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As the scene opens, Jake Starr sits behind a desk, looking directly into the camera. He issues an opening statement about what is to come...

Jake Starr: Before anyone gets too comfortable watching, reading, hearing, or being told about the following, I have some choice words to preface it with.

To begin with, what you will be seeing, hearing, watching on YouTube, hearing about from friends, reading on Twitter, whatever, will not contain any issues that help pander to those who hope to read about me becoming some multi-faceted, multi-dimensional person. Instead, you're going to be seeing me for who I am, and should you like it or not, doesn't matter to me.

I am not in this business to make myself out to be someone who has all these "sides" to myself. I'm not out trying to show the world how I belong on some episode of Guiding Light or Days of Our Lives. I'm out to fight, win, and enjoy what I know I do best.

Why am I saying all of this?

Well to be honest, it has been boiling inside me since I came back to this business, and for some reason, everyone else seems to think it's just all "hunky-dory!"

It seems that people expect we as pro wrestlers, sports entertainers, athletes, whatever you want to call us, to have all of these different sides to our lives. It seems we're supposed to be seen as "normal." In all my years in this business, the fans never once saw me as a normal human being, nor did I expect it of them.

I never expected anyone to look at me as something more than what I showed myself to be through this television, and in that ring.

Apparently that mentality has gone by the wayside.

Apparently Jake Starr is supposed to present himself as someone who has all these facets to his personality, and has all of this "history" that makes me interesting... Or at least that is what I've been told I'm supposed to do.

So to all of you who want that, turn off your television, switch off your radio, tell your friend to shut up, whatever.

This isn't for you. This isn't what YOU want. This is for ME, and my fellow Social Misfits. I could give a shit if you like it, or not. This isn't geared to make you happy and coddle to what it is you want.

So... If you're one of those Misfits... Enjoy...

If you don't like it, go fuck yourself. I don't care, I'm never going to care, and I hope you trip on a rock and get impaled by a hypodermic needle previously used by a drug-addicted, unsafe sex practicing, homosexual from the gutter, and die...


Did SCW, in fact, witness the Apocalypse it was promised? Or was it completely ruined due to someone deciding it was their job to influence the outcome?

Apparently, it was the second of the two.

At Apocalypse, Jake Starr wasn't given the chance he earned, and was promised.

Instead, he was attacked backstage by one, Damian Angel, which subsequently lead him to not be 100% for his match with James Exeter.

It was something Jake will not forget, nor tolerate.

Damian Angel feels as if it is his job to, in essence, "play God" with the outcome of SCW matches, when he, himself, hasn't been able to deliver in any of his as of late either.

Jake is simply infuriated.

With all of the work Jake put into just getting his shot at the SCW Championship, and also the work he put in training to fight James Exeter, only to have someone completely irrelevant cause him to lose, has Jake's blood boiling.

Jake has gone as far as to look at the legal ramifications he may have against Angel and his actions, due to the nature of the event.

He hasn't coped well with the loss at Apocalypse, and has even been cited several times for disturbing the peace, and reckless behavior since the match.

Those citations, however, haven't cooled the fire.

Jake knows this could have been his one chance at achieving what he came out of retirement for, and he isn't about to let it get away from him. He is planning on getting the chance back, and making sure it goes better than the first.

Until that moment, his rage will continue to flare up due to the actions of Damian Angel.

The walls are riddled with holes from where the official Social Misfit of Supreme Championship Wrestling has driven his hand through.

His knuckles are torn and bloody from the obvious damage he has done.

He continues to pace back and forth in anger, with his fellow Misfits doing everything they can to try to calm him down some, if at all. The likelihood remains dim that it'll work.

Since his match at Apocalypse, and being attacked prior to, Jake has been, well, pissed. The emotions have been heavy, which the holes definitely verify.

Jake has been demanding answers, and has yet to receive any. It is very unlikely he'll ever see or hear any of the answers he seeks, but nevertheless, he continues to demand them.

Should they continue to be avoided, and ignored, he plans on doing everything he can to destroy everything in his path.

Jake Starr: ... If I don't get any answers from that son of a bitch CHBK or his little "C" of a companion soon, I'm going to snap...

Shawn Wright: As if you haven't already!

Brandon Evans: Yeah... I have to say, the walls would definitely argue, you've flip your lid!

Jake Starr: If Supreme Championship Wrestling is supposed to be something people are supposed to have RESPECT for, those two had better be quick about fixing how badly I was wronged at Apocalypse.

Shawn Wright: Seriously dude... How would they do that?

Jake Starr: Quite frankly... Exeter is a piece of sh!t, and should have the belt just removed from him. He knows, just as well as I do, he didn't beat me. He was handed a win because people know that had I won, the world would have been turned upside down.

Brandon Evans: So it's a conspiracy now?

Jake Starr: Pretty much, yeah! Damian Angel had NO REASON to even be sticking his nose in MY business. Instead, CHBK and that whore of his decide to let him attack me, and ruin my chance? If they want to "right the ship," they give me a chance at Exeter, bar the world from the ring but his leprechaun ass, the ref, and myself, and we'll see how it turns out.

Shawn nods.

Brandon Evans: Do you really think that will happen?

Jake rears back punches yet another hole in the wall.

Shawn Wright: Dude! Roeper is going to be pissed!

Jake jerks his neck to the side and glares at the two.

Jake Starr: She'll understand... And as far as do I think they'll make things right? No! They want to appease their little CLIQUE they have, and that is all. Why else would it have taken THIS F_CKING LONG to even get a chance.

Brandon Evans: Umm...

Jake Starr: And WHY would they have pulled me out of Taking Hold of the Flame as well? Those cock-suckers don't like me, don't like my "style," don't like my "gimmick," so they just do everything they can to allow me to be held back. Just like allowing Damian "Oh Look At My Originality In This Gimmick" Angel.

Shawn Wright: Ha ha...

Jake Starr: Seriously... Damian Angel? What kind of name is that? He's a walking contradiction!

Brandon runs up to Jake quickly.

Brandon Evans: Dude... Don't talk about people contradicting themselves! CERTAIN people may not like it...

Jake Starr: Oh f_ck them!

Shawn Wright: Well alright! That seemingly sums up your feelings...

Jake Starr: Quite frankly, I could give two-sh!ts in the mouth of a prostitute if anyone likes what I say. I point out the STUPIDITY I see, the CONTRADICTION I see, the UNORIGINALITY that I see, and the LAME ASS ATTEMPTS at being "evil" that I see. I'm not going to turn a f_cking blind eye to the pathetic retards that line the locker room.

Brandon Evans: Well ok then!

Jake Starr: Besides... If you're worried about those CERTAIN someone's, you ought to be worried about how you two, apparently, give me verbal blowjobs on a regular basis.

Both men go to respond, and then realize Jake has a point.

Jake Starr: Exactly! Those jerk-offs that dislike stuff about me, dislike stuff about you two as well. You see... Apparently we don't fit the "mold" that everyone is supposed to pack themselves into here. We don't allow people into our personal lives to showcase how boring and blasé we are outside of this business. Instead, we seemingly showcase our lives as it pertains to wrestling, and that just isn't good enough.

Shawn Wright: Well... What... What about me? I'm technically not involved!

Jake closes his eyes and shakes his head.

Jake Starr: Seriously?

Shawn stares back blankly.

Jake Starr: You're a Misfit are you not?

Shawn Wright: Umm... Yeah?

Jake Starr: Yes you are stupid! You're lumped into the mix. You're one of the ones they like to use as fodder for their lackluster promos. Remember... You two suckle my nuts to make me feel special!

Brandon Evans: Ew!

Shawn Wright: Yeah... I really don't want your testicles in my mouth.

Jake just looks up in disgust at Shawn.

Jake Starr: See... I tried to give everyone that "special peek" into my life. I tried to let them see what happens with Jake Starr in his "private moments."

Brandon Evans: I thought it went well...

Jake Starr: It felt good! But apparently don't seemingly care about THOSE "private moments" and "special facets" of me. They want what they want, and expect me to bend over backwards to appease them.

Brandon Evans: Apparently they don't know any of us that well...

Jake Starr: No... They really don't. They would simply shut up, go back to eating each other's ass holes behind the scenes, and call it good. Hell, you want to talk about performing verbal felatio on people, you should have HEARD some of the sh!t I heard people saying about Exeter. Holy Jesus!

Shawn Wright: Was it juicy?

Jake Starr: Oh my God... All I heard was how lovely and wonderful he is, and how he can do no wrong...

Shawn Wright: Wow...

Brandon Evans: And apparently that was when they weren't milking his prostate at the same time?

Jake Starr: Yeah apparently. Apparently what they're doing isn't the same as you guys...

Brandon Evans: Exactly! We're telling it like it is, they're kissing ass.

Shawn Wright: That is a viable difference!

Jake nods in agreement.

Jake Starr: But you guys must understand... They're ok to do it, we're not!

Brandon Evans: I've only been around a couple of weeks, and I have to agree!

Jake Starr: Oh well... I'm not changing for them anytime soon, that's for damn sure!

Shawn Wright: I don't blame you! I wouldn't either.

Brandon Evans: Yeah... Why should anyone here be able to dictate who you are, how you act, or anything else of the sorts?

Jake Starr: Because they're a special little clique, and they expect everyone to want to be just like them.

Brandon Evans: Ew!

Jake Starr: Yeah, if I were like them, I'd pray to God I would be struck dead!

Brandon Evans: Exactly! Who'd actually have a DESIRE to be mediocre AT BEST?

Jake Starr: Oh trust me I have a list of names I could rattle off!

Shawn perks up from curiosity.

Shawn Wright: Really?

Jake Starr: Yeah... But we also apparently talk to much together, so I don't want everyone to be bored or lost.

Brandon Evans: Ah good point! You're doing some good thinking there!

Jake Starr: I try!

Brandon Evans: Now which testicle was that comment supposedly suckling?

Jake Starr: Probably the left... Although you may have slowly traveled further south to the taint region.

Brandon Evans: Mmm!

Jake Starr: Yes! Riddled with duck-butter!

Brandon Evans: Hopefully extra creamy!

Shawn slowly begins to dry heave, and Brandon laughs.

Brandon Evans: He still has the weak stomach huh?

Finally feeling some kind of reprieve from his anger, Jake chuckles too.

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Shawn looks up, quite pissed at the commentary.

Shawn Wright: You two are real dicks sometimes, you know that?

Jake Starr: Nope! Haven't a clue!

Brandon laughs some more.

Jake Starr: But what I do know is this... All of these holes in the wall have a purpose. They each represent someone whom, I feel, is responsible for me not having the SCW Championship around my waist today.

Brandon and Shawn look around the room and see numerous holes. Several of which they have witnessed Jake put into the dry wall.

Brandon Evans: That's a bunch of people!

Jake Starr: I would say so. When I was attacked, I knew I didn't have a snowball's chance in Hell. Sadly... I knew something like that was going to inevitably happen.

Shawn Wright: Really?

Jake Starr: Yeah... See I knew nobody within the walls of SCW would allow me to win. It would completely upset too many people to see the "Golden Boy" dethroned by me. The "Prodigal Son" of SCW must have his little reign so he doesn't get all bent out of shape, along with his FRIEND...

Brandon Evans: You think he over emphasized the singularity of that word...

Shawn Wright: Nah...

Jake Starr: ... Nobody wanted them to be all upset and have their feelings hurt. So someone called up "Captain Contradiction" himself, and had him attack me. I mean why else would a guy, who has been on a similar streak to a certain "Savior" of SCW, randomly come and attack me?

Shawn shrugs.

Brandon Evans: To be like certain other individuals who love to name drop, hoping it'll get the attention of those people in the organization who matter?

Jake Starr: Exactly! He's one of those "long-timers" who are hoping to become relevant again, and get the chance to screw me over, and happily do so. They figure that by attacking me, they instantly garner some form of credibility. Quite frankly... I simply see it as a lame ass ploy.

Shawn Wright: Makes sense...

Jake Starr: And then... To be as OVER THE TOP with the gimmick as possible, and claim you're from Hell, Michigan... Wow... I'm surprised he wasn't born on 6-6-6, and since he's supposedly an incarnate of Satan himself, actually be from the year 6.

Brandon Evans: Ha ha!

Jake Starr: Why doesn't he have like horns implanted in his head, and then carry a pitch fork to the ring. I mean if you're going to be cheesy, and claim to be from "Hell," why not just go all out. Carry your little pitch fork, wear your little horns...

Shawn Wright: Don't forget the tail!

Jake Starr: Ah yes! Don't forget your little tail so you complete the ensemble.

Shawn Wright: Damn... By the way you just described it, he may be a shoe-in for one of the better costumes at FurFright.

Jake looks over at Shawn confused, and Brandon has a similar puzzled look.

Brandon Evans: What's that?

Shawn Wright: You know...

Jake shakes his head.

Jake Starr: No we don't...

Shawn Wright: FurFright... Where all the weird fetish people dress up in furry costumes, and then basically have a giant cuddle party.

Shawn receives a completely blank stare from his friends.

Shawn Wright: What? That's what it is!

Jake Starr: And... How do we know this?

Shawn Wright: The interwebs!

Brandon Evans: That... And his poor coolly-hole was violated when he went dressed as a pretty pink bunny.

Jake Starr: Aww!

Shawn Wright: No!

Jake Starr: Did it have the whole "ye olde tyme" flap in the back so people could have easy access?

Shawn Wright: I didn't go! I just read about it online!

Jake Starr: Alright... We believe you!

Brandon chuckles.

Jake Starr: But he does sound like the type do go partake in the fun of a cuddle party. Although he'd be the cuddlee, not the cuddler!

Brandon Evans: Yeah... Probably!

Jake Starr: Hopefully he won't try and invite me to one. Ick!

Brandon Evans: Ew!

Jake Starr: No kidding!

Jake's demeanor begins to shift back towards the serious nature it began with. He slowly turns towards the camera, and begins to evoke a serious tone in his voice. His words are fierce, and directed towards, what he feels, were the actions that wronged him in his quest to become the SCW Champion.

Jake Starr: Damian... You're a miserable pile of feces you know that? You decided to begin your little quest to become relevant again, by choosing me to fight. You decided that you'd pull the one of those old and busted gimmicks of, "screw the guy, and he'll be forced to fight me." Why couldn't you have actually be, I don't know, SMART and waited until I won the championship to actually come after me. Don't you realize that, instead of fighting me like this, where I'm the Adrenaline Champion ONLY... You could have fought the SCW Champion instead? Don't you find that, I don't know, kind of retarded? Wouldn't the attack have gotten the message across just as effectively? Apparently you only think about two steps ahead, because if you tried to think anymore, you'd get lost.

But in all actuality, I'm trying to figure out why you picked me. Was it because I'm the Adrenaline Champion? Was it because I was on a solid winning streak? No... It was because you have a fledgling career marred by the fact you and your alter ego are on complete streaks of pure EPIC FAILS, and you figured maybe this guy could help me get motivated to actually begin to try again.

I'm going to be honest though... I was hoping you wouldn't get this match. I was hoping the "powers that be" would simply push you to the side where you belong. I'm not scared to fight the "big and bad" Damian Angel, because you're not big, and you are bad. By bad I mean awful. You have the value of a horror movie with a scene of a child being raped with a fungo bat. None! You're not someone who is even worth my effort. But nevertheless, CHBK and whatever her name is have decided to fulfill the "gee I wonder who Jake will be feuding with next" yawn-fest, and stuck me in the match with you.

So that leads me to this. Why should I even care about Damian Angel, minus the fact that he is ONE of the people responsible for me not leaving Apocalypse with the title. I can't fathom a reason why you even matter to me. Yet, I'm supposed to actually care about us having a match? Aside from the fact that you screwed me, I can't think of anything... I truly have no level of caring about you...

But since I did touch on the one issue that actually pertains to you, I might as well address it. You caused me a chance to become something I set out to become. You blatantly interfered with my chances to prove to the world how worthless of a champion James Exeter is. You've forced me to not have what it is I desire. How do you think that honestly makes me feel? Anger? Yes... Rage? Yes... But one thing you have to realize is that, I'm not going to simply play the whole game of "you screwed me so I'm going to take it out on you." See... I've made it abundantly clear that I deserve a chance at Exeter again, and should it not come my way, I'll be making sure everyone who is remotely involved pays for it.

See... I'm not ashamed to lose when I know I have been beaten by a better person. I'm not ashamed to walk out of an arena if I know the person I met in that ring was, by far, the superior athlete. Hell, in this instance, I'm not ashamed I was SCREWED by you, and several others. I'm ashamed of the fact that a place that is supposedly as "highly" regarded as SCW would allow you to involve yourself in something of the magnitude that my match with Exeter was. I am ashamed of the fact I have to be associated with a group of "suits" who actually allowed it to happened, and subsequently are giving you what it is you wanted. What they SHOULD be doing, is suspending you for what you did, and allowing the match to happen again. Unfortunately... I don't see it happening...

Lately, I haven't seen a lot of "right" come out of the SCW front offices. Supposedly when the "Bimbo-In-Chief" took over, she wasn't going to be anything like her dear, sweet, old, retarded, father. She was going to "right the ship." She did the whole "dangling of the carrot" routine with me, and then said "Damian, do what you want," and so you did. You decided it was your job to play "Supreme Being" and ruin my match.

Well since you decided to play that way, I will too.

I'm not scared of a man who dresses like the devil, badly at that, and then parades around with a name like "Damian Angel." What's next? A nickname like, "The Fallen Son?" Where will this chicanery end with you? It's like you expect people to quiver because you dress all dark and Emo, and name yourself something "spooky."

Oh! I'm so scared!!!

Ok... Not really!

To be quite honest, you're one of those dime-a-dozen gimmicks, and quite frankly, I don't see one thing about you that strikes me as, well, dark. You're lame! You have all of the stereotypes of an "evil" person. Look at you... Upside down cross... Jet-black hair... Black beard... Admission of sexual preference tattooed on your shoulder.

Wait... What? Doesn't "KB" stand for "Knob Bobber?" No? Oh... Well then that may be the one thing that sets you apart. If it actually has some MEANING, you're no "dark Lord" of any kind. You see... You shouldn't have to pay homage to anyone. You shouldn't have feelings. Well, unless you're in bed with Saddam Hussein, like in South Park. You dark, demon-types are supposed to not care about anyone. And yet, you supposedly do. Another way of contradicting yourself, and making me even less likely to take you seriously.

You volunteered to involve yourself in my business, and I'm going to personally enjoy picking you apart in every way I can find. I want the world to see just how boring and bland you are, and how feeble your attempts to be "evil" are. I hope you're prepared for that. I hope you're prepared to face yourself in the mirror, knowing you're not what you want everyone to think. I hope you're ready to face scrutiny at every impasse you come to, because that is what lies ahead.

I'm not taking you seriously... I'm not going to just treat you like another opponent, because you're not one. You're not someone worth me even giving the time of day. Anyone who wants to USE me as someone to help vault themselves doesn't deserve being taken seriously. Especially when they look and act as ridiculous as you!

Jake turns away from the camera and exits the room, but not before taking one last look at the holes he made in the wall. He glances down at the flesh torn from his knuckles, and balls up his fist. He grits his teeth and shows definite signs of the anger returning once again. He takes one deep breath, and lowers his fist to his side, and finally departs the room. He is quickly flanked by his Social Misfit brethren, and the trio go out of frame as the scene fades to black.

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