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The dust has settled. The time has come.

Under Attack proved to be the night in which Jake Starr had hoped for. It began with James Exeter exiting the arena with his belt still in hand, and it concluded with Jake Starr emerging victorious inside the diabolical chamber.

He now sets his sights on Breakdown.

With the Misfits currently reigning supreme over SCW, his expectations for this rematch with James Exeter are high. He isn't going in with the outlook of a match that could turn his career around. He isn't going in thinking he has to emerge victorious in order to be perceived as a success. Unlike before, he goes in knowing the advantage is in his court.

When he and Exeter first met, it was the emerging Jake Starr trying to defeat the cemented-sensation, who currently reigns over SCW as it's top champion. Jake was determined to be the one to dethrone the champ, and be seen as the new blood of SCW. Instead, due to circumstances beyond his control, Jake was denied.

Instead of just accepting the loss, and retreating to defending the title he has dominated since appearing in SCW, he sought justice. He sought revenge. Along with his "brother in blood," Jake used the time since their match to make James Exeter's and Damian Angel's lives a living hell.

He wanted them to understand he wasn't one who just sunk back into the background. He wasn't someone they could both write off as "just another victory." He was someone who was bound and determined to achieve the greatness he desires.

CHBK, as the one with the authority to do so, granted Jake his rematch, this time solidifying the fact Exeter couldn't rely on any outside assistance. It is within the demented sides of a steel cage that Jake Starr and James Exeter will do battle.

Also unlike before, Jake isn't allowing the hype to force him into a frenzy or routine he isn't prepared for. He's simply treating this as much like any other match as he can. One of the few differences, his goal of revenge. Should he have his way, he will have his full share of it.

But until Breakdown, he continues to try and relax to the best of his abilities.

Brandon, being the friend and "brother" he is, continues to entertain Jake at his beach house in Miami. After Brandon's complete confusion of Thorn versus Mike Brady versus Tom Brady, Jake never knows what to expect out of his friend.

This moment is no different.

Jake has walked into the main living room area to find Brandon on his hands and knees looking under the furniture. He takes a step back to lean against the wall and just see how long it takes Brandon to even notice he's there. Several minutes pass with Jake making no noise, and Brandon fumbling under the couch mumbling "It's got to be here somewhere," to himself over and over again.

After all of these moments of being completely oblivious to Jake's entrance into the room, the SCW Adrenaline Champion finally decides to alert his friend to his presence.


Brandon squeals and falls over startled by Jake.

Brandon Evans: WHAT... THE... F_CK?!

Jake calmly walks over and sits onto the couch Brandon has been searching under.

Jake Starr: So... Umm... Are you ok?

Brandon Evans: Yeah! I'm looking for something!

Jake Starr: Clearly!

Brandon continues to frantically look under the couch.

Brandon Evans: It's got to be around here somewhere!

Jake Starr: Maybe if you give me some kind of idea what it is you're actually looking for, I could help?

Brandon Evans: GOOD IDEA!

Jake Starr: That is unless we're still trying to find Mike Brady...

Brandon randomly shoots off into a similarly-illogical, word association, made famous in the recent Microsoft Bing commercials.

Brandon Evans: Mike BRADY... BRADY BUNCH... I've got a lovely BUNCH of COCONUTS... Monty Python used COCONUTS to GALLUP in Monty Python and the Holy Grail... Horses GALLUP at an average SPEED of 25-30 miles per hour... SPEED starred Sandra Bullock and KEANU REEVES... KEANU REEVES is known for saying WOOOOAH...

Jake finally interrupts.

Jake Starr: Wow... You were able to go from Mike Brady to Keanu Reeves in five total degrees of search separation!

Brandon Evans: That has always been a dream of mine!

Jake Starr: To be in a Bing commercial?

Brandon Evans: No to be able to link Mike Brady and Keanu Reeves using search parameters!

Jake goes to make a comment and freezes. Brandon's response completely threw him off.

Jake Starr: So back onto the search...

Brandon Evans: Whatever!

Jake Starr: Mike Brady still?

Brandon Evans: I know he's around too!

Jake Starr: The only place he's "around" is the nightmares of those Brady boys he used to molest. Now they can't rid the thought of him asking them to have a seat on "old Dad's" little lap.

Brandon Evans: Whatever!

Jake snickers.

Jake Starr: Ok so what's the frantic hunt this time? And more importantly, is my ass in danger?

Brandon Evans: It's a piece of paper, and I think your ass is safe. I don't think a piece of paper can sexually assault you.

Jake Starr: True... What kind of paper is this?

Brandon Evans: I met a chick last night!

Jake Starr: A chick huh?

Brandon Evans: Yeah!

Jake Starr: She lay eggs too?

Brandon Evans: F_ck you!

Jake laughs.

Jake Starr: You sure she's a girl?

Brandon Evans: Oh yes! There will be no more gender-questionable individuals in my future!

Jake Starr: So they'll all be guys?

Brandon Evans: No...

Jake Starr: Boys?

Brandon Evans: ... I... HEY! DIE!

Jake laughs even harder. After the recent encounter Brandon had at the massage parlor, Jake couldn't resist bringing it back up, and suggesting more of the same is in his future.

Jake Starr: Hey all I know is you said they WOULDN'T be questionable.

Brandon Evans: You knew what I meant dick!

Jake Starr: ... Well I thought I did! Apparently I was a bit mislead...

Brandon Evans: Shut up!

Jake Starr: He he!

Brandon begins to look again.

Brandon Evans: You gonna help me or no?

Jake Starr: I'll supervise as you look! You're the one who knows what it looks like.

Brandon Evans: It's a bloody piece of paper!

Jake Starr: A tampon?

Brandon Evans: No... It's...

The joke finally clicks with Brandon.

Brandon Evans: ... Ok that one was a good one!

Jake merely grins.

Jake Starr: ... So how did you meet this girl?

Brandon Evans: I got bored last night so I figured I'd just go down to the shoreline and just kick back for a bit.

Jake Starr: So the metro sexual inside of you decided he needed a release?

Brandon Evans: Something like that... Anyway I must have gotten real relaxed because I kind of dozed off for a bit.

Jake Starr: Ok...

Brandon Evans: And then the next thing I know I'm woken up by this guy!

Jake Starr: Oh no! He wasn't nude was he?

Brandon Evans: No!

Jake lets out a deep breath.

Jake Starr: Oh thank God!

Brandon Evans: Anyway... So this guy is just standing there looking at me a bit odd. Not like "Oh he's sexy" odd, but just, well, odd. Know what I mean?

Jake shakes his head.

Jake Starr: No but I figure I'll learn as this story progresses!

Brandon Evans: Well I ask him who he is, because I was a bit uncomfortable, and he said I could simply call him JC. He looked really familiar, but I really couldn't put my finger on why.

Jake Starr: Old boyfriend?

Brandon Evans: NO ASSHOLE!

Jake Starr: Damn I was hoping I could guess the ending!

Brandon Evans: Well you're wrong!

Jake Starr: I kind of guessed that when you called me "asshole."

Brandon Evans: ... Anyway, all he was doing was standing there, nibbling on a tortilla and drinking a goblet of wine. He offered me some, but I know better to drink and eat after strangers with the damn swine flu going around, so I refused. He then decided he'd try and fool me by claiming he could walk on water. Damn fool was just standing on the beach with the tide rolling over his feet!

It suddenly clicks, to Jake, who Brandon thinks he saw. The thought along actually kind of makes Jake a bit excited about the story.

Jake Starr: Dude... You met Jesus! That's it!

Brandon Evans: Man... Don't you think I'd recognize the Lord and Savior if I saw him?!

Jake begins to explain to his friend the similarities between Jesus Christ, and the man he apparently saw. He points out the bread and wine, the walking on water, and the initials.

To Jake, Brandon has had a visit from Jesus Christ himiself. It's something he should take seriously! Brandon, however disagrees. Granted the similarities are there, it just doesn't make sense to him that he would have actually received a visit from Jesus.

Brandon Evans: I honestly think you're wrong.

Jake Starr: How so?

Brandon Evans: The intials don't mean anything! Personally... I have another theory!

Jake Starr: Ok?

Brandon Evans: It was either JC Chasez or John Connor!

Jake Starr: WHAT?!

Hearing Brandon's explaination completely catches Jake off guard.

Brandon Evans: JC Chasez was the funny-haired one in that 'NSync band right?

Jake Starr: First off, they weren't a band! Secondly, no!

Brandon Evans: You sure?

Jake Starr: Yes! They didn't play instruments, and Joey Fatone was the one with the crazy hair...

Brandon Evans: Hmm...

Jake Starr: I only know that because the wife is obsessed with "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," and he's in it...

Brandon Evans: Uh huh... Sure! Anyway, if it wasn't him, it had to be John Connor!

Jake shakes his head and looks down in disbelief.

Brandon Evans: ... Seriously! This guy was futuristic! How else could you only eat bread and wine and be healthy?!

Jake is still completely baffled at Brandon's logic. The thought that the character from Terminator or a member of 'NSync would have approached him, and him actually believe it, boggles his mind. He also is confused how this ties in with the girl who's number he is hunting.

Jake Starr: So where is this whole point going?

Brandon Evans: OH! Oh yeah I guess I need to keep the story going!

Jake Starr: Good idea!

Brandon Evans: So after "JC" decided to go off into this bright spotlight that randomly appeared, I decided I'd relax some more. Next thing I know, this girl walks up. She was beautiful! She said she was leaving for the night, but handed me a piece of paper with her name and number on it, and told me to call her today.

Jake Starr: Ok...

Brandon Evans: Beautiful name too! Mary!

Jake is shocked that another Biblical name could be associated with the same story.

Jake Starr: Oh Lord!

Brandon starts to frantically search again.

Brandon Evans: That's why I want to find this number!

Jake decides to dealve deeper into this story.

Jake Starr: So I have to ask... What do you remember AFTER these encounters?

Brandon Evans: Not much honestly! I think I must have dozed off again, and sleepwalked back to the cabana. I don't remember coming in, but I woke up in bed!

Jake Starr: This HAD to have been a dream dude!

Brandon Evans: No it wasn't! Trust me I know when I dream something!

Brandon immediately exclaims that he has found the infamous piece of paper. As he lifts it up Jake immediately snatches it out of his hand to read it himself. He notices the name "Mary" is on the paper, but no phone number. Instead it simply has a letter-number combination.

Jake Starr: Dude... No phone number here!

Brandon Evans: That is the paper I swear to you!

Jake Starr: All it says is "F-5!" Speaking of... Is there really is such a thing?

The room goes completely silent, and the sounds of many people dropping their silverware on the floor and into their plates in shock echo throughout the room. How could anyone ask such a question?!

Jake's eyes begin to look from side to side confused as to the immediate silence.

Brandon slowly approaches Jake, and speaks in his best Philip Seymour Hoffman voice.

Brandon Evans: It's... It's the finger of God!

Brandon begins to laugh after making an attempt to keep a straight face.

Jake Starr: We really need to get you out of the sun. It's causing your brain cells to commit suicide!

Brandon gets up and begins to walk back outside towards the beach. Jake shakes his head wondering if he'll have anymore "sightings" while he's out there this time. Jake stands up and walks over to the balcony overlooking the beach and leans onto it. The wind blows through his hair as the scene slowly begins to fade out.

Jake Starr: We can officially say, the stage has been set. The rematch is set in stone, and this time, the terms are a bit different.

Before I go down that path, however, I figure I must address Under Attack.

This past Sunday marked yet another ascension into the limelight, not just for Jake Starr, but for the Social Misfits as a whole. From the minute the cameras began to roll, Brandon Evans made a statement that was heard loud and clear. He made it clear to both Damian Angel and James Exeter that this pay per view wouldn't go down like the previous one. It wouldn't turn into an event dictated by James Exeter, and his new pimp, Damian Angel. It would be a pay-per view dictated by those who really matter.

After Angel was removed from the equation, Brandon and I set our sights on the match that would ultimately determine whether or not I would be guaranteed a title shot at night's end. We ultimately determined that we weren't going to decide the outcome ourselves. Sure, we like to stir the pot, and piss off a cougar every now and then, but that night, it was our decision to make sure the match ended as it should. Had we thought about it earlier, we probably would have rid the arena of Robin and the yogurt queen prior to their match as well. Unfortunately, we forgot about them. Not too hard I suppose... But nevertheless... When they decided to involve themselves in the actual match, we decided we would simply remove them from the equation right then and there. Katie decided to get in my face, and like any self-respecting hockey fan, I face-washed her ass! After that, we were done. Brooks and Fat-Free were eliminated, and it just so happened, Exeter then turned around and won. Not my fault he did, but I will happily reap the benefits.

Now... As far as the chamber match went, I did exactly what I said I would do. I emerged victorious! There was no hook or crook to it. I did my part to eliminate people from the match, culminating with an elimination of one of the most overrated Pokemon in wrestling. It wasn't enough knowing I'd walk into Breakdown with a guaranteed title rematch against Exeter, I wanted to make him sweat knowing if he gets lucky again, there WILL be a third time.

Which brings us to the present...

James Exeter and I have seemingly built a history together. A match that initially was geared as a reward for me being the fastest rising talent in SCW, and earning accolades most wrestlers hope for, turned into a complete and utter cluster-f_ck. It couldn't be the match everyone had hoped for. It couldn't be the match it was supposed to be. Instead, Exeter had to force it into a situation that has drug on for a long time.

He didn't have the ability, the guts, the balls, or the will to stand man to man with me. He had to enlist the help of Damian Angel in order to help him win.

Everyone knows this story. I haven't exactly been silent about my feelings regarding it. But I will say it is about time the situation becomes resolved.

Since winning my match at Under Attack, several people have approached me. They wonder if I TRULY think that this time will be any different from the last. They wonder if I truly believe I'll be able to be the one to bring Exeter's title reign to an end. They wonder if all of the attention I have brought to this match will be worth it.

The answer is YES!

I step into this match wanting to cause carnage, wanting to cause pain, wanting to cause distress, and most importantly, wanting to cause a complete emotional collapse from this, so-called, "champion." I want to see the tears running down his face, as if he has fought his last match. I want to see the fear in his eyes knowing the world sees him as the fraud he is. I want to see how he is even capable of looking ANYONE in the eye, who at some point thought he was legit.

I don't think he'll be able to do it. I don't think he'll be able to live with the truth. I think Breakdown will mark the end of days for James Exeter. I think once he is exposed for who he truly is, he'll be forced to retreat into the shadows, and hope that, in time, everyone forgets.

Exeter has proven to the world that he's a one-trick pony. He's proven to the world he only cares about specific matches, and outside of those few, he could give a rat's ass. And these matches he actually DOES care about, have one thing in common. Each one of them has been a match for his title. So that leads me to believe he'll actually show up. Then again, you never know. He could sink into seclusion like he had, up until Under Attack. He could vanish into thin air. A mere shell of a man could walk into the cage with me at Breakdown. Both are distinct possibilities given his recent track record!

All I do know is, I have one thing on my mind this match. Retribution... Ok, so, maybe two. Revenge is in there too! But regardless, I go into this match with a theoretical "Get Out of Jail Free" card in my pocket. I can walk into the cage, decimate him, leave him within an inch of his life, somehow get screwed over by him again, and STILL have another crack at him. Does anyone know how GREAT that feels? Think about it... The first time we fought, I had nothing to lose, but I had no guaranteed plan should I get f_cked over, like I did. I wasn't prepared for such a situation. This time, I really have NOTHING to lose. I get a second chance. He can't tap dance around that fact. He can't get all giddy knowing he can orally bribe someone again to help him, and it save him again.

One of the only hopes he has is that Angel gives him enough "tests" to prove he is ready. Angel can do everything he wants to "prepare" his little "padawan" for battle. He can convert Exeter to "Demonology," he can offer him assistance with his report card grades, he can offer him a free degree in "Hacky Gimmicks 101," he can do whatever. It won't matter what "tests" he has Exeter perform. Although, truth be told, the way these two act, the only kinds of tests they should be worried about revolve around HIV and AIDS.

So understand this... This time WILL be different. This time, Jake Starr ends this on the RIGHT note. This time, James Exeter has no way of escaping the truth. He won't be able to find a way to make some lame-assed excuse about why he lost, why he didn't take it seriously, why he was just incapable of performing to his full potential. Everyone will see why he isn't this "superior" star to everyone.

He and I enter a realm unlike one he has had to battle in, with these odds. He doesn't get to walk into a normal ring, where he can rely on someone to come running in to save him should things get rough. He must look at me inside a structure that bars him from escaping, unless it is through me. The only problem is, for James Exeter, the only escaping will be without his precious championship.

You see... Over the past month I have had a lot of time to really look back on everything that has happened. I've gotten to take look after look after look at how everything played out. I realize that, no matter how many times I look, no matter what angle I look at it from, it always looks the same. It shows how scared of a human being he really is. It shows how one-dimensional he really is.

It takes a DYNAMIC star to be great. It takes a DYNAMIC personality to be great. James Exeter is none of the above. He's a hack with an overblown ego and an overblown sense of how talented he is. Not ONCE have I ever seen him completely "out match" an opponent. He's scraped by. He had to resort to ulterior means to emerge victorious.

Now there are some instances that is OK. The Iowa Hawkeyes football team knows they don't win pretty, they don't win big, but they win. In this business, however, that doesn't cut it. People look past it at first. Critics will look past the first couple of times you eek out a win, and just push it to the side claiming it's part of the learning process. Therein lies Exeter's most tale-telling weakness. He doesn't learn from the past. He relies on it to carry him. But... And this is a big but... The minute the past fails him, he'll become the same lost, little, puppy he was before.

The accolades will soon cease. The praises will soon go silent. Reality will set in. Exeter will be unmasked.

Breakdown looms in a matter of days.

Breakdown holds answers that have yet to be answered.

Breakdown holds the key to my destiny.

Breakdown will end the reign of "superiority" for one, James Exeter.


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