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A Long Time Coming... (Part 2)

High atop the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, within the walls of one of its multi-million dollar penthouses, Jake stares into the eyes of a man whom he hasn't seen in nearly a decade. The man, who still remains unidentified, continues to stare back at Jake. His eyes shine through the darkness that covers his face, and are in a deadlock with those of the Adrenaline Champion.

Jake looks back at the table at the photo he was admiring earlier. He once again picks it back up and looks at it. His eyes rise from the photo, and lock back with the eyes of the man.

Jake Starr: Why me?

The man chuckles. He begins to circle Jake like an animal circles its prey before it attacks.

Even though he remains covered in darkness, he has moved into a shadow slowly revealing more of his features. His face is thin, and is adorned with a long beard. Comparing the little bit discerned by the feeble light, to anyone in the picture, is difficult. One has to presume he is one of them though.

Man: Why you?

He chuckles again.

Man: Honestly would there have been another option?

Jake's eyes break the deadlock and return to the photo.

Man: Of all of my "options," I really had no choice.

Jake glances back up at him.

Jake Starr: Then why?

The man continues to walk around Jake. Jake remains still. As the man crosses behind his back, Jake turns his head to the side to watch out of his periphery.

Man: Like I said... My options were truly limited.

Jake Starr: How so?

Man: In that photo, you see yourself, me, Krem, Rose, and Cloud correct?

Jake merely nods.

Man: It will all come together soon enough. See... The last time you and saw one another was nearly a decade ago. By then, the "Soldiers of Eternity" were pretty much a figment of the past.

Cloud had seemingly retired. The last time I saw him was in the true waning moments of our days together in the OWF. For a short time after that, I did do my best to stay in touch, but he became distant. Eventually, as usually happens, contact came to a halt. I haven't heard from him since.

Krem and Rose on the other hand, I held in contact with as long as I did you. I will admit... When I came back and saw the mess, I tried contacting you all. You first, followed by them. Turns out, the old ASW has fallen into ruin, and they've had to move on to dealing with personal issues together. It was a battle that was inevitable for them. I never could reach them, but part of me was happy about that...

The man continues to circle Jake. As he crosses fully behind Jake's back, Jake shifts his head to his other shoulder to keep an eye on the man.

Man: When I saw how my penthouse looked, I knew that if the two of them saw this, it would be something they felt the need to "remedy." They would want to swoop in and make the world better. I don't need, nor did I want that. I didn't want heroes to come save the day. I didn't want people to come coddle me and tell me all was going to be fine. That's why, in the end, you're the only one I allowed security to permit up here.

See... I knew when you walked in, you'd see the shambles, you'd see the mess, and it wouldn't phase you. I'm erratic in behavior, and quite frankly, you'd just as soon think I'd do this as anyone else. You wouldn't tear open your little button-down shirt, dawn a fruity cape, and try to rescue me like some damsel in distress. You'd just look, and accept.

The man comes around from behind Jake, now flanking his right shoulder. Jake continues to glare, still confused at the overall situation. His mind races wondering what exactly to say, and how exactly to phrase it. His mind is riddled with questions without answers, and he knows, no matter how awkward the situation may continue to become, he wants those answers.

Jake Starr: Ok...

The man stops.

Man: Ok? What do you mean ok?

Jake Starr: I simply mean ok...

The man steps out of the darkness, finally fully illuminated. The man resembles that of what a traditional, and stereotypical "homeless" man, would look like. He looks dirty; he looks worn down; he looks old.

With just a few feet separating Jake from this man, the time for answers, he feels, is now.

Jake Starr: What happened to you?

The man cocks his head to the side, a bit confused.

Man: What do you mean?

Jake's index finger slides over one of the men in the photo.

Jake Starr: How did you go from this...

Jake takes his finger from the photo, and now points at the man.

Jake Starr: ... To this?

The man laughs, and looks down at the ground. His head rises back up, once again facing Starr.

Man: I had to go find myself, I think.

Jake looks completely bewildered.

Man: When we last spoke to one another, you and I had just stuffed Jesse in a trunk. I drove you to your hotel, we shook hands, and I drove off into the night. I honestly believed it was our crowning moment in our careers.

As I was driving, I didn't know where I was going. I didn't know what I was going to do with the invalid in the trunk, I just was driving somewhere. You didn't know it, but my bags were packed already, and I was planning on just vanishing. Again, to where, I didn't have a clue.

So what happened was, I just drove until the piece of sh!t ran out of gas. I grabbed my bags from the back, banged on the trunk to let stupid know I was leaving, and just started walking into the night.

Jake Starr: Then how...

The man quickly interrupts Jake.

Man: You still are an impatient boob sometimes.

Jake laughs. The man tells Jake to have a seat, if he can find a place, and he'll continue the story. Jake grabs one of the overturned chairs from the dinner table, and dusts it off. He sets it down in one of the few clearings on the floor, and sits down.

Man: Anyway... In my bags I packed a change of clothes, and a wad of cash. I decided it was time to go find myself. At that time, I was parading around as the ancestor of the old "Desert Fox" Irwin Rommel. It was a fun time, but it wasn't who I was.

So I opted to go wherever the world took me.

I obviously left with a nice chunk of cash, but I put a freeze on all of my other accounts. I wasn't going to just keep withdrawing more money to stay alive, I wanted to force myself to work to live. Only problem was, I didn't take enough cash to last me almost 10 years...

The man continues to tell his story. He tells that his journey lead him to the East Coast of the United States. His money ran dry rather quickly, and he was slowly forced to live his life on the streets.

Over the next several years, the man became known as one of the "better off" homeless people in the area, often helping others get things they wanted or needed. He quickly began to earn respect in the homeless community, which he openly says, is not something guaranteed to anyone.

He also explains how he slowly began to develop himself quite a record with the local law enforcement. He said he had several instances where he was arrested and thrown in the local "drunk tank" with other intoxicated people. He also was busted once for trying to snatch a woman's purse, and also trying to rob a local corner market. He said it was all part of the "lifestyle."

When asked why he decided to "find himself" this way, the man explains that he has always lived the life of luxury. He always had things just handed to him, or easily obtained. He never had to work for anything. So he decided, he needed to experience that aspect of life, in order to, at the least, know what it was like. He says he needed something to fully help him understand who he was deep down. Was he the man who always got things easily, or was he someone who really, on the inside, was someone who desired the ability to "earn his keep."

There were times during this soul searching mission, he says, he battled cases of borderline lunacy. There were times he actually forgot who he was. At one point, he recalls, he actually believed he was a descendant of the famed "Desert Fox," and that it was Max Rommel's job to help bring good to his family's name.

Ultimately, he says, it all came to a head about a year and a half ago.

While battling one of his cases of "dementia," he was arrested with disturbing the peace. Instead of going easily, as he had when he was too intoxicated to resist, he fought back. This lead, ultimately, to the police being forced to book him for resisting arrest, and assaulting an officer. He was fully booked into the department for the first time, and as the station ran his prints, they uncovered who he really was.

Man: It was quite humorous when they came to me, looked me in the eyes, and went "You're THE Agent oo6?"

Jake laughs, but has another curiosity.

Jake Starr: How did your prints even get in the system?

Agent oo6: The Nugget's policy. All employees, tenants, and even owners, are required to submit their prints to a federal database. With all of the money and transactions made, they want to keep a close eye on you.

Jake Starr: Or their thumb on you, pardon the pun...

The man, now identified as Agent oo6, shakes his head at the awful pun.

Agent oo6: Anyway... When they told me who I was, it didn't completely click. They brought in a psychologist, cleaned me up some, and once she explained that I, most likely, wasn't within my right mind when this all happened, they agreed to drop the charges if I'd agree to seek continuous counseling for a while. I was able to unfreeze an account to pay for the treatment, and once all was over, I knew where I truly belonged.

I started my journey back here, and upon my arrival, I found my place like this. Hence the added security measures.

Jake Starr: Who did it?

Agent oo6: No clue... I have security going through years of surveillance footage now. I may not be the same Agent oo6 as I was, but I swear to God I'll beat the holy-living-sh!t out of anyone who messes with my stuff.

Jake nods.

Agent oo6: But that is why I called you, ultimately. I didn't want anyone who'd try and pat me on the shoulder and say "don't worry it'll be ok!" I wanted to call someone I could ultimately trust to simply accept it, accept me, and accept this. If you can't, beat it. But you've never given me a reason to think you couldn't...

Jake Starr: And I never will... Guess you can say it's one of those endearing qualities I have.

Agent oo6: Or something...

As the two begin to assess the carnage surrounding them, oo6 begins to inquire as to the whereabouts of the man they stuffed in the trunk of the car back in the day. Jake explains that Jesse was found by cops knocking on death's door, but was able to be saved. oo6 seems slightly disappointed, and somewhat relieved.

Who honestly wants someone's death on their conscience? Especially when both are slightly responsible.

Jake feels honored that he reunited, even for a moment, with one of his oldest friends in the wrestling business. He knows it doesn't mark the next evolution in the lives of the Soldiers of Eternity or the Arrogant Megalomaniacs, but the return of Agent oo6 from the shadows marks a morale explosion within the mind of the Adrenaline Champion of SCW.


Jake Starr: Que Sera, Sera... Whatever will be, will be.

A popular cliché, and a song from the legendary Alfred Hitchcock film, "The Man Who Knew Too Much." It's a phrase that, rings true for me right now.

See, from the minute I was attacked by Damian "Pussified" Angel, I made it clear that I knew Exeter had something to do with it. I knew Exeter didn't have the abilities to face me man to man. I knew he wasn't able to come to grips with the fact his title reign wasn't worth his weight in semen. He had to buy his way out. I knew, all along, his victory would be tainted. I made it clear to everyone that it was something he, simply, could NOT succeed at. He knew it too apparently. Apparently he didn't realize he'd have the same EPIC FAIL with Robin though. She tore through him like bad Mexican food to a gringo. What does that say about the "prodigal child" of SCW now? He can buy one victory, but can't win one alone.

I guess we now know how "champion-esque" he really is.

In just a matter of time, I will prove that I would have won, and I will take the SCW Title from his little waist. That is, unless that stupid bitch Steward beats me to him. For the sake of letting some long-standing feud finally be put to rest, she gets the shot I deserve. Why, I'm not sure, but I guess it has to do with the fact that CHBK doesn't know how to say no when he has a set of tits bouncing in his face. Maybe if I got implants, and jiggled around him, he'd give me what I deserve too. Nevertheless... In the end, whether I take that strap from Steward or Exeter, I won't care. Either one of them will suffice. If it's Steward, she'll help validate my point about Exeter, and if he buys another victory, I'll make sure he and his little power bottom friend understand, the second time around, the game changes.

But as the saying goes... Que Sera, Sera... Whatever will be, will be...

And what "will be" right now, is another opportunity to solidify myself as the epitome of excellence in Supreme Championship Wrestling, but most importantly, in this business. I stand ready to enter the next edition of Breakdown against another champion. I stand on the cusp of doing what Damian Angel prevented me from doing at Apocalypse. I stand on the verge of emerging from the perils of battle with NOT ONE, but TWO championships to my name. Not over time, but AT ONCE. I have the opportunity, and the chance, to walk out of Breakdown as the Adrenaline AND the United States Champion.

The Canadian Hum-Bug Kid, oh I mean the "boss" Sasha, decided it was time for the United States Champion, and the Adrenaline Champion to defend their titles, and what better way to do it, than against one another. You know... In the end... I couldn't agree more! What the two of them lack in collective brain capacity, the seemingly make up for in the ability to give the fans what they want. They could give a sh!t about some of the drivel that is paraded in front of them. Hell, some matches, if you watch from the back, or lurk around, you can actually see the crowd leave the arena to piss or get food. They lose interest! So at least the "powers that be" understand that you have to keep them interested, and wanting more.

See, fans haven't ONCE left during one of my matches. Hell, they haven't really ever had a problem with anything I do. I don't have to pander for their applause and cheer though. They simply acknowledge who the best of the best is, and they respond.

Oh wait... I have to retract one statement. There was one instance they didn't seem to be too kosher about. And it involves one man, whom I will soon know quite well.


See... When it came to getting the match I deserved at Apocalypse, I was going to make sure I didn't have anything or anyone screw me over. I knew he and Rachel were having a little "lovers quarrel," and I knew she'd not be too thrilled thinking he was going to come and bother her. Then, I did it again when Brandon arrived. Apparently the fans REALLY like this him, and really weren't thrilled when teased that he was going to be making a special appearance. Oh well... Again... Que Sera, Sera!

Thankfully, at Breakdown, there won't be any teases. Asher Hayes and Jake Starr, title for title.

Asher comes into this match with a little bit of baggage though. He and Rachel have this little battle going on, and apparently it is finally going to come to a head down the road. It's something that both of them have wasted a considerable amount of time worrying about, and I doubt that with the knowledge that there could be the "final resolution" between them, they'll stop watching over their shoulder for the other.

That fact is something that could heavily play into my favor too. It did with Rachel. She was more concerned with Asher making an appearance, than actually fighting for a chance to meet Exeter. Her priorities were quite skewed. Asher, who knows, could have the same problem. He could be so concerned with Rachel that he forgets that his lone championship hangs in the balance. If he decides to forget about that, everyone can damn well expect me to take advantage of it quickly.

Another issue Asher will be facing is the fact I am out on a mission. After what happened at Apocalypse, and now what happened at Breakdown with the apparent teaming of Mutt and Jeff, I'm out to simply win at all costs. I don't care who it's against, I don't care to what means I must go, but in the end, I will be winning. It's not something I'm necessarily fond or proud of, but it's the nature of the beast in SCW. That type of mentality and behavior is REWARDED here. If you screw people over, if you lower yourself to the level of schoolyard bully, and in the end are rewarded, it shows how everyone thinks here. So I figure, why not join the little charade, and the little game, and play along? It seemingly gets things pushed through here.

You know... Asher and I seemingly will put fans in quite a predicament at Breakdown. They'll be torn on who exactly to cheer for. Do they cheer for the SCW veteran, and help push him in his quest to making Rachel Foxx's life a continual living hell, or will they opt to cheer on the FUTURE of Supreme Championship Wrestling, and its REAL "hottest Starr?" It's going to be a division that will be something to watch, that's for sure.

He also could, potentially, be the toughest opponent I have seen yet. That is a real legit possibility. It is true that I have speculated that EVERY opponent I have had recently, with the exception of Damian Angel, could have one of the toughest, if not the toughest opponents I've had cross my path.

Hayes has done some impressive things. I have to say, beating someone like Nathan Kaye isn't something for people to balk at. Actually being able to put up with the stench of Rachel Foxx's vagina for all that time is something to be admired. The foul and fish odor emitting from your tag team partner isn't something I would call very appealing to most. Among these "highs" he does have one blemish that stands out to me, as a big one. See I am coming off a major victory over a walking retard, who happened to have ended one of Asher's little title reigns. So that leads me to wonder, how can he have the good marks he has, and still have lost a fight to Damian Angel? What it tells me, is that he isn't always on his game, and he isn't always as strong as he can be.

Ultimately, it will be a combination of all of these reasons that he walks into Under Attack, against Rachel Foxx, completely devoid of any championship around his waist. When I faced off against Brayden Walker, I made a little suggestion to him, and I'll make a similar one to Asher. Now isn't the time to worry about a match with me. Now isn't a time to think about the fact he may be able to dethrone the longest running champion currently in SCW. What he needs to do is accept his loss early, and prepare to slap that bitch upside her snooty little face, and leave the United States Championship with someone who has the time and urge to give it the respect it deserves.

Although, Asher may, for a moment, have an inkling of hope that he'll win this match. It, unfortunately, will be just that though. It'll be an INKLING. It won't be a smattering, a pinch, a handful, lots, anything like that. It'll just be an INKLING of hope. Deep down he'll feel that piercing feeling of knowing he's walking into the end of his reign. I've been there before. I've felt the gut-wrenching feeling knowing you have no chance in hell of emerging victorious. It sucks. It is sickening. It makes you want to vomit the excrement you just discharged from your anus. Unfortunately for Asher though, it's part of reality. It's his reality. It's my reality. It's everyone's reality.

This match, in a sense, is worth more than my match with Exeter. How can that be? Against Exeter, I had nothing to lose, but something to gain. I knew I'd leave with something no matter what. This time, it's different. I have something to lose, but could emerge carrying twice as much as what I came in with. No matter what ONE BELT someone may have, a person able to capture TWO individual championships does garner some extra respect and admiration of others. Quite frankly... This match is the true career changer.

The best part will come later, when I have the Adrenaline Championship, the United States Championship, and I slap that little sh!t, James Exeter, around and take the SCW Championship as well. But for now... It's Asher Hayes! And after Breakdown, it'll be Asher Hayes, the FORMER United States Champion of Supreme Championship Wrestling.

Now... To quote Yul Brenner, sort of...

So It Be Written... So Shall It Be DONE!

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