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The days are numbered until Jake Starr's next match within the walls of Supreme Championship Wrestling. There is no doubt he has been the hottest star currently on the SCW roster, and he hopes the streak continues this week at Breakdown. He, once again, will enter the ring against a man whom he has met once before. This time it's again Leon "The Specter" Logan. Logan has been in a slump as of late, and Jake hopes to extend it. Nevertheless, the seemingly regular result of not hearing from his opponent until right before the match, if at all, has Jake and his crew befuddled. It is a rarity for them to not hear from an opponent on a such a regular basis. Could it be intimidation? Could it be fear? It is unknown. Regardless of the reasoning, the questions surrounding them are abundant.

Shawn Wright: Ok... So I have a question...

Jake Starr: Ok?

Shawn Wright: Why is it your opponents have, almost habitually, sat it completely and utter silence?

Jake Starr: I have wondered the same thing! I'm used to guys coming out of the wood work to do their best to lambast me...

Shawn Wright: That's what I am used to as well!

Jake Starr: Oh well... If I were "The Specter," I'd be running scared too!

Shawn Wright: You think maybe he's a fan of John Cage?

Jake does a double-take to Shawn's obscure reference.

Jake Starr: The American composer?!

Shawn Wright: Yeah!

Jake Starr: Holy s#it! Where did you pull that one out of your ass from?

Shawn Wright: His silence...

Jake Starr: Ok... And...?

Shawn Wright: And what did John Cage become famous for?

Jake Starr: Oh my God! You made a "4:33" reference for this tool?

Shawn Wright: Yes I did dammit!

Jake Starr: Do you not realize who this fool is? He isn't intelligent enough to understand a reference to something as brilliant as that!

Shawn Wright: Apparently neither did you!

Jake Starr: No I just don't put on my "smarty hat" when I deal with someone like this guy...

Shawn Wright: Oh well...

Jake Starr: Logan, as the clichÈ goes, your silence is deafening. The fact you haven't even uttered a peep about our upcoming match just defines the fact that you are scared. You know you are physically outmatched, and more importantly, you're mentally outmatched. I can tell that you're finally beginning to question your own abilities here. You're beginning to wonder if you have bitten off way more than you can chew. In a nutshell, I have said it many times, the answer is yes. SCW is an established organization that has always prided itself on the talent it has been able to acquire. It has prided itself on the fact that, unlike many other organizations I have been affiliated with, it has withstood the test of time. This is not just another place. It is THE place. This is a birthplace and home of champions. You, sadly, are not someone who will ever be able to fit into that category. Every time I turn on the television or pick up the phone, I hope to hear you have at least broken your silence about our upcoming match. Each time, I am sadly shown otherwise.

Jake returns to his conversation with Shawn.

Shawn Wright: I sincerely doubt we'll see any breaking of the silence!

Jake Starr: That makes two of us!

Shawn Wright: Maybe we will get lucky and we'll see him fly in on his little hovercraft?

Jake Starr: Oh God!

Shawn Wright: Exactly! I honestly get the severe deuce chills every time he "emerges" from his little space ship...

Jake Starr: Is that what that smell is?

Shawn Wright: It's got to be!

Jake Starr: I thought you just had bad manners and liked to fart a lot...

Shawn Wright: It could be that too!

Jake Starr: Holy s#it dude...

Jake resumes commenting about his opponent at Breakdown.

Jake Starr: I went back and took another look at your matches here in SCW, hoping I would see something that would make me feel like I would have some kind of challenge ahead of me. I focused heavily on your ONE WIN. You remember that match don't you? You wrestled Eric Anderson, arguably the greatest jobber in wrestling history, and you won. I looked deeply into the action. I looked for the ray of hope that you put the faith of your career in. I never saw it. I never saw what it is that continues to drive you to think you belong here. What is it exactly? Is it your fancy, 80s hair metal, stage show, that is your entrance? Is it your UFO that should have been a prop in a Spinal Tap stage show? Is your UFO hunting Stonehenge with midgets parading around it? It can't be anything you have demonstrated in the ring. Yeah you won in your opening match, and since then you have proceeded to do a gainer right into the middle of the ring. The mat has gotten this imprint of your face right into its padding, and trust me it's not memory foam.

Once again, the conversation with Shawn resumes.

Shawn Wright: I swear this guy hit a brick wall...

Jake Starr: No kidding! Quick starter, and then nothing!

Shawn Wright: Oh well. Easier for you right?

Jake Starr: Yeah. He's one of those guys that should be in a gym helping the REAL wrestlers get back into shape and ready to fight again.

Shawn Wright: Yeah, but unfortunately, 98% of those guys still have this belief that they have some inkling of talent, and can "make it" in the big time.

Jake Starr: Yep! I believe it... This is the kind of guy who should be in a high school gym performing in front of like 10 people.

Shawn Wright: And most likely an equal number of teeth in the audience...

Jake Starr: Ha ha!

Shawn Wright: Those shows always end up in the most back-woodsy areas of the world.

Jake Starr: Ouch!

Shawn Wright: It's true! I love the fans, but the has-beens and never-will-bes like him always end up performing in areas of the world that aren't the most popular...

Jake Starr: And also the ones that seemingly love to continually rebuild right in the heart of Tornado Alley?

Shawn Wright: Those are the ones!

Jake Starr: Figured as much!

Jake's comments towards Leon Logan continue.

Jake Starr: Why is it you went from having some momentum by beating Anderson, to coming to a complete and utter standstill? When teams or people go into a slump, it's usually a gradual process. In professional sports, usually it starts with a loss, then maybe a win, then a couple more losses, then a win, then finally they go into their big skid. You basically started in the middle of a slump. That is honestly something I have never seen happen before. I have seen guys start out hot and then trail off, but never trail off as they're trying to begin. It is striking to see someone get hired only to fail from the get-go. I mean look at it this way... In business, usually, if you stay in one position your entire life, you eventually hit the proverbial "glass ceiling." Since I know you lack the mental capacity to comprehend what a "glass ceiling" is, let me be courteous and explain... A "glass ceiling" is where you get to a point where you can literally go no higher. It is usually based on pay raises. Usually people in a certain position never make more than a specific amount no matter how hard they work. It can also be a way to talk about someone who can never achieve more than what they have already achieved. This is where that term applies to you. When a victory over someone like Eric Anderson is the pinnacle of a career, it's time to realize you aren't breaking through your "glass ceiling," and move on to another gig...

Shawn Wright: Another gig huh?

Jake Starr: Yep!

Shawn Wright: You think he could actually get another gig?

Jake Starr: Hell if Warrior can get another gig, and pretend everyone cares, then I'm sure Alien-Boy here can too.

Shawn Wright: I totally forgot about Warrior's big "return" match...

Jake Starr: He is one of those guys who really did pass his prime, and needs to just go away!

Shawn Wright: On top of that, he's a bloody loon!

Jake takes the chance to mock the wrestling legend by imitating his voice.

Jake Starr: "You know, Warrior says... "

Shawn Wright: The Warrior sucks a fat one!

Jake Starr: C'mon! Warrior and his incoherent tirades rule!

Shawn Wright: "Incoherent" is the only thing that was true in that sentence.

Jake Starr: Oh well...

Shawn Wright: Anyway back to Logan...

Jake Starr: Where were we with him anyway?

Shawn Wright: Somehow relating his lack of skills with Warrior?

Jake Starr: Oh, him wrestling in some s#it hole where he belongs!

Shawn Wright: That's right!

As Jake decides to begin to wrap up his shoot, he decides to last out one final time at his opponent at this upcoming Breakdown.

Jake Starr: Logan... When I look at the big picture here, I realize how irrelevant you really are. You are an insignificant pawn in a game of chess. Oh wait, there isn't any way you could understand that reference... You're a sacrificial lamb, how's that? The herd lead you towards the predators, and while you're back is turned they scamper off and allow you to be eaten. You're job is to boost the egos and emotions of the predators. Predators, like myself, look at you as a simple conquest that, in the long haul is meaningless, but in the short-term, boosts my level of happiness and satisfaction. So when I beat you at Breakdown, it's not going to be something I gloat over and think about for a long time. You're that replaceable in this business. I am proud about beating you AND three other guys at Retribution, and then went on to take this belt right here away from the undeserving hands of Alex Desoubrais Jr. You wouldn't have even come close to winning this belt had you actually snuck out of the Furious Five-Way with a lucky win. You would have embarrassed yourself, and subsequently embarrassed everyone in our match. So face it, you're a menial member of the roster here, and ultimately will compose a lengthy losing record, and piss-poor winning record...

With those final words, Jake ends his comments about Logan, and his match coming up with him at Breakdown. Will Starr's winning streak continue to extend? Will Leon Logan be able to step up and be the first to put a blemish on the record of the SCW Adrenaline Champion? Breakdown holds the answers to the questions everyone is asking... And in just a few short days, everyone will know the answers.

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