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Jake Starr's life seemingly is a never ending roller coaster.

After rising up to earn a shot against James Exeter, then having it stolen away, to then be rising back up to NOT ONLY get a spot in the chamber match at Under Attack, but he will FINALLY get his rematch with Exeter.

At the last edition of Breakdown, it was James Exeter who caused Jake not to leave with a second championship, and the rivalry between the two has seemingly become more and more heated. When they clash heads again, the world will see the epitome of the boiling point of this rivalry.

Before he can look towards those events, he must first focus on Breakdown where he has been tasked with teaming with those he will be meeting in the chamber match, against the other half of the entrants. The question is... Will they be able to coexist for just one match?

Also on Starr's plate... His seemingly rocky relationship with the man calling the shots in SCW, CHBK. The two have had several run-ins with each other, and none have been the most pleasant of experiences. The most recent encounter had Starr "saluting" CHBK a-la 1930s-1940s Germany. These two both are adored by the fans, yet cannot seemngly get along on a regular basis.

Starr has met up with Evans to attend an event he has gotten wind about. Whatever this event is, it hasn't been publicised, it hasn't been hyped, and Evans is completely in the dark. Jake seems excited, and has constantly been repeating the fact that this will be a "historical event." Evans remains leery. He trusts his friend, yet doesn't at the same time. Jake's reputation with "surprises" is extensive, and Evans knows not to underestimate his friend's capabilities.

Brandon Evans: So... Now tell me again where we're going?

Jake Starr: I'm telling you bro... We are about to witness an event that will turn the tide of HISTORY as we know it.

Brandon Evans: The resurrection of Christ?

Jake Starr: Close... But not quite!

Brandon Evans: Damn... I was hoping for that one!

Jake Starr: Not me! Do you realize how much sh!t I've talked about organized religion in my life?

Brandon Evans: No...

Jake Starr: Well let's just say I'm hoping God has a sense of humor, and a sense of understanding why some people get real bitter about Christianity...

Brandon Evans: Umm... Ok?

Jake Starr: It's irrelevant... I'll explain more sometime! But I'm telling you man... This could be an event that rocks the world in ways neither of us have ever seen. We may have read about situations like this, but never experienced first hand.

Brandon Evans: The 60s?

Jake Starr: Oh I wish! Sex, drugs, and rock and roll all the way!

Brandon Evans: Then what?!

Jake sighs as they walk.

Jake Starr: Patience! Besides, if this is for real, I don't need to spoil the surprise!

Brandon freezes in place.

Brandon Evans: Surprise?

Jake looks back. A slight grin begins to emerge, and he fights hard to keep it from showing.

Jake Starr: Well... Yeah... If it's real it'll be a surprise to everyone!

Brandon Evans: You do know how uneasy hearing you use the word "surprise" is... Right?

Jake can't hold his smile back from that comment.

Jake Starr: Of course I do! Which is why it makes it all the more gooder!

Brandon Evans: More gooder?

Jake Starr: Of course!

Brandon Evans: Shouldn't it be, like, I don't know, "even better?"

Jake Starr: Grammatically, yes. Do I like it that way? No... I prefer "more gooder!"

Brandon Evans: If you say so!

As the two near the auditorium this "historical event" is supposed to happen at, Jake pulls out VIP badges for the both of them. He explains that there is a special section, right up front, that he was able to pull a few strings and gain access to. It sends another wave of nervousness down the spine of Jake's fellow Social Misfit.

They arrive at the front door of the venue. Two heavily armed guards, dressed in an unfamiliar, and slightly dated, uniform guard the door. There is a line of people waiting to get in, each one being stopped, frisked, and then sent through a metal detector as a secondary precaution.

Again Brandon expresses his doubts about this situation, to which Jake tries to explain the extreme security measures.

Jake Starr: ... I'm telling you man, all this is leading me to believe the rumors were true. These guys want to make sure everyone is protected, because this could really cause a scene.

Brandon Evans: If it's going to be "causing a scene," why in the hell are we here?!

Jake Starr: When have we ever avoided the chance to get involved with causing a scene?

Brandon Evans: Good point... But those scenes usually didn't involve armed guards.

Jake Starr: True... But still! It'll be worth it, I believe...

Brandon Evans: I hope so!

Jake Starr: Me too! It would suck to have made this whole effort to be here for nothing!

Brandon Evans: No sh!t!

As the two are spotted with their VIP badges, the guards order them to another line around the side of the building. Annoyed, yet glad to be out of the longer line, the pair make their way around the side of the auditorium. As they turn the corner, two more armed guards stand by a second perceived entrance. The line for this line is non-existent, and both men like what they see.

Assuming they have found the right entrance, they approach the two guards. Jake inquires if they have found the proper entrance for people with badges, and the guard simply nods. Jake and Brandon both look at each other, confused, wondering what to do next. Jake decides to bite the bullet, and asks the guards if they may be granted entrance to the venue. The guard inspects their badges, and orders them inside the doorway to be patted down. Knowing that resistance, in this case, would be futile, they oblige the guard, and walk into the doorway.

As they step in, another guard resides, obstructed from view from those outside. He quickly pats the pair down, and orders them to empty their pockets, and step through the metal detector.

Brandon begins to notice every one of the guards having a relatively thick accent behind their English. He hasn't been able to pinpoint the origin of it, but he can tell it is one of the European languages.

Nevertheless, the two pass through the security checkpoints, and approach one of the side entrances into the auditorium. A woman stands in the entry way directing people to their seats. She sees the two, and checks their badges once again. On the badges is an ID number, which tells her where to seat those who come her way. Once she finds their respective numbers, she escorts them to their seats in the front row.

Brandon Evans: Damn you did get us some killer seats!

Jake Starr: Yeah! Shear luck too!

Brandon Evans: Who'd you have to blow?

Jake Starr: YOUR MOM!

Jake lets out a cheesy laugh that echoes throughout the auditorium. Brandon just stares at him.

Jake Starr: Couldn't resist!

The two begin to look around and the decor of the place. On the stage stands a large podium, completely covered by a red drop cloth. The rest of the stage is completely empty. Brandon begins to notice a lot of "banners" or "cloths" rolled up, hung, and scattered around the auditorium.

Brandon Evans: I wonder what those are...

Jake Starr: Beats the hell out of me!

Brandon Evans: ... And you're sure we're safe in here?

Jake Starr: I hope!

Brandon's eyes open wide in shock.

Jake Starr: I'm kidding! Yes we are safe!

Brandon Evans: God damn well better be!

Jake begins to laugh at his partner's worry, although he does understand the situation. He knows if the rolls were reversed, and Evans had brought him to some random auditorium with heavily armed guards, he would probably have a quite unsettling feeling as well. Nevertheless, he continues to reassure his friend he is perfectly safe.

The auditorium continue to fill up, and finally reaches capacity.

The lights slowly begin to dim, eventually leaving the crowded auditorium buzzing, and slowly lowering their voices. Brandon looks around and notices a lot of men with no hair seated around him. He thinks it is quite odd.

Did Jake bring him to a convention of Lance Armstrong look-a-likes?

Several spotlights illuminate the walls under the rolled up banners, and two spotlights under the banners flanking the podium. From backstage, someone grabs a microphone and screams "SEIG," to which the majority of the crowd replies "HEIL!" Upon the response in exclamation, all of the banners simultaneously drop revealing completely red banners with white circles, and the infamous swastika in the middle.

Upon seeing these banners, the bulk of the crowd erupts in applause. Brandon is completely shocked at what he sees.

Brandon Evans: What... The... F_ck?!

Hearing Brandon's exclamation almost brings a grin to Jake's face. He does everything he can to hide it from Evans. Evans's feelings of discomfort begins to rise to a level he hasn't had to deal with in some time, and he blatantly begins to try and figure out which exit will be his easiest escape route. As he looks towards the way the two came in, he sees armed guards now blocking all of the exits.

As the panic continues to ensue in the eyes of Brandon Evans, a man in full Nazi regalia begins to goose-step out from stage-left. He even has a very badly drawn-on "Hitler-esque" mustache on his upper lip.

The man makes a right-flank towards the podium, continuing his goose-stepping ways. Once he reaches the podium, he gives the traditional Nazi salute to the crowd, who returns the gesture. The man approaches the microphone on the podium. The crowd slowly begins to take their eruption of excitement down to a silent roar, as the man begins to inform them of what they'll soon see and hear.

Nazi Officer: Ladies and gentlemen... I velcome you all to ze dawning of za new day! For nearly 50 years our belief system has been oppressed and ridiculed, until today. Today we velcome ze rebirth of mein Fuhrer!

The crowd erupts in applause again, some salute and yell at the Nazi "officer."

Nazi Officer: Ze Fuhrer himself couldn't be here today...

The crowd lets out a sea of groans.

Nazi Officer: ... I know I know! I miss him mein-self. But he did tape a message for you all today, and he asked me to come and play it for you. He also told me to tell you that his message and goals vill be quite clear! So to my fellow follovers of our Dear Leader... I welcome you to ze birth of ze FOURTH REICH!

Another eruption of applause, "Seig Heils," and Nazi salutes comes from the crowd. As the "officer" steps away from the microphone, a projection screen slowly begins to lower behind the podium.

The crowd begins to silence themselves as the video message begins to play. Before it begins, a title screen appears...

Triumph des Willens: Teil zwei (Triumph of the Will: Part Two)

As the video starts up, the body of Hitler is shown, but with a cutout of the face of CHBK overlaid onto the head. The audio from this speech of Hitler's begins to play as it was heard back during World War II. The video, however, has added subtitles in hopes it will attract new followers to the cause who may not speak German.

As the message being delivered changes moods, the facial expressions on the cutout do as well... And the subtitles seem to suggest that the new Fuhrer's message has a slightly, more modern, tone.

My people... I come to you not a moment too soon. It has been long, too long, dare I say MONTHS, since we have had a firm grasp of control over the reigns of SCW. Those who defied us then, have begun to do that to us now. Supreme Championship Wrestling is in need of another Final Solution! I say to you SEIG...

With that call, the crowd, and the "officer" respond with another roaring "HEIL!"

It is time for the fourth... Fifth? How many Reich's have we had?

The facial expression on the face of the CHBK cutout turns to confusion.

No no... How many? Dammit I lost my place in this speech... LINE!

A separate video of an officer running to Hitler and whispering in his ear is shown. The CHBK cutout shows a sign of excitement as he is told where he was in his speech.

Ah yes... The birth of the Fourth Reich is upon us! We shall eliminate and eradicate those who defy us now, and forever more! Unless they are nice to us after, then we'll reward them, BUT... To those who do not accept our ways and follow us immediately, face utter demise! Again that is unless you ask us nicely not to, to which we probably won't, or we may just ask you sternly not to do that again. One or the other... AGAIN I SAY SEIG...

With another "HEIL" from the audience, Brandon has now caught on to the bit, and his level of uneasiness has completely subsided.

I want all of you to go out, and find those who oppose us. Find those inferior beings who wish to challenge are existence and our ways! We must destroy them! Or reward them when we finally figure out where we went wrong, whichever comes first! Now my officer has been instructed to answer all questions you may have. Death to bad people... Or a firm slap on the wrist, one or the other... SEIG...

One final "HEIL" from the audience echoes. The entire crowd, as a show of respect, and also including the two Social Misfits, rise to their feet and salute the "Fuhrer" of Supreme Championship Wrestling. As the projector is turned off, and a spotlight returns to the "officer" behind the podium.

Now that Brandon gets where this all came from, his curiosity is peaked as to where it may go next.

Brandon Evans: So what next?

Jake Starr: I must kill this before it starts!

Brandon Evans: What?

The "officer" returns to the microphone.

Nazi Officer: I vill now answer questions from ze audience!

Jake quickly rises to his feet, and raises his hand.

Nazi Officer: Jes... Jou...

Jake Starr: Did you just call me a Jew?


Jake Starr: Damn... Sensitive subject I see... I just have one comment to make...

Nazi Officer: Zen go ahead!

Jake clears his throat.

Jake Starr: Ahem... Excuse me!


Jake is taken back by the hostility.

Jake Starr: Fine then... All I have to say is this...

Jake pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket, and reads it.

Jake Starr: Wenn ist das Nunstruck git und Slotermeyer? Ja! Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!

The "officer" and several German-speaking members of the crowd begin to look puzzled, and think about what Jake just said.

Evans is clueless.

Out of the blue, the "officer" and those in the crowd who understood Jake begin to erupt in a sea of laughter. Evans still looks lost at what Jake said. They continue to laugh, and one by one begin to keel over dead. Brandon is shocked by what he sees. Corpses begin to fall from every which way around Evans and Starr.

Brandon Evans: What in the hell did you say?!

Jake Starr: Can't tell you...

Brandon Evans: WHY?!

Jake Starr: Because I don't even know... The joke I told them was that deadly!

Brandon Evans: WHAT?!

Jake Starr: Haven't you seen Monty Python?

Brandon Evans: Apparently I missed one or two episodes!

Jake Starr: Oh my God! That joke is what ended World War II! And I just prevented the Reich from reforming here today!

Brandon Evans: A joke ended World War II?

Jake Starr: Yep... The Germans tried to counter it with their own joke, but failed... So the Geneva Convention outlawed joking warfare... You really need to do better research! But thanks to me... I ended CHBK's dreams of the rise of the Fourth Reich in SCW. YAY ME!

As Brandon continues to look completely lost regarding Jake's explanation, Jake takes the chance to walk up to the stage, and rip down the two banners surrounding the podium. He then rips the crest of the Nazi's off of the podium, and grabs the microphone. He then begins to deliver his message to those who lived through the killer joke.

Jake Starr: I didn't necessarily leave the last Breakdown in the way I had hoped. I had planned to have a belt draped over both shoulders, and have the bragging rights I deserve. Instead, I escaped with a win, and an even bigger desire to destroy the life of one specific human being in SCW. James Exeter decided his scrawny ass actually had a place in MY MATCH. Unfortunately for him, it'll be something that ended up costing him something down the road.

To start with, I was rewarded once by the newest Fuhrer in the world, CHBK, with a shot in this Chamber match at Under Attack. Then he FINALLY wised up and gave me my rematch with Exeter at Breakdown AFTER Under Attack, and if he escapes with his title, he'll have to defend it IMMEDIATELY at Breakdown against me. It's about damn time things got righted here.

Nevertheless, Der Fuhrer had this "great idea" to throw all of us in this Chamber match together at this coming Breakdown, and split us into two teams. Ah yes... The old "let's see how they work as a team when they have to kill one another shortly after" idea. Who could have seen that one coming? Regardless, like ever match, I'm in it, to win it.

I look at my team that I'm with and I see Jason Wheeler, Justin Davis, Thorn, and David Helms. Talk about an interesting array of superstars on one team. Let me start with the most talented member of this team, outside of myself, and that's Thorn. Thorn and I have a history, and he's looked out for me in the past. He's someone I can honestly say I respect. He's shown me he is reliable, and he is deserving of respect. He brings with him his little friend, David Helms. Thorn... Let me say something to you directly, dump this garbage you're surrounded by. Dump Kinney... Dump Helms... Be the talent you can be and not have to hold up pieces of crap like them in the process.

Then we have Justin Davis. Yet another man I have history with. Unlike Thorn, however, it isn't the same kind of history. I don't have the "you scratch my back" type of history here. Instead, Davis was one of my first victims here in SCW. He was one of the first people to step up and try to take my championship away from me, and subsequently FAIL MISERABLY. He's also someone I think is a waste of space on this Earth. He is one of those people who benefits from having beef with the "right guy" and getting thrown into this match. Hopefully he's stepped his pathetic game up since we last met. He's BLESSED to be on a team with me, AND a guy like a Thorn. He better put up, or just not bother showing up. I'd rather be a man down, than have to deal with a hindrance like him.

Lastly... Jason Wheeler. If memory serves me right, Wheeler is an ex-crony of the former Fuhrer of SCW, and now seemingly wanting to be in the good graces of the CURRENT Fuhrer. I don't know much about this guy, nor do I care. He's got issues with that tub of flub Greg Cherry, so he's another beneficiary of the "right feud-right time" situation.

Across the ring we have "Team Clusterf_ck." Wow... Talk about a group of guys to be thrown together with the hopes that they'll step it up and work cohesively.

Greg Cherry is the walking "tub of flub," Chad Evans is a delusional maniac who needs to come down from the clouds and realize he's a walking snooze-fest, Stephen Strange everyone knows is the "kind of the name-dropper" because nobody ever takes him seriously, Damian Angel who is just an "evil" failure, and then you have Alex Jr., the greatest patsy of all time.

How could anyone expect that menagerie of crap to be worth anything? The most likely scenario is going to involve Evans trying to convert everyone to the "Holy Church of Me Me Me," then Strange will mention himself, get scolded, and then everyone will get mad because Cherry ate all of the food.

If anyone expects any of these guys to be able to beat ANY team with me on it, they're officially in need of a psychiatric evaluation. Each one of these guys hopes to somehow resurrect themselves from the toilet bowl by winning at Under Attack. Every one of them is obsessed with actually being looked at as "talented" or "relavent" again. Sadly every one of them actually believes they're talented, and going to put on that "stellar showing" that they hoped to do back in the day. Unfortunately it isn't happening.

I've personally been criticized by some of these guys before. Hell some have called me "boring," "tired," and "lame." But yet, these are the same people who simply recite the same monologue every time they open their mouth. When it comes to the ENTERTAINMENT FACTOR of this team, I would argue that they have the collective amusement factor of the movie Gigli. When these guys actually can step out of their little bubble that they live in, and actually do something that not only is interesting and entertaining, but not the same thing every time, then they'll actually step up and potentially make their career worth something again. Until then, they'll just go into whatever matches they actually get, and bore the world.

Everyone in this match better take notice though... Whether you're on my team or standing with the losing team, it doesn't matter. At Under Attack, the chamber will be a portal to yet another rise in my stock. Then the week after that, whether he has the title or not, I am going to be sh!tting in the mouth of the invalid named James Exeter. Should he have his little belt, which he probably will because it's the only time he actually tries, he will be losing it like he should have already.

With those final words Jake drops the microphone on the back of the dead Nazi "officer." Brandon and Jake both walk towards the doorway they both entered through, and step over the corpses of the dead guards, and leave the auditorium. Several people still in the auditorium are sitting in shock of what they saw and heard as the scene fades completely to black.

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