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Breakdown served its purpose this week.

Leading up to a pay-per view, the televised shows are always expected to help hype the impending event. It did just that.

As Breakdown went off the air, the world was in shock seeing the reality of what happened the week prior.

Fans had suspected it was Asher Hayes, himself, trying to confuse his partner, Rachel Foxx, and aide Jake in winning the opportunity to fight James Exeter for the SCW Championship.

Instead, that was not the case, although it was Starr who teased it for a second time.

Then reality came to fruition.

Instead of the world seeing Asher Hayes as the one who distracted Rachel Foxx, it was Brandon Evans.

Evans is a man whois not a familiar face around the parts of Supreme Championship Wrestling, but he is definitely well known to Starr.

Evans enters SCW as an initial founder of the Social Misfits group that was derrived from Jake's nickname. He enters as Jake's new partner in crime, and Brother in Blood.

Jake spoke of the impending reformation of the Social Misfits, and he has indeed delivered again.

Breakdown marked the first time in nearly five years that the pair had set foot inside a ring together, and they enjoyed every minute of it.

With Evans's emergence at Breakdown, Jake's run alone comes to a happy end. He has brought his family to SCW, and brought someone whom he knows he can trust. He also knows that with Evans by his side, the numbers game begins to even out, and the odds begin to shift.

The reconnection of the Social Misfits brings a new factor into the Apocalypse that SCW is steaming towards, and could inevitably be the factor that brings the SCW Championship home, and issues in the official era of the "Social Misfits."

Jake Starr: It has been a long time man...

Brandon Evans: Too long I must say!

Jake Starr: I whole-heartedly agree...

Brandon Evans: But we're family bro... Why wouldn't I be here?

Jake Starr: Never know... Hell Bane bowed out for good...

Brandon Evans: Oh please! You and I both know he's never going to be done "for good" until his body gives out on him. He's as damn stubborn as you!

Jake Starr: He seemed pretty content on being done last I talked to him...

Brandon Evans: Did you mention anything about all of us coming back together?

Jake Starr: Not at the time, no...

Brandon Evans: That'd change his mind!

Jake shrugs at the notion.

Jake Starr: I don't know man! I knew the fire still raged within your body, hence why I called you up.

Brandon Evans: Yeah! I knew it was a matter of time once I got wind of your return.

Jake Starr: How'd you initially hear?

Brandon Evans: Someone told me you had done one of your spoofs, and I had to see it!

Jake Starr: Kayl TV?

Brandon Evans: That was the one!

Jake Starr: Ha ha... I thought I was finally going to win the audience over on that one!

Brandon Evans: Seriously?

Jake Starr: No not really...

Brandon Evans: Didn't figure! But I have always wondered one thing...

Jake Starr: And that is?

Brandon Evans: How do you honestly get a crowd that big when everyone basically knows what chicanery is going to be taking place?

Jake laughs.

Jake Starr: It's actually easy... You find something those rubes are addicted to, and promise it to them AFTER the show.

Brandon Evans: Like?

Jake Starr: I think that one was supposedly offering free fashion tips from the "What Not to Wear" hosts if they showed up...

Evans chuckles at the thought.

Brandon Evans: Does it work?

Jake Starr: Like a charm!

Brandon Evans: And... Do they ever get what they're promised?

Jake Starr: Of course... Sort of!

Evans seems confused.

Brandon Evans: Sort of?

Jake Starr: Yeah... See I go through the internet trying to find phone numbers, and I found a phone number for Clinton Kelly and Stacy London in the area I was shooting...

Brandon Evans: Ok...

Jake Starr: ... How was I supposed to know that the Clinton and Stacy in that area weren't from the show?

Evans busts out laughing again.

Jake Starr: I offered them a few bucks to show up, and they seemed a little reluctant, but did!

Brandon Evans: I'm sure that flew well...

Jake Starr: Of course... Not! But for my sick sense of humor, it was great! Only a few things are funnier than pissed off gays and lesbians.

Brandon Evans: Like?

Jake Starr: Ever seen the retard slam poetry on YouTube?

Brandon Evans: The "I Like Fingernail Polish" one?

Jake Starr: Yep! Hilarious!

Brandon Evans: Ha ha!

Jake Starr: Oh and don't forget the one where Corky from Life Goes On spouted "I like to make warewolf MOVIES!"

Brandon Evans: Ha ha! Yeah...

Jake Starr: CLASSIC!

The laughter from the two finally begins to die down.

Jake Starr: Now... How did we get from reuniting the Social Misfits, to retards doing slam?

Brandon Evans: I think it was segued through Kayl TV!

Jake Starr: Now that's sad... Anything that can be used as a segue from Brothers in Blood reuniting, to retards, is sad!

Brandon Evans: I think I may have to agree with that one!

As the two converse, the voice of Shawn Wright echoes from down the corridor.

Shawn Wright: Brandon mother f_cking Evans!!!

Evans turns around to see Wright approaching him. He cocks a smirk on his face as Wright gets within feet of the new SCW star.

Brandon Evans: Shawn...

After a slight moment of awkwardness, the two both smile, and embrace. The two quickly exchange greetings, and Shawn over at Jake.

Shawn Wright: Why the f_ck didn't you tell me?!

Jake Starr: I would say "because you didn't ask," but you technically did.

Shawn Wright: Exactly! So why didn't you?

Jake Starr: Figured it'd be better off a secret. Foxx bought the Hayes bit, much like everyone else did, and I figured until the time was right I should leave everyone wondering.

Shawn Wright: Damn I wish I had known...

Jake Starr: Like I said... It was better this way!

Shawn Wright: I suppose...

Shawn looks back at Evans, and then back at Starr.

Shawn Wright: So what exactly is happening?

Jake Starr: The family is back together. I told you... The Social Misfits are BACK!

Evans leans against the wall, and cocks another smile. Shawn looks over at him.

Shawn Wright: How long has this been in the works?

Jake Starr: Officially? Or unofficially?

Shawn Wright: Whichever... Just don't confuse me!

Brandon Evans: We all know how easy that can be!

Shawn glares at Evans. Evans laughs.

Brandon Evans: Dude... I haven't been around in nearly five years! I have to make up for lost time!

That actually makes Shawn smirk.

Jake Starr: Unofficially this has been in the works for some time. When he saw I was back, he got in touch with me. Then when the whole triple threat match was announced, we decided it was time to put the plan into motion.

Shawn Wright: I see...

Brandon Evans: Then it really just turned into a "what" and a "how."

Shawn Wright: Makes sense!

Shawn looks back at Evans.

Shawn Wright: Man it is crazy seeing all this happening!

Jake Starr: I know... In a sense, three of the four "founding fathers" are in and around Supreme Championship Wrestling.

Shawn Wright: Which is just insane in and of itself...

Brandon Evans: And way too f_cking overdue! Tell me, again, why we waited almost five years?

Jake Starr: Umm... Because nobody wanted to hire us? We weren't exactly model employees...

Brandon Evans: But the fans loved us...

Jake Starr: Yeah well, here, some of them have a mysterious boner for Asher Hayes, so when we decided that'd be a fun way to go, it was almost like cock-blocking them from their hero.

Shawn Wright: Umm... Ew?

Brandon Evans: Why would anyone have a boner for that guy?

Jake looks annoyed at the question.

Jake Starr: I don't know! I'm not one of them!

Brandon Evans: I meant that more rhetorically!

Jake Starr: Oh...

Brandon Evans: Why would I really want to know about what it is about Asher Hayes that gives people jollies?

Jake Starr: Who knows?!

Shawn Wright: Maybe we'll just ask Hayes himself?

Jake Starr: You do that... And don't come back with a hard on!

Shawn shoots a look at Jake. Jake sees it and the expression actually makes him laugh. Shawn is not amused.

Shawn Wright: F_ck you!

Brandon slaps Shawn in the arm.

Brandon Evans: Cheer up cranky ass... This is a time we're supposed to be relishing anyway. We're back together. We're going to treat everyone like the bitches they are, and we're going to enjoy it.

Jake Starr: Speaking of cranky ass... I have to go take a sh!t!

Shawn shakes his head.

Brandon Evans: Thanks for sharing!

Jake Starr: Want to hold my hand?

Brandon Evans: Only if you have a glory hole for me to shove my dick through...

Jake Starr: Nah I had to patch that one up when the wife found it! Besides Shawn's mouth was getting tired!

Jake quickly exits making a "b-line" for the restroom. The two remaining continue to converse as Jake tends to the evacuation of his bowels.

For some reason, the camera accompanies Jake to the restroom, as he reaches his throne, drops his pants, and takes a seat.

He finds an old magazine next to the toilet, and decides to see if he can finish up the sudoku puzzle he had started a while back. As he works, his face shows a slight grimace as the sounds of excrement hitting the water begin to echo through the lavatory.

All of a sudden Jake stops, and looks around. For some reason he seems to have the feeling he is being watched, but can't seem to figure out why. His head peers around the nook where the toilet sits, and sees nothing. He looks into the reflection in the mirror, and once again sees the same. After one final scan, he shrugs his shoulders and resumes his puzzle.

As the camera continues to watch Jake, in one of his most private of settings, Jake sets the magazine down and leans forward. A look of strain crosses his face, and beads of sweat slowly emerge from his forehead.

His groans resemble that of a mating whale.

Finally, sounds that can only be described as the sounds of a viscous sludge being poured into a bowl are heard. Some might say it sounds like someone standing above a toilet and releasing a stream of projectile vomit into the pot.

As the strain slowly leaves his face, and definite look of relief sweeps over him. He sighs.

In a shocking twist to a normal situation, the sounds of the camera man gagging are heard. Jake looks up again, trying to figure out where that came from. He begins to wonder if he's beginning to lose his mind, or maybe the vapors of his sh!t have some sort of hallucinogenic effects, or is he going crazy.

He once again finds nobody around, shakes his head, and shrugs again.

He proceeds to clean himself up, and stands up from the pot.

As he looks into the mirror, he gets this sudden urge.

The sounds of "Goodbye Horses" play, presumably just in his head, and he tucks his junk, and stands in front of the mirror.

Jake Starr: Would you f_ck me? I'd f_ck me!

After a brief moment of insanity, mixed with a flashback to his days obsessed with "Silence of the Lambs," he pulls his pants up, and goes to flush the toilet.

Like any man, he feels the urge to watch as the byproduct of his body spirals away into oblivion.

The camera zooms in on his face. A definite look of "enlightenment" has come over him.

He grins from ear to ear, and as he approaches the sink to wash his hands, he looks into the mirror and begins to elaborate on the moment of clarity he just had.

Jake Starr: You think you're SO wonderful, and yet can't even look in the mirror and realize you're about as pathetic as they come... So after a lot of thinking, I think I finally have it. This whole time, since you went on your little temper tantrum, I've been trying to figure out who you and your little bard of minstrels remind me of, and I think I have it. You and those two jesters remind me of those hens from The View.

He turns the water off, and begins to dry his hands. This doesn't stop him from "enlightening" the masses.

Jake Starr: See... Let me explain. To begin with, you have Hurse. He is the "Whoopi Goldberg" of Triple Ex because he has his moments when he is funny. Then the rest of the time he is just babbling and bitching about nothing. Then you have your man in chaps, Rick Rohl. That boob is the male equivalent to Sherri Shepherd. Why? Well listen! He opens his mouth, says a bunch of stupid sh!t that aborted fetuses wouldn't even believe, and then gets cranky if you question him. And finally James... There's you! Only one of those cackling hens fits you, and that's the "Queen Hen" herself, Elizabeth Hasslebeck. You and that dumb bitch both think you're so far superior to everyone else because you're different. You think your differences make you superior, or in your case "extraordinary." News flash! Just like that smarmy hole from Survivor, you're both just a couple of people the rest of the world enjoys pointing and laughing at profusely.

Jake opens the door the the facilities, and begins to walk back to where Shawn and Brandon are still conversing.

Jake Starr: The only alternative to that idea, is you're the equivalent to the sh!t I just took... It's one of the two...

One thing I do find funny is how you seemingly are already making excuses. Yeah it was pointed out to me that you have this rematch clause, and that's fine. But you know what your little comments point out to me Exeter? It tells me you're already trying to tell yourself that when you lose, you'll just try and make it up again.

Trust me James... This rematch clause of yours isn't your saving grace. You're already so hyped up on yourself that you actually have the delusions that I may think I have some clause that guarantees me a second shot? Where do you get these imbecilic ideas from? Do you actually think I'm some rookie here? I'm not! I've been around a hell of a lot longer than you my friend. Maybe not in SCW, but in this business on a MUCH higher plane than you can even comprehend. I EARNED my shot at you, just like I will have EARNED that belt when it goes around my waist at Apocalypse. It won't be because of some "apocalyptic event" as you are suggesting dumbass... It will be because the "Superman-esque" persona you're trying to put over is a FRAUD. You're nothing! You're a classless NOTHING!

You can gallivant around with your two generic personalities at your side, and also bring your oversized ego to Apocalypse. I want everyone to witness how FAKE you are. You're not "extraordinary" in any positive way. You're not "super" in any way, shape, or form. And on top of it all, you're NOT a champion. You're a placeholder. You're, what the business refers to as, a TRANSITIONAL champion. You may have a couple of little wins snuck in here and there, but you don't have any substance. You're the guy everyone knows will get the belt for a time, albeit very short time, until the time is right for the next REAL champion to succeed you. At that point, you'll graciously hand the belt over like the little miscreant that you are, and stand aside. When you ultimately have to continually praise yourself, tell yourself you're "James F'ing Exeter," tell yourself you're "extraordinary," it means NOTHING to everyone else. Everyone knows you're the only one who believes the sh!t you spew, and maybe your little kiss-asses that follow you around too, but like you, they matter not!

I can say this... You are especially good at reminding me who I'm facing. I think in the days when I even had an ego your size, I never spoke of myself in the third person HALF as much as you do. I didn't have to hype myself up like you do. I don't have to remind myself of what I have accomplished. I could. But I don't NEED to. I don't NEED that reminder that I actually did do something good in my life, and as long as constantly tell myself over, and over, and over, and over, and over again, maybe it'll remain that way. I don't need you to help me show why I am who I've always said I was, and who I've set out to be. I don't need a phony like you to showcase what I've already done. However... What you need is someone like me. You NEED to beat someone like me in order to show you're actually REAL. You NEED to get that "big win" outside of Shawn Winters to show it wasn't a fluke. You NEED this to go your way so you can say, with ultimate conviction to yourself, I wasn't lying to myself. You can say all day long that I'll be someone you won't remember, and yet, you know deep down if you win it'll be something you add to your laundry list of "look at me's" that you hope everyone finally listens to. Unfortunately, that NEED of yours won't surface. I don't NEED a "James 'Insert Nickname of the Moment Here' Exeter" to help my legacy; it's already been built. This is merely a desire for personal reasons...

Jake finally reunites with his fellow Social Misfits.

Jake Starr:But how soon you seem to forget where EVEN YOU originated...

You think I'm "in over my head?" Fine... Keep reassuring yourself of that. Think about it sh!tdick... Wasn't that what people were saying about you a month ago? Weren't you the one out trying to show it wasn't you "in over your head." I think it was. So why should I think any differently than you did going in against Winters. I didn't hear a sense of uncertainty there. I didn't hear doubt. So why, then, should I not be the same way as someone who is so "extraordinary?" Shouldn't you be telling me to emulate the man known as "James FUCKING Exeter?"

While we're all in the business of doing favors, please do me one too. Please close your diarrhea-laced mouth and quit vomiting verbal-excrement over everything you see or encounter.

Answer me "oh talkative one!"

Jake cracks the vertebrae in his neck from side to side.

Jake Starr: Since we seemingly have differing views about who the pressure is on more so than the other, I still stand by my original claim. It's all on you! I have NOTHING to lose. I have a championship, and am the ONLY one in this match GUARANTEED to leave with one. Are you guaranteed? Do you have that sense of solace knowing you have something to fall back on? You don't. You don't have it. It doesn't exist. What does exist, is the reality that you WILL, in fact, lose your solace at Apocalypse. You WILL be exiting the building EMPTY inside. This world that you have decided to live your little fantasy life in, will be coming to an end. Reality will be taking over. You'll have to leave your "Second Life" for reality. You'll have to quit your "Evercrack" cold turkey. You'll have to accept that your "account has been suspended." You have to accept the fact YOU'RE the one with the pressure. I have none. I have my solace. You have none. I have my championship. You, very well WILL, have none!

You'll have to accept you're not who you told yourself you were. Can you honestly sit back and do that? Can you honestly sit back and admit failure to yourself and those around you?

The other two Social Misfits flank Jake on both sides, both directing their stares into the camera as well.

Jake Starr: You are probably right about the sensations though. You know the ones. The ones I'll supposedly get standing across the ring from you... I'll probably get sweaty. I'll get a rapid heart beat. My mind will begin to go in seven different directions at once. It won't be because I'm enamored with you. It won't be because I'm awe-struck at fighting someone a nobody who I had never even heard of six months ago. It will be because the simple sight of you holding a championship makes me physically ill. The sight of you parading around playing dress-up with something that actually has MEANING in this business, and you being someone who doesn't even remotely deserve it, just makes my stomach churn. That's why I'd be feeling like you so suggest.

Although sometimes I do get curious how your thought process actually works. I guess that the same can be said for you in relation to me. You actually think, in that mentally retarded brain of yours, I'm going to be learning anything from you? Seriously?! How could I learn something from someone who hasn't even learned much himself?! Exeter, explain to me what exactly you've done in your career? I know you boast about it all the time, but it seemingly is pretty localized to one place.

Exeter... When I talk about my major accomplishments, I don't have to narrow it down to one specific location. I don't have to rely on one organization to have all of my accolades come from. Mine come from a long list of organizations that you couldn't match up in. Hell... You wouldn't even be qualified to evacuate your bowels in the same vicinity as the guys I've been around. You have to rely on ONE PLACE to hype yourself up. Big damn deal! When you actually have done what I have, and all over the world like I have, then you have a case to be as cocky as you are. Instead, you have the delusions of grandeur that make you actually believe you have some form of comparable skill to that of me? Wake up kid!

Jake takes a deep breath. His right eyebrow cocks, and he smirks.

Jake Starr: I'm curious about something, James. How does it feel? How does it feel knowing you're walking into the end of your chapter? Deep down in your gut you feel it. Deep down you know you were HOPING it wouldn't be Jake Starr walking into Apocalypse against you. You were hoping by some stroke of luck, Kayl or Foxx would emerge victorious. You knew they posed a much easier task for you. When you saw me emerge victorious, I can just imagine how your heart sank.

You try everything you can to hide behind that facade of a cocky, hypocritical, and confident champion. But behind that little front, that you put on for the cameras, lies that scared, worried, and pathetic excuse for a performer that you KNOW you are. You do your best to try and fool anyone, and everyone, you can. Most people buy the gimmick. You know most people you're able to reel in hook-line and sinker. I'm not one of them. I see right through the gimmick, and I will exploit it. You're NOT as confident as you PRETEND to be... And after hearing me say that, I expect you to come blazing back with more of your "I'm-Special-Look-At-Me" babble. So make sure you don't disappoint me!

Jake lifts his right hand and places it on the shoulder of the newest member of the SCW roster, and fellow Social Misfit, Brandon Evans.

Jake Starr: Now I think it is time for a little more explanation. This week's edition of Breakdown marked a historical day in the history of Supreme Championship Wrestling as well as the business of professional wrestling. Everyone was questioning the reason Asher Hayes's music played last week, and now they have an answer.

Brandon Evans is here.

Evans cocks a sinister smile.

Jake Starr: So who is Brandon Evans? Why is he here? It's simple... The Social Misfits have ALWAYS stuck together, and remained loyal to one another. Almost five years ago was the last time that Brandon, who some may know as Kold Killa, and I last stood side by side in a ring together. After that day, we both began to move towards what we thought was the end of our careers. Last week, I called him up, and told him it was time to bring the family back together. Unlike some groups who fizzle, the Social Misfits will ALWAYS remain loyal and true to one another, and will ALWAYS remain Brothers in Blood. The minute I told Brandon it was time, we formulated our little way to throw off whomever ended up standing in that ring with me for this title shot. We didn't care if it was Kayl, or Foxx. Rachel was the lucky victim... And this week at Breakdown, she understands everything. I promised I would even the odds with her, and look who is the one walking into Apocalypse with a title shot... It isn't some stupid, horse-faced, dyke. It isn't some Havey Levin wannabe. It's me...

The question remains, however, how does he now fit in to my match at Apocalypse with you, Exeter. It's simple. Just like the Boy Scouts, Jake Starr comes prepared. You have a pair of guys flanking you, which could collectively be called "2 Guys 1 Brain Cell," so I have someone who more than equals that. We're not going to come to play nice. We're not going to come and simply show we're back. We're coming to take what you hold so dear to your heart, and what gives you that unsightly ego you have. In a sense... Our match has blossomed some. Exeter and Starr has become Triple Ex and the Social Misfits. Three retards and two icons. Three participation ribbons and two first place trophies. We're more skilled... We're smarter... And on top of that, we're just better...

Jake approaches the camera. His friends become blurred as the camera is forced to adjust its focus for the Adrenaline Champion. His look becomes much more stern and serious.

Jake Starr: So... Sunday will mark a day of differences and similarities though. The similarities you have clearly stated. The differences are a bit of a, well, different story. To begin with, you're no where NEAR better than me. You could be for ONE NIGHT. But that ONE NIGHT would stick in your head no matter how much you claim otherwise. Out of one hundred nights though, you only get one. You had that ONE night in the sun a month ago. Hell, you've actually had two times you've been a good little transitional champion, so you've gotten two, congratulations. The other ninety-eight or ninety-nine nights, everyone else easily shines over you. Another difference... While I do say a lot about my accomplishments, I don't feel the repetitive need to tell everyone. Another difference... You just suck! Another difference... You have a guy in a g-string you give a nice pat on the butt every morning when you wake up. Another difference... You're no where near the caliber I am.

Relish these FINAL moments with that championship while you can Exeter. Relish the time you get to spend with that belt just like you would next to your dying mother. Relish them because they will be ending, much like the life of she who is closest to your heart. It will all end at once. In one fell swoop, all will be over. All will be lost. All will be gone. You'll be empty in every sense of the word.

Face it stupid... You may be the reason people COME to the show... But I'm the reason they STAY for the show!

As Jake concludes his comments, the Evans approaches Jake from the background. As he comes into focus, he pats his Brother in Blood on the shoulder, and looks into the camera. He raises one fist up, as a symbol of the Social Misfit "revolution fist," and then quickly turns it into the "shocker." A very cheesy grin comes across Evans's face and he begins to laugh. Jake's serious face quickly disintegrates into laughter. He too raises both fists, crosses them in an "X," and then proceeds to flip the camera off. The complete deterioration of respect from Starr towards Exeter has baffled many, but could prove to be what Jake needed to do to emerge triumphant. Jake now begins his journey to Apocalypse, and hopefully reaches his final destination, which is hoisting the Adrenaline Championship in one hand, and the SCW Championship in the other.

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