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With his first SCW Championship defense looming over the horizon, Jake knows it is time to get his proverbial "game face" on. In front of him stand Katie Steward, a hungry opponent seeking her first SCW Championship, and James Exeter, the man seeking redemption for Jake taking the SCW World Championship from around his waist.

It's a match that doesn't favor Jake in the odds.

Triple threat rules state the champion need-not be pinned to lose the title belt. Needless to say, that rule lingers in Jake's mind.

With both opponents notorious for utilizing "other" means to gain the upper hand, Jake relies on his brethren, from the Social Misfits, to stand by him, and help keep that from occurring. Nevertheless, between Exeter and his contingent, and Katie and her brood, the numbers game isn't in Jake's advantage... Again!

These odds, though, haven't ever derailed him in the past. They have motivated him, and taught him to stand strong, and be mindful of what is happening around him. Although he knows the risks, he hopes that neither Katie nor James are capable of obtaining an upper hand on him prior to their scheduled match.

He does know, however, the likelihood of either of them actually playing "fair," is slim to none.

Jake Starr: As I stand here, and I look at what's ahead, I realize my tough times truly are ahead of me.

To begin with, being the World Champion isn't something that is a mere walk in the park. It comes with responsibility. It comes with responsibilities neglected by the past couple of champions. See this championship means you have to stand up and be respected by your peers. You have to show you are worthy of holding it. That worthiness is NOT dictated by wins alone. Anyone could string wins together, but not deserve a World Championship. Anyone could get lucky once, and win a World Championship. Look at David Arquette, for example. He won a World Championship with a, once, prestigious wrestling organization, but was never given the respect that accolade usually garners.

James Exeter is another example of this. When he defeated Shawn Winters, there wasn't this gasping of air, and clamoring of praise for him... Well from anyone outside of his clique of the day. Everyone knew he was merely a transitional champion, and a mere pretender. He was fortunate enough to string together some victories that, like it or not, were each marred with controversy. He beat me thanks to assistance from "Captain Hypocrisy" Damian Angel, he beat Steward thanks to SOMEONE keeping her brood of broads from turning him into the Gimp from Pulp Fiction, and then he was lucky his arm flopped over me inside of a steel cage. In between those victories, he had nothing. No milestone wins, no surprising comebacks, nothing. He had nothing!

Everyone KNEW it was a matter of time before he simply drifted back into the background, or disappeared all together.

So what does all of that mean? It's simple. Exeter is fortunate enough to have that "rematch clause" built in with being the former World Champion of SCW. He knew that going into every match we had, and openly flaunted it. He waved it around like it was supposed to intimidate me that he would get a rematch should I ever win.

All he was doing, was convincing himself he'd have another chance.

James, himself, knew that his days as champion were slowly grinding to a halt, and so he decided to draw up excuses early, and often. He knew that without said clause, he wouldn't even be in the running anymore. Hell, I forget what he looks like half of the time, because seeing him is such a rarity. I had moments of our last match where I wondered if it was really him, simply because he had been AWOL since we last met in the cage. Hell, my best bet is that he'll be AWOL again for this match.

But we never know, do we? Exeter has proven to be a man who, on occasion, defies the odds, shocks the world, shows up when you least expect it, and also blows the right people in order to help his own cause. So, there is that inkling of a chance.

But I would still bank on him being a phantom... And if that does turn out to be the case, I can definitely say, I called it.

As the scene fades in, both Brandon and Jake are seen walking down a busy sidewalk. Brandon walks, unsure of his final destination, but Jake is well aware.

Jake grabbed his partner and said he had gotten wind of an event they had to attend. Brandon, knowing of Jake's past with "events" worries what this one could be. Regardless of that worry, he agreed to come along.

As they walk, Brandon finally begins to fully inquire as to the nature of this "abduction," and the resulting event they are attending. He hopes that before they get there, he'll know what he is getting into, on the off-chance he needs to make a break to get away from another incident like they had once before.

Brandon Evans: ... Ok where are you taking me this time?

Jake Starr: Dude, this is going to be great!

Brandon Evans: We both know the directions the phrase, "this is going to be great," can lead!

Jake Starr: True... But that's not this time!

Brandon Evans: Then what IS this time?

Jake Starr: We're going to this SPECIAL seminar I heard about!

Brandon freezes in his tracks. Jake continues walking for a couple of steps before he realizes Brandon has frozen. As Jake turns around, Brandon is staring at Jake wide-eyed.

Jake Starr: ... Dude... What's wrong?

Brandon Evans: A seminar?

Jake Starr: Yeah!

Brandon Evans: Is this "seminar" with an 'i,' or "SEMENar" with an 'e?'

Jake Starr: It's with an 'i' stupid!

Jake motions for Brandon to begin walking again. Brandon reluctantly agrees, and the two continue walking towards the convention center where this is to be held.

Brandon Evans: You sure this doesn't involve anything going in, or near, my coolie-hole?

Jake Starr: I promise! Nothing will go near your coolie-hole... That I know of...

Brandon Evans: I really have a hard time EVER believing you... And that is why!

Jake smirks.

Jake Starr: If I remember correctly, you're the one who likes to drag me on your quests for the "Holy Dildo" and Porno Lad.

Brandon Evans: Yeah, and you're the one who drug me to the Hitler rally and...

Brandon looks up, straight ahead, and once again has his eyes wide open.

Brandon Evans: This isn't a seminar on how to be a white supremacist is it?!

Jake Starr: Ha ha! No!

Brandon Evans: Then what in the HELL kind of "seminar" is this?

Jake Starr: It's a MOTIVATIONAL seminar!

Brandon looks over at Jake bewildered.

Brandon Evans: Motivational?

Jake Starr: Yep!

Brandon Evans: Why is it "special" then?

Jake Starr: Because of the speaker! It's not any-ole speaker! It's someone who has made a living off of helping crowds believe his message!

Brandon Evans: I KNEW IT!

Jake looks over at Brandon confused as to his outburst.

Jake Starr: Knew what?

Brandon Evans: Hitler has risen from the dead, and you're taking me to be indoctrinated to his teachings!

This time it is Jake who freezes, but not in terror, in utter shock Brandon had fabricated such an outrageous story.

Jake Starr: NO! You're a moron sometimes!

Brandon Evans: And you're a closeted-Neo Nazi!

Jake goes to respond, and realizes no matter how he replies, he'll imply he is, in fact, a member of the National Socialists Party, from 1930s Germany. Brandon simply grins, and Jake begins to walk again.

Jake Starr: ... No this speaker is an Oscar nominated actor!

Brandon Evans: Oh? Really?

Jake Starr: Yeah! It's not just some "Tom, Dick, or Harry," off of the street!

Brandon Evans: ... Although I'm sure they'd motivate me!

Jake Starr: Yeah... To suck dick for booze!

Brandon Evans: Ew!

Jake Starr: That's what homeless people do!

Brandon Evans: Umm... Let me reiterate... Ew!

Jake looks down at his phone to check the time. After doing so, his pace hastens, and is very apparent to his compatriot.

Brandon Evans: DUDE! What's the f_cking hurry all of a sudden?

Jake Starr: We're going to be late! And I want to get a good seat!

Brandon Evans: Jesus! You and your obsession with getting the good seats!

Jake Starr: Hey! I like to be able to enjoy whatever it is I'm watching or listening to from a comfortable distance! Besides, I know this thing is going to be PACKED!

Brandon's level of intrigue begins to rise. The thought of being "motivated" by an Oscar nominated actor is something he has never contemplated before. He hasn't quite decided if that excites him, or it's the fact he'll actually be meeting an Oscar nominated actor for the first time.

As the pair approach the convention center, the parking lot is noticeably empty. Jake checks his phone to make sure he didn't read the time wrong, and also check the note he left himself. Both confirm they have arrived at the proper time for the scheduled event.

Brandon Evans: Damn... I hope everyone decided to walk, like we did!

Jake has a serious look of concern on his face as the two slowly approach the door. The lack of vehicles have Jake concerned the event had been cancelled, and he was really looking forward to it. They notice two men in sport coats standing at the entrance to the convention center, and slowly begin to approach. As they reach the two gentlemen, they inquire as to the status of the seminar. Elated, the two men quickly rush Brandon and Jake in, and immediately prepare to seat them.

While one of the two men walks into the auditorium to scour out a good seat for the pair, the other man begins telling the two Misfits how excited he is they showed up. He mentions that they were worried about the turnout for the event, and the pair have now officially made the event worth-while.

The man who had walked into the room this was being held quickly comes back out to the waiting area. He motions for Brandon and Jake to hastily follow him so they can be seated. Jake wastes no time, and Brandon scoots quickly behind him. As the two walk into the room, Jake's big smile turns into shock as the room is completely empty, and filled with empty chairs. They are immediately sat down in the front row, right in the center, and the greeter-man departs.

The doors to the room are shut, and the lights slowly begin to dim, and a spotlight emerges on the stage. An announcer, presumably from the sound booth, begins to announce the guest speaker, as Jake and Brandon wait in anticipation.

Announcer: I would like to thank you all for coming out today for this special motivational seminar. We hope that you are capable of gathering the needed internal positivity you seek thanks to the message from your speaker. Speaking of your speaker, he is an Oscar nominated actor for his role as Buddy Holly, and you may have seen him on Celebrity Fit Club and Celebrity Rehab, here he is, Mr. Gary Busey!

Jake begins to clap, while Brandon sits in shock that they'll be receiving motivational advice from a man suspected of having brain damage from a motorcycle crash.

From stage-left, Gary Busey enters with the spotlight reflecting off of his abnormally large teeth. He smiles directly at both Jake and Brandon, and actually steps off of his platform to come shake the hands of both men. Instead of climbing back onto his platform, he elects to treat this as a personal discussion, due to the lack of people who came. He leans back onto his riser, and begins to make a brief opening statement.

Gary Busey: First off, I would like to personally thank you both for coming to this motivational seminar. I hope you're able to take away the same things I hope to take away today! As you can tell I am Gary Busey. I was an actor, a reality show personality, and now I'm doing motivational speeches, which came on thanks to my assistance in motivating my teams on Rehab and Fit Club. Tell me about yourselves. What profession are you in?

Jake Starr: Sports entertainment!

Brandon Evans: We're wrestlers!

Gary Busey: Wrasslers?!

Brandon Evans: Wrestlers!

Gary Busey: Yeah wrasslers! I think we can tailor this towards your occupation there gentlemen!

Brandon Evans: Goodie!

In the midst of Brandon's obvious sarcasm, Jake seems excited.

Jake Starr: SWEET!

Gary Busey: I want you boys to know ANY word in the world can be a motivational tool for you. You just have to be aware of the motivating aspects that each word possesses! There are some obvious ones out there, like the word TEAM. That means "Together Everyone Achieves More!" It helps to reiterate that we are a species driven to work as a collective rather than as individuals.

Brandon Evans: Like the Borg?

Gary Busey: The who?

Jake Starr: No they're a band...

Brandon Evans: The Borg!

Gary Busey: I'm sorry I'm unfamiliar!

Brandon Evans: Never mind!

Busey elects to move on.

Gary Busey: ... Anyway... Other words can be of motivational usage as well. Take the word DOUBT... Debate On Understanding Bewildering Thoughts.

Brandon looks completely confused.

Gary Busey: It's a mentality that doubt is merely you debating these bewildering thoughts, and having issues processing them. The word FAILING means "Finding An Important Lesson, Inviting Needed Growth!" If you don't immediately succeed at a task, find the underlying lesson, and ask for the growth that lesson brings.

Jake Starr: That's a good tip!

Brandon continues to stare blankly.

Gary Busey: Now... I want you boys to give me a word, and I'll show you how it's positive!

Jake quickly throws a word out there.

Jake Starr: How about LOSERS?!

Gary Busey: Oh that's easy... Letting Others See Everything Related to Stress!

Brandon is annoyed Busey was quick to answer. He decides to try a curve ball.

Brandon Evans: What about ERECTION?

Gary Busey: Ah! A good one! Extreme Rigidity Emanating Constant Turgid Inklings On Negativity! You want to stand strong with your inner feelings, and don't let your doubts and worries sway you!

Brandon is shocked he was able to immediately come up with one. He has to break this man down!

Brandon Evans: Try this... F_CK-TARD!

Gary Busey: Hmm... There is a new one for me! Finding Understanding, Contemplating Kindness, Tasting Acceptance, Receiving Deliverance! These are all major stages in a person's life. They must go through them all to fully believe in themselves. It is a hard process.

As Gary continues on his explanation, Brandon becomes frustrated.

Gary Busey: Let's try one more!

Brandon Evans: DUMBASS!

Gary Busey: Defeating Unknown Members Before A Significant Strike! You, as wrestlers, want to be the puncher, and not be forced to counterpunch. You want to make everyone else play your strategy, instead of you being required to play theirs.

Brandon's head droops in defeat, realizing that Gary Busey is a savant when coming up with acronyms.

Gary Busey: Gentlemen, before we wrap up, I have some parting words for you. These are some words of wisdom I've used in the past, and I hope they aide you, as they have me.

Jake scoots to the front of his chair, and is extremely attentive, while Brandon slouches back, still annoyed.

Gary Busey: Gentlemen... Remember that fear is the dark room where the Devil develops his negatives! When you get lost in those moments of imaginatory vagueness, your foresight will become a nimble vagrant! Use your imagination, as it is the hood ornament on the car of creativity. Lastly, nothing changes like changes, because nothing changes but the changes!

Jake begins to nod, as if completely understanding everything meant by Gary.

Gary Busey: Thank you both for attending. I think to conclude, we share a group hug of positivity!

Brandon's eyes widen, and Jake jumps out of his chair. He grabs Brandon and yanks him up, and throws him into Busey first. Gary wraps his oversized arms around Brandon, and Jake slowly joins in. Both men know that, had they ended up resisting, Gary Busey would likely have gone psychotic, and killed them. Instead of refusing, they know they must just suck it up, and agree.

As Gary oddly embraces both men, the scene slowly fades to black with shots of Brandon's uncomfortable face, and Jake's trying to withhold the laughter. Gary offers the parting words of "I think we made a breakthrough today," as he begins to release his vise-like grip on the Social Misfits.

Jake Starr: ... Now if we look at my two opponents like a coin, Exeter must be heads, and tails must be the hooch herself, Katie Steward.

What is there to say about this self-absorbed, illiterate, illogical, whore, that hasn't already been said?

I touched on this before Breakdown, but every time she opens her mouth, she helps reiterate the fact she is clueless. I'm surprised she remembers her own name half of the time, let alone the actual name of her opponent for the day. I'm wondering if she is convinced she is wrestling Bart Starr for a Super Bowl ring, instead of Jake Starr for the SCW Championship Belt.

I'm telling you, this broad is the drag queen DUNCE of SCW.

She has convinced herself, and in her mental world she lives, that she and her "Bimbo Patrol" will be the next ones running the show in SCW. UNFORTUNATELY for her, and the "Broad Squad," they have a lot to live up to, if they want to be as big and as TALENTED as the Social Misfits.

The differences, however, are emmense when it comes to our respective coteries.

Let's begin with the fact that both Brandon and myself are EXTREMELY active throughout the SCW. Brandon doesn't simply send me out to do the bulk of the work, and then occasionally do something as well. We both stand tall, and both stand proud with our affiliation. "Team Desires VD" seemingly has one person who does everything, then the two sidekicks will occasionally involve themselves, should they actually "Desire..."

... Speaking of "Desires," what is it this plethora of poons actually desires? Is it fame? Is it fortune? Is it each other? WHAT is it? I can't figure it out!


The differences don't end there. Hell, if you broke it down to the tiny bits you, theoretically, could, you'd find the differences are endless. But I'm focusing on the major ones here.

The next difference between these "hooahs" and the Social Misfits is the fact we don't NEED one another to survive. Brandon and I have allowed the Misfits to exist without relying on each other to always be watching the other's back. We pride ourselves on that fact. We pride ourselves knowing individually, we stand tall, together, we never fall. It's a support system, rather than a system of reliance. Katie knows that if these two ass-kissers don't follow her to the ring, or watch ever-so-closely from the back, and come running like the trained puppies they are, she has no chance in hell of emerging victorious.

Look at the facts, when she and Exeter fought, what did she rely on? It wasn't her ability to beat him! It was her little trained K-9s to come scampering down, and "sic-em!" See, unlike Exeter and his cronies, the Misfits ALWAYS are ready for a numbers battle. Whether it's one, two, three, or more, we're always prepared. So if Katie plans on using her system of reliance, and giving the ole "Here girl... Here girl... Get 'em," mentality, I PROMISE we'll be ready. Also, if she thinks those two can out-man Brandon, we have that covered too. We definitely like to believe in equality!

Finally... The last, and probably most important, and obvious, difference between Katie and the "Hack Pack," and the Social Misfits is, simply, talent. It's a difference that, to those who aren't blind or retarded, isn't hard to see. To begin with, the numbers are simply staggering! Katie has won the United States Championship, and the chick's title. The United States reigns were, well, short-lived, and on top of that, she lost to the redneck, incompitant, English-illiterate, Stacy Kissinger...

... Good God could someone please simply send her back to grammar school to learn to speak?! Am I the only one who finds brain cells hard to keep when she has to actually try to sound intelligent with that accent?!

Anyway... Back to my point...

... Katie's record of people to lose to isn't real stellar. She's lost that championship to Kissinger and Donovan Kayl. Hmm... I wonder what they both have in common? Oh yeah, both have been destroyed on multiple occasions by, well, ME! When you do the math on these things, they don't add up to a postive for Katie's chances against me... Oh yeah and Exeter too.

... I keep forgetting he's going to be there too!

Katie's record in the "big matches" has her quite the reputation of being one of those people who comes SO CLOSE, and then returns to where she belongs, in the gutter, like the uneducated, tramp, that she is. This match won't bring out something nobody else has seen, nor will it be the time she has always dreamed of and hoped for. It'll be YET ANOTHER match, where she trips up, falls short, and wonders "What if...?"

This isn't the end of a Misfit's reign, it's merely the first official stage. The writing is already on the wall. The outcome is inevitable. Katie and James's dream of being "important" will end... AGAIN!


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