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Retribution - ret·ri·bu·tion

Definition... The dispensing or receiving of reward or punishment especially in the hereafter.

In the world, the idea of "retribution" has become the basis of much of the systems of punishment levied by man.

If you believe in the scriptural doctrine of Heaven and Hell, the first instance of "retribution," and arguably the most damning, was the declaration of natural death upon Adam and Eve.

The punishment of "natural death" was bestowed upon the "first" man and woman for their defiance of the Lord by eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.

The coercian of the pair came from the perceived "Devil" in the form of the serpent, who convinced the naive woman that eating the fruit would not cause death, who then shared the fruit with the man.

It was this action, that began what is known as "retribution."

It lead man to adopt a mentality of "an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, hand for a hand, foot for a foot, life for a life."

The mentality of "let the punishment fit the crime" has lead to man subsequently impose this form of justice on the masses.

Be it in justice systems, government actions and reactions, or just responses to something within the daily lives of every average person, "retribution" fuels how the world turns.

Within the walls of professional wrestling, "retribution" is the driving force between opponents.

Losers believe it is their right to avenge their loss.

Winners believe it is their job to validate the punishment levied onto the opponent.

It is unknown whether or not this method of action/reaction is the most logical method of wielding power, or even if it is the most ethical, but it is the way of the land, and will ultimately continue to drive the mentality of man as it continues its struggle to overcome.

As the 2009 edition of Retribution now sits in the rear-view mirror of the SCW, the superstars, and fans alike, begin their respective attempts to come to grips with what happened. It was the disdain of Greaternity by Mr. Drachewych that helped turn Supreme Championship Wrestling on its head.

Before the crowd was even settled in their seats, five men entered the SCW ring to battle for an "opportunity." What that opportunity was, was ultimately unknown... But knowing how Mr. Drachewych operates, they knew it would have to be a positive outcome should they win. Even with the odds against him, it was the official "Social Misfit" of SCW, Jake Starr, who walked away with his second win.

The SCW Superstars who watched in the back assumed it was the end of the night for the SCW's "Social Misfit," but little did they know they were wrong. After his match, Mr. Drachewych informed SCW Adrenaline Champion, Alex Desourbrais Jr., that his night was going to continue. The opportunity Starr won, was an opportunity to battle for the Adrenaline Championship that very moment, without the help of Greaternity. It was a battle neither man had prepared for, and only one could emerge victorious, and that one was Jake Starr.

It is something rare in the business of professional wrestling to have a man come into an established organization, and within two weeks be on the list of champions. For SCW, now is that rare moment in time. Jake seized the chance to become the SCW Adrenaline Champion at Retribution, and continues to set his sights at ultimately achieving the goal of World Champion. The next road block he must hurdle is a match one-on-one, against a man he met in the Furious Five-Way, Leon "The Specter" Logan. He and his wife both know the celebration of his championship is a short-lived excitement. It is time for the superstar to refocus on continuing his winning ways. He has successfully conquered his first match, four other opponents at once, and slain his first champion since his first debut in SCW, and he now looks to "The Specter" and "Voice" of SCW as his next victim.

Jake Starr: Talk about an event to remember!

Shawn Wright: No s#it man... Did you have any clue that the "opportunity" was a shot for the Adrenaline Title?

Jake Starr: Not a damn clue until just a few minutes before Junior found out.

Shawn Wright: I will say it is kind of fitting though, that it was against him...

Jake Starr: How do you figure?

Shawn Wright: You did kind of rain on the parade of him and Winters a couple of weeks ago..

Jake Starr: Ah yes! I almost forgot about that! I do distinctly remember making a promise about that World Championship too...

Shawn Wright: But you'll take this I'm assuming?

Jake Starr: I damn sure am not complaining that's for sure.

Shawn Wright: Good...

Jake Starr: It was just a shock to get the "Oh FYI you're wrestling Alex Desourbrais Jr. next" knock on the door as I was slowly winding down from that five-way...

Shawn Wright: Jesus does that sound dirty!

Jake Starr: HA! No kidding... But having to completely regroup for a championship match out of the blue was something I don't think I've ever had to do before. I'll admit, it was a challenge.

Shawn Wright: I can imagine...

Jake Starr: But damn it feels good to have my first championship in nearly four years!

Shawn Wright: Congratulations are definitely in order my friend!

Jake Starr: Thanks again my friend...

As the two converse, Roeper Hart walks into the room, also apparently seeing Jake for the first time since Retribution. She runs up to him and embraces him in excitement about his two victories at his first pay-per view since returning to wrestling.

Roeper Hart: Congratulations babe!

Jake Starr: Thanks sweetie!

Roeper Hart: After you sent me the text about winning your first match, I almost decided not to watch, but I am glad I did...

Jake Starr: Yeah I think stealing the show really made people take notice of me...

Shawn Wright: Damn if they haven't realized that in three matches you've basically beaten five guys, AND won a championship, they need their eyes checked... It's rare someone is able to come in, win their first match, win their match at the pay-per view, and then be given a second match for a championship, and win that, in the span of their first week of being active on the roster...

Roeper Hart: Good point...

Jake Starr: Retribution was just a simple taste of what is still to come... I have plans for SCW that surpass what happened these past seven days. It is simply the dawning of a new era in SCW...

Jake begins to turn his attention away from Retribution, and towards his next opponent. Leon "The Specter" Logan will pose the next hazard thrown in his path. Jake knows his opponent, knows his capabilities, and knows what to expect when he steps into the ring.

Jake Starr: You see who they're throwing at me next?

Shawn Wright: Isn't it another repeat?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Another fool from that five-way at Retribution.

Roeper Hart: Which is it this time?

Jake Starr: I was hoping for Stupidman, mainly because he honestly just enrages me, but instead, they're sending Leon Logan to meet me in the ring...

Shawn Wright: Isn't he the "Voice" guy?

Jake Starr: Yeah... He was the one who was overhyped before his inaugural match against Eric Anderson...

Roeper Hart: But didn't he win?a

Jake Starr: EVERYONE wins against Anderson! He is too busy cowering in a corner somewhere to even put up a fight. So you can't give him too much credit for beating Eric Anderson.

Roeper Hart: Point taken!

Jake Starr: Yeah since that win, he really hasn't been able to muster much success...

Shawn Wright: Yeah, well you really can't say much there. He was outmatched in both of his matches since...

Jake Starr: Against Donavon, some... Against four other people, beyond his wildest dreams...

Shawn Wright: C'mon... I'd give Donavon some credit at least. He definitely is more talented than Logan...

Jake Starr: Eh... I suppose. I don't think too highly of that cry-baby either.

Shawn Wright: I didn't ask if you thought highly of him, I was just saying Logan isn't even good enough to be in Donavon's league...

Jake Starr: I gotcha...

Roeper brings up a part of Logan's persona that has her curious...

Roeper Hart: And what's up with that intro of his?

Jake Starr: You mean his bad outtake from Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

Roeper Hart: Yeah that one!

Jake Starr: Who knows... I just expect to see someone bust out a synthesizer every time he comes out, hoping to be the one to communicate with him.

Shawn hums the chords played during the "Kod·ly-Communication Method" scene from the Spielberg classic.

Jake Starr: If you do that too loud, you're liable to say something naughty to him, and lord knows how he might take it...

Roeper Hart: We can't have him falling in love with you Shawn!

Jake Starr: You would have to break his heart, and that's not cool!

Shawn Wright: Would you two shut the hell up? Besides, I'm not the one who was in a five-way with the guy OOHH!

Roeper Hart: Damn... Point Shawn!

Jake Starr: Dammit!

Shawn Wright: Now back to Logan himself...

Jake Starr: Truthfully, he was discarded like yesterday's trash at the pay-per view. As much as he may have thought, he wasn't even a factor in the match.

Shawn Wright: I doubt this match will be much different there...

Jake Starr: It wont' be! He'll remain a moot point. He'll walk in, be completely overmatched by someone with infinite times the amount of talent he has, lose, and leave.

Roeper Hart: At least his itinerary is already done for him...

Jake Starr: Yeah, so he shouldn't be confused at all. Everything is laid out, and easy to see carried through.

Shawn Wright: How many of these moes do you think are going to be thrown your way?

Jake Starr: Truthfully I don't know... I look at it as more victories under my belt. It gives me more time to continue to work out all of the kinks. Once Mr. Drachewych finally decides to send someone real my way, I'll be at the top of my game.

Shawn Wright: That makes sense. Utilize whatever speed bumps he decides is next..

Jake Starr: Eventually, whether he or anyone else likes it or not, I'll be staring in the face of the SCW World Heavyweight Champion...

Shawn Wright: That is a moment I am waiting for!

Roeper Hart: I think that's a moment we're all waiting for.

Jake Starr: Trust me, the way things are progressing, nobody will be able to stop that from happening VERY soon...

Shawn Wright: Who do you think you'll end up meeting when that day comes?

Jake Starr: I could care less who I take the belt from, but I will be taking it! Until that day...

Jake lifts his belt up from his side and looks at it.

Jake Starr: ... I will be defending this belt proudly...

Jake's eyes go from his family to the camera.

Jake Starr: You know Leon, I have to ask this, simply because I am curious... If you had known what the "opportunity" was for winning the Furious Five-Way, would you have actually tried harder? Does it honestly take that kind of motivation in order to get you to step up and actually try a little? I don't understand why Mr. Drachewych would stick YOU, of all people, in a match with such a massive prize going to the winner. You are a complete bust man. How can you even justify your existence in this business, with the performances you have given? You are an embarrassment. Nevertheless, you have been sent to become the next person who is thrown to the wolves. Quite frankly, I think the only reason you're my next opponent is because the proverbial "suits" want you to realize you don't belong, and you can tuck your tail and run your ass out of town. You're a complete waste of money.

Shawn Wright: And in this economy, we can't be wasting money!

The group enjoys a chuckle at Shawn's quip.

Jake Starr: I just think there is a lot of talent the SCW could look into bringing in other than these quacks like Logan and Anderson. You'd think they'd want people to represent SCW proudly.

Shawn Wright: Yeah, but at the same time, you sometimes take what comes and hope for one of those diamonds in the rough... Hell that's how Kold Killa started.

Jake Starr: Very true. Killa was pretty rough around the edges until I took him under my wing. Since then, he made himself a legend.

Shawn Wright: You never know... There could be a "project" like that here for you...

Jake Starr: If there is, I haven't found him yet.

Roeper Hart: You still never know what the future does hold though...

Jake Starr: Very true... And I keep an open mind on that. If someone were to appear that I think has what it takes, anything is possible!

Jake's attention returns to the camera, and his comments return to the match at Breakdown against Leon Logan.

Jake Starr: I have to ask this. Logan, what is with the spaceship? Do you have pretend aliens up there with their special "probes" that they stick in you while you lay face down? Does their breath smell like alcohol? Do they sound like that drunk uncle you never felt comfortable around? THEY'RE NOT ALIENS! But seriously... Is that some kind of mental advantage you hope you're getting by coming in on a paper machÈ UFO? You look like a pathetic Trekkie who can't accept the fact Jean-Luc Picard and James T. Kirk didn't answer your question at the last convention. Do you have a life sized version of Marina Sirtis in your bedroom covered in a mysterious white substance? Not sure if Deanna Troi would approve of you diddling your little member on her on a daily basis. I'm honestly surprised that when you come out of your little hovercraft you don't have that awful eyewear that "Mr. Reading Rainbow" wore. When you climb into that hunk-of-junk do you tell everyone you're "beaming up?" Do you call your "aliens" Scotty? Dude are you even an adult? I feel like you're the living embodiment of the kids from Galaxy Quest! I feel like you have the complete blueprint of the ship by memory, and you know exactly what the Omega 13 would do if it's activated.

Shawn Wright: Good God man! How many space-movie references are you going to make?

Jake Starr: Was that not enough?

Shawn Wright: You have more?

Roeper Hart: Please don't get him started!

Shawn Wright: I'm almost tempted!

Roeper Hart: Oh God please don't!

Jake Starr: Ha ha... Oh trust me Shawn, I could make references that would last hours.

Shawn Wright: You really think you could keep people's attention for that long with nothing but sci-fi references?

Jake Starr: You never know! Other nerds could sit there and have a drinking game hoping they hear their favorite sci-fi movie.

Roeper Hart: That would be scary!

Jake Starr: The guy is a BOOB! I bet he's addicted to EverQuest too...

Shawn Wright: EverCrack WOO!

Roeper Hart: Oh God!

Jake Starr: Yeah he strikes me as one of those tools who is in front of his computer ready for his next "mission" with his "guild."

Roeper Hart: Is his real name Leon Poindexter?

Shawn Wright: NERD! Sorry I couldn't resist the reference to Revenge of the Nerds...

With the mood now shifted from sci-fi and space movies, to the thought of Logan being a "nerd," Starr resumes his shoot towards his opponent at Breakdown.

Jake Starr: You live in this fantasy world that, honestly, is comical to see. It is sad you're trying to bring this fantasy disaster into the business of professional wrestling. I can understand you're going for a "gimmick," but wouldn't you pick something, oh I don't know, more adult? Yeah you beat Eric Anderson, and he was obviously intimidated by your "out of this world" antics. Have you realized that since you beat Anderson, you haven't done ANYTHING? You lost to Donavon, then you lost to me at Retribution. Get it through your thick skull that you're not cut out for being in the "big leagues" with people with, what's it called... Oh yeah, TALENT! You're no "Voice" for SCW. All you are is a "Voice" for the ¸ber nerds of the world, who're wanting to actually have a chance to meet a girl somewhere other than in World of Warcraft, Second Life, or Craigslist. Are you hoping this gives the impression that you're "manly?" You hoping joining the world of professional wrestling helps you get laid? It isn't happening dummy. You need to accept the fact that you're life is permanently going to involve a pretend, fantasy, world, and using your money to buy hookers and happy endings.

Shawn Wright: You're brutal sometimes!

Roeper Hart: Sometimes?!

Jake Starr: Yeah sometimes?!

Shawn Wright: I am just shocked sometimes with the references you are able to come up with...

Jake Starr: Yeah me too!

Roeper Hart: Where he comes up with these, half of the time, is beyond me!

Before his shoot concludes, Jake figures he needs to actually take a serious moment to address his opponent.

Jake Starr: When we meet at Breakdown, the result is going to remain the same as the past two matches you have had. You're going to lose, and you're going to run home to your computer alone. The fact of the matter is this... You're coming into Breakdown, not against just another new guy to SCW, but the SCW's OFFICIAL Adrenaline Champion. I know you're new to the word "champion" being used in a sentence with your name as well, but we both know those words will always remain antonyms to one another. You have the as much of a chance of winning a championship as Boy George does of going straight. None! You are entering another match with someone who is of an immensely higher power than you, and someone who is more successful than you. I don't feel intimidated by your gimmick, in fact, I think by now you realize I look at it like a complete and utter farce. Your make-shift mind-games are a bust, and they don't work. Your best bet is to try and collect your little paycheck and get out of SCW while you MIGHT could still save face... The longer you stay here, the more embarrassed you and your little "alien" friends are going to become. Although I could be wrong... You could enjoy being a push-over sensation to those of us with talent. You may enjoy having a career that is mimicking that of the Brooklyn Brawler and Barry Horrowitz. Who knows! Regardless, you're a nothing. You need to accept the fact you're a nothing. You're a stepping stone for TALENT, like Jake Starr, to walk all over. Your main job is to make people like me look good. So, for that, you deserve some thanks!

As Jake winds up his promo, the three of them begin to walk away from the camera. Their conversation slowly drifts off as well. As the scene fades to black, the fans of Jake Starr, as well as the fans of SCW as a whole, await the response of "The Voice" of SCW. How will he react to Jake's harsh criticism of his gimmick and persona? Will he be able to convince anyone that he can step into the ring and avenge his loss from Retribution, or will Retribution be repeated as the two will once again be on opposite sides of the ring. With a victory over Starr, Logan would be able to put a harsh dent into the momentum Jake is running with through his opponents in SCW. Another loss, however, could continue to push more nails into coffin of the SCW career of its "Voice."

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