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There are many trials and tribulations one must face when he or she holds two championship belts in a single wrestling organization.

To begin with, there are the obligations a champion has as a representative for the organization. He/she must go out to publicity events, promote the company, and show why they are truly the champion. When one gets two belts, those obligations double.

Another thing a double-champion must do is watch their backs doubly-hard. No longer are they being chased by individuals hoping to attain one specific championship, they're chased by individuals looking at one or both.

Everyone wants to be the one to dethrone the king!

If a superstar wants to be considered legit for both championships, they cannot allow themselves to focus solely on one or the other. Inevitably one belt will rank of higher importance to the other, and history tells us it is human nature to begin to ignore the award that brings less stature.

For Jake Starr, he hopes to not fall into that trap.

All along his journey to become SCW Champion, he has held the Adrenaline Championship. He has known the potential to become a double-champion has been there, and has strived to achieve it. He's wanted to become the most dominant superstar to ever hold the Adrenaline Championship, and also cement his legacy as one of the most glorified World Champions this organization has ever seen.

He gets his chance to prove that he can handle the pressure at Breakdown.

With the drama surrounding Katie Steward and his SCW Championship, Jake knew he couldn't forget about the belt that helped him garner the attention of the masses. With the attack he suffered at the hands of Blake Mason, Sasha Drachewych has given Mason the opportunity to stop the freight train in the Adrenaline Division that has steamrolled everyone who has tried to derail it.

Even with this title shot looming, Jake is keeping his calm.

He sits in his living room sifting through the mail, with his wife next to him. As he encounters bills, he tosses them her way, and then stumbles on a letter with a return address that brings a special light to his eyes. He slowly begins to smile, and tears the letter open. Roeper is stunned by this ravaging of the mail, and quickly begins to inquire as to the reasoning behind it.

Roeper Hart: Umm... Why did you just open that letter like that?

Jake Starr: If it's what I think it is...

Jake pulls the letter out, and quickly reads through it.

Jake Starr: YES!!!!

Roeper is completely taken aback by the exclamation.

Roeper Hart: Something good I take it?

Jake Starr: You have NO IDEA how long I've been waiting for this! I can't believe it!

Roeper's mind quickly jumps back to the last incident where Jake got excited, and automatically assumes this is another similar situation.

Roeper Hart: Whatever that says, if it results in cheap champagne being strewn about my house, you're dead!

Jake quickly begins to reject her assumption.

Jake Starr: No no no! It's nothing like that! This is something BIG!

Roeper Hart: If it has anything to do with the Google Nexus, you're retarded for getting that excited!

Jake Starr: I just said it's nothing like that!

Roeper Hart: Yeah... Sure...

Roeper continues to glare at Jake.

Jake Starr: Babe! Seriously!

Roeper Hart: Does it involve Brandon?

Jake Starr: Well.. Yeah!

Roeper Hart: Then it definitely can't be good for my carpet!

Jake's excitement ceases.

Jake Starr: I'm serious!

Roeper rolls her eyes, and takes a deep breath.

Roeper Hart: I know I'm going to regret this... Tell me what it is then!

Jake's excitement returns as he prepares to tell his wife.

Jake Starr: Ok... So a month or so ago I got a call from the Dallas Stars asking if Brandon and I would be interested in possibly coming down and being the special guests for the night. I obviously said yes, and they said they'd be mailing me all of the information when they got the dates worked out. I thought, since it had been so long, they had decided not to, but apparently not!

Roeper's eyes widen in shock.

Roeper Hart: OH! Wow... Yeah that is actually something to be excited about!

Jake nods quickly.

Roeper Hart: I'm glad for you honey!

Jake Starr: Me too! This is going to be sweet!

From the side of the frame Brandon is seen entering the room very gingerly. Both Jake and Roeper look up at him, and notice his seemingly fragile state.

Roeper Hart: You ok?

Jake Starr: Yeah you look kind of rough dude!

Brandon eases himself down onto a chair.

Brandon Evans: Ever take a dump, and then feel like you've been the victim of a prison rape?

Roeper's eyes jolt open in shock, and Jake begins to chuckle.

Jake Starr: No but I have had to sh!t so bad my feet hurt!

Roeper Hart: Seriously?! WHAT... THE... F_CK?!

Both Brandon and Jake look at Roeper in shock.

Jake Starr: That's his line!

Roeper gets disgusted with the talk about using the toilet, and gets up and storms out of the room. Brandon leans back in his chair, gazes down the hall Roeper is storming down, and hollers...

Brandon Evans: You know I was just curious!!

He slowly leans back forward.

Brandon Evans: She's touchy sometimes!

Jake Starr: Women!

Brandon Evans: Right!

From the other room Roeper's voice is heard.

Roeper Hart: I HEARD THAT!

Jake cringes that his wife heard his comment, but both men chuckle anyway.

Brandon Evans: Your ass is going to be in trouble!

Jake Starr: Shut the f_ck up! Look at this...

Jake then pulls the letter out he received to show Brandon, and tell them about the event they were invited to. Brandon is stoked, seeing as how he has not been to a game, and actually paid attention. He hopes this time will be the time he actually begins to understand Jake's obsession with the sport, and possibly begins to enjoy it himself. Jake also knows these moments of excitement may be short-lived, seeing as he must soon focus 100% of his attention on the likes of Blake Mason, and his attempt to take away the championship he has coveted for nearly nine months.

Jake Starr: With all of the hoopla surrounding my SCW Championship over the past couple of weeks, I think a temporary change of focus is going to do me some good. See, my whole concern has been over that dumb bitch and her entourage taking my SCW Championship, and I completely forgot, I'm not just ONE champion, but TWO!

Thankfully, Sasha reminded me of that, with this upcoming match at Breakdown.

Unfortunately, I have no clue who it's against!

Brandon yells at Jake from off-camera, and is barely audible to the microphone.

Voice of Brandon Evans: It's against Blake Mason!

Jake's eyes look to the side of the camera, presumably at Brandon.

Jake Starr: Who?

Voice of Brandon Evans: Blake Mason!

Jake Starr: I heard that part... Who is he?

Voice of Brandon Evans: The guy that cold-cocked you at Breakdown... The one obsessed with Steward!

Jake Starr: The gay one?

Voice of Brandon Evans: There's just one?

Jake laughs.

Jake Starr: Well presuming Blake Mason is the mentally-challenged individual who blindsided me at Breakdown, and professed his undying love for Katie, I don't understand the point of him in a match with me, let alone for my Adrenaline Championship, but nevertheless, he is lucky someone thought he was talented enough to share a ring with me, and whomever that person is, will realize he isn't worth of wiping my ass after a sh!t laden with nothing but stew meat and bile.

... Ahem...

Now, this Mason character seemingly has this religious-like obsession with Steward. Why? I haven't a clue. To begin with she's a mentally-inept bimbo with the IQ equivalent to that of a stool-sample. Thusly, he too must share the same lack of mental prowess, if he worships her so.

This is especially true since he has this claim, and apparent false bravado, that he is a man of religion. Somehow he believes that religion, loyalty, respect, and honor have some connection to one another. He has no idea what he is talking about. He referred to Katie as SCW's "idol," and then referred to himself as a man of religion. What he is, is a man of no true religious education. See... There is a passage that states:

"I am the LORD your God... You shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth. You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God" (Exodus 2:2-5)

... Which means that if he is truly a man of the cloth, he is a heretic. And yet he hopes to be the one people "look up to." Tsk tsk tsk!

So what does Mason do when Katie and her brood of estrogen-deprived dummies fail?

Again Brandon chimes in from off-camera.

Voice of Brandon Evans: Don't you mean laden?

Jake Starr: What?

Voice of Brandon Evans: Estrogen-laden?

Jake Starr: No... You're the one who punted her in the twat, and informed me there was twigs and berries. So I figure it applies to all of them!

Voice of Brandon Evans: Oh... Ok!

Jake shakes his head, and continues.

Jake Starr: Anyway... He seemingly feels this is his way to garner her love and attention. He thinks that if he were to swoop in, and take out the "big, bad, man," who keeps ruining her fantasy land, he'll become her new favorite person. Unfortunately for him, he is blinded by her plastic surgery, and in love with the beast.

Which I think is where I come in! I think maybe, just maybe, he was put into this match to have me knock some sense into his pea brain, and maybe snap him out of this.

Or maybe... Maybe... Oh no!

Jake looks off-camera, again presumably at Evans.

Jake Starr: I think I figured it out! Ok... Get that camera right here, and let's hope Mason listens!

Blake, if you're listening, I know what happened. I know you thought that your "experience" back in the locker room with Katie was something more than it was. But in fact, it wasn't. The reason she made you give her money was because that was the ONLY way she'd actually allow you to have her penis in your mouth... Ew! There wasn't love there! There wasn't "feeling" behind it. It was prostitution between a man and a person of questionable gender. You need to understand nothing you do will change the fact you were merely a piece of ass, and one Katie got money out of!


Ok now that I have cleared that up... Back to the match... And MAYBE a more serious tone...

Mason seemingly thinks he is worthy of this match, when he isn't. He has already begun his celebration, and ordered me to thank him for not wanting my World Championship as well. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't realize what history dictates here in Supreme Championship Wrestling.

Let's begin with his first problem... He's already celebrating like he has won the match. What does history tell us about people who face me, Jake Starr, and celebrate LONG before they even have a chance at actually being in the match with me? It says they lose, badly.

His "idol" is a prime example.

Remember Katie gallivanting around like she had won before she ever set foot in the ring? Remember the whole schizophrenic, trampoline, episode? Yeah, see it doesn't seem to bode well for people having this moment of grandeur before fighting me. It seemingly spells, well, another win for me!

His second moment of retardation was the whole thing about being glad he's not after my SCW Championship. Again, not a smart thing to be proclaiming when your similarities to Nostradamus end at both being human. What does history say about ANYONE going into a match with me when I have a championship on the line? Not a specific championship, ANY championship?

Jake Starr doesn't lose!

If I were going to drop a championship, why would I allow it to happen to someone who hasn't even proved they're worth their weight in lubricating jelly? It just won't happen!

Now, I must admit, he DID have a moment of truthfulness out there. He did openly admit I am a misfit. It's unfortunate he didn't CORRECTLY refer to me as what I truly am, a SOCIAL MISFIT, but I'll give him credit, he does know what he's getting into.

Oh well...

Looking at all of these factual findings, maybe he and Katie should end up together. Neither of them have the foggiest clue about how UNtaleneted they both are, and both seemingly have a complete LACK of ability to be rational, coherent, and point-driven when they speak. Oh and another thing that they'll have in common, come Breakdown, they'll both have suffered a deflating loss to THE champion of Supreme Championship Wrestling, Jake Starr!


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