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With time waning before Jake Starr, once again, puts his Adrenaline Championship on the line, he has continued to do everything he can to keep himself relaxed.

He knows what this match means to Blake Mason.

He knows what the Adrenaline Championship can do for someone's career.

It is this very championship that catapulted Jake from another newcomer to the ranks of Supreme Championship Wrestling, to a CHAMPION within the same ranks. It boosted him from a nobody, to an immediate somebody.

He's a somebody who everyone wants to dethrone.

As the longest standing champion currently in SCW, Jake knows he is a marked man, and he enjoys it. He enjoys knowing that he is the one garnering the most attention out of the locker room. Everyone wants to be the one to hold the bragging rights of knocking Jake Starr off his high horse as champion.

Jake knows every title match could be his last.

With all of the "knowns" there are some unknowns in this match as well. Blake Mason is getting his first legitimate chance at stardom in SCW. He has grown in popularity with his allegiance to Katie Steward, and hopes by dethroning the man who ruined her dream of being SCW Champion, he can continue to grow into her good graces.

With that added pressure, how will he react?

How will he handle it?

Will he be able to overcome the emotion of being head-to-head with the NUMBER ONE superstar in SCW, and pull of the epic upset to which he has already laid claim? Or will he encounter the same fate as the previous contenders have, and fall?

Will he allow the worry of upsetting Katie effect him?

Ultimately these unknowns will not become "knowns" until Breakdown, and until then, Jake doesn't dwell on them. He has made a career of keeping his composure in the midst of any and all adversity.

Today is no different.

As he sits back on his couch watching highlights from last night's Dallas Stars/Carolina Hurricanes match, Brandon Evans meanders behind him. Brandon has been constantly searching for something, and Jake doesn't have a clue. Brandon knocks over some of the bartending setup behind Jake, and Jake turns around. Brandon quickly looks up at Jake as if he hasn't done anything, but the SCW Champion knows better, and finally decides to try and get to the bottom of what his compatriot is up to.

Jake Starr: What the hell are you doing?

Brandon Evans: Dude where are all the munchies?

Jake Starr: What do you mean?

Brandon Evans: Like... I know you had snack food out the ass before, but now it's seemingly vanished! Got anymore?

Jake Starr: Dude... You ate EVERY THING we had, snack wise!

Brandon Evans: Did not!

Jake Starr: Dude... Yeah you did!

Brandon looks completely confused.

Brandon Evans: And WHEN did I supposedly eat all of said snacks? I damn sure don't recall this!

Jake looks back at Brandon shocked that he is denying any knowledge of gorging through Jake's snack food.

Jake Starr: Seriously?

Brandon Evans: Yeah!

Jake Starr: You don't remember?

Brandon Evans: How many times must I say I don't?!

Jake Starr: It all began after your initial loss to Thorn, and then begin to go through the roof after the losses to Stewie and Wellacher.

Brandon Evans: Whatever...

Jake Starr: You seriously don't remember?

Brandon begins to get agitated at the repeated inquiry.

Brandon Evans: NO!

Jake Starr: Ok... So you're telling me that you have no recollection of stuffing your face with a gallon-full of ice cream after you lost to Thorn?

Brandon Evans: No...

Jake is shocked.

Jake Starr: Really?! Wow... Umm... What about drinking all of my cheap liquor I keep for entertaining people that come by?

Brandon Evans: Nope! I just remember having a couple drinks of the Jim, Jack, Jose, Johnny, and DiSaronno...

Jake Starr: Dude that was ALL I had! You polished off every bottle I had!

Brandon Evans: Nah... I don't think I was responsible!

Jake Starr: You probably wouldn't remember that binge!

Brandon Evans: Wha?

Jake Starr: You'd be so lit from all that alcohol, you'd be in a drunken stuper!

Brandon Evans: Nah!

Jake Starr: Yeah!

Brandon shrugs off the notion.

Jake Starr: Alright... This one... A few weeks ago when Roeper got the urge to bake cookies...

Brandon smiles remembering said cookies.

Brandon Evans: Mmm!

Jake Starr: Yeah... You ate every last one of those!

Brandon Evans: Damn good cookies!

Brandon looks back at Jake from his daydream of the cookies.

Brandon Evans: Yeah no clue about those either!

Jake's face-palms at Brandon's pseudo-denial.

Jake Starr: Oh God!

Jake takes a deep breath and makes one more attempt at jogging the memory of his friend.

Jake Starr: ... Ok how about this... You remember just the other day when I caught you out here having just devoured your THIRD BOX of Oreos, and watching chick flicks?!

Brandon's eyes become filled with anger. He storms over to Jake and puts his finger directly in the face of the SCW Champion.

Brandon Evans: WHAT... THE... FUCK?! You and I BOTH know I would never ONCE be caught dead eating THREE BOXES of Oreos! Admit it!

Jake cannot believe what he just heard. Did Brandon admit to the chick flicks, and refute the cookies?

Has he gone senile?

Jake sits, staring at his partner, completely befuddled.

Jake Starr: Wait wait wait... I think I heard you wrong, WHAT did you say?

Brandon Evans: I said you and I both know I wouldn't ever eat three BOXES of Oreos!

Jake shakes his head completely shocked at the verification he just received from Brandon.

Jake Starr: Did you just admit to the chick flicks?

Brandon pulls back.

Brandon Evans: What?

Jake Starr: Do I have to repeat every question I ask?!

Brandon glares back.

Brandon Evans: Yes! I was watching them! Everyone is in need of a good cry every now and then! It's healthy for the human body!

Jake simply is stunned.

Brandon Evans: ... Think about it. We both know you shed a tear at the end of "Old Yeller." We both know that when Whitney Houston comes running out of the plane to kiss Kevin Costner in "The Bodyguard," you got that fuzzy feeling inside. And don't even get me STARTED on "My Girl" and "Steel Magnolias!"

Jake Starr: When the f_ck did you become a woman?!

Brandon Evans: Shut up ass! I'm just getting in touch with my sensitive side!

Jake Starr: Yeah... Your ass-is-sensitive side, from getting plowed by angry black inmates!

Brandon Evans: F_ck you dick!

Jake smirks.

Jake Starr: Do I need to get you a dress, and have SCW rework your contract to be for Bran-donna Evans?

Brandon sarcastically replies.

Brandon Evans: Ha ha! Very funny asshole!

Jake Starr: Ha ha! I sure as hell thought so!

Brandon Evans: You're the only one!

Jake laughs again.

Jake Starr: Is your penis retracting too? Soon you'll have a vagina with a huge clit instead of your cock and balls!

Brandon Evans: Shut the f_ck up!

Jake Starr: Next thing you know, you'll be the newest female member of the Social Misfits and SCW! That is, unless you decide to be a guy again, and allow your dick to prolapsed back out in the open where it belongs!

Brandon Evans: I seriously feel like punching you right now!

The threat from Brandon falls on deaf ears. Jake continues on.

Jake Starr: Best part is... You won't have any use for that jock strap and pesky cup anymore!

Brandon looks off to the side annoyed.

Jake Starr: ... Maybe Katie can loan you whatever she uses to protect her gender-neutral self!

Brandon finally has enough and storms out of the room. Jake quickly jumps up and yells at his friend as he disappears down the hallway.

Jake Starr: C'mon puddin', don't get mad! Come back and we can watch "Ghost" together. I'll sing "Unchained Melody" to you! Ha ha ha!

From around the corner of the hallway, Brandon extends his hand and flips Jake the bird. Jake falls back onto his couch in boisterous laughter. It is also with those words the Social Misfits cap their preparations for Breakdown, and begin gearing up for their respective matches. Jake knows, amidst the joking and fun antics, he has a serious defense in front of him against Blake Mason. He also knows that with Mason, most likely, comes Team Desire, and his night could be a long one. He hopes that Evans, and his insurance policies come through, as he hopes to add another name to the growing list of opponents who've tried to dethrone him from the ranks of the Adrenaline Division.

Jake Starr: You know... Since I really took the time to sit back, and tried to make an attempt to absorb the nonsense Blake Mason decided to defecate from his mouth, I realize more and more he is one of those few people I can legitimately say is beneath me.

To begin with, this notion that he and his BDSM bimbo are adequate role models for the fans of Supreme Championship Wrestling completely boggles my mind. A role model is someone who people can look up to. A role model is someone people can aspire to be like. Where do he and Stewie fall into that category? She's a schizophrenic hooch, and he's an abysmal excuse for a contender for ANY championship that wouldn't be classified as a belt for those people who's job it is to fill time prior to the TALENTED ones performing.

Since he's come here, he's accomplished nothing. He's won two matches, supposedly, and yet, acts like he is the shining star of SCW. Since coming to Supreme Championship Wrestling THIS YEAR, I've exponentially surpassed him. Even if you take the time difference into account between my reign here versus his, the results are substantial. In my first TEN matches I only amassed ONE loss. He's been in, what, six or so, and has a sub-.500 record? Where is the "role model" qualities in that record? Does he expect people live up to his potential, and aspire to be less than par? Since when does worse than par mean success?

See, let me explain role models here. Role models are the people in this world who show those who may not be as gifted or talented that, should they give it their all, should they continue to try, eventually victory will come their way, or they will achieve whatever goal they have set out to conquer. A role model is someone that another individual can say "Hey, I want to be like that guy," because "that guy" has proven to be successful.

Where does Blake Mason fit into that description? Listen to that description and TRY and convey a reason he actually should be considered valid as a role model? He's a sub-par performing, non-achieving, douche. His claim to fame is being railed in the keister by Stewie, while having his penis in his own mouth. It's not something to be praised here. He thinks that because he can fine-tune his every word he actually has the where-with-all to think he is in MY league?

The logic here is flawed to the nth degree.

There is no true rhyme or reason for ANYONE to take him seriously, or even consider him a role model. It's inane to believe someone of his diluted mentality should even utter those words. It's proof he really doesn't have a CLUE what a real role model is.

Another thing that I just... Wow... I just can't get past is his seemingly religious outlook on this business. I mean, I went back and actually listened to his horse-sh!t "talkeys" he's thrown out there, and I just can't get over how much of a prophetic wannabe is truly is.

Every time I have taken precious time away from my life to actually try and sit through him babbling on and on about how Katie is a Goddess, and he worships her, and he sucked the penis of her statue, and he has a shrine to her, it just begins to sound... Redundant.

Take his match with, well, the "Artist Formerly Known As Stephen Strange." You know what he said about that guy? Well if the world didn't get their auditory senses blessed by this drivel, which I hope is the case, it sounded a lot like what he said about me. You know the whole "You're a disgrace... You don't deserve... You aren't hung like Katie," you know... The same thing! I'm beginning to wonder if he just doesn't have anything relative to say, if he doesn't realize he is saying the same thing over and over, or if he's just completely devoid of coming up with anything creative to say towards his opponent.

How does he expect to be perceived as "talented" when it just sounds like a record with a skip right in the middle of the worst song on it, and won't go any further? Or if your CD of "To the Extreme" by Vanilla Ice gets a scratch, and you can't get passed the extra ting. I get that he is hell bent on trying to just make himself out to be this superior superstar, but you kind of have to back up all of the talk. That is one thing he has YET to do. He hasn't backed up his constant gum flapping with anything substantial.

Oh well...

Finally, in his quest to become the "new hotness" of Supreme Championship Wrestling, you have to really delve into the people he is hoping to surround himself with.

Now, I know what a lot of people are thinking... This is the same thing I said about his religious obsession with Stewie, and in one sense, it may be, but for the most part, yeah, I don't think so.

He is hoping to join this conglomerate of sh!t that is trying to captivate SCW, and become something, I don't know, meaningful? Team Desire, lead by "sHis" royal failure, Stewie, and for some reason, Mason feels this is the epitome of success here. What is funny, however, is the two share a very similar track record as of late in SCW. Katie, in her infinite wis-DUMB, has failed THREE TIMES at getting the belt she obsesses over, and doesn't deserve. Mason, he has tried SIX times to amass a winning record.

Both have ended up in failure.

Then you look at the rest of that brood that he hopes to join, and it seems every week there's someone new. How can you POSSIBLY keep up with that many irrelavent people, think you're going to be successful when the "core" of this menagerie changes like Tiger Woods does women? Blake Mason wants to be one of the rotating crop of failures in that bunch? Is it because he feels he is equal? Does he want to assume control of the group, by first sucking up to the self-proclaimed "Goddess?" Whatever his reasoning is, does he not realize he's asking to become part of a sty of swine that, well, sucks?

Whatever the case may be for this uncanny desire to garner the attention of, well, Team Desire, makes no sense to me, nor to anyone else for that matter.

It is suffice to say that regardless of his babbling, it will all be shown to be a bunch of big talk, and no walk. It will show that this kid is merely a little child in my big world. He and Stewie can have their little tryst, they can worship the grounds they each walk on, they can reenact "2 Girls 1 Cup" together, they can do whatever, but when it comes to Jake Starr, they don't even come close to playing on my level. Deep down, they know it. And they also know the fans are just as aware. They know the fans know what they like, and know talent when they see it. They don't, and won't ever, see any talent in that pair unless they see the x-rated video that mysteriously pops up down the road... Then they may have me beat! Lord knows I can't compete with a "Him" and a "SHim!"


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