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In life, there are ultimately two kinds of days.

Good ones, and bad ones.

Unfortunately, after Breakdown, the lives of Jake Starr and the Social Misfits went horribly bad. It had nothing to do with the draw sustained by Jake, and everything to do with the loss Evans suffered at the hands of Thorn.

After his loss, Brandon was no where to be found. Jake looked high and low searching for his partner, and found nothing. He then received a call around 3AM the next morning, informing him of some horrific news...

Brandon Evans is dead.

The heartbreak of his loss had apparently overwhelmed him to the point of taking his own life in his hotel room soon after he left the arena. The method... Electrocution. He filled his bathtub full of water, got in, and decided the hotel microwave would do the trick. Initially, police believed it to be homocide, until the found the note simply saying: "It was more than I could handle... Tell Jake I never used the dildo, I promise!"

Which brings us to today...

Jake Starr, his wife Roeper, and long-time Social Misfits, Bane and Shawn Wright are en route to one of those few appearances you never want to make. The four of them sit in the lead car of a lengthy funeral procession through the streets of Miami-Dade County.

Roeper sits next to her husband, tears flowing down her cheeks. Her eyes are well-hidden by a lacy black veil. She sits clutching Jake's hand as he stares out the window, battling his own emotions. He is visably shaken up. His eyes are also covered behind his traditional black Oakleys.

From the third row of seats, both Bane and Shawn have their hands on Jake's shoulders, hoping their friend knows they're there.

Bane's hand moves over to Roeper's shoulder, who's sobbing continues.

Roeper Hart: I... I... I can't believe he's gone!

Jake squeezes his wife's hand acknowledging her. He takes a deep breath, and attempts to respond.

Jake Starr: None of us can babe... None of us can...

Jake takes another deep break, and a big gulp, continually trying to fight back the tears. As it normally comes with any death, the feeling of anger begins to set in with Jake, as they continue to travel allong the processional route.

Jake Starr: All this over a wrestling match... A f_cking WRESTLING match!

Jake grits his teeth together, and Roeper squeezes once again.

Roeper Hart: Th... That couldn't have been all babe! There had to have been more to it!

From the row behind them, Shawn tries to help calm Jake down as well.

Shawn Wright: She's right man... He's lost matches before. One match wouldn't do this to him. There had to have been a lot you didn't know about.

Jake takes his hand and reaches under his sunglasses to rub his eyes, and try to avoid letting the tears flow.

Jake Starr: Why wouldn't he have told me then?

Shawn Wright: Sometimes people just hold stuff back man... There wasn't much you probably could have done to stop him.

Jake then remembers the visions Brandon was having.

Jake Starr: Maybe this is why he was seeing Jesus...? Maybe this was Jesus telling him his time was almost here.

Jake's lip begins to quiver, and his face begins to flush. The emotions have taken their toll on him, and it's taking everything he has within himself to keep his composure.

From the front of the car, the driver alerts the group that they're pulling into the cemetary. He instructs them that the pallbearers will be the first ones to exit any of the vehicles, and once the casket it set on the stand, the rest will join.

Jake acknowledges with a simple nod.

The car pulls up in front of the tent that has been erected for this sad event, and Jake looks over and sees the cemetary marker already standing behind the hole to which the casket will be lowered. It is solid marble, with the words "EVANS" embossed upon it. At the bottom it reads "A Kold Killa, A Social Misfit, A Brother."

Seeing the marker forces Jake to squeeze his eyes shut. When he opens them, he opens them wide, and takes a deep breath as the driver puts the car in park.

Jake, Bane, and Shawn all step out of the lead car, and meet three other men joining them as pallbearers for Brandon's funeral. The six men each grab ahold of the casket and hoist it up to their shoulders. Jake looks up at the casket, and says some final words to his close friend.

Jake Starr: This is the only time I'm carrying your heavy ass on my shoulders! Hope you enjoy the ride!

All of the pallbearers chuckle at Jake's comments.

The men carry Brandon's casket over to the stand where he is to be lowered into the ground. After they set him in place, the six men are instructed to stand behind the casket, while everyone else will sit on the opposite side.

The doors from the cars in the procession all begin to open, and people begin to flock towards the graveside. The family is seated up front, and others are seated in the remaining chairs. Once all are filled up, people begin to assume positions standing within earshot, so they may hear the minister speak.

The minister begins his eulogy talking about everyone being there to share their memories and stories of Brandon, and to all share in the returning of him to Mother Earth.

As the minister continues on, Jake's eyes continually are focused on his friend's casket. As the minister wraps up his brief eulogy, he looks over at Jake, who is to deliver a short speech about his friend.

Jake steps forward and places his hand on the casket. He takes a deep breath, knowing that every word that will be coming out of his mouth will be difficult to get through.

Jake Starr: Wow... Umm... This isn't somewhere I had hoped to be. Ever. I never wanted to be able to have to stand up and speak at a funeral of one of my best friends. But I have to.

Jake takes another deep breath.

Jake Starr: Brandon is a guy who was always there for me, no matter what. Whether it was while we were in the same business, or doing our own things in life. Even when there were extended periods of time we didn't speak, when we finally would, it was as if we had spoken the night before. He's a guy who I always felt was my little brother, and nobody will ever be able to fill that void. We, and by we I mean myself, Bane, and Shawn, were fortunate enough to share experiences in our profession alongside Brandon, and those memories will forever be ones we each cherish.

Jake chuckles.

Jake Starr: This is a guy we all loved. He always had to be the center of attention somehow. But he will be missed... We'll miss you brother!

Jake pats the casket and steps back. Other friends and family step forward to speak, and Jake stares towards the head of the casket. He shakes his head, signaling he cannot believe his friend is gone.

As the others wrap up all of their speeches, the minister inquires whether anyone else has words to say. When he hears none, he invites everyone to walk by the casket and pay their final respects to the fallen superstar.

As each person attending walks by, they shake the hands of the family and offer their condolences. They then approach the casket, lying a flower on top of it.

The final person shakes the hands of the family members, and as he turns to go towards the casket, his foot gets caught up in the tarp lying over the soggy grass. The man trips right into the casket sending it toppling over towards the feet of the six pallbearers. The initial reaction is one of shock until the lid of the casket comes ajar. Upon seeing that, several of the women attending immediately shriek in horror, and some outright faint.

Jake looks over at Shawn and Bane, and can't resist commenting.

Jake Starr: F_cker had to always make serious situations awkward!

As the pallbearers reach down to begin to lift the casket, Jake begins to go groggy, and the world begins to spin.

Next thing you know, Jake wakes up in bed, with his wife lying next to him. Jake looks around. He's confused. What happened to the funeral? He hears a shower going in one of the other bathrooms in his house. With Roeper next to him, he has no clue who it could be.

He swings his feet out of the bed, and begins to make his way to the bathroom. When he gets down the hall, he sees the light on, and the door slightly opened. Jake eases the door open, and can see the silhouette of a man behind the frosted glass shower door. Jake feels this could be someone who isn't supposed to be in his house, and he plans on handling it accordingly.

As he cautiously approaches the door, he knows he could be in for a fight if it's an intruder... Although the thought of an intruder using his shower does kind of amuse him.

He slowly reaches down for the door handle and flings it open.

Brandon Evans: WHAT... THE... FUCK?!

Jake's eyes open wide at the sight of a naked Brandon Evans standing there.

Jake Starr: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Brandon looks confused on why Jake just walked in on him in the shower, opened the door, and proceeded to scream at him.

Brandon Evans: DUDE! What the hell was that all about?!

Jake's expression goes from shock, to completely normal, and he shrugs.

Jake Starr: I just had the strangest dream!

With those final words Jake turns around and exits the bathroom.

Brandon Evans: Hey... HEY! Could you at least close the God damn door?!

Brandon stands there hoping Jake will come back, and when he realizes Jake has long-since returned to his bedroom, resorts to stepping out, dripping all over the floor, and closes it. As the camera slowly zooms away from him, Brandon can be heard saying "You'd think he'd had just seen a f_cking ghost or something!"

Jake Starr: Who would have thought it? Exeter does it again! He escapes with his belt, when it's actually on the line.

I'm beginning to think there's something fishy going on here, because someone who doesn't display himself as a champion only seems to win when his belt is on the line. All of the other times he is in a match, he diddles himself, instead of actually showing up. I guess he feels that's one of those "perks" of being the champion. You get to show up when you want, and just play hooky when you want. That's what I call classy.

Alas, I'm forced to, ONCE AGAIN, bury this... This... Well let's just say he's the equivalent of a skid-mark on a pair of tidy-whiteys. He's a piece of sh!t. He's no champion. He's nothing special. He's a mere peon in this business, and yet, he continues to escape with something that rightfully belongs to someone who won't urinate on the very meaning behind it. It really is disgusting.

Nevertheless... We go to the proverbial "rubber match," of sorts. Granted usually a rubber match consists of each winning once, I think the lame-ass way he had to escape both contests, pretty much solidifies this as the "rubber match."

There is, however, a strikingly dissimilar aspect of this match. Somehow, Exeter is being REWARDED for the draw? WHAT is CHBK smoking? Putting MY TITLE on the line against this retard as well? Is that supposed to be the "almighty motivator" that sets this match any differently than the rest? Unfortunately, I already can see the future in this instance. It'll be much like BEFORE the match at Apocalypse. Exeter will go stroke Damian Angel's ego, tell him he isn't irrelevant, and still talented, and convince him, and whoever the broad is Exeter mentioned that he told to leave at Under Attack when they never left, but were beaten, to come and get me before the match. It's going to be a vicious circle where true justice is, ultimately, never achieved.

Although... Maybe I'm wrong...

It could be that James Exeter hears me say that about recreating Apocalypse, and quickly jumps to say he'll keep them away, and I'll be the one trying to gain the upper hand. He'll say I'm going to be using Brandon to make sure Exeter is already "warmed up" before he gets to the ring. He'll do like he normally does and, rather than addressing an issue, he'll reach into his little book that tells him how to reply to certain accusations, and simply turn it around on me.

It is, in fact, his usual M.O... I would have said modus operandi, but I figure people with the brain the size of a snail would have to look it up!

He doesn't really pride himself on being original, thoughtful in what he says, or even relevant half of the time. Instead he likes to be a complete hypocrite, point out these supposed "flaws" in the abilities and methods of everyone he faces, and then subsequently does them himself. Sure... We all do it. But if you're going to point them out, say you don't do something, and then do it, it calls the value of your credibility into severe question. It makes you look like a complete horse's ass.

Think about this... What would he do if I said I didn't do something, then IMMEDIATELY turned around and did it? He'd jump on it like Sir Mix a Lot. He'd run his mouth about how hypocritical I am to say I don't do something, then do it. He'd be all over it like I am of his utter hypocrisy. He is no different than anyone else, although he likes to make believe he is.

The worst part of it all... His inane bullsh!t makes me sound like a God damn broken record...

Alas, this match still stares me in the face. Am I thrilled? Not really... It shouldn't have to end this way. It shouldn't have to end with a conniving, glory-hole servicing, douche, like James Exeter, slithering away with wins he has no right deserving.

So how do I approach this match? What do I do differently that I haven't already tried?

Random side-thought... Both of those questions, I also guarantee will be huge talking points for the "champ..."

Anyway... So what do I do differently? All I know is right now, I am in a much more somber mood than before. Not because I didn't emerge with the SCW Championship. In the end, the belt is a piece of metal. In the end, The accolades I've already received in life, dwarf anything James Exeter has done.

He is one of those types of people who require a title like that in order to feel secure and successful. To him, it validates his mere existence. He NEEDS that belt to give him the confidence to even wake up in the mornings. If he doesn't have it, he realizes he is nothing. Why else would he allow himself to fail when his belt IS NOT on the line?

Ugh... Thinking about how disgraceful he is to this business just leaves a FOUL taste in my mouth...

My hands are tied though... Things are as they are. He's a lucky f_ck, and I'm once again chasing him down.

This time HAS to be different than the first two. There is no alternative to it.

Thankfully, there are a couple of factors that this time around has that, ultimately, I believe, favor me.

To begin with, let's look at the way this match has come about. He and I met at Apocalypse, and he emerged with an extremely tainted victory, which he likes to try and justify as legit. Everyone around knows that just wasn't the case. The second match, a draw. No winner... Even Steven... All square! Look at my history here, and that trend has kind of happened to me before. When I fought Stacy Kissinger, she was disqualified in two separate matches, forcing Daddy D to pony up a match where there would be a clear-cut winner. There wouldn't be any question about who won, who lost, and who was deserving.

Oh how history likes to repeat itself.

James Exeter and I battle to two decisions that were controversial, and now CHBK has to throw us into a two of three falls match. I feel like I'm having deja vu with a different person, instead of a gender-confused fembot. Leading up to my match with Stacy, I knew I had to win. I couldn't let her beat me. Now, I have to think of this match with Exeter in the same light. I cannot let this match slip through my fingers like it has twice. I can't let some DISGRACE weasel his way out of a third match.

The other factor that, I believe, tilts this match in my favor unlike the previous two, my belt is also on the line. That's right... Like I said earlier, CHBK is rewarding someone who has disgraced SCW's most precious championship, with the ability to have a shot at disgracing TWO AT ONCE! Yeah... Real smart there "Boss." Putting the potential in ruining the two top championships in the organization, by even giving a remote possibility that Exeter will emerge with them both? Real smooth...

When it comes to MY Adrenaline Championship, things become different. Jake Starr becomes different. Things change. It is no longer just a one-way chase for James's belt. He also must chase me for mine. And as much as he has said in the past about my belt not being as prestigious as his, he wants it. He wants to hold, NOT ONLY a victory over Jake Starr, he wants to do what NOBODY else in this business has been capable of. He wants to pry this Adrenaline Championship from my hands. Unfortunately for him, when it comes to this belt, there is a laundry list of those who were going to achieve that task; Donovan Kayl, Ace Marshall, and Christian Savior, just to name a few. When it comes to MY title, the game changes. It's not just James Exeter being a champion in this match, my championship comes into play. And when it comes to my championship, I don't "play."

It's a tragedy that Exeter has been hyped up to believing he is, indeed, the best Supreme Championship Wrestling has to offer. Someone as overrated as he is should NEVER have anyone continue to fuel that ego. It leads to more and more pain when they come tumbling down the mountain. Unfortunately, that's what some people in SCW believe. Hell I have heard from some SCW alumni who claim he is great. What they see, I don't know. I guess maybe the SCW alumni know that they don't even come close to matching up with what is around now, and see Exeter as someone they can praise, knowing that he is their equal. I don't know why anyone would want to be equal to stewed sh!t that splashes up and hits you when you're taking an explosive diarrhea dump, but I guess those alumni are just as diluted as he is about themselves. Eventually, Exeter will join them as alumni, and not active talent.

But... If I'm beaten, I want to know it's by the "better man" or "better woman." I don't want to feel that I was duped. I don't want to feel that it was because of anything but being outdone. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened yet. Not against James Exeter. He is LUCKY to be where he is. Plain and simple... He can ride his high horse right now, but that bronco will soon buck his ass off, and he'll be laying on the ground realizing it was just an extended eight-second ride that came to an end, and not the fact he actually was, in the least bit, deserving of being seen as a "champion."

Now I have to say... I'm a fan of spoilers. You know those right? Well, I happen to have some SPOILERS on what you'll soon be hearing James Exeter say. So... If you don't want to hear them, and actually be bored with it in real-time, don't listen to what I'm going to say, but if you want to have the Cliffs Notes, listen carefully...

He'll talk about how he's beaten me twice, and I was lucky to have an arm over him this time, and so the next match won't be any different.

He'll talk about how he's going to be the one to take the Adrenaline Championship from my waist, and send me away.

He's going to say something about how I'm lucky to even get this chance, when I probably don't deserve it.

He'll say he enjoys beating me because I think I'm special.

He'll explain he doesn't need his backup to help him win, and they won't be at Breakdown, and then will accuse me of having and needing backup.

He'll "expose" me for the travesty that I am.

Then we'll hear him make some whimsical reference to Brandon Evans.

From there, he'll talk about why he's the greatest, and there is no disputing that.

Then if we're lucky, we'll get some random scene between him and some other nobody that means nothing to SCW, while making references to a girl who could give two sh!ts about him, and he is desperate to make love him, even though in the end she never will.

To conclude, he'll whip out his penis, shake it around, and point at it and grin, hoping people realize that, yes, he does in fact really have a penis.

If anyone actually sits through this garbage, when it does come out, I promise it'll help cure any battles with insomnia you may face. It's a tried-and-true method of putting someone to sleep, and is currently being investigated by the FDA for use in clinical trials!


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