built around word of mouth. It wasn't built around people just understanding who was worthy. It was built by people like me.

Hurse and Justin Davis both are guys who rely on people to hype them up for them. They're incapable of demonstrating any of those qualities that do it for them, themselves. Everyone has to be told that these two are stellar. I don't live by those rules. People can approach me and tell me I'm wrong about discrediting Hurse as much as they want. But look at the failures he's had, that everyone makes no bones about ignoring...

Look at his relationship past, for example. He was incapable of keeping his relationship with his brother in tact. Isn't blood thicker than water? Shouldn't families be able to look past whatever their differences are to move forward with their familial life away from this professional one? In their case, I guess not! Next you have his relationship, or failed one at that, with one of Stewie's little helpers. Yeah... That went well too huh?

Now look at the fact he shows up once in a blue moon here, and tries to pick people off when they're least expecting him to rear his FUGLY head. He has that contract most of us in this business would love to have. Fight once here, take the next ten events off, fight again. Talk about your stellar deals! I think he purposely orchestrated it, to be perfectly honest. I think when he set off on his "mission" to prove the superiority of IWC, he said he'd only agree to come fight in SCW under certain terms, and by God, he god it. Instead of coming in like everyone else, fighting like a CHAMPION, and proving your personal worth, he gets a deal where he can bask in his glory on one side, the cross the bridge once every fifth week, attack one person, then quickly run back to his side. Some may have their personal adjectives for that mentality, to me, it's cowardice.

Davis is much the same.

He has gotten lucky to receive the opportunities he has gotten, and yet, everyone tauts him as someone all powerful, and superior. He's trying to live off of this IDEA that he has been able to convince the dummies in the back, who believe in him, is actual fact.

No doubt he's going to be one of those people "beloved" and "praised" if he were to somehow sneak out with a win!

Who am I kidding? Davis? Win? HA!


Going into this match, I'll admit, my confidence was kind of rocky. Brandon vanished. I can't get Stewie and her legion of extra-chromosome, dummies. Instead of one opponent I now have two. It just kind of one of those times when you think the odds may finally be completely stacked against you, and the time could come where the sh!t hits the fan. I, initially, wasn't real thrilled about what to expect. But, now having done my research on the matter, taken the step back, and reevaluated the situation, I realize, I'm in no danger...

Especially with these two with me...

Jake points at his two sidekicks.

Jake Starr: With them by my side, I'd like to see Hurse bring his crap-tastic cohort down to the ring, and we'll see how well he lasts against my two. In the end, their battle would have the exact same result as the one you'll see INSIDE the ring. The Social Misfits will be on top, and everyone else involved, will be questioning their very RIGHT to stand against us...

And in the words of his mentor...

Jake points at Star Wars Kid.

Jake Starr: Begun... The Viral Video Wars have!

With those final words, Jake nods at the one in charge of cueing the music, who once again hits play. "Dragostea Din Tei" continues playing where it left off, and the hands of everyone in the room, except one of course, return to their choreographed routine.

As this happens, the one in charge of monitoring Star Wars Kid, joins in dancing, and Star Wars Kid instinctively begins to play Lightsabre Duels with his imaginary opponent, almost taking the heads off of several fans.

As the scene goes to black, Star Wars Kid spots the fan in the Hurse shirt and begins trying to attack him. Jake quickly goes to try and hold him back, but ends up tackling him by accident instead, to which Star Wars Kid begins to cry for his mama. From the back, his mom is seen running up to him to hold her "baby" while he cries into her bosom. Jake looks around and just returns to dancing, as the scene goes completely dark.


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