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As the year 2009 continues to near it's end it looks more and more like the year belonged to one individual, and one individual alone, Jake Starr. Whether it's his quick outburst onto the SCW scene, or it's his triumphant emergence in multiple SCW title pictures, he has proven to be someone who definitely has made a case for this year being his outright year to shine.

It wasn't an easy road for the Adrenaline and World Champion. He had to fight through the constant meddling of Mr. Drachewych, and his plan to stop Starr after he refused to do his bidding. He had to fight multiple times to show proof that he was better than James Exeter, and capture the SCW World Championship. He had to overcome numbers games against several factions like Greaternity, the Infection, and Team Desire. He had to fight 26 grueling matches, and was able to emerge victorious in 23 of them.

While the road wasn't easy, the end results were worth it. Whether it was winning the Adrenaline Championship, reuniting with fellow member of the Soldiers of Eternity, Agent oo6, having Brandon Evans rejoin the ranks of the active Social Misfits, or winning the World Championship, when you add everything together, the year 2009 was a success.

One thing is certain, however. The year isn't over yet!

Before Jake can sit back and completely relish in his successful year, he has two more obstacles to overcome.

At the End of the Year Special, Jake must go and defeat NOT ONE, but TWO members of the SCW roster in order to keep his SCW Championship. These two aren't just any two, they are two who have been selected by the SCW fans as the most deserving, and they are none other than Justin Davis and Hurse.

When it comes to defending the SCW Championship, Jake knows it brings the games of every competitor to a new level. No longer is it "just another match," but it's THE MATCH that could bring a mediocre career to a new level... And with it being under a triple threat environment, the odds go even further down for Starr.

Jake knows he doesn't have to suffer the pinfall to lose his championship. He doesn't have to actually be beaten to walk away with only one championship belt at the end of the night. So he knows he has to be at the top of his game. He has to get into the mindset he was when he, Donovan Kayl, and Rachel Foxx battled for the chance to fight for the SCW Championship.

The stakes almost mirror his match at the End of the Year Special.

Nevertheless, Jake knows these two will do everything they can to emerge victorious. Davis will want retribution over their previous encounters, while Hurse will want to cement his name among the ranks of the SCW elite. Both of these hopes and dreams Jake hopes to stymie. Jake wants 2009 to end the way it ultimately began for him, with him at the top of the radar of everyone within Supreme Championship Wrestling.

Jake Starr: Well it looks like I have my work cut-out for me this time! Not only am I defending my coveted World Championship against one person voted on by the fans of this organization, but two!

Anyone who knows me well, knows I trust in the people, and if they decided these two are the ones I should be up against, then bring them on!

Granted, I don't have to agree with their selection, I do respect it. See, of the options I saw out there on the ballot, there was one person I'd love to get my hands on, and I know I eventually will, and that's the guy whom I PERSONALLY PINNED in the Chamber Match, which ultimately lead to me proving James Exeter's true worth, Greg Cherry. And believe me, when that day comes, I'll make sure to prove he is as worthless as the busted condom he resembles.

But enough about Greg "Never Popped A" Cherry... Let's look at what I have to deal with to wrap up my stellar year here, Justin Davis and Hurse. Talk about a dynamic duo!

Let's start with the one I am so well-fully aware of, and used to seeing in matches he, ultimately, has no right being in, Justin Davis.

When the two of us first encountered one another, it was, damn, seems like ages ago, he was going to be the one who dethroned Jake Starr from the top of the Adrenaline Division ladder. He was going to personally go "Out of Control" and be the ending of my title reign. He was going to prove that Jake Starr wasn't deserving of the Adrenaline Championship shot he got a month before, and ultimately show why he was superior.

The result of said attempt?

He became the FIRST victim of Jake Starr's run of title defenses, that I must say, continue to this day.

See, when I received my first title shot, merely three matches into my SCW existence, there was a reason. It wasn't because "Daddy D" realized Alex Jr. wasn't worth his weight in sperm, it wasn't because he knew Jake Starr was the future of the company. He knew that, although my original mission was simply to prove I belonged, eventually it would be to carry this company to it's next apex in the historical record books.

So what happened after Davis fell flat on his face the first time against me? OH THAT'S RIGHT! He received a chance to fight in the Chamber, which let me reiterate who ended up winning, me!

So the Chamber Match was another unwarranted invite Davis received, and as I think back, I think I recall being the one to send his ass packing that night as well. In fact... I know I was!

See, no matter how many times Davis ends up in matches he doesn't deserve to be in, whether it's by "Daddy D" feeling sorry for him, or being voted in by the SCW fan base, the end result will ALWAYS be the same. It's not going to be like one of those "create your own ending" books, and he's going to remember to NOT skip to page 23, and instead go to page 35, and win. The book ending does not change with the match.

I can guarantee, however, that in his mind he does believe otherwise. That's just the kind of person he is. Justin Davis believes that Justin Davis is God. He's almost as bad as Stewie. Truthfully that mentality I just don't comprehend. How do you win some less-than-stellar under card matches sporadically, then mentally you honestly believe you have a legit chance at going into a World Championship match, as a legit contender? It just boggles the mind!

Davis needs to understand that he can train mentally, physically, emotionally, and whatever other -allys he wants, and when it all comes down to it, he will NEVER ONCE be as good as me. He needs to remain in his under card world, with his under card girl, and enjoy the under card life. That's simply where he belongs. He's nowhere near the caliber of a "main event" star, and I've proven it TWICE!

What more does a guy got to do?!

Ugh! Hopefully, when all is said and done, he'll know that he simply wasn't in there for any reason but the fans enjoy seeing him get his ass kicked by me, or the voting was a "popularity contest" among the backstage cliques, and that's why. I guess we'll know about the latter part when other results come filtering in!

Since Breakdown drew to a close, Jake has been trying to find answers to questions he doesn't need to be dealing with leading into the End of the Year Special.

Where was Brandon when he got attacked?

What has been causing Evans to deteriorate in the ring as of late?

Is he about to be flying solo again within the walls of SCW?

These types of questions Jake knows he cannot dwell on.

Since returning home from Breakdown, he has been frantically trying to find out what happened with his long-time friend, and fellow Social Misfit, to no avail. He knows they both traveled together to Breakdown, but something caused him to vanish prior to the event taking place.

Roeper can see the toll it's taking on Jake. She's watched him pace back and forth time and time again, dialing, redialing, leaving voice mails, texting, and all with no answer.

Roeper Hart: Babe you should really try and relax some...

Jake looks over at his wife wide-eyed.

Jake Starr: RELAX?! Seriously?!

Jake returns to frantically dialing on his phone. With no reply from Evans, Jake turns to another member of the Social Misfits, hoping he may know something.

Voice of Shawn Wright: Hello?

Jake Starr: Shawn... It's me...

Voice of Shawn Wright: What's up?

Jake Starr: Have you heard anything from Brandon in the past 24 hours or so?

Voice of Shawn Wright: Nope! Why? He didn't elope to Vegas again did he?

Jake stops in his tracks and looks straight ahead. Apparently this was a notion he hadn't thought of.

Jake Starr: I totally forgot about that incident!

Voice of Shawn Wright: It was the only other time he went AWOL on us...

Jake Starr: Yeah... Although I don't think he found Britney Spears in a drunken stupor in a parking lot outside of an SCW event!

Voice of Shawn Wright: Never know! You know as well as I do a substantial percentage of pro wrestling's fan base comes from houses that seemingly move when God decides to move them.

Jake nods as he confirms Shawn's assumption.

Voice of Shawn Wright: ... So I wouldn't worry. We both know he can go off on his little quests alone, and kind of forget about the world. It's his hippie parents I tell ya!

Jake snickers.

Jake Starr: Yeah, but I don't think he's out smoking somewhere, and finding the inner meaning of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.

Voice of Shawn Wright: Probably not... But I'm sure it'll be a hell of a story whenever he returns nevertheless.

Jake Starr: Ha ha... True!

The two continue to have a brief conversation, catching up since they haven't spoken in a couple of months. Shawn mentions that he's heard about some of the excursions the two of gone on, and the ones he really found humorous. He also mentioned that his wife is pregnant, and Jake congratulates them. He tells Roeper as well, who goes crazy in excitement.

As they wrap up their phone conversation, Jake finally hangs up, and breathes a sigh of, what he thinks to be, relief.

Roeper Hart: I take it, after all that worrying, Shawn knew where he was?

Jake Starr: No he hasn't heard from him either... But he did remind me of the last time he did this.

Roeper Hart: Oh?

Jake Starr: Yeah... He ran off to Vegas and got married!

Roeper goes completely wide-eyed.

Roeper Hart: WHAT?!

Jake Starr: Yeah... He went for a weekend, found himself sh!t-faced in a parking garage, puked next to a car, and when he looked up, Britney Spears was doing the same thing three cars down.

Roeper Hart: Yeah right!

Jake Starr: No it was real! When they both were done vomiting away their cheap prime rib, they just locked beer-goggled eyes, and starting making out!

Roeper Hart: EW!

Jake Starr: Yeah! I agree... Vomit taste isn't something I want to make out with! But I suppose if you already taste it, it won't be much different!

Roeper Hart: That's disgusting!

Jake Starr: Maybe it's just semantics I don't know! Anyway, after they were done in the parking garage, doing what I didn't ask, they went off to that white chapel place, and got married by Jar Jar Binks.

Roeper Hart: Now that's just silly!

Jake Starr: I thought so too until I saw the photo! Granted Brandon was dressed like the Boss Nass and Britney was dressed like, who I thought was Grand Moff Tarkin, but was apparently Natasi Daala!

Roeper cocks an eyebrow.

Roeper Hart: Wasn't she...

Jake Starr: Yes she is who you were referred to as when I ran the whole ~*"Grand Admiral"*~ Thrawn gimmick with the blue paint...

Roeper is taken aback.

Roeper Hart: ... Umm I was going to say wasn't she Tarkin's protege, but ok... Bring up that STELLAR moment in your career ha ha!

Jake stares back at his wife. He knows that moment in his career wasn't one of the shining periods.

Jake Starr: We all had to do what we had to do to get by!

Roeper continues to snicker.

Roeper Hart: I know! But I couldn't resist!

Jake just shakes his head, and returns to the story on Evans's marriage.

Jake Starr: ANYWAY! So he married Grand Moff Tarkin, and then they both woke up the next morning, in a pool of more combined vomit I might add...

Roeper Hart: GOOD GOD!

Jake Starr: ... Yeah! Britney had no clue who he was, and wondered why she was wearing a ring she saw in the quarter-toys dispenser in the children’s arcade. Brandon said he wondered how he ended up scoring with Britney Spears, and then they both found the certificate, and she ran to have it annulled before he could try and get anything out of the deal.

Roeper Hart: That's just a sad story!

Jake cocks an eyebrow at his wife.

Jake Starr: How the hell so?

Roeper Hart: That he would do that!

Jake Starr: Oh... I thought you meant that Britney resembled Grand Moff Tarkin!

The two laugh. Roeper's laugh slows down as she thinks she remembers something.

Roeper Hart: Now wait wait wait... I thought she married some other guy!

Jake Starr: Oh! Yeah that was a dude her people flew in a paid off in order to keep the photo of her looking like an old disheveled man under wraps. If that leaked, all hell would have broken loose.

Roeper Hart: So instead they let the story of her shaving her head and such?

Jake Starr: That's a hard fiasco to hide!

Roeper Hart: I guess that's true!

Even though he is a little more at ease with knowing Evans has a history of vanishing like this, Jake is still uneasy about once again being seemingly alone among the hunted in Supreme Championship Wrestling. He knows how easy it was for him to be seen as a sitting duck prior to Evans's arrival.

Jake Starr: I just hope he shows up sooner than later...

Roeper Hart: I'm sure he will! Besides... Didn't I hear you mention you have some other irons in the fire right now?

Jake Starr: Maybe... That is if Thorn and Helms are wise about things, and if my other one lights up too, I should be very well off then.

Roeper is shocked hearing of another besides that of Thorn and Helms.

Roeper Hart: Another?!

Jake Starr: Yeah... But nothing is certain yet! That's why I don't like Evans going all AWOL on me like this. Drives me bat-sh!t crazy!

Roeper Hart: It'll be ok!

Jake Starr: All I know is... It better be some damn good story. I'm talking celebrity sex, drugs, rock and roll, strap-ons, you name it!

Roeper Hart: Strap-ons?!

Jake Starr: Yeah! It'd make for a hell of a story!

Roeper just stares at her husband, completely shocked to hear what he just said. The scene fades out as Jake decides it has been enough time since he last tried to get a hold of Evans, and begins to try using various means. Roeper sighs knowing Jake is ultimately worrying for no valid reason, and needs to turn his attention to the final show of the year. She knows continually worrying about something other than his final match of 2009 could lead to less-than-stellar results. She knows this week is going to be a long one if Brandon continues to be a phantom, and Jake continues to search.

Jake Starr: The other one I get the "pleasure," if you want to call it that, of defending my championship against is someone who is probably coming into this match still a little bitter.

Since I love history lessons, here's another...

Hurse was one of the ass-kissers of FORMER World Champion, whom I proved to be a sham, James Exeter. All you ever saw was Hurse and his viral video-namesake companion following Exeter around, kissing his ass, praising him, worshiping him, rubbing on his man titties, and hoping someday they'd be seen as "superstars" as well, simply by association. From there, Exeter decided their mouths weren't juicy enough for his flaccid penis, and opted to go running to Damian Angel, completely turning his back on the corpse-chariot, and putrid 80s reference friend.

After that, truthfully, I didn't hear much from them. Kind of like Exeter, you know... They got the shaft from him, they vanished, much like Exeter did when he was finally proven to be a phony. So maybe their breakup was a sham as well? Maybe they all decided to run to one of those 3 states that allow gay marriage, get married, then one by one can come back, and announce their union to the world?

Oh well... It was a thought!

Anyway... So Hurse vanishes, convinces people he is deserving of a title shot even though nobody has seen or heard from him in ages, and BOOM there you go, you're in.

Wow it must pay to be friends with the "cool kids" in times like this!

So what do I have to look forward to with a guy like this "Carrier of Death?" Supposedly he's talented. Supposedly he actually can perform in the ring. Supposedly he has been successful in his own right. Too bad it's all been elsewhere than here. See, everyone clamors about the successes Hurse has had in other organizations. Everyone tells me how GREAT he is, how WONDERFUL he is, how STELLAR he is, how SMART he is, how FUNNY he is, and you know what? I haven't seen it HERE!

See... Here's the deal with me. I don't spend my time going to other organizations, and listening to their promos, watching their matches, seeing if they really "stack up" to Supreme Championship Wrestling, and trying to see who I should look out for down the road. The way I look at it... Every other organization is a piece of SH!T. If I wanted to be one of those people who based EVERYTHING on what someone did ELSEWHERE, trust me, I wouldn't be looking to some of the Godforsaken places I've been directed around here.

Holy Christ are they brutal!

If people want to base their opinions on other places, trust me, what people have seen around outside of SCW is elementary school compared to the worlds I've been in. Do I need to rattle them off for people? No! I don't waste my time talking about anything but what's in front of me. I don't waste my time relying on what people do elsewhere because, in the end, it's not where I am. I'm not a member of the "Idiots Wrestling Carnival," or is it the "Isle of Wrestling Cadavers," am I? Why should I care what he has done over there.

If it's so great, why hasn't he done it in the world of the SUPREME?

Is it that he is too busy to work it into his schedule? Or could it be that maybe, just maybe, the talent level he knows he is capable of matching his skills against faces a sharp decline once you go to that side of the tracks?

Whatever the case may be, he hasn't amassed any success here in SCW. I did my research, and I haven't found SH!T! So why was he voted in, I wonder?

Ah yes... The whole friends with the "in crowd" part!

I guess I should just accept that people like myself and Evans won't ever be considered part of that clique, and in the end, thank God! These fans are sheltered from it, but the pandering that goes on behind the scenes between people is just gross sometimes! Makes me want to vomit!


I know people like Hurse well. They rely on these people worshiping their successes elsewhere, to help intimidate those they see ahead of them. He hopes that by me hearing all of these horror stories about how great he is, I'll actually be worried he could take this title from me. That will not be the case at all.

Like I said, the stock I put in his successes in other locales are pretty much zero. Especially since people like Porno Lad and Ace Marshall are actually revered there as well! That should give you an idea about how "talented" that menagerie is.

You have to show me personally that you are legit, and what people say about you is worthy of me believing it. Where would I have seen that? Where would I have even encountered that? Was it during the comical banter between him and the one who'll "Never give you up?" Was I supposed to see it when Exeter actually booted them to the curb? I can't find these "successes" I'm supposed to have witnessed, and worried about.

Oh that's right... Because when it comes to SUPREME CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING, they just don't exist!


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