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Careers have been made, as well as ended, when it comes to fighting inside a cage. In the world of MMA, a man or woman can vault from being a complete unknown, directly into the limelight. Several times has a relative "unknown" stepped into a fight on short notice to replace someone, and actually won, and become a household name.

In professional wrestling, it can also come with a price. Unlike in MMA, the cage isn't a major factor. People can use it as a wall, but you can't use it as a weapon. Wrestling allows just that. It allows the cage to come into play. It allows those inside to utilize the jagged edges, and tear opponents flesh apart. It becomes another thing for all competitors to worry about.

For Jake Starr, the cage he will be locked in comes with several factors he must worry about. Not just one or two opponents and a cage. He is forced to look out for five other opponents, and watch out for the cage to be used against him as well.

Since joining SCW, this could be his toughest test yet.

The opposition in this fight show a veritable who's-who of superstars, some of which Jake has met in the past, others he'll soon have a past with.

In the end, Jake hopes his chances of escaping with another guaranteed shot at the SCW Championship is in his future, and unlike the first, won't be one marred by controversy.

When last seen, Jake was joining his fellow Social Misfit, Brandon Evans, on his quest to find the illusive Porno Lad. Jake was drug to several establishments that made him feel quite uncomfortable. Now that the quest is seemingly over, Jake has decided it is time for something to help rid the "bad taste" the quest left in his mouth, and has elected to buy a meal for them both.

As Brandon pulls into the parking lot, the infamous Golden Arches of McDonalds can be seen in the background. Brandon isn't quite sure why Jake has chosen here to eat, but nevertheless, with Starr paying, he isn't going to complain too much. The camera slowly zooms in on the two as the swing the door open, and walk in to get in line to order.

Brandon Evans: ... So tell me why in the hell you brought me to McDonalds of all places...

Jake Starr: I'm hungry?

Brandon Evans: Dude... When you said you were buying this time, I was expecting the same kind of food you normally eat.

Jake Starr: You think I'm going to treat you to sushi?!

Brandon Evans: Well... Yeah... F_cker!

Starr cocks an eyebrow in shock.

Jake Starr: After the sh!t YOU just made me go through?

Brandon Evans: Oh c'mon! After the little skits you pull off, you think going to a few, slightly, homoerotic porn stores is an embarrassment?

Jake Starr: No...

Brandon Evans: Then what's the f_cking deal?!

Jake Starr: You said we were going to look for Porno Lad, not try and find every product he once endorsed... Or for that matter enjoyed.

Jake shudders at the thought of Porno Lad making his own version of "Goatse."

Brandon Evans: Ugh... Ok... But why McDonalds?!

Jake Starr: I needed something greasy and unhealthy to cleanse the palate.

Brandon Evans: Well hell... I'm sure you could have found something to fit that criteria back at "Out the Closet"

Jake just stares at his partner in crime, as Evans begins to laugh.

Jake Starr: ... And people say I'M the dick.

Brandon Evans: Oh c'mon that was one of those softballs I had to hit out of the park.

Jake Starr: True...

Brandon Evans: I mean you lobbed that one at me...

Jake Starr: I'd have teed off on that too!

Brandon Evans: Damn right you would have. Now can we please eat something that won't force me into the emergency room due to a heart attack?

Jake Starr: Sure... Eat a f_cking salad! I'm indulging!

Evans just glares at Jake, and finally turns his attention towards the menu. The two stand in the line of patrons awaiting their chance to order.

Jake Starr: Oh and be sure you don't "fast" too much while you're here. I can't have you go and die on me because you choked on part of your Big Mac. Isn't that his name?

Brandon Evans: Shut up! That's a sensitive subject.

Jake Starr: Your grandmother dying?

Brandon Evans: No the fact Miss Cleo is in jail! That woman helped me learn a lot about my past!

Jake Starr: You actually talked to Miss Cleo?

Brandon Evans: Sure... She kind of sounded a little more "man-ish" than she does on TV, but I'm sure she just had a cold!

Jake Starr: You... Really don't know the scam of all that do you?

Evans quickly turns his head towards Starr with his eyes wide open.

Brandon Evans: There is no scam! She is an all-knowing, wise, smart, Jamaican lady!

Jake Starr: Umm...

Brandon Evans: I'm telling you... All real!

Jake Starr: So you're saying the fact that her real name is Youree, and she isn't anywhere near psychic, and actually a devout Roman Catholic is a lie?

Brandon Evans: YES! Where did you get such lies?!

Jake Starr: Well...

Brandon Evans: Dammit who is spreading that crap?!

Jake Starr: Honestly I got it...

Brandon Evans: TELL ME!

Jake Starr: If you'd shut up...

Brandon Evans: Oh... Ok...

Jake Starr: I got it from a reliable source...

Brandon Evans: Whoever it is, is a lying sack of sh!t!

Jake Starr: Not as much a "who" as it is a "what."

Brandon Evans: Ok then WHAT gave you this awful information?

Jake Starr: Wikipedia...

Evans is taken aback.

Brandon Evans: Oh...

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Brandon Evans: Well I guess it's true then! Damn!

Jake Starr: So your grandmother wasn't a Jew?

Brandon Evans: No that part was real...

Jake Starr: Oh... Well... Sorry...

Brandon Evans: It's ok... She's dead anyway!

Jake Starr: Well I kind of figured!

As the two finally reach the counter, they're greeted by the cashier. She asks for their order, and both men proceed to tell her what they would each like. After they order, and Jake pays, the cashier hands them each their respective drink cups. She informs them that their order will be up shortly, and they'll call their number when it is ready. Both Jake and Brandon get their drinks and find a table in the busy fast food restaurant and await their number to be called.

Jake Starr: ... So I have to ask, what made you think you'd find Porno Lad in a sex shop?

Brandon Evans: Just seemed like a logical place.

Jake Starr: But why the one with the, well, slightly alternative lifestyle like clientele?

Brandon Evans: How many normal people do you see referring to themselves as a "lad?"

Jake Starr: Not too many I suppose...

Brandon Evans: Exactly!

Jake Starr: See all along I thought it had to do with the fact he had that "boyish twink" look to him.

Brandon Evans: It probably would have pushed the idea further had I actually seen him before I went on this manhunt... Er, "Lad-hunt!"

Jake Starr: I see...

Brandon Evans: Besides... It was one of those times you simply say you "made a memory."

Jake Starr: Or a nightmare!

Brandon takes a drink of his soda.

Brandon Evans: Well how do you think I felt being surrounded by Aryan anti-Semites, who would just as soon love to see the eradication of my heritage as see reruns of Hitler's speeches.

Jake Starr: Oh please... Like you couldn't have handled those guys!

Brandon Evans: Some of them had guns!

Jake Starr: And most of them were redneck trailer trash!

Brandon Evans: That makes it even worse!

Jake cocks his head to the side, visibly annoyed.

Jake Starr: How so?

Brandon Evans: Well... Rednecks are notorious for inbreeding correct?

Jake Starr: That or f_cking livestock, one of the two, but continue...

Brandon Evans: Well continual inbreeding will lead to retardation. And we ALL know the strength of a retard. Creepy retard strength is not something to be messed with.

Jake Starr: I swear that they get it from the continual insistence of putting metallic objects into electrical sockets. The repeated electrical shocks just slowly make them impervious to pain.

Brandon Evans: The only argument to that is arguing that rednecks can actually afford electricity...

Jake Starr: Good point!

Jake hears their number called for their order. He stands up to go get it, leaving Brandon alone at the table. As Jake leaves, Brandon apparently begins to engage himself in deep thought.

Jake approaches the counter and mentions the order number he is looking for. One of the other McDonalds employees looks at the tickets sat next to each tray, and points out the one he is looking for. Jake grabs the tray of food, and thanks the man for his assistance.

As Jake walks back to the table, he sees Brandon staring off into space. He sets the food down, and waves his hands in front of Brandon's eyes. Evans snaps out of the trance-like state he was in, and thanks Jake for grabbing all of the food. During the brief period Jake was away, Brandon has come to another realization.

Brandon Evans: You know, I've made another conclusion about things around here...

Jake Starr: Your quest to find Porno Lad at gay sex shops was your secret search for your long lost lover?

Brandon Evans: F_ck you!

Jake Starr: Is that a no?

Brandon Evans: Yes!

Jake Starr: It's a yes?!

Brandon Evans: No!

Jake Starr: Ok... Now you've confused me!

Brandon Evans: No it wasn't my secret search for my long lost lover ok?!

Jake Starr: Ok...

Brandon Evans: Now... In all seriousness...

Jake Starr: Which neither of us really EVER are...

Brandon Evans: Good point...

Jake Starr: Anyway, and go!

Brandon Evans: In all seriousness, have you ever noticed how much Porno Lad and Ace Marshall are the Happy Meal version of me and you?

Jake Starr: Well, I hadn't really thought about that, but yeah I can see that!

Brandon Evans: Good I'm not crazy!

Jake Starr: But the people around here may say we're the cookie-cutter version of them instead. They have that whole "tenure" factor around these parts.

Brandon Evans: So... Have you not seen their hacky rip-off of us?

Jake Starr: Well yeah. I've already wiped my ass with Ace once.

Brandon Evans: Mmm!

Jake cocks an eyebrow at his colleague again.

Jake Starr: Hey if they're really a Happy Meal version, do they come with a toy?

Brandon Evans: You know... Good question!

Jake Starr: It's something to ponder!

Brandon Evans: Along with the fact of if it'd be a girls toy or a boys toy.

Jake Starr: Knowing those two, and the places you sought the young Laddy out, I would bet they have a little boys toy.

Brandon Evans: Must be Catholic then...

Jake Starr: I would bet so... They seemingly have the notoriety for liking the little "Lads."

Brandon Evans: Yeah... Sadly... Hey what's that?

Jake begins to look over Brandon's shoulder. Brandon begins to turn around, but Jake quickly stops him.

Jake Starr: Dude... Don't look!

Brandon Evans: Why? What is it?

Jake Starr: One of the fascists from the Nazi rally...

Hearing Jake say those words, Brandon quickly jumps under the table to hide. Seeing him do so, Jake begins to laugh hard.

Jake Starr: Ha ha ha! I can't believe you jumped under the table!

From under the table Brandon replies.

Brandon Evans: I don't want them to try and exterminate me!

Jake Starr: Dummy I was kidding!

Brandon Evans: WHAT?!

Brandon slowly begins to crawl out from beneath the table. He scours the area to make sure that there really is no sign of any of the people from the "rally." Seeing there is no threat, he glares at Jake, who is still laughing.

Brandon Evans: I really hate you!

Jake Starr: I know!

Brandon Evans: Ugh!

Jake Starr: Speaking of Nazis... I hope CHBK comes goose-stepping into Breakdown and the PPV. I think I'd fall down laughing.

Brandon Evans: Yeah... Me too!

Brandon quickly makes a face of disgust.

Jake Starr: What the hell is that face for? Did that make your "special sauce" extra "special?"

Brandon Evans: Ew... No... Ever seen "Silence of the Lambs?"

Jake Starr: Who hasn't?

Brandon Evans: You know Billy Bob?

Jake smirks.

Jake Starr: Let me guess... There's a guy dressed as Billy Bob behind me, with his cock tucked between his legs.

Still with the disgusted look on his face, Brandon slowly nods. Shrieks from other patrons can be heard in the background.

Jake Starr: C'mon man... That's one of the most childish tricks to pull. I say someone is behind you to scare you, you do the same to me, it's not going to work.

As the view slowly shifts to Brandon's point of reference, a naked, shaven, pale, white man in a trench coat stands behind Jake. Jake continues to be adamant about not believing Brandon, until the man in the coat leans down by Jake's ear.

"Billy Bob": Would you f_ck me?!

Jake Starr: AHHHHH!!!

Jake screams in shock and jumps out of his chair. He quickly faces the man and assumes the "crane-kick" posture from the Karate Kid. Brandon doubles over in laughter this time, as Jake holds his pose. The man in the trench coat licks his lips, and sashays out of the restaurant, disgusting people as he leaves. Brandon continues to laugh hysterically.

Jake Starr: What... The... F_ck?? WHAT THE F_CK?!

Brandon Evans: Dude I hired that guy last night to follow us, and pull that move. I knew that would be PRICELESS!

Jake Starr: Too bad you didn't have your iPhone out to capture it!

Brandon Evans: Oh don't worry... That mental image of you squealing like a schoolgirl will last in my mind forever ha ha!

Jake Starr: I hope your lost lover finds you in the middle of the night, and violates your rectum. Or better yet, I hope you have him be in charge of holding the horses cock so it doesn't puncture your innards as it thrusts!

Brandon Evans: Ouch!

Jake Starr: God damn right ouch!

After the two finish their little jabs at one another, Jake picks the tray of trash up off of the table, and the two slowly make their way to the exit. As they exit the restaurant, Brandon makes one final observation.

Brandon Evans: You know... I just came to one more conclusion!

Jake Starr: If it's anything like the last one, I'm in for a treat...

Brandon Evans: We really do have a f_cked up friendship sometimes!

Jake Starr: Ha ha! Yeah... Yeah we do! But as I always say, a true friend is someone who can bust your balls, and then turn around and be there for you whenever you're down.

Brandon Evans: ... And then bust your balls again!

Jake Starr: Exactly!

As the two continue to walk, Jake begins to speak out on his upcoming match inside the demonic chamber at Under Attack.

Jake Starr: You know... The clock is ticking, time is growing short, and the next wave of power of the Social Misfits will officially begin.

I am walking into a match where everyone is seen as an underdog. Nobody is at that "decided advantage" that usually comes with a major wrestling match. Everyone walks into a chamber as an equal.

So now I must evaluate my strategy. How do I put myself at that advantage in order to ensure my victory? What must I do to make everyone realize I am the one to beat?

Do I play the game like James Exeter, and have everyone attacked by someone who's ass I personally have to kiss in order to get their services?

Do I lock them all in a closet together, hoping it turns into a ménage-et... Et... Hell how many other people are in this match? Five? So it'd be a ménage-et-cinq? Something like that!

Or... One other decision is one provided to me while following Brandon around in his quests around the slightly "alternate" lifestyle world. I could bathe myself in Vaseline, and then I'd slip through everything any of those clowns in this match decided to throw my way. The only downside... Guys like Evans and Davis might perceive the Vaseline as a mere invitation to join me later. That's not something I can really afford to have happen... Ew... Even the thought has me slightly... Queasy...

Anyway... Whatever the case ends up being, everyone will know this is AGAIN Jake Starr's time to shine. I was screwed once, and to ensure I'm not screwed again, this match will be mine. This match will put me in the spot where I belong. Because when I when this match, I could potentially have two chances to claim the gold that is rightfully mine. The odds of me getting two chances are quite good. Why? It seems Exeter only TRIES when his belt is on the line. The other times, he half-asses EVERYTHING. Some champion... But if history continues, he'll show up against Katie, and he'll somehow pull a lucky victory out of his ass, and I'll have TWO, count them TWO, chances to right what he wronged. Thankfully, in the end, it will only require one chance.

Now... As I actually begin to evaluate my competition, I realize that when it comes down to the "meat" of the argument, it's a two-horse race. Since the chamber itself has so many pods to stuff people in, and not enough people to fill them, CHBK had to simply throw bodies into the mix in order to simply make the quota. He couldn't have two people in the match and call it good. He couldn't put Jake Starr and Thorn only in the match, and feel that he wouldn't here incessant bitching from people like Strange, Cherry, Evans, or guys like that. He was forced to fill up the spots. He decided to appease the whiners, and give them a glimmer of hope.

Take Justin Davis for example. He's a guy who, ultimately, hasn't done ANYTHING here. He's won a match here and there, but he hasn't ever stepped up and done anything special. Maybe he was chosen because he's tied to Rachel Foxx? That's the only way I can actually wrap my head around the fact he's getting the same opportunity as I am.

Then you have Stephen Strange. Strange is a guy who loves to constantly mention other people, hoping once, just once, they may go "Hey he talked sh!t about me, I gotta fight him!" He's tried that with me on COUNTLESS occasions. He's wanted a piece of Jake Starr. He's wanted a piece of THE GUY to beat. I wouldn't give him the time of day, as cliché as that sounds.

After those two, you have the trinity of maybes. Either Greg "Jigglypuff" Cherry, Matt "I 'Heart' Exeter" Hodges, or Jason "I Don't Know Much About Him" Wheeler, will get one spot. These three have to fight in order to even get into the chamber. How can anyone actually believe that someone, who would compete in a triple threat match earlier in the same night, be able to stroll into a demonic structure like the chamber, and actually put up a fight? Unless Cherry pulls a "Big Country" and simply lays on top of the other two so they can't move, and simply wins that way, each one of these abominations will be completely worn down by the time they reach the chamber. After all is said and done, maybe G. Michael Moore could make a fat documentary of the difficulties of not being able to consume his weight in lard.

Who's next? Ah yes, the Messiah himself. Mr. Evans is someone who fancies himself quite the "talent" in this organization. How else could you audibly have the delusions that you're THE Messiah. I admit... I have had my share of delusions of grandeur in my life, but holy crap, I have never gone so far off of the deep end to believe I am the Creator. So, why should anyone take someone who is that clinically insane seriously? Evans, I honestly believe, suffers from a severe case of schizophrenia, along with a severe case of narcissistic personality disorder. It's the only thing that makes sense. So, my honest suggestion, is that CHBK have this guy institutionalized. Get this fruit cake some help. What good is he HONESTLY doing in SCW? He isn't bringing in any help in the ratings or the buy rates. He's quite drab whenever he actually opens his mouth. So give this guy the help he needs, and get him out of the ways of the big boys.

Lastly, we have the one person who I actually feel is a challenge, and someone I have openly praised since his emergence in SCW, Thorn. He and I have a history, but unlike most of the locker room, it isn't a negative history. Thorn watched my back before, and I have always stated how grateful I was for his help. At Under Attack, however, he and I will not be able to watch each other's back at the end. At the end of the night, we will have to face one another. It will be the battle everyone hopes to see in the end. Thorn and Jake Starr have been the ones who the fans know are the future of SCW, and this industry. It will be a battle that I hope lives up to the hype. I hope, in the end, it comes down to Thorn and Jake Starr as the final two. I hope we get to showcase why we are the cream of the crop around here. But I hope he understands that his time will come, but it won't be Sunday. Once my scores are settled, he'll receive his shot at the top. It's just not quite yet.

So I do hope it is clear, now, who the true front runner is. Amidst the undeserving, the lucky, and the one who's time it just isn't yet, there is one man who stands out from the rest. I plan to run the gauntlet I see before me. I plan on setting the critics to rest. I plan on shutting the stupid mouths of those who have said Jake Starr doesn't deserve another chance because he "already got beat by Exeter." Those people are the ones who will soon be corrected. They'll be the ones who have to shut their ripe DSLs, and admit they were wrong. I'm not someone to take lightly. I'm not someone to put into the category of "not-as-good-as..." I'm the best of the best in this place. Whether you're one of those who I "bore," whether you're one of those that I "offend," whether you're one of those who know I'm as good as I say, it doesn't matter. Everyone WILL be on the same page after this chamber match, and everyone will accept the fact I am the present, and the future of SCW. I'm a CHAMPION who treats EVERY match with respect, and in the end, everyone will understand why!

As the two get into Brandon's vehicle, and the car speeds off down the road, the scene slowly begins to fade out to black.

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